Tuesday, October 9, 2018

At 98% Black High School in Jackson, MS - Near City Where Two White Cops Were Just Murdered by Black Male - Halftime Band Performance Depicts Executing Cops

Patrolman James White and Cpl. Zack Moak were just two white cops who went to work on a daily basis and performed their job. 

Marquis Flowers is the black man who murdered them when these two white officers were performing their jobs

This happened during the last week of September of 2018 in Mississippi, close to the nearly 90 percent black Jackson. 

Then, this happened at a 98 percent black high school in Jackson, Mississippi, where 100 percent of the student body gets a free lunch courtesy of the white tax payer. [Mississippi high school band under fire for halftime performance, WREG.com, 10-6-18]:

A high school band’s halftime performance depicting police being held at gunpoint is fueling anger in a Mississippi city where two police officers were recently slain. 
At the 98 percent black high school were a halftime show depicted cops being shot, 100 percent of the nearly all-black school get a free lunch...
Pictures of the Forest Hill High School band’s performance circulated on social media Saturday, showing students dressed as medical personnel holding SWAT team members at gunpoint as the band played. The performance took place Friday at a football game between Forest Hill and Brookhaven High School, just days after two Brookhaven officers were killed while responding to reports of shots fired at a home. 
Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene apologized Saturday in a statement and acknowledged the skit was “insensitive.” Greene said the performance was based loosely on the movie, “John Q,” and depicted a hostage scene that included toy guns. In the movie, a father portrayed by Denzel Washington takes hospital staff and patients hostage as he tries to force doctors to do a life-saving transplant on his son, a procedure that his insurance won’t cover. 
“JPS has a great deal of respect and appreciation for our law enforcement partners,” Greene said. “The band’s performance does not depict the values and people in our community, and was incredibly insensitive to the students, families, law enforcement officials and the entire Brookhaven community. For this we sincerely apologize to all, and we pledge to do better in the future.” 
Brookhaven Mayor Joe Cox said he has spoken with Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, who informed him that the Forest Hill band director has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. He added that the mayor apologized to him personally for the halftime show. 
“I offer my sincerest regrets to the Brookhaven community for the insensitivity that (was) portrayed during the Friday evening halftime show. There is an active investigation into the circumstances that led to this performance,” Lumumba said in a statement Saturday. He added, “It is the responsibility of adults to offer guidance to youth. Our students should have been instructed that this was neither the time or place for that performance.” 
Brookhaven is about 55 miles (88.5 kilometers) south of Jackson, the state capital.Gov. Phil Bryant, in a post on Twitter, said someone should be held accountable.“This is unacceptable in a civilized society,” he said. 
Republican state Sen. Sally Doty of Brookhaven wrote Saturday on Facebook that she will file complaints with the administration of Jackson Public Schools, Forest Hill High School and the Mississippi High School Activities Association. 
“How could any administrator think that halftime show was appropriate?” Doty wrote. 
Another Republican state senator, Angela Hill of Picayune, wrote in response to Doty’s post: “No common sense. File it. Culture war.” 
Many people, in comments on Facebook, said they were shocked and outraged by the performance. 
Jackson City Councilman Melvin Priester Jr. said he’d spoken with school board representatives about the situation. 
“Why would ANY high school marching band ever need fake guns?” he asked in a post on Facebook. “Have they been performing this routine all year? … If this pans out like it’s looking this morning, however, I’ll be disappointed, offended, and apologetic to both the people of Brookhaven and to those kids at Forest Hill who deserved better from the adults around them.”
So when can we stop pretending in egalitarianism and actually start working to defend Western civilization from Africans in America?


Johnny See said...

To answer your closing question, Paul, we are getting there. They are starting to realize among their upper echelons, such as they may be, that the gibs will be curtailed if the TNB is not.

I'm not going to write a book about it here, but I would bet that many of you are sensing a sea change approaching. About damned time, I say.

It certainly is helpful to have a conservative edge on the highest court.

Remember to vote....

Ohio Machinist said...

I'm no fan of the Police but this is typical nog behavior .

Anonymous said...

What is it with blacks and guns?

Anonymous said...

I do not accept any of the apologies offered. I want a law suit.

Anonymous said...

Murdered white police officers. Check.

Black suspect. Check.

Affirmative action black police chief mumbling platitudes. Check.

On-the-scene black reporter. Check.

"He a good boy n' didndu nuffin" quote by inarticulate stupid black relative. Check.

"They're not all like that" quote from decent citizen who should know better. Check.

Calls for thoughts and prayers. Check.

No course of action proposed to change anything. Check.

Anonymous said...

Groids gonna groid.

I wonder how much press coverage this open and overt declaration of war on Whitey got. Ha, ha, ha. ("But muh Russia! Muh collusion! Muh claims of a never-reported forty year old rape!")

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

Jackson is a sh**hole. No movie theaters, ghettos, only a few whities left when the sun goes down. lol

Anonymous said...

you carrying everyday yet?
Nah, these are isolated incidents.
Blacks don’t want to kill whites, police, the rich, etc; that’s just a racist myth.
Says the majority of brainwashed social media consumers.
This is just an artistic expression.

Civil Conflict is coming.
Expand your social circle, not your social media.

Anonymous said...

.“This is unacceptable in a civilized society,” he said...... Wait lets fix that.... “This is acceptable in a umcivilized society'

Egghead said...

If this was the marching band, where are the instruments?!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it time to just give up Mississippi as "reparations"?

Egghead said...

They were just copying Beyoncé:




Anonymous said...

Maybe NIKE can hire the "Band Director" in their next Ad Campaign. After all, he's really standing on his principles.

D-FENS said...

“Civil Conflict is coming.”

One objective of my preps is to prepare for 30 days without leaving the house assuming no electricity, natural gas or municipal water. I figure after 30 days, there will be enough uncollected garbage, dead bodies and illnesses that it will be necessary to relocate. That itself is another problem as I am hemmed in by Mexico, the Pacific Ocean and Los Angeles. It means hours of driving through desert to get anywhere.

One thing I learned is that canned food tastes like shit if you are used to fresh food. A dehydrator is your friend. I am going to try growing lettuce hydroponically using the Kratky method which doesn’t require pumps.

Anonymous said...

from day one they could never control their violent impulses

Bruce County said...

Jackson Mayor: "Chokwe Lumumba". Africa IN America is already here!!!!
To quote a contributor here.. An "African Scrabble" name for a mayor.
How did we get to this point and how long before the levee breaks?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
.“This is unacceptable in a civilized society,” he said...... Wait lets fix that.... “This is acceptable in a umcivilized society' That's exactly what struck me. To blacks, this is totally acceptable; they fail to see anything wrong with it. A savage has no understanding of how to act in a civilized, i.e., White, society. The current mayor's father was also mayor of Jackson and wanted to rename it "New Africa" and make it a homeland for no one but blacks."Chokwe Lumumba was an American attorney and politician, affiliated with the Republic of New Afrika and serving as its second vice president. He served as a human rights lawyer in Michigan and Mississippi. In 2013, after serving on the City Council, he was elected as Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi .... not have been a far cry from the black self-determination he once sought."
The current mayor holds the same view. Like father, like son.

Steve Smith said...

They called the performance "insensitive"?!? Try flat-out racist! Mark my words, There will be no repercussions because the teens "wuz just expressin' set selfs"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”What is it with blacks and guns?”

Guns are magical in the eyes of the Nike. Just as a white child fantasizes about using the power of a magic wand, the adult Nike fantasizes about the power of their gun. Mercifully, the Nike is too stupid to be embarrassed by the facts that it is incapable of producing a firearm on its own and that it must rely on white man’s technology to survive.

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude. In 1964, then attorney general ramsey clark called Sussex county Delaware "the northern most county of Mississippi." guess he was referring to our farmers there understanding the actions of the negro race. not much has changed except for d c area libs buying up summer homes and infesting the county with their views. crime has exploded. Keep the 40 foot distance and carry the extra mag.

Anonymous said...

I’m looking forward to the day when the Overton Window moves to the point where it is okay to recognize that blacks do not contribute anything positive to any modern society. Once this fact has been widely accepted we will be able to deal with them as the dysfunctional and retarded segment of society that they are. A few of the much needed changes will be to withdraw incentives for them to breed prolifically, remove them from positions in government and the private sector where their incompetence causes damage, and quarantine them to designated areas to contain the damage that invariably occurs within their field of influence.

Anonymous said...

These proto humans have no societal awareness. Low impulse control rules their feral lives.
In their low IQ minds they believe they are just doing what white folks do. They fail to see that things like this done by YT isn't making the news reels because we "DONT" act like that.
Im amazed that such a short attention span can come up with this shit. I can only surmise that it just comes natural to them. They think its art..like decorating themselves in blood and dung and wedging Corelle dinner plates into their lips and femur bones thru their noses.

THEY ARE NOT LIKE US. There must be separation to save our civilization.

Sick n Tired said...

Saw this and it made me think of the Chicago police officer who posts here. Having to deal with this day in, day out would make a realist out of even the most liberal SJW.


Zebra Murders said...

When you cuddle criminals, they will commit more crimes and brag about it with brazen impunity. Papa John uttered the n-word as a reference and lost his job, but what consequences will these blacks that showed off a murder before the dirt have settled over the victim's grave ever suffer?

...and in other news:

Man 'kills his mom-of-two girlfriend, 31, by bludgeoning her with a brick and repeatedly running over her body with a car on their front lawn'
Santrez Traylor, 34, charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault in killing of Amanda Petrowski in Memphis
Neighbors say Traylor bashed his girlfriend in the head with a brick, then got into a car and ran her over at least four times
Traylor had a history of domestic abuse targeting Petrowski, with whom he has two young children
A month ago, Traylor was charged with criminal trespassing and domestic assault for allegedly threatening to beat Petrowski's 'brains in'



Anonymous said...

Give up Massachusetts as reparations.

Pat Boyle said...

This incident is more proof that black people can't handle movies. When I was in the Army at San Antonio one of the old movie palaces from the twenties still had a separate entrance for Negroes. The blacks had a separate ticket window and a staircase up to the black only balcony. Today the kids are taught that those kind of facilities were an abomination like the Japanese interment camps in WWII.

But Hawaii was infiltrated by Japanese who reported the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Nazis did in fact drop off spies on American shores. The SJWs overlook those facts.

Negroes don't understand movies quite the way whites do. They tend to mix up fiction and fact. They seem to think Denzel Washington - a man old enough to qualify for Social Security - can Kung Fu a dozen white men with things he finds around a hardware store. Even the great Jackie Chan - world famous for doing his own stunts - slowed down with advancing years. But Washington takes up action roles after age sixty. He's even more improbable than Steven Segal - the overweight bald geriatric white guy. The film editors for these old guys has extra work to do with all the quick cuts to disguise their decrepitude.

But the black kids believe in Denzel. In this case they are learning a dangerous lesson. The Movie 'John Q' is based on a real incident. It's about a father who pulls a gun on the hospital personnel to force them to treat his kid. Just like in the movie, except in real life the SWAT team shot the father dead.

These black kids have drawn the wrong lesson. They confuse reality and fantasy. This ain't Wakanda.


Anonymous said...

Southeast Michigan had an incident involving cheerleaders at a halftime performance. When an administration official referred to the performance as “looking like strippers “, I actually think it was the complainant that was reprimanded for offensive comments. Figures.

Ahr Cee said...

Answer to question:
Strict and unrelenting application of Force and cultivation of Fear; traditionally proven controls on Black misbehavior.
NOTHING else works so well; especially NOT The Great Society Gibs, Enabling, 'Splaynin' and Apologies.
The pandering kissing of collective Black ass doesn't work either.

Anonymous said...

He’s that rare black who actually knew his father...


At least the Zulu Tribe of South Africa are smart enough to know where FOOD comes from:


Brian in Ohio said...

My guess is that if we could see video of the incident, we would hear lots of cheering as they were about to shoot the cops.

The question is not if, only when, we will see a massive civil disturbance in this country. And the only battle lines will be skin color.

Get prepared to ride out the storm the best you can.

Food, water, hygiene, any medicines you require, the means to stay warm and dry, and a good firearm with plenty of ammunition to defend it all.

What you have is all your going to have.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

A situation occurred yesterday that I found sickening, yet it would have been familiar to many who read this blog.
I took my autistic son to the children's museum in Indy. He really loves the hands on science exhibits. On our way home, we stopped at a McDonalds. Personally, I despise McD's, but for anyone who is familiar with autism, they oftentimes have a very limited range of food that they will eat.
I was watching my son playing on the playground inside the store when I noticed he was surrounded by 4 boys. Three were latino, one was black. They started yelling at him and calling him dummie, and then one of them punched him. The look on my son's face was one of confusion. I was on my way to intervene when the boys noticed me and ran over to a sow that I assume was their mother. I asked why they struck my autistic child, she said "they's just keeids playin'." No apologies were offered.
There were no male figures around that looked like a possible father (big surprise) and I didn't think that starting an altercation with the sow would turn out well for me in a court of law. Therefore we left. I asked my son if he was all right, and he said he couldn't understand why the other kid struck him. I told him it would have been ok to hit back, and he said that he would have "get in trouble" if he did.
I recalled something ironic. There was an exhibit at the museum that showcased Anne Frank, Ryan White, and the first niglet that was sent to a de-segragated school. The exhibit illustrated the hardship that was caused when people were singled out for ill treatment and harm due to the fact that they were different. I saw only white people in that exhibit area.
My son is autistic and still has a basic understanding of right and wrong. These so called "people" are beyond redemption.

Bruce County said...

Men of Harlech, stop your dreaming
Can’t you see their spearpoints gleaming
See their warrior pennants streaming
To this battle field
Men of Harlech stand ye steady
It can not be ever said ye
For the battle were not ready
Welshmen never yield….

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:53PM. Sorry to hear of your sons experience at McDonald’s. There was a video on our local news last night of a little white girl getting pummeled by a black girl on a school bus. The bus driver did nothing to stop the altercation. The video was very disturbing. The little white girl didn’t fight back because she was afraid of getting into trouble. You are right ...beyond redemption.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”What is it with blacks and guns?”

I don't know but they clearly need different gun laws than Whites. I would bet that a lot of liberals and Blacks would privately admit this but because of political correctness they have to blame things like White gun shows.

Let's see some of the problems with Blacks and guns:

1) Shooting haphazardly at a target without regard for innocent people.
2) Posing with guns in social media
3) Accidental shootings from dicking around.
4) Needlessly shooting a complying victim during a robbery

I have watched at least 50 episodes of First 48 and it is shocking as to how often you see #4. Even the negro that pulls the trigger can't explain why he did it. 3 guys will go into a robbery and one will start shooting. The other two have NO IDEA as to why the other just starting shooting and needlessly gave them all murder charges. They will start out with a basic plan to rob a drug dealer and then one starts shooting once he has the AK in his hands. It's insane. Too many of them lose it once they get that sense of power.

Dagwood Bumstead said...

I worked with a bunch of blacks and listening to them discuss a movie that I had also seen sounded like they watched a completely different movie. Instead of following the story line, they were only interested in the violent parts, comedy depth completely went over their heads, they laughed at the most basic inane crap, and forget expecting them to sit thru a drama where there are no explosions, shoot outs, or fart jokes. Watch any Madea, or other comedy geared towards blacks and you'll see they love low brow, inconsistent plot flowing movies.

Anonymous said...

While wondering how in the world could someone with that name get elected to anything.... of course I reminded myself Barack Hussein Obama was elected POTUS.

Demographics is Destiny.

Blue Juice said...

To Sick n Tired: thanks for posting that video before it gets scrubbed by the media. It’s also on a Facebook Oct 9th posting at Chicago Code Blue. The ghetto in Chicago has become un-policeable. Someone scribbled a quote in our police locker room that you might like: “We’re in too much trouble now to be afraid!”

Archie bunker said...

100 percent free lunches, that is the problem, starve the worthless bastards

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that your son had to endure this. I don't think I would have been able to hold my temper as well as you did.

Anonymous said...

In the 1950's, Our Lady of Necedah in Wisconsin allegedly reported that Satan was planning to exterminate the white race. Needless to say that the disingenuous liberal Bishops shut that apparition down quick.

Mr. Rational said...

Too many of them lose it once they get that sense of power.

We just saw this in the Kavanaugh hearings.  One woman made a completely baseless accusation that she was forced to take back almost immediately, and explained herself along the lines of "I felt empowered."

Empowered to do harm to an innocent who just happens to be available.  That sort of empowerement needs to be eliminated.  We can start by filing felon-in-possession charges against all felons seen with guns in their social media.  Open and shut.

100 percent free lunches, that is the problem, starve the worthless bastards

Force their worthless lazy baby mama to make one sandwich a day... that isn't for herself.

This could be a useful method of punishment for the baby mamas.  Kid shows up without lunch, kid goes straight back home to be in the baby mama's hair all day.  Require the baby mamas to run an app on their Obamaphones which reports their location so the kid can be sent to them if they're not at home.

Hmmm, this has some possibilities.  Who was that shoplifter?  Check the faces of the Obamaphone owners near the location against the security camera images.

Anonymous said...

Archie Bunker at 5:58

That was nature's plan for their control but we interfered. We projected our humanity onto them...biggest mistake in all of human history (that is for humans to project their humanity onto animals). I'm not talking about anthropomorphism...the way I talk to my cat...knowing he can't answer back. Experience with blacks is like a big "Do Not Feed The Gators" sign. We just kept throwing food at them. Now they don't know what to fear. Hopefully the future will correct that. Thanks to everybody here BTW. I'm glad I'm not alone, and that others also see the value in protecting human civilization. Ciao.

Anonymous said...

Agree! As a matter of fact one of the guys that unraveled the mystery of DNA (Watson or crick) basically said that the groid community as a hole were impulse driven and genetically unable to have a higher level of intelligence than a 4th grader. He was ostracized by the scientific community, he had to auctioned off his Noble Prize metal to continue funding his work, fortunately a Russian Billionaire bought it and gave it back to him.

what can you say said...

There is nothing left to say.