Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SBPDL Needs Your Help (Spring Fundraiser)

This is never fun. 

But it's necessary.

SBPDL is a hugely important website. 

It's been the passion of one individual (since it was started in May of 2009) to try and start a fire. 

And now, the fire is rising. 

So it's time to turn up the heat like never before. 

We need your help. 

If you enjoy SBPDL, please consider making a donation via PayPal in the right-hand corner of the site. For $25 or more, you'll get a signed copy of the recently release 'Whitey on the Moon': Race, Politics, and the death of the U.S. Space Program, 1958 - 1972. (You can get it for eBook here). You can make a tax deductible donation to VDare via the Paul Kersey Fund by going here and clicking "Make Contribution to an Author" then clicking "Paul Kersey." 

Most importantly, you can buy a copy (or two, three or four) of  'Whitey on the Moon': Race, Politics, and the death of the U.S. Space Program, 1958 - 1972 and leave a review. 

The Trump Spring is about to begin in America, and SBPDL is about to go all-in on making sure the fire rises. 

But we need your help. 

If you've found SBPDL a worthwhile endeavor, now is the time to invest in this one-man operation. 

I can't thank you enough for making this site a destination for so many people and - arguably - one of the finest comment sections on the Internet. We are about to grow exponential, but it's time for a vastly important capital raise. 

Have we started a fire? 

Oh yes. 

Thank you so much for reading SBPDL. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts, P.K. While blacks steered me towards race realism, you cemented my beliefs. And I'm the kind of guy who would have voted for someone like Sanders in the not too distant past.

As an aside, it looks like Hillary and Bernie just gave Trump some new ammunition- they don't seem to care what people actually want, they are just following their Kumbaya liberal script as if the political landscape hasn't changed in the last decade:

"Facing questions in English and Spanish at the debate, hosted by Univision and The Washington Post, Clinton and Sanders drew a sharp line in the sand on deportation policies, which could haunt them down the road: Both pledged they would not deport children nor undocumented adults without criminal records."

This election season keeps getting better and better.

Euro American said...

Money on the way!
I was listening to NPR (National TWMNBN Radio) in the car.
There was a 5 minute segment on how Hillary was "becoming humble" was a 5 minute puff piece to make Hillary look good. I couldn't believe my radio was doing that.
It was followed by a discussion as to "whether responsible parents should allow their youngsters to be exposed to the kind of language used at the Republican debates".

TWMNBN are so clever. The angles they come up with to dismiss their opponents. Our opinions, our desire to have borders, these ideas are nonsense and may not exist. Our elected candidate will be a "dictator".
Hillary says Trump "will destroy everything that has made America great". What is she talking about? Trump will destroy her cozy relationship with Goldman Sachs is more like it. I am so happy that other people are voting for Trump. I have felt pretty alone here with the couple of other posters at SBPDL. I do not know if Trump will be elected, but at least I feel a glimmer of hope for borders, law and order, and the end of the NWO.
Hope that the brainwashing will lighten up a bit and, better yet, be exposed. Hope is good.
BTW, I love it when Bernie Sanders points out Hillary's hypocrisy. He seems to be an honest socialist.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

"An honest politician stays bought."

- Robert A. Heinlein

There are rumblings and rumors that Hilary is about to lose the FBI primary. If the investigation wraps up soon as some of the press briefings seem to suggest, this matter might be on its way to a grand jury. Bryan Pagliano, the IT guy who set up Hilary's personal server has been offered immunity from prosecution. The unspoken flip side of that is should his cooperation be not so enthusiastic, he could end being prosecuted as an accomplice. Hmmmmm . . . why the offer of immunity? Only a federal judge can grant immunity from prosecution in a federal proceeding, and offers of immunity are usually only extended to material witnesses with lots of knowledge of the dirty deeds done dirt cheap. The plot thickens . . .

Malcolm Ex-Lax

P.S. to PK - I get paid next week, so check under your pillow when the Pay Pal fairy visits.

Anonymous said...

Ferguson and Baltimore were the final straw for me. I lost every bit of my White guilt. I will be going to VDARE to contribute, as I did last year. This is the only "political" donation I have ever made. SBPDL helps to keep me sane and gives me hope. It also educates and entertains. I laugh so hard at many of the comments. I learn so much from many others. All make me feel that I'm not alone.

God Bless SBPDL and Donald Trump. (My husband told me yesterday he is coming around to Trump!) May Hillary Clinton meet the same end as the Americans she sent to their slaughter in Benghazi.

NJ Woman

P.S. I am planning my Easter/ Negro Ceasefire outfit. I'm thinking something floral and feminine with a touch of African flair. Of course I'll have my hair did and my 2-inch nails lacquered in a garish shade. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I so want to look my best. I'm super optimistic that Easter wil have a large body count. They do love shootin it up on holidays.

Anonymous said...

"Have we started a fire?

Oh yes."

Fire requires three components: Fuel, air and heat.

The fuel is black dysfunction, it's plentiful.
PK exposes the fuel to the open air for all to see.
The commenters here pour on the heat.

The resulting flame burns down the political fortress that protects the lies and lays bare the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Do your Xmas shopping early and grab some of PK's books for your DWL friends and family!!

We need PK watching our six; he's got the orcs in his crosshairs.

They destroy everywhere they infest, so keep them farrrr away from anything you hold dear.

PB said...

"Bryan Pagliano, the IT guy who set up Hilary's personal server has been offered immunity from prosecution."

He'll soon be found in a cheap motel with two not suspicious at all shots to he head in an obvious suicide before the the time-honoured American political tradition so enthusiastically embraced by the Bush and Clinton families.

He will have been suffering from depression...of course.

10mm AUTO said...

Bought two copies of "Whitey on the Moon." From Amazon. Will review as soon as they arrive. Congratulations on finishing it Paul. Did not know about the writers block, as the website is always fresh!

Dindu Nuffinz said...

Some $$$ on the way as we speak PK. Thank you for all that you do here !!

Being forced to grow up around black people in my environment was more than enough of my share of experience I ever needed in life to completely understand they're simply nothing like us. 30 years later and needless to say, they've changed, but only for the worse. I can't say "worst", because as much as I don't want to think it, but the best they have to offer White America is yet to come.... They're nothing more than Satan's children to me... sent here to destroy mother earth.

It IS up to US to stop them n their tracks. We ALL lose if we don't....

Trump, Trump, TRUMP 2016 !!!

Anonymous said...

Cash coming your way PK!!

ot: My Facebook is blowing up with the DWLs freaking out over a video of, allegedly, a White guy punching an orc protestor being led out of a Trump rally. They are losing their collective shit over this and doing the usual Trump bashing and Nazi references. Love it!

Wondering, what is the best link to add to their pages showing horrific nig on human violence as a counterpoint?

Anonymous said...

They say that when you're getting the most flak, that means your right over the target...

Considering the amount of pure vitriol being sent Trump's way from the libs I'd say we're making an impact....

Go Trump!!

Janie from Detroit said...

Just made a small donation, wish it could be more. I love this site, I rarely post, but visit daily. Thanks PK, keep up the good fight!

Long Island Guido Realist said...

Money comin your way PK....


Anyone willing to start a gofundme page for this courageous gentlemen with us Realists helping out a little to pay for his bail? Seems like a good cause..

Anonymous said...

I've just finished reading about 20 web pages full of comments about the 78 yr,old guy that punched the negroe protestor at the Trump rally, and it seems clear to me that this event is scaring the shit out of liberals who are terrified that events like this could be indicitive that Whites may no longer sheepishly avoid confronting negroes.

Clearly this negroe got everything he was after: he's an instant celebrity, and all he had to do was antagonize an elderly White man. This is EXACTLY why negroes are going to Trump rallies, they're praying that they can antagonize a White person into striking or shoving them.

Fed up in md said...

"Anonymous said...

ot: My Facebook is blowing up with the DWLs freaking out over a video of, allegedly, a White guy punching an orc protestor being led out of a Trump rally. They are losing their collective shit over this and doing the usual Trump bashing and Nazi references. Love it!

Wondering, what is the best link to add to their pages showing horrific nig on human violence as a counterpoint?"

Same here. I searched "knockout game" on YouTube and, within 5 minutes, was able to post 10 unprovoked black on white/elderly/hispanic/gay attacks in response. No commentary necessary.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for what you do Paul. You are a truly courageous man. Order placed.

Hey, maybe the old fellow just wanted to "wilding". Darkies here in Tampa say there's not a thing in the world wrong with it. Just keeds being keeds.

Anonymous said...

So I see Obama not going to Nancy Reagan's funeral service. What a shocker. Betcha if the wife or girlfriend of Sharpton or Jackson passed his racist monkey ass would be there. He doesn't even hide his disdain of white people and shows absolutely no respect. The disgusting white liberal media is doing it's best to keep the Donald out of office but then again so are the republicans. Obama ran his campaign on 'change'. So does trump.

Detroit Refugee said...

Last time around I sent a check to VDare c/o Paul Kersey. Don't remember which book was being promoted, as I never received it.
I checked with my credit union twice, the check cleared. FWIW I sent three times the ammount of the book, with instructions to send one copy & PK gets the difference.

I am, however still here & willing to give it another go!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work PK! Here is a link to a negroe ihop worker who gave away free drinks to people he thought couldnt afford them. He thought of himself as a hero, and not as a stealer as he took from the rich and gave to the poor. How dare those racist cops and evil rich people arrest such a hero. There's a reason the sheriff was always after robin hood. A thief is a thief regardless of intentions.

Anonymous said...

Please donate to PK, he's our fearless leader!!

ot: I'm seriously thinking we need to legalize drugs in America and tax them. Use the money to create areas where people can go to use drugs safely, and to fund the health care they will need. If we let people skydive, bungie jump, etc why can't they go on a coke binge for the weekend. Educate them about addiction, but let them do it if they really want to.

Of course, educate and protect children, but the illegal drug market is clearly doing more harm to us than good. It will also pull out the rug from the savage drug-dealing nogs and bring the collapse in their colonies that will usher in the great repatriation. Without their drug income they will chimpout nationwide and rob YT. That will demand an overwhelming response and will start what will happen eventually anyway; better to get it over with sooner.


Anonymous said...

I have donated before and I will donate again. Tomorrow I get paid so I will donate ten dollars at least.

Btw, I have been thinking a lot about a term that means "non black". The reason why is because blacks always use the term "people of color" as a weapon against Whites, meaning any person who is not White. But the thing is, Whites, Asians, Natives, Middle Easterns, Indians all coexist peacefully with very few incidents.

I have no problem with Indians, Whites, Asians, etc living in the same neighborhood as me. They do not cause problems.

So I think we should all have a term for people who are not black.. For now I just say "non-blacks", but that would be nice to have an equivalent term to "people of color", since it's actually people of non-blackness that all seem to get along... In other words, it's the blacks causing problems for everyone else. Ask Indian store owners and Hotel owners who they don't want as guests or customers.

Mr. Rational said...

what is the best link to add to their pages showing horrific nig on human violence as a counterpoint?

chattanooga gal said...

I can't help but wonder what would happen to a white guy who went to one of their blm rallies shooting birds and hurling insults. I suspect one punch from an elderly man would not have been the end of it. But, he would have been painted as having deserved it, the blacks would have been seen as being justifiably provoked, THEY would have been considered the victims. And that is what annoys me the most- the hypocrisy, the one rule for us, a different one for them standards. I don't think there were any arrest for the knockout game, regardless of it all being filmed time and again.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

I suppose I will again contribute. After all we're only trying to stay connected, alert and informed here in hopes of saving first-world Western Civilization, etc.. That's all. And remember lads and lasses (canary in the coal mine etc.), when SBPDL is shut down, BRA has reached critical mass, and then it's revolution time ladies and gentlemen.. and there won't be any way around it.. "for a man.. with any manhood".. (can anybody name that movie?).. Good day.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Detroit Refugee,

Send a private email to with your address. Books will go out tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a White man at a BLM event behaving the way this negroe did would be seriously injured if not murdered. What REALLY happened to this negroe? An elderly (nearly EIGHTY) yr old man punched him once, and he was clearly not seriously injured or really even hurt by it- especially considering he was hit in his head.

The negroe went to the Trump rally with every intention of angering the fans, or security, or the police and getting himself "victimized". Now he gets to be A Star! He'll be on TMZ, Worldstar, all the daytime nigged-up talk shows, all the cable "news" shows, undoubtedly he will milk this cash cow dry.


Even though anyone can literally spend 5 seconds online to pull up HUNDREDS of videos of negroes punching unsuspecting innocent White people THAT is never addressed, other than the media assuring us that what we have seen with our own eyes has not happened, and the only reason we think "The Knockout Game" is real is because we are EVIL RACISTS!!!

We really are in some sick twisted Twilight Zone episode, where negroes are honest, hard-working, good Fathers and Husbands, law-abiding, friendly, funny, SEXY, decent people, and they are ROYALTY. This really is "Black-Run America" where negroes are free to run wild, murder, rape, shoot, deal drugs, walk around with their pants pulled down like retarded children, neglect their offspring, abuse their pets, toss trash everywhere, steal, rob, burgle, scream obscenities, fight, piss and shit in the streets, vandalize, and mate in public and of anyone so much as says they notice it happening they will lose their professional career, likely be stripped of any professional certifications or licenses, blackslisted by the media, and ruined. All for being the boy who can see The Emperor Has No Clothes and voicing it.

They don't even speak english. They intentionally garble our language into nonsense and we have all agreed to pretend this is normal, WE even start speaking it! Yesterday a White man actually said to me "Yo, man, keep it real yo." I just shook my head in disgust. When negroe customers and client's say to me "Hay mayne ah beez finna gimme sum muhfuggin hoes en gits toe up yo" i just stare irritated and say "Can you speak English, I can't understand you." They actually file complaints to my employer! Apparently i'm racist for DARING to tell a black that he isn't speaking English.

That's what this is about. The old man DARED to lay his hand on a NEGROE! Remember not long ago a negroe Judge chastised a 3 yr old White girl for being afraid of negroes after 2 of them with guns burst into the young girl's home! Apparently she is racist too.

They really are Royals. If they piss on you, you had better thank them for it and tell them how good it feels. And if they want to storm into an event and shout at everyone and cuss and flip the bird at you and disrupt the event you had BETTER applaud them for it. Because if you DARE to so much as criticize them for it, you will be RACIST and YOU become the problem, and the enemy.

Oh, and for the record, I quit my job rather than sign the formal complaint that was presented to me. I will be finding work where I do not have to work with or for negroes in any capacity. I just won't do it ever again.

Mutant Swarm said...

@ Long Island Guido Realist - I'm going to save that video in the same folder as my Epic Beard Man video.

The best part was when the sheriff's deputies threw the protester on the floor afterwards! LOL

Anonymous said...

I just can't stop smiling about Trump's interview with Coop. FINALLY! A brave and honest man said exactly what we all know. He repeated it twice! Islam HATES us. HATES us. HATES us. God I love that man. He calls a spade a spade.

NJ Woman

Long Island Guido Realist said...

^ Absolutely brilliant!

Long Island Guido Realist said...

NJ woman:

I would vote for Trump based on that statement. The man has balls and isnt afraid to say the truth. Most people dont truly appreciate the value of that in todays current social climate.

Trump truly is the people's champion..fuck that old Lox Sanders.

oogabooga said...

What happens when Trump picks Carson as his VP?

Anonymous said...

Sent a donation of $25 yesterday, PK --- will try to send more soon!
I was very happy with my copy of "Bell Curve City" from your last fundraiser. Looking forward to reading "Whitey on the Moon" next.

to Mr. Rational who mentioned --- that is one of my favorite sites to visit! It gives you a great glimpse into the so-called thought process of blacks.
It is totally hilarious how they view the world. It is better than The Onion!

--- Jefferson

Anonymous said...

As celebration for your recent and daily accomplishments, I have come up with an idea that would most likely relieve a lot of pain from our daily lives:

Adopt a Negro program

The thing is, I'm actually being serious here.

What if we allowed Africans in America across this once great nation to be entered into an everybody's supposed to help database? They could list all the ills that ailed them and even leave a section for them to blame whitey for all of it if they chose to get specific.

Americans of all political stripes, cultures, and breeds would be asked to take in one of these down-trodden poor to do families at NO COST TO THE REST OF US.

You could not only choose to feed and clothe them yourself, but you could teach them how to be a "Middle Class American" through example and kind words. You of course would always pick up the tab for Shanika and co. with no questions asked.

Why do this you ask? Because you care, and actions speak louder than words. You will be able to post how brave, caring, compassionate, and giving you are and how you are on track with life to all of your make-believe friends on Bergbook.

Then you and your negro downtrodden pets can be united once and for all without the rest of us getting in the way. They will be too busy sponging off you that they won't have times to manipulate and annoy us in our daily lives.

So much win here, where do we start?

Medic Bear said...

A donation is on the way !

Keep up the great work, PK ! You and the SBPDL supporters are an inland of sanity in a country - and world - going more and more uber PC mad. Every day adds gas to the fire that is Black dysfunction and every day we draw closer to the final straw.

Know Blacks, No Peace. No Blacks, Know Peace.

They all need to go. IKAGOs, too.

Mutant Swarm said...

@ NJ Woman - “He calls a spade a spade?” Pun intended? LOL

In other news the University of Misery got 25% fewer students this year than last. Now they're going to be $32 million short, have to cut expenses and put a hiring freeze in place:

A Message For Higher Ed From Mizzou’s 1,500 Missing Students

“Willkommen, klasse. Unser deutsches Wort für den Tag ist die Schadenfreude!”

Anonymous said...

They just can't seem to wrap their mind around the fact that every illegal immigrant is a criminal.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

eheheh.. amusing Yahoo article comment which made me chuckle delightfully this morning.. eheheh... dig it --> "How much did a dindu do if a dindu dindu nuffin?"

Anonymous said...

$$$ coming to PK fast!!

And check this out! Embrace the orc and pay the price!

Anonymous said...

I support PK as well, I listen to his interviews with Jared Taylor(Amren) and he's able to articulate his views quite well. Jared Taylor is a very intelligent man and he speaks three languages fluently, English, French and Japanese. He is getting up in age, Paul Kersey is an advocate for White people as well, he could fill the void when Mr. Taylor no longer able to speak out for Europeans in America.

Anon @ 7:04 said, "They don't speak English. They intentionally garble our language into nonsense and we have all agreed to pretend this is normal, WE even start speaking it! Yesterday a White man actually said to me "Yo, man, keep it real yo." I just shook my head in disgust. When negroe customers and clients say to me "Hay mayne ah beez finna gimme sum muhfuggin hoes en gits toe up yo" I just stare irritated and say "Can you speak English, I can't understand you." They actually filed complaints to my employer! Apparently I'm racist for DARING to tell a black that he isn't speaking English." When I came to this country, blacks were the hardest to understand, when I told them I do not understand what they were saying, they would shout as if I was deaf. I thought they were speaking a different dialect. Today, I understand them quite well, I can speak Ebonics as well.

I watch the debate last night and it was quite boring. Donald Trump will win big next Tuesday. I am in Illinois, my family and I will vote for Trump.

Quick question, why do Whites refer to blacks as coons and them selves as YT? We don't look like raccoons!

The older gentleman who punch the protester at Trump rally, didn't hurt him, the sheriff deputies take down did more harm to him than the punch. Hopefully Trump will keep his promise and help pay the legal fees for the elderly man.

Donald Trump would do more for us blacks, than President Obama did in seven years in his presidency!Go Trump!

Willie from Naperville


Dear PK

I have sent you money is a way, and from a city, that can not be traced back to me. I am "too famous" in my area.

I am annoyed by your begging for money. You are a White Man and that means you have Privilege.

Why can't you sell T-Shirts? Bumper Stickers? Have a convention and sell tickets and promote yourself? Why not start a Legal Firm to fight back?

Begging for money, from White Folk, is what the negro does. Why do it that way? You have an awesome platform to leverage up and MAKE A FORTUNE.

I am sure you can link up with many a true White Man, here on your own blog, who can put together Websites, distribution channels, convention centers, etc. Why beg like a negro?

Anonymous said...

To Centurion - I like your style. On that note, why doesn't Paul just hit up a liquor store, mug some elderly or handicapped people or rob his neighbors while they are at work? God helps those who help themselves.

Paul could also be a "promoter" and sell tickets to a non-existent jigaboo music concert. Gosh, I love that word!

NJ Woman

P.S. It's almost Spring. Time to put a fresh coat of paint on Jocko the lawn jockey. Think curb appeal.

Anonymous said...

@ Centurion : are you serious?

Asking for donations is not begging.

White privilege was invented by the communist fascist Marxist Lennin Stalin mind set.

Trump haters never compare Trump to Marx, Lennin, or Stalin, their precious idols.
Trump is always compared to Hitler. Shows what idiots the facist left really are......Marx,Lennin and Stalin killed millions more than Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Trump. The rest of "us" will finally get a dose of TNB. The events at the Chicago rally, and subsequent rallies to come, will showcase what we've known all along.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Ex New Yorker said...

For anonymous at 3:03.....About legal sale of drugs. BAD IDEA for the hard drugs. First of all the NARCO-DOLLAR is what is keeping the world economy from taking a nose dive into the toilet. People have no idea how much money is made selling opium and cocaine. The profits are massive. Wars have been fought for opium (aka....fighting terrorism). Some of England and America's wealthiest families BECOME RICH selling opium. The East India Tea Company was NOT IN THE TEA BUSINESS. The names of these families are no big secret.

When they finally decide to legalize dope is when THE CHIP will be put in your hand that allows you to buy and sell. Remember, DeShawn and his hood brothers DO NOT take credit cards or checks. Cash only. Yo bro, can I get some sheet with this stolen credit card. The big drug cartels also deal in cash. The big time international banks charge a 25 percent fee to launder the cash. Afterwards Pedro can show he made 40 million bucks selling used cars, yachts or condos. The money is now all nice and clean. About 12 years ago a big car dealer in Florida was busted for money laundering. The dealerships were just a front. Rock concerts and country western shows are also very good at cleaning up the money. Let's just suppose that you might happen to be a big time TV preacher and instead of making your normal 50 million a year you claim you made 110 million a year. That extra 60 mill MIGHT BE dope money being run through the cleaner. Once the money gets up into the millions anything is possible. Selling drugs is no tiny little nickel and dime business. Of course the two bit street dealer only gets his $10,000 to $20,000 a month and spends it as fast as he makes it. By selling drugs he is helping the economy. When was the last time anyone on this site was able to spend $1,000 a week on jewelry and shoes. The best thing is when the dope dealers get busted the government takes their money which is sitting in shoe boxes in the closet.

They tried making drugs legal in Amsterdam and the streets and parks were filled with junkies shooting up in public. I am convinced the government paid for the Vietnam War by selling drugs to the hippies. Barry Seal was one of the best pilots who flew dope for the "the boys". He was later machine gunned to death in Florida. Read the book called BARRY AND THE BOYS if you want an eye opener about the drug business. By the way, when the book came out Rush Limpjaw, Bill O'Smily, Peter Lemmings, Dan Lather or any of the other talking head never mentioned it. Did it make the New York Times Book Review. I don't know....I don't read the N. Y. Times.

Anonymous said...

The "protests" at Trump rallies has all of a sudden radically intensified. BRA is getting scared. Also loved the white guy who punched the orc protester in the head as it was being led out, white people are getting fed up and BRA knows that Trump can focus their anger while we are still the majority.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker said . . . I am convinced the government paid for the Vietnam War by selling drugs to the hippies. Barry Seal was one of the best pilots who flew dope for the "the boys". He was later machine gunned to death in Florida. Read the book called BARRY AND THE BOYS if you want an eye opener about the drug business. . .

The book titled “Compromised” by Terry Reed is also an excellent and well documented book that delves into this history. As I recall from reading the book, Barry Seal was allegedly deliberately placed on probation or a suspended sentence with requirements that made him a sitting duck for an assassination – and he was. Supposedly he knew too much about Bill Clinton, the CIA, and the Bush family to remain alive. This book is also an eye opener.

SKIP said...

"Trump can focus their anger while we are still the majority."

And most of us are heavily armed!