Monday, October 19, 2015

SBPDL Needs Your Help (Fall Fundraiser)

Four HUGE stories to do. Big ones (stumbled upon some incredible data).  

But we need your help first. 

The faster we get this over with, the faster we get to daily stories. 

SBPDL needs your help. You can make a donation in the right-hand corner via PayPal or a tax-deductible donation to the PK Fund at (click on the "contribution to an author" option and then click "Paul Kersey). We need to raise $300.00 ASAP to secure the cover of Whitey on the Moon, so the eBook can become a paperback! Also, for donations of $25.00 or more, you do get a signed copy of the book of your choice!

Thank you. SBPDL exists for one reason: you, the loyal readers, who motivate me to work harder and find relevant content to craft the stories you've come to know and expect on a daily basis. 


Anonymous said...

Done. You are doing The Lord's work, sir.

-Rex Hymens

Anonymous said...

Happy to donate.
I discovered this site a few years ago and was amazed at the quality and quantity of information about the damage that Sub-Saharan Africans are doing to our White created civilization.
Cold hard facts unveiled which display the Progressive cancer of Black Run America.

The only chance we have of arresting this cancer is to keep the fires burning on the internet and other media and have it available to a strong patriots higher up in the political food chain.

Anonymous said...

Done; $100. You do yeoman's work Paul. When it's finally done you'll be recognized as one of the standard bearers for those who can see who unflinchingly carried us through our darkest hours.

Anonymous said...

Here's the latest from Indy, with video -

Nog steals ex's car, wrecks it, then lights her house on fire and dances on porch roof until police and fire use a stun gun to remove said monkey from said porch.

Brian in Ohio said...

Done. Only wish I had more to give. Your the man, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

Contribution made, and thank you Paul. You're doing a valuable service. Keep it up!

World_War_Me said...

Hey, y'all:

Armed "residents" walk through Birmingham neighborhood during protest: Dozens of people walked through the streets of Birmingham's Kingston community Sunday- several of them openly carrying long guns – following last week's shooting of a 28-year-old man during a confrontation with police.

Looks like Liberia or something.

"They harass us constantly because they think a bunch of black people can't get together without drama,'' said 47-year-old Kingston resident Anthony Robinson. "We ain't got no rights around here. It shouldn't be that way."

1. B'ham has a black mayor, a black police chief, a black city council (of whom the chairman is also black). Ain't got no rights MY ASS!

2. Yeah, well a bunch of black people CAN'T get together without drama. I always say, "stereotyping is a shortcut to logic".

Anonymous said...

Small donation made - wish it could be more. THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Another dead cop

I expect these shootings to have a corrupting effect on cops.

Their governments don't really care about them and they're expected to risk their lives chasing Bantus for a middle class salary.

Anonymous said...


off topic - via Drudge

Officials say two paramedics are in serious condition after they were attacked and stabbed repeatedly while trying to help a woman on Detroit’s west side.

The incident happened just after 12 a.m. Tuesday in the 3400 block of Third Street, in a neighborhood just east of the Lodge Freeway along --drumroll

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The suspect and the injured woman were taken into custody late Tuesday evening in connection with the incident.

“It was a horrific scene,” said Fire Commissioner Eric Jones. “It was a stabbing and a slashing.”

The paramedics, identified as Alfredo Rojas and Kelly Adams, had been called to the area to treat a woman with an ankle injury when a man who was with the woman became “agitated” and attacked.

Mr. Rational said...

The paramedics... had been called to the area to treat a woman with an ankle injury when a man who was with the woman became “agitated” and attacked.

This is not the behavior of a human, it's the behavior of a dangerous animal.

Anonymous said...

$114.88 donated. Money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Money coming your way asap. Thanks for your bold leadership. You should be very proud of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Here at a local dealer getting my truck serviced.

Oil change and tire rotation thats it.

Been here two friggin hours.... Finally went to ask rep WTF is wrong and she had me walk out with her to garage .... Saw my "tech"

Just looked ar her and said "well that explains it" ...... You won't believe the dirty look she gave me.... Isnt she racist for knowing what I meant..... Just Sayin.

Euro American said...

Donation completed!

I saw a black woman trying to agitate white public pool lifeguards recently by breaking a glass bowl, on purpose, next to the pool. I was so amazed.
She had waited for the cleaning lady to be nearby so she could very aggravatingly point at her dismissively to clean it up. Then she waited for someone to straighten her out.
She kept eating chips, letting them fall all around her. Signs were everywhere that no food nor glass were allowed in the pool area.
The cleaning person moved on. The lifeguards looked away.
I asked a teenage lifeguard to tell the black woman the pool rules. She squeaked, "I will tell my supervisor" but she never did.


Why did the 2 paramedics respond to a call on MLK blvd? WHY

You got slashed? It wasn't the fault of the african. That is what he does. YOU are the stupid idiot.

Get a real job. Get a job in a mostly WHITE area and help WHITE people. Let the animals die.

Anonymous said...

PK, do you have a mailing address for money orders?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @4:24 PM I agree with the money order. Would like to send something along also. Enjoy this site and want to contribute. Thanks for all you do!

nothern refugee said...

You can mail a donation to VDARE for the Paul Kersey fund.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^SOLID GOLD ^^^^^^^^

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but an interesting article from WSJ concerning affirmative action. The article is titled, "Why aren't there more black scientists?". They could have saved a lot of time by asking any poster here. The basic gist of the article is that preferential treatment often puts blacks into schools in which they are at the bottom and get discouraged. With the tidal wave of accolades that these Bantus get just for showing up and being able to write their names there should be enough black scientists to fill a large zoo. It is not for lack of support, resources, or opportunity. But of course we all know that already.

Anonymous said...

"Why aren't there more black scientists?" It's racist to ask such a question because it implies you notice (and subsequently care) what scientists look like. However it is not racist to have every other scientist in a fictional TV show or movie because they want to delude you into thinking that there ARE black scientists. Noticing = racism, propaganda = enriching everyone with Cultural Diversity™

Anonymous said...

Some interesting statistics.

Net Median Wealth per Adult.

Australia. $220,000
Canada. $90,000
U.S. $45,000

Black and Hispanic population percentage.

Australia.1%, 1%
Canada. 3%, 1%
U.S. 12%, 16%

These are 2013 stats from Credit-Suisse and Wikipedia.

Also, the U.S. has a huge percentage of "adults" under $10,000. 31%.

There's a powerful correlation between national wealth and race, but we're supposed to turn a blind eye to this Progressive cancer. It's not the 1% that's bleeding us dry, it's the 28% + the millions of criminal invaders.

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

Thank you sir!