Monday, September 5, 2016

I, for one, Encourage EVERY Black Player in the NFL to Join Colin Kaepernick in Boycotting the National Anthem

Stop inhaling the Opiate of America

Just stop!

They hate you. 
Two people who hate white America and work to make us second-class citizens 

When welcomed to formerly white-controlled institutions to play college football (now firmly committed to dispossessing white people), they rape our women and have administrations quickly coverup the crimes... when they can't be covered up, they justify their sexual assaults on history of slavery/oppression. [Cory Batey sentenced to 15 years in Vanderbilt rape case, The Tennessean, July 14, 2016]:
A judge Friday sentenced former Vanderbilt University football player Cory Batey to 15 years in prison, but said the man’s true punishment for raping an unconscious woman three years ago was a life sentence.
“It is one of the saddest cases that I have ever encountered,” Criminal Court Judge Monte Watkinssaid. “And I’ve been in the legal business for 32 years.”
The woman does not remember the rape. The Tennessean generally does not name victims of sexual assault.
Metro Nashville police told her what happened as they uncovered evidence in their investigation, including graphic photographs and videos of the rape. Those videos were both the key evidence and a unique piece of evidence that drew additional attention to the case that some said furthered discussion of how colleges respond to sexual assault.
“Something permanent snapped that day,” the woman said of seeing the pictures. “I felt myself detach from my body. Now, I feel like I’m walking around in the shell of someone else. A part of me went numb, a sense of being a whole person with hopes and dreams about what’s possible in the world was now gone. I felt my belief that people are inherently good twist into some cruel joke in an instant.
“But sexual assault was not where the attack ended,” she said. Her sobs intensified as the described what else the men did to her.
“Mr. Batey continued to abuse and degrade me, urinating on my face while uttering horrific racial hate speech that suggested I deserved what he was doing to me because of the color of my skin. He didn’t even know who I was.”
In prior court hearings, prosecutors have acknowledged a racial statement was made but it was never said publicly in court.
On Friday, multiple sources confirmed to The Tennessean the statement Batey made. 
“That’s for 400 years of slavery you b----,” Batey said, according to the sources.
This story caused whatever remnants of the opiate still infecting my system to flush out once and for all.

And when Colin Kaepernick sat down during the national anthem (protesting for the right for black people to be exempt from the consequences of their criminality) of a meaningless preseason NFL game, I knew the opium still infecting tens of millions of white people momentarily was flushed out of their system for a brief respite of sobriety.

With President Obama publicly siding with Kaepernick - after Donald Trump said Kaepernick should "find a country that works better for him" - and a new NFL season about to kickoff, you couldn't ask for a better moment for white America's true opiate addiction to finally see addicts get some serious help.

Put down the pipe, whitey: Batey's declaration to a white coed he drugged and raped is exactly the way every black college and NFL player feels about you.

So, one more podcast:
Paul Kersey (@SBPDL) joins Richard to discuss the mass opiate known as football and why we might be witnessing its collapse.
Put down the pipe, whitey.


Anonymous said...

Kaepernick and Barry are similar. Rich, powerful mualttos.
Coal burner mamas and black sires who abandoned them.

hahah. evil jigs.


A professor who became a center of a controversy around questions of press freedom and campus protests during demonstrations at the University of Missouri earlier this year has been hired by Gonzaga University.

Melissa Click was fired by the University of Missouri in February, after an internal investigation found that she "interfered" with police at a homecoming parade in October and -- a month later -- with students and journalists "who were exercising their rights in a public space."

A profile on Gonzaga's website lists Click as a lecturer in the communications program at the private Catholic university in Spokane, Washington.

2 Arrested for Allegedly Making Terrorist Threats Amid University of Missouri Turmoil

Anonymous said...

This brainless chess piece is "given" (not earns as that would imply a work input that justifies his salary) a salary large enough that he could start giving it to the families of every criminal he feels are treated unfairly by this country. Instead of sitting on the bench with his arms crossed he could be putting his money where his mouth is and help forge a path to a country he believes to be worthy to stand for. It's much easier, and cheaper, to engage in a disrespectful protest that the BRA media will spotlight to cover up the real contributions of blacks to this society like the incident at Vanderbilt.
Every white 49er fan should boycott the game, and any product advertised during the game to put a cost to this circus the football team ownerbergs can understand. But then again this should happen to every football game since the entire industry employs these gangster "role models".

Tim said...

Maybe he needs a reason leave because he knows he's mediocre at best, and on a downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

I anxiously await the day that whites refuse to stand for the national anthem because it represents affirmative action, cover for crimes like this article describes, and BRA.

Pat Boyle said...

I used to teach calculus and statistics. I can't remember ever having any black students although I did some blacks in my computer science classes. So I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if this black rapist was no good at math.

This guy blames his rape on "four hundred years of slavery". The first record of blacks being enslaved by whites is from 1502 in documents from the Spanish colonial administrators. Lincoln freed the slaves in 1862. That's 360 years not 400. If you confine the accounting to the United States or the British colonies the first black slaves were in Jamestown around 1615. That's less than 250 years.

Most of the white settlers in America before 1700 came to America as indentured servants or slaves. Black slavery was less common than white slavery in America for the first century or so.

White slavery had been common in Europe for probably eight thousand years or more. Slavery was also quite common in Africa with blacks owning blacks - but this was much later. Slavery was a consequence of the Neolithic Revolution. Hunter-Gatherers don't keep slaves. Slaves show up with agriculture. The Neolithic Revolution first took place in the "Fertile Crescent". Jericho probably had slaves ten thousand years ago and Catul-Huyuk perhaps even earlier. But Africa has always been backward. So they got agriculture late.

When the Portuguese first met the sub-Saharan blacks they had already developed agriculture and slaves. The Bantu Expansion probably began around 400 BC with the enslavement of the pygmies and later other groups. The Bantus exterminated and enslaved as they progressed from Cameroon south to the Cape.

Contrary to popular racial propaganda North America only had about 7% of the total New World slave population. Brazil had more than 40%. The next biggest slave area was the Caribbean.

Slaves in the British Colonies were mostly born in America. Almost all of the Brazilian and Caribbean slaves were born in Africa. American slavery was much gentler than that practiced by the Spanish and Portuguese. Basically they simply worked their slaves to death and got more from Africa.

We have allowed African-Americans to indulge in a whole series of myths and fables about slavery. Most of the material in this posting is from Robert Fogel's second book on slavery. Fogel won the Nobel Prize in economics for his two books on the economics of American slavery.


Mr. Rational said...

What all White people should be saying tomorrow:

"Colin who?"

What all White people should be saying next month:

"What game?"

Ex New Yorker said...

I am already tired of looking at this nappy headed geek. He is the new hero among the VICTIM WORSHIPERS. A half breed raised by white people. Just another multi-million dollar freak pushing the AGENDA OF SUFFERING that the brain washed proles love so much.

Maybe someone should mention the fact that there ARE NO OPPRESSED BLACK PEOPLE LIVING IN AMERICA. We have minority quota college kids who can barely read and write who spend their time protesting. Millionaire football players that use a school campus for a hunting ground. Unemployable thugs roaming the streets with their underwear hanging out.

All across the country there are black mayors, judges, politicians, doctors, lawyers, police chiefs, movie stars and millionaire sports heroes. I even heard there is a black guy playing the part of being a president. Millions of UNWED MOTHERS being paid to pop out street thugs. Mothers complaining that "Poor Pricktavious be robbing people cuz he can't find no job cuz of dat opreshem an racism an sheet".

I would like those Social Justice Whores to find a place where blacks are oppressed. Find me JUST ONE oppressed black and I'll be happy. We are moving into a technocratic area. Computers and robots are taking over. The NEW OPPRESSORS are here. "Dat jus not be rite. Deshawn can't get no job at McDonalds cus dey gots dat robot cookin dem burgers".

The new cry from the eternal victims will be about ROBOT PRIVILEGE and all that sheet.

Earl Turner said...

All I ask is that they keep on being black right through Election Day.

Proudyt said...

Pretty much anyone can do or say whatever they want unless they are white males. Our white sisters betray our race by breeding and sympathizing with people who are trying to destroy our way of life. Wake up white women,without us you'll be living in mud huts and cooking wild game over open fire's.

Anonymous said...

Without Consent or Contract?

Anonymous said...

Once blacks have their presence in an area become less shocking, that's when their criminal behavior starts. When I was in college, in the late 1960's -1972, crimes on campus were non existent. Always felt safe when my children were in college during the early nineties. Now? Not at all. Parents ( especially of girls) must be worried sick. Blacks belong on college campuses as much as an alligator belongs in a backyard pool.

Anonymous said...

Bet me, Comrade Kapernick will be a guest at the white house in the first month of the season. It of course will be under the guise of breast cancer awareness. I got a Benjamin, who wants some of this action? -Disgruntled Gunny

Anonymous said...

"White Lives Matter" group is considered to be a racist group according to the SPLC, no joke. Here it is:

Anonymous said...

“That’s for 400 years of slavery you b----,” Batey said...

By day a Gatorade(tm) dispenser for a major league football team, but at night he dons his mighty hoodie of social justice and becomes Dindu Nuffinz!

Yes, Dindu Nuffinz, strange visitor from another 'hood, who from his perch high atop Vanderbilt University Stadium, sees an oppressed black man being led away in chains. Quickly, Dindu goes into action with his Mighty Voice of Critical Race Theory and declares that Corey Bateman is the real victim of 400 years of slavery. Meantime, the No Snitch Irregular go into action, and Dindu finds himself with a new sidekick, Colin Kaepernick, who sits on the sidelines rather than kicking off with the national anthem.

Yes, look up at your TV screens, it's a molotov cocktail being tossed at a convenience store, it's a Beyonce cop bashing's Dindu Nuffinz!

[cue halftime fanfare to rap beat]

Joshua Sinistar said...

Goofball is the opium of the Fatasses. When these lamebrain cuckolds get their fat ass off their sagging couch, maybe they can get a girl and make a family like their fathers did? They need to stop putting the names of these fool ingrates on their backs and man up. The whole farce of Sybil Rights and glorifying these morons would crash and burn fast if the Goofball teams went belly up broke like every other business that hired these lazy ingrates.

Brian in Ohio said...

Mr. Kaepernick, you have done the cause of race realism a great service.

I thank you.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I'm new here and at 51, am beginning to really understand what is happening in this formerly great Country. These racist black power assholes will NEVER be happy, EVER. I work (not live) in Chicago and pass through these killing ground hoods that were formerly decent places to live: no crime, places to eat, shop, you name it, and it's dead now Jesse Jackass, "Father" Phlaker, Democrats, all blame lack of jobs, the economy, not enough investment, and it'll NEVER CHANGE, Whitey has tried, and according to this jagoff millionaire quarterback, failed miserably.

Brian in Ohio said...

Ex New Yorker said

"Dat jus not be rite. Deshawn can't get no job at McDonalds cus dey gots dat robot cookin dem burgers".

Well, that, and his many felonies...

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

Melissa Click, the Marxist who called for "more muscle" to interfere with a student journalist covering the BLM protests at University of Missouri is now working at Gonzaga University in Washington.

The Department head that hired her has a background in "critical theory", which is cultural Marxism-speak for agitprop.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum,

Whites are not afraid of the black kids. They are afraid of the white policemen, video-cameras, judges and reporter that will portray then as racist. Career and normal life are over. I have a revolver thanks to Pain Job but little opportunity for revenge. Don't want my mug on TV as a racist that denigrates my family.

If whites recognize a threat must take action and stick together

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Supreme Shit Show Update brought to you by:

The weekend started out sedately enough, with ONLY THREE shootings for Friday, and ONLY 20 shootings for ALL of Friday and Saturday with NO fatalities. But as Kelly Bundy would say, "The check is in my mouth." Sunday saw less shootings but more deaths (4/11, .363 KIA), while Labor Day is batting a .388 KIA so far. (7/18)

Stats as of 7:00p: 11 killed, 37 wounded
2015 Labor Day WE: 10 killed, 46 wounded
2014 Labor Day WE: 7 killed, 36 wounded
2013 Labor Day WE: 12 killed, 27 wounded

Year to Date

Total Shot: 2965 - 31 under 2015 final
Shot & Wounded: 2506 - 53 under 2015 final
Shot & Killed: 459 - 12 over 2015 final
Total Homicides: 508 - 1 under 2015 final

2016 shot clock:
Shooting every 2:01
Homicide every 11:51

Gwoobus Harmon said...

On day one - that was very exact response - I immediately said, "I want this to spread like wildfire. This has the ability to wake up the average white American in a way that nothing else will or can."

Football and Sundays are this pivotal demographic's escape, his "safe place," his fantasy land, his indulgence. Once that space is invaded, removed, or has had all of the joy sucked out of it -- when this guy is beaten down by the job he works, the taxes he pays, the commute he suffers, the mortgage he finances, etc... and then his little relief outlet is gone too? And he can no longer play the game in his mind of there existing racial harmony like what he sees on the team he supports and the bullsh*t commercials he is drenched in. When all of those illusions are stripped and all of his enjoyment tainted --- it will be a catalyst for more of a thundering awakening than anything the dissident right could ever do.

We need the optics of all black players, everyone of them to a man, remaining seated and the ONLY ones who believe in the culture and customs of the USA are the white players, who make up only around 20% of the players. We need that kind of imagery. I beg and pray that this happens. I want it to go on all season long, in every game.

These white fans need to see this. There needs to be an antagonistic relationship between the fan bases and "their team." They need to understand that it is not a two way street with mutual affections, and that these blacks' have a "team" it is their race.

The NBA never has recovered from the "Malice at the Palace" when the players started brawling, eventually going into the stands to begin beating the white fans. The NFL needs an equivalent, something so antagonistic and repulsive that the white support evaporates and season tickets don't get purchased. Something so contrary to traditional American values that a Dad can't have his children grow up immersed in it. Let the NFL try to survive on dindus being their nearly exclusive fanbase.

Also, great job on the podcast PK!

I actually believe that is one area where the "alt-right" is missing the boat. There exists no "edgy" sports cast/radio show. All of the media organs fire anybody who remotely violates even tame political correctness. These sports fans have no place to go to hear "unapproved" messages, even though that is what it sounds like when a couple of guys are just hanging out in the garage.

There is a reason that (((much effort))) and (((money))) are spent on sportsball, the end result is a neutered, and pacified white male population. We need to not concede this ground to them.

That is the ideal gateway to explosively expand alt-right - a non-PC sports themed podcast - aimed directly at white men. The person who is able to pull that off and tap into that market ---- will have the potential to be even larger than ESPN.

Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head! Stop watching these negro infested things.

Anonymous said...

Someone a few days ago posted the resemblance of Bubbles from The Wire being the dead ringer to this goof.

John Collins said...

I quit following college and pro sports years ago when the congoids took it over

Anonymous said...

congoids ruined sports

Ex New Yorker said...

I outgrew football in the first two years of high school. Having a 250 pound guy grind my face into the dirt was not my idea of fun. Of course I dropped out in my Junior year. During those first two years I was a member of the high school ART CLUB. It was just me and 25 cute girls. Why would I want to play football when I could hang out with these hot chicks.

The guy that runs one of the banks in town said one day "Life is not worth living if not for sports." For the world he lives in I guess he is right.

Californian said...

Gwoobus Harmon said...

On day one - that was very exact response - I immediately said, "I want this to spread like wildfire. This has the ability to wake up the average white American in a way that nothing else will or can." ...

This and the rest of your post nicely states the situation.

Anonymous said...

Question: If Whites and Persons of Lightcolor were being "targeted" and "abused" and "shot like dogs in the street" -- would the half-white Colin Kaffirnick utter one peep in protest, or even feel the slightest twinge of empathy?
Hell no. For some reason, these half-breeds always - and only - identify with their Dark Side. It's like their entire being has been possessed or infected, and is thoroughly and permanently corrupted. There should be no question; if we ever regain segregation, the One Drop Rule must be our Zeroth Amendment.

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing at the Chicoms making Dinglebarry use the emergency exit on his unicorn fart powered eco friendly jet while literally rolling out the red carpet for Vlad the Putinator.
Vlad brought some Russian ice cream for the Chinese big Kahuna Xi Jingping.
Confucious say fading banana republic led by the magic mulatto messiah who turned the south side of Chicago into a glorious utopia should stay out of the affairs of its main creditor.
I said I would be done with the No Fun League when Brady and Manning hang up the cleats and it looks like Brady my have a couple of seasons left.
I won't be watching any games this year but I will always love the pre-1990 NFL.
Understand that I have been watching the games since emerging from the womb but the horse hair dingle dreadlocks and pink sock social justice issues have just ruined it.
Also there are way too many teams and not enough talented players to go around.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

I live near Dell Computer. As a result, I encounter Dell salespeople a little too regularly.

They fit a type: white, 30-something, bulging around the middle, douchebags. Their biggest dream is to own a BMW that will enable them to screw a Hooters girl.

These fags wear NFL jerseys that they paid top dollar for. With the names of black men on them. In their early 20s.

I got over watching sports in high school. Wasn't it Barry Switzer who said, "Football is 22 men in desperate need of rest watched by 22,000 people in desperate need of exercise"?

Get a life.

You KNOW the NFL is a business, right? Not much different than wrestling when you think about it.

How pathetic is this country when we give a fuck about when someone with an Afro thinks?

Go Trump! To hell with the fans.

Anonymous said...

Today in Brooklyn, NY, two people are murdered, many were injured in gun play at the Caribbean Parade on Eastern Parkway. But the News crews only interview people who babble on about how wonderful their culture is. are you kidding me? shut that dam parade down. One person dead is far too many. Last year an aide to the governor died. Wasn't that enough to stop this parade?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how it is always the mulattoes like Kirkpatrick and Jesse Williams that feel the need to "make a stand". The forever hopeful white part of their brain must believe somehow deep down that deeds trump skin color to blacks. Nice touch with the Afro pic to make his hair look that much more genuine and clown-like.

Once again a statement, but with no substance. Kirkpatrick will go back to business as usual- if you are waiting for one of these blowhards to actually back up their words with money towards their cause you shouldn't hold your breath. It might actually make sense to most people if there was a concrete cause he was fighting for- like against a war in the Middle East for example. But he and everyone else knows that you can't fix a problem if you aren't willing to define it and examine it. We all know where that would lead- straight to blackie and his lawless behavior.

Is this how black celebrities "give back"? Where is the money? I think the black tipping phenomenon is only the tip of the iceberg!

Sick n' Tired said...

I worked in the Caribbean with people from many different islands, and aside from the onee from Haiti, who had to be told how to wipe their own asses, the Caribbean blacks didn't have the same shitty attitude that American blacks have, even though their ancestors were brought over as slaves as well.

David In TN said...

I listened to your podcast. I'm a Boomer and (was) an old-line SEC fan. I remember when it was all white.

We exchanged some emails on the subject and I sent you some information.

The Vanderbilt Rape really is the last straw.

Anonymous said...

The only difference is that I don't have to worry about a robot stealing my tv, shooting me over a pair of sneakers, or sucker punching me as I walk down the street.

Anonymous said...

Jacksonville Jaguars castoff Blaine Gabbert may have salvaged his career due to Colon Krapernick's poor play in 2015.
Gabbert was considered a bust but played well in the second half of the 2015 season after taking over for the benched Colon.
All-Time 49er Cool Joe Montana said Gabbert is the best choice for the 49ers starting QB in an interview late in 2015.
Notice no one is discussing Colon's play on the field because it is mediocre.

Krapernick's 2015 stats:

Pass Attempts-244
Completion Percentage-59%

Numbers don't lie and Krapernick is the weak sauce just like the worldwide laughingstock community organizer.

Sick n' Tired said...

4/11 KIA, it's about time, they have been at about a 1/6 KIA ratio for far to long. Hopefully the new trend keeps up.

Anonymous said...

When cucks say that's my team I say how much of the profits did you get from "your" team and where is your check for a cut of the profits.
I always laugh at that homer crap where you are supposed to like the local team if you live in a city with a pro team.
Only children who don't know any better worship Johnny Jockstraps and think that they don't beat their wives, take what drugs they can get away with, get drunk and drive or sleep around with roadmung groupies.

Anonymous said...

Creampuffs need safe spaces:

Anonymous said...

After reading Gwoobus' post I had to look up "Malice at the Palace". What is interesting is that the altercation is blamed mostly on fans, even though it was the players who stared the fight and chose to go into the stands to punch players. "It wouldn't of happened if the fans hadn't made it worse" seemed to be the consensus. There is nothing in the wikipedia article discussing the effect it had on the popularity of the NBA, although I strongly sense Mr. Harmon is right. Somehow that incident was a catalyst for some kind of change in how many whites viewed black professional basketball players. Reality broke through for a moment, and it sure wasn't pretty.

If you look up the video on youtube you can hear mostly black commentators completely excusing the players' actions and placing it all squarely on the fans- while watching footage of huge black guys crawling over seats to punch and attack people that "they think" were involved". Why someone who is making millions playing a ballgame would risk it all in order to retaliate physically with a fan still doesn't add up to me, but then again I'm white.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Reached the bottom of the barrel yet? Last week 5 year old Jasmine Peters got off the school bus with bright red hand prints on her face. The reason, you might rightfully ask? 17 year old teenager Tavon Walters, black, and on probation, reached over the seat of the school bus and slapped her!

Now, if you sent your 5 year old to school with bright red hand prints on her face, you would have the police, social services, and the media at your door quicker than you can say child abuse. But no, District Superintendent Phyllis Schwarting said this is " normal behavior". Remember that term, because this is the new normal. Black teens, physically mature enough to be an adult, assaulting 5 year old kindergartners is the new normal. Even in prison he would be punished by the other inmates. There's something very, very wrong here people. The story's on Alex Jones if you want to Google it. This guy will kill some day, guaranteed. Unless he is taken out of circulation, one way or another.

Anonymous said...

we need more more more of this. whites prefer to sleep the longest

Anonymous said...

In the upcoming months, we need more of THIS:

Flights have been cancelled at London’s City airport after protesters from Black Lives Matter UK got on to the runway.

The airport said all flights were disrupted and that police were on the scene.
The campaign said it carried out the protest to highlight the environmental impact of air travel on the lives of black people locally and globally.

Surgio said...

Lincoln didn't free one slave. His 1863 proclamation applied to those slaves held in states not under Federal control. The 13th amendment, ratified in December 1865, freed the slaves and,as well, freed those held by Northern General Useless S. Grant.

Lincoln proposed the original 13th amendment before his war, which would have recognized legal slavery where it existed but prohibited it from expanding west. That way the crony capitalist north could assure their continued lock on the legislature. The North ended up fighting a war to preserve corrupt capitalists which killed many a northerner who could not buy his way out and who did not want Lincoln's goddamned war.

Kaepernick protests a flag that more represents him and other blacks, near-blacks, browns than it does whites like me.

Reagan often said that he didn't leave the Democrat party it left him. As a white man I feel that way about the U.S. I used to have a country but it left me. I feel like a refugee now.

Had the NFL not been so intent to field an all black super-bowel team, they might have avoided this controversy. There are many white quarterbacks never given a tryout because of their skin color who would be as good or better than this idiot.

If major college and NFL recruiting were fair, the starting teams at the university level percent wise would average at sixty white to forty black. The NFL would be around forty five white percent starters to fifty five percent black.

Dumbass white "men" willingly sacrifice their pretty daughters to the black heathen for the glory of "niggerdom" displayed during the fall on Saturdays and Sundays. At work on Mondays and Tuesdays they piss away hours discussing Tyone and Deshawn's merits and moves and injuries. Before I retired I put a sign on my desk at work saying "No football discussed here."

Anonymous said...

Life in America is really like a dystopic sci fi movie. Genetic freaks are slowly taking over and ruling us and killing us. Freakshow mixes of our DNA and the monkey creatures from Africa. Now we have these uppity mulattoes trying to take over and force themselves on us and our women.

It really has to stop; no half measures. We will be bred out of existence if this situation doesn't do a 180 turn.

Sorry orcs and one-droppers, you really need to leave now. You have a continent with your name on it, Africa, go home to the motherland. Trump will show you to the door...

10mm AUTO said...

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Mark my words.

September 5, 2016 at 7:09 PM""

You are right on. The NFL has been protected because of the huge amount of money it represents in Advertising dollars. Literally billions in (((TV Ad revenue))), (((merchandising))), and jobs within the system which can only flow if their is a show. The Shekels must flow to the Saturday People.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a show, the greatest show on earth. These negros are fed, clothed, coddled, protected and nurtured so that they can perform like fine race horses. Historically the avenue of achievement has been to go through colleges and Universities, because Western man has this Grecco-Olympian ideal of the Warrior Philosopher, of our best and brightest children becoming leaders on both the sports field and in battle.

Now what we have is as twisted and artificial and bizarre as if we had an invading 3rd world army, bred them for football and then sent them into the ring. In many cases the negros the Whites cheer for can not read, can not write, they are not of the same race, they hate our culture and aspirations, hate the very race that is cheering them on and paying their salaries and commit crimes against that race (Whites) that would land most people in jail or cause them to lose their jobs and have no affinity to the morals and ideals of the school that protects them. No, it is even worse than that, in that they are paid at the equivalent rate of a merchant Prince than a slave wage and they compete for money, yet despise the source.

The irony is that if the NFL was all black, people would tune out, as with the NBA. It seem the fans need a certain amount of linkage to the game or its players or they lose interest (hence we don't watch other sports like Sumo Wrestling or Cricket).

Standup Broad said...

Colin K just proves the "one drop rule": when in the company of blacks a mixed race individual will ALWAYS side with blacks. Wishful thinking will never overcome genetics.

Mutant Swarm said...

Tim said...

Maybe he needs a reason leave because he knows he's mediocre at best, and on a downward spiral.

September 5, 2016 at 3:24 PM

My wife just texted me that she heard on the radio that "Kaeperdick" is trying to get released from his contract. When no team picks him up, I'd like to be the first to remind him that acting like an azzhole didn't work out so well for Terrell Owens.

Richard Sherman's little chimpout last year drove a stake through the heart of my desire to watch feetsball. This is just iciing on the cake.

Geoffrey Limes said...

Have you ever met a Jamaican? They're all criminals and surly

Mr. Clean said...

Mr. Rational said..."Colin who?"

Am I the only one that sees that guy as a goon with a fro?

Mr. Rational said..."What game?"

I played pick-up football regularly when I was growing up, and remember those times fondly. I played Sunday mornigs when I was college-aged and into my early-mid-20's. I used to play with my nephews when they were growing up and over for Thanksgiving/Christmas. I hope that others had those times as well, and that white people still do these things. That is far different from the negro-infested, big-business "entertainment" of the NFL and "professional college football".

(Basketball, OTOH... I never did like it.... always saw it as monkeyball...)

Bud said...

This reminds me of reading Steven King's novel "The Dark Half". It is a novel about a good normal man doing bad things because an evil unborn twin was living in his brain.

Although I would like to submit a DNA test to know the various percentages of my European ancestry, I have been afraid of the possibility that an African gene would be discovered causing me to lynch myself. Or possibly the other way beating myself then burning my own body.

OT : I believe this Hillary coughing bit is ultimately to get a sympathy vote from women. We can also feel sorry for Huma dealing with her sexually sick husband.

Euro American said...

Moms. Gymastics class for your daughter? No, thanks.
Try out for cheerleading? No, thanks.
Send your daughter out to attend high school football games? No, thanks.
Dad watches football on the weekends? No, thanks.

Hand that rocks the cradle!!

Marc B said...

"I, for one, Encourage EVERY Black Player in the NFL to Join Colin Kaepernick"

I've said the same thing and I'm glad to PK is in agreement. I encourage every non-white in the US to publicly show their contempt for this country, it's culture, foundations/institutions/traditions and people. Whites need to see that we are NOT in this together, shoulder to shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Have to update those Chicago stats- it's now 512 killed this year. One case involves negro "ministers" getting into an argument at a retirement home. Homey in his motorized wheelchair did a "roll by" shooting and then rolled closer to his victim (also in a wheelchair) to pop off several more rounds. As is, negroes, you still have time to raise the murder score above 600 before Dec. 31st. Come on, negroes! I know you can do it. Question: Why does an elderly negro in a nursing home need to carry a gun? Because he might need to pop a cap on somebody fo' disrespect or over the las' piece of chicken at dinner time. Gots to keep it real, dawg. You go, grandnigga!

I have a friend who's deeply into the Negro Felon League. I keep trying to tell him how unimportant feetsball is in the scheme of things but all he can do is gush about some negro who ~gasp!~ ran with a ball. I can't help but be sarcastic when he does so by saying things like, "NO! You don't mean it! Louis Pasteur-eat your heart out!" Or, I'll use other historical figures who've also actually accomplished something of worth to highlight the utter and pathetic insignificance of whatever negro "afflete" he's gushing about. Alternately, I'll mention how I saw a teenager make a huge score~ shriek!~ playing a video game at the mall. None of it fazes him- he just keeps trying to talk over me and continue gushing over some silly negro and makes a fool of himself in the process. Some people are too far gone to wake up.

Mr.L's Tavern said...

I went to a junior high school where whites were in the minority but I really didn't realize that blacks hated whites so much until 2007/2008 with the campaign and election of Obama.
P Diddy is wrong.
Blacks did not put Obama in the White House. A majority of whites did. In many ways, Obama is not that different than OJ. Only OJ really did grow up in inner city poverty and most of his friends at that time were blacks.
But once OJ got famous, he hung around with white people. His best friends, The Kardashians, white. Of course, he divorced his black wife for a young white woman whose white family embraced him.
Obama did not grow up around blacks and did not experience of the plight of the inner city growing up mostly in Hawaii. Obama surrounded himself with whites his whole life. Whites are basically the people who cultivated his political career.
Capernick is not that different. He's a now low rate player with a $114MIL contract. His black father left him, like so many black fathers do to their children in this country. White people were kind enough to open their hearts and home when they adopted him. He was scouted into the NFL by white people. A white NFL exec decided he was worth 114 MIL. And yet, all he does is hate.
I stopped watching the NFL when they started beginning their season on 9/11. September 11th should be a national day of mourning -- no football games, baseball games or any other games of the sort.
I've heard that since Capernick did this, sales for his jersey went up.
If America is redeemable the only reason that sales for his jersey went up is that Americans wanted to buy the jersey so that they can burn it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that blacks will 'breed themselves out'? Add half a glass of white milk to chocolate,- that milk is now half white half chocolate. Pour half out, replace with half white, - the milk is now one quarter chocolate. Keep repeating, at some point your trying to emphasize there's some chocolate in there, REALLY there is!

All the world loves a white woman.

chattanooga gal said...

" these half-breeds always - and only - identify with their Dark Side"
like Obama and halle berry- they identify with the fathers who abandoned them rather than with the whites who raised them. please do NOT tell me that there is not such a thing as " black privilege"

Anonymous said...

As a nine-year-old I heard older male relatives gushing about "our team" and how "we won". When I mentioned that none of them were from "our" town, they explained that inconsistency thus: "Shut the fuck up!"

Anonymous said...

They don't consciously "risk it all." They live in The Now. That's why they are so fucking dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Final Labor Day Stats from

Final Stupidity Tally: 13 killed, 53 wounded
2015 Labor Day weekend: 10 killed, 46 wounded
2014 Labor Day weekend: 7 killed, 36 wounded
2013 Labor Day weekend: 12 killed, 27 wounded

Friday Stats: 3 Shot, 0 KIA (.000)
Saturday stats: 17 Shot, 0 KIA (.000)
Sunday stats: 11 Shot, 4 KIA (.363)
Labor Day Stats: 30 Shot, 9 KIA (.300)
Tuesday Overtime: 4 Shot, 0 KIA (.000)

Year to Date:
Total Shot: 2982 (14 away from equaling ALL OF 2015, tie by WED AM, maybe PM)
Shot & Wounded: 2521 (38 away from equaling ALL OF 2015, tie by THU AM)
Shot & Killed: 461 (2015 Total plus 14)
Total Homicides: 510 (2015 Total plus 1)

Current Shot Clock:
A shooting happens every: 2:00 ( 2 hours, 00 minutes)
A homicide happens every: 11:43 (11 hours, 43 minutes)

Anonymous said...

"Lincoln didn't free one slave."

True, unless you count his war to free the slaves.

Pat Boyle said...

without us you'll be living in mud huts and cooking wild game over open fire's.

True. But that's not so bad. I watch only one cooking show on YouTube. It's '18th century Cooking'. He in fact makes a mud oven and cooks a meal in it. You should watch it. Learn what Thomas Jefferson ate for breakfast.

Like so many commenters above I stopped watching NFL football just as I stopped watching NBA basketball. When you don't watch those big commercial sports on TV you find yourself with a lot of free time. I watch old boxing films on YouTube. I can't prove it but after many hours of watching every round that Sonny Liston fought it has strengthened my convictions that Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) won both fights because the fix was in.

I watch Mixed Martial Arts matches too as well as Women's Beach Volleyball in the Olympics. Recently I have become addicted to "Ninja Warrior" and "American Ninja Warrior". The Japanese version is better in many ways. The American version has too much 'Queen for a Day' nonsense. That means the contestants always have some heart rending story about their sick sister. The Japanese version skips all that and just gets on with it.

You may notice that none of these TV sports is dominated by blacks. I didn't plan it that way. I just sort of evolved into it. I just found that I enjoyed my sports TV when the demographics were closer to that of my neighbors and friends.


Anonymous said...

There was a good body count during the holidays. Along with Chicago, Austin and Baltimore also had a nice "bang up" weekend. Haven't yet read any reports from other cities. Knowing what these Porch Puppies and Tree Swingers are capable of, I'm sure the numbers will be impressive. For people that have never had a job, these guys really know how to celebrate Labor Day.

Anonymous said...

"These fags wear NFL jerseys that they paid top dollar for. With the names of black men on them. In their early 20s."

That always makes me laugh as well. It's the equivelent of a 5-year-old walking around dressed up like a cowboy or an astronaut.

These white cucks are bad, but the negroes are the worst. I've seen 40-year-olds in the grocery store wearing entire NBA uniforms. They can't pay child support, but they can find money for clown costumes and expensive sneakers.

Anonymous said...

This is all you need.

Mapping the Rising Tide of Color. Wow. Show your families.

Mr. Clean said...

Texas here: These fags wear NFL jerseys that they paid top dollar for. With the names of black men on them. In their early 20s.

Someone pointed out that "men" wearing the pro sports jersies with another man's name on it is like the high school girl who would wear her boyfriend's varsity jacket, back in the day. I REALLY wish someone with the time and photo editing skills could put together a side-by-side picture demonstrating this. Picture = 1000 words and all that..

Anonymous said...

To hell with the fans.

September 5, 2016 at 8:48 PM

This sentiment is why I pulled out of the sports zombie fugue in 1994. My parents were kind of into the sports thing. They both would watch the Olympics, especially the Winter Games for the figure skating. It was just over 40 years ago that Nadia Comeneci scored 7 perfect 10.0s for her gymnastic routines in Montreal. My dad and I would watch the PBA Tour on Saturday afternoons, and my mom was a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, but I was never into football that much.

Baseball was my opiate of choice . . . I still remember seeing Reggie Jackson's epic Game 3 grand slam in the 1977 World Series on a tiny 11-inch black and white TV, with the rabbit ears lovingly bandaged in Reynold's Wrap. When we moved to Florida, the high school I attended did quite well, winning back-to-back state championships in baseball. Since Joe Oliver and Ron Karkovice were students there at the time . . . go figure. They were both drafted straight out of high school.

As it turned out, when we moved back to the Chicago area after I graduated, only a couple of years later Ron Karkovice made his Major League debut with the White Sox. My workplace bought a block of tickets, and our little group attended the second to last home game at the old Comiskey Park in 1990. But 1994 killed baseball for me. The White Sox were on fire, and Frank Thomas was living up to his nick name of the "Big Hurt." Tony Gwynn had a chance to be the first to finish a season over .400 since Ted Williams, as he was batting .394 at the time of the strike. The strike also cost Matt Williams of the San Francisco Giants a chance to beat Roger Maris' single season home run record.

Aside from the fans, the biggest losers due to the strike were the Montreal Expos. The Montreal Expos' best season in their history was stopped by the strike. They had the best record in baseball, 74–40, and were six games ahead of the Atlanta Braves in the NL East despite having the second-lowest payroll in MLB. Most baseball writers were considering the Expos as major World Series contenders. Because of the strike, they sputtered and flamed out. The best chance in their history was snuffed out. They limped along for a few years, before relocating to become the Washington Nationals.

The negotiations drug on through the spring and early summer, and the players union started making noises about pulling the plug on August 12. The players walked, and within a couple of weeks, the rest of the season had been canceled. So what was all the fuss about? Money . . . as usual. The minimum wage for a MLB player in 1994 was $80,000. For six, maybe seven and even more rarely eight months work, if you had the minimum amount of skill to play in the Majors. $80K, plus performance bonuses, incentives for making the post-season, maybe a slice of the broadcast revenue if they stormed from Division Championships to League Championships and made it to the World Series. Of course the hot shot pitchers and the heavy hitters did better than that, but even so . . . EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, MINIMUM, for 6-8 months worth of "work." That was the last nail in the coffin for my sports enthusiasm, even before the constant whining from the billionaire owners about how WE need to float some municipal bonds to build THEIR stadium.

Anonymous said...

This just in - seven Iranian speedboats buzz U.S. ship because they tremble in fear of the mongrel maggot messiah.
Weaksauce poseurs and their rump ranger inferior devotee ballwasher followers think they are the he-man conquerors of the universe when in reality they are nothing but a laughingstock.
Colon Krapernick and Dinglebarry are perfect faces for the third world turd pile that is Amerikwanstain.

Mr. Clean said...

Standup Broad said...Colin K just proves the "one drop rule": when in the company of blacks a mixed race individual will ALWAYS side with blacks. Wishful thinking will never overcome genetics.

WHich is ironic because usually, the negroes don't see the mulatto as "one of them", any more than the whites do. Add to it, the negroes actually seeth wth jealousy and hate because they wish that they too were at least part white.

I really wish that mud sharks understood this before they have milk duds. It really isn't fair to the kids.

I don't know much about this football player (that's a boast!), but I would not be surprised if he is not seen as a "real" negro by the negros, although they will be happy enough to have him spout their line.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:48,

I cut off MLB forever after that strike as well. I always preferred football and it didn't take much to stop watching baseball.
My favorite Olympic moment was Mary Lou Retton because she was so hot.
Back then we had an actual American for president and we weren't some third world laughingstock led by some half breed mongrel shitstain.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:15,

The local area is getting darker after several decades of Whitopia. Some cutout cardboard apartment complexes went up almost over night and they are chock full of indispensable vibrant diversity.
One day last summer all the mooncrickets in the area were marching down the street until Johnny Law came by in force and broke up a potential chimpout.
They also did this marching down the street crap when Hussein Hopenchange was elected back in 2009.
A railroad underpass is the dividing line as it gets dark as you go past the railroad tracks.

Illisheet said...

I'd like to make another point about the NFL.

The NFL, as we know it, is slowly dying. Years of head injuries and its accompanying disabilities (early-onset Alzeheimers, dementia, stroke, generalized brain damage, etc.), along with the massive damage to the joints, is likely going to be the nail in the coffin for American Football. Race, sure, is going to play a big part, as whites will eventually get tired of the constant bullcrap flung at them by the Feces Species. In all facets of life.

But race alone will not be its end.

The libs want Football gone, they've been working to sissify it for years. In spite of its massive revenue, they want to legislate it out of existence. Don't think it'll happen? Look at when they did to cigarettes. I hate to admit, but I'll have to agree with Rush Limbaugh's take on liberalism in/and the NFL.

No one thing will take down an empire like the NFL, but it's slowly going. The number of high, middle, and elementary school kids enrolling in football teams has dropped. Enough obviously are making it in though, and many are indeed black. Perhaps they know even then they're never going to be anything more than dregs on existence, but glory and all that crap has its appeal I guess.

I hate football, I hate basketball. Even baseball is losing its charm to me. Hockey is where it's at, it's 98% or better white and those men have skill. Best thing to come out of Canada.

The more sh!tskins that protest anything, the better. That will give Trump all he needs to win, on top of the other issues. Waking whites up is essential however and more TNB might do the trick if done on such a huge public scale. We can only hope TPTB do not succeed in giving the election to the DHS...

Anonymous said...

Don't fret, their days are numbered with every coughing fit the Wicked Witch of Arkansas has. Once the Democrips are booted from office, the police will be able to do their jobs once again, and rid this world of the ghetto rats that have been festering for close to 8 years. The age of the Orc is over, the time for man and elf has come.

Anonymous said...

Obama shares much of the blame for every white murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted by the fellow members of his race. He has, even just with his silence, given cover to and encouraged black criminals.

Peak negro fatigue indeed.

Anonymous said...

Which is ironic because usually, the negroes don't see the mulatto as "one of them", any more than the whites do.

Back during segregation, White people saw mulattos as the most dangerous of blacks. The mulatto had just enough intelligence to think he could live in White civilization, but no matter what he did, was never accepted by Whites. Aside from the obvious racial differences, it was too easy for mulattos to return to their African "type."

Effectively, mulattos combined the cunning of their half-White side with the mindless rage of their half-black side. They turned their skills to agitating blacks against YT. Of course, mulattos had the same contempt for full blacks as did most Whites over African predispositions for mindless violence, impulsive behavior and general lack of culture creation.

We can see this pattern with Obama. Now that he has become a lame duck, over the last year he has come full on for agitating blacks over cops shooting the famous "unarmed teens." And he is further sabotaging White America by importing third world "refugees" into the Homeland. The result can be seen in burned out cities and the third worldization of the USA.

Classic mulatto behavior, and one for the casebooks should America ever return to racial reality.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clean said: "I don't know much about this football player (that's a boast!), but I would not be surprised if he is not seen as a "real" negro by the negros"

Well, in 2014, a lot of black players got upset at Kaepernick for calling an opposing black player a "f---ing n-----". He got fined $11,000 by the NFL for using the racial slur. Do you think a black player cares if another black player used the n-word? Of course not. Do you think they wouldn't side with the black player against the NFL and its fine? Of course they would. It was telling in this case that any black player who discussed or tweeted about this event was firmly against Kaepernick and had no opinion on the fine.

Then, right after Kaepernick first pulled his stunt last month, ex-NFLer and current NBC employee Rodney Harrison said Kaepernick wasn't really black on a radio show (

So Kaepernick knew for years that the "brothers" in the league didn't see him as black. So it's no surprise that he found a black girlfriend (a BLM agitator to boot) and grew out a ridiculous afro before he started his performance.

Anonymous said...

Precious college snowflakes told all white people are wayciss:

Gwoobus Harmon said...


There is nothing in the wikipedia article discussing the effect it had on the popularity of the NBA, although I strongly sense Mr. Harmon is right. Somehow that incident was a catalyst for some kind of change in how many whites viewed black professional basketball players. Reality broke through for a moment, and it sure wasn't pretty.

The one place where "the narrative" or "political correctness" is enforced with a relentless vigilance is sports and sports commentary. The code is enforced with even more zeal than politics or broader society.

I believe it is because sports is where racial traits become the most visible and undeniable. Because of that, discussion of those race realities are the most controlled and guarded in media. Just look at how rapidly sports figures are fined, fired, and censored for even the most minor infractions. Look at how these figures are burnt in effigy and relentlessly pilloried in press. It is to scare anyone else from touching that third rail.

The powers that be know that the second the taboo is broken and people begin expressing "racism" openly - the goose is cooked. They also know the place where this is most likely to happen is in sports, hence their jealousy levels of enforcement.

SO of course the NBA will swear that the "Malice at the Palace" had no effect on its public support. The NBA is now the sixth most popular sport in the US, very close to being seventh, when it had always been a high third prior to the early 2000's.

At that time (2004), most of the league had transitioned from its clean cut negro stars from the 80's and 90's(people like Michael Jordan, Isaiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, etc...) retiring and being replaced by a "new" kind of player --- one with tattoos, cornrows, gold chains, grills, hip hop attire, street attitudes and playing styles, etc... (like Allen Iverson.) Even the White players, who were fewer and farther between, but were also likely to sport radical hairdos and tattoos.

There was an image problem that was beginning to boil over and transition that league from a "family friendly" league to something like a prison yard pickup game. The black players climbing into the seats to attack white fans was the final straw.

The league has never recovered from it. A decade later, season ticket sales are way down in all but a few markets with superstars. Regular season games are played to paltry crowds in mostly empty stadiums. The only thing keeping the NBA afloat is the television deal. The TV ratings for regular season games is awful. Viewership stats are horrible. I promise when that contract comes up for renewal, they will struggle to find a buyer.

Major league soccer is about to surpass the NBA, without even having a major TV deal. So even if they won't admit it, yes, the "malice at the palace" was the final nail in the NBA's coffin. Affluent white Americans overwhelmingly found something else better to do with their time.

We can only PRAY the same thing can happen with this demographic's #1 drug of choice - NFL football.

PB said...

"This just in - seven Iranian speedboats buzz U.S. ship because they tremble in fear of the ....."

Because America can only be defended by cruising up and down the coast of a shitty nation on the opposite side of the world, at the behest of a much shittier "nation" also on the other side of the world. You'd let the Iranians patrol the waters off California? I doubt it.

Blacks and Muslims are not really the biggest problem.

Anonymous said...

I remember my school wanting me to play that stupid crap for them so badly. Going into high school I was already very stocky and shockingly strong. I just wanted to use their weight room but that was only for the players.

I remeber agreeing to train with them and first day their eyes all widened at the sight of what the majority of them would consider an easy target fat fuck squat a nice 320lbs three times like it wasnt too bad.

I lifted with them a few more days and finally said fuck this. I never had any intention to run up and down a feild with a bunch of nogs when I could be out working on cars or riding old mopeds stoned.

And thats exactly what I did.

Love your posts ENY


Anonymous said...

Latest Cellular Consumer ad has two white grandparents with their mulatto grandchild. The coalburner daughter is probably dead due to the negro boyfriend who is now incarcerated.

Anonymous said...

NPR disabled their comments.

Nothing says confidence like trying to silence debate.

Anonymous said...

Hitlery is from Chicago by way of Arkansas.

Clinton crime family moved to a mansion in NY so she could get senate seat [hubby pardoned PR killer terror cell] and needed PR vote.


rocky said...

I stopped watching the NFL years ago. Not only is the game boring with all the rule changes favoring offense, more importantly for me as a white nationalist, I cannot support a league or sport that openly discriminates against white men. I cannot watch these black players dancing like monkeys every time they make a play.If you analyze the NFL objectively, you can easily see in an NFL that is at least 70% black, the best players happen to be white (Brady, Gronkowski, Watt, Kuechly, etc.) In high school football, most state championships are won by schools with predominately white players. The discrimination begins in college football. Also if you haven't already noticed, ESPN completely ignores white sports like baseball and hockey and discuss and cover the majority black NBA and NFL. Even black analysts like Deion Sanders cannot hide his disdain for white players. If you are a white man, proud of his racial heritage and culture, you naturally will turn off the minstrel show that is the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Regards the ingratitude of Colon to the old US of A, I was until extremely recently involved with various administrative committees at a Big Ten university (one of the more... ethical, as best I can tell- though still revolting- when it came to the emphasis placed on the "stoo-dent afflete").

We were discussing endowing a professorial position, and I think we were told it was something like $125,000 out of the gates. This is the money required to I guess set up, and possibly invest with interest, along with any applicable equipment purchases said professor will need to get his research up and running at the university.

When other faculty balked at this figure- knowing most faculty salaries never come close to HALF the $125K figure, the senior dean present sighed and asked if any of us realized that to endow a football scholarship it was a cool $300,000. That's right- almost one-third of a million dollars. That covers four-five years of tuition and a red shirt season for a white player, and for a "dindu," as you fine people seem to prefer of late, six-seven years of time wasted in a classroom, and an 80-90% probability that said black afflete will not graduate.

What this also funds is sports medicine, with copious amounts of delicious sporty white girls massaging and ankle-taping and succumbing to a combination of onerous sexual advances and/ or outright forced sexual acts, and, for the more discerning, educated negro affletes- the Booker T. Washington sub-primates- an endless supply of hot, nerdy, SJW white girl tutors who will "do anything" to motivate these Pan pan to "try harder" and demonstrate some justification for being in a higher educational environment.

To conclude - these sub-primates also have the "training table" three days a week. That white kid you pay tuition for, and more importantly, room and board for- the one who will be an engineer or CEO? The food served by standard university food services is good enough for your white kid, but not the dindu affletes. Your little Asian princess (Indian or Chinese... the outcomes are roughly comparable) can eat cafeteria food, but the dindu affletes get the finest, most nutritious, most well-prepared, and tasty meals- for peak performance, mind you- at the training table. Your money, and these endowed scholarships, pay for pavement-apes to eat vastly better than your kids who are there to actually get an education.

So Colon- you and all your fellow demons from the Congo- you can go straight back to where you soulless devils came from. You should get down on your knee only to kiss the ass of every tax- and tuition-paying 40-80 year-old white male you come across on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

And how.

Anonymous said...

Negros are all the same it doesn't matter if they are the common street negro or the millionaire NFL/NBA/Rapper type, 100% African or 80% white blood high yellow. If you are white it goes like this:

If you are a WHITE MALE
-Negro males want to kill you
-Negro females want to kill you

If you are a WHITE FEMALE
-Negro males want to rape you then kill you
-Negro females want to kill you.

It's that simple folks.

Anonymous said...

"Safe spaces" for negroes? I don't care what they call it as long as it gets the nog away from us!!

Anonymous said...

I quit watching the biscuit lips years ago, move on.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny how we've been trading stories about overcoming the sports addiction. I was working in the shed, moving some stuff around and a bag of gravel slid away and broke on the floor. I got a wee bit dusted, since this shed isn't exactly the cleanest area. My sinuses are going nuts and my eyes are so red I'm looking like Ray Liotta in GoodFellas just before his trafficking bust.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me about Kapernick refusing to stand for the National Anthem is his hypocrisy! !!!

He says America is oppressive to non Whites. The half black azzhat is a damn Muslim!!!!! Islam is the most oppressive barbaric ideaology ever.

He and his commie thug blm girlfriend need to go to the middle east and see how the scantily dressed girlfriend gets treated. POS Commie Muslim scum

Sick n' Tired said...

OT story that hits all the black dysfunction points.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Blacks and Muslims are not really the biggest problem. -PB


No, they´re not. The biggest problem is the ones allowing them into our Western countries unleashed and with wild abandon. And of course the traitors who accept their payouts (cough, cough, Hillary, Bill, ¨W¨, et. al, cough, cough).

Anonymous said...

Oh Ex New Yorker! I got so tickled by your post. Iz sho do loves me sum funny sheet, nomesayin? Lawdy I needed that! Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. They are our biggest problems. Look at all the videos of European countries being completely taken over by muslims and black Africans. It's happening here. You must live under a rock.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous September 6, 2016 at 1:57 PM said...Of course, mulattos had the same contempt for full blacks as did most Whites over African predispositions for mindless violence, impulsive behavior and general lack of culture creation.

ANd the mulatto's white half has the same contempt for his black half, but must yet also embrace that black half as he is seen as black by society. I think this is evident with the First Negro.

Anonymous September 6, 2016 at 1:59 PM said...Well, in 2014, a lot of black players got upset at Kaepernick for calling an opposing black player a "f---ing n-----".....

Thanks for validating my hunch that this mulatto is not seen as a negro by the negros. But this type of drama (and the current stuff with the national anthem) is another reason why I won't watch the NFL. I really can't imagine this stuff going on in MLB or perhaps the NHL.

Anonymous said...

In fact he has pledged more than a million dollars to community outreach programs involved with furthering the war against the racist white police officers in America who are indiscriminately murdering black pillars of society in communities across the US. Let's see, how could they best use one million dollars to defend "da po unarmed black men" from the police, they could use the money to buy twenty thousand Kevlar vests or maybe by a big truck load of sniper bullets.

Michigan Mike

AnalogMan said...

I beg to differ. They are our biggest problems. Look at all the videos of European countries being completely taken over by muslims and black Africans. It's happening here. You must live under a rock.

Welcome to the conversation, Ohgirl. Always nice to see the ladies joining the fray.

PB was referring to the well-known fact that these "problem animals" (the new PC term for what used to be called "vermin" in South Africa) are far too stupid to do the damage they do on their own initiative. Somebody much smarter is organizing (and paying) them. Those are the bigger problem.

But this blog is called "Stuff Black People Don't Like", and that's where Paul prefers to keep the focus, so we generally don't touch the third rail. The information is available on the web. Hereabouts we often refer to these people as TWMNBN (Those Who Must Not Be Named).

Do a bit of research. Start by searching for George Soros, and his role in both the European invasion and the Ferguson riots/BLM.

Anonymous said...

Professional sports is one of the most useful tools the Zionists to convince whites to integrate blacks. Professional sports made heroes out of black males and helped lay the groundwork for nation-wide social integration. We are now a nation of cucks, spending our hard-earned money to watch over-grown bucks to play children's games and earn hundreds of millions of dollars while doing it.

If you are white and patronize professional sports like football and basketball, you are a major part of the problem. No white sports fan can consider themselves racially aware.

Lex Talionis said...

Our local college just had a an ALL INCLUSIVE welcome back to college week celebration for new and returning students. Activities included: concerts, a color run, water balloon fights, magicians, picnics/grill outs, Pokemon & arcade events etc. Everyone welcome. Well a week later the "black student union" organizes a "Welcome Black Week" a week of black oriented celebrations for essentially only the black students including stereotypical barbecues, a skate night, probably a bitch & moan session or two about white privilege etc. A way to create "solidarity" with our brothers and sisters. Note the black power fist used on the poster.

So a wise-ass student prints up "Welcome White Week" parody poster highlighting just how hypocritical and "racist"the original is and it's deemed an "act of hate" and immediately protested by black students. "We gotta stand up and work together against this hatred". Video of the happy horseshit in link below.

Doesn't this stuff just make you laugh/cry? They already "self segregate" by having black only Greek organizations, black student unions, black celebrations, black studies, black clubs and now black safe spaces and areas in dorms where they can "celebrate their cultural heritage" (aka avoid whites, Asians etc.). If a white student or group wants to have something to themselves to "celebrate their heritage etc." holy shit balls it's a bunch of racists! Why can't we self segregate?

My list of why I can't stand this race grows and grows, but my top three reasons are:
1. Amazing levels of Hypocrisy
2. Staggering Lack of foresight
3. The "We was Kangz" crap that has emerged recently.

Truth Corps said...

This was your best podcast yet PK, thank you.

I work in an Alpha male dominated career field that is 95% White in my State. Like you, I "cut the cord" on Television about 5 years ago, and all Professional Sports about 1995 with the Baseball Strike. I laugh my ass off every weekend during football season at the "jock sniffing cucks" you described in your podcast. I see them at work rail against BLM, and TNB while they fly confederate flags at their homes and deer camps, yet they completely disconnect when it comes to nigger football weekend, ("NFW" I have started calling it). I have taken to telling them to "uncuck yourself", a variation on the Marine Corps often used, "unfuck yourself"- when correcting unbecoming conduct. I'm forwarding your podcast to a few of the die hard cucks, those with beautiful white daughters, to see their reaction.

Keep up the great work. I enjoyed all three of the recent podcasts.

Jackie Andrea said...

Because mulattoes are treated with such respect in the company of whites, right? Lol. Genetics (mulattoes have white in them, right?) will never overcome wishful thinking, n'est pas?