Friday, March 11, 2016

SBPDL (Still) Needs Your Help

PK NOTE (3/13/16 at 4:16 p.m.): I'm itching to talk Chicago! Just $1,000 to go and then we can call this fundraiser off! 

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Ex New Yorker said...

Already sent some money a couple days ago. Was out of town today and when I got back I've been looking at what went down in Chicago and St. Louis with the Trump protesters. These lefties are the same assholes that ruined the 60's. I hated those people. One of these days I'll write about some of my encounters with those creeps.

The left is extremely violent and filled with hate. I can't believe they are for letting invaders take over their own country. I wonder if their being paid by the drug cartels. They looked to me like professional agitators. The cops are already buying riot gear for the Republican Convention. This country is going insane.

While having lunch I read in one of the local papers their is a heroin problem in Wyoming. Wyoming is one of the states with a very small population consisting mostly of ranchers and cowboys and their having a problem with heroin. What the fuck is going on. I know New York, Chicago, Baltimore and other large cities are swimming in the shit and now Wyoming. Thousands and thousands have died from overdoses. I also read awhile ago there is a murder problem in Rapid City, South Dakota caused by all the meth lads that are being set up. Five years ago there were no people getting murdered in Rapid. The meth labs are being run by the Mexicans.

So I guess these protesters in Chicago are all in favor of the drug gangs and the drug cartel pipelines from South of the border. They deserve what they get. They can pay the bills when their kids go to rehab.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker said . . . The left is extremely violent and filled with hate. I can't believe they are for letting invaders take over their own country. I wonder if their being paid by the drug cartels. They looked to me like professional agitators. The cops are already buying riot gear for the Republican Convention. This country is going insane. . . “

Yes, the the left is extremely violent. They behave like a pack of rabid wolves to suppress any speech or thoughts that they don't like. I'm concerned that Trump might withdraw from the race if the protesters across the nation can sufficiently escalate the carnage. These “protests” are the left's method for disguising extortion as free speech.

"Trump represents everything America is not and everything Chicago is not," said Kamran Siddiqui, 20, a student at the school who was among those celebrating. "We came in here and we wanted to shut this down. Because this is a great city and we don't want to let that person in here." - Kamran discussing the protesters' “celebration.”

Veronica Kowalkowsky, an 18-year-old Trump supporter, said she had no ill will toward the protesters — but didn't think they felt the same way. "I feel a lot of hate," she said. "I haven't said anything bad to anyone." - Veronica expressing confusion about the mindless hate of the protesters.

Anonymous said...

The Baron says:

It's all a masquerade. Donald Trump, after nearly 40 years as a public figure without so much as whiff of "racism", is suddenly a neo-nazi, white supremacist etc. What a wonderful coincidence this gets "exposed" just as the Democratic front-runner is desperately seeking a way to get the blacks (well documented for not giving a shit about anyone but themselves) to get off their asses and vote.

Anonymous said...

Trump rally shut down by hordes of rioting savage orcs in ChimpCongo!!

We at SBPDL knew this was coming YEARS ago!!! The eventual face-off between Humans and groids.... it's here so get ready, the first shot has been fired...

Awakened white said...

@ ex new yorker. Wyoming too? Wept. Maybe SBPDL should do a piece on the Chicongo brawl. I would look forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Chicago and have never been more ashamed of this beautiful city as I am now. I can understand the shines,beaners and towel heads protesting,they want to destroy our country and have their own agenda. When I see these brain washed stupid little white fucks I want to crack their fuckin sculls open. Please people , we need to organize and fight back. Unless we do this country is doomed.

Anonymous said...

These idiots always claim that the Nazi Trump crowd not only brutalized them, but called them the dreaded N Word. The fat girl who was pushed out of the Trump event by the guy in the VFW hat has upped the ante, claiming she was also called the second most hateful word in the English language, the Big "C".

If we get mad enough, we may utter the dreaded N in private in front of people we trust, a la Paula Dean, but never in front of people at a rally. As to the C word, few white men would say it at all, and certainly not in public.

Negroes have filthy, vile mouths - witness the music - so they assume that White people use the same language.

The problem is: when they lie about the invective they claim was hurled, white people know it's a lie - even liberals.

BLM needs to hire a consultant who understands WE-BONICS to help them with this.

They've been embarrassed by this a lot recently - not only in this case, but also in the Albany Bus Hoax, where they claimed they they were beaten and "niggered" off the bus.

Maybe Shaun King and Rachel Dolezel could help out - they're both looking for work.

Ex New Yorker said...

New York about 1969. In the building next to me there were a bunch of Hari Krishna freaks. In the store front on the bottom floor a pack of peace-nik SDS types moved in. I was in there one day after a peace riot uptown and they had bought all the NY papers and were going through them hoping to see their pictures. These creeps were weird. They liked having cops beat them up with billy clubs.

A biker friend of mine came over one afternoon and asked me what was going on outside. I looked out the window and saw the peace freaks putting up a banner. A couple of them were across the street and had a rope pulling the banner up to the top floor of the building. This biker friend of mine was a member of an outlaw bike club whose name I will not mention. So we go down stairs to find out whats going on.

The leader of the peace creeps told me they were going to have a BLOCK PARTY. I explained to him in a very calm and quiet voice that there would not be any "block party peace riot" on my block. I mentioned that this was Summer and a lot of the old ladies were sitting outside on the stoops talking to their neighbors. I explained to him that if I had TEAR GAS coming though my window I would be down here the next day to kick some ass. My biker friend who was wearing his colors second the motion. The weird thing about it was I KNEW one of the guys in the room was a FED.

About ten minutes later we looked out my window and they were taking down the banner.

One day on 2nd Avenue and St Marks place I saw Abby Hoffman who was the king of all assholes. He was leaning against a building. I had my camera with me and he says "Hey man...Take my picture." When I asked him why he informed me was Abby Hoffman. I said "I know who you are and I don't want to take your picture."

This fucking asshole walks up to me and says "Hey man, let me see your camera." and he grabs my camera and tries to pull it out of my left hand. Wrong move dude. I pulled back my right hand to punch him. He saw the hand come up and jumped back about two feet. I told him "Hey motherfucker, don't you ever come near me again." This scumbag was an idol to the hippies. I really hated those political leftist dirt bags. The peace-niks were also a bunch of fucking assholes who did nothing put cause riots and trouble.

Anonymous said...

Time for whites to stop paying taxes

GrimmTale said...

@Ex New Yorker -
I've often commented to my husband, that we should open-up a "Rehab". It's such a lucrative business, and you don't even have to cure anyone. The recidivation rate is through the roof, yet some of the posher places charge upwards of $20K per treatment/stay. Which makes me believe hard-core drugs such as heroin are being targeted toward upper-middleclass and higher income family's kids, since the families are able to pay for little Johnny's rehab without questioning the costs. Here in Tucson AZ, the HS with the biggest heroin problem is the one with the wealthiest kids ...coincidence?
I've often wondered if this generation of 20-30 yr olds are taking drugs in massive quantities because they're dealing with "these leftie assholes that ruined the 60's" on a much more personal level ...they are their parents.
My generation is filled with femanists and hard-core looney liberals who have willingly burnt this country to the ground, and they're NOT stopping there - oh hell no - they're going after any semblance of America's rebirth by stopping quite possibly the one good thing to come down the pike in years ...Mr. Trump. He's not the be-all-end-all for this country, but he's poking the sleeping bear, and is viewed as a ~GREAT BIG FAT JUICY HOPE~ for Americans who wish to save the country, and preserve its citizens who give a damn, from certain death and the Whiteman's extinction. But he's a YUGE threat to their hate-filled life. Something mentally wrong with this group who thrive on chaos and rampant destruction.
Also... Ex New Yorker - I love reading your stories from the past, please continue to share them.

Anonymous said...

"The left is extremely violent and filled with hate."

These people cannot be ignored. They will not be ignored. We must stand up to these violent creeps and fight fire with fire. Look for the creep in the Red Shed to declare martial law, cancel the elections, and "restore law and order".

PaintJob Theory said...

"Wyoming is one of the states with a very small population consisting mostly of ranchers and cowboys and their having a problem with heroin. What the fuck is going on."

Ever read the book 1984? There was a bit in there, paraphrased 'choco rations are up, we must be at war with south america again'. Remember in the 60's when our military was in the Golden Triangle and heroin was an epidemic? Remember in the 80's when our military was in South America and cocaine was the cool thing to do? Remember around 2001 when we were back in the Golden Triangle and heroin was 5$ a bag again? Reckon there's a pattern here?

In any event, from what I understand, kids in high school don't even smoke grass anymore but go straight to heroin (or start with prescription narcotics then graduate to heroin). Having a neverending "war" on drugs gets the sheeple to accept a lot of police state measures that would have caused a revolution 100 years ago. It also becomes an enormous industry. Not only importation and sale, but the entire legal/prison apparatus that revolves around its illegality and of course the money laundering (who owns the banks?) Off the books budgets for intelligence agencies are fueled by their hand in this trade and certain important families in this country made their fortunes this way. The ADL was originally formed to deflect prosecution of Jewish smugglers and bootleggers by crying "anti-semitism" whenever a tribe member was catching any heat for their involvement in these trades. (Google "Jewish Navy")

Round and round we go. The people responsible are always the same and they always use the same playbook.

PaintJob Theory said...

Again, PK, I'd like to see a PO Box address to which I can send money. A post office box costs a pittance and is handy for those of us who wish to donate but do not use banks.

If you're worried about anonymity, get it in the next county over from you and just set up forwarding to your local address or PO Box.

Anonymous said...

I just sent you $25 and I consider it money well spent.

Anonymous said...

In any event, from what I understand, kids in high school don't even smoke grass anymore but go straight to heroin (or start with prescription narcotics then graduate to heroin).

That's a myth, heroin is still rarely used by high schoolers fortunately.

Having a neverending "war" on drugs gets the sheeple to accept a lot of police state measures that would have caused a revolution 100 years ago. It also becomes an enormous industry.

What do you want to do? Legalize heroin? Crack as well? Sell it in Wal-mart? How would that solve our problems?

The war on drugs is tied to race denial and liberalism. Western society started going downhill when it decided that race doesn't exist and that White people are the cause of all inequality. A White person is more likely to reject society and experiment with drugs in this environment. White students in schools are taught anti-White liberal narratives and then many of them go home and watch TV where Hollywood continues the tale of Whites being the problem. Then you have dopey parents that are unable to see race or give them practical advice. I'm amazed our drug problem isn't worse.

Anonymous said...

So I guess these protesters in Chicago are all in favor of the drug gangs and the drug cartel pipelines from South of the border. They deserve what they get. They can pay the bills when their kids go to rehab.

Cheap Mexican heroin is a huge problem that no one has the balls to talk about.

Kids in the midwest get hooked and then flock to cities like Seattle and SF where it is basically legal to be a user.

It's cheap so they can scrounge/hustle for money. In liberal areas they get a lot more cash from panhandling.

I was in Seattle last year and it's getting crazy. Seattle is going to become one big heroin campground. They won't lock up dealers for their first offense and some socialist there actually wants to provide addicts with not only free heroin but have it administered by a nurse.

Mr. Rational said...

"Trump represents everything America is not and everything Chicago is not," said Kamran Siddiqui..."

The name "Kamran Siddiqui" and the cultural baggage that comes with it is everything that America is not.  Go home.

Sheila4g said...

I still read here although I comment less, as I move further and further into the Alt Right. My disgust with and loathing of the vile appearance and behavior of various races only increases with time. I'll send your donation through VDare. Keep up the good work and warmest best wishes on increasing your family. We need a future for White children.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cruz is at it. I just watched him blame the Chicago event on Trump. He said “when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty . . . inaudible

I have never heard Trump make a racist statement. He has made the rational observation that the flood of Muslim immigration should be halted until we can figure out what is going on. It is a fact that Muslims immigrating legally are the immigrants causing almost all of the chaos and terrorism in Europe and the USA. Prospective immigrants have no legal right to come into the US, and it is absurd to declare that Trump is racist because he believes that we should at least develop a better system for identifying the many terrorists among the group almost entirely responsible for terrorism and chaos before we let any of more of that group into our country.

Trump is also called a racist for his position that illegal immigration across the southern border must be stopped. He made an accurate observation that many of the illegal immigrants coming across our southern border are criminals. We're stuck with the criminals among our own citizens, but there is no Constitutional requirement for us to be stuck with anyone who has entered our country illegally. However, PC doesn't permit us to distinguish between our own citizens and the citizens of other countries who are breaking into our country. It is like saying that we must treat burglars in our homes the same way that we treat invited guests. This is the insane requirement of PC, and Trump isn't complying.

Trump is called a racist and white supremacist because he didn't react in a PC manner to David Duke's positive view of Trump. Trump has never adopted the policies of the KKK, and there is nothing sinister about accepting the vote of a person with views inconsistent with the candidate's views. PC not only mandated Trump to launch a public tirade denouncing and demonizing everything about David Duke, but it required Trump to publicly demand that David Duke vote for someone else.

Trump has encouraged his supporters to respond to assaults appropriately. But he has not encouraged any response inconsistent with the self defense laws of almost every state. If encouraging one to defend one's self is encouraging violence, Cruz must be encouraging violence by claiming to be a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

The allegation that one of Trump's campaign managers attacked a reporter is rapidly falling apart. Apparently videos have surfaced that suggest that the reporter misidentified the perp. A Trump hating reporter is the one who ran with the story.

Trump acknowledges facts that are themselves not PC, therefore Trump himself is violating the rules of PC. Trump is bumping against the electrified fence often called PC that surrounds us all.

Anonymous said...

I fully expect the leftards to engage in a massive riot at the Republican National Convention just as they did at the DNC in Chicago in 1968. Hopefully, this certainty will be prepared for with massive security and the police will be ready to crack some skulls.

AnalogMan said...

PaintJob Theory said...

Again, PK, I'd like to see a PO Box address to which I can send money.

Second that. I'm not in America, but I do have a bank account there. I don't trust online money transfers or credit cards, but I would send you a cheque (that's a 'check' to you) if I had a postal address (and an account name for the payee).

Here in the former British Empire we have a custom of 'crossing' cheques to indicate they can only be paid into a bank account in the payee's name. I don't think that applies in the USA. Is there an equivalent procedure?

former liberal said...

I was 5 years old I think when those useless types of shitst had a demonstration conplete y with Viet Cong flags. The hard hats, many of them Korean and WW2 veterans, swiped their flags and beat the crap out of them. My mom who had very good reasons todespise communism, cheered them on

Anonymous said...

Donated! I have to support a site that provides so much news, facts, and entertainment.

Ex New Yorker said...

A Frisco story from 1963. I already mentioned how I had an old 1948 International panel truck and how we would go over to Oakland and scrounge through old buildings looking for shit to sell to antique shops. DP and I spent a whole day there and came up empty. To get our gas money back we ripped apart window sills in an old building to get to the leaded window eights. It was grimy work and we were hoping for a couple bucks from a scrap yard we always passed on the way back to Frisco. We had about thirty of these things but the guy told us they were SANDED LEAD and were useless. They were lead mixed with sand and could not be recycled.

Around this time a bunch of white kids were coming up to North Beach on the weekends and beating up on beatniks. First it was 5 or 6 kids but each week the numbers got larger. We had been dragging those window weights around for a couple weeks when we pulled into North Beach one night. We ran into our friend Milt who just got shit kicked and was sitting there licking his wounds. Milt was the guy that shared a pad with Janis Joplin that first month when she came up from Texas in the Winter of 63/64.

We also ran into a beatnik that was a Korean War vet that just got jumped. There was about 6 or 7 of us standing there talking when Milt said "Here the come." There was at least a dozen of these punks coming up Grant Avenue and they were yelling and screaming at us. They were in the middle of the street and on the sidewalk. DP said let's get these guys and opened the back door of the truck where the window weights were sitting. They were in two sizes. The short ones we broke into two pieces and the long ones into three pieces. The first one I threw fell short but the next one was a direct hit. It hit a guy on his left shoulder and he went down like a sack of rocks. DP stood there breaking the weights on the back bumper and handing them out. Some of them hit parked cars but most landed on the punks. I nailed a couple more of those bastards. It was beautiful scene to see chunks of lead flying through the air and watching those guys as they fell to the ground. Some took off running. One of the guys throwing the weights later became the drummer for the Byrds rock band.

When we ran out of ammo we all jumped into the truck and took off. I looked back and saw at least 6 bodies lying in the street and the sidewalk. We drove home through Pacific Heights where all the rich folks lived. We were going up a steep hill and the truck couldn't take the climb. DP yells "Bail out. Bail out." Here we were in the middle of Richville with a half dozen freaks pushing a beat the shit truck up a two block hill. We drove everybody home and there were no more punks beating up beatniks in North Beach. It was a good night.

Anonymous said...

Another reason we need this site:

Imagine what is going on over at Cheerios where they love blacks....

SC Girl said...

Just sent $10. I hope you reach your goal soon, PK. This is one of the best websites and best comments sections out there. I love reading everyone's stories and seeing like-minded people come together.

As far as the chimpout at the Trump rally goes, this is a good thing. I guarantee you it has created more white realists. I'm actually surprised by how many comments I'm seeing on mainstream sites these days by self-described liberals who are saying that they are sick of this crap.

The only whites still vehemently defending the dindu tribe are completely cucked out retards. A lot of us are waking up which is why blacks are freaking out so much. They know YT is beyond sick of their shit. Even a very small brained animal has survival instincts and blacks know their days of bitching and playing the race card is OVER. Soon their handouts will dry up. Just make damn sure you have a gun, a taser, mace, and anything else you can think of because when the economy finally does collapse in the next few years (and it WILL!!!!) we all know what the dindu's are going to do when they can't get they food stamps no mo'.

Stay safe my friends and God bless!

Anonymous said...

OT – Everything is racism in the mind of blacks. Joe's Crab Shack had an old picture of two guys being hanged with the caption “all I said was that I didn't like the gumbo.” This is obviously intended to be a humorous warning not to complain about the food. But the two being hanged were black so it had to be racism. Apparently the picture was of an authentic hanging which means that criminals who committed hanging offenses were paying the price for their deeds.

The traumatized couple who saw the picture reported it to the NAACP, the NAACP is demanding a corporate apology, the corporation is required to remove any other similar pictures nation wide, and the corporation is expected to make a donation to a community based organization that serves African-American youth and teenagers.

I don't understand why people and corporations keep apologizing every time a black becomes offended. An acquaintance of mine referred to a coworker engaging in TNB as a nigger during a conversation with another coworker. The groid confronted him about it, and he confirmed that he made the statement and asked the groid so what? The groid was speechless, and the incident went no further. Apologizing almost never improves a situation involving blacks.

Anonymous said...

I'll be mailing $25 cash to Vdare designated for PK the next time I leave the state which could be anywhere between a week and a month from now. I've done this previously, but I don't know if the cash actually reaches the proper destination.

I'll be sending it to: The VDare Foundation; PO Box 211; Litchfield CT, 06759.

The envelope will contain instructions to direct the contribution to author Paul Kersey, but it will contain no return address or other identifying information. If PK doesn't have complete confidence that the cash contribution will reach him, he should provide instructions for an alternate method.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Trump supporters get together, and disrupt the other candidates rallies.

Anonymous said...

The so called protesters at Trump rallies are paid by SOROS.

Black Lives Matter,, F#%# the Police, all paid and organized by Soros

The media and both political blames Trump and his supporters. The Trump haters never expose who is behind these paid ethnic Jew who is Atheist, hunted Jews for the Nazis in WW II.

And yet Trump and his supporters are called Nazis.

Notice that the fascist media and Trump haters never call Trump a Marxist, Lenninist or Stalinist because theses three are the heroes of the elites, most politicians, the media and all who attack Trump.

Truth Corps said...

Paul you have done amazing work and continue to do so. My circumstances have been a challenge this winter/spring but I will come through for you, on my honor.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Philadellphia Mike said...

PK, could you please tell us where to send a money order to.

And should the money order be made out to SBPDL?

You may have already told us...but I can't find it anywhere.


Philadelphia Mike

PS...Do you all remember the slogan that I would sign of with...before by name..."Awaken the Great White Dragon"?...and "The Slumbering White Dragon Will Awaken"?

Well, he HAS awakened. :)

Philadelphia Mike said...


I just found it on the VDare Link.

Please mail this form, along with your credit card information below, or a check, to:
The VDare Foundation
PO Box 211
Litchfield CT, 06759

My money order will be in the mail on Monday...and I do it with great pleasure.

Thanks for everything, PK.

Philadelphia Mike

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Yeah, get a I don't give a rat's ass about being tracked by big brother, I'm sure they know who we all are, and all the dirt on the ones they deem dangerous. I'm sure Obama has the spy agency's full of bruthas, and sistahs who would do it for free to get one over on whitey. I just don't like sending financial info online, identity theft, and all that. If there ever was a black computer whiz like they portray in the movies, he wouldn't be a heroic figure foiling the bad guys, he'd be stealing money online with stolen credit card data.

O.k., where to begin? Soooo much going on. Oh, I know, how 'bout Obama playing the blame game? Now he's blaming P.M Cameron for Libya mess! Like it wasn't Hillary Clinton who made the smarmy remark to the press;"We came, we saw, he's dead." That buck stops dead square on the commander in chiefs desk, doesn't it? At least, it should, if he had any integrity, which we all know he doesn't." I dindu nuffin "should be on the plaque on his desk.

Now he says " it's novel" that people are blaming him on the rise of Trump. It's not novel, you pouting, smirking, buffoon. Maybe, just maybe, if politicians actually listened to the people, instead of their strategists,and lobbyists with deep pockets, they would have known the day of reckoning was coming. I used to be a liberal Democrat, that's what turned me off that B.S. I was one of you, I know how you think, so don't try to pull that wool over my eyes. You are the worst of all, because you pretend to be on the side of the common man, then you throw him under the bus. Gee, gosh oh golly, I wanted to help you, but those mean old Republicans were just too powerful, but I tried. I really did, honest, and for true.

You, Mr Obama, and Bill Clinton, Hillary, Harry Reid, creepy uncle Joe, Nancy Pelosi, Feinstien, on, and on, ad nauseum; you made me a Trump backer. At least we know who he is. Like I said, we know more about contractors for house repairs, than we do about Obama, after eight years, we still know him only from the damage he's caused. Oh, if only there were an Angie's list to deal with shady, incompetent politicians. One trait they all have in common, there's always a right wing conspiracy to blame their wrong doings on.

On the lighter side, YouTube has taken down a video of a man urinating on a food preparation line at Kellogs. However, you can still see it on world star, and several other sites. Yes, your suspicious are correct, it's a negro. How many other companies are employing subhumans that are doing that, and worse to your food, and not recording it?

Locally, a man was fired from Walmart, for not taking up the slack for a Muslim worker, Somoli, who refused to stock pork products. Just one more reason to avoid that third world shithole of a store. I'll pay more for a product, just to not give them my business.

Recently, a large group of somoli men showed up at the local Gander Mountain, and went into the store three at a time, and bought all the assault rifles, and hand guns they were allowed. What kind of a background check do you think they were able to do on these refugees? Just a heads up, strange and troubling times.

Anonymous said...

Hope the cash is pouring in PK, you deserve it! And to think of all the billions being sucked out of our paychecks and handed over to the useless savage orcs....

The mind reels...

ot: When I saw that roast at the White Hut by Obongo of Trump a few years back, when I saw the look on Trump's face I knew he right there and then was going to make it his life's mission to replace that mulatto groid, and completely humiliate him for shitz and giggles. Bongo relished his mockery of Trump so much and even had visuals to twist the blade. And Trump, a proud White man had to sit there and taking this sh&t from a goddamn n*gger boy!

A primal force was unleashed and we are watching cold revenge playing out as I type.

Trump will win the presidency, and then get in there and do as much damage as he can to Onegro by scrapping Obongocare, and every other program that the vile halfbreed is so proud of.

A beautiful thing to watch.

Support Trump with every ounce of your energy; to let another win is an end to America...

Anonymous said...

Yes, that time of year...SPRING BREAK!! Yay!!!

oh, right, Whites want to do something fun so the n*ggers know they need to come destroy it. Oh well...

Watch your friendly local neighborhood ape-handlers trying to control the beasts...

Anonymous said...

Love your books PK!!

We gotta do all we can to help Trump. I suggest he make a big clear statement to all his followers and the media and fully disavow any violence at his rallys. We can see how the game is being currently played; BLM and the leftists spark violence and then the media blame Trump supporters. Trump's followers are being framed, plain and simple.

What Trump needs to do is say he wants his followers NOT to be violent, unless actually attacked. Instead, carry a video camera and film the protesters. Trump should then start a simple youtube channel and let people upload their videos of the savage protestors trying to disrupt the rally. Then use the videos to ID the protestors and see what candidate they are behind. then shame the Hillary Bernie voters that they will turn out to be. Be relentless. Keep pointing out that the trouble makers are from those two candidates supporters. It's not the Trump supporters causing problems.

Be careful, they are using the violent images to tar and feather Trump. Don't fall for this trick. Hang in there, just a few more months.

And anyway, getting warm out there so the nogs will soon return to their regularly scheduled chimping out; will take the focus off of Trump.

Geoffrey Limes said...

Abby was also a heroin user and dealer along with Jerry Rubin.
At the time access to heroin weight was either thru the Mob or the schwoogies. A lot of junkies in the Weatherman also.

chattanooga gal said...

"The fat girl who was pushed out of the Trump event by the guy in the VFW hat "
I noticed that fat girl was grinning like a Cheshire cat while it was going down, too, so she couldn't have been TOO fearful or distressed. looked like she was enjoying herself to me.

paleocon said...

Under Article 3 (negotiable instruments) of the Uniform Commercial Code, adopted in all or almost all of the 50 states, a check may be endorsed with a restrictive endorsement that requires the payee to deposit the funds in a bank account. All one has to do to accomplish this is to write the words "deposit only" on the top back of the check above the line (demarking the top of the space reserved on the back of checks for processing marks as an instrument makes its way through the banking system) and, preferably, although I don't think this is legally required, below the signature line for the endorsement of the payee.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is the result of the entitlement mentality of the left. What was on display was a clear indication of battle lines between those who believe in equal "opportunity" (not outcome), and law and order, and those who believe that the color of their skin, or orientation, or any other victim category the Libs have put them in entitles them to attack and shout down good people.
I hope that this weekend was a wake up call to the over worked, over taxed, law abiding citizens who are sitting by and watching the genocide of the near extinct Christian white male who once created everything from fire to flight and brought the best of civilization from the darkest of Africa to the world.
Our children are becoming victims, and our women are becoming slaves to this poison.
I hope we are not too late to turn the ship around. God help us all.

Pat Boyle said...

Reading these remarks about peace protesters and Hari Krishna mobs take me back. When I was management consultant I flew out to some new state every Monday. The airports in those days were all filled with these Hari Krishna chanters.

They chanted Hari Krishna over and over. So I would disperse them by counter chanting 'Harry Truman, Harry Truman'. That seemed to confuse them.

Harry Truman of course brought peace to the world by authorizing dropping the bomb. He stopped the worst war in human history almost immediately. Surely he rates a little chanting.


Mutant Swarm said...

I donated via VDare. I can't wait to see what you post about Chiraq.

Anonymous said...

Out to dinner last night with couple related to us by marriage, of like background. Woman tells us that her niece is happy to have inherited some money as it enables her, her husband and their 4-year-old child to either move out of Lancaster, PA or enroll child in private schools as there is a good deal of violence there. (Look it up.) I immediately said "Oh, yes, blacks". She stiffened and said "There's Nothing RACIAL About This!!!!" Uh huh. It must be the Amish. (Her liberal, artsy, now-deceased mother lived with a black man after getting divorced from her father years ago." Of COURSE it's racial. I wanted to kick her.

Another DWL blood relative told me her grandchild and husband send their kids to private school, because, well, the Dallas public schools are scary. Never, of course, acknowledges who's behind the violence. I did not remark on that one because this relative is much older and very dear to me.

Thank God for Donald Trump. A real man. I hope he is victorious over his America-hating, White-hating, Christian-hating, lying, malicious, self-serving, cowardly adversaries.

NJ Woman

P.S. We lose an hour today. Blacks will have to step lively to keep up their quotas.

PaintJob Theory said...

"What do you want to do? Legalize heroin? Crack as well? Sell it in Wal-mart? How would that solve our problems?"

Sounds good to me. Those who would chose to use drugs to the exclusion of other life activities would be quickly weeded out of the gene pool. A month or so ago someone mentioned how China had the right answer by simply executing millions of their people. I would say giving them free dope and letting nature take its course is far more humane. Furthermore, the white European is a whole different breed from a Chinaman, who seem to be far more docile and hive minded.

The main issue around this is that if its YOUR body and YOUR life who am I to tell you you can't shoot dope or smoke crack? Who owns you that is in a position to legislate that sort of decision?

Or we can double down again on prohibition. It's bound to work this time... just give up a few more liberties and another couple trillion dollars and we'll have it sorted out in no time.

Anonymous said...

The Republican National Convention is in July in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland is using a 50 million dollar Federal Security Grant to order 2000 sets of riot gear and law enforcement personnel so that they'll have 5000 officers on hand. It's obvious that they expect major riots to take place and are planning accordingly.

Get ready for the midsummer riots. I'm thinking it's going to turn out bloody as hell. The leftards and negroes are going to go berserk, create tons of violence and then play the victim of the mean old policemen. Personally, I think they should have 10,000 officers on hand, water cannons and other crowd control measures ready and waiting. Local business had better close that day or they're going to get stripped clean by rampaging halfwits.

Anonymous said...

Lol Pat. I remember the Hare Krishna's too. At the Los Angeles International Airport they'd always come up asking if you wanted a "free holy flower" and would beg for donations. If you donated, you got marked with a red flower in your lapel so that other cultists wouldn't waste their time on you. If you didn't donate...well, you got marked with a white flower. At one point, I thought I'd piss them off by buying a lot of red carnations from a flower shop and passing them out to the hundreds of passengers transiting the airport but the cost was too prohibitive. Still, that would have been funny as hell.

Anonymous said...

Here's a report from the Kansas City police chief about the Trump rally-ruckus yesterday.

Yes, we have a AA police chief but it's heartening to see he's standing behind the pepper-spraying of the thug demonstrators - they deserved worse. And a cop has been put in the position of releasing more video since a snippet going around was making cops look bad.

The funniest thing to me is the chief mentions he was supposed to be on vacation but had to stay to take care of this. And at the end where he assures us that now he's going on vacation. I think he pepper sprayed because he was pissed about the disrupted time off - typical.

It was a racially mixed crowd causing problems here, too, so he had no racial quandary. He does nothing when "teens" cause havoc in shopping areas.

Trump is bringing this festering boil to a head. Go Trump! And Go PK! for giving us a place to know we're not alone in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

‘Those of us who are aware of the issues facing Appalachians and those of us who speak out about those issues see that as one [thing] that has kept us in the position that we are in for so long. I think that can be said for a lot of poor populations, because if you can say things about people that dehumanize them, then there’s no need to help them raise themselves up in any way because, after all, using that stereotype, they are incapable.’

That invisibility is ironic. Although the War on Poverty is generally remembered for what it did and did not do for black people in the cities, it was actually Appalachia Lyndon Johnson had in mind when he launched it.”

AnalogMan said...

SC Girl said...

A lot of us are waking up which is why blacks are freaking out so much. They know YT is beyond sick of their shit.

I seriously doubt it. They completely lack that power that Robbie Burns wrote of "To see ourselves as others see us". If they knew how repulsive they are to every other race, would they be the race with the highest self-esteem? No, they genuinely believe that they're "ossum", as my daughter would say, and can't imagine that anybody else could see them differently.

They're going to have to undergo a religious conversion, complete with a laying on of hands - repeatedly, and hard.

Ratchet said...

It's done PK. Looking forward to reading the book. I was just a little guy then, but I stood transfixed in front of the TV when men walked on the moon. Now we can't safely walk the earth in our own cities.
For the rest of us, don't give another inch. This is our last chance to regain anything. Treason and treachery will have their judgement day.

Anonymous said...

You all need to see this...

Learn who the REAL enemy is...

They are trying to destroy you...

Anonymous said...

Orcs are about to attack the Trump rallies! Be ready to film them and repulse the hordes of savage ground apes!!

Use your higher IQs and deflect their attacks. Film them, and then get out of the way. The video will help elect Trump. Attack the savage n*gger beasts, and the video will be used against Trump.

Deflect the attack, film the rampaging monkeys, and get Trump in office...

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Trump hasn't actually said anything anti-n*gger, yet they are branding him a racist and the orcs are swarming his rallys. Sadly, I think he actually kinda likes the shit-colored apes. His daughter married a TWMNBN, so anything is possible. But better him than any of the other N-loving idiots running.

F*ck the orcs, go TRUMP!!

AnalogMan said...


Got it, thanks.

ruckus said...

I feel like lancaster has gotten better over the past few years with "gentrification" but thats not stopping any blacks from displaying TNB. i live a few miles away in amish country and its WONDERFUL. Good, hardworking, kind white people.