Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Black Lives Matter? "Up and Coming" Black Rapper in 70% Black Baltimore, Who Advocated NonViolence, Murdered by Black Male

"Up and coming" black rapper in 70 percent black Baltimore murdered by black male. Obviously, the Freddie Gray Youth Empowerment Center isn't working...[Nick Breed, Rapper Whose Lyrics Reflected Baltimore's Pain, Fatally Shot at 24, Billboard.com, 10-23-18]:
A rising Baltimore rapper who advocated for nonviolence and whose lyrics often reflected the city’s trauma has been shot and killed. 
Black rapper who advocated nonviolence in 70 percent black Baltimore, murdered by black male ...
The Baltimore Sun reports that 24-year-old Dominic Grant, known professionally as Nick Breed, was found mortally wounded Sunday night and pronounced dead at a hospital. 
The newspaper called him a street rapper with a calm delivery and a melodic side. He collaborated with higher-profile Baltimore artists such as YBS Skola and Young Moose. 
Baltimore director James Jones helped produce several Nick Breed music videos and described his friend as “up-and-coming” with a good fanbase. His YouTube videos got between 10,000 and 545,000 views.
Black lives... matter?


Anonymous said...

Known professionally as Nick Breed collaborating with high profile artists such as YBS Skola and Young Moose while working with director James Jones. Who the Hell has heard of any of these famous pieces of shit? I now know enough about Nick to be happy that he is gone.

Detroit Refugee said...

If they'll murder him, then they are truly irredeemable. No their lives don't matter.
Nor do I care.

Anonymous said...

I hope his dreams of accomplishing everything Lor Scoota did is not in vain. *cough cough* I think I've got the "Bird Flu". ;)

What's the world coming to when the latest takedown of our precious black youth has moved on from aspiring rappers to actual up-and-coming rappers? I fear it will leave a serious brain drain in the black community if this racist treachery continues. I mean, rappers are basically poet-philosophers, amirite? If too many rappers die it will be hard to have a Hip-hop styled Harlem Renaissance to reinvigorate the African diaspora in the US. Ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it!

Get this guy a Youth Empowerment Center, STAT!!!

"Online court records reveal a checkered past: gun and drug charges, even accusations of assault and first- and second-degree murder. Days before he was killed, he was charged with harassment. Attorneys who represented him in the past could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday evening.

But Frink said Gantt had recently become involved with a church and was finding his faith in God — an experience he was determined to work into his music, she said.

“He tried so hard to tell the truth,” she said. “He was not an average Baltimore rapper. He didn’t pick up a pen and paper to try to make money. He rapped because he had a gift.”

Anonymous said...

I wonder why he is wearing an LA Dodgers medallion in the picture for the story you linked to? Could it be something to do with his gang/set?

I'm not going to bother looking it up. I know, someone borrowed his Orioles medallion so he couldn't sport their logo.

Bruce County said...

They cant escape the jungle they create!! They pay the price for their own ignorance and greed.
Blacks have no respect for life; any life, whether its black, white, brown, red, or yellow, whether it swims, flies or walks on two or four legs, life is meaningless to this savage godless beast.
They do not belong in a civilized society. They are not genetically advanced enough to think beyond the moment. They hate anyone who does better than they do. Killing their adversaries is just another way of surviving another day in the jungle until it finally eats them as well.
They are not like us.
They will always destroy.
They will never evolve.

Anonymous said...

Black lives matter? Not to them they don't.

George Armstrong said...

Nothing to see here, no humans involved

Brute said...

I'm always amused by the mainstream media's habit of referring to young black criminals or shooting victims as "up and coming rappers" or "high school football stars."
Their amazing contributions to society are duly noted and will be missed!
What a loss! How will we ever go on?

Anonymous said...

I saw this on the same page:

The author Dan Rodricks is a coward and a moron. He obviously thinks some type of civil appeal is an effective use of his time.

If you look at his twitter feed you will see that he is another liberal obsessed with Trump. His Black city is a third world warzone but it's Trump that is the real problem.

There is really no hope for liberals. This writer has lived in Baltimore for decades and the best he can come up with in response to another killing is to ask the killers to leave town.

He is a coward for not questioning the welfare state or the 60s policies that were built on egalitarian fantasy

Get ready for another genius op-ed on "gun violence" or how we need more money for programs.

Anonymous said...

Black lives don't even matter to blacks themselves.

How are we supposed to generate interest?

Let them police themselves before trying to join a modern culture (already in progress) if that is their goal.

Secretly, I believe the black race was weaponized against us by the left. Big, loud, lazy army, yes but you cannot ignore the numbers once they get set in motion by their keepers.

I believe the 'new hires' coming in across the borders and from Muslim countries is because the blacks are too lazy to get done what the left need doing at this point. Elements in our own government are building an army against us.

Will they find a rifle behind each blade of grass as our British tyrants once did or will we swallow the hook and continue on this course of merriment and world-love?

I like to think I see tides turning but tides can be a fickle bitch.

Jim in Jersey

The OverSeer said...

Its always nice to start the day off with some good news for a change.

Anonymous said...

Her name was Lauren McCluskey.

Another White female who was dating a black. The Eloi tax paid in full.

But at least she wasn’t a racist. That’s what they’ll say at her memorial.

Anonymous said...


WE need more black rappers.

We have enough black electricians, auto repair specialist and Emergency Doctors.

Anonymous said...

Ellen DeGenerate will likely have his fambly on the show this week telling her retarded followers that he could have been the President. Or that he was the new face of change for Baltimore. Everyone in the audience will get a copy of his cd..and free flights to Baltimore for the unveiling of his memorial statue. God I love this country.

Anonymous said...

As someone once posted on here, "My give a shit meter is at zero."

juvenal said...

Another " victim " of the " shots rang out" phenomenon.

juvenal said...

I couldn't understand this one. She was quite attractive and on the athletic side, came from a decent background, and actually had a future. Definitely not your average mudshark.

juvenal said...

Pay no attention to " Borederick". He makes David Zurwick look like Richard Dawkins.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"Music hath charms to sooth a savage breast"
-William Congreve

chattanooga gal said...

"What's the world coming to when the latest takedown of our precious black youth has moved on from aspiring rappers to actual up-and-coming rappers? "

died laughing on that one! I wonder if rapper is just a code word for gang member?

Anonymous said...

When will they learn....burn the coal, pay the toll. "University of Utah Student Athlete Shot and Killed on Campus"
A University of Utah student athlete was allegedly shot dead on campus Monday evening by her ex-boyfriend before he shot himself.
Authorities found Lauren McCluskey, 21, of Pullman, Washington, dead in the backseat of a car parked in her dorm’s parking lot at the University of Utah after she allegedly got into a dispute with Melvin Rowland, a 37-year-old sex offender who lied about his age, name, and criminal history.

Egghead said...

Introducing the ‘Every Child Succeeds Act’ that took the place of the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’....

‘The issue of whether to measure proficiency or growth has been debated in education for years.’


‘There’s enough money for each [poorly performing] school.’


Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting story...a vibrant charged with...a hate crime?
The comments are good.

Egghead said...

Dispute? The 21 year old student allegedly ‘dated’ the 37 year old criminal for one month. His friend told her the truth about his dangerous past. She tried to disengage with him. Then, he allegedly repeatedly stalked her (which she reported to police), kidnapped her, and murdered her — cold-blooded pre-meditated murder....

Are you all so sure that they dated? Or did they just meet at a few parties with him becoming fixated and her being unable to fend him off because ‘RACISM!’

Anonymous said...

At least the shooter hit the target. In these parts, there is a lot of collateral damage - in this case an 8-yo girl. The monsters can't even shoot straight.


Maybe they need to have lessons on marksmanship.

BLM my butt.

Unknown said...

Check his record assualt and battery . Strong arm robbery , investigated for second and first degree murder . Yea a great citizens . They'll put up a statute of him .

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they pursue hate crime charges for good old (((white))) folks like us. Makes you think that media is about to open up the floodgates and start telling us about the actual black on white crime that's happening.


Family, friends and co-workers gathered at the Beth El Synagogue in Millstone Township to remember Wolkowitz

The son of Holocaust survivors, Wolkowitz was born in Neptune and lived most of his life in Manalapan and Freehold townships

Hubbard was arrested the day after the assault and charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and bias intimidation. Prosecutors allege that Hubbard didn't know Wolkowitz but the attack was motivated by racial animus. Hubbard is black and Wolkowitz is white.

Hubbard is said to have then dragged Wolkowitz before running him over with a vehicle. He stole the victim’s car and fled. He was arrested later that day by the Sayreville Police Department at his home in Sayreville.

Investigators say the defendant targeted the victim because of his race, ultimately charginghim with bias intimidation in the first degree.

Blue Juice said...

Note to self. If I ever accidentally find myself on Nick Breed Boulevard or in Dominic Grant Park I'm in a f***ed up part of town.

Anonymous said...

Hindsight being 20-20,

she should have disappeared. Better to disrupt ones plans than to be reduced to a corpse.

wrt----She tried to disengage with him.
Then, he allegedly repeatedly stalked her (which she reported to police),[popo useless in cases like this, ask Nicole Brown].

Augustus said...

I bet he was killed by an honor student who looked like Obama.

Augustus said...

I NEVER miss any of Young Moose's great works! He is truly the spokesman of his generation.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

Don't forget. The Streets Gone Bad and Bad Zip Codes

Ahr Cee said...

the soundtrack for Decline of Empire.

Anonymous said...

Her professor of a mother protested against James Allsup, she never had a chance.

PB said...

"I NEVER miss any of Young Moose's great works! He is truly the spokesman of his generation."

And yet, he stands in the shade of the artistic might and social justice stylings of the legendary Lor Scoota.

juvenal said...

You certainly wouldn't find James Allsup engaging in that sort of behaviour.

Shoot First said...