Monday, September 17, 2018

When you run out of white people, the civilization they created crumbles to nothing: In 49% Black St. Louis, More Than 25,000 Buildings or Lots are Vacant

Previously on SBPDL: In 82% Black Gary, Indiana, the Indiana National Guard Assists in Demolishing Scores of Buildings Whites Long Ago Built, but Blacks Failed to Maintain

Out of 318,000 people, St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 percent white (as of 2010 US Census).

Well... it's true what they say about Bell Curve City

Give a white man a pile of bricks, he'll build a city; give a black man a city, he'll turn it into a pile of bricks...

[LRA owns the 12,000 St. Louis properties no one wants. And it can't afford to maintain them., St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9-17-18]:

ST. LOUIS  •  In January, someone hid behind the empty house next to Jennifer Walter’s home in the Walnut Park East neighborhood and shot her husband.A case of mistaken identity, she believes. Her husband survived, but the shooter was never found. 
When the city is all black, will they still blame whites for the failure all around them?
“They’re running from the police, running through these vacant houses,” Walter said, gesturing to the empty buildings that dot her street. 
The dilapidated building where the shooter hid had been owned since 2012 by the Land Reutilization Authority, the city’s land bank. 
As the owner of almost half of St. Louis’ 25,000 vacant lots and buildings, LRA has long been in the crosshairs of city residents unhappy with the way the agency maintains its vast property holdings. 
That’s not news to Laura Costello, LRA’s director of real estate. “I get beat up at every neighborhood meeting I go to,” she says. 
LRA became the city’s biggest owner of abandoned property because of forces unleashed in the 1960s, as people and businesses left for the suburbs — and unpaid real-estate taxes piled up in the city. State law at the time required the city to file suit against each individual parcel of tax-delinquent land in order to attempt to collect revenue — an unfeasible task. 
City Hall at the time decided St. Louis needed a state law that would allow it to hold, maintain and eventually sell vacant property with a clear title for redevelopment, in hopes of revitalizing decaying neighborhoods. In 1971, the LRA — the nation’s first city-run land bank — was born.

 Bell Curve City indeed

Give a white man a pile of bricks, he'll build a city; give a black man a city, he'll turn it into a pile of bricks... St. Louis is proof of this dictum. 


Anonymous said...

Rather than address the reasons for white flight, they will do everything they can to blame anyone but the black community.
There are no abandoned homes in my neighborhood. If there were, they would be gobbled up, repaired and lived in for access to the school district.
What, no one wants to send their budding Rhodes Scholar to a BRA school?

Anonymous said...

Once Detroit became a black city, it turned into a complete sh*t hole. And of course, even with a population that is 90% black, including the government and police, it's still the White people's fault.
They say that Detroit is a sh*t hole because all the industries and factories left - due to discrimination against black people.

If you gave black people an entire island, it would still be the White people's fault that it's a terrible place to live.

Anonymous said...

Vacant people = vacant buildings.

Trade those AA's for some Chinese and watch the place start humming!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I wonder if Michigan state representative LaTanya Garrett (see previous post) would like to see this woman charged with a felony hate-crime for falsely reporting young white men to the police? 🤔

The difference being, of course, this woman didn’t just call the police about a real event that may or may not have been a crime; she COMPLETELY FABRICATED a crime!

This is where you can expect a liberal to break out the ridiculous “fake, but accurate” defense...

Anonymous said...

There are many such piles of bricks across our once great nation.

It used to be that they were contained to the rural south and the northeast but now I dare you to find an area that is not infected by them.

In any state of the nation, you will find these 'Wakanda' paradises. Areas so bad that even the blacks who destroyed it fear to walk the streets. This has happened in my lifetime while I watched.

Escaping Jersey City in the later 60's, even with the eyes of a child I could see the dread and destruction that followed these people. Growing up in a suburb of Newark I watched that once fine city burn during the riots. The architecture present in the empty facades area mute reminder of what we built there.

The Oranges, once a insurance mecca, is now a hollow shell of a city. You can still drive through it and marvel at the magnificence of the churches that hint of its great past.

Every black shit-hole that now is no more than a stain on the memory of what once was is like a cold slap in the face to the people who were forced to leave ahead of the encroaching invaders.

So where does it stop? When do we draw a line and say 'no more'? Or do we just continue the cycle; fix our cities and slowly get displaced by the rabble?

I can't imagine what sort of white Wakanda we would be living in now had it not been for the communists weaponizing the blacks against us.

Yet I continue to say it's our own fault. We let go of the reigns and put trust into people in government who didn't deserve it. We let the communist enemy get a foothold in our country and now we will pay for it.

Jim in Jersey

Archie bunker said...

Or any other nationality, anyone but blacks, even Hispanics try to fix their homes and mow their grass

Archie bunker said...

On the news this morn, blacks in Detroit suing the state for access to literacy, 7 percent of 8th graders can read at 8th grade level, the students are claiming racism is the problem. These people don't fit in western civilization, they don't belong here, are a drain on taxpayers and nothing but trouble

OreamnosAmericanus said...

They say that The Man is what's keeping them down, when in truth he's the only thing propping them up.

Anonymous said...

Very good analysis.

Blacks destroy. They do not create, uplift, or even maintain anything, they simply destroy.

It is in their nature.

Anonymous said...

Adwoa Lewis stated she was told that “she didn’t belong there”. This is called consciousness of guilt.
She knew she probably didn’t belong where she was, and the article didn’t say what she was doing, but nonetheless, the reason she believed her BS story was that she DIDNT belong there. The reasons the Police likely didn’t believe her story is because people who don’t belong generally out themselves through their behavior. As she did.

Anonymous said...

Want to meet a group with NO time for blacks, go to a densely populated Korean community.

Mr. Rational said...

If you gave black people an entire island

It's called Jamaica.

AR in Illinois said...

They do have an (almost) entire island. Haiti. And, yes, it's a shithole.

Anonymous said...

I read a story awhile ago about an architectural reclaimer in Detroit. He would go to the abandoned homes and reclaim the beautiful wood and pillars etc ..flooring, stairways.. well you get the idea..Its big business. He has made a fortune and has builders,designers/buyers coming to him from all over North America.
The point here is that the blacks just looted the copper from the buildings and burned them to the ground not once thinking they could recycle the unique architectural features and make money. These sub human creatures cant think beyond the moment. I believe they had a time in Detroit called Hell Night when the Bantus would set ablaze many buildings.
Such is the mind of the African species. They are a failure in the muddaland and failure where ever they nest. Blacks are the most destructive force on the planet and 10X worse when aided by liberal policy and white tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

There are no people in this country better equipped to comment on black destruction than the residents of southeast Michigan. There is not ONE area inhabited by blacks that has remained intact. Filth and ruination abound. I recently drove through Detroit and Highland Park Michigan via Woodward ave. Incredible to see once beautiful homes and buildings destroyed simply by whites leaving them in the care of blacks. Now the plague has spread to the suburbs. Just bending over to pick up litter has proven too difficult for this bunch. No hope anytime soon.

Bruce County said...

Heres a great piece on St. Louis.
Where the new immigrants are white and rebuilding. Again, nobody is moving into the ghettos to live with America's favourite pets.

Anonymous said...

'Police say anonymous $10,000 donation may aid in capturing Columbus 18 Most Wanted'

By: Mikhaela Singleton
Updated: Sep 17, 2018 06:25 PM EDT

"COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) - Eighteen new faces now sit atop the list of Columbus' most wanted criminal suspects. The newly released list ranges from those charged with murder, to child molestation, down to those accused of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Investigators tell News 3 of the dozens of cases they work every day, it is important to keep each from getting cold by refreshing the public's memories.

"[The list] is so when people see them from time to time and say, well I remember him he was wanted for murder or he's wanted for possession of a gun, and that way, if somebody might be under the radar for a little bit but then it pops right back up and people call us," says Major J.D. Hawk.

The 18 and their charges are as follows:

Dominique Green (19): Armed Robbery 
Kyron Sharp (18):  Armed Robbery 
Deschaune Tyree Jemison (21): Child Molestation 
Johnathon Swift (27): Murder 
Cornelous James Crews (35): Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm 
Tacquan Williams (29): Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm
Javaughn Bernard Coleman (32): Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm 
Brennan Edwards: Kidnapping
Terrance Allen (31): Child Molestation 
Joshua Brown (20): Armed Robbery 
Herk James Ellis: Murder
Keith Esmond McCray (30): Robbery 
Ruschaun Demario Burton (38): Murder 
Christopher K. Gibson (24): Robbery 
Jermaine Antonio Alexander (36): Child Molestation 
Tyrese Antonio Sanks (19): Armed Robbery 
Justice Amondilin Anderson (23): Robbery, Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm 
Marquez L. Holloway (25): Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm

While city officials hope public awareness will help keep unsolved cases at the forefront of the community's minds, investigations may stall without witnesses willing to come forward...

"The hard part is getting folks to realize they need to get involved. It's their community, and by not getting involved, they could become the next victim of these individuals. It's important that we all take responsibility for our community and not turn a blind eye," Major Hawk says..."

Uh oh! Someone didn't pass this list of the '18 Most Wanted' through the Politically Correct Division of the Columbus Police Department. As 18 of the 18 are persons of color there will be outrage and protest and backlash and whatever the word of the day is to ignore reality. The PC department would have at least required a few YT boys scattered about. Someone needs some sensitivity training.

Anonymous said...

Are those trees growing out of the house on the right?

D-FENS said...

Several years ago, the Wall $treet Journal had a story about what were stately homes in Detroit at the turn of the century and what they looked like when Detroit succumbed to die-versity. I think they tracked down the original owners for their reaction as well as the current inhabitants (if tge home was still inhabited).

Even if I found the story it would be behind W$J’s paywall.

Anonymous said...

On the news this morn, blacks in Detroit suing the state for access to literacy,

Note the mindset: literacy is like a utility or service (electricity, an EBT card, a bus pass, whatever). If blacks do not have literacy, then someone is keeping them from it. The fact that literacy requires study and a culture in which learning is respected is totally beyond them. (And dare I say that literacy requires a demographic with a minimal level of IQ?)

Of course, blacks already have "access" to literacy. They have schools, and they have libraries, and thanks to YT's technology, online access to just about every book ever written. i.e., the physical infrastructure is there and fully accessible. The real issue is, as always race. Their own failure to learn is being blamed on outside forces, with one of the basic rules of BRA being: never, ever blame blacks for their own failings.

It's not just that blacks can not keep up with other races when it comes to literacy. It's that they do not understand what education actually entails. It all goes back to this bizarre belief in the cargo cult of "equality."

Anonymous said...

RE: Columbus Ga. 18 Most Wanted.

What they are really saying is that there are hundreds more that are wanted for lesser crimes that will wander free until they too commit their top three favourite crimes (passtimes)... rape, robbery and murder.

I just googled that list. The African genes sure produce some beautiful "things" don't they.

"Things" you would never want to cross paths with unarmed.

AR in Illinois said...

Interesting read but I could only stomach about 4 paragraphs. The usual griping about how whitey isn't investing in "them" but is using the money to help the immigrants. I think they're mad because the "immigrants" are mostly white. Yeah, we want to waste money rebuilding what you've destroyed just so you can do it again. Idiots

Anonymous said...

AR in Illinois...
Practically every story about black destruction and white gentrification has the negroes asking "but what about me"? Not one story has an answer to this.
The answer is simple. Blacks do not create, they destroy. They absolutely hate when humans build, create and restore places whites once inhabited and left to the blacks to ruin.
Blacks have had every opportunity to rebuild Detroit but haven't. The new Downtown Detroit is
for people who can appreciate it not for the filthy vagrants from the ghettos.

BastionHarm said...

Same shit here in Cincinnati. Anyone who's been here is probably familiar with Over-the-Rhine, a rather sprawling section of the city, just north of downtown. To this day one can see the handiwork of the Germans who settled there in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Absolutely wonderful buildings, almost all of which are now decaying, rotting husks, thanks to the blacks who took it over some 50 years ago.

Yet, just yesterday, the Cincinnati Enquirer had some sob story about how poverty among Africans in Cincinnati is nearly 40% and continues to rise.

And, right on queue, the story was filled with quotes from the shitlibs on City Council saying "more must be done" and quotes from the local "community leaders" and "activists" who claimed that this is all because blacks don't have enough "opportunity" and "access to jobs and education" and that whites "aren't doing their part", blah, blah, blah.

Everyone here has heard it all before.

Same excuses...every, single, time.

Never once does it occur to any of these shitlib clowns and the race-hustlin' "activists" and "community leaders" that this is simply what happens when blacks move in and whites move out.

Can there be ANY doubt, here in the current year!?!

Show us an example where this is NOT the result??

And yet these people STILL just keep repeating this crap over and over and over; and the rest of us are just expected to sit and nod our heads in agreement.

Anonymous said...

Sickening. Look at that lovely, well built brick building, just rotting there. And whites are forced into suburban, ugly, cheaply built, massively overpriced housing. Aren’t you tired of it yet?

Anonymous said...

Place the refugees and immigrants in these areas. Let them rebuild and rehabilitate these neighborhoods. If after five years, they improve their property and are employed and their children are in school give them citizenship. In answer to anonymous @ 12:56 pm. Yes, I am extremely tired of it!

Non PC Infidel said...

Blacks feed off of white civilization and when the whites who provide that civilization pick up and leave to escape from black dysfunction that leaves blacks to sit in the dust and howl, "Dey done tooked ebberthang away frum us! Dey ain't no jobs, no stores, no nothin'! Ebbethang fallin' apart! Ain't nuthin' workin'! It be da white man's fault!" That's what they mean when they complain that their communities are underserved- whitey ain't providing them with everything they want and need and can't provide for themselves. Left to their own devices, they wouldn't have running water, electricity or anything else and would be living in shanty towns or living a primitive African village lifestyle. Pretty much Haiti 2.0 and worse. They simply aren't capable of anything more advanced which is why they follow whites wherever they move to in order to get away from them- they're after the gibsmedats but also after the first world environment/infrastructure and everything it provides.

Expecting blacks to maintain anything or even repair it is a fool's expectation. Recall the stories in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans- blacks sat on their asses expecting someone else to clean up and repair everything while wailing there weren't no jobs. In the meantime, Hispanics poured in to get the work and three things happened- 1. blacks sat on their asses on their porches watching everyone else do the work and 2. the Hispanics complained that the blacks knew when they'd get paid and would come out to rob them and 3. blacks complained that not enough was being DONE FOR THEM. Non black residents were out in their non black neighborhoods doing everything they could to restore their neighborhoods and repair their houses etc- blacks just sat on their asses expecting someone else to take care of them and their "needs." Pathetic.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a primitive, unintelligent and incapable race of hominids were transported to modern times to live among modern humans and what would happen as a result? Wonder no more- it's already happened and the results are obvious.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Well said.

Archie bunker said...

Lucky they are visually color code and the names identify them as subspecies - African crimilus

Anonymous said...


Do all large Businesses, Doctors offices, Gov agencies, etc have black women answering the phone?

I cannot for the life of me remember the last time that Calling any such place would have me speaking to a White Man.

Does anyone else experience this?????

Archie bunker said...

Imagine trying to work reclaiming architectural features in those neighborhoods, you would have workers and need a couple guys armed watching for the savages

Whitemale979 said...

In any non-black city, buying the lot next door for back taxes is a nobrainer. Rent it out if it’s livable, fix it up if it’s not, clear it and have an awesome backyard if it’s empty. Or a big ass garden.

You could be a feudal lord. But not in Detroit. Too easy to get ventilated.

Anonymous said...

“Imagine trying to work reclaiming architectural features in those neighborhoods, you would have workers and need a couple guys armed watching for the savages”

I’m sure some local Rev-run would chime in claiming the entrepreneurial effort was somehow “hurting” the local black community. How those were “black properties” or some other BS.

Anonymous said...

Negrofatigueless. NFL for short. It describes liberal whites who live in gated, exclusive enclaves and are usually well-paid government bureaucrats or otherwise make a living fleecing taxpayers. Examples are politicians, judges and lawyers who insist feral blacks have a right to prey on white law abiding citizens. Millionairess Judge Susan Dlott was a victim of her own liberal stupidity, but she got to live after a home invasion. Her husband is a disgraced, disbarred lawyer described as "evil" by prosecutors.

Non PC Infidel said...

"Do all large Businesses, Doctors offices, Gov agencies, etc have black women answering the phone?"

Not in my area. I can't remember the last time I spoke with a black woman (or man) on the phone at any business or any other place listed. Of course the only government agency I've been to (as well as called) was the Social Security Admin. where I didn't see any black employees and to the city county building (local government) offices where blacks were few and far between- I only saw two there when I visited.

Other than that, the only contact with blacks at such businesses etc was about 7+ years ago at a tax prep agency and a year or more ago at a dentist office but that was in person- not over the phone. Beyond that, nothing- not even when I've called the local utility company.

Of course, around here blacks are only about 10% of the county population and only 4% inside the city limits so that helps a lot in reducing contact (phone or otherwise) to a minimum.

Anonymous said...

From 2014:New York Times
DETROIT — A task force convened by the Obama administration issued the most detailed study yet of blight in Detroit on Tuesday and recommended that the city spend at least $850 million to quickly tear down about 40,000 dilapidated buildings, demolish or restore tens of thousands more, and clear thousands of trash-packed lots.
It also said that the hulking remains of factories that dot Detroit, crumbling reminders of the city’s manufacturing prowess, must be salvaged or demolished, which could cost as much as $1 billion more.
If carried out, the recommendations by the Detroit Blight Removal Task Force would drastically alter the face of the nation’s largest bankrupt city. They would also cost significantly more than the approximately $450 million that the city already plans to spend on blight, raising questions about the feasibility of the vast cleanup effort, which is part of its larger campaign to emerge from bankruptcy by fall and begin remaking itself. The blight study, which is perhaps the most elaborate survey of decay conducted in any large America city, found that 30 percent of buildings, or 78,506 of them, scattered across the city’s 139 square miles, are dilapidated or heading that way. It found that 114,000 parcels — about 30 percent of the city’s total — are vacant. And it found that more than 90 percent of publicly held parcels are blighted. The words "recycle/reclaim hasn't appeared in any of the reports.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been working on a new Section 8 building (2 family) and looking across the skreet at ones that are only 5 years old they already are looking like dumps!! How hard is it to pick up trash? How hard would it be to scrub dirt from around your front door knob? Just plain lazy and don’t care, gets me a new one in 10 years shhhhiiiit!!!

Anonymous said...

The reasons the Police likely didn’t believe her story is because people who don’t belong generally out themselves through their behavior.

That, and the cops figured that Trump supporters harassing a woman in 2018 wouldn’t have yelled “Trump 2016!”. 🤔

Low IQ strikes again... 😂

Anonymous said...

We are fortunate that blacks like to name their children after the ingredients in cough syrup. That way we can still tell the race of the perpetrators, even though most media outlets won’t show their pictures anymore...

Anonymous said...

Built by whites, destroyed by Nikies.

When whites move back in to these ghettos and improve these areas immediately, it shows Nikies up for what they really are, lazy, criminal filth; yet, they call it racist gentrification.

Seperation is the only cure.

Justin Igger said...

Haiti has year round growing season and yet people starve and its a sh#thole. Iceland is a frozen rock in the North Atlantic, yet its people thrive. I wonder what could possibly account for this ?

Anonymous said...

That’s why I laughed so hard when blacks were posting pictures of Wakanda and saying, “Dis be what Africa look like if wipipo had minded dey own bidness.”


Lily White said...

"On the news this morn, blacks in Detroit suing the state for access to literacy,"

Huh. I'd think they would consider being literate as "acting white," like having a job, obeying the law, and keeping their pants pulled up.

Anonymous said...

But Iceland has white privilege! And something something global warming or climate change and the slavery too.

Anonymous said...

they are flooding them into my white area in St Louis for "DIVERSITY".....if this keeps up, it will go the way of N STL, E STL, Ferguson, won't be long before hte virtue signaling whites leave.

not sure WHY blockbusting is illegal but putting HUD blacks into white areas or causing WHITE FLIGHT IS LEGAL....

whites won't remain with blacks moving in, we never have and we never will.

they have destroyed this city.....

Blue Juice said...

What!? Next you’ll be telling us that you have white male bus drivers and postal workers too. Seriously though, that sounds like you live in a nice area worth fighting for. That’s a vision of America that many of us (myself included) can’t even remember.

Anonymous said...

Where I live there really are white, male bus drivers, postal workers, supermarket check-out clerks, construction workers, etc. Four years ago I moved away from an area that is just the opposite and where I had spent most of my life. When I went grocery shopping I didn’t look for the shortest line at the check-out - I looked for the lane with the least stupid-looking lump of sullen diversity. I don’t have to do that anymore.

Blue Juice said...

Good for you. I hope it stays that way.
BTW: I taught my niece and nephew to never get behind a black (or Asian) customer in the checkout line at the store. They’re completely ignorant of others and will look at the checkout display and their receipt like they’re taking out a f***ing mortgage. White males don’t care if they save an extra 50 cents at checkout they just want to pay for their stuff and get out. Black customers (and for some reason Asians who are usually pretty considerate otherwise) are the worst. Penny-wise and dollar foolish.

Marc B said...

It was surprising to see the area around Downtown St. Louis was sketchier than similar parts of Memphis back in 2015. The blight associated with East St. Louis has moved west.

Anonymous said...

Actually a interesting little fact, all those empty buildings in Detroit are not empty, alot of them are filled with used tires, millions and millions of used tires...