Thursday, September 13, 2018

For Third Time in Three Years in 70% Black Baltimore, Blacks Open Fire at a Vigil for a Black Person Murdered by Other Blacks

Baltimore is a 70 percent black city. 

Back in 1918, it was nearly 90 percent white and a world class city. 

Today, the city is less than 25 percent white and a place where three shootings by blacks at vigils for blacks murdered by other blacks have occurred in the past three years. 
Black Lives Matter...

You read the previously sentence correctly. [Shooting breaks up vigil in East Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, 9-13-18]
A vigil at Eager Street and North Broadway in East Baltimore for a homicide victim abruptly dispersed at 7:13 p.m. Thursday when someone opened fire, according to neighbors. 
Police said a 19-year-old man was shot Thursday on the 1600 block of Eager St.Officers remained at the scene hours later, blocking off traffic and scouring the scene for bullet casings. A bouquet of blue balloons was tied outside a Chinese carryout place on the corner. Residents said the balloons were a tribute for a man whose nickname was “Tarzan”; the balloons spelled out his name. 
On Monday, a 21-year-old man was fatally shot on the same block. 
“It’s the same people beefin’ all the time,” said a neighbor named Ashley, who requested to be identified only by her first name. “Same boys that be sitting on the damn corner.” 
One neighbor who declined to give his name said he heard around seven shots fired after balloons had been released into the air. There were several children in attendance — everyone started running and screaming once the shooting began, he said. 
Police presence in the area has done little to deter violence, according to neighbors. 
“I know that police was sitting on the corner and it still happened,” said Ashley, sitting on her front steps. “They been here the last three days.” 
It’s not the first time a vigil has been marred by violence in the city. In 2016, a gunman opened fire minutes into a vigil for a homicide victim in West Baltimore, wounding five people. In 2015, a man was wounded during a vigil for another homicide victim.
Repeat after me: they're just like us.

Keep repeating it, over and over again.

Oh, and be sure to toss in a few "Black Lives Matter" for old times sake.



D-FENS said...

So the guerilla gardens meant to inspire non-violence did not work it seems.

I note that the Baltimore Sun no longer allows comments.

Anonymous said...

'Man killed at Lansdowne cemetery was attending brother's funeral, Baltimore County police say'

Jessica Anderson and Lillian Reed The Baltimore Sun

September 13, 2018. 12:20 PM

A Baltimore family who just lost one son to gun violence will now have to bury another.

Baltimore County police confirmed Thursday that a 32-year-old man who was fatally shot during the funeral service of 18-year-old Marcus Brown on Wednesday was his older brother Maurice Brown Jr., of the 300 block of Lyndhurst St. in West Baltimore.

Security footage from a business near the Mount Zion Cemetery in Landsdowne shows mourners scrambling through gravestones as Maurice Brown falls to the ground...

The graveside shooting was the latest event in a disturbing trend of violence during bereavement services in Baltimore.

Less than a week ago, mourners had just released blue balloons into the air at Eager Street and North Broadway to honor Dimetric Jones, 21, who had been killed on Sept. 3, when gunfire rang out, scattering a crowd that included children and striking a 19-year-old man.

What can you say? The killing will not stop long enough to bury the dead.

Anonymous said...

Blacks move in, whites move out.
It has, and will always be like this.

You think that brother in the purple tie is down for the struggle? Nah, he drives his Lexus or Cadillac in from the white people suburbs.

Gavin Newsome said...

"Police are hoping that someone will come forward with information blah..blah...blah.." get real! This is Baltimore we're talking about. Snitches get stitches.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing that they can report it, and keep reporting it, and keep suggesting the same BS memorials, protests, BBQ's, midnight sport-ball, ad nauseum- all with a straight face.

I can't even keep a straight face while reading it.

The mass-stupidity of the congregation to keep showing up only to get shot, time after time, is mind blowing.

Even dogs and lower animals can be trained using negative reinforcement. Yet it seems lost on these people.

And these are the ones we bend over backwards for...the ones we change all the laws for...lower all the standards...alter regulations...set up quotas for.

The experiment had failed. It's time to recognize the failure and change our approach.

Jim in Jersey

Egghead said...

Aren’t most agricultural workers with the know-how to harvest an entire crop overnight actually vibrantly diverse immigrant foreigners?

Where did the stolen grapes go for resale or processing?

P.S. Virginia has ‘traffic’ cameras on its major highways that one would presume could help track the trucks that transported the grapes....

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that many DO keep repeating they are just like us. Maybe they don't read the news, or venture out of their safe area. I think by now, most people surely understand the media is going to cover their (blacks') crimes, and not call them "blacks". When the media starts naming names, then the real stories will come out. At this point, who wants to protect these thugs anymore?

Bastion Harm said...

Oh, and be sure to toss in a few "Black Lives Matter" for old times sake.

You forgot the most important line we're supposed to mutter in unison:

"Senseless gun violence!!!"

Remember, it's the guns, not the blacks!!

Anonymous said...

Delaware Dude. So this this week at the funeral for marcus brown, his brother was shot and killed and another "gravely wounded" (can't help but laugh at police humor) in the cemetery before the burial. It will never get any better in cHarm City. Avoid the area, keep a 40 foot distance and carry the spare mag at the ready.

Anonymous said...

Not "like" us... but somewhat similar. The trouble is their genetics effect their IQ and behaviors and do not allow them, as a group, to peacefully coexist with other races. There will always be trouble and friction. And the higher IQ races will always have to take care of the Negroes financially and to limit their destructive ways.

So you kind of have to accept your role as their benefactor and peacekeeper. And the accompanying financial burden and loss of life amongst your own people due to Negroid savagery.

Out you have to separate from them. Right now it is the jail system.


Whitewalker said...

Even Fox has to have the negro male/white female news team.

Mr. Rational said...

If this was going on some large distance away, like in Africa, this would merely be funny.  Unfortunately, we are paying for it.

Our goal should be to move these problems to Africa as expeditiously as possible, so they are no longer ours.

Mr. Clean said...

First off, 12 comments posted and no "vigil gone wrong" comment? For shame...

Anonymous September 14, 2018 at 4:33 AM said...The trouble is their genetics effect their IQ and behaviors and do not allow them, as a group, to peacefully coexist with other races.

Low IQ doesn't explain it. If you had a sub-group of low IQ whites, asians, etc., you would likely get lower performance or more undesirable behavior, but you would not get the jaboonery that you get with negros in the same IQ range.

(Please don't tell me how genetically violent negros are. YT can be plenty violent. Indeed, it is the simple refusal of YT to turn on the aggression that is the problem, along with the tolerance of negro violence.)

Anonymous said...

There aren't enough white people to go around anymore...

Anonymous said...

NIKIES, the new N Word.

Anonymous said...

Dimetric Jones? Apparently this fellow has two ways of measuring things. He was likely going to be a scientist or engineer of some kind.

Egghead said...

It really must be said that EVERYONE knows exactly who the violent young black males are: the police, the community, and the black teens and men themselves. Although it is the same demographic group of young black males, it is also the SAME people in the SAME place who are the violent criminals which is WHY the ‘racist’ ‘Stop and Frisk’ programs worked to reduce violent crime.

A neighbor says, ‘It’s the same people beefin’ all the time. Same boys that be sitting on the damn corner.’

‘I know that police was sitting on the corner and it still happened. They been here the last three days.’

What an obscene waste of taxpayer money for police to babysit a corner for three days instead of performing more useful work - like planning sailboat trips for poor urban youth to visit nearby Annapolis, MD, so that the poor urban youth can escape from their violent corners of doom to peaceful middle class areas....

Zagg said...

Only three in three years? The Baltimore brothas are going to have to kick it ip a notch or two.

Anonymous said...

"Residents said the balloons were a tribute for a man whose nickname was “Tarzan”; the balloons spelled out his name."

Say his name!

Tarzan, King of the Apes! (a.k.a. The Dealer Formerly Known as Tarzan).

D-FENS said...

If every negro was replaced with a White person with Down’s Syndrome we would still be better off.

Anonymous said...

"It’s the same people beefin’ all the time,” said a neighbor named Ashley, who requested to be identified only by her first name. “Same boys that be sitting on the damn corner.” 

Well Ashley, why do you have such a "white" name. With a name like that, you'll be more likely to be remembered by the "boys" sitting on the corner for retribution. How dare you call these strong black men BOYS?

Anonymous said...

"Police presence in the area has done little to deter violence, according to neighbors. 

“I know that police was sitting on the corner and it still happened,” said Ashley, sitting on her front steps. “They been here the last three days.” 

Hard to return to the scene of the crime when they never left it! Did they just slip out the back door, head down the alley and shoot from around the corner then run back to the nest?

Anonymous said...

The problem begins with them being unable to peacefully coexist with their own kind, much less the humans they encounter.

Anonymous said...


Negroes Is Killin' Everyday!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Nike(tm) can attend the next prayer vigil and pass out free athletic wear. Better, a new bulletproof backpack is being marketed. Hand those out, with the Nike(tm) logo. All part of the active lifestyle of the 'hood.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to analyze the thought processes of the perpetrators of these shootings. You know, sit them down in front of the bright lights and ask them why they find it a necessity to shoot up an otherwise solemn event. Do they not have sufficient control of their impulses to save the mayhem until after the vigil is over? Do they not consider the long term consequences of their actions? Do they even have the IQ to understand what they are doing?

Ah, but I am using the phrase "thought processes" and one wonders if anything resembling thinking is at work here.

Anonymous said...

I saw that too. Another media outlet silencing the truth.

Sick n Tired said...

No description of the shooter when they were releasing the balloons, the "gunfire rang out" from thin air apparently.

Bruce County said...

Shooting at Coronation park in Toronto during a memorial for a black person...It never ends...Allow them a piece of paradise and they will turn it into a Negropocalypse..(opposite of metropolis)

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Hey, these guys are urban planners. They just opened up a few more subsidised housing slots.

Anonymous said...

This is Baltimore we are speaking of. Which means I think that Under Armor should assist to prove their dedication to the fine people of Baw-ti-MOE.

Californian said...

I will restate an obvious point: when a vigil for a homicide victim turns into a shooting gallery, is it any wonder that people have justifiable reservations about living among blacks? And yes, 99% of the people attending the vigil might be law abiding citizens. But you have to deal with the 1% who lack the impulse control to keep their finger off the trigger. Attend enough prayer vigils, candlelight marches and block parties and the odds add up to your catching a bullet.

And even if no shooting occurs, the tension level amps up as people wait for a shot to ring out. No one wants to be in the wrong place and time. Events which ought to be times for reflection instead become a reason to check your six or, better, stay out of a potential target zone.

You can not have civil society under such conditions. But of course, Americans of a wider era understood this race-based reality. Today?

If you see a vigil in the 'hood, YT, stay armed and stay alert.

Anonymous said...

" . . . And these are the ones we bend over backwards for...the ones we change all the laws for...lower all the standards...alter regulations...set up quotas for. . . . "

"We" certainly didn't change all the laws or lower standards, certain factions in BRA which carry politicians in their back pockets like pieces of lint did it to us. We live in BRA where the government chooses the people, not the old, dead USA where to some extent the people chose the government.

Cheer up though, the "conservative" Trump is exploding the U.S. Government's deficit to destructive records like most Republicans do. This massive new debt piled upon all the other debts will collapse the financial system through raging inflation. The financial crisis of ten years ago was a warning unheeded.

Indeed, Trump has repeatedly described himself as "The King of Debt" and has used bankruptcy in his business ventures. Trump even
hinted at national debt repudiation during the campaign. Debt repudiation will be accomplished through raging inflation which will destroy the debt without de jure repudiation.

The various coloured races are totally dependent upon the economic productivity of the white man for their daily bread which is extracted by BRA for their benefit. The economy needs a viable currency to function, it is analogous to the oil in an automobile engine. When the currency is ruined by debt (which is certainly the path upon which the Government has embarked) the economy drastically slows down and no more gibs for the dusky hued ones.

At that point the 40 foot rule isn't sufficient, be at least 25 miles from the sainted coloured people when the money goes bad because they are going to roam looking for gibs in YT's area and they won't take no for an answer.

The good news has already been summarised by PK, all we have to do is survive, BRA will come to its miserable end and then we can rebuild.

Zabo said...

You’re exactly right. Oh but when he’s at the “fambly” picnic with granny and kin he’s all about that struggle. Just another phony black that knows just like you and I that it’s not safe to be amongst his own kind.

Anonymous said...

'Peacefest 2018' taking place at Bellefontaine Park Saturday
OT: Peacefest should be interesting to see how this turns out.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo will be next. Too many red-pilled commenters over there...

Anonymous said...

You have this federal reserve of the US employing every last ditch effort in the book (and off book) to keep treasuries and the stock market pumped up for the last 10 years.

They have both hands propping the market & treasuries up and are not about to be caught by surprise, because surprise they have been propping up the market for the last 10 years.

It can't fall if they don't stop what they are doing and there is little to stop it. One day I suppose it will come crashing down but it will only happen when the rest of the world stops accepting the US dollar/hegemony and they are left standing alone and isolated.

The Other Realist in MA said...

"Jaboonery!" What a perfect word.

Anonymous said...

How come you never see a black kid with Down's Syndrome?

Anonymous said...

" . . . when he’s at the “fambly” picnic with granny and kin . . ."

Don't forget "granny" may be only 28 years old and still popping out sprogs and the "kin" literally don't know whom they are related to thus they refer to each other as "cousins". The only logical conclusion is that there must be dysgenic breeding on a monumental scale in da 'hood.

Something to ponder.

Mr. Rational said...

the higher IQ races will always have to take care of the Negroes

We can't, and so we won't.  The only question is whether we lay down the burden by refusal, or by our expiration under the burden.

We owe them nothing!  Behave and vote accordingly.

No description of the shooter when they were releasing the balloons, the "gunfire rang out" from thin air apparently.

When the Lying Liberal Media uses the passive voice, they know EXACTLY who is responsible.

If you see a vigil in the 'hood, YT

... target the "community" which produced it with everything you've got?  Nothing else will get it to flee.

Mr. Rational said...

Debt repudiation will be accomplished through raging inflation which will destroy the debt without de jure repudiation.

Yes.  I've suggested this.  14% per year inflation cuts the standing fixed-rate debt in half every 5 years.  It wouldn't take too much of the Carter-era inflation rates to slash the US debt to something that is eminently manageable in devalued dollars.

When the currency is ruined by debt (which is certainly the path upon which the Government has embarked) the economy drastically slows down and no more gibs for the dusky hued ones.

The problem is that we must be RID of the dusky-hued parasites.  We must demand that they go to Africa to receive anything further, and demand nothing further from us after a set period of time... neither them nor their offspring.  Wash our hands of the matter.

Anonymous said...

Americans are gullible, believing in the “we are a nation of immigrants” bloviation. They believe that if something is good, more is always better. In this case, public-policy-become-quasi-religious-belief is cultural suicide.
people want to believe that ultimately they will be treated fairly and justly.
A segment of the white population believes that latinos, asians, and blacks will be fair in their exerting power when they have it and they will gain power. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Never happen.
That is not how human nature works.

Whites have a greater sense of fairplay [more socialized, fairness creates community not coon munity] and justice than other races. Think abolitionist movement prior Civil War. People should spend time in Asia. Pick a place. Spend some months there. You will soon find out about racism.
Jews in Germany for years thought that the Nazis would back off eventually. Oops.

Anonymous said...

They're just not like us:


E said...

You’re right most municipalities have funds that help defray funeral costs of murder victims, so yes we are paying for them.

The shooting or stabbing victims that live often don’t have health insurance or are on Medicaid so again we pay for it.

Anonymous said...

The shooters at these events are usually the rival gangbangers who "busted a cap in the ass" of the victim in the first place. Firing into a crowd of known associates sometimes results in taking out more rivals. It also takes out babies and baby mommas, but that's just collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

Police were sitting on the corner when they saw Freddy Gray conducting his drug business as well.

Gee, you think they might have started ignoring crime when enforcing the law comes with the risk of bankruptcy and jail?

Reap it weep, Charm City negroes.

Anonymous said...

The newly appointed finance minister, Mthuli Ncube took to Twitter with the news, asking his followers to support the fund through donations.

‘‘Together with my colleagues at Min of Health, we have set up an auditable emergency crowdfund to further efforts to fight cholera to date. Together we can win!’‘ read part of the tweet.

Looks like they may have to crowdfund the actual last train to Zona Verde since the nation formerly known as Rhodesia has to crowdfund the fight against cholera!

I'm personally challenging Brian in Ohio to match my $5000 donation to fighting cholera on Rhodesia!

Egghead said...

Allegedly, the black gang (all men!) had targeted Latino bars and had already shot three people.

Question 1: If a Latino gang targeted black bars and shot black people, would the Latino gang be labeled as a ‘white’ gang and charged with hate crimes?

Question 2: Will (trans) Samuel Mayfield request to be incarcerated in a women’s prison so that he can ‘rule the roost’ via his superior strength due to his male height and muscle fibers?

Question 3: Are Democrat lawmakers, lawyers, and/or judges going to bill the taxpayers for a series of expensive trans surgeries and lifelong hormones so that Samuel Mayfield can live as his ‘true’ self?

Question 4: If trans criminals know that incarceration will provide them with ‘free’ trans surgeries, does that provide a perverse incentive for trans criminals to commit serious crimes?

Awakened white said...

Repeat after me: they"re NOT like us. Not even close. We survived the wicked witch Florence my Fam! Sorry if I haven't been posting a lot! Been busy. Heard about minor looting after the storm, colored me shocked, Dindus of course.

Anonymous said...

Blacks as a group receive $897 billion per year in social transfer payments, 13 times their net contribution to GDP. Creating a net loss of over 25 trillion dollars over the past 30 years. This does not include the billions of dollars of real estate destroyed or devalued by their unique nation building skills.

Anonymous said...

'CEO of N.J. firm given $260M in tax breaks trashes local workers as lazy, drug users'

By Noah Cohen
Updated Sep 14, 5:44 PM;
NJ Advance Media for

A day after the chief executive of one of Camden's largest employers was quoted griping about the local workforce, the city's mayor demanded an apology over the remarks he said played to "outrageous stereotyping" of residents.

In an interview with business publication ROI-NJ, Holtec CEO Krishna P. Singh said his firm has not reaped the financial rewards of a 600,000 square-foot manufacturing plant he opened in Camden. The facility was hailed as a much-needed economic engine that would create hundreds of local jobs...

The problem for Holtec, Singh said, has been the firm can't find quality employees while the plant has become a drag on the bottom line. Still, the CEO said he hoped employees would become role models.

Local workers lack the needed skills and work history, according to the interview. Holtec's Camden plant is "costing us millions right now," Singh said in the article.

"They don't show up to work," Singh told ROI-NJ. "They can't stand getting up in the morning and coming to work every single day. They haven't done it, and they didn't see their parents do it. Of course, some of them get into drugs and things. So, it's difficult."

Camden Mayor Frank Moran was "appalled" by the business leader's comments and the "outrageous stereotyping of Camden residents," according to a statement from Moran's office...

Welcome to capitalism USA welfare style CEO Singh. The Camden plant may be costing Holtec millions but the workforce into which you are so desperately attempting to install a work ethic is costing us all more dearly. Our schools, our neighborhoods, our public spaces, etc... you name it, wherever they gather the social fabric will unravel. The business of politicians is creating and maintaining social order. Legislation is enacted, regulations promulgated, personnel hired, and facilities built all for naught. It's unraveling CEO Singh. You would have faired better to invest your capital elsewhere.

Bruce County said...

The cost of Black America

If you are a white American, over the course of your lifetime the federal government will, on average and on your behalf, transfer $384,109 of your wealth and income to a single black individual.

According to the data derived from the 2014 federal budget, the average annual net tax/benefit broke down as follows:
White: -$2,795
Black: +$10,016
Over the course of an average 79-year lifespan, a white individual contributes a net $220,805 to the system, whereas over the course of an average 75-year lifespan, a black individual receives a net $751,200. However, since there are 4.6 times more whites than blacks in the USA, the black share has to be divided among the various contributors to sort out a one-to-one comparison.

So, the net cost to the average White American of the average Black American is $384,109. Married? That's $768,218. Got 2 kids? That's $1,536,436. 4 kids? Now we're talking $2,304,654 lifetime.

Diversity is expensive.

Egghead said...

The Daily Mail headline is ‘Three teens are arrested for shooting dad-of-one, 34, after he mistook their car for his Uber outside Atlanta wedding.’

But local commenter Ali98 from Macon, GA, tells the real story:

“First of all the headline is WRONG. Gang members showed up in a STOLEN car and robbed the group. Secondly, the shooter [Myrick] was the ‘big test case’ for reforming juvenile offenders outside of adult prison. Judge Doris Downs overruled a prosecutor’s insistence that Myrick was dangerous and a request to revoke probation for an armed robbery he committed in 2015 at 14. He should have been in jail or on probation and the judge failed....”

So, let’s take a look at the case of Myrick:

In addition to Myrick’s other serious crimes committed both before - and after - being incarcerated in juvenile detention, the week before the judge released the juvenile jailhouse Bloods gang leader, Myrick literally attempted to murder another teen prisoner via beating and choking him....

The judge gave Myrick probation and released him into the care of a black-owned and black-managed non-residential diversion program under the supervision of an older black male counselor who says that Myrick was “gainfully employed” and was studying for his GED. The video is enlightening....

Others contend that the judge “...released Myrick into a [fake] diversion program called Visions Unlimited, which may no longer exist, meaning that he [Myrick] was free to go where he pleased.”

The murdered man’s family in GA is leading a recall effort for the judge who is not up for re-election until 2020.

Egghead said...

The real question as to FRAUD is whether the black owner(s) of Visions Unlimited represented their program as being residential?

Detroit Refugee said...

Only blacks do this. They even go to funeral homes and shoot em up. They own this .
Had it up to here with Africans in America.
Now at work all this past week I've had Nike gear in my face. They're wearing it as a show of racial solidarity. Good I say. Draw lines.

Pat Boyle said...

In all justice we have to admit that the blacks who want other blacks to stop shooting one another are probably sincere. They seem to be honestly confused and upset.

I went to a community meeting in Oakland in 1979 and listened to a black leader say pretty much exactly the same sort of thing as they say today. But in nearly forty years nothing has changed. The wailing and gnashing of teeth is the same. The befuddlement is the same. The blacks cannot figure out why they are everywhere afflicted with constant self induced violence.

I'll tell them why but they won't like the answer.

Violence among whites and Asians has steadily diminished for at least the last millennium. This fact has been linked most recently with the writings of Steven Pinker but many others have made the same observation. Warfare has become less frequent. Crime has diminished and capital punishment is everywhere less common. In thirteenth century Scotland William Wallace was drawn and quartered. In twelfth century England the crown introduced a reform in judicial proceedings. They introduced torture as a milder method of inquiry. The first Elizabeth had a rack for Catholics just as her sister "Bloody Mary" had had for Protestants.

Violence of all kinds has moderated or disappeared - at least among white people. Blacks wonder why in contrast to those in the greater society they see around them, they alone seem to remain hyper-violent.

It's simple they are genetically violent. We were once that way but slowly over a period of centuries whites and Asians have learned to live together in peace. We don't understand all the genetics or epigenetics but it seems true that your propensity to violence is set at the time of conception.

Negroes presumably will get more civilized and peaceable but it is likely to be a slow process - more like a thousand years not just forty.


Brian in Ohio said...

Gunfire at a wake in a white community- "Shocking", "Unheard of", "I cant believe it", "We`ve never had anything like this here" would be the quotes from the witnesses.

Gunfire at a vigil in a black community... for yesterdays murder victim- "For the third time in as many years...", "Same fools who done it last time" "They was beefin"....

They are not like us.

Separation or repatriation.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Over the course of an average 79-year lifespan--often, Whites work 30-40 years.

Anonymous said...

'Drop in black freshman enrollment raises concern at UK'

Posted: Sat 11:15 AM, Sep 15, 2018

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - University of Kentucky officials are expressing concern over a double-digit drop in the number of black freshmen enrolled at the school.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that despite a push for more diversity, UK enrolled 50 fewer black freshmen for the fall semester...

You can't make this stuff up. As PK says, "There is no getting off this ride."

Anonymous said...

This stuff from Fox--
My reaction was anger," declared Leonard Dungee, son of Visions Unlimited's founder and the main mentor for the program.

"I was angry at the situation. I was angry at him. He knows better."

Instead, Myrick is looking at the possibility of prison for decades
/ humanizing a teen killa...yikes...Fox, We deserve better.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

Nah, not necessarily collateral damage, especially coming from folks who are a liability to society more than they could ever be an asset to it. I choose to call it "friendly fire"... because each and every Nike murderer who takes out one or many of their own folk is the best type of Nike out there, especially to us YT's... I hope they keep
up the good work...

Dindu Nuffinz said...

I got a million on the crowdfund.. hope they accept my leftover monopoly money... it's about as worthless as the folks they're trying to save from their own diseases because of their lack of practicing proper hygiene....

Anonymous said...

A tale of white privilege. I recently helped my brother-in-law bale hay. I didn’t receive any money for my efforts, but everything balances out. I’m pretty sure that it is a white privilege to work for a living. Anyway, after a long day we attended a fund raiser for the rural volunteer fire department. It is a white privilege to be able to pay for your own fire department and run it with volunteers willing to work for free due to their white privilege. They were serving fried catfish with the usual sides, there was country western music playing, and there was quite a bit of activity. I estimate that approximately 200-300 people were in attendance, one deputy sheriff attended, and not a single Nike was in the crowd.

Based on my knowledge of the Nike gatherings so often the subject of PK’s blog, I wondered if it would be possible to complete the fund raiser without casualties. I watched in amazement as a number of people played horseshoes, yet not a single person got smashed in the face with a horseshoe because the game went wrong. I watched an auction where people were bidding against each other in an effort to capture the prize, yet not a single successful bidder was killed for dissing the unsuccessful bidders by winning in an auction gone wrong. The unguarded women collecting the money for the food and the payments for items auctioned were not raped, robbed, or even attacked. I watched unsupervised kids work their way through a firetruck, yet the firetruck and the gear it contained was not stolen in an adventure gone wrong. There were no parking attendants, yet everyone managed to find a space to park without running over anyone in a parking area gone wrong. Based on my knowledge of the people who attended the fund raiser I estimate that at least 50% of the vehicles at the fund raiser carried one or more firearms, yet not a single shot rang out.

When we left the fund raiser I asked myself how it was possible for so much activity to occur without casualties from something going wrong. Then I remembered that the events gone wrong which are the subject of PK’s blog are attended by Nikes, and the fund raiser that I attended was entirely white. It must be white privilege that is responsible for the difference. It is no wonder that Nikes are so upset about white people hogging all of the white privilege.

Anonymous said...

Never forget that illegals are the new slave class.
They work harder than blacks ever did, are smarter and more adept at complex problem solving.
Republicans like them becuase they save big business money.
Democrats like them because they are easy targets for illegal voting and support Dems over 90%.
Their home countries love the remittance payments. - Mexico’s third largest source of revenue is remittances from people in the U.S.
Demand border enforcement and demand that wage theft, aka wage suppression, via the hiring of illegals should be a secondary crime.
Also, don’t hire contractors that use illegals. I had wiring added to my garage. One guy quoted a really good price, the guy I went with was highest. But, I told him I wanted legal workers, no illegals, and I put it in our contract with a 25% penalty (meaning if they were illegals I cut 25%), he showed up and presented the E-verify docs for all 3 guys. He said he has no illegals in his staff and his crew are forbidden to hire day laborers for extra help. Instead, they pay overtime and Work Sat or Sun.
Use the power of your wallet at every chance.

Anonymous said...

Depending on state law, one should at a minimum carry 1 spare mag. If one lives in a NE mag restricted state where hollow points are bad, carry at least two mags.
I carry 2 spare standard cap 13 Rd mags-39+1, of PP+ rounds.

Anonymous said...

It isn’t just intelligence, but the behavioral traits associated with them.
What is truly fascinating to me is how we have the behavioral traits of dog breeds down pretty well. So much so that we select dogs based on these traits and the data is widely accepted. Yet with humans...
Don’t accept the narrative as Fed to you, it is false. Reject that which you know to be false and embrace truth.

Anonymous said...

Have more kids.
3 should be the minimum, 4 the ideal.

Anonymous said...

Their stock is at an all-time high now.
Once again, blacks and their supporters have provided more identification clues.
See the Nike gear, know what you’re up against.

Anonymous said...

I lived the BRA nightmare that is Atlanta.
Crime and criminal behavior are horrible.
I used to park my hunting truck at the house of a wife’s friend. She was single, blonde, thin, and a medical professional.she got lots of harassment from the blacks.
Once the lifted, old truck with mud tires, Elk hunting decal, and western plates, was parked there, she got ZERO harassment at home. I put a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation sticker on her Civic, that also cut down on problems. Then she met a white guy with his own fabrication business and I got my truck back.

Pat Boyle said...

Anonymous at 10:27 PM made the same point as I did but better.

A lot of dog owners will tell us how sweet and lovable their Pit Bull is. But when you look at the statistics its always the case that the babies who were mauled or owners who had their faces bitten off were by Pit Bulls. It's never a beagle or a cocker spaniel.

Some - breeds, races, species - are just more violent.


Anonymous said...

yes--dogs have breed specific traits as well as breed specific look.s..thats what separates one breed form another.

Ahr Cee said...

Wolves, dogs, coyotes...all Canids...all different species.
Blue Whales, Sperm Whales,Gray Whales, Humpback Whales...all Cetaceans... all different species.
Neanderthals, Denisovans, Yellows, Whites, Blacks...all Hominids... Tah-DAAAAH.
Get it ?

Anonymous said...

Glad you’re okay! Hang in there
I was in the south when the remnants of a hurricane rolled through Ga. We always have 12 months of food and water on hand, so no big deal. When the storm was about to hit, I went to Publix for some beer, it was chaos. Gas stations were out of fuel, grocery stores were bare, silliness.
Prep folks. You never know if it will be a hurricane, power outage, pandemic, or civil unrest. If you have supplies, you don’t need to leave and are significantly safer.

Anonymous said...

Isn’t this the plan all along? LBJ himself said and was caught on tape “if this (great society) passes, we will have the (N-words) voting Democrat for 100 years”.
These social programs and the taxes that support them have caused price spikes in desirable areas, effectively destroying the single income nuclear family.
Wage growth hasn’t kept up with the increases in the costs of housing nor the consumer demand for gadgets.
The FDR and Johnson policies destroyed the black family, discouraged hard work, and forced white families to send mothers out of the home to earn and support moving away from majority black areas.
How do you win? Play a different game. Buy your home carefully, but upgrade it yourself over time and save on the initial cost. Buy a used car and ONLY carry a note on your home. Btw, this stabilizes your housing costs over a 30 year period.
Reject gadgets, pay per view plans and other gimmicks. Live frugally and pay cash. We have 3 vehicles. Momma has the newest, Dad the next oldest, and the oldest is a hunting truck/backup. When one breaks down, always a spare. If one is totaled, as has happened before, we don’t have to go crisis buy. The monthly insurance increase is less than most folks spend on store bought coffee over 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Truth be racist!

Anonymous said...

You this point it should be considered customary for "shots to ring out" everytime there's any black gathering.

Steve Smith said...

I still live in Apelanta. I have seen the very Same thing many times. The open, aggressive harassment of white women by blacks. It seems that it is getting worse here as blacks here are being more and more aggressive.

Anonymous said...

biggest mistake ever ? 1619 Jamestown Va.