Sunday, October 28, 2018

Demography is Destiny: Atlanta Journal Constitution Brags About How Declining Percentage of White Vote Will Ensure Non-White Candidates Win Elections

Previously on SBPDL: Cobb County, Georgia, "this former white conservative bastion" (94% white in 1980), to become Majority-Minority in Less Than Four Years

Demography is destiny. As the white percentage of the electorate in Georgia wanes, white conservatives become disenfranchised. 

And the Atlanta-Journal Constitution can barely contain their glee in reporting on this wonderful news. [Georgia’s voters become more diverse ahead of this year’s election,, 10-25-18]:
The latest voting numbers released this week by the state present an updated look at how it has changed in recent years, in terms of race, gender and age. The figures were compiled after the Oct. 9 voter registration deadline and analyzed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

White electoral disenfranchisement is real in Georgia....
The voter registration figures tell a story that’s been unfolding for years: Georgia’s voting population is undergoing a consistent demographic shift that could influence which candidates and political parties win elections. 
In the race for governor, about 70 percent of white voters support Republican Brian Kemp, and 92 percent of black voters back Democrat Stacey Abrams, according to an AJC poll conducted this month. Election Day is Nov. 6. 
More Georgians than ever are registered to vote — over 6.9 million out of the state’s total population of 10.4 million. 
As the state has steadily grown, so has its number of voters. About 1.2 million more people are registered to vote today than in 2010. 
The raw number of voters has increased among all racial groups as they’ve grown with the state. But some groups are increasing faster than others. 
African-Americans make up about 30 percent of the state’s active registered voters, about the same percentage as two years ago. Since 2010, the portion of black voters has inched up by about 1 percentage point. 
The share of white active voters in Georgia has been decreasing in recent years, from 62 percent in 2010 to 54 percent today. 
About 3 percent of the state’s registered voters are Hispanic, 2 percent are Asian-American and 1 percent are American Indian. Roughly 10 percent didn’t list a race on their voter registration forms. 
Age of the boomers and seniors 
Baby boomers and senior citizens dominate Georgia’s registered voters, giving them an outsized role in deciding the state’s elections. 
More than 37 percent of the state’s voters were born before 1964. Those voters include senior citizens, the most dominant demographic age group in Georgia, with people over 65 making up 21 percent of the state’s registered voters. 
Registration numbers steadily decline among younger voters. 
Voters between the ages of 18 and 24 represent 9 percent of the electorate in Georgia.

The state of Georgia was 71 percent white in 1990.

Today, Georgia is roughly 52 percent white.

Demography is destiny.

What's happening in Georgia is also occurring nationwide.

As the nonwhite population grows, white conservatives are effectively disenfranchised.

Wake from your racial slumber, Republicans, where dreams of a colorblind society have instead birthed a nightmare where white people are increasingly a powerless, futureless people.



Anonymous said...

I remember overhearing an older Jew telling other Jews: “As long as we are fighting each other, we are not fighting them.”
This is so simple. Hopefully it sticks soon.

D-FENS said...

I live in Orange County CA, once a solid conservative republican stronghold. My republican congresswoman is fighting for her political life. Had to vote for her even though she is a chamber of commerce Bush republican. Orange County actually went for Clinton in 2016.

We will not vote our way out of this. But vote while it still counts.

Anonymous said...

Demography is destiny. I understood that in high school which is why I've pulled my hair out for years listening to Rush, Gingrich, et al oppose illegal immigration and then immediately follow with how much they support legal immigration. Sorry I don't want Somalis and Squatemalans in my nation whether they have a document in their pocket or not.

And as this dawns on the stupid GOP cucks, what do they do? They pander to every group except whites. I support Trump but what a spectacle that was several days ago. Cruz and then Trump, to a 90+% audience, mentioned African-Americans (you have to start with them or you're racist), Latinos, and Asians. Then on his show after the rally, Hannity the "conservative" mentioned African-Americans (this pretentious term again) and Latinos. People are so used to this that it doesn't register. I pointed it out to my boomercon dad and he scolded me for being obsessed with race. You can't even mention whites to a white audience! And for bonus points, try speaking to a 90% Latino or black audience, telling them what you're doing for white people while not mentioning them.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

I'm betting they win elections but smart money is on them screwing things up "Africa Style" as well. Well, another entire metro region which truly had something to give is now too busy to hate and too cucked to face reality.

If you are white and live around Atlanta look into selling (if you own) and up and leaving. If you have a seasonal business than live out of a travel trailer for work season and let your family escape.

Anonymous said...

"Demography is destiny. As the white percentage of the electorate in Georgia wanes, white conservatives become disenfranchised."

I love how equality somehow inherently means "payback", though we can't say that. As surely as black men will rape white women, nobody will explain that one. How bad must things get until "content of character" and "color" be synonymous? Back in the terrible days of Jim Crow, things worked and people prospered. Now that we are being programmed to accept our comeuppance, get ready for the ride. It will not be pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Moved to GA for a promotion, to be near family, and (mistakenly) a better life.
Single biggest mistake of my life.
It is more than a demographic shift, it is a culture shift.
I wouldn’t put this in a “win” column as a Democrat, the state is a disaster. If the collapse of Detroit can be even partially attributed to the decline of the American auto industry, the complete implosion of Atlanta is without question at the feet of the negrocracy that controls Atlanta Police, Fire, and municipal agencies. It is worse than a Democrat, or even Progressive-Liberal failure, it is an erosion of a vibrant city by a single cause-blacks.
It is well known that Atlanta is Black Mecca, but it is also a hub for gay black men, and because of the Klan past, the most prized red to blue conquest. Ironically, it was the right to work conversion that overcame the post (civil) war Democrat klan enforced stranglehold, that gave many blacks a middle-class life, only to be undermined by the great society and welfare gimmiedats.
The Atlanta sprawl is due entirely to black migration. Blacks destroy neighborhoods, all of them. Go ahead, ask Tyler Perry’s neighbors. Upper-Middle class blacks still bring the ‘hood, but the upper-middle class whites don’t want you there unless you’re “southern”.
People in Atlanta will commute obscene distances and times to avoid blacks. The commute is such a known “issue” that in the inevitable traffic snag due to traffic, a person isn’t penalized by nearly all employers. Everyone knows that the neighborhoods close to Atlanta are terrible, so non-black employees are forced to live at least an hour from where they work, or deal with extreme TNB at all hours, all days.
GA will shift blue, it has to. But at the expense of the groid vote other places
My advice? Never live in GA. Let them destroy it, then we can go back after they ruin all the white man built

Detroit Refugee said...

For a long time we've seen all kinds of rhetoric and propaganda depicting us as deserving a painful death.

Once dieversity has the numbers, they'll act on it. We live in scary times.

Anonymous said...

The US is going to become South Africa sooner rather than later.

Bastion Harm said...

And I just love the way in which shitlibs and their non-white pets pretend that, when whites are displaced, everything is going to be so, so, much better! It will be nothing but peace and prosperity forevermore when whitey's gone!! It will be a veritable utopia as the rainbow-colored flag of "diversity" is unfurled over the grave of white America.

Is there any delusion greater than this?

As if we cannot already see all around us, all across the globe, what really happens when whites are displaced and when the rising tide of color reigns supreme?

Anonymous said...

We've known all along that this will eventually slip from our grasp and become uncontrollable.

We've allowed laws - lies pertaining to 'equality' - that you can't even build new homes without considering the poor, oppressed black man. So when you build to improve your station, you must calculate in its destruction.

'Affordable housing' and non-discrimination laws will keep injecting them into any and every situation, regardless of how we try to turn the tide.

Without men with of character in politics, there is no hope for correcting this.

Either prepare to fight or shut your mouth and stop complaining.

This can't be voted away.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Nonwhite ruling in the future?

Look at the state of nonwhite countries specifically Black run countries worldwide and compare them with the state of White run countries and draw your own conclusions as to how this will end up.........

Anonymous said...

Know negroes, know crime. No negroes, no crime.


Anonymous said...

Not so quick, goyim. Nothing is as it seems.

THEY get to decide who can be a nationalist and who can not.

Henry Lee said...

As an Atlanta native, I could just cry at what has happened to Atlanta and Georgia. What a great place Atlanta was in the 50's and into the 60's.

Anonymous said...

A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food from or at the expense of its host.

Anonymous said...

To follow anonymous at 9:23 a.m.....
And when the host dies, so too does the parasite.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:29 pm. “I’m betting on them screwing it up African style”. Safe bet. They screwed up Detroit “African style “, and you can bet that they will do it again. If they let Kwame Kilpatrick out of prison, the blacks of Detroit would vote for him again. African style is what they live for.

Anonymous said...

off topic

Legendary rassling coach had a sister raped and murdered by a nog....
he never had a black on Iowas team.

could someone share that w Jill M?

VelvetGlove said...

I have lived in Cobb County 41 of my 42 years of life. It was a nice place to grow up, relatively quiet, middle class, and not very diverse. The shithole of the county was in the southern portion, which of course is directly adjacent to Atlanta, but the rest was decent. I hate it here now. It's extremely crowded and very colorful. We have to worry about our nice neighborhoods which have become hunting grounds. My husband installed security cameras, deadbolts, and we have protection, but it just sucks after having spent my life here. We are going to have to relocate in a few years, so bye bye Atlanta. We just don't know where to go. I can't live somewhere with lots of snow, but it seems like that's where the best places are.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Brian in Ohio said...

"Demography is Destiny: Atlanta Journal Constitution Brags About How Declining Percentage of White Vote Will Ensure Non-White Candidates Win Elections"

Fast forward 5 years....

"Demography is Destiny: Atlanta Journal Constitution Blames Cities Crumbling Infrastructure, Failing Schools and Bankrupt Government on Declining White Population"

Don't need a crystal ball to see that coming. Where there are Africans, there is Africa.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Aryan Racist said...

I live in Atlanta. I just voted for Brian Kemp today because I can't stand the thought of seeing that fat, ugly cow Stacey Abrams run the state. But I think she has the numbers on her side. I hope I am wrong but all the blacks and the silly white liberal women will vote for her. Atlanta is a negro cesspool. I have to go to
downtown Atlanta sometimes and it looks like a third world country. I have family
members in upstate Washington so if I move it will be there.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Lee, up here in Minnesota, we'd be happy to keep the somolis out of our yards and houses. The unacknowledged truth is: they have no sense of right and wrong. Crime is considered acceptable in their culture. Every night the scanner has reports of somolis trying to break in, somolis looking in peoples windows, gangs of somolis jumping students and robbing them down by the campus.
Then we have a veritable invasion force of chicago thugs up here, shootings every night, home invasions, it gets worse every day. It used to be we didn't have this black plague, and it was WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

Eenie meenie miny mow..
Catch a negro by the toe
If it hollers racism
Let it vote
Eenie meenie miny mow
My mother says to pick the best one
And Democrats are not it.

Unknown said...

Somehow there is an Atlanta Journal Constitution thrown on my driveway-daily- didn't order it or pay for it. One day I sat down and read a few days worth before recycling. It was already bad- but now- race race Blacketty black black black- a never ending drumbeat. How DO they stay in print?? And they CLAIM to give both sides from the governors race. The white Republican man and the black Democrat woman, but their slant is SO towards the black woman that their claim is laughable. What a waste of good paper. Worth LESS than I paid for it. L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

All Whites should leave GA, AL, MS and perhaps others. This could possibly be the beginning of a Black homeland and permanent separation from them. Then, we simply need to deal with our Leftist Whites and their money handlers. Oh, and build a massive Wall.

Anonymous said...

I’d like to point out, for the record.

There is no way in Hell we’re voting our way out of this mess.

Prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hey VelvetGlove - Dixie here. Nice to see another local on this blog (in addition to L in Atl hell.) We got out of the North Fulton suburbs and out to the country not too long ago. Although there are lots of nogs in our new county, our entire neighborhood is white. Sandy Springs/East Cobb used to be a lovely place to live before it was taken over by the (((tribe))). It was considered country back in the 1960s. Even into the early-mid 1980s, it was still somewhat rural. Lenox Square used to be a very nice shopping mall. It's totally dark now. I'll never set foot in there again. So sad at all the things we've lost due to the black and brown invasion, not to mention neighborhoods destroyed and history bulldozed all for new development and "progress."

Anonymous said...

People in Atlanta will commute obscene distances and times to avoid blacks.

The worst part is that most of those commuting Whites are liberal or "colorblind" conservatives. Both groups have an amazing ability to delude themselves even if it means commuting 4 hours a day. So sad and pathetic that so many Whites would rather light their hair on fire than admit even to themselves that they don't want to live near Blacks. Most of these Whites really believe they are commuting for "good schools" and it's really the fault of teacher's unions or not enough funding for Black areas (pick your ideology friendly explanation).

The Whites around Southern cities always seemed a bit lacking to me. Like they couldn't figure out that TV lies to them about the benefits of metropolitan living while depicting their country brethren as simpletons. There were times in Southern cities that I wanted to say.........You do know that Northern egalitarians are full of s--- right? I live with them and they are f-ning liars.

Anonymous said...

If you’re Conservative, not republican, Texas or Arizona.
But be forewarned, antebellum style pleasantries and decorum mean little and are often considered as arrogant behaviors.

Anonymous said...

We drove my 3/4 ton diesel truck to my wife’s work party in Downtown, went to some fancy place, I was way out of my element. I’m nursing a coke as I had the G subcompact on my hip and really saw the obliviousness of the white people in those public settings. As we are leaving I notice the black valets had blocked in my truck. I asked them to move the car and they said “no”. So, being from out west, I drove over the curb and through their bushes. Ha! Damn I Hate Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Lifetime buy.
For your Grandkids.

Annie Oakley said...

Anonymous at 659pm - After living in Alabama 8 years, my husband and I are leaving. At this point, I don't even think I can sell my house. It just may have to sit and rot. IMO the South is shit and deserves to burn.

The cucked whites love their negro bakkaball and football players. In fact the older wealthier boomer cucks would FAR rather have their blond blue-eyed daughter marry Tyrone the coal black football player than your beautiful white son. Watching these middle aged white men slobber all over these black athletes is too sickening to watch.

Then on top of that, the local news is constantly looking for the next Eva Braun or Adolph Hitler who called the police on some poor black person who was just minding their own business. (Yeah right) Completely ignoring the heinous black on whites crimes.

I'm going to start heckling some of these anti-racist assholes if I see them in restaurants. I told my husband just wait for me in the car if you don't want to deal with me doing this.

Anonymous said...

If another orc gets into the white house he will continue Obama's program of picking the whitest places to resettle all of the African refugees that are waiting to pour into the country. So there might not be any place left that's safe.

Anonymous said...

There's book about it...."into The Cannibal's Pot"

Get ready USA, for the Mother of all Race Wars!!

Anonymous said...

Where in Cobb are you? Went to high school in Powder Springs, left for five years for college in California and came back and it was taken over. Upper middle class neighborhoods went from 5% to 35-40% black and the difference was so obvious. Poor landscaping, excessive broken down cars in the street..

Anyway, your choices are the northwest or the northern Midwest. Washington state has rural areas extrememly appealing, but low jobs and Seattle is a big hotspot and left wing central. My choice is Minnesota. Forget about the Somalians, were talking a state 90% white. Nice restaurant scene downtown, Pleathora of jobs, and beautiful land as far as you can see. said...

Ethnopolitics is acceptable to the far left when it is anti-white.
Ethnopolitics is unacceptable to the far left when it is pro-white.

Archie bunker said...

A Democrat run state gets you this, fellow Minnesotan, vote red, stay alert and armed

Anonymous said...

Economic crisis deepens in Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE | 29 Oct 2018

Zimbabwe’s economy is in dire straits. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised to stabilize the economy 'soon' but not everyone is optimistic.

Inflation and prices are on the rise, there is a shortage of foreign exchange and supplies of fuel, food and pharmaceuticals are drying up. The opposition is calling for a transitional government to resolve the worsening economic and political crisis hitting Zimbabwe. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is increasingly under pressure to act swiftly. ...

This gives a glimpse into what's to come in the US when leadership the likes of future Georgia Governor Abrams takes the helm across the country. Plan to circle the wagons.

Anonymous said...

I invite all of you to the future. Come to Gary, Indiana and take it all in. You will be able to see what decades of a non white leadership/government city will look like. It is the only city I know where you can buy a house for $1.

I won't mention the spillover into the neighboring cities and how bad they are or becoming.

Anonymous said...

The scum wasn't black. It was his next door neighbor, the son of a bank manager he was not friends with.

Swamp Fox said...

Stated with such prescience, Brian.
OT, forget that much fake caravan from the south. That's just drug smugglers bringing in ass heroin and coke. The real caravan is already here and are screaming for YTs death.And they want YTs assistance in doing so.

Anonymous said...

Anon in Gary.

I'll up your stakes!

Come up and visit Newark, NJ. Actually called a "Renaissance City" by someone with a sense of humor. Once a white mecca-tropolis, it is now a burnt out shell of a once-magnificent city.

It has been plagued by black leadership, or as we call it across the river, chaos, for as long as I can remember. Too young to remember who was mayor during the riots but I imagine that was the last white mayor or Newark. Then we had Sharpe James, as corrupt and incompetent a man as you could imagine, who turned the black city loose on itself. The magnificent stores and shopping that once brought the city life eventually closed and vanished leaving huge, empty reminders of why black leadership brings to black people.

Then we had or current embarrassment of a senator, Cory Booker. Newark was just a stepping stone for him but Sharpe James would be proud of how he did nothing to turn the city around.

There comes a time in the history of a city that you just survey the situation and say "fuck it" and just blow it all up and burn it all down. It would be the only way to make the vermin leave the city. We can rebuild it to its former greatness. It's the perfect location for a mega-tropolis and has been since before the civil war.

Maybe someday.

Jim in Jersey

Blue Eyes Matter said...

The state is 90% white?! Every city that has rental housing is full of welfare leeches, living on our dime. Not only somolis, but ghetto thugs, africans of every description, latinos, middle easterners, name your flavor of human trash. I don't know anybody who would go through the nightmare of driving to Mpls/St.Paul to eat at a restaurant. Just asking for trouble, plus, everything costs a fortune down there. A liberal run nightmare that elects the likes of kieth ellison, and that incestuous somoli muslim candidate for congress, who married her own brother. Outstate is nice, yeah, but you can't live on scenery, and jobs are hard, and usually don't pay very well. That's why blacks didn't stay here very long before the liberals turned it into a welfare state. The harsh winters, and actual work was too much for them. I had a black temp worker tell me warehouse work was too hard, he was going to go back to Chicago, and deal crack cocaine. Yeah, it's like that, illegal drug trade is considered a viable career choice with them.

Anonymous said...

My choice is Minnesota. Forget about the Somalians, were talking a state 90% white. Nice restaurant scene downtown,

I thought Minn-StP were a leftist wreck.

Aryan Racist said...

I was looking at the results for the presidential election in Georgia in 2016 and
found out that Hillary Clinton won the majority of votes in the 4 biggest counties
in the state, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett. However Trump won the majority
of votes in the small and medium counties. Trump Bet Clinton in the final vote.
Maybe Kemp will repeat that pattern. AS for the Atlanta Urinal Constipation, I haven't been able to read that liberal POS in years.

Archie bunker said...

Compare the candidates from 2016, imagine Clinton being president, your vote counts

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Great article. Looks like it's back to a barter economy for them. A population that's grown up on the temporary wealth they got from looting the white economy won't have anything to barter with. Looks like they're back to doing what they do best, tribal warfare. Reminds me of the blacks here, who loot and burn their neighborhood, then bitch and moan about the neighborhood having nothing. I fear you're right, that's Georgia's future. We may have farmers there fleeing to Russia if the liberals have their way.

VelvetGlove said...

Anonymous at 4:19, I'm in Kennesaw, the lovely west portion that butts up to Powder Springs. My beautiful west Cobb has been slowly turning into Marietta. There's still beautiful, upscale n'hoods here, but the older ones are getting overtaken. I hate to leave, but I think it's inevitable.

Thanks to all who have given input.

VelvetGlove said...

Hey there! I'm in Kennesaw now, grew up in Marietta, so I've witnessed everything you have. When I was a teen, they built Town Center Mall on Barrett Pkwy Cobb County, and it was nice. I hung out there a lot in the 90's. Unfortunately, it's not somewhere I'd want to go anymore, if I was so inclined to waste money that way. I HATE what has happened here.

Anonymous said...

I suggest central Kentucky or east Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

I spent a couple days in Atlanta not long ago. That Millenium Gate monument celebrating all the achievements of white Europeans (“all peaceful accomplishment since the birth of Jesus Christ in the year of our Lord, MM”) seems out of place in a shopping center that is swarming with shiftless, loitering negroes.

Anonymous said...

Richard Dawkins is a guy I used to love. He has probably brought millions of people over to accepting evolution. Unfortunately he recently talked about getting molested and said it wasn't a big deal. He described it as akin to racism in former less enlightened years. We are at least as bad as pedophiles in his mind. Keep THAT in mind.

Today Police Activity posted footage of a guy named Tyler Evans committing suicide when police approached him about a domestic abuse allegation by his girlfriend. Now I try not to read too much into comments sections there, but the comments are pretty supportive of his committing suicide. All I'm gonna say is assault can mean a lot of things. It can mean a concussion and it can mean not even a bruise. Someone grabs your phone, threatens to put it in the toilet, you grab their arm and carefully take the phone back. Thats assault too. So I'm curious since essentially everyone is celebrating his death, did a real assault take place? Because I've seen MURDERERS point guns at police who get shot who get a ton of sympathy but when a white guy shoots HIMSELF, no sympathy. Just hate. Some conservatives like to play consistent. They play hard ball and I honestly feel similarly to them but on this I think we disagree. I have seen so many riots over so many criminals who pointed the gun at cops and shot then got shot. I mean I've seen indifference from people when an elderly couple gets butchered by some black burglar but a white guy MIGHT have hit his girlfriend? Deserves death. And this is coming from white conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Worse. Because the international community, a sphere highly influenced BY the US currently will be replaced with a more disjointed international community. There will be no power that could save us like the white south africanafricans if things rachet up against them. No one will sanction the US for it's human rights abuses. We'll have nowhere to flee to. This is the last stop.

Anonymous said...

We need to encourage that idea. We want them to have a homeland.

Augustus said...

I agree. Voting alone won't fix the problem. It requires a strong disaster.

One is coming. Consider how government will service it's 20 TRILLION in debt when interest rates rise. They'll print "money." Inflation will be worse, much worse, than during the Carter presidency.

Revolt will finally arrive, and balkanization will split up the country. There eill be massive change. Keep your arms, and hang together. You can starve out the liberals in their cities.

Anonymous said...

MN is a blue nightmare.
Maybe New York or Mass is worse. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows why they live 2 hours from work in Atlanta.
Everyone knows what blacks bring, people talk about White flight as it is-real.
The difference is when people from the south say one thing, they may mean something else. Bless Your Heart doesn’t always mean that.
But as to schools-they ARE better.
Brookwood was a well known, exceptional high school and today is a nearly majority minority dump.
In the early 80s Stone Mountain was good, then Lawrenceville, now it is Flowery Branch or Cumming.
Black growth pushes whites out. They can’t march around in sheets, that doesn’t work. So instead when blacks move in, whites move north.

Anonymous said...

North Dakota is being overrun by black and Mexican criminals. It used to be a nice state to live in. Now the crime rate is climbing.

Aryan Racist said...

Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta used to be a good place for white people. Then the
public transit system, MARTA, built a rail station next to the mall and the negro
hordes invaded. The negro ghetto rats behaved so badly in the mall that they caused
the movie theater to shut down for good. What is it about movie theaters that
cause negroes to chimp out?

Archie bunker said...

Only twin cities, Rochester and st cloud are that way, thanks to the immigrants and liberals, Trump won every rural county in Mn., we know the score, farmers and loggers in the south and north sections of state can't stand liberals