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His Name is Jamie Urton: White Man Dragged from Car, Shot to Death by Three Blacks In Cincinnati

Something terrible just happened in Cincinnati.

A white man, Jamie Urton, struck a 4-year-old child with his vehicle (who appeared to have walked in front of his car carelessly). 

What happens next is a reminder of the type of world only Africans in America can create. [Police ID man fatally shot after striking 4-year-old with car,, 3-26-17]:

Police have identified a man fatally shot moments after he struck a 4-year-old child with his car. 
Jamie Urton, 44, was shot and killed Friday afternoon. 
Cincinnati police said a 4-year-old boy was hit by a car on Kenton Street when he wandered into the path of Urton’s vehicle. 
Police say an altercation then took place when three people ran to the car and started assaulting Urton and the passenger. 
Urton was shot multiple times and died on the way to a hospital. 
Police say they were either dragged from the car or attacked outside the car after they exited. The passenger was not shot but suffered minor injuries related to the fight. 
Dorron Hunter is a community-outreach advocate for the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission. He said, “We're out here again, something awful has happened, but we're not going to stop. We’re going to tell them to stop the shooting, stop the killing, stop the violence.”
Jamie Urton was dragged out of his car, or attacked in his vehicle by three black people (who have yet to be identified and are still at large), beaten and shot to death. 

Urton, a white male, was only trying to help the young black child who wandered out in front of his car and was hit, when he was attacked in his car or dragged out of his car by three unidentified black males on the streets of Cincinnati. 

But don't worry: the black father of the young black child hit by Urton doesn't condone the black vigilante justice upon the white man, but hopes "we can all learn from this." [Dad of boy hit by car in Cincinnati didn’t condone driver’s fatal shooting,, 3-27-17]:
The father of a 4-year-old boy hit by a vehicle in Cincinnati said he doesn’t condone the subsequent slaying of the driver and is sorry for the man’s family. 
The driver, 44-year-old Jamie Urton, got out of his car after hitting the child around midday Friday and was repeatedly shot in a confrontation with onlookers in the Walnut Hills neighborhood, police said. 
Initial reports indicated the boy was struck while in or crossing the street, but his father, Jamal Killings, told WCPO-TV the child was at the curb. Killings said he had tried to stop the car for going too fast in a neighborhood full of playing kids, and it slowed down a bit but then swerved around him and struck the boy. 
Killings said he tended to his son, who suffered bleeding in his brain but is now out of the hospital, and he didn’t realize someone shot the driver. 
“My job as a father was to get my son face-first off the concrete and take him to see medical attention, and that’s what I did,” Killings said. 
He said that he doesn’t condone violence and that Urton’s shooting shouldn’t have happened. 
“It’s an unfortunate situation, unfortunate event, but I hope we all can learn from this,” Killings said.
Urton died at a hospital. Police said they were looking for several suspects.

Police have not made any arrests. The child sustained non-life-threatening injuries.
It's fitting the most popular movie for black people in America is titled Get Out, and is nothing more than an anti-white revenge fantasy film (ending in the murdering of white people).... one can only imagine how many times the three black males who pulled Urton out of his car yelled "get out" at him just before they shot him to death...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

White High School Teacher Fired Because He Tried to Make Black Student - who doesn't believe in USA - Stand for Pledge of Allegiance

It's a black world, now. Get used to it whitey. [Teacher fired after refusing to teach student who refused to stand for Pledge of Allegiance, The Blaze, 3-24-17]:
Vince Ziebarth — a driver’s education teacher at Eisenhower High School in suburban Chicago — issued an ultimatum to 15-year-old student Shemar Cooper: Start standing up during the Pledge of Allegiance or don’t take any more lessons in my car.“All I told him is that, based on his actions, he has a choice with his actions,” Ziebarth — known to his students as Mr. Z — told WBBM-TV. “I was exercising my right to make a choice as well.”Ziebarth told the Chicago Tribune he was fired on March 16. 
“I was given no options,” he told the paper, adding that he wasn’t tenured or under contract — and wasn’t given a specific reason for being fired. “Had the principal told me I had to allow Shemar in my car, I would have.” 
There are seven other driver’s education teachers that Cooper could have taken lessons with, Ziebarth told WBBM.While school officials have declined to comment, it appears Cooper’s mother, Kelley Porter Turner, may have played a role in Mr. Z’s fate. 
Turner told the Tribune that after hearing about Ziebarth’s ultimatum, she emailed a school administrator and asked her to “take care of it.”“She called me two days later and said he was going to be terminated,” Turner told the paper. 
“If my son didn’t say anything to me, [the teacher] would have continued — and that’s bullying,” she told the Tribune, adding that Ziebarth “violated my son’s First Amendment rights.”As for her son’s position on the pledge, Porter told WMAQ-TV that “he does not stand because Shemar does not believe in America. He says America is a very racist country, there is no freedom or love for black people.”It wasn’t the first time an Eisenhower teacher butted heads with Cooper over the pledge. 
Porter told WBBM after her son’s Spanish teacher insisted last fall that he stand for the pledge, Cooper replied that “America sucks,” and Porter made him apologize. 
But she added to the station that the Spanish teacher and other staff members began harassing her son and that the Spanish teacher tried to pull Cooper from his seat to stand for the pledge, then pulled him from class and reprimanded him. 
That teacher later was reprimanded, WBBM reported, adding that Turner insisted the teacher was suspended. 
“That first teacher should have been fired,” Turner told the Tribune. “That would send a message that you can’t get away with bullying my son.”She also told WBBM that Ziebarth should have known better: 
Why did he think he’s invincible, that he can harass my son? He got what he deserved. I’m not being mean, but think about it. September 2nd, when this whole incident originally started, the teacher was suspended. You know, they had to go through this humiliation, being embarrassed, being put on the news. The teachers should have learned their lessons then, you know? Don’t violate children’s rights. 
“One of the kids actually stood up in the classroom and yelled at Shemar, ‘You got Mr. Z fired!’ and he and my son got into a big argument,” Turner told WBBM. 
“So I’m just hoping it doesn’t escalate any further.”Ziebarth told the Tribune he had a private chat with Cooper in February about what the pledge means.“I told him I stand to honor the sacrifice and bravery of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” Ziebarth told the paper, which noted that his grandfather was a World War II Marine and his uncle served in Vietnam. 
“It doesn’t mean America is perfect, or that we agree with everything going on.“We had an understanding,” he continued to the Tribune. “He was making a choice, and I was making a choice. His name never appeared on my sign-up sheet again, so I thought it was over.” 
In fact, Ziebarth told the paper that Cooper often “joked” about the issue with him after their talk, asking, “Hey, Mr. Z, am I going to ride with you today?” 
“I would say, ‘You know the answer,’ ” Ziebarth told the Tribune. 
“Shemar was absolutely pushing the issue.” petition to bring Ziebarth back to Eisenhower has almost 1,000 signatures as of Friday morning.“This is our time to stick up for him for all the times that he stuck up for us,” senior Jessica Belseth told WMAQ.
White people still don't understand they live in Black-Run America (BRA), where the sacrifices of their ancestors mean absolutely nothing to non-whites save providing rights and protection the Founding Fathers of the USA only intended for "white men of good character."

The reason? Because they wanted to protect their posterity with the "blessings of liberty" from the tyranny of a racial minority that men such as Thomas Jefferson knew would only bring about ruin to this nation if treated as our equal. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Terrifying Story of Elisabeth Faye Cannon of Macon: What Happens When the White Working Class Gets Left Behind

Almost every white person in America works, consciously and unconsciously, to insulate their families from the consequences of diversity. To earn a living to move far away from diversity, even if one publicly praises diversity and its obviously spurious benefits, is proof of a desire to sustain implicit whiteness. 

But happens when diversity comes to you and you aren't capable of escaping in time? 

Your property value, appreciating yearly when the community was all-white, immediately starts to depreciate to the black mean. What should be a safe investment in your future (the equity in your home being one of your primary assets) becomes an impossible liability to unload and a reminder the Visible Black Hand of Economics is all too real a phenomenon. 

Case in point, Elisabeth Faye Cannon of Macon. Black teenagers had been harassing her family by throwing rocks at Cannon's house, so she did the only sensible thing imaginable and shot at them. She was arrested and this past Tuesday indicted.

But it's when you read the story of Cannon's family, forced to live in the horrifying, stupefying blackness of Macon, Georgia, you'll understand why white Americans without college degrees are dying younger: they can't escape the consequences of diversity by momentarily moving to a safe, thriving all-white enclave (inevitably to have the fate of being overwhelmed by the rising tide of color). 

This is the unspoken tragedy of Elisabeth Faye Cannon of Macon. She and her family were left behind as the unforgiving blackness of Africans in America stamped out what remained of western civilization in her community. [Rock-throwing teens ‘terrorized’ her, woman charged with shooting 15-year-old says, Macon Telegraph, January 18, 2017]:

Read more here:

A woman charged with shooting a teenage boy in the head Monday night said Wednesday that she and her husband had been terrorized at home by a group of rock-throwing teens for a week and “felt really unsafe and extremely threatened.” 
Elisabeth Cannon, 47, faces two counts of aggravated assault in the shooting of 15-year-old Vernon Marcus Jr., who remains in critical condition at a Macon hospital. She was booked in the Bibb County jail Monday night and released Tuesday evening, records show. 
In the front yard of her home in the 4000 block of Bloomfield Drive on Wednesday afternoon, Cannon told The Telegraph that Marcus and two other teens had been throwing rocks at her car and house for more than a week. 
“We’ve never had personal attacks on our house,” said Cannon, who has lived there with her husband, Scott, for 22 years. 
The trio of rock-throwing teens “get so bold that they’ll even throw rocks at you while you’re sitting in your car,” Cannon said. “They’ll throw rocks at your house while you’re standing at the door.” 
A Macon-Bibb County crew was out dumping dirt in Cannon’s driveway Wednesday afternoon to cover the rocks. A worker said it had been requested weeks ago. 
Cannon said she called police about the teens Saturday, but officers only spoke with the teens and warned them not to walk near the house. 
“We didn’t have any trouble at all Sunday, so we thought, ‘Maybe it’s over.’ ” she said. 
About 7:30 p.m. Monday, Cannon walked outside to check the pressure of the tires on her daughter’s car. 
“A second before I looked up ... all the rocks come flying toward the house and right at me,” Cannon said. “(I was) standing right at the car, right next to the mailbox, right next to the house.” 
Cannon, a nurse who is now disabled, readily admits that she pulled from her pocket a .38 caliber gun and aimed it in the direction of the teens. 
“In that second, when you’ve been terrorized for more than a week, you just want it to stop,” she said. “We would have been happy if it’d just stopped. That’s all we wanted was to have some peace.” 
Cannon fired five shots from a Taurus revolver, according to an arrest warrant. 
“They took off running,” Cannon said. “I called the police immediately, and then I got right up here and looked down the sidewalk, did not see anybody.” 
There on the side of the road, about 30 feet from her gravel driveway, something caught her eye. 
“I went over there and checked and it was one of the boys,” she said. 
One of the bullets went through Marcus’s forehead and exited the back of his head, the report said. 
“I told him, ‘Hold on,’ and I called 911.” Cannon said. “He was not talking, but he was breathing and grunting. … I stayed over there with him right until they got here.” 
According to a sheriff deputy’s report, a woman in a gray car pulled up to the crime scene “very upset crying stating ‘Did someone shoot my baby?’ ” 
The woman said Marcus, who also goes by “Lil V,” was her son. A deputy followed her to the hospital. 
Cannon is free on a bond of $13,840, records show. 
Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Al Tillman is bothered that Cannon was released in less than 24 hours. 
“A $13,000 bond is unusual for someone who shot someone in the head,” Tillman said. “I was under the impression it was a mistake. It makes you put your advocate hat on when something like this happens.” 
Tillman also serves as chairman of Unity-N-Community, an organization that aims to bridge the gaps between people in areas such as race and socioeconomic status. 
The organization seeks to prevent problems escalating like Monday’s shooting, he said. 
Cannon is white. Marcus is black. 
Tillman suggests anyone having trouble with neighbors to get in touch with the neighborhood association or other community leaders to see if they can alleviate those issues. 
Cannon said she made a split-second decision and “had felt really unsafe and extremely threatened.” 

“We’ve wanted to move for a long time, but we didn’t know if anybody would even buy in this area and we didn’t really have the money to move.”
At the end of this terrifying article is the underlying truth behind the demise in the health of members of the white working class and why the mortality rate is increasing for this beleaguered group of people lacking a political champion or aggressive advocacy group.

The consequences of diversity and the rising tide of color are what every white person, consciously and unconsciously, strives to avoid, but an increasing number of whites can no longer find employment with compensation liberating them from the horrors of western civilization being eclipsed by Africans in America.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Bass Pro Shop In Memphis: A Hilarious Reminder White Civilization Dies in Majority Black City

What happens when you open a fishing/hunting superstore in a 65 percent black city? This... [Former Bass Pro employee: Bullets, BB guns are stolen from store on daily basis,, 2-17-17]:

Keith Thole said he started working in the towering pyramid when it opened in April of 2015. His gig as a supervisor at Bass Pro was one he loved, but the shoplifters -- not so much. 
"How many times do you think you’d personally see or hear of people shoplifting?" WREG's Bridget Chapman asked Thole. 
"On a daily basis," he said. 
Every day, he said he’d notice young adults walk in with a mission: their eyes on the hunting section where ammo and BB guns aren’t secured. 
But even if employees noticed a shoplifter, Thole said they weren’t allowed to stop them. That’s the policy with many companies. 
“For us to even make contact with the suspected shoplifter, we have to get permission from the manager on duty.” 
And then he said they would call the off-duty Memphis Police Department officer working security to intervene. 
“Nine out of ten times they would tell us, 'Just let them go. It’s not worth it,'" he said. 
One January day took a different turn after he got a call that a teen pocketed a box of ammunition. 
Thole said he stopped the thief at the door and was waiting for the MPD officer to arrive, but the kid ran. 
At first, Thole thought he was lunging at him and said he briefly grabbed the suspect's arm. 
“It was a defensive manner, completely instinctive reaction," said Thole. "There was no ill intention in me grabbing him.”  
He was fired soon after.“I did believe I was in the wrong because like I said, I do know the rules," said Thole. "I actually taught the rules for orientation for new employees.” 
But he said it’s a deeper issue than following the employee handbook. 
“I started hearing about it last year that they were having an issue of people going into the store and shoplifting and taking BB guns," said Memphis Councilman Berlin Boyd. "That was a hot item to steal." 
Councilman Boyd said Bass Pro is working with MPD to increase security. 
Memphis police have reported 14 cases of shoplifting and five assaults since the store opened less than two years ago. 
There's an unusual pattern to the 14 shoplifting cases. 
Police reported zero shoplifting cases at Bass Pro for the first seven months the store was open, then two in December 2015. Another eight months went by with no shoplifting reported before seven cases were reported at the end of last year and five this January alone. 
Many of the police reports detail teenagers stealing BB guns and bullets. One report says a suspect even fought the officer to the point the officer lost consciousness for a brief amount of time. 
“A lot of people say, 'We wish they would lock the ammunition up [and] put the BB guns in a safe particular place that takes a key,' but that’s not their business model," said Boyd. 
Boyd said customers enjoy the openness of the store, while Thole said it encourages criminals. 
“That one or two boxes of ammunition, it may not hurt Bass Pro, but it can hurt a lot of people in this community," said Thole. 
Bass Pro said in a statement some of the accusations being made are "baseless and inaccurate." 
The spokesperson went on to say they’re “committed to ensuring a safe experience for our customers, our associates and our community." 
He also noted the extensive security system in place. 
“They’re definitely prosecuting," said Boyd. "If you get caught stealing in their store, they will prosecute you. They don’t care how young or how old you are. They will prosecute you.”
Many people believe a good idea to help black gangs out would be to randomly drop boxes of ammunition in majority black communities... well, what is Bass Pro Shops doing in Memphis?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

England in 2017: We Defeated the Nazis to Become a Colony of Islam!

London has fallen. Demographically, it has fallen. Another Islamic terror attack, in a city with a Muslim mayor... never forget the British soldiers who fought in World War II knew at the end England was lost.

London 2017... what would the white men who fought in the Battle of Britain in 1940 have said about their bravery and courage were they to know what would become of England 77 years later?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Because of Incessant Black Violence/Dysfunction, Funeral home directors in Chicago call for law to reduce violence at funerals

Somehow, this is all white people's fault. 

Before we get to a problem obviously on the shoulders of white people, can you spot the great quote from this immortal passage in Nicholas Lemann's The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America?:
Chicago was home to the Chicago Defender, the country’s leading black newspaper, with a wide readership in the rural South. Robert S. Abbott, the Defender’s publisher, a small, round, well-dressed man who artfully combined the roles of race crusader and businessman, launched what he called "The Great Northern Drive" on May 15, 1917. The object of the drive was to exhort Southern blacks to come to Chicago, in order to make money and live under the legal benefits of citizenship. Abbott invented slogans ("The Flight Out of Egypt") and promoted songs ("Bound for the Promised Land," "Going Into Canaan") that pounded home a comparison to the events described in the Book of Exodus for his audience of extremely religious children of slaves. 
He persuaded the railroads to offer "club rates" to groups of blacks migrating to Chicago. At the same time strong-back businesses like the stockyards and packing houses, desperately short of labor because of the war, hired white labor agents and black preachers to tour the South recruiting. Black porters on the Illinois Central, who at the time were a prosperous, respected elite in black America, spread the word (and passed out the Defender) on their stops in Mississippi towns. E. Franklin Frazier, the black sociologist, reported that, "In some cases, after the train crossed the Ohio River, the migrants signalized the event by kissing the ground and holding prayer services." 
The black population of Chicago grew from 44,000 in 1910 to 109,000 in 1920, and then to 234,000 in 1930. A local commission on race relations reported that 50,000 black people had moved to Chicago from the South in eighteen months during the war. --  p. 16
Did you see it? 


I'll make it easy for you. As black migrants from the South entered the northern portion of the United States, they rejoiced at the their new found freedom:
"In some cases, after the train crossed the Ohio River, the migrants signalized the event by kissing the ground and holding prayer services." 
So what type of world did the black descendants of those who 'signalized the event by kissing the ground and holding prayer services' create in Chicago? 

Obviously, one we can blame entirely on white people...[Funeral home directors call for law to reduce violence at funerals, Chicago Tribune, 3-21-17]:
June Williams, director of a Gresham neighborhood funeral home, worries about getting shot at work. 
In the last two years, Golden Gate Funeral Home has seen several acts of violence, including an instance where a staff driver was shot. 
In the past, Williams said she’s had to turn over to the police funeral home guest books signed by gang members who were attending funerals of their rivals. Among grieving families and friends mourning their lost loved ones are revenge-seeking guests that compromise the safety of everyone at the funeral home, 2036 West 79th St., Williams said. 
“Regardless of what caused the death of a loved one, I have mothers and grandmothers that are standing with me. ... We deserve to be safe at a funeral,” said Bishop Larry Trotter, senior pastor of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church, 8621 S. Chicago Ave., in the South Chicago neighborhood, where a Tuesday press conference was held calling for legislation to keep violence out of funerals. 
Chicago funeral home directors and activists at the conference said they are working with Sen. Napoleon Harris, D-Harvey, on writing a bill that proposes tougher consequences for offenders who commit crimes involving a weapon at funerals. The bill will mirror the stiffer penalties for certain gun crimes near schools and along designated Safe Passage routes, Trotter said. 
In the last year, there have been at least 17 acts of violence at funerals, according to Bishop Tavis Grant of Antioch Network of Churches & Ministries. But churches and funeral homes don’t have the means to provide security, he said. 
The violence, which Trotter said often stems from unresolved gang-related incidents involving the deceased, is a threat to the bereaved. Along with the shooting at Golden Gate Funeral Home, Williams said a visitor was stabbed at a service while standing at the casket. 
But staff members at funeral homes and chapels are also at risk. 
“There used to be a code amongst different types of folks,” Williams said. “You didn’t bother the people at church, and you didn't bother them at a funeral. 
“We have to be concerned when men come into the funeral home and we ask them to take off their hat,” she said. “Some of the gang members, that’s their colors, they don’t want to take them off. Or somebody steps on somebody’s foot then they’re ready to fight.” 
Sweet Holy Spirit Church spokesman Sean Howard said the proposal is under review this week and is being vetted to become a bill.
No words for this one.

Just a reminder Jim Crow wasn't about racism toward blacks, but it was our ancestors attempt to legally protect their civilization from black dysfunction for their posterity.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Disney/Marvel Cast Black Actresses as Nordic "Valkyrie" in Latest Thor Movie

The past has been erased forever before, to create a future we whites in the present have no place in whatsoever. [Thor: Ragnarok actress Tessa Thompson talks redefining Valkyrie,, 3-10-17]:
Valkyrie on right; Zulu on left

Thor: Ragnarok not only introduces a new female villain, Hela (Cate Blanchett), into the franchise but also a fresh female warrior, Valkyrie (Creed‘s Tessa Thompson). In the comics, Valkyrie is a blonde Norse goddess, but director Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows) said he had more in mind than just adding diversity to the franchise when casting Thompson. “I’m not obsessed with the idea that you have to cast someone just to tick a box,” he says. “You should cast people because they’re talented. [With Valkyrie] I wanted to make sure we weren’t making a female character that was boring and pretty. What I wanted was someone who was going to play the opposite and be even more of the ‘guy’ character than the guys. Ultimately I thought Tessa was the best person we found.”
EW talked to Thompson about reimagining the role, training like Linda Hamilton, and finding the right sized cape. 
(EW) Valkyrie is blonde in the comics — that must have made this even cooler. 

(Thompson) Yeah, it’s really great. We have so many conversations particularly now about representation in film. I think the unfortunate thing about a lot of these fantasy movies is when they’re based on source material a lot of these comics were written in a time when that wasn’t a part of the conversation as far as having representation. Not just having characters that reflect the world we live in but how we represent the characters. If we were also dedicated to the source material, Valkyrie would potentially be a female Thor but she’s fighting in basically a bathing suit, which is also absurd. So we had a conversation of, what is a strong look? Like, she should probably be in pants. That probably makes more sense for the kind of work she’s doing. And we had conversations about her sort of feeling like a tomboy and having a certain masculinity about her while still being very much a woman. 
It’s such an exciting time to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like you look at a cast like Black Panther. I think it’s really important for little boys and little girls to go to these movies and see themselves reflected on screen. I’m really excited about this generation of young women that can look at a screen and see some brown people in space. I’m happy to join Idris Elba so he doesn’t have to be the only one. He’s lonely!
Valkyrie were not mulatto.

This is a far bigger slap in the face than Heimdall ever was.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Black Gun Violence in Trenton Reaching Epidemic Levels, Forcing Blacks to Call for Martial Law

“We’re never going to bring business here,’’ acting Police Director Ernest Parrey Jr. said in an interview last week. “We’re never going to bring tourism here. We’re never going to bring the economic side of the house back here if we don’t address the public safety issue.” Those words were spoken in 2014, after out-of-control black violence in New Jersey's capital city threatened what was left of the economic viability of Trenton. 

Just last month, a white man was gunned down at 3:45 p.m. in Trenton. 53-year-old Michael Brancolino Jr. wasn't even the target of the shooting, but was killed when the gunman sprayed bullets at their intended target. 

Virtually every homicide in Trenton has a non-white suspect, with Michael Brancolino's death just another black-on-white murder no one will care about save his family and friends. Gun violence, courtesy of blacks, is trending up. Because nonfatal shootings were so frequent, Trenton's undermanned police department had actually stopped tracking them in 2012.

So it comes this... with the civilization white people built (ultimately abandoning) in Trenton crumbling under the weight of racial realities, blacks yearn for martial law to restore law and order completely alien to their race. [Man shot 9 times in Trenton, resident calls for Martial Law, The Trentonian, 3-19-17]:
A city woman climbed the steps to enter her home Sunday evening and noticed crime scene tape preventing motorists from driving through evidence and police lights flashing down the street. 
“I just came from church talking about stuff like this,” the woman said. “This violence needs to end.” 
A 27-year-old man suffered numerous gunshot wounds to his chest, arm and legs Sunday in the 800 block of Stuyvesant Avenue. The shooting happened around 5:45 p.m. outside a grocery store. 
Police sources say the man was shot nine times. The victim remains hospitalized in stable condition. 
Sources say there’s been four to six shootings in the area of North Hermitage and Stuyvesant avenues since Friday. 
“The only way to stop this violence is to bring in Martial Law,” an elderly city man who asked to remain anonymous said, as he watched police process the crime scene.  
“They did it when Martin Luther King Jr. was killed and we had riots. There were National Guard everywhere. No one could go outside, not even a grown person. We could only go to work or some type of emergency. If we had to drop someone off at the train station, we had to call police for permission and an escort.” 
Trentonian archives report rioting and looting in the capital city five days after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. 
The headline of the April 10 edition said “WILD LOOTING, FIRES JAR CITY; Youth Is Killed During Outbreak.” 
“Hundreds of marauding young Negroes turned downtown Trenton upside down last night in a looting spree that marked the worst racial outbreak in the city’s history,” the report said. “A 19-year-old Negro youth (Harland Joseph, 49 Carroll St.) was shot and killed by a policeman after a window-smashing burglary at a clothing store at East State and Stockton streets across from City Hall.” 
After that night, the mayor called a disaster emergency and 50 state troopers were dispatched to the city. Sporadic violence and looting lasted for the next two days and at least another 150 state troopers were sent to maintain order in Trenton, according to archives. 
“That’s the only thing that’s gonna stop this s**t,” the elderly resident said Sunday evening. “There’s not enough police officers in town to handle the crime.”
So much of America is already lost, and yet all of America would be ours again with the admission of the experiment in egalitarianism and universal suffrage being a failure.

When we restricted the franchise, we were ascending; with awarding the franchise to people who had no hand in establishing and maintaining our civilization, we ensured they would tear it down.

Look no further than Trenton.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Blacks Declare War on Trump's Budget Plan: Federal Budget Cuts Will Decimate the Artificial Black Middle Class

Never forget whitey: your tax dollars aren't supposed to go to border patrol, national defense, infrastructure spending, or any form of R&D or scientific innovation.

No. No. No. And a big nope.

Your tax dollars are to be forever redistributed to ensure black people (and other 3rd world people) live a life of leisure and enjoy luxurious impossible to recreate in an environment of their own doing.

President's Trump budget proposal, with necessary cuts of nonessential personnel and wasteful programs, is being attacked in the black community. Remember, any attempt at fiscal responsibility is automatically equated with racism.

The artificial black middle class not only exists because of government jobs (federal/state/local), but the proliferation of the black population in America exists solely because of redistributed white tax dollars scandalously helping augment a racial group nature has never stopped trying to expose as unfit for participation in western civilization.

Thus, black news sites (lavishly funded by Fortune 100 advertisements) have writers who understand even the tiniest cuts in federal government spending will send shockwaves throughout the black community. [What African-Americans Have to Lose From Trump’s Budget Plan: President Trump's new federal budget could cut crucial programs for Blacks ranging from education to business to community development,, 3-17-17]:

College grants. Heating and power bill assistance. Community development funding. The delivery of meals to homebound seniors who would otherwise starve. Free civil legal aid for poor people. These are just a few of the things that African-Americans and others — particularly those with low incomes — “have to lose” with President Donald Trump’s federal budget plan for fiscal year 2018, which was unveiled Thursday. 
Although it leaves entitlement programs like Social Security untouched, the plan features massive cuts to social, education and community development programs, while boosting spending for national and homeland defense.
“We’ve heard all of this talk from President Trump about African-Americans not having anything to lose under his Administration. The truth is that we have a lot to lose and his budget proposal is proof of that,” said Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, in a published statement. 
“Although President Trump promised a ‘New Deal for Black America,’ his budget slashes the federal workforce and cripples domestic programs (e.g. federal student services TRIO programs, LIHEAP, grants for after school programs, Community Development Block Grants, and Community Services Block Grants), and we’re likely to see even more cuts in these areas if he gives tax breaks to the wealthy, as expected. All of this hurts the African-American community.”Last month saw the photo-op (and visual gaffe) created when the presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities crowded into the Oval Office for the signing of an executive order placing the federal HBCU initiative under White House supervision. 
They came seeking additional funding for their financially-struggling institutions. Yet the proposed cuts to higher education funding would deeply affect the ability of their students to afford schooling.Trump proposes slashing 14 percent from the Department of Education budget, erasing $9.2 billion in funding. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, which go to low-income students, are to be eliminated altogether, and there would be significant reductions to the federal college work-study, which enables colleges to employ financially needy students in part-time campus jobs. 
“This budget slashes critical funding for institutions, students, and their families,” said North Carolina Rep. Alma Adams in a statement, citing “a nearly $4 billion rescission in Pell Grants, an almost $200 million cut from TRIO and Gear Up, and no increase to HBCU specific funding.” She added, “This budget guts the support programs that build a pipeline of deserving students to these colleges and universities.”Advocates of K-12 charter schools and private school vouchers, on the other hand, would receive an unprecedented $1.4 billion boost. 
The Department of Health and Human Services budget would lose 16 percent of its budget, or $12.6 billion. This would include the elimination of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps elderly and low-income people pay their heating and power bills, in order to save $3.4 billion.The Commerce department budget would be cut 16 percent over 2017 levels, losing $1.5 billion in funding. 
Among programs getting the axe include the Minority Business Development Agency, which funds a nationwide network of business centers to help minority-owned business stay competitive and create jobs. 
The premise is that the MBDA is “duplicative” of other federal programs, but the move would only save $32 million.The budget of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, headed by Ben Carson, would be cut 12 percent over 2017 levels, losing $4.3 billion in funding. 
This includes saving $3 billion with the elimination of the Community Development Block Grant Program, which currently covers Meals on Wheels and a variety of programs intended to revitalize and develop low-income communities, as well as fight poverty. 
Also on the chopping block are the Legal Services Corp and the African Development Foundation.“This budget proposal is not a new deal for African Americans,” Richmond said. “It’s a raw deal that robs the poor and the middle-class to pay the richest of the rich.”On Wednesday the CBC had unveiled an “alternative budget” that it says reduces the deficit by approximately $2.87 trillion over 10 years while preserving social safety net programs and “pathways out of poverty.” Part of that reduction would come from raising $3.9 trillion in additional tax revenue in ways that lean more heavily on corporations and wealthier Americans. 
It would add a public insurance option to the Affordable Care Act exchanges, boost college Pell Grants, reduce federal student loan interest rates and it “invests in HBCUs.”The path between Trump’s proposal and the final budget that passes Congress may be long and rocky. Black lawmakers are set to meet with President Trump on March 22, according to a Tweet from the CBC’s account that did not specify what is on the agenda.
You can have fiscal responsibility or you can have an artificial black middle class (if you choose the latter, you also get deteriorating infrastructure, a never-ending crusade to lower all standards, and no money for R&D or scientific innovation).

Rolling back the size of the federal government (and budget) also means rolling back Black-Run America.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Raw Ecar will start in South Africa

Had Hillary Clinton won, she'd have offered air support from air craft carriers to what's coming in South Africa.

Perhaps cruise missile strikes, too.

24/7 flyover by Predator Drones would also be in the cards.

With Donald Trump as president, these certainties with Hillary in office fade away.

But with the impending Raw Ecar in South Africa, the ultimate question is what the international community, led by America, Russia, and NATO do to help whites under assault by the black controlled government in South Africa?[Bury them alive’: ANC must take action in its own ranks – Solidarity, Politics Web South Africa, 3-15-17]:
Bury them alive’: ANC must take action in its own ranks – Solidarity 15 March 2017 
Trade union Solidarity today said that if the ANC is really serious about racism, it would have to take action in its own ranks. This comes after ANC MP Mduduzi Manana [actually Duduzile Promise Manana - PW] yesterday shouted “Bury them alive!” during a debate on farm murders held in the National Assembly. 
According to Dr Eugene Brink, a political analyst at the Solidarity Research Institute, this kind of remark is typical of the anti-white racism that has gained a foothold in the ANC. “The more threatened the ANC feels and the more they are failing otherwise, the fiercer this kind of rhetoric of race is becoming,” Brink said. 
By making such a statement Manana is, according to Brink, lowering the killing of farmers to a status that is lower than murders on other South Africans and Manana is even inciting farm murders. “By his statements he concedes that the lives of farmers are worth nothing and that they do not have the constitutionally guaranteed right to life,” Brink explained. 
“Statements such as his and those made by other politicians such as Julius Malema, are inciting violence against white people in particular, and do not contribute towards finding a solution at all. This is the kind of rhetoric prominent Hutu leaders used against the Tutsi minority in the run up to the genocide in Rwanda. It soon became more common and acceptable until it resulted in one of the worst ever genocides when about 800 000 people were killed in three months,” Brink warned. 
According to Brink, statements such as this one would not be uttered in any other parliament, especially not by people belonging to the ruling party. Brink furthermore warned that the incitement of farm murders is regarded as a proxy to kill white people in general. “Such statements filter through to ordinary people, as is increasingly evident in the incitement to violence seen on social media,” Brink warned. 
“We therefore admonish the ruling party to take strong action against Manana and publicly denounce his statement,” Brink said.
It's going to happen quickly.

Were Hillary Clinton the President of the United States of America, air support and drone support would ensure the conflict would be over even faster.

But with the impending Raw Ecar in South Africa, a Trump wind is blowing over the western world.

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but to wallow in pity and long for yesterday is not a proper strategy for survival.

Hillary would have meant white technology enabling African slaughtering of the whites left in South Africa; the strange, yet familiar Trump wind blowing across the western world is not a bridge backwards, but an opportunity to create a future where white people have a chance to survive.

We just have to kick the door down his election merely opened.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snoop Dog Shoots President Trump in Video; His Black Cousin Bow Wow Threatens to Sex Traffic Melania

It's amazing how many black rappers have threatened President Trump (especially when he was just the Republican nominee). 

Let's add Snoop Dogg and his relative Bow Wow to this not so illustrious list of black rappers we aren't allow to judge by either the color of their skin nor content of their character. [Rapper Bow Wow Threatens To ‘Pimp Out’ First Lady Melania Trump, Daily Caller, 3-15-17]:
A 30-year-old rapper threatened to “pimp out” Melania Trump if Donald Trump continued to talk negatively about Snoop Dogg. 
After the president tweeted about Snoop Dogg’s music video where he pulls out a gun and shoots a clown version of Trump, Bow Wow tweeted this message Wednesday. 
“Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.” 
Earlier Wednesday, Trump asked his followers to imagine the outcry there would be if the rapper had pretended to shoot President Barack Obama.
So Bow Wow endorses white slavery/sex trafficking after Snoop Dogg basically assassinated President Trump in a rap video...

There is no outreach possible to the blacks, President Trump.

No matter what you do for them, they'll hate you.