Saturday, September 15, 2018

Black Michigan State Representative Wants to Make it a Felony For Whites to Call 9-1-1 on Blacks

Previously on SBPDL: Black New York State Senator Wants to Make it a "Hate Crime" For Whites to Call 9-1-1 on Non-Whites

In a multicultural society, democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount. 

Our non-white future, governed by non-whites raised on a steady diet of anti-white hatred, will pass laws to benefit non-whites at the expense of whites.

Here's yet another glimpse of the non-white future, governed to benefit  non-whites exclusively, while castigating whites 24/7. [New Michigan bill would stop 911 calls for breathing while black, Detroit Free Press, 9-4-18]:

State Rep. LaTanya Garrett, a wife and mother of three, said her family was top of mind when she wrote legislation introduced in the Michigan Legislature on Wednesday that would make it a felony to falsely report a crime based on a person’s race.
The face of someone who hates white people. 
Garrett, whose district covers part of Highland Park and Detroit, has, like the rest of us, watched instance after instance of race-based 911 calls over the past year:
That manager at a Pennsylvania Starbucks who called the police on two black men whose crime was sitting and waiting for a friend — and wanting to use the restroom before ordering. The men were handcuffed and arrested. The false arrest led Starbucks to do a day of cultural training.
That LA Fitness manager in New Jersey who called the police after falsely accusing a paid gym member of not paying to work out.
That white parent on a Colorado college tour who called campus police because two Native American teenagers made her nervous.
That Cleveland woman who called police because a 12-year-old boy accidentally cut part of her grass while cutting her neighbor’s.
That San Francisco woman who threatened to call police on an 8-year-old African-American girl for selling water on the sidewalk without a permit. Later dubbed “Permit Patty,” she wound up having to resign as CEO of her health company.
Do we really need legislation to stop racist reporting? Maybe, even in the 21st Century, we do.
“Throughout the country, there has been an influx of calls where black brothers just being black just seems to be a problem,” Garrett said. “Being a black woman having a black husband for 10 years and having three black children, I’m always worried about their safety.
“So I put myself in their shoes and asked: What safety measures are in place to protect black people who are just living everyday life and having law enforcement called on them for no apparent reason?”
Garrett faces an uphill battle to convince an entrenched, mostly white and sometimes insensitive-to-black-issues Legislature that calling the police on someone for breathing, swimming, walking, working out or waiting in a restaurant while black should be a crime.
But as hate continues to rise in America, the bill itself will force a needed conversation about what is happening, what we are allowing and what we are becoming.
And if America refuses to do anything to stem the tide of hate, perhaps a Michigan legislator has found something that other states can emulate: a way to govern haters.
It also might make life easier on law enforcement officers whose time should be spent on real crime, not fake crimes.
Detroit Police Chief James Craig said last spring that he expects his officers to assess whether calls become criminal matters.
“If it's something that doesn't rise to the level of a criminal matter, that becomes more of a civil issue,” he said. "We're not going to be agents for discriminatory treatment. “
Now House Bill 6318 — and the accompanying House Bill 6319, which dictates penalties — will head to committee. If they get out, they will go to the House for a vote.
Then again, if you call the police on a black 8-year-old for selling water outside her apartment building without a permit …
… or you call the police on a black neighbor for entering their own home.
… or call the police on a 12-year-old who accidentally cuts part of your lawn.
... then maybe it won’t be such an uphill slog.
The anti-white mindset will be codified into law, because democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount.

 And, once again, we are running out of white people who are trying to fight the future.


D-FENS said...

Imagine a child with an IQ one standard deviation below normal. The child is told nothing is his fault, all his failures are due to others working against him and he is entitled to special treatment because of this. Further imagine that the parents and grandparents of this child were similarly raised.

In other words, welcome to BRA.

Anonymous said...

Umm, apparently she is unaware that it is ALREADY a criminal act to falsely report a crime, the racial aspect 'should' have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Christ... this crap can't collapse fast enough..... Enjoy The Decline.When there is no big brother government for them to run too to run interference for them, all these people will die off as they can't survive with out big daddy government stealing from productive people and giving it to them.

Unknown said...

Crimes are colorless until the criminal is identified, killed or caught.The new media never divulges the assailant's color if it is a minority but has at it if the criminal is white. It the becomes a finite existence for all parties involved.One can postulate the criminal's color by geographic locations of the crime and more than not it is a pretty good guess. A black can walk through a white neighborhood and get eye balled or possibly stopped by the police if he has no business there. A white man walking through a black neighborhood will get accosted, possibly robbed or worse. Until this changes there will be no kumbaya meetings extending a welcome hand.

Unknown said...

On the grass cutting:
""They should be glad these kids are not out there breaking their car windows out," Holt-Colden said in the video. "They should be glad the kids are not out there stealing their cars.""
LOL. Talk about low expectations.

Anonymous said...

A black male youth, walking the neighborhood sidewalks, selectively going to some doors, and not others. Why did he pick my house and not my neighbor’s? Easy, they had a car parked in the driveway and we did not. We DO have a no soliciting sign on the front door that is visible from the sidewalk.
We have a camera system and I was home working in my home office.
The look on the Dindu’s face when he attempted to look in the decorative window next to the door and met pissed off Rottie, who barked and bit at him behind the glass.
I confronted him, 40 in my holster, and asked why he was looking in my front door. He cussed me out and told me to mind my business. Well, I had already called the cops.
Did he commit a crime? Not technically.
Was he a criminal with a record of multiple B&Es who’s address was miles from my house? Yes.

Anonymous said...

The reason she is calling for this added penalty is obvious, but the results will be the opposite of the intent.
If you criminalize calling 911 on blacks, you incentivize vigilantism.
When no one calls 911 on blacks, because they can’t, the public mistrust of them will grow exponentially.
You see collectively blacks STILL are smart enough to figure out that the reason people don’t like them is because they have a propensity for mischief, violence, lawlessness, and general criminal behavior. A black person of good moral character and self awareness has a behavior and presentation that makes it obvious they are aware, but not a participating member, of BRA.
BRA is the bane of a modern, advanced society, and just like there are white pieces of trash that deserve the needle, there are some good, decent, blacks that aren’t down with “the struggle”. But, I’m not going to sort them out, nor am I going to worry about some negress with an affirmative action degree, in a state ruined by the black culture, threatening to criminalize keeping the white areas safe.
Don’t like stop and frisk? Stay out of my neighborhood. I work hard to afford this place and I don’t want it spoiled by a brood of nigglets and their sow Momma.

Anonymous said...

Dealing with blacks is double secret crime.
But calling 911 to report suspicious behavior is not a crime.
Claiming someone robbed you, when they didn’t, IS a crime.
The thing to remember is to give an accurate detailed description, and when they ask the race, say “I’m not sure” and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

If she wants to make a law to help her family with safety concerns I would recommend she look into instituting stop-and-frisk in high crime areas. She should also set up laws that refer felon-in-posession of guns/destructive devices to the ATF for first dibs on prosecution.

If she wants to lessen the impact of perceived racism I suggest she make sure to live in a black working class neighborhood and send her kids to public school, the indoctrination seems to work on white kids from white neighborhoods. ;)

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous September 15, 2018 at 8:07 PM said...Umm, apparently she is unaware that it is ALREADY a criminal act to falsely report a crime, the racial aspect 'should' have absolutely nothing to do with it.

And I don't know if these are incidents where a crime is falsely reported. It might be more of a matter of someone calling the police over something petty or stupid or ill-conceived, e.g., something that is annoying but not illegal. People have been doing this forever, without regard to race. And it is up to the responding cops to handle the situation appropriately. This negress legislator is just engaging in "looksatme".

Also regardless of race... stay away from where you are clearly not wanted, and there won't be any problems.

PB said...

OK, see Blackie attacking another Blackie? Well you saw nothing and you walk away. Let them wear the consequences of their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the angry racist sow blatantly stated that it was about police being called on BLACK people, as opposed to saying she was against people calling the police on someone for their race in general.
Is the bill actually going to say that it only applies to blacks getting the police called on them? Complete racist garbage meant to deter non-blacks from calling the police.
This is just like the body camera issue.

PB said...

“Throughout the country, there has been an influx of calls where black brothers just being black just seems to be a problem,”

yes, and......

Anonymous said...

These colored people are nothing but trouble and those who use them as biological weapons (looking at you NAACP, SPLC, ACLU, La Raza, LULAC, Soros et al.) are the real culprits. Without their keepers and their keepers' money the colored people can do nothing.

Anonymous said...

How about cops not patrolling the ghetto where this esteemed representative is from? She will not have to worry about people calling the police on negroes.

Mr. Rational said...

It also might make life easier on law enforcement officers whose time should be spent on real crime, not fake crimes.

The good news is, if White people are prevented from regulating Black behavior, there will be a lot more real crime for police to work on and keep them all employed.  Everybody wins!

Oh, wait....

We've already seen in these pages where a willingness to report a suspicious Black in a place they don't belong would have saved lives.  All this proves is that anyone from a family which is so steeped in anti-White animus that they name a child "LaTanya" has no business voting, let alone being a legislator.  This woman and her chlluns should have been dropped off in Monrovia years ago.

Anonymous said...

why not add muslims, illegals, fags - include all the protected classes

Lily White said...

Falsely reporting a crime is already illegal, which a state representative should already know. That being said, codifying falsely reporting blacks, specifically, is only the beginning, I'm willing to bet. Next on the agenda will be making it a felony to report blacks who ARE committing a crime. Followed by making it a felony for defending yourself from a black person who is committing a crime. It's not out of the realm of possibility.

Anonymous said...

When blacks on college campuses call 911 to report "hate crimes" later deemed to be hoaxes committed by themselves, they get away with these ACTUAL crimes anyone else would get arrested for.

Anonymous said...

Children get mischievous, negroes on the other hand are more mayhem than mischief. Other than that I'd say you're spot on.

Anonymous said...

This November I'm voting for the most liberal lefty on the ballot in every race. The blacker the better. The sooner we turn the reins of government over to the likes of Rep. LaTanya Garrett the sooner it all implodes. Let them have their way. Soon every legislature, city hall, and county commission will resemble the dysfunction of each and every governing body headed up by these morons. They lack the capacity for self-government. Vote them in and sit back and watch the circus. We can't stop it. Give them what they wish for: The Third World. Already every segment of government devoted to maintaining any semblance of civilization is underfunded, understaffed, and overwhelmed. It's time to throw in the towel and watch it burn.

Anonymous said...

Alright people!

I think you all need to get on the positive tip and open up to the knowledge this lady is dropping. So turn off your hate spewing minds for long enough to appreciate the situation she is inviting you racists to understand. The African-American experience has been visited upon by wholesale terrorism, classism, rabid hatred, mistrust and racist lies! When I first got to Evergreen, I knew i had a lot of work to do, and earned a BA in English with a minor in Women's Studies. I learned enough to know that YOU PEOPLE are FULL OF IT! (Not actual life experience you classless jerks!) Reading this site makes me SICK! You redneck lowlives will never get it, will you? YOU are the problrm, YOUR racist past and present are so evil that the good people of the world are scared of what you will bring us good (non-racist) people in the terrible future that would be even more racist and less egalitarian.

I'm starting to hyperventilate I'm so mad!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Archie bunker said...

The affirmative action politician, representing a area known for crime, fears for her children, who are the reason I have a carry permit, the hipocracy of these ignorant, entitled monkeys is over the top-I recently heard a mpls councilman blame recent murders and violence on wealth disparity and said, the parents have to work all the time to afford housing so the yoof go unsupervised, what a joke, housing, food and healthcare free for the parasites but murder the inevitable outcome due to whitey

Archie bunker said...

That's just stupidity

Anonymous said...

Stop reporting all black crime. Don't call the police for black on black crime either. Let them have it their way.
Like some one noted above..say, "youre not sure of the race" "If" you do call the police make sure you use a burner phone and try and speak with an African accent. Then leave the area. Let the police figure it out after that.
Remember we've been taught race does not matter right?? Apparently race only matters when you're a misunderstood black criminal We're all humans until we are not. Its a god damned joke. The experiment with these rats has failed. Close the study, burn the papers and eradicate the disease. These animals cannot be trusted in any situation. History and stats prove that time and time again.The blacks know it. As Richard Pryor said "Thank God we have prisons" Time is running out for these "people".
Negro Fatigue is at its tipping point in America.

Bruce County said...

This our 911 service. We are doomed!!

A former 911 operator who hung up the phone “thousands” of times on people attempting to call in emergencies in Harris County, Texas has been sentenced to a short time in jail.
Crenshanda Williams, 44 (guess her race if you can), was found guilty of interference with emergency telephone calls Wednesday after “systematically” hanging up the phone on residents of Harris County, KTRK reported.
She was sentenced to a mere 10 days in jail and 18 months probation.
10 DAYS? THAT’S INSANE! Oh, that’s right-she’s black so she gets special treatment.
At least there won’t be riots most likely.
Williams reportedly had an unusual number of “short calls,” which were no longer than 20 seconds. Prosecutors, according to the Houston Chronicle, determined she hung up on “thousands” of calls.

The calls included one where a caller tried to report a violent robbery, and another where a caller dialed 911 concerned about two drivers racing in an area on Interstate 45 where people had been killed speeding just weeks earlier.
Court documents, according to the news station, stated that Williams had taken Moten’s call and, before he could finish explaining his emergency, she reportedly said: “Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real.”

Anonymous said...

This is all to give blacks who are about to commit a crime or just starting to commit a crime a better chance to get away with that crime. Non-blacks will now be cowed into inaction when they see three black guys loitering outside their home or business. In those cases, they are willing to be robbed or worse on the off chance that they are just minding their own business. And even if they did preemptively call 911 on a group of blacks planning to rob and/or murder them, the caller would end up get charged with a felony when the cops showed up and the blacks claimed they dindu nuffins (f they hadn't started their crime). In time it will only be allowed for whites to call 911 on blacks when they're bleeding out from the injuries the other has inflicted on them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”The reason she is calling for this added penalty is obvious, but the results will be the opposite of the intent.
If you criminalize calling 911 on blacks, you incentivize vigilantism.

Bestowing her with affirmative action credentials and electing her to a public office obviously did not change her genetically programmed stupidity and lack of foresight. Not only will we see an increase in vigilantism, we will also see a reluctance to report crimes where a Nike appears to be the victim. Sooner or later an incident will occur where a white merely watches one Nike kill another Nike without calling for help because it is impossible to know which Nike, if either, is actually committing a crime. Her solution to that problem will be to submit legislation to make it a hate crime to fail to help a Nike in distress. When this occurs, the only way a white will be able to avoid committing a hate crime will be to move away from the Nikes, and when that happens she will need to introduce legislation to make deliberately avoiding Nikes a hate crime. Perhaps the government will eventually be authorized by law to seize the property of any white person leaving a neighborhood with Nikes for a whiter neighborhood as the penalty for such hate.

The whole concept of hate crime is really nothing but a modern incarnation of the blasphemy laws of the past.

Mr. Rational said...

The whole concept of hate crime is really nothing but a modern incarnation of the blasphemy laws of the past.

And "racism" and "White privilege" are the 21st century's answer to witchcraft.

Anonymous said...

Libby said ”. . . I'm starting to hyperventilate I'm so mad!

I’m glad that you chose to participate in this blog and share with us your fabulous educational credentials. Your BA in English has apparently enabled you to write a coherent comment; however, I hope that your degrees were paid for by taxpayers because there is no possibility that they will pay for themselves unless you can leverage them into some kind of a taxpayer funded affirmative action employment.

I must take exception to your allegation that I have a racist past. The truth is that I was raised in a very non-racist household. I was actually raised to believe that except for skin color that Nikes were just like anyone else. I never heard either of my parents use the n-word or criticize any person because of their race. It was only after a lifetime of exposure to Nikes that I learned that they are not like white people. My training came from the Nikes themselves.

One last thing. It was probably a waste of your time and effort to explain to us that you are mad and hyperventilating. No one here cares.

Anonymous said...

Ok by the end of any uncomfortable, violent social encounter, just leave them where they fall.

Hell, they'd do the same for you and take your wallet!

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

You can see the results of that thought process in Atlanta right now.
Blacks won’t accept speeding tickets from white officers, anything negative about any black is automatically considered racist. Pocket knives over a certain length are felonies.
Corruption in all forms of Atlanta Government is normal and widely disregarded.
Black Run America IS the ATL.

Anonymous said...

The media rule used to be: "Don't include race unless it's directly relevant to the story."

You are correct that the rule now is: "Always I include race if it produces an opportunity to stoke racial tensions or denigrate whites."

A god example would be the Dallas female cop who shot the guy in his own apartment, when she entered by accident.

The media gleefully pointed out that she was white and he black, even though there appears no racial motivation for the crome.

Anonymous said...

Mind your business??? I guess him stealing your stuff was a matter just between him and your insurance company.

Anonymous said...

I think Libby was being satirical.

Anonymous said...

hate crime = something a lawyer pulled out his a** after running low on $$$

Non PC Infidel said...

So a black New York senator wants to make it a hate crime and a Michigan sheboon rep wants to make whites calling 911 on blacks a felony. The easy solution to deal with this is for other politicians to do an add on to the bill~ namely, making it a hate crime and a felony when black people create hate crime hoaxes. Both the senator and the state rep would chimp out and have a screaming meltdown while screeching "Dat's racist!" but they'd drop their plans in a heartbeat in order to protect black people from being charged.

To make it sting even worse, make it a felony for looters to loot stores during hurricanes or other natural disasters as well as a felony to riot when a court case involving a black defendant doesn't go their way.

There's more than one way to shock the monkey and shut it up.

Anonymous said...

'U.S. Coast Guard member appears to flash "white power" signal on TV,

By Natalie Grim
September 15, 2018 10:31 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (Circa) - An MSNBC interview with the U.S. Coast Guard appears to show a background member flashing a white power hand sign.

In the video above, the support staff member in the bottom left is seen using a hand gesture associated with white supremacy.

MSNBC was interviewing Captain John Reed, the head of the response efforts for Hurricane Florence in Charleston, South Carolina. Following the interview, the U.S. Coast Guard released a response on Twitter that the man shown making the gesture has been removed from the Florence response efforts.

Could someone bring me up to speed on this. What is the lunatic paranoia gripping these maniacs? What hand sign???

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Great. Another Affirmative Action politician, writing more unnecessary laws. Another future Maxine Waters wannabe.
Attention black politicians: stop trying to legislate more advantages for your people. She's on a level with the low IQ New Orleans negress, who put up the billboard saying "They watchin' Y'all", to alert black criminals to the police cameras in the 'Hood. The same cameras that had bright blue flashing lights on top, to alert potential criminals (negros) to their presence! We don't need more laws, that's the problem right there. We need enforcement of existing laws. Government made this sorry mess, more laws just compounds the problem. "Working together across the aisle" is another myth that accomplishes nothing. The end result is both parties banding together to protect each other, and to hell with the average citizens. Did Bush/Cheney accomplish one damn thing to make America better? Obama the imposter/Creepy Joe Biden? Blacks just can't comprehend that being someplace you have no reason to be, for no apparent reason, is suspicious activity in and of itself. We all know being black increases the odds that you are a criminal, that's basic statistics, but it's politically incorrect to notice it, and act accordingly. What's next, banning use of umbrellas, and raincoats when it looks like rain?

Anonymous said...

Wow those eyes are wide apart- I'm waiting for a reptilian tongue to come out from between those spare tires.

In other great news, someone stole my idea:

Nike alerts retailers after bogus Kaepernick coupons offer discount to ‘people of color’ – report

The coupons claim to offer a 75 percent discount on all shoes for “people of color” until 2019, and feature the slogan “Believe in Something” – which was used in the new campaign involving Kaepernick.

Anonymous said...

It's the same handsign Hussein, Hillary, NBA, NFL, and other non-whites use all of the time.

It's just racist when the White Man does it

Anonymous said...

She won't make the 18 months. It's what the Court systems do; They send them out knowing they will violate and knowing that they will be back in jail. It's a win/win situation for those who make their money off this racket

Anonymous said...

OT: What happens when the railroad system of First World country like South Africa is turned over to the Turd Worlders? Trains run into each other.

Also notice in the article: (1) Dindus are riding for free (they don't like to pay for things in Africa either) and (2) dindus are stealing cables and signaling equipment, just like here. Wherever you find them, the behavior is the same.

Witness tells of relief on learning no one died in train crash
04 September 2018 - 13:41 By Nonkululeko Njilo

The relief of learning no one died was like a balm to Thembisa Lukwe‚ who rushed to offer her help after two trains collided head-on near Booysens station in the south of Johannesburg on Tuesday morning‚ leaving over 110 commuters injured.

A Metrorail train travelling from Faraday towards New Canada station collided with a Naledi Jikeleza train‚ according to preliminary reports from the scene.
"A total 112 commuters - mostly without valid train tickets - sustained minor injuries and seven with serious but not critical injuries are receiving medical attention at four local various hospitals‚" said Lillian Mofokeng‚ spokesperson for the Passenger Rail Agency of SA (Prasa). Four train crew members are also believed to have sustained minor injuries. They too received medical attention.

Lukwe‚ who runs a creche opposite the station‚ recounted her emotions after witnessing her second train accident.

"I was shocked when I heard a huge bang and I quickly ran to the scene‚ to help these people‚" she told TimesLIVE. The Eastern Cape-born Lukwe said she had previously seen a train accident in which people died‚ citing this one as a relief. "I am just glad no one died‚ I did everything in my power to assist them get out of the trains‚ gave some school kids water and walked them to the taxis‚" said Lukwe.

Walter Kunene‚ who stays opposite the station‚ said: "It was around 6am when I looked through the window and saw the accident. I was scared of getting closer because trains are dangerous. "I tried calling the ambulance and ran out of airtime... eventually people came out to help them‚" he added.

Goodman Matampi‚ acting provincial manager at Gauteng Metrorail‚ said: "The accident is regrettable and happened while the trains were authorised manually in the section due to a signalling upgrade programme that is under way.”
In January‚ the Railway Safety Regulator of South Africa (RSR) briefly banned Prasa from using manual signalling for trains anywhere in the country‚ under threat of criminal penalties. The regulator accused Prasa of gambling with thousands of commuters’ lives by using cellphones to communicate during manual authorisations of trains.

After a marathon session of meetings in the following days‚ the regulator lifted the prohibition directive. Prasa’s Sipho Sithole was quoted as saying at the time that rail infrastructure was constantly being attacked “by thieves who continue to damage signal infrastructure by stealing cables and signalling equipment”‚ and so it was almost impossible to avoid using manual authorisations.

The ban was a response to a crash in Germiston in January‚ when at least 200 people were injured when one train was authorised to be stationary but another Metrorail train carrying commuters on the same track hit it from the back. Also in January‚ 19 people died when a Shosholoza Meyl train collided with a truck in Kroonstad.

On Tuesday morning‚ a Metrorail team was on the scene to establish the exact sequence of events leading up to the accident. "The cost of the accident damages is still unknown at this stage‚" said Prasa's Mofokeng.

Anonymous said...

Libby = Liberal
Cannaught = Cannot
Noatis = Notice

I can't say that I didn't enjoy someone thinking that was real.

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Anonymous said...

Holy shit the sheer arrogance and the willful denial of these people will never cease to amaze me.

Yes, Chief Craig and Rep. Garrett, the real problem with inner-city America is that people are calling the cops on black people for mowing the wrong lawn. It most absolutely is not the fact that out-of-control black crime and dysfunction has turned some of our proudest cities into apocalyptic hellholes unfit for human habitation, no sir.

Real simple solution to all this: Rigorous civil service examinations for all public positions like state representative and police chief. This would filter out the ethnic race pimp element, make meritocracy our governing principle again, and effectively restore democracy.

D-FENS said...

Libby is the sister of Julie and Compassionate Oregonian (wonder whatever happened to these two?). Just enjoy!

Anonymous said...

If black criminals know you called 911 on them they come after you anyway. Never ever give your name to 911 when calling. But they can call you back sometimes as what happened to me when I called them for a neighbor who was constantly loudly having domestic disputes with her child's father. I assume it's the father.

When I tell white people about these proposed laws in NYC and NYS they are incredulous and will not believe me. This is how bad it is.

I called the City on neighbors above who were making far to much noise w/ loud music all the time. They came banging on my door as if I had done something wrong and they wanted to break down my door. I should called 911 on them again. What kind of complete idiot opens their door to such hostile people? Eventually they went away. They came back the next morning, Sunday, were a bit more polite. But again, I'm not dealing face to face with multiple hostile people. When dealing with people who want to extend their boundaries, I've learned it's best to be sub rosa and not tell anyone about it.

BTW, we have 911 thanks to Kitty Genovese, a white woman murdered by a black serial killer/rapist and thief, Winston Mosely. I am pretty sure that Mosely's family was from the Caribbean

Anonymous said...

As long as whites are a voting minority in black infested districts, "things" with brilliant affirmative action educated minds like hers will always come to the forefront with incredible ideas about what should and shouldn't considered rayciss an sheeeit. I.e. the plexiglass bill and many others. They are slowly getting the world they want, Africa in America. Choose your battles and friends wisely good people. Be prepared to bug out when SHTF. Stay Alert. Stay Armed. Teach your children well.

Mr. Rational said...

It was probably a waste of your time and effort to explain to us that you are mad and hyperventilating. No one here cares.

Such a shame when our readers are too dense to get the satire, and take it for a troll.  Or, even worse, as serious.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational... see above comments.. I kinda thought the same thing... but soon realized liberal commenters would have to get thru the gauntlet before they could insult our good work and senses.
You cant win an argument with a liberal.

I have been booted from FB permanently because of anti-whites and my factual reporting.
You see even facts and statistics are racist. We are at war for our civilization. The time to act is now. We must make a stand before its too late. They cant have what we create so they will destroy it.
America hasn't failed blacks.... Blacks have failed America.. Blacks have failed civilization.

Baron von Raschke said...

If i was a betting man, i would bet on that happening.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen black run america just triumphant over Trump presidency and his supporters

Bruce County said...

OT: More of what we deal with when dealing with black federal employees.
Under a plea deal, a U.S. postal worker admitted to stealing more than 6,000 greeting cards filled with cash and checks in Wauwatosa.
As part of the deal, Ebony Lavonne Smith,20 (guess the race again), of Milwaukee pleaded guilty to theft or receipt of stolen mail on Sept.12 and will be sentenced at a later date. How does a negress get a postie job at 20??? .. like seriously.
Last summer, Wauwatosa residents complained to the U.S. Postal Service that they were not receiving graduation, wedding, birthday and sympathy cards in the ZIP codes of 53213 and 53226.
Smith, who was identified as the mail carrier in those areas, had started working on March 23, 2015, and on March 28, 2017, was assigned to deliver mail in Wauwatosa, according to court records.

Under surveillance

Online court documents explain how Smith was caught.
On Jan. 25, a letter containing a test greeting card and a $20 bill was prepared for delivery in the Wauwatosa area. Inside the envelope was a transmitter that signaled when it was opened.
On this same date,the envelope was placed in a container earmarked for Smith's delivery route.
While under surveillance, a USPS supervisor first observed Smith rifling through trays assigned to other delivery routes. Smith removed greeting cards, placing them in her tray. Shortly thereafter, Smith picked up the mail for her delivery route, including the blue test envelope, and brought it to her assigned postal vehicle.
Smith began delivering the mail and when she arrived at the address of the test greeting card, the transmitter activated, signaling that the envelope had been opened. At this time, postal agents approached Smith, who was standing outside of her car.
The agent located the opened envelope, which no longer contained the $20 bill. The agent allowed Smith to retrieve her purse from the vehicle, and she gave the agent the test $20 bill, which was in the side pocket of her purse.

Egghead said...

Let’s check in on ‘justice’ for Jessica Chambers - whose alleged murderer black ‘boyfriend’ Quinton Tellis’s first murder trial ended in a hung jury. His second trial is set for September 24, 2018.

Please note that the Daily Mail appears to be covertly limiting the number of comments....

Commenter nitahues explains, ‘They have the right man, he told her his name was Eric when he first met her, he also tortured and killed a girl in Louisiana [34 year old Taiwanese graduate student Meing-Chen Hsiao who was stabbed over 30 times with the intent to torture her].

Here’s her story:

Note: Tellis’ friends and family describe him as ‘caring and dependable.’

Bruce County said...

And the looting has begun in Wilmington curfews are put in place..The police chief has told officers to stand down on arresting anyone.

PB said...

"Anonymous said...

Libby said ”. . . I'm starting to hyperventilate I'm so mad!"

Libby is satire. She's no Julie but satire just the same. We need some humour around here.

Anonymous said...

In 1,000 generations, blacks will still not assimilate. It's in everyone's best interest to send them back to Africa. All of them.

Anonymous said...

Looting at family dollar and dollar general. Wait...what? That’s really tacky.

Anonymous said...

Expect more like Rep. LaTonya Garrett. Soon D.C. will be overrun with them.

'MSN: Black female Democrats call for changes in party'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Insurgent Democratic women running for Congress are pushing the party to rethink its approach to politics if they retake control of Capitol Hill in the fall.

At the annual meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus Friday, black female candidates who prevailed in primaries over established incumbents said it's time for a conversation about how the party is structured.

They expressed frustration that the party is tilted against rising politicians — especially those of color — and argued that if Democrats flip the House in November, it would be the result of organization and turnout amount black voters, particularly women...

The implosion is coming folks. Grab the marshmallows and get a good seat next to the fire. The Democrat Party - courtesy of the Congressional Black Caucus - are taking us all to the Promised Land. Think the financial crisis of 2008 was something. Just wait until the next round of government debt funded handouts.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational,

Please, sir. I hope to make people laugh, and if they are initially offended I am pleased to have "gotten" them with a legendary "wind up"; a fine comedic skill inherited from my mothers side of the family which has much of it roots in the British Isles.

PMB is right, I'm certainly no "Julie", and I miss Ex-New Yorker and Formerly Ms. Greenbaum (among others) for their wisdom and wit.

But I love to spew "liberal enough" tripe/tropes so that folks unfamiliar with "Libby Cannaught-Noatis" can think that PK let a lunatic on here. I'm working hard on making my exit to a Whitopia, and I plan to direct others on a path to help them escape BRA.

Pray I accomplish my goal,

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Anonymous said...

Other way around.
Think soviet style. When the Bolsheviks took over, they attacked the “rich” for not sharing.
When this collapses, one side will demand the appropriation of all tax deferred retirement accounts. They will of course guarantee a return on your principle, and you’ll keep “contributing” as before, but the money will go to the Ponzi scheme and push the inevitable out another 80 years.

Anonymous said...

And, once again, we are running out of white people who are trying to fight the future. excellent quote

Anonymous said...

Didn't fool me. There wasn't enough virtue signaling.

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis: Dindu gets shot at the barber shop.

These stories write themselves.

Anonymous said...

'Mayors issue ‘Week of Nonviolence’ proclamation'


"MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The mayors of Memphis and Shelby County have declared September 15th through 23rd as a “Week of Non-Violence.”

The document signed by Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris states, “We, in Memphis, renowned worldwide for the nonviolent legacy left by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will join cities and towns in all 50 states and nations around the world with marches, vigils, and rallies in hope of building a culture of peace and nonviolence.”"

Someone didn't get the mayor's proclamation:

'Police: Man shot and killed while trying to break into home'


"MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Memphis police are investigating after a man reportedly broke into an Oakhaven home early Monday morning and was shot by someone inside.

According to police, the deceased male broke into a home near Birdsong Ferry and Brandy Station around 7:30 a.m. Someone inside the residence came into contact with the man and opened fire.

Wounded, the suspect reportedly jumped into a silver Lexus and took off. He made it around the corner to Shelby Drive and Tchulahoma before crashing into a fence.

By the time first responders arrived the suspect was dead."

And again, the proclamation missed the mark.

'Pregnant woman reportedly beaten after refusing to give up food stamp card'


"MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was arrested after allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend when she refused to give him her food stamp card."

And again the proclamation falls on deaf ears.

'Man charged in fatal Frayser shooting'


"MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man died after being shot Saturday night during and argument between the shooter and the victim’s mother, police said.

It happened at 10:30 in the 1200 block of Frayser Boulevard. Officers found one man laying on the floor with a gunshot wound.

The victim later died, and the suspected shooter ran away.

On Sunday evening, police identified the suspect as Verles Morris. He’s charged with second-degree murder, felony possession of a firearm and employing a firearm during a commission of a dangerous felony."

The proclamation doesn't seem to have done the trick.

Anonymous said...

With each passing day, liberals sink further and further into self-parody...which makes mocking them with satire a very daunting task.

Anonymous said...

Black guy steals ambulance to drive home after getting discharged from hospital:

Baron Münchhausen said...

Social Experiment;

When you call a company/Dr's/government office/ etc.

How often to you speak to a Black Woman?

I've discovered that literally 9/10 that is the case, no matter who or what I am calling, with the exception of small local businesses.

Do y'all experience the same?

The Baron

Jack Ketch said...

"Black Michigan State Representative Wants to Make it a Felony For Whites to Call 9-1-1 on Blacks"

Imagine Rachel Dolezal's inner struggle with this one.

Anonymous said...

If someone calls 911 in Detroit, you can be 100% certain that the call involves only blacks. There are no white people left.

Anonymous said...

Baron, you're right. And there's a reason for that.

The government and companies need to meet diversity requirements vis a vis quotas. The black quota is always the toughest to fill--you need blacks who are willing to do the work and you need jobs that they have the ability perform to some extent. In the case of hospitals, no matter how hard they try, there aren't enough blacks qualified to work as nurses and especially as doctors to put a dent in their quotas. That leaves one basic position left--reception desks. At most hospitals, 80% of the receptionists calling patients to remind them of appointments, scheduling appointments, and checking people into appointments are black women. The job basically entails them being able to click on a person's name on a screen or reading off a pre-prepared script, so they can perform it as long as they literally don't have to go off script. And why are these position all filled by black women? Do you think any straight black guy is willing to officially work as a receptionist?

There is a niche I've noticed in businesses and hospitals for those black men who have graduated "college". I've noticed a large number of bottom-level IT workers are black guys. Essentially, they are the "receptionists" of any IT department. They take down what your IT problem is and basically shunt the information to someone who is actually able to solve the problem. Why they are qualified to do this (as opposed to the black women working at a doctor's office reception desk) is that, because of their "schooling", they can understand, or at least parrot, technical terms to communicate the basics of an IT problem to someone who can actually fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

Only blacks would risk jail time by looting at the dollar store. Real classy.

Unknown said...

Speaking of looters and who most of them look 👀 like...

I give you this:

I see a common meme amongst all the named defendants. Who else can see what I see? Obviously if I'm leaving this here, we ALL know who they are... the names suggest they look (or act) nothing like us... because they're not...

Anonymous said...

So what happens when a black person calls 911 in a black fast food worker because their fries are cold or whatever their issue is?

LakeSuperior said...

No, she's not a Michigan legislator. A legislator uses skills of compromise and puts societies interest above their own group. There was a time when she would have been a janitor, a sad commentary on our society.

Dagwood Bumstead said...

The part where they show you the list of names tells all.

It's All So Tiresome said...

Excellent idea, white people might as well get a legal heads up that the police won't help them in black on white crime, so you might as well DIY!

Anonymous said...

Blacks didn’t fail civilization, they are incompatible with it.
Would you trust 3 Akitas with your infant child? What about 3 goldens or labs?
All animals have traits.
Blacks have traits that simply haven’t evolved and become compatible with society.

Anonymous said...

"Minor in Women's Studies"

In other words, a degree in complaining about how every bad thing in the world is somehow the fault of straight white men.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit. I took the bait. Poe's law got me rofl.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to bet that there are far and away more incidents of blacks actually physically harming Whites (think the knockout game/polar bear hunting) than there are incidences of Whites calling the cops on "innocent" blacks doing "nuthn". Yet which story line is getting the most attention from state legislatures and the media?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is women's studies anyway? Is that where you learn to talk as loud as possible into your cell phone?

Anonymous said...

Africa doesn't want them either..

AnalogMan said...

It also might make life easier on law enforcement officers whose time should be spent on real crime, not fake crimes.

Let's help them out by creating yet another "real" crime to occupy their time.

Inquisitor said...

They just want a free pass to be criminals

Anonymous said...

Klansplaning as its best. White people who benefit from white privilege all the time should be exterminated from this planet. They are the minority on the entire planet so it is time for them to get off the 1%. They have been hogging up our history and made that all about themselves. They are going to be destroyed. My wife is Caucasian and she agrees because she experienced poverty and she exploited the white privilege in order help the non-whites. Only true white allies will be spared. An important message for you arab and white racists, closeted racists, racist have been marked.

Anonymous said...

You would know being that you watch those sports! Don’t hate, his doing that has nothing to do with any of the above! Get a education and a clue!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Although I'm not at all surprised by many of the comments here, I'm still struck by the rampant racism in the replies. Many blacks are being murdered by cops in part because certain white people call the cops without justifiable cause and their own ignorance and unfounded fear. Innocent people are dying because of these actions. That's why she and others are introducing a bill to criminalize calling 911 on someone that intentionally falsely calls it to unjustly report someone just because of race. Simple really. However, it's really no surprise that the comments on here suggest that many want to continue their current privileged rights to kill innocent black people because they can. Many of the privilege close their eyes and minds to the unjust actions of our so called justice system that is supposed to represent ALL Americans. However, because you feel your population is diminishing and therefore the thing to do is take action to wipe out others' existence to continue your own is just sick. Sad and pathetic, really.

Anonymous said...

This has to be satire. Libby Canaught Notis? Lol brilliant! If it’s not. Holy ducking phit you have to be the dumbest person alive.

Unknown said...

I see a similarity between this issue and the issue of sanctuary cities. If local police start enforcing immigration laws, immigrants are less likely to report criminal activity for fear of being deported .Of course there should be a penalty for frivolous calls to emergency services, but they need to be taken on a case by case basis. If people are fearful of calling the police for whatever reason, they may take matters into their own hands, or take no action at all. A felony charge comes with a lot of baggage. Are we going to charge the black woman who called 911 on McDonald's for running out of chicken nuggets with a felony? What if the cashier is white? Being stupid isn't a felony.

Marc B said...

Disparate impact followed to its logical conclusion...

Mr. Rational said...

Wow. Although I'm not at all surprised by many of the comments here, I'm still struck by the rampant racism in the replies.

If you had a clue, you'd call it realism.

Many blacks are being murdered by cops in part because certain white people call the cops without justifiable cause and their own ignorance and unfounded fear.

Re-defining "murder" to excuse the guilty and accuse the innocent.  Gambit refused.  Let me set you straight:

Trayvon Martin was not murdered (killed in self-defense by his victim).
Michael Brown was not murdered (ditto).
Freddy Gray was not murdered (messed himself up fatally).
Sandra Bland was not murdered (killed herself after family refused to bail her out of jail).

Innocent people are dying because of these actions.

Daniel Shaver was an innocent man who died because someone called 911.  None of the Blacks on my list above were innocent.  The first two deserved what they got, and the rest reaped the consequences of their own stupidity.  Trying to lay guilt on us for the stupidity and callousness of the "community" and their own families won't work.  We're not having any of it.  We don't care, and you can't make us.

you feel your population is diminishing and therefore the thing to do is take action to wipe out others' existence to continue your own is just sick.

So what's your excuse for the White genocide going on in S. Africa?

Oh, right, you APPLAUD it.  Sorry (not sorry), no sympathy for you, hypocrite.

Mr. Rational said...

Are we going to charge the black woman who called 911 on McDonald's for running out of chicken nuggets with a felony?

Hell, no.  She should have been paddled on the ass on the spot after getting her frivolous complaint on camera, and told NEVER to call 911 again because she's too stupid.  If she was going to use EBT her card should be blocked from buying prepared food ever again, too.

If she calls 911 again, the penalty should be daily paddlings for a week.

What if the cashier is white? Being stupid isn't a felony.

No, it should just be painful.

Mr. Rational said...

This is what I get for not following my own advice about saving comments:  1 out of 3 comments disappeared into Google's maw.  THIS one is being saved.

Anonymous said...

Whats sad and pathetic is that blacks are killing off themselves in record numbers. They have a problem, they destroy their own communities with looting and riots then blame white people.just look ip real case numbers and see the facts. Look what you poeple did to Detroit with the gangs, drugs, prostitution....... You did it to yourselves but blame others. That's just plane ignorance and lack of any sort of social structure. I say let them have their way. It will be over very soon.

Unknown said...

There is a difference between reporting suspicious behavior regardless of the color of the person, such as looking into windows of people houses or checking to see if cars are locked or not, and reporting someone for sleeping, walking, sitting etc... while black. Call the cops on someone not doing anything wrong and you should face charges, not only for false accusations but for wasting our tax dollars and the cops time that could be used to help someone in need.

Anonymous said...