Thursday, September 27, 2018

Music Video by African Rapper in France Calls for the Killing of Whites (Depicts Blacks Torturing/Killing White Male)

How close is the western world to imploding? [Black rapper's ‘hang white people’ video triggers meltdown in France, Russia Today, 9-27-18]:
A young French rapper has made it into the headlines with a graphic music video calling for white people to be killed. And while he’s shot to fame, with it has come widespread outrage and an investigation into his “art”. 
The Happening comes closer and closer to reality...
The video features violent scenes of the rapper, Nick Conrad, and another black man torturing and killing a white male. The duo give the man a chance to escape, telling him to run fast – “as the blacks do” – then shoot him in the back for being too slow. Conrad then forces the white man to bite a kerbstone and stomps on his head, in an apparent reference to the movie American History X. The victim is then seen hanged from a post behind the rapper and his sidekicks. 
The graphic footage is accompanied by equally shocking lyrics, with Conrad rapping “I go to nurseries and kill white babies” while hanging their parents “to entertain black kids of all ages.” 
The video, uploaded to Youtube on September 17, gained several thousand views before being removed on Wednesday. Clips from the video, however, are still available on some Youtube accounts and other sites. 
The video has garnered much attention from French politicians and activist groups, who called on the authorities to remove it from the web and prosecute the author. 
“He must be prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred and condemned for these ignoble and irresponsible remarks,”Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, tweeted. 
The France-based International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) also condemned the video, stating that freedom of expression was not the “freedom to call for hanging whites because of their skin color.” 
“The incitement to murder in Nick Conrad's video is despicable and unbelievably violent,” LICRA tweeted. 
The President of France's National Rally (formerly Front National) Marine Le Pen said the video was an example of "anti-white racism that no self-proclaimed expert or media speaks of." 
"There is nothing artistic about what is, pure and simple, a call for hatred and murder!" she tweeted. 
The widespread outrage caught the eye of Parisian prosecutors, who opened an investigation into the video over suspected "public calls to commit crimes" on Wednesday. 
French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb also took to Twitter to condemn the video, saying his service was working hard to eradicate it from the web. Now, it's up to the judiciary to give "appropriate treatment to these heinous calls for hatred," he added.
It should be increasingly clear just how close the western world is to imploding.


Anonymous said...

Nick, as a hardcore race realist, thank you for doing my work for me.

OverSeer said...

Just ordered another 1,000 rounds.

Anonymous said...

As these videos, the public declarations calling for the murder of people solely because of their race, become more prevalent so does the justification of going armed for self defense.
A little bit of history-the NRA defended the rights of blacks to own firearms to defend themselves. But today it the black democrats who are the most vocal proponents of disarming the whiteman, vilifying the NRA-the same organization that fought for their rights of self defense.

Understand two things: we are not equal, they have no intention of living with us.

desertoakie said...

You don't have enough ammo.

gkruz said...

"Meltdown". Usually used in a pejorative sense, as in he couldn't handle the fact they screwed up his name on his birthday cake, so he had a meltdown. You'll never see that word meltdown used to describe BLM riots, I mean, 'protests", or any negro chimpout in Denny's. Plus, I do believe there is nothing new to black rap videos depicting violence against White. I think Rhianna or some other Afrikan qween killed a white woman in one of hers (but she was a snooty blonde rich bitch, so all the whiggers and Antifa types could relate, and another rapper hanged a little white boy in another. I can't remember the exact names and titles as I don't want to look at any more of that crap, but I must say that I see it as a hopeful sign that a race of brown sugar-loving cucks like the French are finally having enough of malevolent negritude. Merde!

juvenal said...

Oh Well. They're making a lot easier for us to do what needs to be done.

paul marchand said...

Not yet a big threat. His videos on Youtube have in the 100-25,000 range of hits.

Berserker said...

Nick Conrad is not French - he's only a feral Cameroon.

D-FENS said...

Wish they left it up. It would show their true colors and wake more up.

Augustus said...

Millions of Frenchmen lined up to find out where to go to surrender.

Mr. Clean said...

PK said: It should be increasingly clear just how close the western world is to imploding.

Or, perhaps, how close western civilization is to correcting itself. See, as a possible example, the 2016 US presidential election.

The monkeyshines here mirror much of what is occurring in various groups on the political left. They are showing their true colors. And that is a good thing, because most of what underlies the left is vile and evil.

"Racists" understand that many negros resent and hate YT, something which many naive (or brainwashed) whites would deny. This negro's antic's puts it out in the open.

I say "rap"/ook on, Nick!

PB said...

Shot to fame? Shot to death would be preferable.

Californian said...

“The incitement to murder in Nick Conrad's video is despicable and unbelievably violent,” LICRA tweeted.

Oh come now, what is Conrad advocating in this video which has not already been done for decades in the Western world?

* Black perpetrated torture-murders from Knoxville to South Africa?
* Black flashmobs storming convenience stores and amusement parks?
* Blacks trashing entire cities?
* White people being at the "wrong place and time" where "shots ring out?"
* Blacks rioting from Watts to Ferguson, with the occasional pillaging expedition to London and points east?

I hardly see what this one video is saying that is any more outrageous than the anti-White agitprop pushed by academia, corporations, government and now pro athletics. Look at the blatantly anti-White commercials which are pumped 24/7 from the telescreens. Tune in to WorldstarHipHop where blacks proudly post video of the mayhem they inflict on White people. And do I have to comment on the massive black African invasion of Europe which is wrecking havoc on Europe?

So I am not getting too much outraged here. Let's see this fellow continue to broadcast his videos. He might inadvertently wake up more White people.

And as always: stay armed, stay alert. Remember, the foe has already stated his intention and that is to destroy you.

One Who Got Mugged said...

And they wonder why so many Whites don't want to be around 'em.

Anonymous said...

The video could be a precurser to what white South Africans are about to experience.

Egghead said...

‘...he was the heart and soul of the business community.’

‘He did everything he could to make sure that we had a vibrant community.’

‘He was a true visionary and really believed in who we could become.’

Prominent businessman and CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce shot and murdered by a black male with dreadlocks.

Do you think that the murdered man would have been scandalized by SBPDL?

Anonymous said...

French rap. French rapper.

Nope, can't even picture that in my head.

Anyways, cheap paths to 'fame' are always available if you're willing to take the risk. If this Nike lives another year or two, that's long in his profession. He'll be taken out by one of his own also seeking 'fame'. Classless.

And who will feed them when they kill us all? The Chinese? Koreans? Hispanics? No one else is dumb enough to make that sort of foolish investment.

The experiment failed. Move on.

Jim in Jersey

Archie bunker said...

That was a huge mistake, they shouldn't be allowed anything

Mr. Rational said...

And who will feed them when they kill us all?

Never use black-pill language like "when".

Our job is to survive.  To survive, we must be rid of them.  If they will not accept peaceful separation, then it will not be peaceful.  Tough toenails.

OverSeer said...

Operative word was additional. :)

Pat Boyle said...

Like Judge Kavanaugh I try to be optimistic. I try to stay on the sunny side of the mountain. But it's getting tougher.

I'm re-reading Gregory Clarke's book A Farewell to Alms. Clarke speaks of The Great Divergence. All the earth for all time was poor. Places like Ancient Rome or Medieval England could have a small minority of prosperous people but the vast majority were poor and stayed poor. He claims that before the Industrial Revolution people who led ordinary lives had lived better in the stone age. Progress was slow and if an advance was made it just led to greater fertility and the increased population ate up the extra wealth. This is called the Malthusian trap.

That's why The Bubonic Plague brought about a period of prosperity - fewer people to share the harvest with.

Whites and Asians have escaped the Malthusian Trap. We don't over breed and we get richer every year. The same is not true of Africans. Clarke says today we have the richest most prosperous people who have ever lived but at the same time Africans are poorer and more miserable than any people have who have ever lived.

Since that book was written we have come to appreciate that the population of sub-Saharan Africa is exploding. Steve Sailer publishes a graph that he calls the most important graph in the world. It shows the line of population advance in black Africa. It goes straight up.

That means in the near future we will ignore the Middle East, we will ignore Russia, and will even ignore China. All our attention will be focused on the chaos coming out of Africa. Many of these Africans will try to invade Europe, Asia and the Americas. Others will fight each other probably with nuclear weapons. But most will just die from starvation and thirst.

The blacks have failed to escape the Malthusian Trap and they will raise a challenge to the survival of those nations in Europe, Asia and the Americas that have.

Expect African-Americans to speak up. We must resist the impulse to 'help'.


Non PC Infidel said...

Low IQ negro fools like Conrad never comprehend what the end result of what they advocate would be. They imagine if they get rid of the white man, they'll still have everything the white man has created and that they'll simply take it over and have it all for themselves and be livin' large. The cities will remain clean, the infrastructure intact and so on. The truth is that everything would decay and rot into the exact same conditions seen in Haiti. That being said, even Haiti has not descended into the ultimate negro "paradise" it would be since whites still provide tons of "humanitarian" aid and other services. Remove that and Haiti would pitch black at night except for camp fires and within two months or less, the incompetent, incapable and ignorant blacks would be eating each other.

I really wish western nations would wise up and stop supporting these stone age creatures, stop allowing them to infest western nations and simply return them to their natural environment and let nature take its course. WE don't need them. At all. Neither does anyone else if the truth be told. They're simply a curse and a burden wherever they nest in great numbers.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational,
The question was merely rhetorical. They can't kill us all just as we can't kill them all. The solution is segregation and hot-button topics like that quickly dissolve into loud finger-pointing arguments that solve nothing.

They couldn't do it in Haiti, they couldn't even do it with the American indians. Fully eliminating an entire population is virtually impossible and unnecessary.

All we need to do is STOP FUNDING THEM! Want 11 'keeds' with 11 different mothers? Pay for them. Want the latest 'sayl fone', get a job and buy one.

If we could put in place some people with enough common sense to see it through, we could easily turn back the tide of the black plague we currently pay for.

My suggestion?

Anyone currently on welfare, getting money for section 8 housing, food stamps/EBT, any sort of gove't support would get notification that in six months, if they cannot show some sort of, any sort of sustained income matching their assistance, they would be cut off without appeal.

Think of it. IN six months, 99% of everyone on gov't assistance would be on their own.

Then it would be up to the churches and the charities to pick up the slack in the care and feeding of the brood. Since there would be no more section 8 payments, they would have to abandon the cities they've destroyed and take up shelter in charitable housing. Freeing the cities from their choke-hold, they could be modernized and rebuilt, allowing working people a safe, convenient place to live which would be near their work. Imagine?

Without the heavy burden of paying for Yolanda's weave and nails, the working public would thrive with all that extra money that would normally be removed from their paychecks. Blacks would be forced back into the rural, unincorporated areas to perform their Wakanda magic on each other. Cities and suburbs would prosper. Crime would fall in numbers never before seen! Businesses would no longer have to maintain 3" bullet-proof glass around cash registers. Shop keepers would return home every night. The fear of the vagrants killing them for pocket change would fall away.

Look, we're never going to be rid of them. Face it. Look at anywhere carnage like that has happened. It never succeeds in eliminating the problem. The only thing you can do is stop making it so easy to kill and rob you. Distance and opportunity go hand in hand. Increase the distance and shrink the opportunity.

But places like Chicago would no longer exist. For me, Newark, Paterson, Camden, Trenton, Jersey City and a whole slew of others would return to the grandeur they have since lost.

<My mom tell stories of Jersey City back in the day and I'm sure it was the same everywhere else. There were Polish, Jewish, Italian, French, English and every other white European ethnicity living in a few square miles back in the 30's - 50's. Each group compartmentalized into their own areas. It's best when you hear my 90 year old mom talk about 'guinnie town' or 'jew town' with absolutely no malice in her voice. Just designations. Everyone shopped in one another's districts. There were rarely any problems. Food is usually our first foray into any other culture and it was true then as well.

The only thing that was capable of changing it and eventually destroying it was the influx of blacks that grew in the 60's. All the Europeans got along pretty famously, conducting business with one another for decades. The blacks came in and in a matter of 10 years, killed Jersey City. When we left in '67 the streets were no longer walkable. By the early 70's it was like Beirut. It's stayed that way since. They've tried many times to 'improve' it and bring yuppie commuters in to be close to the city but without repairing the problem, the city still sleeps in fear. I liken it to windshield wiper blades 'fixing your windshield' so you can see.

Jim in Jersey

Jesse Riddles said...

Blacks overthrew the French in Haiti in 1804 ! Look how well that worked out ! The French left in France are so liberally indoctrinated that they will never have the guts to throw the blacks out by force. Let France be a cautionary tale to the rest of Europe and to the U.S. , that Multi-culturalism and race mixing don't work !

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Yet he has to go to a white country, with white man's technology, to make his ghetto noise? In africa he would be barefoot, and in rags, and full of parasites.

Bruce County said...

In a video posted at, a New Black Panther Leader identified by The Blaze as possibly being King Samir Shabazz, said that blacks will have to kill white babies “seconds” after they’re born, while suggesting bombing nurseries.
The Blaze also noted that the host, presumably Shabazz, also said that “blacks are ‘too scared’ to drag whites out of their houses, skin them, hang them in trees, drag them behind trucks, and pour acid on them.
He talks about that as he announces the desire for a new ‘military.’”
In another piece of audio posted at Breitbart, New Black Panther Party Chief of Staff Michelle Williams said the black community in Tampa is “under siege,” and attacked white people as well as black conservatives.
While ranting about why she hates white people, she “vowed that as long as whites keep characterizing blacks as ‘ni***rs,’ her ‘feet [will be] on your motherf*****g necks,’” The Blaze added. (Im pretty sure they use the term more than whites do) The mind of the negro.
She wasn’t done though:
“Let me tell you, the things that’s about to happen, to these honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these —- people.
It has been long overdue,” Williams said in an interview.
“My prize right now this evening … is gonna be the bounty, the arrest, dead or alive, for George Zimmerman. You feel me?”
She added later: “It’s in me to fight. It’s in me to raise up soldiers. It’s in me that every time my feet touch the ground the state of Florida- these crackers- they scared.”
Stay Alert fine people. Stay armed. They ARE looking for a war.

Anonymous said...

Bruce County said ”Stay Alert fine people. Stay armed. They ARE looking for a war.”

Good advice. However, I find the thought of getting another leftist Supreme Court Justice such as Sotomayor, Kagen, Ginsburg, or Breyer far more frightening than the thought of a simple race war. The Supreme Court can eff things up for generations, whereas Nikes only eff things up as long as they are allowed to do so. If things seem bad now, just wait until a majority of Justices are the likes of these four. We are only one short of reaching that milestone. The importance of confirming someone like Kavanaugh cannot be overemphasized – call your Senator, and tell them to confirm Kavanaugh now!

Californian said...

Pat Boyle said... Since that book was written we have come to appreciate that the population of sub-Saharan Africa is exploding.

* Do not feed the African.
* Do not educate the African.
* Do not dig wells for the African.
* Do not preach the Bible to the African.
* Do not employ the African for cheap labor.
* Do not provide free medical care for the African.
* Do not place the African on your sportsball teams.
* Do not intervene to stop the fratricidal wars of the Africans.
...and especially...
* Do not (ever!) import the African into your own homelands.

If you do these things, eventually the African will destroy you.
* True in South Africa.
* True in America.
* True in Europe.

Life in wartime, YT, demographic war. Act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

In another piece of audio posted at Breitbart, New Black Panther Party Chief of Staff Michelle Williams said the black community in Tampa is “under siege,” and attacked white people as well as black conservatives.

Well, now, if Michelle believes she is under siege then she could move to Detroit, a black majority city. Millions of White people have moved to other cities to escape the kind of pathological violence which Michelle promotes: aenseless killings, torture-murders, flashmob attacks, torching of cities to protest the killings of "unarmed teens."

But why go as far as Detroit? A short boat trip across the Caribbean will bring Michelle and her comrades to the black-run island of paradise of Haiti. In Haiti there are no eeeeevil Whites to "scare" blacks. It's Wakanda in the making.

Of course, we know why blacks do not move to black dominated cities or countries. Without White people to sponge off, they'd quickly revert to eating cookies made of mud.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this racist scoundrel was murdered by one of his Confederate confederates! ;)

Anonymous said...

Darn. He hosted great parties where he watched his favorite college ball teams. He only died because he dindu nuffin fo' da coonmunity.

Brian in Ohio said...

They want you dead.

You. Your mom. Your wife and children. All of you.

And no one is coming to save you. No one.

Not your Congressmen or your Representatives. Not the courts or the police. In fact, they`re all working against you. They would all gladly see you disarmed and at the mercy of the hordes.

The Constitution? Bill of Rights? Just words on paper. And that never stopped a bullet.

State by state, the ability of free men to arm themselves is slowly being stifled. Your window of opportunity is closing. Use this time wisely.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Something, somewhere, sometime, will set it off. Not sure exactly how the war will materialize but it’s coming. Can’t even guess the players. Which side is which. Boundaries? I’ve become so tired of waiting. Sad to see this beautiful world turned into a game of chance. Evil people pulling the strings. Feel like a puppet most days.

Anonymous said...

Actually, after reading the comments of the new black panther I’m going with Florida as being ground zero. If Florida gets a black governor watch the uprising. I won’t set foot in the state under black rule. Sure have given away the nicest parts of America. They was ‘kangz’ and we are fools. Going to be a bumpy ride.

D-FENS said...

Negroes kill Memphis Chamber of Commerce president.

Suspect is a black male with dreadlocks.

Looks like he was a cuck:

“...because of his abiding interest in understanding how the issues of poverty, minority business, talent, and early childhood education converge to shape Memphis and Shelby County.”

“...and a colleague passionate about the issues to increase opportunity and equity.”

Anonymous said...

First prize to Augustus

"Millions of Frenchmen lined up to find out where to go to surrender"

They really are cowards of the highest order....and deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

To make sure no racism or hard feelings are felt, they are going to let him off and this will fade away.

Don't worry though; you can now go to Moscow and spend your money in security and without any of the new fangled vibrancy destroying what were once marvelous self-sustaining systems. At one time the French didn't hate themselves in order to appease others and sacrifice all in the name of hoping that one day all this diversity will be worth it and start giving back in any way whatsoever.

With the #metoo hypocrisy charade on full steam in order to completely besmirch a man of incredible integrity things are going to start getting ugly.

The addition of the "deregulation of the sexual marketplace" has stripped many young white men of future mates, or at least of the caliber and grace that he once could expect to find through social connections and rituals. Of course this was also brought upon himself by him buying the lies of just taking it easy, becoming a soyboy and hoping everything will work out a-ok.

This anger, however justified, exists nonetheless and can be channeled. All we need are strong orators. Their greatest champion was a sexual deviant and betrayer to his wife and his God, yet his plagiarism and unholy sexcapades have gone unchecked by their all-seeing radar of female empowerment.

Leaders have a way with words.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Something, somewhere, sometime, will set it off. Not sure exactly how the war will materialize but it’s coming. Can’t even guess the players. Which side is which. Boundaries? I’ve become so tired of waiting.

Probably another Trayvon. Another POS sainted by the media. Blacks over-inflated sense of self worth is legendary.

Probably urban. Blacks never seem to have progressed past setting their own neighborhoods on fire.

One things certain... Your skin color will be your uniform. All those liberal SJW`s who wanted to live in the hip, urban centers are in for one hell of a rude awakening.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks D-FENS for the note on that. He was indeed a cuck. I've read stories of his love for the darkside several times. His decision to stay there 19 years ago speaks volumes. 2 days from now no-one there will give a flying ****

Anonymous said...

O.T. Did everyone see that video featuring Senator Jeff Flake (inside an elevator)?

SCREAMING LEFTY: "I was sexually assaulted, AND NOBODY BELIEVED ME! I didn't tell anyone..."

Mr. Rational said...

Negroes kill Memphis Chamber of Commerce president.
Looks like he was a cuck

Just goes to show that "being down with the cause" won't save you.  It won't help you one tiny bit.  It won't even get your killer a harsher sentence.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly said!

Anonymous said...

Florida won't be getting a black Governor, at least not this time around.