Saturday, October 20, 2018

His Name is Eldon "Twirp" Williams: 87-Year-Old White Man Murdered by Black Career Criminal in Alton, Illinois

It will be in less than a week before another white person will be nationally shamed for daring to hold an individual black to the same standards of civility required to maintain civilization, filmed by the latter for this egregious display of racism and immediately becoming the latest example of collective white supremacy denying blackness their humanity. 

Meanwhile, another white individual was murdered by a black career criminal, with barely the local media even bothering to report the news. [Murder charges filed in killing of 87-year-old man in Alton,, 10-17-18]:
A suspect has been charged with the murder of an 87-year-old man in Alton.  
Officers from Alton and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 200 block of West Delmar Avenue just before noon Tuesday, where Eldon "Twirp" Williams was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head. 
Rest in Peace, Eldon Williams. 
Police took a suspect into custody at the time, and Wednesday charged Donald M. Nelson with three counts of murder in Williams' killing, as well as attempted robbery, trespassing, and unlawful possession of a gun by a felon. 
At this point the killing appears random.  
Williams leaves behind a wife and six daughters, and the community has mourned his death.   
Investigators believe he was at the home, which was recently put up for sale, to check the lock boxes. 
Williams was also a Godfrey trustee.  
"It's kind of a cliche, but he was a true asset to the Godfrey community," said friend Matt Horn, who also works at Landmark Realty. "We here at Landmark are totally numb about what happened here today as is everyone in the community." 
Wednesday morning, Alton Mayor Brant Walker issued the following statement regarding Williams' death: 
I, and the members of my administration, join the entire community in mourning the tragic loss of Godfrey Trustee Eldon “Twirp” Williams in what appears to be a senseless random act of violence. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and offer our prayers during this difficult time. 
“Twirp” dedicated his life to serving Godfrey and the Riverbend, and his death is both shocking and heartbreaking. Rest assured, the dedicated detectives and police officers of the Alton Police Department will use every resource available to bring the individual responsible for this heinous act to justice. We will not tolerate such violence in our community, and we will use every tool we have to ensure that justice is served for “Twirp.”
But don't worry: another white woman will lose their job for daring to stereotype a black individual, denying them their humanity as they engage in a bigoted act of failing to remember blacks are above the law in the USA. 

The black career criminals record?:
He was sentenced to three years in prison in June 2017 after pleading guilty to a charged of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance. He pleaded guilty in October 2017 to a charge of burglary and sentence to two years’ probation. He also has a conviction for burglary and a conviction for misdemeanor aggravated assault, plus misdemeanor convictions for theft, possession of marijuana, assault, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and unlawful use of brass knuckles.
Moral of the story: never, ever fear calling the police on a suspicious black person. It might just save your life.


Anonymous said...

Since this "event" was "senseless", then there is NO REASON to charge the Nikker.

That would only add more senselessness to a senseless event.

Anonymous said...

"He was sentenced to three years in prison in June 2017 after pleading guilty to a charged of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance. He pleaded guilty in October 2017 to a charge of burglary and sentence to two years’ probation."

This is typical of lllinois Criminal Justice, it's da new maff.

D-FENS said...

What makes this robbery gone wrong particularly tragic is that Alton, IL was the scene of the last Lincoln-Douglas debate and the birthplace of abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy and 13th amendment author Lyman Trumbull. It was also the birthplace of MLK assassin James Earl Ray and perhaps this legacy was a bad omen.

Can we finally fully fund Head Start?

Brian in Ohio said...

The very old, the very young, the sick, the disabled, the unaware, the naïve and the very foolish.

They look for the easy target. Don't be one.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Negro Antidote said...

Sterilization in 2020

Anonymous said...

"Williams was also a Godfrey trustee."

"He was sentenced to three years in prison in June 2017 after pleading guilty to a charged of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance. He pleaded guilty in October 2017 to a charge of burglary and sentence to two years’ probation."

I don't know what a Godfrey trustee is, Donald M. Nelson however will be in a position to work his way towards becoming a trustee, too. Nice to see the racial disparity is ending in this awfully racist country! When will the poor, faultless blacks stop suffering all this racist torment?

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but my math says he should be in prison until June 2020 when he is released for his 2 years probation.

Anonymous said...

There is something mentally deficient with these people. Animal, comes to mind, but animals would be offended by that analogy. Staying as far away as possible is the best suggestion. When that isn’t possible, staying armed is probably a good idea. Becoming an increasingly challenging country. They wonder why whitey has the police on speed dial.

Non PC Infidel said...

The life of this piece of criminal black trash has no value, no meaning and does not matter at all. It is, was and always will be nothing more than a curse upon the earth and should have been put away for life in a cage early in its criminal career, deported to an African prison colony or executed. If it had been, it would have had no opportunity to kill an 87 year old white man whose life mattered a million times more than its life ever could or ever will. The tragedy is that (along with their "famblies")there are millions more just like it walking about free who destroy the cities and towns they infest.

If it were sentenced to death and I were given the opportunity to carry out the execution, I would have no problem walking up to it and blowing its head off with a shotgun.

Ex New Yorker said...

Having spent thirty some years reading the future plans of our overlords (aka...deep state) the time may come when there will be travel restrictions. This means you will not be able to move to a new location when you feel like it. All Trump has given us is a "stay of execution" until the next despot sits on the throne.

Move away from the larger cities and any other black infested areas while you still can. There are hundreds of FREE ZONES in this country where you can live safely and not ever see a black person. The Northern Mid-West is one of the most crime free areas in the country. Miles and miles of two lane blacktop and small towns where the vast majority of people are white. Small town rural America is safe and the people are armed to the teeth.

In the FREE ZONE nobody takes a shit on the sidewalks like they do in Kalifornia. If some redneck cowboy ever saw someone dropping their pants and shitting on the street he would shove his boot up the guys ass.

Always remember.....the FREE ZONE is crime free and also SHIT FREE.

Anonymous said...

When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away!

Stay strapped, stay alive.

Archie bunker said...

Moral of story, don't be afraid of calling cops on suspicious blacks, a better tip, they are all suspicious, don't be afraid of drawing down on one, use proper firepower, be practiced, make him good

rex freeway said...

This POS should have still be in prison. Liberal sentencing guidelines need to be removed.This sub human is not redeemable.

Mark said...

This is why I put my life in the hands of Sig Sauer. Live in South Florida and my office is near a “vibrant” community. I keep my head on a swivel. The dindus around there’s know to leave me alone. Unfortunately I seem to be the exception the rule. RIP Mr. Williams... and may your killer rot in hell

Anonymous said...

At 87 years of age, Eldon would have contributed more to his countrymen in his few remaining years of natural life than his killer ever will throughout its entire miserable existence. This is so often the case, and will continue to be, as long as the narrative stays upside down and backward.

Ken said...

So what is "White privilege":
> Whites are privileged to have our countries (and only White countries) flooded with hordes of every different race.
> Whites are privileged to fund housing, healthcare, food stamps, schools and booming birthrates for said hordes.
> Whites are privileged to be called "racist" or "supremist" if we object to becoming a minority in our countries.
> Whites are privileged to be massively under-represented in the institutions we created namely the media, academia, legal & judiciary system and so on.
> Whites are privileged to be targets of racial discrimination thanks to affirmative action programs.
> And targets of minorities who are free to rob and attack Whites with impunity thanks to a biased legal system.
> Whites are privileged to be scammed by the Fed and Wall Street. Privatise profits. Subsidise losses.
> Whites are privileged to make up 25% of the Ivy League student body despite being 70% of top-scoring students.
Funnily enough, Whites didn't know we had "privilege" in the countries we founded until People like Tim Wise invented the concept.
In fact, (((they)))have run the Fed for 30 years; are the biggest political donors; control the media & Hollywood; dominate the Supreme Court; hold sway in Academia and anti-White intellectual movements; form the bulk of neocons sending Americans to die for Israel, yet (((tribal))) privilege are obviously hateful canards while "White privilege" MUST be addressed, because reasons.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker said ”There are hundreds of FREE ZONES in this country where you can live safely and not ever see a black person.”

It makes sense for someone living in a Nike infested shithole to make a strategic move to a whiter area if the move contributes to a long range plan to eliminate the shitholes. However, moving as a solution to the problem seems akin to running from a burning kitchen to a bedroom at the other end of the house hoping for safety. Most of today’s shitholes were once free zones, and without a fundamental change in the way we deal with Nikes the remaining free zones will eventually be consumed. We shouldn’t deliberately exchange a secure future for our progeny for our own temporary safety by running to free zones without solving the underlying problem.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the website that tracked interracial killings? Can’t find it. It highlighted the problem and the media blackout. It was the website’s only purpose

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, sir! Please keep us posted with your wisdom and updates from the FREE ZONE. I'm hoping to make my move before winter 2019.

100 BRAVO said...

I made my move to THE FREE ZONE back in '15. We don't see them except on television.

The wife wanted to go to the city to have lunch at Red Lobster. Won't do that again...

Nike management. Nike cooks. Lousy cold food. I don't send anything back to the Nikes.

Wife commented on the number of Nike clientele. We were in the minority. Ook. Eek. Ook.

We ask, not aks, ourselves why do we leave the farm. An hour later we were at the gate.

Places like where we live can be found. One just needs to research the demographics well.

Living in a 600 square mile, well armed Caucasian enclave is a wonderful thing. Wonderful!

It's not Heaven but it is Paradise!!

Brian in Ohio said...

Non PC Infidel said...
The life of this piece of criminal black trash has no value, no meaning and does not matter at all. It is, was and always will be nothing more than a curse upon the earth and should have been put away for life in a cage early in its criminal career

I`ll wager that Eldon Williams had contributed more to society by the time he was 21yo than Donald Nelson could if he lived to be 87.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Anyone remember the website that tracked interracial killings? Can’t find it. It highlighted the problem and the media blackout. It was the website’s only purpose
October 21, 2018 at 8:18 AM

Was it

Stay alert, stay alive

Ex New Yorker said...

If someone wants to "stay behind" and fight the good fight as their shit hole city crumbles around them that is very noble of them. The first thing you must learn to do is "lick your own wounds". Take a good look around you. How many of those weak white yuppie fuckers you live with will back you up when the the war starts. I'm sure that geek "football fan" that flipped you off in last weeks traffic jam will be standing shoulder to shoulder with you to help fight of the rats and flotsam that survives a sinking ship.

I already fought that fight. My only reward was nightmares and PTSD. I was very naive (aka...young and dumb) for many years and finally came to accept crime, violence and death as a way of life. The great American cities have now become cesspools and people can now decide which "outhouse" they choose to live in. Hey.....sign me up for some of that. I love the smell of shit.

The Southwest is being invaded from Mexico. The over populated areas along the East and West coast are now being overrun with people who are totally fucking insane. They got rags wrapped around their faces and are beating people up in the streets and setting cars on fire. Once insanity is considered normal is the time to take down the flag and find a new path out of town.

The Mid-West is the final "redoubt". This is the last outpost. What happens here will determine the countries future. As the over populated parts of the country self destruct and deteriorate the Mid-West will remain strong and safe. Do you really think the cowboys and farmers will be killing each other and setting their small towns on fire. I've been here nearly 25 years and no teenage girl has been raped and no senior citizen has been murdered for his shoes or the $4.00 he had in his pocket.

Your fate is in your own hands. Only you can make the that final decision.

Pat Boyle said...

D-FENS mentions Head Start.

I was first involved with Head Start in 1970. That's a half century ago now. I was in grad school and pursuing a course of study to prepare foe a career in Program Evaluation. Few today remember the Program Evaluation movement. It was a follow on to similar reform movement that had attempted to control government program growth by filling the bureaucracy with CPAs (Certified Public Accountants). The idea was to sic the accountants on the program operators and that would bring the growth of government under control. It didn't.

So then next idea was not accounting but science. The idea of Program Evaluation was that evaluators trained in science and statistics would take the legislative intent of a government program as the research hypothesis and them apply scientific method to the output measures to see if it did what it was suppose to to do.

That sounded good to me and that's why I took so much math and statistics. I was preparing for a newly emerging professional discipline - or so I thought.

Then to may horror I learned of the Westinghouse study of Head Start. It was a big well funded study that simply blew Head Start out of the water. That was 1970. In my naivete I thought everything was now done. The research design was so good and the conclusions were so solid I thought there was no room for me in my new profession.

Boy was I wrong.

Head Start didn't do diddly, but no one cared. People wanted Head Start to work so they ignored the evidence and have continued to ignore it for fifty years. There have been many Head Start studies and they all find the same things. If you enrich the learning opportunities for a young kid they test better at first. But the improvement starts to fade. By the time they are a teen the black kids are still far behind the white an East Asian kids.

The effect is indeed a head start in a race but the other races soon catch up and surpass them. Since blacks mature faster than whites. It would make more sense to give the white kids the head start. But of course if you had given the white kids the boost they would have just exhibited their intellectual superiority earlier. Some of the Asian superior school performance probably comes from just this effect. The Asian 'Tiger Moms" who push their kids to excel probably give them a boost too.

We now know that IQ is set by about 3,000 SNPs at the time of conception. However smart you will ever be is determined by the set of IQ relevant SNPs your parents contributed that night when they made you. Waiting for some preschool intervention is much too late.

Blacks, who are so distant genetically from the other human races, simply don't have the right SNPs. So programs like Head Start can never succeed.


Bruce County said...

A feel good story of the day.Accept that they will likely sue and win the ghetto lotto. The dude should not have rented to the NAPA's

Anonymous said...

Lewiston, Maine! A man named Omar Omar severely beat a man, even coming back to kick the unconscious man further.

And who said African imports are of lesser quality?

Anonymous said...

D.A.R.E. to keep kids from Head Start!

Two useless programs in one sentence. Head Start makes people feel good, knowing someone, somewhere is treating a black children like a white one. But when the kids go home it's back to the "hoodie hood" where the diversity still allows for survival of the ruthless.

PB said...

"The Mid-West is the final "redoubt"

Such is the nature of over-population that this too will ultimately have to be either defended or surrendered.

Mr. Rational said...

Anyone remember the website that tracked interracial killings?

Sounds like

The SJWs had it killed.  Here's the last good snapshot at

As for Lewiston... Zoomalis gonna Zoomali.  Time to declare open season.

sick of it all said...

Another black serial killer and rapist uncovered. Unlike white serial killers, blacks tend to pick non-black victims most of the time. This particular one killed and raped at least 3 white women, two college students and an 82 year old woman. Blacks are responsible for so much misery and heartbreak.

SKIP said...

"Anyone remember the website that tracked interracial killings? Can’t find it. It highlighted the problem and the media blackout. It was the website’s only purpose"


Anonymous said...

To who ever asked this Anonymous said...
Anyone remember the website that tracked interracial killings? Can’t find it. It highlighted the problem and the media blackout. It was the website’s only purpose
October 21, 2018 at 8:18 AM Not sure if this is exactly what you are speaking of but it does have ALOT of RANDOM incidences , if you will.

Right here... Please post Mr Kersey...Very very relevent and sad ...

Anonymous said...

Gee, all the good guys posting on this story. Good to see you back. Greatly missed and greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

But...but...but...only whites are serial killers! Right? RIGHT?

Bruce County said...

This just in...

3 hrs ago

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Six people have been wounded, some seriously, in what is being investigated as a possible gang-related shooting blocks from the NFL stadium in Florida where the Jacksonville Jaguars were hosting the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon. No mention of race or possible suspects. Im betting it wasn't them pesky Mennonites or Amish.

Kyle Winstead said...

The problem is that wherever there is not enough diversity, the government will force it upon you. Remember stories of past when not enough blacks lived in Lily white city, government built projects and moved in the tax burden. Happened, as I remember over 30 yrs ago. In many places.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker...So good to hear from you. Always love your perspective and wisdom!


100 Bravo...Sounds like paradise to me.


Comment of the day!

"We shouldn’t deliberately exchange a secure future for our progeny for our own temporary safety by running to free zones without solving the underlying problem."


Enjoying the warm Indian summer in NW FL.

Take care all.


Standup Broad said...

Note to relatives of the White elderly; !!! WTF!!! is wrong with you? My Aunt, at age 78, was forcibly removed from her ME. I "kidnapped" her an a Saturday afternoon and drove her around her neighborhood for several hours playing "count the White people" and "LOOK at the houses & yards". After our little drive she could no longer deny that she had to move. We returned to her home, packed 2 suitcases, and she moved in with me. I employed several football player high school boys to act as protection and help while cleaning out her house and had it on the market in two weeks. SHAME on this man's daughters! SHAME!

Egghead said...

The American ‘refugee’ march is the ‘Camp of the Saints’ come to life, and the (((Communist))) left knows it.

Free ‘Camp of Saints’ pdf in English:

Anonymous said...

Head Start didn't do diddly, but no one cared. People wanted Head Start to work so they ignored the evidence and have continued to ignore it for fifty years.

Head start shows how liberals are absolutely nuts.

Instead of re-assessing their assumptions they change their original goals.

Head start sounds great in theory *if* liberal theories are true.

Dismantling Head start is terrifying to liberals since it brings into question their basic premise of blank slate. It brings into question their belief that environment is everything.

I've actually been shocked by some of the studies of how badly it has failed even as someone that bets on nature over nurture. We are spending 9 billion on year on people that are having more kids than responsible middle class Whites and there is nothing to show for it.

Mr. Rational said...

Head Start didn't do diddly

It created some make-work jobs in the fake Black middle class, and another group of Democrat activists ready to get out the ghetto vote.


Ex New Yorker:

Thank you for coming back, reluctantly, like me.

You were one of the KEY persons who kept me from pulling the trigger and killing as frightening as this is, but honest, taking some with me....It is why I never told the truth to my useless Psychiatrist (Today's "Health Care Professionals" are total disgusting frauds......but that is another story).

I can not Thank You enough. If I wasn't to well known, in my area, I would honestly reveal myself, and attempt to personally find you and thank you.

You comments are one of the best. You are more valuable than you know. You truth and honesty cuts to the collapse of America and that, in the end, it is over. Rome fell. Britain Fell, and we are in the middle of the collapse.

"Apres Trump, Le deluge"

I find it appalling that there is no WHITE MAN, here, that has the ability to put all your writing together and issue a book (hint PK). I am too computer stupid to figure out how to do it. (I have no desire to learn the computer skills to do so. I, myself, am too close to death to waste the time. I spend ALL OF MY TIME making money so my children have a chance to have some life before we all kill each other in a glorious grand finale of VIOLENCE...God Willing).

You are the most "REAL" of those here. You are the most experienced and you, whether you realize it or not, are a Profit, as those who warned the Hebrew Tribes. (sorry if that insults you, but the God of Israel, repeatedly warned the Hebrews NOT TO MIX WITH OTHERS...)

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Re: Head Start
As of 2003, the average Head Start teacher made $21,000 per year, compared to the public school teacher average of $43,000.
Who in their right mind would go into program loaded with little orcs to try and teach them anything for 21K.

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude. to Anonymous @ 1:10. Lewiston, Maine was home to 10,000 Somalis in 2014. I and my party stopped at the downtown diner for breakfast on our way to nova scotia. motorcycle trip for vacation. 3 Augusta Capital police sat next to us and we talked for about an hour. Their words of wisdom still hold true. Avoid Lewiston like the plague. It is not safe there. When the Augusta Capital police tell you something, a smart man heeds their advice. needless to say we gave Lewiston a wide berth on the return trip. (riding through hurricane Arthur to reach NH)

Pat Boyle said...


When you get tired of seeing all the blacks on the big channels take a break. Go watch some white people's television.

White peoples TV obviously contains mostly white people or preferably all white people. And it shows people doing virtuous things. White People's TV shows people caring for others, going to work, and helping neighbors. The white people shown are skilled and competent. They are happy and smiling.

Black oriented TV is just the opposite. There is a lot of crime and despair. The human interest component is usually an attempt to gain the viewers sympathy for the black person's plight. It's all very depressing.

So watch "The Amazing Dr.Pol". It's a show about a rural veterinarian. I've never seen a single black person on the show. It is filled with farmers whose cow is sick or a neighbor whose dog was hit by a car. None of it is staged. It's just regular life without Negroes.


Anonymous said...

I’m going to second the words of centurion. Centurion, Pat, and ex New Yorker all have a huge influence on this column.. of course, there are others. Most of us are like minded, and insightful, as well as intelligent. I can’t thank P.K. and you guys enough for the years of enjoyment you have brought me. Hopefully there will come a time and moment that is befitting for an in person meeting. Until then...carry on.

Bruce County said...

Re Pat Boyle: TV
I have to say that is so accurate... I search for all white it engineering, cars, home repair, outdoor life and wilderness living. Its so pleasant to watch whites do amazing things with their minds and hands. There isn't anything fake about it. That is until the commercial break when the magic negros take over for 4 minutes.

And the wheels on the bus go round and round.
Then we hope to die before the orcs kill us and eat us.

Detroit Refugee said...

Pat said,
When you get tired of seeing all the blacks...

Up here there's all kinds of outdoor stuff for white families during fall.

Spring & summer there's zero vibrants pitching in w/ the stream & River shoreline cleanups. I know from participating. But they sure do create work for the good people.

Detroit Refugee said...

Glad to see Centurian & Ex New Yorker again. Stick around please, your comments & presence were missed.

Detroit Refugee said...

No friggin way. Too much could go wrong. From false claims, to an agry parent in your face, to the diversity encounter in a parking lot. Nope.

Anonymous said...

Incredible that they knew the truth about Head Start in 1970, I thought it was just within the last decade that the evidence for Head Start was dismal. In my early twenties I used to think that the primary barrier to blacks succeeding was the Federal Government via welfare food stamps, and other transfer payments had essentially replaced the father in the Black family. If all these kids simply had two parents they would do so much better in life. Now we know that it really doesn't matter and the propensity to father children and abandon them will probably be discovered in their DNA as well.

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

Remember years ago watching National Geographic and the Africans with grass skirts and bones in their nose doing the tribal dance. Basically jumping up and down, which is probably what happened here.

Mr. Rational said...

Oh, and Ex New-Yorker and Centurion... welcome back, I missed you.

you, whether you realize it or not, are a Profit

And the sign said
"the words of the prophets are scribed out as bloggers blab
And post on Gab."
So said the sound, of realtalk.

(strained rhyme, best I could do on short notice.)

Anonymous said...

I am from Albany. I left 20 years ago.

Even at 87% white, it was a racial powder keg. My sister used to own a "dance club/bar" in an affluent suburb outside of Albany. At some point, after she had it about five years, the inner city blacks (and that was pretty much all of them at that time) would come up from Schenectady and "get with" the white girls.

The white guys would be apoplectic.
Every Saturday night there would be race wars in the parking lot and the cops had to come. She eventually had to close down because they couldn't do anything to keep them away. They tried changing the music, etc. but then the white suburban kids stopped coming.By then they were getting so strapped for cash, they didn't have the time for a transition.

Anyhow, back then it was just black/white. No gangs. As long as you stated out of black areas it was so safe.

Now? The have brought in s huge number of Guyanese. They gave them special benefits of some kid to move into the decaying areas of Schenectady. In less 20 years, their offspring were all in gangs, tribing up, selling drugs and warring with the local blacks. Now there are gangs.

I noticed Mexican stores when I went home last year so there must be a sizable chunk of them as well.

I was told heroin has hit the burbs hard. I know two people who lost siblings to it. One actually lost both brothers. Ofcourse, those are the white kids.

I remember, as a teenager, hearing about gangs in LA and not even having a real idea of what that even was. All these things seemed like such a far away, exotic problems.

europeasant said...

"Who in their right mind would go into program loaded with little orcs to try and teach them anything for 21K"

I personally know of such people. Two young women who have education degrees from a state university. The first one told me she wanted to teach inner city (negros)kids and the second one told me how wonderful black people are.

They both live in White parts of town and are not married, have no children and are at least thirty years old.

They are true believers.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it called Alternative Hypothesis or something? Not sure if it's still around. It was great. Of course, Colin Flaherty is still doing his best despite being censored for his racist act of documenting news reports regarding Black Violence... Sigh. You can find him on