Saturday, August 20, 2016

SBPDL Needs Your Help

PK NOTE: SBPDL needs your help. You can make a donation via the PayPal link in right-hand side of the site, or you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Paul Kersey Fund at

We need your help. Thanks to all those who have donated! But it's time to jumpstart the Summer 2016 fundraiser.

So let's roll the dice.

  • You can make a donation via the PayPal button on the right-hand side column of this site, with a $25.00 ensuring a signed copy of the Paul Kersey book of your choice. 
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  • But also know this: if we can raise $5,000 or more, I'll start doing a podcast (four a week) with very special guests. You'd be surprised who I could get to come on air. 
Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

24 Hours of Peace” celebration erupts in gunfire:

(NEWARK, N.J) — For the second straight year, an annual anti-violence event in New Jersey’s largest city has been marred by deadly shootings.

Two men were killed and a woman seriously wounded in separate shootings that occurred around the same time late Friday night in Newark, prosecutors in Essex County said. However, it does not appear that the incidents are connected.

Philadelphia Mike said...


With PLEASURE, I am sending out a $100 money order to you by mail via VDare.

Your hard work...your dedication...your diligence in preserving the last vestiges of civilization in this beleaguered nation needs to be supported by all of us.

I have said this before....PK, you are my hero.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

I sent you $30 and never heard a peep. Plus, I've sent you a bunch of articles with no responses. That's cool. I'll leave you alone, but just lemme know what you want.

Anonymous said...

I'm not rolling in cash at present. But I sent some money via pay pal and thank you for your work.

Proudyt said...

Paul,any P.O. box # we can mail check to ?

Anonymous said...

Another Korean war veteran murdered by a dindu nuffin. This time in Toledo, Ohio. Attacked and kill by a black crack addict as he's walking home from the store. Colin Flaherty has video on his youtube channel.

Anonymous said...

Three dindus loot LQ (liquor store) in Shitwaukee and now face charges:

Anonymous said...

Comrade meet me at Starbucks and don't forget your MacBook so I can post up from my AT&T account how much I hate corporations.
Later I'll use some of my trust fund money to get official Warner Bros. Guy Fawkes masks and Cliché Guevara shirts to wear to the safe space protest at the quad.
To each according to his need, workers of the world unite. Forward!

Anonymous said...

52+ years ago, give or a take a year or three, vocal whites warned of the negro proclivity for violence. These unnamed and forgotten speakers foretold of Negroes rampaging like toddlers, stealing when they wanted, committing rape when it suited them. Some were mayors with heavily negro districts and knew first hand the inability of Negroes to function as civilized human beings. They tried to tell the world that Negroes could not be turned into whites with dark skin. They protested, marched, whined and complained that desegregation would result in ruination.

For over five decades we've empowered Negroes, franchised them, pampered them, placed them on pedestals as creatures of worship or pity. And for all that spending, pampering and pandering, we have vast urban areas of slums, ghettos, ruins filled with some of the most violent, blood thirsty, savage, feral creatures to ever stride the planet. We've had 52+ years of forced integration. 52+ years of generous social entitlement programs. 52+years of excuses. And, the fears expressed by white leaders in the late 1950s and early sixties have come to pass.

Black African's . . . Negroes . . . have received more help than any other people in human history, and yet they still remain the most slothful, lazy, feckless, violent, brutal, and savage. No race in human history has been given more than Negroes. Yet, for all the help, Negroes have nothing to show for it - NOTHING. In fact, they have more slothful lives, are more backward, more tribal, more paleolithic than ever.

A legion of liberals living in gilded cages whine that we need to give more to the negro, provided them opportunities, give them assistance to over come poverty/racism/both. They continually assume that given the same opportunities as whites, Negroes can become productive citizens, that they can turn away from the bombardment of all that glitters and supress their inner child. Guess what, Negroes can't. They are not whites with dark skin, their gratification deterrence is almost non-existent. They are, as confederate officers noted, "children in adult bodies"

From the mid-1960s onward, We've done it the anti's way. We elevated the non-white, specifically the negro savage, we've given money to bring them out of poverty, we've passed laws to prevent non-white discrimination, we've advanced them in our schools without them needing to learn, we've given them jobs and home loans they didn't qualify for. In every aspect of society, antis have pushed the doctrine it is socially and legally unacceptable to show any bias.

The real question is WHAT have we to show for it? Is life better now than it was before such social engineering took place? OR, are cities decaying ruins? Are Negroes educated on par with whites after nearly three generations. More importantly, do current blacks embrace the education their grandparents demanded? Have we achieved the color blind society hippies of the 1960s dreamed about?

Some 52+ years after civil rights movement demanded blacks be included into white society, we are more segregated now than ever before. Blacks culture is so far removed from the main stream culture (the culture that does the building, inventing, creating, and general is the engine of progress) that is unrecognizable as progressive and has more in common with the African tribal warriors of the first century BC. 52 years of embracing sloth on the slim hopes that antis could turn blacks into whites.

It is time to face the raw, cold, unpleasant facts -- bestowing equality and allowing the Negro to live among us as equals hasn't worked. Their way of life is not ours.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

"What does [the Syrian who moved to Kansas City] like least? The saggy pants many young men seem to wear, he said.

"He understands everybody is free to dress however they want, but he thinks that in public people should dress with respect," Turkmani said. "He mentioned to me before how some young people wear pants below their behinds."

Even the ignorant sand people from Syria look down on our undertow:

Anonymous said...

I hope to see the day when YT gives up their love affair with the NFL and college football. In today's paper, there was a special section highlighting local football players, except for two whites, ALL the others were before. They have ruined the game.

Anonymous said...

OT - video from Detroit

Anonymous said...

Good luck on getting what you need! Surely somebody out there can make a good donation. Maybe you can get Tommy Sotomayor, or Philip Rushton, or Jarod Taylor to go on a pod cast, or YouTube. I think YouTube would not be sympathetic to your message unless you watered it down a bit. Usually the slightest negative remark against African Americans is not looked upon kindly. Even to intimate that they might have a higher crime rate, or may not have the same IQ level as other races would be frowned upon. Remember you can't hurt the feelings of an African American.

Anonymous said...

OT: Obama's Justice Dept. says "poor" people (blacks) can't be held when they can't afford bail. This plus the release of black "non violent offenders" by the thousands.

WHAT the actual fck?

Anonymous said...

Look at how nicely dressed the blacks were in the RACIST 1950's bad old days. Such oppression!!

Wonder this photographer is actually (((Gordon Parks))).

Pat Boyle said...

Everyone should send some money to Paul unless they are poor. Alas that's my present category. I'm wondering if I can afford to pay the plumber I have coming next Tuesday.

Paul is doing well with this blog and his books in the sense that he is surviving. Not many do. Even the biggest most popular blogs struggle.

I am flirting with the possibility of starting my own blog. I've done this before and I know the problems. In my case I'm just not smart enough so I have to pick a style and format that conceals my limitations.

Paul has the advantage of youth and energy but he must be getting worn down. I hope he can continue this site and not just shuck it all and get a real job making real money.


Anonymous said...

Yes!! Donate folks.

Let's get PK on Youtube!!!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Read all your posts and love them! Make sure you send emails to!

Anonymous said...

Hillary's Fortress:

Ya really think she's only worried about "tourists"!
What a crock.....


Oil 'n Water said...

Will send a donation as soon as I can.
Your work is too important not to continue to gain momentum, and I'm sure it will be facilitated by YouTube postings.
Great work, Paul!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the beat goes on in Chicago . . .

Weekend stupidity tally
2016: 8 killed, 50 wounded
2015: 7 killed, 35 wounded
2014: 8 killed, 44 wounded

Last Week’s Totals (8/14 – 8/20)
Total Shot: 100
Shot & Wounded: 86
Shot & Killed: 14
Total Homicides: 17

August to Date
Total Shot: 324
Shot & Wounded: 268
Shot & Killed: 56
Total Homicides: 62

Year to Date
Total Shot: 2743
Shot & Wounded: 2322
Shot & Killed: 421
Total Homicides: 465

Total Police Shootings YTD: 15
People wounded by police: 9
People killed by police: 6
Number of CPD officers shot in 2016: 8


I've been reading that the Olympic viewing has been DOWN. Also, the closing ceremony viewership is down 50%.

Why? I propose the concept that nobody wants to watch black, asian and arabs. The majority of the World that appreciates sports, has nice color TVs, and the time, are White.

Now, what White people, left in America and Europe, want to tune in to see hideous negro women jump up and down? When the Gymnastics and sprinters where mostly White, people watched. Now that it is mostly ugly black beasts......who cares?

The Olympics are going to die out unless they become Race Realists. A negro "representing" America is a joke. It represents Africa. Until they become Race Realists and understand that RACE is the reason, the Olympics will turn into a Turd World joke.

To me, and I'm an old man, American means White. We need a White American Team, and then if demanded, an "African-American Team".

Anonymous said...



WARNING:If you can't handle this type of conversation, PLEASE, move along and go suck on your mamma's breast....(that was a small hint about what is coming)..... ready? Can you handle the Truth?

Ok, PK, for years I have dealt with your begging for money. Asking for alms. Begging, as usual, the WHITE MAN for money. Stop it.

This is pathetic. This is sad. This is disgusting.

Over the years many proud, hard working, intelligent WHITE MEN, like me, have offered you advice on how you can "monetize" all that you have done. BUT, you don't seem to get it. Sometimes I wonder if you are White. If you are of the "tribe", you would have already expanded and marketed products and services and you would be rolling in Shekels. But, you must be White, I guess.

You have MULTIPLE ways of making a sh*t load of money off of what you have accomplished. I am too old and computer stupid to help you, but I don't see why you can't hire, or team up, with some smart young geeks and begin to market and promote your business, sell products, promote speaking tours, etc................I was, for 10 years, in the entertainment business, so I have a good idea on bookings, scheduling, etc. You can do it or you can team up with others who already know the system.

Instead, you, like a negro or Bangladeshi peasant, beg the White Man for money. (I warned you all this was going to be Truthful).

Stop it. It is a disgrace and White Men don't beg. The earn their keep.

D-FENS said...

Here's a heads up on the newest PC assault from (((Hollywood))). A book, "Hidden Figures" has been issued and a film of the same name will be released in January. It deals with the supposed crucial role 3 negress mathematicians played in the manned space program. Supposedly, John Glenn refused to fly the first US manned orbital flight unless these ladies checked the computer results for the trajectory. Glenn has been in Democratic politics since the 1970's and you would think this story would have been used during his 1984 presidential run. There are other improbable claims but, as they say, it's "based on a true story".

This film might have to carry the ball as far as getting some "coluh" in the Oscars as Nate Parker's "Birth of a Nation" might be penalized for a rape he committed in college (the victim recently committed suicide and her brother blames Parker).

chattanooga gal said...

" Now that it is mostly ugly black beasts......who cares?

The Olympics are going to die out unless they become Race Realists"
I agree. I just couldn't develop any interest at all when all I saw was blacks. You would think this was an African nation by the plethora of blacks competing as americans.

Mutant Swarm said...

@ D-FENS - Maybe they worked on Apollo 1 (the one that burned on the launch pad and killed the astronauts):

Anonymous said...

Especially when you compare every point you brought up to families that immigrated here from India and Asian countries (I know India is a part of Asia). Give them the same time frame and they are business owners, productive, educated, contributing members of society.

Sick n' Tired said...

Based on a true story only has to be about 5% actual facts. So here they are:
Fact- John Glenn was an astronaut.

Fact- The USA had a space program and went to space

Fact- The 1960's were an era in time

Fact- There were blacks living in America in the 1960's.

Fact- Math was used in the space program.

The rest of it will be chalked up to creative liberties, the same way they replace certain characters from books with women/blacks when they turn them into movies.

Anonymous said...

D-FENS, I predict that movie will bomb almost as hard as the pathetic PC agenda driven Ghostbusters ripoff.

Remember how badly Red Tails did, and more recently that Matthew McCoughney & The Magic Negro Soldiers film.

Matchbox 21 said...

That sure was a self-righteous rant. PK keeps us informed and gives people a platform for sharing news and for criticism. Because you feel he is not maximizing his opportunities as you see fit and is asking for donations, you feel appropriate in bashing and upbraiding him on his own site. You're entitled to your opinions, but I think most of us would appreciate it if you expressed them elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Your contribution to this site and many others, should make you exempt Pat. Keep up the great work, and equally great life stories.

D-FENS said...

I don't know if the movie will bomb like Lezbusters or Red Tails. There is a significant amount of nostalgia for the early space program these days from those that were alive at the time. Plus those younger people that can't imagine that there was a time when we could actually do something in space other than muslim outreach.

I am one of the former and have read extensively on the early space program. I have heard nothing about this until recently. Supposedly, one of these women calculated the trajectories for Apollos 11 and 13. However, during the Apollo 11 mission she was at a conference in PA. If she was so vital, why was she away at a conference at the time? Besides, by the time of Apollo, the trajectory analysis was done at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, not at Langley VA where these women worked. These analyses had to be updated constantly in real time to account for errors in estimation of gravity, burn time, direction etc.

I'm not saying that these women did not perform a useful service. But there is certainly exaggeration here for social justice.

Anonymous said...

A book, "Hidden Figures" has been issued and a film of the same name will be released in January. It deals with the supposed crucial role 3 negress mathematicians played in the manned space program. Supposedly, John Glenn refused to fly the first US manned orbital flight unless these ladies checked the computer results....

I call bullshit. What's next? Blacks created fire? The wheel? Weather? Gimme a break! So sick of this shit.....


Anonymous said...

Matchbox 21:

My comments to PK were done is complete appreciation and respect for all he has done, (and is doing), for the survival of the White race.

He is the Thomas Paine of our time.

I have a feeling you missed the point of my comment. Is was to point out that White Men create business models and concepts and don't "BEG" for money. They create or earn it. Donations are fine, and I assume you have sent him hundreds of dollars, by your comments, but I think it is best to create a HUGE business on his concept. Don't ask for $10,000...make $1 Million instead.

This site has unlimited potential, and only a White Man can achieve it.

Anonymous said...

PK does offer one of his books for a $25 donation it's not a total handout.

PB said...

I call bullshit. What's next? Blacks created fire? The wheel? Weather? Gimme a break! So sick of this shit.....

Maybe a movie about space flying pyramids....all piloted by three plucky mathematical geniuses.

We already know its based on a true story because they told us so.

Anonymous said...

The reason these glorified movies about black people lose money is because white people are tired of being in theaters with black people. They are noisy, loud, and their kids are running up and down in the theater. They talk on sail foams, yell at each other and get into fights.

Some years ago a theater manager in Baltimore got up in front and axed the mostly black crowd if they could not used their cell phones will watching the movie. A bunch of blacks charged the stage and beat the shit out of the guy because "he be tellin' us what to do".

A lot of theaters are losing money because white people are getting tired of being mugged and robbed in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

"Stop it. It is a disgrace and White Men don't beg. The earn their keep."


YO !!!!! ANONYMOUS !!!!!

What's this all about? I smell a troll.

Of course PK is earning his keep and working hard. What do you call all of these years of investigative journalism? embarrassed that I have never voluntarily sent money to PK unless he sends out a request for funds.

All that he is doing is hard work...really hard work. And YOU sit on your ass, reaping the enriching benefits of his labor...and you have the audacity to call it begging??? WTF !!!!!!!!!! I glad that I'm a Philadelphian...because we White Philadelphians are vulgar, crude, truthful, and very much to the point when angered. You, buddy, are an asshole.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

"PK does offer one of his books for a $25 donation it's not a total handout."


Handout ?????????????

WTF !!!!!!!!!!

Those of you who don't donate are MOOCHERS off of PK's labor intensive efforts....stingy SOB's just lookin' for a free ride.

Read my last comment.

We Philadelphians call it as we see it.

Philadelphia Mike