Monday, September 10, 2018

#JustBoycottIt: Mayor of 64% White/25% Black Kenner, Louisiana Bans the City From Buying Nike Products After Siding With Colin Kaepernick

Previously on SBPDL: Just Boycott It: Nike Makes Anti-White Colin Kaepernick the Face of Its 30th Anniversary "Just Do It" Campaign

Kenner is a suburb of New Orleans and home to a population 65 percent white and 24 percent black. 

Its white mayor just showed what is necessary when fighting corporations endorsing black power movements. [Saints players attend Kenner rally protesting Nike ban: report,, 9-10-18]:
Saints players arrived to a rally in Kenner organized to protest Mayor Ben Zahn's decision to ban the purchase of Nike products by the city's recreational facilities, according to social media reports by WDSU.
Cam JordanCraig RobertsonTerron Armstead and Chris Banjoarrived to the "Unity in Community" rally at Susan Park Playground Monday afternoon, which was organized as a "peaceful protest" of the widely-circulated memo banning Kenner's recreation booster clubs from purchasing Nike gear.  
"We needed to show up to understand how the people feel about this [decision]," said Jordan, an 8-year Saints defensive end who said he often plays pick up sports at the facilities. 
"I wanted to be amongst the people," said Armstead, a 6-year Saints offensive tackle who lives in Kenner.  
Zahn banned doing business with Nike, which recently unveiled a "Dream Crazy" advertising campaign featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who last year ignited protests against racial inequality by kneeling during the National Anthem prior to games. The Nike ads have generated passionate reactions in favor and against. 
When he first saw the memo from Zahn banning business with the company, Armstead said he experienced "disbelief." 
"It didn't seem real to me. I don't how you can ban a product to a whole community based on personal whatever," he told reporters at the rally. 
According to legal experts, the ban could run afoul of Kenner residents' free speech protections. Meanwhile, Zahn's first public comments about the memo explained that the policy was made to "protect taxpayer dollars from being used in a political campaign." 
Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu also spoke out Monday afternon, calling the ban "unpatriotic."
It's a start.


Also, don't burn any Nike products you own, but itemize them and donate them to goodwill. Get a tax write-off.

But whatever you do, never, ever by a Nike product again.


Anonymous said...

A shoe salesman who sucked at football. It's not just for Al Bundy anymore.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting how much more money dindus are willing to shell out than they already do for cheap, gaudy, plastic crap that was made with slave labor.

It's amazing how loyal "brown and black people of color" have been to the Nike corporation, primarily because Nike has convinced them that they MUST have the newest Air Jordans at a super-inflated price- sometimes before feeding children or paying their debts. I've heard endless tales of workers going into these nests and seeing the latest in phones, gadgets and Nike footwear while the "family" is crying for more gibs and assistance for their "honest" effort to better themselves and stop being an anchor on society.

Liberals make strange bedfellows these days. Most blacks seem to have never met a chain restaurant or corporate chain that they never liked. If it was up to them, small mom and pop stores, along with artisan craft work would be in the dustbin of history.

If you haven't had enough, look up: Colin Kaepernick Rosa Parks Stand by Sitting

There is a canvas shoe edition, but it's only available on Ebay. If you don't feel like setting your money on fire or throwing it down a sewer drain you can also buy this symbolic masterpiece and wear it as a t shirt.

Anonymous said...

It's only 13 miles from Susan Park Playground to Bunny Friend Park. Thank God they didn't have it at Bunny Friend Park!

Unknown said...

PK, you mean to tell me, for the first time in my life I'm finally early to the party? lmaoo! I haven't bought anything Nike in at least 15 years... but sadly, truth be told, since I'm a tax paying citizen of this nation, that I've indirectly bought Nike products... for other keeds, most of whom look nothing like me (us)... simply put, 🖕Nike & CK!

Alex from N. England said...

American blacks are probably the MOST PRIVELEGED group on the face of the earth. They benefit from first world infrastructure and welfare systems that their primitive brains cannot even begin to imagine. Beautiful housing projects turned into piss stained hellholes. Section 8 neighborhoods ravaged by their evil and blight. Humane justice systems where in their own savage lands lynching and summary execution without trial are the order of the day. They know they have it better than anything they could ever create but they also assume weak whites will continue to give into them until we are reduced to the state of chattel slaves and America is turned into a wasteland.

Egghead said...

“A legislative review of Virginia’s Department of Elections has found that the agency had an ‘environment of open support for one party over the other’ under leadership appointed by then-Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat.”

“...interviews with local registrars and state elections staffers showed there was a ‘perception of political bias that was reflected in decisions about certain policies and certain agency operations.’”

Whitewalker said...

Negroes are Nike's core customer base. They will see Nike's endorsement as a big "F*ck You" to White people, and approve of it. Old White people don't buy Nike crap, and the company doesn't care what they think. What White people CAN do, is turn off the TV, stop watching NFL games, and stop buying tickets to those games. That will be a hurt they notice. Those players hate us, and everything about us-why give them our money and time?

Archie bunker said...

That Landrieu is the white liberal governor who arranged for the confederate statues to come down, his father was also a cuke who was a Louisiana politician hated by most of his white constituents. Now that the monuments are down, the historical trauma removed, blacks continue their crimes and killing The next monuments will hopefully be of men who brought the blacks and their DWL handlers to repatriation

Detroit Refugee said...

Promise you all here reading this, I'll never buy anything nike related again. The two pair nike shoes I own are now relegated to lawn duty. I'll muck em up real good weed whipping and leaf taking this fall.

As an aside all out shoes were purchased online and delivered to my front door because there's no way I'm going near Southland Mall in Taylor. Pretty sure you know why.

Anonymous said...

Anything I have that says 'Nike' on it is now also graced by the letters C-K in a circle with a line through it. Work shirts, mostly. Too expensive a proposition to go buy all new work shirts. The modification lends itself to conversation. Some say I just painted a target on myself. We'll see....

Most if not all of my Nike crap was purchased at discount racks like Marshall's anyway. I'd never pay that much money for a pair of sneakers or to advertise someone else's product for them.

We will see how long this brave mayor can hold out. A perfect strategy is just to continue to tell them all 'NO!', quite emphatically. The left will move heaven and earth to unseat this man now and most likely will succeed in the end. It's a full court press. All of the media and all of the social networks will attack him now. It will feel like the whole world is against him but it is really just the focus of the moment. If he can weather the storm for a little while, he can make it through. The left has a short attention span.

Jim in Jersey

OverSeer said...

"Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu also spoke out Monday afternon, calling the ban "unpatriotic."

This from a dindu lover who was instrumental in the removal of American statues which portrayed patriotism and history. Un-Patriotic are the negroes who take a knee. Thats ok, I never considered dindu's Americans anyway. To be an American you need to posess certain characteristics that dindu's just don't have. Like respect, a work ethic, pride in your home and neighborhood, a complete family unit, and on and on. Thats why all they will ever be are Africans-In-America.

Archie bunker said...

When did they ever pay their bills or feed their children? We do all that for them

Mr. Rational said...

“A legislative review of Virginia’s Department of Elections has found that the agency had an ‘environment of open support for one party over the other’ under leadership appointed by then-Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat.”

This is my shocked face.

We will see how long this brave mayor can hold out. A perfect strategy is just to continue to tell them all 'NO!', quite emphatically. The left will move heaven and earth to unseat this man now and most likely will succeed in the end.

The one thing he CANNOT do is apologize.  And when the presstitutes come for him, he should be ready with a bunch of people holding "BOYCOTT NIKE" placards behind him.  If he stands up for himself and his people, he'll be more than fine; he'll be a symbol.

I never considered dindu's Americans anyway.

Anyone can be a US citizen (more's the pity).  An American is something special.

Anonymous said...

Never bought the overpriced product.
Even my doctor recommended better shoes for walking. Cheaper by a wide margin! Done.

Bill in St Louis said...

The mayor had a good point: as long as he hammers on "stay out of political etc" he might get away with it. Heres to hoping he can.

Anonymous said...

I have never bought Nike. Whenever I shopped for and tried on sneakers, I always bought New Balance.

One thing I noticed about Nike was that the arch always seemed to be in the wrong place. I wonder if this is a difference between negro and white anatomy? Has anyone else noticed this?

Anonymous said...

Fear of going to the local mall or any local shopping venue is what drives online shopping. This little tidbit of consumer behavior will never be admitted to by the great pretenders of all things are wonderful in this great big beautiful diverse world. My employer has a plaque in the shop which reads, 'Diversity enhances and enriches our lives." No, diversity is keeping UPS and FedEx up to their eyeballs in online deliveries.

Non PC Infidel said...

Whenever I hear of someone spending two hundred dollars or more on a pair of tennis shoes, there are two old sayings that immediately come to mind- "a fool and his money are soon parted" and "there's a sucker born every minute." Sensible people don't need to boycott Nike sneakers- they never purchased them in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Ive never bought anything nike but ive never been one to buy overpriced crap if i dont have to.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have bought nike running shoes for over a decade. I bought the same model in the same size every couple of years and there was no issue. This year they discontinued that model and replaced it with a bunch of new more garish and impractical models. I ended up buying a new pair of a retro model, a week before this Kaepernick ad campaign hit. It was all for the best as the sneakers didn't fit as comfortably as the discontinued model had and I was considering returning them as it was. When these ads were unveiled, I immediately brought them back.

The receipt clearly stated that these shoes could be returned for any reason within 60 days for a full refund. That didn't stop the half-black clerk from feeling around for the abnormal bump in the sole that was bothering me before reluctantly giving me a refund. I really wanted to cite Kaepernick as the reason I was returning the shoes (which would have been mostly true), but I had unfortunately purchased them with a credit card and was afraid the clerk could have doxxed me and ruined my career and life in the process (all over a pair of sneakers and a washed up football player).

Anonymous said...

OT – An Anon in a comment related to a prior post indicated that he/she planned to use the word “Nike” as a substitute for the n-word. I think that this is a great idea, and I plan to do the same. Not only can we offend those who are easily offended by the n-word, but we might have an opportunity to damage the brand name as the word Nike becomes associated with what the left considers to be hate speech. The prior Anon’s suggestion was Nike for the singular n-word, and Nikies for plural. Another possibility is the word Niker when referring to a singular n-word, and Nikers for plural. The word Nike associates more closely to the brand name when being misused which could cause more damage to the brand; however, Niker seems to more closely associate with the actual n-word and might be slightly more offensive. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the best substitute for the n-word?

Non PC Infidel said...

In the glorious rainbow utopia of South Africa, the murder rate has (year by year)increased 6.9% since the end of apartheid. 20,000 murdered in one year or almost 57 per day now. It will only go higher and higher.

They obviously don't know about peace marches, candlelight vigils, barbecues, midnight basketball and all the other things that keep africans in America from killing each other....oh...wait.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Nike. Never bought it, never will. Now it's right up there with the breakfast cereal that tried to push miscegenation, the insurance company that portrayed whites as idiots, and blacks as intelligent, responsible, civic minded citizens. Go to hell Nike. Just do it. Oh yeah, kiss my old, white ass on your way down.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but funny as hell.Has anyone seen the cartoon done by an aussie of Serena at the US Open? Got to see it.Now they will be censoring cartoons!

Mr. Rational said...

Has anyone seen the cartoon done by an aussie of Serena at the US Open?

I particularly liked Sam Robeson's take at

"We’re really supposed to limit our no-no words on here so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of exclusive brands that advertise with WWTDD like Cartier, Aston Martin, and Mexican Viagra ‘R’ Us, but I’m going to go wild and say that Serena Williams is a nasty fucking bitch. She’s truly a monster of a roided out human being who makes The Rock look like Natalie Portman. She also happens to be black. And, technically, hypothetically, a woman."

Comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

Reports: Umpires consider boycott of Serena Williams matches, fearful of being 'the next Ramos'

The Times of London reports that there is a growing consensus that umpires feel they were “not supported by the USTA” on several occasions and cite one anonymous source claiming that umpires are considering boycotting matches played by Williams.

The source tells The Times that some umpires believe that Ramos was “thrown to the wolves for simply doing his job and was not willing to be abused for it” and that they are considering “to refuse any match assignments involving Williams until she apologizes for vilifying Ramos and calling him a ‘liar’ and a ‘thief.'”

Sick n Tired said...

OT: 2 "Teens" rob a store while the clerk has a heart attack. The comments are priceless.

Californian said...

In the glorious rainbow utopia of South Africa, the murder rate has (year by year)increased 6.9% since the end of apartheid. 20,000 murdered in one year or almost 57 per day now.

SA did not have this kind of murder rate when apartheid was in force. This is something to think about when the topic of black majority rule comes up.

rex freeway said...

In my 57 years on this planet, ive never bought a Nike product. Damn sure aint starting now.

PB said...

"Has anyone seen the cartoon done by an aussie of Serena at the US Open?"

Australia is not such a big target for the opinion molding (((Nation wreckers))), because we don't project the Military clout you do, which is what they want access to. One consequence of this is that Australians have little understanding of the power of doxxing and narrative control. This poor cartoonist is so naive and he's struggling to understand the global Social Media shit-storm that has been unleashed upon him and his family. So far his (((Conservative))) newspaper is standing by him, but we'll see how long that lasts. Another very good satirical cartoonist here was doxxed to an early death because he published a too-full-of-inconvenient-truths panel about Abos. I had thought the fraternity may have learned something from that, but apparently not.

Serena should probably cut back on the steroids that she doesn't seem to get tested for.

Former Liberal said...

For my feet, Nike makes crappy running shoes anyway. Last time I bought a pair was in 1985. To the poster who boycotts certain companies and products, add Starbucks, McDonalds, any "Beats" products and Levi's. Since these companies are all anti white, the hell with them.

Unknown said...

Is NIKE really ready to sacrifice everything for what it claims to believe in? Their tune will change and fast once they see how many customers they have alienated.

Whitewalker said...

LOL! OK, how about using "Nike-americans"????

Pat Boyle said...

Kaepernick suffers from a belief in the Racism Myth. There are at least three parts to the myth.

First sufferers believe it is wrong for whites to dislike blacks. But natural and fitting that blacks hate whites.

Second they believe that white negative actions against blacks are common.

Third and finally they believe that white actions against blacks are harmful.

For the first part of the myth all it takes is a simple count of how often someone on TV calls for the extermination of another race. I've never heard a white person say this on TV. Even David Duke - the most notorious white racist anywhere - never says this. But many prominent black celebrities and politicians routinely call for all whites to be killed.

The idea that negative white actions against blacks are frequent is also easy to disprove. How often have you ever heard a white person actually say the "N" word? You can't count movies or stand up comics. This word which is so heinous apparently that it can never be spoken aloud or appear in print, is in fact very, very rarely heard anywhere.

There is no doubt that blacks suffered from job discrimination in the past. But when was the last time a qualified black was turned down for a job because of his race? If there were such a case, the company would be run out of business and the people responsible would be hounded by lawyers and violent SJWs for the rest of their lives.

Finally let's say for example that there is an actual real racist incident. Imagine that two high school girls quarrel and the white one calls the black one a monkey. That would make the morning papers and the local news at eleven. It would also be a wrong thing to say because it's impolite. But would it be reasonable to say that that is the reason the black girl robbed a store, failed to finish high school, became an unwed mother or murdered a stranger? Blacks do all of those things at very high rates and blame it on racism.

But why can I call a Jew a "Kike" or a "Chinese" person a Slope and they don't go out and rob and kill? Emotionally health people just ignore such speech. Call me a 'Mick" and I'll probably laugh.

The idea that black kids can't do algebra because someone once call them a name is such a bizarre notion that we should all be gob smacked. Once if a Protestant called a Catholic a "Mackerel Snapper" it could be worth his life. But not now. Racism is an old fashion concept that refers to a world long gone.


Bill in St Louis said...

Apparently the NFL viewing was down 10% on first Monday night game/s. Cant wait to see how nike spins thier drop in sales this time next year. Hard to blame it on the weather.

Marc B said...

Kenner, and it's neighboring Metairie are among the dumping grounds for former tenants of New Orleans housing projects and recently not-so affordable urban hipster ZIP codes. The move by the Kenner mayor against Nike products is a symbolic gesture that resonates with a lot of irritated people in West Jefferson Parish.

rent slave said...

I wore my Nike Sucks t-shirt to Wal Mart today.

Anonymous said...

A pastor in Alabama has resorted to cutting up Nike apparel and receiving a standing ovation from his congregation.

CPR said...

Field report from someone who has lived in this area for 30 years: Kenner is a very interesting city. Almost everyone reading this article has been to it, since it contains the airport which services one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth, New Orleans. The Chateau Estates area in the northwest has breathtaking mansions mainly inhabited by the old-money Italians who basically founded and shaped the city, and a lavish golf course. Local playgrounds, politicians and products have names like Yenni, Congemi, Boscoli and Golemi. There's even a new skatepark, as in skateboarding park. The northeast has been pretty much taken over by Latinos since Hurricane Katrina, when they were imported to help quickly (and sometimes disastrously, when their shoddy work began to fall apart) rebuild the New Orleans area. There are too may Hispanic restaurants, and even money lending places, to count, and one of the only mosques in the entire state of Louisiana. Lots of poor, thuggish blax live around here too, but predominantly in south Kenner, which is bordered by the Mississippi River. This specific area, called Rivertown, was the site of the first pro boxing match in America, but is now the kind of place you'd never want to have to walk through, even in daylight. Dollar stores, a decrepit tire shop (which always inexplicably has at least 5-8 black men hanging around the front of it, whether during business hours of afterwards), a car rim shop, and rotting porches predominate. Luckily Kenner has a notoriously fast-responding and technologically-advanced police force which keeps things in line, as one would expect of a city which is the gateway to the state's multibillion-dollar tourism industry.

Overall, Kenner offers a good approximation of how America will be in about 50 years, essentially what South Africa and Brazil have already become: High-achieving white elites and blue-collar folks living in their own enclaves, as black and brown people teem in ever-increasing numbers, eventually elevating the inevitable liberal politicians to power. At that point, the downward spiral becomes irreversible, civilization essentially grinds to a halt, and almost all whites flee. Kudos to the mayor for at least trying to forstall this outcome. I had to laugh watching these NFL players, presumably all on the payroll of sweatshop titan Nike, show up to rally the oppressed masses. I wonder if Nike slipped them a little extra cash under the table for that show of solidarity.

Anonymous said...

OT – I watched an interview of Eric Trump today. He was discussing Woodward’s new Trump bashing book, and he made what I thought was an appropriate although surprising comment. He indicated that greed was the reason for the release of the book and that the sellers of this kind of material are willing to undermine the efforts of the President for a few shekels. This comment probably won’t make the cut because of the word shekel, yet Eric Trump used it in an interview. It probably means nothing.

Egghead said...

This one’s for Mr. Rational:

The Georgia School of Innovation and the Classics offers parents of students who “act out in the classroom” the option of providing corporal punishment in lieu of a five day suspension.

“Sometimes it’s just kind of the threat of it [paddling] being there [that] becomes a deterrent in itself.”

Anonymous said...

Kenner, Louisiana, mayor reverses his Nike ban

SEP 12, 2018 6:34 PM EDT

KENNER, La. - The mayor of a New Orleans suburb says he's rescinding his order banning his city's recreation department from purchasing Nike products for use at city recreation facilities.

Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn said at a news conference Wednesday that he did so on the advice of the city attorney and because the order had divided the city.

Mr. Rational said...

when was the last time a qualified black was turned down for a job because of his race?

Qualified Whites have been turned down for jobs because of their race for years.  This has been at least a theoretical possibility since Griggs, but it has certainly been a reality for the last 20 years.

We need to go back to the says of freedom of association.  People, including business owners, must be allowed to say "we do not want Blacks here as customers, employees or any other role" and have that choice respected.

"The idea that black kids can't do algebra because someone once call them a name is such a bizarre notion that we should all be gob smacked."

The whole notion of "microaggressions" being responsible for Black pathology is exactly that.  We should not just be gobsmacked at the assertion.  We should treat everyone claiming it as enemy spies or traitors, and levy the appropriate penalty.

KENNER, La. - The mayor of a New Orleans suburb says he's rescinding his order banning his city's recreation department from purchasing Nike products for use at city recreation facilities.

Dammit.  He cucked.

Anonymous said...

I saw his reply and I was glad that he didn’t apologize. I hope he stands firm and the SJW Twitter lynch mob doesn’t wear him down.

Anonymous said...

I thought NIKEs were made with slave labor anyway. Oh,that's right.They're made for angelic Black "affletes". So slave labor doesn't matter only protecting Blacks and their FEELINGS matters. How F"""ing insane is that. The very thing these psycho White libs and Black degenerates have the gall to whine about i.e. "da slabery" but they fully endorse because they are made for Black "affletes".

Egghead said...

The black Richmond, VA, community is using the Nike meme to skewer the black mayor for allocating to local schools less tax money than he originally promised from a recent tax hike on restaurant meals.

Meme superimposed over photo of black Mayor:
‘Stand for something even if it means sacrificing the needs of thousands of black students and residents.’

The insinuation - or allegation - is that the black mayor is spending the tax money on a new coliseum versus new schools.

So, it’s sports (and entertainment) versus schools....

Factual description:

Meme (see slogan on photo):

Anonymous said...

Mayor already caved.

Only took a few days. Sent him an email of support when he had the backbone to take a stand.

Chastised him when he cowered and ran for the hills.


That's what we have instead of statesmen.

Jim in Jersey

Marc B said...

"Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn said at a news conference Wednesday that he did so on the advice of the city attorney and because the order had divided the city".

It's better not make public proclamations then to grandstand before cucking. If you don't have balls enough to back up your convictions when the heat is on, shut it!

Unknown said...

I adopted that descriptor, "Africans in America" afters reading comments like yours in this forum..It's spot-on, and also cuts right through that ridiculous moniker "African-American" which I always thought of as propaganda to elevate the American blacks.

Appreciate ALL of you!