Saturday, September 8, 2018

Is this type of activity necessary in any white community in the USA? In 75% Black Birmingham, Al, NAACP Hosts Block Party to Convince Blacks to Stop Shooting/Killing Each Other

Previously on SBPDL: #WakandaIsntReal: In 75% Black Birmingham, Al., Black Elected Official Holds Black on Black Crime Town Hall to Convince Blacks to Stop Killing Each Other

Remember Birmingham ?

Blacks in Birmingham, Alabama pushed white people out of the city until they took demographic control and where able to assume political ownership (democracy in a multiracial civilization is nothing more than a racial headcount).
In a 75 percent black city, constant appeals for blacks to stop killing/shooting one another fall on deaf ears...

The dire consequences of the racial change in Birmingham is documented in the 'reverse colonialism' post at SBPDL, delineating the shocking depreciating in real estate once the city went from majority white to nearly 75 percent black.

And now, with white people slowly trickling back into the city, the black controlled city government is actually launching a task force to try and stop gentrification

Yes, really. 

What if we could show you one story representing a micro-look at the "quality of life" blacks create - in the absence of whites - illustrating precisely why Jim Crow once protected the majority white inhabitants of Birmingham pre-1964 (and kept black people safe from the consequences of liberated blackness)?

Just one story, really. 

Community leaders are stepping in to help reduce violence in Birmingham. The NAACP, Metro Birmingham Branch, Civil Rights Activist Committee Foot Soldiers and the Magic City Snappers Social Aid & Pleasure Pond are hosting a Practice Non-Violence Block Party on Saturday.  
Organizers are hoping to encourage the community to come together and help reduce violence in the city. 
Community activist Harry 'Traveling Shoes' Turner is hosting the event, he tells CBS 42 that the violence in the city is hitting home for far too many families.  
"It's not in Chicago, it's not in New York, it's right here in Birmingham, Alabama.  
There once was a time you didn't even know who the people were who are getting killed now you're going to find someone who will say my son went to school with him, you know what my daughter dated him," said Turner. 
There will be plenty of food, entertainment and community resource tables at the block party. 
The block party is Saturday 2 p.m.- 5 p.m. at the Mini Park Downtown located at 1700 4th Avenue North in Birmingham. 
Repeat after me: Wakanda. Isn't. Real. 

More importantly: is this type of activity necessary in any white community in the USA? 


Brian in Ohio said...

It would seem that a block party is exactly the kind of thing they should be AVOIDING, but hey, what do I know.

The civic minded citizen in me wants to tell them that hanging out in the streets, drinking, is the CAUSE of their problems, not the solution. But the race realist in me wants to anonymously donate a few cases of malt liquor to the party, then go make popcorn and watch the news.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bruce County said...

They can practice all they want. But you need a certain level of mental capacity in order to succeed. We will wait for the body count on this event where shots ring out because of a "diss" and the streets have gone wrong

Anonymous said...

God knows they need all the non-violence practice they can get.

Anonymous said...

The signpost up ahead: Cargo Cult Ritual in Progress.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of food. Yeah ok until it runs out. And then guess what happens ? They totally forgot the reason for the party.

Anonymous said...

Not getting out of your comfort zone + minimal to no effort + no actual plan =

A complete waste of time. And just like someone mentioned many posts ago, it's just like blacks to hold parties as a MEANS of solving a problem rather than just a complimentary blip after the fact.

Blacks always think that they can "wing it", no matter how complex the issue.

Imagine your neighborhood is suddenly having the same problems as pretty much all majority black neighborhoods- violence, and tons of it.

First, you would snitch on the serial killers who consider you and the rest of your neighbors as collateral damage in any heated situation. Without the perpetrators of the violence present, violence will inevitably go down. Rinse, repeat.

You would go to them rather than hoping that they come to you, at your convenience. How many of you think gang leaders are going to make an appearance and engage in a productive dialogue with the local residents?

These people kill over sneakers and 'disrespec'- if just talking to them worked, whitey would have solved these violence for you a long long time ago.

As long as they "look good", who cares if any of it works, right?

Blue Eyes Matter said...

I just googled "Shooting at Birmingham Block Party". Nothing came up for today, but just wait. From all the past shootings at Atlanta block partys, it's inevitable. There's a direct correlation between percentage of black population, and violent crimes, in every city in the country. Block parties in particular seem to bring out the urge to shoot people. How about a "Clean Up Your Damn Filthy Neighborhood Day" It would be guaranteed to be peaceful, nobody would go to it.

Anonymous said...

What they should be practicing is birth control.

Rebel said...

Rebel here.

Plenty of food, huh? I don't care for 'potluck' food occasions. I hate not knowing how clean someone's kitchen is. I had food poisoning once about 20 years ago. From filthy negroes in the kitchen, actually. It left an impression on me. Anyone here besides me who would never go near a dish of food cooked by one of them?

I'm in the South. A cute little white girl I work with is a pretty good cook. Southern food. They had a potluck at work and the blacks cleaned out her grits. She was telling me the story about how they all loved it and told her she cooks like a black woman. I said "You don't wash your hands?"


Anonymous said...

The CAUSE of their problem is genetics.

Anonymous said...

'Names of people killed read aloud at NACCP non-violent event'

By Catherine Patterson | September 8, 2018 at 8:33 PM CDT - Updated September 8 at 8:33 PM

"BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Eighty-three names were read out loud Saturday afternoon to remember the people killed this year in Birmingham.

Community Activist Harry Traveling Shoes Turner said each name symbolizes how people have lost our love for one another and respect for life.

Those names were read during Saturday's NAACP hosted a Non-Violence Health Block Party.

The event’s goal was not only to promote peace, but also to promote health awareness by inviting multiple health organizations to provide vital information to people there."

This morning reports 10,050 gun related 2018 deaths. Reading the names of homicide victims in BRA is a full time occupation.

Mr. Clean said...

Brian in Ohio said... It would seem that a block party is exactly the kind of thing they should be AVOIDING, but hey, what do I know.

Yes, I had to read PK's article headline twice to make sure I read it right, and then I was struck with devastating brain flatulence for a couple of seconds.

But they aren't entirely daft. The event runs 2-5 PM.

BTW, I ran "NAACP, Metro Birmingham Branch block party" through Google and this SBPDL article came up fourth.

Archie bunker said...

They are marching this weekend in St. Paul for the same thing, is it a coincidence that every city in America with a black area experiences the same senseless violence, or could a sane person rationalize that negroes are a low intelligence, high violence group of people who don't fit in white civilization no matter how much money is wasted trying to prove otherwise

Jim Hansen said...

PK got retweeted by Ann Coulter -

WTH said...

AB: "...could a sane person rationalize that negroes are a low intelligence, high violence group of people who don't fit in white civilization no matter how much money is wasted trying to prove otherwise?"

Could a sane person rationalize alternatively?

Some things even the blind can see.

Pat Boyle said...

As the anonymous at 11:36 PM said ...

It's genetics. But we are going through a revolution in genetics. We are learning to change our genetics.

For example we can now have the prospective mother take some drugs and produce a lot of eggs. Then we scan them in existing devices and pick out the one with the most favorable PGS. This is not being done now but all the technology exists. You and your wife can have the best possible baby your respective genomes can produce. The baby will be just as much 100% yours as if you just let it be chance.

Blacks are of course superior to whites and Asians in some attributes. All the top fifty or so fastest times in running the 100 meters are held by blacks. We know why. Some of it is bodily proportions but most of their running superiority is in the muscle cell types.

Mammals have three types of muscle fiber cells: Fast twitch, Slow twitch, and Small mammal fibers. Humans have fast and slow types in varying proportions. Blacks have more Fast fibers and fewer Slow fibers. The Fast fibers make you have better foot speed and hand speed. But they fatigue faster too. Slow twitch fibers are a little stronger too. Almost all the weight lifting records are held by Caucasians.

If we wanted to breed for faster athletes we could change a few SNPs with CRISPR (Not that I really understand how CRISPR works). Presumably somewhere there is a SNP or a short sequence that determines the relative proportions of fast and slow fibers in the embryos' muscles. Turn on the fast fibers and Bob's Your Uncle. The baby will develop into a faster running adult. There are similar spots on some chromosome that will code for narrower hips and longer legs too. So It will soon be possible to make some white guys who will again set sprint records, play in the NBA, and compete as cornerbacks in the NFL. The white players will almost certainly stand for the National Anthem.

The same thing of course will happen for the mental traits of Asians and Caucasians. Just as we will be able to make whites run like blacks we will try to make blacks as intelligent as whites or Asians. But the numbers are different. The Fast Muscle Fiber gene may be just one short sequence or maybe just one single SNP. But intelligence is polygenic. There are already known to be 1279 SNPs that contribute to brainpower - and probably more will be discovered. That's probably to many to edit with CRISPR.

A black who wants a smarter kid will have to do it the old fashion way - breed with a white person.

In the long run blacks are likely to go extinct - at least full blooded blacks. The last hominid that disappeared was the Neanderthal, But in a way the Neanderthals are still with us. They are maybe 4% of the Caucasian genome. That's one in 25. But there were never more than a few tens of thousands of Neanderthals, whereas there are billions of Caucasians alive today. There are more Neanderthals as genes around today than ever before. Blacks will never wholly disappear. They will remain as a tiny remnant in future mostly white and Asian genomes.


Bill in St Louis said...

" Magic City Snappers Social Aid & Pleasure Pond are hosting a Practice Non-Violence Block Party on Saturday."
First, don't they need to throw a "majestic" or "supreme" in that group title? Second, a pactice non-viokence block party? Do they keep practicing until a) everyone is dead or b) they get it right? This whole thing is looks at muh on a grand scale.

Anonymous said...

In just one year the number of White women raped by Black males is 6 times the total number of all lynchings during the entire history of the United States. (Estimated to be about 5,000 including both Whites and Blacks) Many scholars who have studied the history of lynching in the United States make it clear that lynching wasn’t simply a racial crime, but one primarily exacted on criminals whether they were Black or White.
Compare the small number of women (estimates are between 75 and 100 women lynched in the history of the United States) who suffered lynching compared to the 34,000 innocent women whom have commited no crime but suffer from Black terror and rape every year. In addition, 700 innocent White women are murdered each and every year by Blacks. Where is the outrage about this racial crime?
Hmmmm and only 250 blacks were killed by cops.. yet they riot and burn cities.

Rebel said...

Anonymous at 3:15's news story about the block party includes the little twist where it's now a "Non-Violence Health Block Party".

What a crock of crap. I've got to hand it to the negro in charge who came up with this twist.

In an earlier story Harry Traveling Shoes Turner said he was exploring ways of helping fund the event. (Side note: As we all know, future-time orientation is a completely foreign concept to negroes. Their events are ALWAYS a thrown-together disaster lending itself to violence, chaos and shootings. I have invitations from white friends organizing events a year from now. They're doing the necessary planning, saving money, making deposits and putting it far enough out for people to plan to attend. Blacks expect magic juju will just make everything happen. They want a big community event, so they just set it for the coming weekend and ook and eek on TV about it.)

So 'Traveling Shoes' weaseled some local hospital system or healthcare provider(s) into paying for his impromptu street party. He did this by simply adding the word "Health" into the name of his event. Ta da! Now it's a place for blacks to come and get health services information! Wow! He did it. Came up with a way to get whitey to cough up probably a few thousand dollars to by a couple hundred dollars worth of chicken (after skimming a little taste for himself off the top of the proceeds, of course). Just a note about that. Hospitals are total suckers for anything labeling itself a community event. They have substantial budgets to go out and educate the community. It counts not only toward compliance metrics required under medicare/obamacare rules for funding purposes, but there's also the marketing aspect that corporate healthcare craves.

So someone from the local healthcare provider(s) sent some unlucky employees out to this event in a minivan. They took out their folding table and display board. They put their company's branded tablecloth over it, spread a bunch of pamphlets on the table and stood there in khaki pants and collared shirts with a logo and a lanyard around their neck. They probably had some freebies on the table, too, like keychains or stress balls. How many negroes do you think attended this event because they're concerned about their health and came to get healthcare information to improve their wellness? I'm Blacks are far and away the most unhealthy segment of the U.S. population. Their rates of every disease. illness, injury and just poor health choices is off the charts by comparison to whites and asians. Even stupid shit like pedestrian accidents. They're dumber than dogs and cats about the danger posed by moving vehicles. And when they get medical treatment they almost never follow medical direction. They don't take their medicine as directed., cut their cast off at home, smoke cigarettes while on oxygen, continue eating foods or drinking alcohol that's causing their chronic health condition, get infections in ways that make staff mutter "WTF?!?" as they see what a black patient has done now. Blacks DO NOT do preventive health. They don't understand it. They simply cannot grasp the concept of doing something now for the purpose of having a good outcome at a future time. It's completely lost on them.

We can give them Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, EMTALA (look it up), build shiny new healthcare clinics right in their neighborhoods, offer free healthcare education and attend their stupid health street parties. Nothing is going to make that group pay attention to their health.

'Traveling Shoes' figured out a clever angle to hustle money out of stupid white suckers.

"My black community wants to learn about health care. Will you please attend our event and teach us? Oh, and uh...we're gonna need some money to buy some food and have activities for the little children. To, uh, to assure the maximum number of people coming out to learn about how to get healthy, of course!"



Unknown said...

You can put a black into civilization, but you can't put civilization into a black.