Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New York Times Brags About How Demographic Change in Georgia will soon Disenfranchise White People

Demography is destiny. 

Clayton County, less than 40 years ago almost entirely white, is now roughly 14 percent white. With the racial changes, comes black empowerment, the most devastating weapon ever unleashed on western civilization. 

JONESBORO, Ga., Jan. 4 - On his first day at work, the new sheriff of Clayton County called 27 employees into his office on Monday, fired them and had snipers stand guard on the roof as they were escorted out the door.
Stacey Abrams, who stands on the verge of being the first female black governor in USA history, burning the Georgia flag in the early 1990s. She will only become governor because of massive third world immigration and the monolithic black vote in the state proving once again: Democracy is a racial headcount
A judge on Tuesday ordered him to rehire the employees.
The sheriff, Victor Hill, 39, defended the firings and said he had the right to shake up the department in whatever way he felt necessary.
Sheriff Hill also said it was necessary to fire the workers the way he did, including taking some deputies home in vans normally used to transport prisoners because the deputies were barred from using county cars.
Sheriff Hill was among a spate of black candidates elected last year in the county, which was once dominated by rural whites. The fired employees included four of the highest-ranking officers, all of them white. Sheriff Hill told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that their replacements would be black.
Sheriff Hill's move provoked an angry reaction from the newly elected chairman of the county commission, Eldrin Bell, who is black. He called the move illegal and filed for the restraining order granted by the judge, Stephen Boswell.
Chaser. [We Can Replace Them: In Georgia, a chance to rebuke white nationalism., New York Times, 10-29-18]:

For a few hours on Saturday morning, I felt good about America. I was at a smallish rally in the Atlanta suburb of Riverdale, listening to Democratic politicians including Senator Kamala Harris and Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, who could become the first African-American female governor in American history. Abrams told a story she often repeats on the campaign trail, about being 17 and arriving at the governor’s mansion for a reception for Georgia’s high school valedictorians. 
Her family didn’t have a car, and she described getting off the bus and walking with her parents along a driveway to a set of black gates. A guard approached, and she remembered him saying, “This is a private event — you don’t belong here.” 
Though they were eventually let in, Abrams recalled little of the event itself. “The only clear memory I have of that day is a man standing in front of the most powerful place in Georgia, looking at me and telling me I don’t belong,” she said. 
“But with your help in 10 days we will open those gates wide!” The crowd stood, applauding and cheering, as Abrams said, “Because this is our Georgia!” 
The divide feels especially stark in Georgia, where the midterm election is a battle between Trumpist reaction and the multicultural America whose emergence the right is trying, at all costs, to forestall. 
“Any time there is progress made there will always be moments of retrenchment,” Abrams said to me later on Saturday. But, she added, “what I am more excited about is the counterforce that we’re seeing in the number of people running for office who represent a much more forward-looking, progressive vision.” 
Abrams’s goal is to put together a coalition of African-American and other minority voters and white liberals. The potential is there; Georgia is less than 53 percent non-Hispanic white. “Georgia is a blue state if everybody votes,” DuBose Porter, chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, told me. 
Kemp is the candidate of aggrieved whiteness. During the primary, he ran an ad boasting that he drives a big truck “just in case I need to round up criminal illegals and take ’em home myself.” (That would be kidnapping.) A person who claimed to be a Kemp canvasser recently wrote on the racist website VDare, “I know everything I need to know about what happens when blacks are in charge from Detroit, Haiti, South Africa, etc.” Kemp cannot be blamed for the words of his volunteers, but he’s made little discernible effort to distance himself from bigots. 
This month he posed for a photograph with a white nationalist fan in a T-shirt saying, “Allah is not God, and Mohammad is not his prophet.” 
Racists in Georgia, like racists all over America, are emboldened. A schoolteacher in Atlanta told me that over the weekend K.K.K. fliers were strewn around his suburb. 
But the forces of democracy are rising, too. In Georgia’s highly diverse Seventh District, Carolyn Bourdeaux, part of the wave of women inspired to run for office by revulsion at Trump, is challenging Representative Rob Woodall, a Republican. 
Bourdeaux said that the Seventh, a majority-minority district with immigrants from all over the world, has been on the front lines of voter suppression. 
Nevertheless, her campaign said that early-voting turnout has reached presidential levels. 
On Saturday morning, Abrams closed by reminding the crowd of Kemp’s views on democracy. “He said he is concerned that if everyone eligible to vote in Georgia does so, he will lose this election,” she said. “Let’s prove him right.” In a week, American voters can do to white nationalists what they fear most. Show them they’re being replaced.
Riverdale is not in suburban Atlanta. It is one of the cities in Clayton County, 40 years ago almost all-white, but now almost all-black, complete with some of the lowest private property values in the state of Georgia.

Clayton County went from being almost all-white and rural to being a paved over black dystopia in less than half a century.

Now, Georgia is about to elect a radical black power socialist, courtesy of massive demographic change throughout the state. White conservatives have been disenfranchised by a combination of the monolithic black vote and massive waves of nonwhite immigrants from the 3rd world who will gladly vote Democrat if it means dispossessing whites from power.

And the New York Times boasts this is exactly what has happened.

California is gone.

Virginia is gone.

Georgia is nearly gone.

Florida is nearly gone.

Arizona is nearly gone.

North Carolina is nearly gone.

Texas is nearly gone.

White conservatives have been disenfranchised and the New York Times is bragging about how it was done.

Almost fourteen years ago in Clayton County, Georgia, Sheriff Victor Hill showed us all what happens when white people lose political power.

Democracy is a racial headcount, and white people in Georgia are about to find out what this means in much the same manner white cops learned their fate back in 2005 in Clayton County.


Anonymous said...

Not living in the US I must pose the question..... how can this go on from the point of view of these states being financially operational? As my understanding of the this demographic shift is that also, along financial lines a shift also occurs towards object poverty in areas where whites are eradicated.... it must take massive financial handouts to keep these places from simply becoming arid spaces?

Here in Australia we are being also being erased suburb/town by suburb/town - but the government has to fund ever increasing handouts to the third world they flood us with.

Anonymous said...

Where is Abrams wife or husband, where are her parents, her relatives, her childwren? All she has is a very large frame with a very large butt and a gap about a inch wide in what passes as teeth. She went to a historically black college which means it only exists because of subsidies from the US government. She probably studied problems of the blacks and got a degree in that. She appears to me to be a front for the same crowd that elected Obama to office, she, like him is a complete fraud but unfortunately these frauds are puppets that work for the deep state and that means death to Whites.

Anonymous said...

OT: But this is what it will come down to..
These proto humans will begin to disarm our police!!

"Every law enforcement agency throughout this country and internationally needs to be disarmed and abolished.”
Adofo Minka is a black liberal human rights attorney and founder of the America Means Prison Initiative (AMP), a grassroots community effort aimed at addressing police state violence and supporting communities impacted by the violence and dehumanization of incarceration.

Ex New Yorker said...

This is the end result of a fifty year government subsidized breeding program known as welfare. Multiple births to a single mother increases the amount of each months check. This has produced a massive uncountable number of people (Free Shit Army) who have never worked a day in their life and spend all their time DEMANDING MORE FREE SHIT (aka....Gibs). The government Gravy Train gets bigger by the day. These breeders do not have any limits as to how many "keeds" they produce. The more the merrier and the bigger the check.

As these breeders and parasites suck off the government tit they know of no other way of "bringing home the bacon". A society of leeches will ALWAYS vote for anybody that will promise them more FREE SHIT. Nearly half of these welfare children cannot read or write which means they are unemployable. The rise in drug use and street crime is the result.

There may come a day when the government tit dries up. The gravy train may run out of steam. If and when that day comes you will see total and complete chaos. What do you think these fat and obese welfare leeches will do for their next loaf of white bread and bag of chips. What about the street gangs, druggies and drunks. Who will care and feed them when the day finally comes that the government golden goose and the welfare well has run dry.

I can't say when it is coming but I know the day draws near. No more freebies or handouts and the Free Shit Army will go on the warpath for anything they can get their grubby little fingers on. Where will you be living when that time comes.

A new Free Shit Army is now invading from the South. Can 5,000 troops hold them at bay. The difference between this Battalion of the FSA is they are even more hungry for free shit than the local natives. These FSA troops will soon become the new welfare clients and voters.

Will the day finally come when these two armies will clash over the spoils of a dying country. Always remember.....there are no rules when it comes to getting more free shit. The battle cry of "gimme dat" will be heard across the nation.

Sick n Tired said...

Then you start having a break down of utility infrastructure and rolling black outs like in S.Africa. I have stated here before the best thing any of us can do collectively, is pay as little taxes into the system as possible. Barter your time/skills/trade for other goods and services, give discounts to clients/customers for paying cash, work under the table and collect unemployment/welfare, do everything you can to beat them at their own game. Use your "undocumented" money to buy ammo, supplies, food, grow a garden, whatever you can do to avoid paying into a system that moves Section 8ers into the nice neighborhood you worked hard to get in to, or pay ignorant shebbons who dropped out of high school to feed their litter of sprogs from 4 different men, 2 of which we are probably paying to incarcerate.

Starve the beast, stay alert, stay armed, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

We will NOT be voting our way out of this.

Once we are the minority, we will share the fate of South Africa`s Boer`s.

There will be no negotiating. There will be no deal. They want you dead.

But they want to see you beaten, humiliated, your women raped and thrown out of your house first.

They will show no mercy, and no quarter will be given. Yeah, well that works both ways.

When did Noah build the Ark? BEFORE the flood. Use your time and funds wisely. Food, water, first aid, and the means to defend it all.

Your single most important prep will be your location. While the D.C., Baltimore, Philly, New York corridor is a nightmarish hellscape of fires and looting, the farmer in Nebraska wouldn't notice anything amiss, except maybe that the price of diesel had gone up.

That comparison is a bit extreme, but proximity equals danger. The further away you are from blacks, the better.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Clayton county is a S-Hole with a Capital S. The Alt airport is in thus area. If your car breaks down in this county and you are white, you chances of getting out alive are minimal.

D-FENS said...

To answer the question from the Australian reader, these states will decline but the process will not be as rapid or dramatic as has been experienced in cities and counties that have gone minority-dominant. This is largely due to the larger geographical area involved. It is far easier to relocate from a city in decline to a suburb and not disrupt your life too much. It is a much bigger deal to relocate out of state. However, Americans are very mobile. I left New York State in the early 1980s for better career opprtunities as did millions of others. This was before immigration and negro relocation became the problems they are today. At one time, NY state was “The Empire State”. Today, if it were not for the financial funny business of the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate markets in New York City, the state would implode. Upstate NY has been in depression since at least 1970.

Whites will leave the states on Paul’s list initially for economic reasons as higher taxes become a reality. Crime will increase from both the demographics and lenient laws. Businesses will also choose to not move in, not expand or to relocate to states with better demographics (unless the state offers significant incentives). The jobs and tax base will decline. These will engage in a postive feedback that reinforce the decline.

Archie bunker said...

Federal aid and bailouts, officially sanctioned gibs me dats

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Aussie: the answer is that it can't go on.

While Illinois is one of the more visible fiscal basket cases, more and more US states are sinking beneath swelling public pensions, ever-growing school budgets, and spiraling entitlement costs.

I drive through a neighborhood in KCMO on the way to work that, I kid you not, looks like it could be Mogadishu: covered women and lots and lots of kids (there's public housing there).

All this on top of native populations with sky-high rates of dependency and criminality. And KCMO is slacking compared to St Louis.

I'm old enough to remember admiring Martin Luther King's wish for a colorblind society (content of character and all that) but as the decades have gone by, I've reluctantly concluded that MLK's dream was a pipe dream. I don't know if the problem is the the races themselves or the fact that racial strife bestows power and money (lots of it) to too many.

The battle at university now is for segregation: safe and welcoming spaces for non-whites; black dorms, black graduation ceremonies; black student unions.

All right-thinking people (including whites) hate white people. Yet sun people from pole to pole want to live in countries infested with white devils. I just can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

South Africa was wiped out by demographics - invaders looking for handouts, food, menial jobs and now they are in charge.

Rebel said...

Rebel here.

Abrams' story about walking up the the gate at the Governor's mansion and being told "you don't belong here" is a lie.

I would bet anything on that.

How many times have we all heard some version of that same tired old I'm-a-victim-but-I'm-getting-the-last-laugh story from a negro? It's got a sappy bookend element (stopped at the gate for being black, now going to proudly walk right through those same gates as Governor!), a little black girl being victimized by the white power, it's got her as Valedictorian going to the Governor's mansion to be honored by the white power structure, she's attending with her intact family who were equally victimized, she was poor and they took the bus...it's such an over the top ridiculous story.

Remember when Obama wrote his "autobiographies", that he didn't really write, and they were full of stories that never happened? And, when he was busted on it, his defenders claimed african tradition doesn't tell stories EXACLTY the way they happened and africans all know things are embellished and characters are not actual people, but are composites of several people or events. And that it was imposing white culture on a black man to call him a liar for writing about people and events that never existed.

I'm cautiously optimistic the people of Georgia can overcome this. Florida, too.


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that they are crowing loudly about the disenfranchisement white people will feel now perhaps they'll do their promise and show us WHY disenfranchisement will occur, WHY it is a good thing, show us statistics on on the proposed advances, savings, etc...

If they only print the news that's fit to print why don't they send their reporters off to nations with the qualities they propose. And no, not somewhere like Sweden where a government lies to protect their imported species by not collecting race data, religion data, etc... A REAL minority nation who has been doing it long enough that their storehouse of wisdom, law and knowledge can enlighten the rest of us. I will not drink the Drool-Aid, these people are idiots.

Anonymous said...

"Not living in the US I must pose the question..... how can this go on from the point of view of these states being financially operational?"

Washington D.C. gives some states better-than-average deals. While black people pay lower-than-average taxes, they consume government handouts at higher-than-average rates. Also, they get a disproportionate share of the government jobs. Therefore, the blackest states get many of the best deals from D.C.

With that in mind, check out this quote from HUFFPOST (States' Federal Spending And Taxes, 12-11-17):

"We leave you with this last bit of irony. Because of the same principle listed above, the District of Columbia is off the charts in being a net taker, with a per capita surplus of $55,130. This statistic makes sense, because a huge percentage of District of Columbia residents work for the government and therefore receive government benefits in the form of paychecks – but it’s still insightful that the home of our government is the biggest net taker by more than a factor of five compared to all the states."

Of course, "this statistic" also "makes sense" because no state is as black as D.C.

Anonymous said...

A couple comments. Obamas biographies were written as propaganda by ex-terrorist William Ayers.

Secondly, it is likely Obama never wrote anything. I have never seen an example of anything he wrote except for a poorly written diatribe on a subject I
no longer recall. Also, Michelle's college thesis was near unintelligible.

And his biography claims he was born in Kenya. So was he lying then in his biography or lying now as ex-POTUS.

Everything negros write (if they can write or have someone write for them) is fantasies, lies, or diatribes about slavery, white supremacy, etc.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile "principled" "conservative" Paul Ryan raced to the nearest microphone yesterday to dampen enthusiasm for Trump's desire to stop the anchor baby law. There isn't a wimpier cuck in the Republican party. This useless Eddie Munster doppelganger virtue signaled about having dated black women. I've seen more courage from a chihuahua.

-Lee Lepanto

PB said...

"....And, when he was busted on it, his defenders claimed african tradition doesn't tell stories EXACLTY the way they happened and africans all know things are embellished and characters are not actual people, but are composites of several people or events...."

I know another group who has a similar approach to history and events. I think they own the NYT too, and the WaPo.

Anonymous said...

Where u have Africans, u have Africa....

and all its attendant dysfunction and violence.

Look for recent article on web about rapes in Jamaica!! Epidemic of nogs raping Human tourists...even in fancy gated resorts!!


Anonymous said...

"New York Times Brags About How Demographic Change in Georgia will soon turn it into a Zimbabwe economy"

There fixed it............

Anonymous said...

Just a short reminder of who we were back in the 50's


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I read that story on USA Today. The Negroes were employed as 'life guard's and they would rape White women on the last day of their stay. The women would be so devastated that they would flee Jamaica as fast as possible, leaving the rapists unpunished.

Marc B said...

It's very easy to cheer on massive changes occurring while living under a completely different set of circumstances. Many liberal boomers who supported communism and socialism in the 1960's and 1970's fled their big cities and states as soon as the political agenda they supported in their youth took effect where they lived. It will take a lot less time for modern cultural leftists to do the same after their demographic spends time in BRA.

JimRagan1967 said...

No big deal here...the two cities in Metro Atlanta that Oprah will visit this week (Decatur and Marietta) are located in Counties that Abrams will likely win anyway. The vote in Metro Atlanta does not impact voting trends in the State of Georgia as much as the Northern Virginia (DC Suburbs) impact the state of Virginia as far as voting in elections.

Anonymous said...

It seems (((they))) have denied me access to InfoWars.

Anonymous said...

Wha will happen to the black man once whiitey is gone. Who will grow your food, build the houses and cars, provide electricity and phone services? YOU"¿ lol

Bastion Harm said...

A person who claimed to be a Kemp canvasser recently wrote on the racist website VDare, “I know everything I need to know about what happens when blacks are in charge from Detroit, Haiti, South Africa, etc.”

Where's the lie?!?

Love the way shitlibs smugly dismiss these observations as "racism" and "bigotry" and think that this will somehow conceal that inconvenient truth. Because they simply cannot do so anymore. Their empire of lies is collapsing all around them. Soon, there won't be any more money for their fantasies anymore, because the inconvenient truth that the Kemp canvasser pointed out is now a big hemorrhaging wound that they can no longer staunch.

Detroit Refugee said...

Just left that article re Oprah/Abrams. I helped up vote the comments that I felt were deserving, while downing the ones we all know sucked.

Everyone ought to do the same if time allows tonight.

Anonymous said...

Happens in India too. It was a UK gal who reported that as soon as her BF left that the workers tried entering her room on false pretenses and eventually she was raped. She spent the next night at another hotel where she was again raped.

And Hindudes gripe about how that Indiana Jones movie was racist. In Hindoo India they finally stopped some of their most barbarous practices when they were ruled by England. But we know they're all racist there. If you aren't a Hindoo, you have no caste, which makes you lower than an untouchable/dalit. Mr. Ghandi was racist as hell and sexist like all other Indians.

Anonymous said...


The gubbamint wants the mall to have a weekend teen curfew. It's obvious those white youngsters in Baltimore are causing the majority of the problems. And if you believe that you aren't nearly racist enough.

Anonymous said...

They hate us, yet they follow us wherever we go because someone has to pay for their stuff.

It's the exact same scenario with the browns south of the border who are attempting to get into our country- and away from the problems that they themselves constantly create. Once enough of the white population dissipates, voila, you have the exact same criminal landscape, barren of any social capital that white people once provided.

You get violence, theft, laws broken left and right, gangs, and of course, great cuisine that makes it all worth it.

I am aghast at any whites (particularly men) who think of these hordes of hangers on as "allies". Their one rallying cry is how much they all hate whitey and how great it will be once they are in charge and can redistribute everything. Of course they don't mention the theft, incompetence, tribalism and "shoe is on the other foot" attitude that blacks and other non-white groups bring with them once they have wrestled power with the help of useful idiot white "allies".

Then we get to hear the complaints about how whitey done gone left (at a loss, not mentioned) and "taken" everything with him, like his habit of mowing lawns, picking up trash and being a friendly, civil neighbor.

When you give a lot (put out effort, etc.) you tend to get much more in return than those who don't lift a finger for anyone, even their own improvement. But alas, the "we are all equal" mantra has led to the brown hordes DEMANDING equal outcomes despite their crappy attitudes, half-ass work ethic, and entitled attitude.

P.K. is right. All we need is to avoid these civilizational failures and survive. They can't do it without us and we don't need them. Don't feel sorry for the leeches that are in need of removing. We need a divorce from these parasites.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is the article was written by a white jew. I saw this same thing in South Africa when I was stationed there. The jews couldn't wait for black empowerment. Now they are being hounded out of the country. Leftwing jews are the worst enemies jews will ever face. Its because leftwing jews aren't jews at all, they are the acolytes of the police state. Religious jews are just as evil to them as religious christians.

Sick n Tired said...

I noticed the Baltimore Sun has joined the long list of media outlets who have done away with their comment sections, I wonder why that could be? Lol

Nordic Caucasoid said...

I totally agree. I was thinking the same thing about that governor mansion story. One big fat whoas me mammy story.

Anonymous said...

Georgia, but especially Atlanta, is poorly run and poorly maintained. Atlanta is a funding vacuum and rural areas are ignored. Clayton County requires a gun on your person at ALL times.
The teacher had KKK fliers? Pics?
Voter suppression? No, there are voter laws and GA requires that you present an official copy of a birth certificate to get an ID. That ID is tied to your voter registration. That isn’t suppression, that is the law. Jackson County no more suppressed my vote than any other.
Gwinnett exploded because people were fleeing Fulton and DeKalb (D’Cab) and those bedroom communities are being overrun by blacks, which is fueling growth in Cherokee, Forsythe, Hall, Barrow, and Jackson counties.
I was there, I saw it.
The biggest take away for anyone reading this thinking we’re all just a bunch of red neck idiots is this: most of us didn’t have an opinion either way about blacks, until we lived in an area where their demographic representative population exceeded the national average.
This isn’t a blue-red debate, this is a referendum on black self determination. Let them run Georgia. Let’s see what happens? How’s that crime rate in the ATL? You have black Fulton County officials committing disorderly conduct with police officers. You have massive funding scandals, nepotism, and poor management by black officials.
Is Georgia lost? Maybe. But when they BRA degrades and TNB rules the day, they will beg Iowa for free food.

Anonymous said...

Historically black colleges...
we have special skills programs for window lickers too, but we don’t pretend they are brilliant scholars.

I earned very good grades in high school, but the top 10, not just top 1, ALL took AP classes. Math, Science, Literature, all of them. I bet ol Stephanie can’t complete a triple integral calf equations undertand the practical application there-of.
But, when I graduated high-school, I could.

Anonymous said...

“There will be no negotiating. There will be no deal. They want you dead.”

And thusly, you must act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Sure you can figure it out, it is so basic it seems implausible.
White people bring technology and a high standard of living.
I am still searching for that black run major city that is in better shap than a white run counterpart.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

Perfect example of this is the movie Norma Rae. Commie Union Organizer stirs up shit in a factory, Sally Fields fights The Man with her Moment of Defiance, and the Organizer rides off into the sunset.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why Blacks even vote for Blacks. Name a Black governed Country in the History of Mankind that has ever been moderately successful.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit Paul! You are right!!'

Gillum campaign in FL, "Florida is a Cracka state."


Empty Promises Exposed: “Fairy tales in the modern day begin with ‘once I am elected.'”

Deceiving Voters: “None of the programs that people are hoping for would happen” but “That’s not for [voters] to know.”

Candidate’s True Politics: “Gillum is a Progressive” and “He is a part of the crazy, crazy, crazies.”

Election Strategy: “You whip ’em up. The poor, the middle income. You have to whip them up into a frenzy in order for them to vote.”

Secret Gun Control Agenda Revealed: “three day waiting period for everybody,” “small steps” to ban assault rifles; “I don’t think he can say it [be]cause he’s trying to get the moderates”

Florida is a “F***ed up,” “cracker state,” “you have to appeal to white guilt”

Anonymous said...

Just think of all the Californians who leave the west coast capital of jaboonery to move elsewhere. I see them where I live, buying nice places with the money from their old million dollar two-bedroom homes in CA.

These people tend to screw up the areas they infest and then vote their new "hometowns" down the river due to the inability of liberals to seek out solutions to problems since they prefer feelings over facts.

Anonymous said...

The only part of Florida that could, is west of the Suwannee. The rest is gone. Maybe it can be re-taken in time, if the will is there. Only time will tell on that.

Anonymous said...

Well if they had the ability to understand your logic we wouldn't be here talking about it now would we?

Anonymous said...

He is it genuine weasel and is the singular reason I stopped donating to the RNC.

Aryan Racist said...

As of Friday 11/2 the race between Abrams and Kemp for Georgia governor is a dead
heat. But polls tend to under count the number of Republicans so maybe Kemp can
pull it off.