Tuesday, October 16, 2018

'First Man' Blasted for Lack of Diversity Because it Dare Depict the Actual Whiteness Getting us to the Moon

What's wrong with celebrating the achievements of white people?

In 2018 America, it represents the ultimate crime. ['First Man' writer Josh Singer on film's lack of diversity: 'You've got to be accurate and depict the time', Yahoo.com, 10-16-18]:
You know it’s awards season when prestige films are being picked apart for inconsequential or inane reasons. 
Go see 'First Man' immediately: it is a modern-day classic
In the curious case of First Man, Damien Chazelle’s stunning new biopic on astronaut Neil Armstrong, the movie has been dragged by critics and pundits on polar ends of the sociopolitical spectrum for two very questionable matters. In a wider-reaching controversy, conservatives blasted the film for not portraying the moment when Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling) plants the American flag on the moon after Apollo 11’s landing, even though the stars and stripes have a ubiquitous presence in the film. Some on the left, meanwhile, have bemoaned the fact that the film has an all-white, male-dominated cast, even though it’s a historically accurate depiction. As film journalist Jordan Hoffman wrote on Twitter, “It’s truly fascinating how liking FIRST MAN can make you an anti-American cuck in some quarters or a reactionary Patriarchal prick in others.” 
In addition to defending the film’s placement (or lack thereof) of the American flag (which is “all over the movie”), First Man screenwriter Josh Singer (SpotlightThe Post) also commented on the fact that the film is being dinged for its lack of diversity at a timewhen pushes for inclusion are at the top of Hollywood’s collective mind. 
“Frankly, I don’t think it’s a ‘great men of history’ [story], I think it’s an ordinary family in history story,” Singer said (watch above). “And moreover, we wanted to be as technically accurate as we could. And at the time, it was [all] white men. And that wasn’t right, but that’s what it was. So if you’re gonna be technically accurate — and in part, we’re so technically accurate because we’re trying to shed this new perspective on a narrative that’s been sugarcoated — you’ve got to be accurate and depict the time for all its strengths and flaws.” 
First Man, it’s worth noting, comes two years after Hidden Figures, the crowd-pleasing, Oscar-nominated drama that portrayed the pivotal roles of African-American female mathematicians in the space race. 
Singer, though, looks at First Man as the story of one man’s — and one family’s — triumph over heartbreak. Not only did Armstrong lose multiple NASA colleagues and friends in test missions leading up to the Apollo 11 launch, but also he lost his young daughter Karen to a brain tumor at the age of 2. 
“This is a story about a guy who was an ordinary American guy who had a skill set, and who pushed himself beyond a certain limit, I think. It was an ordinary American family that were just trying to do their best in some extraordinary circumstances. And frankly, to me, what is most extraordinary about Neil and Janet and the family is not Neil’s flying abilities, though he was clearly a pretty good pilot, and not even Neil’s engineering abilities, although he clearly was a very bright guy and an incredible engineer — but what’s extraordinary was the grace with which he and Janet managed to endure tragedy and failure.”
Run, don't walk, but run to your nearest theater and see 'First Man'.

It is one of the most exhilarating movies you'll ever see on the big screen and, as this Yahoo! article makes clear, a reminder (and a glorification) of what white men can do in the absence of diversity.

P.S. -- Get a copy of 'Whitey on the Moon' to remind yourself what happened to NASA.


Anonymous said...

They could have had a couple of black janitors.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the good old days. I remember it well. What a difference a few decades have made. I actually have a picture of mission control that evening. Yes, it was indeed, very white. This too white mantra is getting very old, and extremely tiring. Grow up. If you weren’t there, you weren’t there.

Anonymous said...

It was all white men, and that wasn’t right??? Are you kidding me? That’s exactly why it was right. Things used to turn out pretty o.k.. Back when things were pretty white. Maybe blacks should start their own space program. Make it one way.

AR in Illinois said...

Reminds me of another period-correct film I also commented on previously. Saving Private Ryan. Today there would be a Star Wars-type mash-up of mystery meat and women, instead of the WHITE GUYS that actually fought and won WW2.

rent slave said...

Not all that accurate:Radio host Chris Plante said that he noticed a La Raza sign in the film despite its not coming into being until 1973.

Rebel said...

Patriots are pissed because the film changes history by leaving out the American flag from THE most triumphant moment in human history for the purpose of globalist inclusiveness.

Leftists are pissed because the film did NOT change history and portray this achievement as a diverse, multicultural bunch - led by alpha black men and a hot white science chick - who had to put up with the bumbling idiocy of some pathetic white nerd who's on the team just to give everyone someone to ridicule.

As for me, Screw 'em. I'm not going to watch it. I know the story. I'm not giving a cent of my money to Hollywood. For the same reason I'm not giving my money to the NFL.

Paul's book, 'Whitey On The Moon'? That, I'll do.


Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"First Man, it’s worth noting, comes two years after Hidden Figures, the crowd-pleasing, Oscar-nominated drama that portrayed the pivotal roles of African-American female mathematicians in the space race."

Yup. Couldn't have done it without them. Were there scores of sassy negresses doing all of the important calculations on the Manhattan Project?

Anonymous said...

Anyone claiming that "diversity is our strength" needs to explain what it did for the USSR and Yugoslavia. Even Rwanda, which was all black, couldn't get along with two different flavors of orcs and went on a massive blood rampage.

bybeaner said...

Neil Armstrong accomplished more than any person of color ever has or ever will.

Mike Nagle said...

I watched it live, in real time. Don't need a movie. Don't need the omission of the flag, as a sop to multi-culti hogwash either.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can make a move of any kind in this country without considering how blacks, in all of their fair-minded and rational glory, might perceive it.

Taking credit for achievements in which they had no part? Fabricating events that didn't occur? (Duke Lacrosse, Tawana Brawley) They are incapable of shame yet catered to at every turn and placed on a moral pedestal.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

i watched the film the other night. unfortunately, it showed a token for nearly a full second in the control room . it really spoilt my enjoyment of the film

D-FENS said...

I’m surprised there wasn’t a magic negro to impart words of advice to Armstrong on landing the Lunar Module. The movie “The Right Stuff” had Australian abos lighting ceremonial fires to guide John Glenn. Glenn would have burned up on re-entry had this ceremony not been performed.

Spielberg made sure to film the military cemetery scenes at the beginning and end of “Saving Private Ryan” to include the rare tombstone that had the star of David. I don’t recall seeing any in the wide pans of the cemetery.

Anonymous said...

When Apollo 13 came out 23 years ago it was 99% white (which was accurate) but nobody bitched about the lack of diversity it's far as I can remember. Now you can't do anything without offending the treasured 13%. What's next, a black George Washington?

Hannibal said...

Why should they? They were protesting the Apollo 11 launch because that money wasn't going to GibsMeDat programs.

Steve Smith said...

I post this same thing on every single thread: my father worked at the Space Center 40+ years. He has confirmed that the only vibrants working there were either collecting dirty cafeteria trays or sweeping floors.


So the best thing the movie goer can take away from going to see this movie in the theatre is. No negroes will be in attendance without the Rock, Ice Cube, or a Danzel Washington type character in this movie. Which means this will be a safe bet that you won’t hear some common negro on his “sailphome” or talking out loud to all his homies. Hell you can even take your family or your favorite White girl and not fear a chimp-out breaking out. And not even a “muh dik” jesture towards your beautiful White girlfriend. This is a grand slam flick for a good evening out without those common negroes ruining it for the White folks who didn’t have to sneak in to see the movie.

Anonymous said...

When they complete the elimination of White male from entertainment and eventually the demographic of the nation and replace them with the Brown and Blacks of the world they will then wonder.......

How come our drinking water is not clean anymore and why are we dying from that?

Too late..........

Anonymous said...

Want me to pay my hard earned money to go see your achievments of White American film...hire actual AMERICAN actors.

I'm not sure which is worse, black whiners, or foreigners hired to play American heroes.

Anonymous said...

As i was recently watching King Arthur Legend of the Sword (2017) I was wondering how Africans came to be officers in the King's army in 5th century England, well before Europeans discovered Africa.

Anonymous said...

You gotta have blacks in the movies because they make up part of the audience.

But Nobody is fooled.

I would like to report, however, that, like in the movies, there are some blacks who are actually formidable and moral leaders. Paying attention to them kept me out of big trouble a couple times in the past.

But the math thing is horrible. It's a wonder some of them can function at all.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely purchase a copy of Whitey on the Moon after I finish a few books I'm working on, including "If We Do Nothing" by Jared Taylor, which I bought in part to support his Twitter lawsuit. To be fair I would have gotten it anyway but sometimes time is the resource that counts.

I visited Kennedy Space Center almost 3 years ago with my younger brother and my father. My dad's family lives down there. My brother had already been there with his very active Boy Scout (sorry Scouts) troop and my father is a highly accomplished electrical engineer so it was really only my first introduction to NASA. Honestly, I'm not that scientifically literate, especially when it comes to physics. I was struck by the size of the rockets that they hang in a massive gallery you can take a bus to. The other thing that struck me when I was there was the number of women in niqabs I saw. I mentioned this to my brother on the way out. I wonder what the victors of the Space Race would think of the people who inherited their accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

Dear whites,

This is what happens when you decide to import things you have no business near.


Pat Boyle said...

I had a lot written on this topic but the maid literally wiped it out. Tomorrow.


Brian in Ohio said...

White achievement.... Everything else pales in comparison.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...


Good old Minneapolis! Apparently some guy invested his retirement into a Brewery and even put it in a bad area to help grow businesses in the area. Well, between 2011 and now things have gotten worse. A business owner will move his business and a freaking bar has to close at 9PM on the weekends for safety reasons.

Didn't his cuckold know that sundown towns are illegal unless it's a town that ain't white? ;)

Anonymous said...

"Reminds me of another period-correct film I also commented on previously. Saving Private Ryan. Today there would be a Star Wars-type mash-up of mystery meat and women, instead of the WHITE GUYS that actually fought and won WW2.

As a matter of fact, when that film came out a writer at the Washington Post whined in his column that the film lacked minorities (i.e., blacks). I sent an email reminding the dunce that the US Army of WW II was segregated and all of the units involved in the Normandy landings were white. Black units, in the form of truck companies, construction engineer battalions, etc., arrived much later, well after the beachhead had been secured and the battle moved inland.

Anonymous said...

As I was recently watching King Arthur Legend of the Sword (2017) I was wondering how Africans came to be officers in the King's army in 5th century England, well before Europeans discovered Africa.

It was the same in the most recent Transformer films, which started out in a large battle around the year 600. One of the "English" knights on horseback and in shining armor was as black as midnight.

That makes as much sense as a film about Idi Amin played by Bruce Willis.

In fact, this is the actor playing Saebert:


And this is the real-life Englishman:


And this wasn't the first time he played such a role. He was also in Last Knights, set during the time of knights and castles. Morgan Freeman played the Numinous Negro and the master of Clive Owen. The film also featured actors of Korean, Japanese, and Iranian origins, among others. Surely I'm not the only person who finds this to be ridiculous.

Swamp Fox said...

Did you notice that the movie didn't come out until after John Glenn died?

Anonymous said...

One more thing about that film "Last Knight": the villain was played by a white guy.

Of course.

Anonymous said...

The screenwriter who says "it wasn't right" that only White men worked for NASA obviously never read "The Right Stuff." Tom Wolfe describes how JFK started an initiative to recruit Blacks for the Space Program... and that the effort failed because NOT A SINGLE ONE could meet the qualifications. This was left out of the movie of Wolfe's book, of course, made by typical Hollywood Liberal Phil Kaufman.

Anonymous said...

"...pushes for inclusion are at the top of Hollywood’s collective mind. "

Notice how inclusion only goes one way- but that is because we generally don't want them included in anything that we do (hangers on) and they never create/maintain anything that any of us non-blacks would ever want to be a part of (some of it might be interesting, but the violence, theft, and general dishonesty are always deal killers for a lot of white people).

It will be interesting in coming decades to hear movie critics remark on the glaring historical inaccuracies in present day movies due to the need more "muh inclusion".

Blacks aren't generally associated with anything that can be classified as "nerdy". But somehow this is now a huge problem, because if we created some fake role models for blacks they would all begin to reach for the stars, rather than for the crack pipe.

Please don't remind me of the opportunity costs of propping up these proto-humans.

Anonymous said...

OT: Raheem Cole Dashanell Davis (black male) has been identified as the man arrested for the murder of North Carolina State Trooper Kevin Conner (white male) during a routine traffic stop on early Wednesday morning.


Harry said...

Leaving out the part where Armstrong places and salutes the Flag defeats the whole reason for even making a film on the Apollo 11 mission. Imagine leaving out the part where the Marines plant the Flag on Mt. Suribachi in 'Sands of Iwo Jima'.

10mm AUTO said...

Soon to Come! "First Man II" starring Denzel Washington and Jayden Smith as a close father/son team who go to Mars using pyramids and crack pipes! Starring Tom Cruise as the racist southern astronaut who tries to sabotage their advanced Spaceship and kill Jayden. Charlize Theron as the beautiful wife raising three mixed race children in racist NASA, fending off raping Whites as she stays true to her man and lays out her life savings to fund the project.

Egghead said...

This is the method intended to ensure black entry into middle class white neighborhoods:


Anonymous said...

Two blacks in the movie.
Token radio guy at Houston.
Token protester chanting his “whitey on the moon” jabber.
The flag was shown planted on the lunar surface.
Otherwise a decent, but not great movie.

Anonymous said...

“Darkest Hour” (Churchill biopic) had a cringe-inducing moment where Sir Winston rides a subway in the Underground and a magic Negro quotes Shakespeare (I believe). Ridiculous...

Anonymous said...

Spot on.
That’s how liberal Hollywood spins it.
Savior of the world? Black man banging a stripper with a bastard child, and a drunken white guy who also happens to be a vet.

tradcon said...

Watched "First Man" for free two nights ago on BitLord (anybody can do it for free -- I make no money on this suggestion). Poor quality recording -- dialogue was in English but captioning was in Russian. Yes, there was a scene including a black man shown in the control room for about a second. Several seconds (maybe up to a full minute) were ridiculously spent on black resistance/resentment topics, including (ironically, considering Paul's book) a black man's rendition of a "poem" about "whitey on the moon" (but lamenting his po' inability to pay his $50-a-month rent, etc., despite all the money recklessly wasted putting "whitey on the moon")(also ironically, this was probably the only part worth watching for race realists). Not a particularly good movie, in my opinion -- mostly a chick-type film focusing primarily on Armstrong's relationships and mainly showing him to be pretty inept therewith; didn't even start showing the moon flight until about 20 minutes left in a 2 hr+ movie. Nowhere near as exciting/enjoyable as was "Apollo 13." Even for free, I would urge not wasting one's time.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh-yes. Good ole diversity. Just can't seem to escape it can we? Things seem to be heating up all over the country. Good thing cold weather is upon us or things could really get out of hand. I am in south GA now. I grew up in Macon. I moved from Macon, GA several years ago because it was too black, which makes it too dangerous for me. OK I have a real goodie for you. I was watching the news just last week which comes out of Macon. The city council there is about half and half mixed black and white. One of the council members, Elaine Lucas, is a fat old black woman that has been on the city council for years. As a matter of fact I don't ever remember a time that she has not sat on the council. For the last couple of months Macon has been struggling with the city budget. I mean, like most of the country, they are reaching the stage where they have more takers than makers. I know that everyone reading this likes things like trash pick-up, running water, you know, the stuff like that, that must be funded to keep running. Well in Macon, somethings came to a head recently. I still can't believe that this aired but it did because I saw it. My husband saw it. But I certainly can't find it on the macon{dot}com website. There are at least 3 White people on the council, maybe 1 more White and several nikes. I don't know how many exactly and really don't care (hint: why I left that city). They had struggled for weeks with the budget. They wanted to raise property taxes but were split on doing so. Everyone was holding their views and no one would budge so it was coming down to the wire. Because of their lack of agreement it came closer and closer to the time they had to produce something of a city budget. The local libraries were shut down and some of the bus routes. Well, in the end, they got their property tax increase and this is where this story begins. It was 2 or 3 weeks after city budget was approved and balanced when an item came up for funding. The "lil Richard" Pennimon house. Now you all know who "lil Richard" is, don't you? You know, Tutti Fruiti" singer. Well. E. Lucas put on the city council table a $90,000 grant to fund the "lil Richard" house for the city. We don't have $90,000 for a shitty (house) museum that no one goes to. We can't even keep the trash pick-up going and this dumb bit** wants 90 grand. When one of the White council members suggested that the house be sold so the city doesn't have to carry it, e lucas turned on her. "That's racist! What a racist comment. I don't want to hear anything like that again".
She shut down all the White people on the council with those words. I mean, it was instant shut-up time. I guess they are going to fund the stupid museum since no one has the guts to stand up to the racist word. Its so sad what has happened to this great country. So, any of you coming to Macon, make sure you stop and see the "lil Richard" house. Its city funded.

Non PC Infidel said...

The inclusion of blacks in movies where they don't belong (such as in movies about historical events in which they played no part or weren't even present in the time period or even movies based on ancient European mythologies) is utterly ridiculous. As is, does anyone remember the furor that erupted over the statue that was created of the flag being raised on Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima during WW2 where one of the actual participants was replaced with the figure of a groid? That got shot down real quick as people were outraged. I wish the same level of outrage would be directed at Hollywood when they include groids in movies where they don't belong.

As things go, it wouldn't surprise me if a movie came out about Sitting Bull and we saw that the medicine man of the tribe was portrayed by a nappy headed negro. That, of course, would cause audiences to burst out in gales of laughter. Or how about a movie about the Chinese Ming Dynasty with several of the courtesans at the royal court being sheboons with huge asses? Again, gales of laughter would erupt. The point being that it seems only whites have to face having movies based on historical events or even mythologies inappropriately infested by negroes. I can't wait to see a movie about Da'Julius Caesar and DeMarcus Anthony to be followed by a movie about Marie'Acanisha Curie and da radioactive "participles" and sheeit. I mean, why not? If Hollywood is going to turn movies into negro clown shows, they might as well go full retard and get it over with.

Anyway, a lot of this is the product of libtardism but also seems to be a reaction to black complaints of "why dey ain't no black folks up in dese here movies?" No one wants to hurt their feelings by telling them the truth and telling them to get lost so they stick black figures in where they don't belong. Enough!

Non PC Infidel said...

My stepdad was from Macon, Ga. He was born there in the 1920's. Told me that Little Richard was run out of town for "messing with underage white boys."

Anonymous said...

Why is it we never hear the blacks and SJW's complaining about the lack of "diversity in Haiti. I guess diversity is only a one way street..Right next to MLK Blvd.

Anonymous said...

They already Negroized Hamilton, so why not? There is a major downside to a black Washington, however: No one would know for sure who was "The Father of Our Country."

Anonymous said...


Man Allegedly Punches Victim in Anti-White Attack

A middle-aged white man seated at a table typing on a laptop and grubbing a slice at a South Bronx pizzeria claims a black man spit a series of racially-charged fighting words and slugged him twice in the face, fracturing his eye socket.

"You ain't a white man, you a white boy," the 59-year-old victim told WABC, while reviewing the surveillance footage from the incident. That's what he heard before he was attacked, which landed him in an operating room to repair a fractured eye socket and torn retina.

The racially-tinged clash occurred around 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 6 where the victim can be seen in the footage arising from his corner table inside Ray’s Pizza Restaurant located on East 138th Street near St. Ann's Avenue (blocs away from the NYPD's 40th Precinct) after the black man, clad in a black baseball cap and red windbreaker, plopped down across from him.

Despite moving two tables away, the stranger allegedly kept taunting him.

And he allegedly spread his hate by belting, "F*** all white people," a police source confirmed to Newsweek.

“Look at this f---ing white guy! These f---ing white people think they own the world!” the man remembered hearing in an interview with NBC 4.

New York Police Department confirmed in a report that the menacing black man “began yelling anti-white statements” to the victim.

The alleged unprovoked belligerence continued, and the white victim, who was wearing a Yankees t-shirt, attempts to toss his plate in the trash receptacle but is physically blocked and quickly struck by the stranger's open backhand.

"As I go around him he smacks me in the face with his [left] hand,” he said.

The victim admitted he countered his assailant with a strike of his own by throwing a cup of coffee.

“I throw my coffee at him," the victim said.

That’s when the black man threw and landed a devastating left, right jab combination.

"...in a blink of an eye like Mike Tyson he just punched me in my face,” he said.

New York Police Department

As the bigoted man runs off, the victim’s nose starts to bleed out and is dazed from the shot he suffered to his right eye.

The man said he has lived in the neighborhood -- once was a plentiful hub where pianos were made inside warehouse factories -- for 18 years is terrified.

“This makes me want to look over my shoulder all the time now,” the victim, with a badly bloodshot eye, said.

His attacker remains outstanding and police are hoping to produce leads to bring him into custody.

D-FENS said...

Take solace in knowing that Gil Scott-Heron, who wrote “Whitey on the Moon” died of AIDS.

WotM came out in 1970 at least 6 months AFTER the Apollo 11 mission.

Anonymous said...

After all this country, the US, is not called Black Run America for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Finland's greatest hero is Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, who lived 83 action packed years-and is their equivalent of Washington, Churchill, Trump and George Patton rolled into one.

He was the only man who was decorated by both sides in both WW1 and in WW2--and he protected Finland against Nazis, Commies--and on occasion when he had to, the Allies. He was a hero in four wars. To this day, nearly 70 years after his death, more than one Helsinki restaurant offers a special menus of his favorite dishes.

Anyway, a few years ago, some idiot Gen X Finnish cuck director decided to make a movie about him--and he cast a black Kenyan, Telley (sic) Savalas Otieno, to play him.

There was, shall we say, a lot of pushback. LOL.


Anonymous said...

non-w people have the option of actually doing something of note, if they want recognition. otherwise, f**k off

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous October 18, 2018 at 4:12 AM

That city council meeting sounded like a scene out of Atlas Shrugged. I keep seeing more similarities every day.

Anonymous said...

it’s worth noting, comes two years after Hidden Figures, the crowd-pleasing, Oscar-nominated drama that portrayed the pivotal roles of African-American female mathematicians in the space race.

"the crowd-pleasing" Really,who says.Fake reviews and over the top ,exaggerated cuck White accolades over an average movie. And who says that they were "pivotal roles".Just more lies for average everyday work for over 300 woman ,human claculators who were only double and triple checking "figures" that were already calculated.These idiots do realize that the books that the half Black women read and educated themselves from were all written by White Men,right.They were not "pivotal" in any way.Just because they are Black they try to make it out like they did it all.All nonsense. Can't wait till they make the real Hidden Figures about the man that really did do all the calculations and creted the figure eight trajectory to get to the moon and back,JACK CRENSHAW.But since he is a White Southern boy it will never happen.Just like this country owes everything to White Germans who created and invented all the science and engineering that in essence made NASA a reality.

Anonymous said...

While blacks were busy bitching and complaining about the Apollo space program a brown wave began a slow but steady trickle at the southern border. I saw an news article from 1971 in the Rome News-Tribune that covered blacks protesting the Apollo 14, and a big part of the protest involved black maids who were paid $35 a week to clean $50 a night hotel rooms. If they can figure out supply and demand and then apply it to the labor pool they will be even angrier...

Anyways, the choice quote of the article was:

"America is sending lazy white boys to the moon because all they're doing is looking for moon rocks."

He goes on to then say that if they wanted to actually do work they would have sent a (deleted).

Augustus said...

I learn so much reading here! Today, after reading about both Baltimore and Atlanta (remember "Matlock" on TV, where all the black and white folks lived happily side by side, and we never saw black people at the courthouse, but only "evil" white businessmen) I learned even more with the inclusion of the movie review.

So what have I learned after 5,500 years and 1 more day of recorded history? White people put a man on the moon, and in the same period of time, black people have learned to operate squeegees. Thank Gawd, civilization is saved!

Anonymous said...


This woman being fired in St. Louis story is unreal.

The black guy caused the entire situation, hoping for this very outcome. He refused to show the woman his entry fob and he forced his way by her into the building.

Meanwhile, she gets fired from her job for being a "racist". Yet this "racist" somehow found it in her heart to marry a black man! Is no one at her job aware of this fact, or does going so far as to a marrying a black man not keep you safe from having your life ruined from being branded a racist. She is literally one of the least racist people in the world, but white skin trumps all logic now.

Egghead said...

The truth is that the ‘white racist’ St. Louis lady with a black husband (!) would be most likely be scandalized by this website....

The main problem is that black people are playing offense while white people are playing defense (and very badly).

On the Fox News video, this ‘white racist’ lady visibly flinches to be called racist and seeks to defend herself without realizing or stating that SHE is the victim - rather than the perpetrator - of racism in this case - first by the rude and unmannerly racist black man and then by her unacceptably defaming and slanderous racist employer.

The racist black man has very happily and casually - but literally - made the white lady a target of legitimate black torture and death threats in her own home. He did what he accused her of by making her the potential victim of violent black stalkers. He simply outsourced the threat represented by his initial aggressiveness to be a threat made good by other black people. I know a lot of black ladies who would have given the black man the same or worse language and treatment as the white lady if he shoved by them to enter their living area.

According to Fox News reporting, the white lady’s racist employer has publicly defamed and slandered the white lady by falsely labeling her a racial profiler. I think that the white lady would have treated and talked to a white man the same way that she treated and talked to the black man. I think that the white lady has legitimate cause to sue her former employer.

I think that the white lady is ‘living while white female’ where she is expected to be endlessly polite as she puts up with black racism from a black man who appears completely happy that he caused her to be physically endangered and fired.

The news says that she wants to meet him. Maybe she can marry him next. Yeesh!

Anonymous said...

What's the point in watching this movie? America has turned into a joke. White people bend over and take it up the ass for fear of being seen as racist. The demographics in this country are changing. America has also become so immoral. Who cares about the past when there is no future? Not to mention, why give money to Hollywood?

Anonymous said...

Neil Armstrong accomplished more than any person of color ever has or ever will.

I don't know but starting with the Tawana Brawley hoax, tax dodging and everything in between Al Sharpton remaining on the outside of a jail cell is a pretty big accomplishment.


Unknown said...

I looked on IMDB, at the
cast of this film, and saw that cast a black actor to play a NASA engineer... but I couldn't find any evidence of any actual black engineers from those days.

Anonymous said...

"you've got to be accurate". where's the flag, idiot.