Sunday, September 23, 2018

Black Lives Matter? At Birthday Party in Chicago for Black Man Murdered [by Black Male] in 2017, Three Blacks Shot by Black Male

Previously on SBPDL: Black Lives Matter? At Back to School Peace Party in Chicago, Blacks Open Fire on Black People, Wounding Three

Keep marching and chanting "Black Lives Matter." 


Just keep marching and chanting it over and over and over again. [Three shot at birthday party for man killed in 2017: 'Why they gotta shoot her when her baby is in her hands?', Chicago Tribune, 9-22-18]:
Killed more than a year ago, Clarence Hart looked on in 2D as police taped off the block where a shooting wounded his young daughter’s mother and two others attending his birthday party Friday night in Englewood. 
The mother was holding their child when she was shot, family said.
Propped up against a metal fence post on the west side of Carpenter Street, Hart, immortalized on cardboard wearing a red-sleeved polo shirt, ripped denim shorts and bright white sneakers, held a liquor bottle in his left hand and gestured with his right. 
It was his birthday-anniversary party, and he came prepared. 
Trampled curls of white ribbon flitted over the street, blown by the light wind. 
Dozens of people had shown up to the party, witnesses said. 
Around 10:55 p.m. Friday, a gunman shot into the crowd. Bullets hit people standing on the sidewalk and the 7300 block of South Carpenter Street, police said. 
A 22-year-old woman shot in her chest was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she was in serious condition early Saturday. A 27-year-old man, a relative of Hart’s, according to those who knew him, was wounded in the right leg. He was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center and stabilized. Also taken to the university hospital was a 24-year-old woman shot in the right torso and left leg, leaving her in serious condition. 
As Area South detectives started their investigation, family members of the man and woman taken to University of Chicago gathered around the emergency room and a building nearby. 
The 24-year-old woman’s mother, Jewel Maddox, said she had just gotten home from work. She hadn’t even changed out of her CTA uniform when she heard about her daughter. She was initially told her daughter went to another hospital, and when she finally got to the right place, her daughter was in surgery, Maddox said. 
Maddox walked outside, closed her eyes and leaned her back against the building, tears leaving shiny trails on her cheeks. 
“Why they gotta shoot her when her baby is in her hands?” Maddox asked. 
At the scene, a woman said she had been on the west side of the street, several houses north of the shooter, who opened fire from the south end of the block. 
“It just happened too fast,” the woman said. “I turned around and I saw him standing there.” 
She saw the gun in his hand, and she ran, north on the block to the house where her aunt lives. The other partygoers ran, too, some of them pushing and trampling her as they fled, she said. She hesitated to provide her name, given the apparent conflict. 
“I don’t want to be in the midst of anything,” she said. “I don’t know what they got going on, but I will not be back.” 
By the time she went back outside, the ambulances had come and gone, leaving behind only police and a few citizens. 
The cardboard cutout of Hart was at the south end of the scene, just outside the tape. At the north end, the woman mingled with a handful of lingering partygoers. 
She grew up on the block with Hart, she said, and though both had since moved away, they remained rooted in the block. 
“We’re all like family,” she said. “We all grew up together. Each house, everyone knows everyone.” 
Another woman, who said she’d lived in the house north of the cutout for 25 years, put on a puffy jacket and walked out her front door to lean over her fence. The many gunshots woke her up, and she was still waiting for her daughter to come home. 
On a March evening in 2017, Hart was killed on his block in the West Englewood neighborhood, the Tribune reported. Then 29, he lived on the 6500 block of South Claremont Avenue, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office. He’d been in a car when someone shot him in the chest, and was pronounced dead about a half-hour later at Mount Sinai Hospital, the Tribune reported. 
About an hour after Friday’s shooting, a man walked over and picked up the cardboard version of Hart, then carried it up porch steps into one of the houses.
Black. Lives. Matter.



Anonymous said...

Chicago... if you ask me it's an atomic Warhead with all safeties off. The Jason Van Dyke trial goes to week two this week the Defence will present their case... from what I saw last week some legal experts indicated the state had a weak case against Van Dyke... the next two weeks will be rather interesting... me personally I don't see how they could can convict Van Dyke on a Murder One... this might not be too popular to say here but I could see Van Dyke convicted on a involuntary manslaughter... but no way Murder One I say if the jury only has this as an option they're going to find him not guilty... now the friends that I have in law enforcement tells me black lives matter and these other Anarchist have stated that they will destroy half of Chicago if that is the case... could this be the trigger that this website has been speaking about... me personally VanDyke should have went for a bench trial the jury can be intimidated by the protesters and such... either way in my opinion the only thing Van Dyke is so guilty of it's going to work that day and doing his job as a ghetto cop... again any active Leo should just answer their call and nothing more remain fetal... watch this trial closely if he's found not guilty this might be the actual happening... also any Leo's reading this I really think that a three-day strike is necessary... I just wish we had some Messianic leader that could convince law enforcement firefighter and EMT all across the nation to stand down for 3 days... that would definitely be the culling this country needs... in the meantime law enforcement firefighter EMT remain fetal and provide the minimum amount of service to the orcs...

Unknown said...

Another day in da hood

Anonymous said...

“We’re all like family,” she said. “We all grew up together. Each house, everyone knows everyone.”

LOL. Bet she didn't say it like that.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

Keeids these days. Unbelievable. Back in my day, we waited til the BBQ AFTER the peace vigil to start shooting...not during.

No respek. No respek at all.

Anonymous said...

Nikes gonna Nike.

Mr. Rational said...

Oh, for Pete's sake.  Everyone knows that Black lives only matter if Blacks aren't taking them.  Only INTER-tribal killings matter to them; intra-anything is offensive because you're taking notice of their dirty laundry.

And that is why they cannot ever be part of Western civ and must be removed BAMN.

Anonymous said...

“Why they gotta shoot her when her baby is in her hands?”, said no white woman ever.

These savages continue to normalize degeneracy, hoping that one day we will have the same expectations for behavior as they do.

Anonymous said...

They have tried signs, signs with a message for people who either can't or don't want to read.

Since everything in their neck of the hoods is always clown world anyway, why not have speakers informing the locals of their aim/the general deal?

"Nobody kill anybody day. No killin'. Not today, no killin' nobody today" or something similar would get the point across, with NO READING NECESSARY.

Rinse, repeat with all the rest of their behaviors and you should have "safe streets" in no time.

As an aside, I've never celebrated the birthday of a dead relative with a party a year after their death. Having birthday parties for dead people never crossed my mind...

Anonymous said...

"Killed more than a year ago, Clarence Hart looked on in 2D as police taped off the block where a shooting wounded his young daughter’s mother and two others attending his birthday party Friday night in Englewood."

Imagine a 2D cardboard cutout of every black person in the US killed by another black. You could fill every seat in every NFL venue. Let them play to the crowd of black lives that never mattered.

Chucky Swiss said...

"A shooting wounded his young daughter's mother"

His young daughter's mother. Hmm, in White Peoplese, the word for "his daughter's mother" would be "his wife".

But who knows, maybe she was his other daughter, or his sister-in-law or sumfing. I blames de turrrble slabery.

Westminster Dragoon said...

"gestured with his right"

I guess that's code for flashing some gang signs?

Anonymous said...

I'm at a loss to understand these non-stop tales of woe and destruction in the black community. I watch a lot of TV you see, where there is a parade of wise, helpful, and responsible blacks taking out home insurance and eating nutritious family dinners. Would someone clue me in?

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

“Why they gotta shoot her when her baby is in her hands?” Maddox asked.

I guess it would be okay if they shot her when de baba not be in her arms dem. Sheiit!

Anonymous said...

"Why dey gots tuh shoot huh wahl she gotz a bebbe in huh hands?"

Hilarious. It's like asking why a pitbull kills the person who feeds it everyday.

Cuz that's what they DO.

Augustus said...

So far this year the homicide clearance rate in Chicago is running about 14.2%, so even with a crowd of witnesses, there's little chance of anyone being charged. No one wants to "snitch," as it's easier to just blame the police for poor performance and have another birthday party, march, prayer vigil next year.

Blue Juice said...

Englewood sits in the middle of nowhere on the south side of Chicago and has been ruled by black streetgangs and radical activists for as long as anyone can remember. Black violence and psychosis are constantly on display throughout that neighborhood. I swear you will see pictures of Tupac Shakur and Al Pacino from the movie “Scarface” hanging prominently in almost every house in Englewood. Even 80-year old grandmothers encourage their grandchildren to sell dope to bring in extra money and then swear that those same grandchildren are “Dindu Nuffins” when they get shot or arrested. I’ve been shot at twice policing that “community”. Crime is so rampant there that it’s not uncommon to be in a foot or vehicle chase and cross paths of other officers chasing someone else on a totally unrelated matter! I was once on a stakeout watching a dope spot when a stolen car being chased by the Illinois State Police came crashing in through the front of the vacant building I was hiding in. It is truly a dark and evil place…and guess what? It’s not even the worst neighborhood in Chicongo right now.

“Yeah they’re dead. They’re…all messed up.” – Sheriff McClelland (Night of the Living Dead; 1968)

Blue Juice said...

OT: The defense in the Officer Van Dyke trial begins today in Chicago. It looks like the jury could go into deliberation sometime next week. Meanwhile, our political and police leaders are running around like pissed-on chickens. There is talk of mobilizing Homeland Security and the Illinois National Guard but really what’s the point? The National Guard has been totally impotent during recent chimp-outs and Homeland Security hid in safety while local law enforcement got shot on the frontlines during the Ferguson riots. Fortunately, it looks like Officer Van Dyke will be found guilty of manslaughter and official misconduct and the weather here is already turning cold and rainy. Chicongo may not burn down after all but a lot of policemen (and any white citizens caught out in the open) are going to get injured no matter what the verdict. Next week should be interesting so grab your popcorn.

“Men of Harlach stop your dreaming. Can’t you see their spearpoints gleaming?” – Pvt. Owen (Zulu; 1964)

Anonymous said...

I think the key word is "party". It was a negro party and probably loud. It was after 10 PM and some negroes work (or sleep). I say it is a function of black rage. When a bull negro is fully enraged, it knows no bound for its wrath. Umm...what is it that negroes say: wrong place at the wrong time! I would also keep the noise down. Keep up the good work, Chicago!

Anonymous said...

This article is hilarious, cardboard cutout, white sneakers, liquor bottle, shots rang out, trampled people and the proverbial "stop the violence" sign.
Just like us, my ass.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

The underclass Black race in this country has reverted by to their natural selection genetics of tribal jungle behavior..........its as simple as that.

There are not programs, gibmesdat or any other midnight distraction activities that will work against the genetics of hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection from the environment that these people came that left them tribal and stalled in the stone age before any encounter by the White man.

You are seeing it played out again but with White man inventions (aka guns) rather than Black spear stone age weapons.........

For this reason alone it should be illegal for an underclass (really low IQ impulsive) Black to own a gun in this country.

Anonymous said...

Per '" a site that tracks violence in Chicago, 2,267 people have been shot in 2018. There have been 423 homicides to date, these stats are updated daily. 79% of all homicide victims and offenders are black, about 6% are white. BLM....nope!

Detroit Refugee said...

I have to drive through HELL this afternoon & retrieve a female acquaintance @ Dickerson in Hamtramc. She earned herself a DUI. Pray to GOD ABOVE I don't wind up an article here..!!!

Blue Juice said...

It’s entirely possible but I don’t think the Van Dyke trial will be “The Happening”. It’s true that BLM and ANTIFA are here for the trial but not in great numbers (not like Ferguson or Baltimore) and remember that Chicago is a Democratic stronghold and the Progressives and Socialists need this trial to be a success story. I wish I could stay home for 3 days and let the city burn but I have family that depends on me and lots of white friends who still live and work here among The Savage. I put on the badge and go to work for them. I have too much to lose at this point (sound familiar?) even though I’m not sure I’ll live to see retirement in 3 years. Next week we will see how much the orcs in Chicago are willing to lose.

Blue Juice said...

“The Zulus are the enemies of my blood. What are you doing here?” - Boer Adendorff (Zulu; 1964)

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the FBI did kill Vickie Weaver while she was holding a baby. Taunted the family about it too.
Janet Reno (in)justice department.

Anonymous said...

There is only 1 way to have safe streets once the percentage of blacks passes about 8% of the total population and that’s curfews.
My dog, even as a puppy, really didn’t want to poop where he slept. Makes potty training easy. Blacks?
Soil their nest daily.

Anonymous said...

They are desperate to change the narrative.
But the narrative isn’t the problem, rather the people behind it.
The people are the problem, thus the narrative must change, because the people NEVER will.
Circular logic only works as long as objectivity is dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Stop the violence? It seems they are under the impression they need to top the violence. Their efforts seem to be paying dividends.

Anonymous said...

God forbid a CCW permit holder from ANY other state being a dangerous firearm to IL.
When my Uncle died, IL state police threatened to arrest my Aunt because she didn’t have a FOID card and he did.
When I went to take possession of the rifle and shotgun, they wanted me to go do a background check and wait the mandatory period for each one.
When they left to go get food or shift change, I loaded them up and left, took I80 into Iowa.
IL can burn. Unlivable liberal $hi+ hole.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Detroit....Comerica Park employee filmed spitting in food, fired, arrested (Guess the race)

Anonymous said...

If you study recent discoveries in genetics you see that differences in the allele frequencies in the genome can have large effects in a biped's instincts and behaviors - including IQ. Because the Negroid genome is slightly different than other races, we see an effect in their IQ levels, impulse control (less), future-time orientation (faulty), and tendency towards violence. Also see MAOMA gene studies for violence links.

All this together creates a biped that, in its own group, will have a large effect on the general behavior especially when then mixed into other different racial groups. What I just described is precisely what you will find when you study all the friction points between negroids and the other races in America. And globally.

It's science, folks.

nokangaroos said...

Hmmm ...
Whoever did this showed uncommon determination and targetting (for a Nike) -
trying to eradicate both Lil Clarence´s memory AND his seed (good luck with the latter, probably).
("This time it´s personal" - I can hear you ;)
What´s not to like about a little NON-"random" violence for a change?
The upside of parties, vigils and funerals is there are no "innocent bystanders"
(as demonstrated by Israelis and "terrorists" all the time).
It´s a sign of intelligence, and if it marks a trend ... ;b

Augustus said...

Blacks don't worry about those deaths, they're only concerned with the much smaller number of lynchings. All the better to guilt YT into giving up some free money. There's not much money in blacks killing blacks. It's all about the money.

Augustus said...

You forgot investment advice. I always ask the black neighbors how to invest. That's why I got so much riding on the 5th race today at Arlington, and I get $50 a week in lottery tickets. I'm fully vested in the gambling boats too.

Augustus said...

I feel I should point out the positive ray of sunshine in this tale of woe. Clarence Hart was NOT killed again. NO bullets hit his cardboard cutout. Not this year.


I have been studying TRUMPS actions and behaviour. Why is he so successful? He has the mature, elegant, MANLY attitude of FUCK YOU.

I love this guy.

I have adopted this attitude, towards my customers, my wife, my "friends". FUCK YOU and you have to deal with me.

I don't have to deal with YOU.....YOU have to deal with me.

Anonymous said...

Eat healthy, eat home cooked meals.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

That's only the ones that haven't found their way out. There are thousands who have made their way out into the heartland, yet they continue their violent behavior in their new address. All through Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Indiana, they perpetuate the tragedy that is the American negro. When they make the papers, they're no longer called "A Chicago man", now they're called a Madison man, or a Minneapolis man. The result is a skewing of statistics, proving black neighborhoods are only slightly more violent than white. Which we know is untrue. The fact is race is the only proven predictor of crime. That's why it used to be on all applications for anything, and that's why the push to eleminate it as "racist". So the shooting count could be as high as 50000, when you add in all the Chicago thugs who have fled outstate.

Anonymous said...

'Stop the Violence' march promotes peace in Dayton communities

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A “Stop the Violence” peace march was held Friday with marchers walking from Germantown to Gettysburg in Dayton.

It was a silent walk, so instead marchers came with signs to help make their voices heard.

Dayton Job Corps. says it was a way to reach out to the community and show support for stopping violence where they live.

“Continue to do things to increase the peace and stop the violence,” says marcher Isaiah Williams. “Continue to stay positive, continue to work hard to keep yourself away from the violence. Keep your head first, stay focused, and hard work is easy.”

The walk happened in conjunction with the Job Corps.’s week-long youth-to-youth events.

Anonymous said...

Only cut and pasted the most important paragraph of the article on lynching.

“To understand the problems we’re facing with the legal system — the police shootings of African-Americans we keep seeing, or the disproportionate incarceration rates among black Americans — we need to go back a hundred years, to see how those attitudes developed and in what ways they’re still at work,” Creary says.

Archie bunker said...

In which way does that compare to this story?

Archie bunker said...

I believe babymama would be the terminology, nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:47, great advice.
I wouldn't trust those things in a restaurant, chef, server, cashier, makes no difference.
Another example of just like us, my ass.
Female in FL

Pat Boyle said...

I realized many years ago that I was a good person. I have never stolen anything from anybody. I've never hit anyone except in self defense. I didn't cheat in school or tell a lie except to spare the feelings of someone else. I never cheated on either of my two wives. In the niceness/moral dimension I'm, a goody two shoes.

But compared to Bret Kavenaugh I'm a coarse and obnoxious brute. He's just supernaturally nice.

He is about to become a sacrificial victim. Poor schmuck - he's a white man. In this day and age we punish males especially white males. If it's any consolation he will probably become famous - the new Emmett Till.

Steven Pinker describes Till as a lynching victim. He knows about lynchings. He shows in his big book on violence the history of lynchings of blacks. Lynchings peaked in 1890. At that time in America there were about 150 lynchings every year and it wasn't a secret practice. A typical lynching was a public event with a carnival atmosphere. Many people are still angry over lynching - but why? Every year since 1890 lynchings have declined. They went extinct around 1970. Hate crimes, as defined by the FBI, have followed a similar path. According to FBI rules a hate Crime is something a white man commits against a black - not the other way around. In the twenty first century there are no lynchings and hate hate crimes. They only live in the minds of politically obsessed liberals.

Racial discrimination also used to exist. Pinker cites a giant academic study of government discrimination. Laws and practices against racial minorities have been in decline everywhere. But the practice of remedial discrimination has been on the rise. The trend lines cross over about 1995. Remedial Discrimination (affirmative action and anti-white rules) is now the predominant form of official government backed hatred.

Emmett Till as a martyr to lynching is a very weak example. He was guilty of more sexual misbehavior than Bret Kavenaugh is accused of by the loony woman who claimed to her psychiatrist to have had a "recovered memory" thirty years later. The Till case was more of an individual revenge story - an angry husband defending his wife's honor. He got a friend and killed the kid his wife told him had attacked her. She may have been exaggerating. Women do exaggerate that sort of thing. But she had witnesses and she told her story that same day. So it was very different from the far fetched fable told by Christine Ford.

A lynching connotes a lynch mob. But Till was killed in secret away from the public eye. If you want to see a real angry irrational mob in public out for mayhem and revenge look at the Judiciary Committee and the demeanor of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.


Anonymous said...

Cosby convicted as a violent sexual predator. Another win for America.

Californian said...

Steven Pinker describes Till as a lynching victim.

There's a statistical study of lynchings at:

Note that the total number of blacks lynched (3445) is less than the annual number of people murdered by blacks in America these days of equality and rainbows.

Also note that for some years the number of Whites lynched was greater than the number of blacks.

In any event, Emmett Till was not lynched by any legal definition. He was not the victim of a mob attack, nor was he seized from lawful custody. The perpetrators were acting out a crime of passion, they did receive a trial, and they were found not guilty. This is not unlike several recent well publicized cases where a person of color killed a White person and was then found not guilty by a jury.

Let's also note the small number of lynchings did much to deter wider patterns of black crime. We might ask if the reason for the current beatification of Emmett Till (alongside Michael Brown et alia) is one more battle in the war against White people's willingness to resist the explosion in black criminality.

Detroit Refugee said...

A report from the front lines ;
75 N was ok in spite of much construction.
I-94 E was a nightmare. Pure chaos w/ nog traffic. Tailgating, lack of signaling, speeding, etc. I feared the "random crash" more than a "Robbery gone wrong". But, somehow managed and made it to the Mogadishu Motel on Detroits East Side. An hour early I found a bench out front of campus to enjoy the show. A large nondescript brick structure w/ an unending stream of dusky diareaha.

Met a film crew of mostly hipsters and metro homos, they were having lunch on picnic tables the deputies use. Seems they were filming since 6am. There's going to be a new reality show revolving around the Dickerson Detention Facility. This from the same folks that brought you Hard Core Pawn.

One thing I noticed about the recently loosed negroes, they all stumbled out into the sunlight in a bewildered state. Sort of like my pet snakes & Caimen used to act when hiding or nowhere near the lamps/ heat rocks. But they shake it off quickly, then every single one moved to the parking lot to beg/ shake down suckers. A common tale is, "Sir, plz help me I need bus fare home". ?
I'm a firm & solid NO. Didn't get hassled, but sitting near 4-6 Sheriffs & a dozen film crew guys/girls helped.

The lady came out eventually and we made back down here w/ out incident.
On another note, the black youth caught spitting on a pizza has been fired & arrested.
This is disgusting, but it's not some big stretch to imagine many young black M/F's feel ok doing this. Given today's climate & political atmosphere. I remember a case down south, a couple yrs back involving a bf smearing her menstrual discharge onto a rivals cheeseburger. YUM YUM. Blend that in w/ the mayo.? I get a lot of friendly crap @ work for bringing leftovers & homemade meals. This validates my frugality. Plus I don't piss away $70 weekly @ a minimum on junk food. Like my Dindu's who live on fast food do.

All these arenas & concert venues btw, are staffed w/ blacks. Eat, park, attend at ones own risk here on out.

Anonymous said...

Shootings in D.C. claim four lives as homicide count surpasses last year’s total

By Peter Hermann, Michael Brice-Saddler

September 25, 2018 at 12:45 PM

Four people were fatally shot in the District on Monday and early Tuesday, bringing this year’s homicide count to 119, surpassing the number of people killed in the city during all of last year.

The surge in violence has continued since the weekend, when at least 15 people were shot, six of them fatally, between Friday and Sunday. Ten people have been fatally shot in the District in a little over four days. Last year, police say, 116 people were killed.

On Monday night, residents who live around Logan Circle met with D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham to express concern about the fatal stabbing Sept. 18 of Wendy Martinez, 35. Martinez was attacked at 11th and P streets NW while running near her home, a crime police say was random...

The trend in recent years when these sort of announcements are made is to have the front man or woman backed up by an entourage of 'experts.' The wheels are falling off and this dog-and-pony-show is intended to give the appearance the law and order crowd is still in control.

Anonymous said...

That's the difference between the races. When my white friends and I shoot up a dead guy's birthday party, we bring along licensed child-care workers to look after the children while we murder the parents.

Anonymous said...

Now that they are issuing Pulitzers for rap music, shouldn't the committee go the extra step and give awards to the gangbangers who provide the rich source material for that high musical artform?

"Chicago gang leader D'Million Ayers has murdered, bitch-slapped and doped his way to a Pulitzer Price, the committee announced today.

Bruce County said...

In Florida man throws man off bridge

Anonymous said...

To Detroit refugee @ 11:17 am. Described the area perfectly. I hate driving anywhere in metro Detroit. Bad driving, bad scenery, bad ombrés, bad attitudes. Getting to where I can’t wait to get home and lock the door. Leaving the filthy world on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Centurion: missed you. Happy to hear your comments. Right as rain!

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle: Nailed it! Superbly!

Anonymous said...

After years spent playing “America’s Dad”, it has finally been revealed that Bill Cosby is in fact a dirty rapist.

It’s good to see that some Nikes don’t let fame and fortune change who they really are… 😉

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

Marse Boyle always be nailin' it.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Having birthday parties for dead people never crossed my mind...

Oh yes, time-honoured custom, among White people, too. I remember with fondness the epic parties that the German ex-pat community used to throw in Hillbrow, Johannesburg every April 20th, back in the sixties. Golden days...

AnalogMan said...

Pat Boyle said

The Till case was more of an individual revenge story - an angry husband defending his wife's honor. He got a friend and killed the kid his wife told him had attacked her. She may have been exaggerating. Women do exaggerate that sort of thing.

According to a 2017 book, she has admitted that she made the whole thing up.

Archie bunker said...

The end justified the means Pat, nomesayin

exiled from STL said...

Anonymous said...
"Killed more than a year ago, Clarence Hart looked on in 2D as police taped off the block where a shooting wounded his young daughter’s mother and two others attending his birthday party Friday night in Englewood."

Imagine a 2D cardboard cutout of every black person in the US killed by another black. You could fill every seat in every NFL venue. Let them play to the crowd of black lives that never mattered.
September 23, 2018 at 9:38 PM