Friday, November 30, 2018

Her Name is Marybeth Gaeng: White Woman "Randomly" Stabbed to Death in St. Louis Family Dollar by Black Woman (Who Has a Lengthy Criminal History)

Marybeth Gaeng worked at The Gathering Now, as a Gathering Kids Nursery Specialist. She was a white woman of deep faith, a lifetime citizen of St. Louis and a devoted fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. 

She entered a Family Dollar store to shop, a member of the white working-class mindful of her budget. 

She would never the leave the store alive.
This black woman "randomly" stabbed Marybeth to death in a Family Dollar 

A black woman with a long history of anti-social behavior picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed Gaeng to death.

Shot. [Family Dollar shopper stabbed to death with knives plucked from store's shelves in St. Louis County, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11-29-18]:
A Tennessee woman grabbed two knives from the shelf at a Family Dollar store here Tuesday and began stabbing a customer in the head, fatally wounding the victim. 
Cameka Cathey, 34, of Memphis, was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the attack. She is accused of stabbing Marybeth Gaeng, 65, inside the Family Dollar Store at 9730 St. Charles Rock Road. 
Cathey entered the Family Dollar store and retrieved two knives from the shelf, according to court documents. She then approached Gaeng and stabbed her in the head. While employees were trying to help Gaeng, Cathey stabbed her in the head again. 
Police said the two were strangers.
God speed, Marybeth. 
“They did not know each other,” Police Chief John Griffin said. “There was no conversation, nothing, during that time. She just approached the victim and just started stabbing the victim in the face and the head area.”
It's often seen as a crime of passion, stabbing someone at arm's length repeatedly in the head. This case, however, is different. Police said Cameka Cathey, who just moved to St. Louis from Memphis did not know her victim. 
And based on her lengthy criminal history, one of her victim's thinks she should have been in jail, and not on the streets. 
"It's a tragedy for the family, because the family is the one that's suffering right now," said Marvin Johnson, the owner of Mr. J's Auto Repair Center. "I'm not sure how she got out that quick that's the whole thing." 
Johnson's shop in Breckenridge Hills. He said days before the deadly stabbing, Cathey broke into his store, swiped a pair of keys and got away with one of his cars."Anybody can break into someplace or whatever and get out the next day, I don't see how that works," said Johnson. 
5 On Your Side found that Cathy's criminal history started long before she got to St. Louis. 
It starts in August of 2003 and is mostly filled with non-violent violations like driving with a revoked license or failing to appear in court. 
"If it's a nonviolent crime, the prosecutors don't want it to tie up time doing urgent warrant applications," said Breckenridge detective sergeant Mitch Aimer. 
But there are some more serious charges. 
Like in June 2013 when Cathey grabbed a sheriff's arm, scratched him and stated she was "HIV positive too.” 
Or when, in that same month, she threatened a clerk at a Family Dollar in Memphis with a 12'' long butcher knife. 
Even with a rap sheet as long as hers, detective Aimer said keeping her in jail is not so simple. 
"For the crimes she committed, if everybody was held for every crime that they commit, jails would be over populated, and people would be held needlessly," said detective Aimer. 
Police said the woman only said “OK” when they told her the victim died. 
That of course changed when she was charged with the deadly stabbing of Marybeth Gaeng. Now she's locked up in the St. Louis County Jail without bond.
Marybeth Gaeng was a hardworking individual, a loving member of her church and entirely devoted to her family.

She was murdered in a store where she was only visiting to spend a few dollars, more than likely on toys or supplies for the children she watched as part of her job.

Few, oh so few, will mourn her in death. But she deserved better and in a Post-America nation, she's nothing more than another white murder victim (with a black suspect) few care to remember.

But we do.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Her Name is Reese Bowman: Eight-Month-Old White Baby Girl Murdered by Black Day Care Worker in 70% Clack Baltimore Because "Reese Would Not Sleep."

There's nothing to say. 

The world of a young white couple was shattered, completely destroyed because a black employee of a day care center in 70% black Baltimore murdered 8-month-old Reese Bowman. Leah Walden, the 24-year-old black woman who murdered Bowman, told a friend just before she suffocated the little white baby, "Girl, I’m frustrated … I’m sick of this little b---. I hate this little b--- … She makes me want to punch her in the face.” [Baltimore day care worker pleads guilty to smothering baby to death, gets 70 years in prison, Baltimore Sun, 11-29-18]:

In an emotional hearing Tuesday, a Baltimore day care worker admitted to murdering a baby girl who would not nap and was sentenced to 70 years in prison. 
Her admission came during a wrenching two-hour hearing in Baltimore Circuit Court. By the end, even the judge cried on the bench.
Rest in peace, Reese Bowman.
“I’m just reflecting on everything I heard,” Judge Althea Handy said, composing herself. “There are tears everywhere in this courtroom." 
Handy was on the bench watching a video of the baby’s murder when they brought in the young day care worker. 
Leah Walden, 24, wore shackles and a sweatshirt from jail. Her voice was so soft, the judge told her to speak up as she pleaded guilty to the murder. 
With her plea Walden, of Windsor Mill, admitted she willfully and deliberately killed 8-month-old Reese Bowman last year at a day care center downtown. It was premeditated: murder in the first degree. 
“You thought about it, even though it might have been brief. Do you understand that?” Handy asked her. 
“Yes,” Walden said, crying. 
Technically, Handy sentenced Walden to life in prison with any time beyond 70 years suspended, meaning she won’t get out until she’s in her 90s if she serves the full sentence. 
The facts were undisputed. 
Walden returned from lunch to Rocket Tiers Learning Center just east of downtown and found baby Reese would not sleep. She slapped the girl in the crib. 
She pinned the infant down with one arm; Reese kicked her legs. Walden snatched her from the crib. She pushed her back down. Then she piled blankets over the child’s face. 
Reese, who was 8 months and 19 days old, suffocated to death May 23, 2017. 
Surveillance cameras inside the day care center captured the crime. 
In court Tuesday, Assistant State’s Attorney Anne Colt Leitess said Walden had told a co-worker, “Girl, I’m frustrated … I’m sick of this little b---. I hate this little b--- … She makes me want to punch her in the face.” 
The video shows Reese motionless in the crib, Leitess told the court. 
While the prosecutor spoke, a woman in the gallery raised a pink baby book to her lips. The woman kissed a photo of Reese on the cover. 
Walden will be eligible for parole at age 59. Her sister stood and spoke before the judge. 
“She’s not a monster. She’s not an evil person. She was frustrated,” Samantha Carlton told the courtroom. 
Then she turned to the Bowmans. 
“I’m so sorry. With all my heart, I’m sorry.” 
Walden herself told the judge she didn’t have training or help at the day care. Crying, she apologized. 
“There was not a time in my heart that I wanted this to happen,” she said, softly. 
Reese’s death shocked working families in Canton and Fells Point who sent children to the day care. Rocket Tiers has closed permanently. 
Reese’s father walked out of the courtroom while prosecutors read the grim details. 
When he returned, he told the judge of his family’s nightmare and grief. 
Justin and Amy Bowman had moved to Baltimore, bought a rowhouse and started their family. Their son, Sawyer, was born first. Then came their daughter, Reese. 
She was the first girl born into the Bowman family in four decades. She arrived on the day Mother Teresa was canonized, her family observed. 
Later, her funeral would fill the Baltimore Basilica. 
The Bowmans both worked and brought their two children to Rocket Tiers. Sawyer was upstairs when his sister Reese was killed. 
Justin Bowman stood before the judge, saying all this and hunched over his notes. The father wept as he read. 
“I will never see my girl take her first steps,” he said, “hold her, kiss her, comfort her when she’s scared, hear her say ‘I love you.’” 
He was trembling. 
“I am devastated.” 
The couple sold their house, left their jobs and moved away from Baltimore. It was all too much, he said, to live amid the stabbing reminders. He cries at the sight of another father holding a little girl. 
He doesn’t DJ part-time anymore, he said. He doesn’t see his old friends. He rarely goes out. 
“I have changed and I hate it,” he told the judge. 
His brother stood beside him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. 
Something happened after his baby girl was murdered, the father went on. Bowman saw other parents hug their children tighter. He noticed adults call their own parents more. 
In his daughter’s short life, he said, Reese inspired them all. Just consider the funeral crowd that filled the basilica. 
Then the grieving father turned toward Walden, who sat at the attorney table by him. 
Bowman’s voice grew firm. He pointed down at her. 
“Reese Annette Bowman accomplished more in her short life than this woman ever will.”

It's devastating to read the details of this story. 

Hug your children tighter after you read this story. Call your parents and tell them you love them. 

Parents, call your children and do the same. 

If you've had a falling out with a family member, reach out to them and end the stalemate. Re-connect. 

Justin and Amy Bowman will never get the opportunity to watch their young daughter grow, mature, and succeed. They'll never hear her call them "Momma" or "Daddy" either. 

Let this horror story motivate you to reach out to a loved one you may not have called for years and re-connect. 

Because life is too short to not find a way to retire negative feelings for good, and recall the good times you once shared together. 

If you can't muster the courage to pick up the phone and call, just remember Justin and Amy Bowman will never be able to pick up Reese Bowman and hold her again. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New Study From Brookings Institute Claims White Racism to Blame for Whites Paying Higher Mortgages Than Blacks on Their Homes

Doesn't this "study" simply prove blacks pay far less for their mortgage than white people? What do they do with all the extra disposable income? [Racism's cost for black homeowners: $48,000, new study calculates, Chicago Tribune, 11-28-18]:
There are a lot of reasons that home prices tend to be lower in black neighborhoods than in white ones. Decades of racist policies put in place by governments and private companies — segregation, redlining, deed restrictions, exclusionary zoning, the deliberate hollowing out of urban cores — have had the net effect of eroding the quality of life in many majority-black neighborhoods nationwide. 
The American Dream: buying home away from blacks to momentarily relive the experience of the old America where restrictive covenants protected white wealth accumulation through generations of home ownership 
As the authors of a new Brookings Institution-Gallup study note, Zillow data show that the median listing price of a home in a majority-black neighborhood in a major metro area is around $184,000, while the median listing in a neighborhood where blacks make up less than 1 percent of the population stands at over $341,000. 
But the authors — Andre M. Perry and David Harshbarger of Brookings and Jonathan Rothwell of Gallup — weren't satisfied with that simple comparison based solely on neighborhood demographics. It's too easy to explain that difference away with other factors, such as the structural characteristics of the buildings and access to good schools, good jobs and good stores. 
They wanted to isolate the effects of racism alone — to peel off all the other explanatory variables until they could "detect how much racism depletes wealth from black homeowners," as they put it. In the end, they were left with one number: $48,000. 
That's the amount the average home in a majority-black neighborhood is undervalued, relative to an identical home in an identical all-white neighborhood once you properly adjust for all the other structural and neighborhood characteristics that could plausibly affect that number. That's the "cost of racial bias," as the authors put it, "amounting to $156 billion in cumulative losses" accruing to black homeowners. 
Owner-occupied homes constitute the majority of black wealth in the United States, according to an analysis of the federal Survey of Consumer Finances by economist Edward N. Wolff. Home equity accounts for 54 percent of all the wealth owned by black households in the United States. That makes devaluation of black-owned homes particularly devastating for black families and contributes to the huge disparities between black and white wealth: In 2016, the median American white family had a net worth of $140,000, while the median black family had a net worth of $3,400. 
"Black homeowners realize lower wealth accumulation, which makes it more difficult to start and invest in businesses and afford college tuition," the authors write. "By controlling for commonly held causes of price differences including education, lower home quality, and crime, this paper suggests that bias is likely to be a large part of the unexplained devaluation of black neighborhoods."
White racism is white people paying a higher monthly mortgage than blacks.

We live in an open-air asylum called the United States of America.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

In 25% Black Boston, ACLU Fights to Protect Black Criminals and Illegal Aliens by Targeting Boston Police Department's Anti-Gang Measures

Shot. [Blacks remain focus of Boston police investigations, searches, Boston Globe, 8-29-2017]:
The number of people singled out for street investigations by Boston police dropped significantly in 2016, but blacks continue to make up a disproportionate share, despite the department’s efforts to reduce racial disparity, according to an analysis of police records. 
In Boston, the ACLU is fighting to tie the hands of police in fighting crime (black and brown criminals)
Of the nearly 15,000 individuals that police observed, interrogated, or searched last year, almost 70 percent were black, the Globe analysis found. Blacks constitute about 25 percent of the city’s population. 
“That is a tremendous disparity that raises concerns about the basis of those searches,” said Rahsaan Hall, who directs the racial justice program for the ACLU of Massachusetts.
Police Commissioner William G. Gross doubled down yesterday on his fiery criticism of an ACLU lawsuit over the city’s gang database, saying through a spokesman that safety of neighborhood residents remains his “top priority.” 
“Commissioner Gross is passionate about protecting the residents of Boston, and that will always be his first and foremost objective,” said department spokesman Sgt. Detective John Boyle. 
Gross slammed the ACLU in a private Facebook post Saturday, saying the “paper warriors” — by targeting BPD’s anti-gang measures with a lawsuit — are ignoring the “atrocities” by the ruthless MS-13 gang. Many of those gang members are illegal immigrants, with MS-13 originating in El Salvador. The ACLU lawsuit seeks the database in a bid to prove police are profiling teens from Central America. 
Gross didn’t back down from his tough talk on the gang, saying he represents “2,000 uniformed officers” and the city he proudly serves. 
“The commissioner ... will continue to make protecting and serving all residents and communities and our officers his top priority,” Boyle said. 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh, who once said he’d shelter illegal immigrants in City Hall to keep them from being deported, also released a statement yesterday that appeared to back both his own pro-illegal immigrant stance as well as his police commissioner and public safety concerns. 
City Hall’s “Trust Act” — making Boston a de facto sanctuary city — forbids police from assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement in detainers, unless a suspect has a criminal warrant. 
The Massachusetts branch of the ACLU said the commissioner’s Facebook comments — first reported by the Herald Sunday — still do not “explain why the Boston Police Department has filed to comply with the public records law, and does not answer basic questions about the BPD’s use of its gang database” to target minorities. 
The Nov. 15 suit was filed in Suffolk Superior Court and accuses police of targeting teens from Central America.
You can't make a city safe from criminality, when the primary function/duty of the state in America is protecting individual black people from the consequences of their criminality (or to stop sensible laws from being enacted to protect white/western civilization from the collectively anti-social behavior of Africans in America. 
No matter matter the community, no matter the neighborhood, no matter the city, no matter the state, the same rule applies: know blacks, no peace; no blacks, know peace. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Her Name is Rebecca Pletnewski/ Her Name is Olivia Schneider: White Mother and Her Eight-Year-Old Daughter Murdered by Black Neighbor

On July 14, 2016, then 39-year-old Rebecca Pletnewski changed her profile picture on Facebook to a statement

It read simply: "Stop Killing Black People."

On November 20, 2018, she and her eight-year-old daughter were murdered by her black neighbor (who was stalking her). [Police: Suspect stalked Mayfield Heights woman before killing her and daughter,, 11-26-18]:

The neighbor of a Mayfield Heights nurse stalked her for months before killing her and her daughter, police say.
Rest in peace, both of you
Dominique C. Swopes, 27, faces two counts of aggravated murder and aggravated arson. 
Police said Rebecca Pletnewski, 41, was stabbed to death before her home on Longwood Road was set on fire on Tuesday. Firefighters pulled her daughter, 8-year-old Olivia Schneider, from an upstairs bedroom. She was pronounced dead from smoke inhalation at the hospital. 
Shortly after the blaze, Swopes was detained for questioning and later released."He became a subject of interest that day because what family and friends had told us, that Rebecca had warned them or told them of instances of potentially stalking by the neighbor," said Police Chief Fred Bittner. "He became our primary suspect at the time after talking to family."
The murder suspect, who stalked Rebecca
Pletnewski's family told investigators she had been worried about Swope's unwanted advances for months. 
"He just apparently had left her notes occasionally or talked to her outside. There were other advancements made through maybe social media, and she told him she didn't want anything to do with him, she had a boyfriend," Bittner said. 
Pletnewski, an intensive care nurse at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, and Schneider, a third-grade student at Lander Elementary, were laid to rest on Monday. A candlelight vigil is planned for Thursday night. 
Pletnewski leaves behind a 4-year-old daughter, who was not home at the time of the fire.
A curious Facebook post from Rebecca she posted on July 14, 2016...
Olivia Schneider should be preparing to write a letter to Santa Claus, listing what she hoped to receive for Christmas. She should be preparing to go down the steps on Christmas morning holding her little sisters hand as they saw the presents Santa had left for them.

Instead, she was laid to rest in late November 2018, the victim of a homicide few will remember and fewer will ever hear/read about. Was her mother afraid of appearing racist by going to the police and reporting Dominique Swopes for stalking her? Oh, it also turns out she vehemently anti-Trump, leading protests and marches against Donald Trump in when the RNC had their convention in Cleveland back in 2016. [4 Groups Protesting the 2016 RNC and Donald Trump: "Trump’s values do not represent America’s values.", Teen Vogue, July 18, 2016]:

The vast majority of protestors, however, are aiming for peaceful demonstrations. Teen Voguecaught up with four organizations who will have a robust presence outside Quicken Loans Arena in order to learn more about their causes, goals, and plans for the RNC: 
Stand Together Against Trump 
"When our group originally came together, it was mostly young professionals in the Cleveland area," says Rebecca Pletnewski, a spokesperson for the organization. "We were just so deeply concerned by the hateful rhetoric that Trump has been expressing during his campaign, and after the Indiana primary, when it became clear he was the presumptive Republican candidate, we felt compelled to come together to do something not only as Clevelanders, but as Americans and humans to say: 'there’s no way that this man can be president of this great country.' We’re a nonpartisan group; we’re an independent expenditure PAC, which means we don’t support any candidate, nor does any candidate endorse us. 
Most of us have never done anything like this in our lives before; none of us are professional activists or anything like that. We just started learning as we went along. Basically, the message our group wants to put out there is that Trump’s values do not represent America’s values. Someone who expresses hatred, encourages violence, is misogynistic and racist, and encourages xenophobia and Islamophobia — cannot represent American values. America has always been a place of tolerance, inclusion, religious freedom, equality. 
Trump has expressed none of those. We are not against Republicans — there are many Republicans in our organization — but we are against Trump, and we believe that the country deserves a better leader. Our major event is going to be on July 21, which is the day Trump will supposedly accept the nomination. During the week, we’re hosting nonviolent protester training every morning through Thursday starting at 9 a.m. We felt like the most effective way to protest the face of hate was to arrive with a peaceful, positive message of love, and that’s basically what we intend to do."
A screenshot of Tweet from Rebecca in July of 2016, when she organized a march against Donald Trump  at the RNC Convention in Cleveland 

In the end, it doesn't matter. Both Rebecca and her beautiful daughter Olivia are dead.

And few dare say, "Stop Killing White People."

Sunday, November 25, 2018

His Name is Alexander Mixon: Six Blacks Murder White Male Trying to Deliver Food in Albany, Georgia

Previously on SBPDL: Her name is Brooke Joiner: Young White Mother Murdered by Black Career Criminal in Southern Georgia

Here we go again (this homicide is now being investigated as a gang-initiation crime).

Lamentably, the era of social media allows us to peer into the private lives of those who momentarily are in the news. 

People we would never meet in our lives become available to us, pictures (and sometimes videos) of all their years conveniently captured and catalogued for their family and friends. 

His name is Alexander Mixon. He married Taylor Paige Mixon on June 6, 2017. 

He was a white man, merely doing his job. His wife is now a widow, courtesy of six black men.  [Victim lured to bogus address in Saturday homicide; several arrested,, 11-24-18]:
Several arrests were made in a homicide that took place Saturday, according to the Albany Police Department (APD). 
Rest in peace, Alex
Alexander Mixon, 27, was fatally wounded in during an attempted robbery. 
The victim was lured to the 1900 block of West Broad Avenue to deliver food, APD officials said. The victim was a Locos Grill and Pub employee. 
When he arrived, which was a vacant home, the victim was approached by two men and shot while inside his vehicle, according to law enforcement. 
A number of suspects were arrested and charged following the Saturday night incident. 
  • Jaylen Miller, 18, felony murder. 
  • Iren Carter, 18, felony murder. 
  • Mickee Carter 19, felony murder. 
  • Jaquan Miller, 17, felony murder. 
  • Jaquarious Oliver, 15, felony murder and aggravated assault. 
  • Jaquanious Oliver, 19, tampering with evidence. 
    Six blacks murdered a white guy, who was only trying to deliver some food...

All arrested are currently in the Dougherty County Jail.
Initial responding officers at the scene Saturday said the victim was shot in the neck and taken to the hospital in stable condition.
Alex Mixon was a newlywed, who had his whole life in front of him. Trying to do his job, he was murdered by six black men in Albany, Georgia.

And outside of a few people in Albany, Georgia and his friends and family on Facebook, no one will know his story.

Vaya con dios, Alex. You are in my deepest thoughts and prayers, Taylor.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Minneapolis Metro Transit Has, In Words of Police Chief, "A Problem," Because Blacks Ticketed Disproportionately for Fare Evasion

Previously on SBPDL: In 64% White/18% Black Minneapolis, Blacks Represented 85% of Arrests for Nonfatal Shootings Between 2009-2014

The rot and infection is so deep, it is hard to tell if a cure to the insanity is even possible. 

It doesn't matter the city. It doesn't matter the state. One variable is all that is necessary for the degradation of western civilization to commence. [Study: Minorities more likely to be cited by Metro Transit police for fare evasion, Star Tribune, 12-18-15]:

Blacks and American Indians are far more likely to be ticketed than warned by Metro Transit police for fare evasion, according to an agency review that unearthed “troubling” disparities in the way some minorities are treated by law enforcement on public transit. 
Minneapolis is nothing more than America's Sweden, a place where whites believe every negativity non-whites encounter is obviously the fault of all white people
The analysis of light-rail and bus passengers was conducted by Metro Transit after the Minnesota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union submitted a request for public data following several high-profile incidents involving police and people of color earlier this year. 
“I think that when [Metro Transit] was compiling data, they realized that the numbers didn’t look all that great, and were showing serious disparities,” said ACLU Legal Director Teresa Nelson. “To their credit, they did their own analysis.” 
Data collected from January 2014 through August involving 7,136 arrests and citations indicate that American Indians are 152 percent more likely and black adults are 26 percent more likely to be cited for first-time fare evasion than their white counterparts. 
Indians are 93 percent more likely to be arrested rather than warned for all incidents than white adults. And black adults were 38 percent more likely to be arrested. 
However, transit police appear to enforce more serious crimes consistently, regardless of race. 
On Thursday, Metro Transit officials vowed to do better. “These disparities cannot be ignored,” said General Manager Brian Lamb. “When we’re not meeting expectations, we need to be up front about it and make adjustments.” 
Transit officials say they will require more training for transit officers featuring “impartial policing” practices and invoke new processes for treating people with disabilities, including those who may be autistic. But at the same time, they cautioned that “conclusions cannot be drawn about whether bias exists in police enforcement based on the data alone.” 
In August, 17-year-old Marcus Abrams of St. Paul was tackled and restrained by Metro Transit police near the Lexington Avenue Green Line light-rail station after he was asked to show identification. Abrams, who has Asperger’s syndrome, was standing near the tracks after working at the Minnesota State Fair. 
After Abrams was hospitalized for injuries suffered during the incident, the ACLU and his family called for police to be better trained when dealing with passengers with mental illness and disabilities. On Thursday, Abrams’ mother, Maria Caldwell, said the initiatives taken by Metro Transit seem to be a good start. However, she said her son is still having issues “with trust and people and police,” and continues to battle symptoms related to a traumatic brain injury, as well. 
The officer who was involved in the incident was subsequently dismissed. 
In addition, the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP asked for an independent investigation after a Metro Transit police officer threw a man to the ground for failing to pay the $1.75 fare for the light rail in July. The incident was caught on cellphone video. 
How dare white people abide by the law!
No easy explanation 
“This study tells me that we have a problem,” said Metro Transit Police Chief John Harrington, who admitted he “doesn’t have an easy or facile explanation how this happens.” Of the 100 full-time Metro Transit police officers, 35 percent are considered “diverse,” up from 5 percent just a few years ago. 
Following the study and discussion with the Minneapolis NAACP, Metro Transit police agreed to issue warnings for first-time fare evaders, instead of immediate citations. 
The department will also partner with the Minneapolis-based nonprofit Council on Crime and Justice to review its policies and procedures, following with recommendations for the Metropolitan Council to ensure racial equity in policing. After a year, the changes and data will be reviewed again, and the results released to the public, Metro Transit said.
We sacrificed our civilization upon the notion of the equality of the races, so wherever the natural state of inequality pops up (and racial gap/racial disparity emerges) the only logical cause of this infraction can be white supremacy.

Individual black people collectively falling to pay fares for a ride on public transportation is obviously the fault of an oppressive, insidious systemically racist society seeking to perpetuate Jim Crow by any means necessary.


Alas, it's becoming increasingly obvious western civilization is in a terminal stage, with logic and reason retired for the more convenient belief of the infallibility of Africans in America. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

In 72.2% White Portland, Oregon, Black People Engaging in "Chronic Fare Evasion" on TriMet is the Fault of White People

Previously on SBPDL: Portland's Black Population - 6.3 percent of the city - Responsible for the Creation of Anti-Violence Group of 'Somebody Needs Information That Can Help (S.N.I.T.C.H)'

Even in a city where only 6.3 percent of the population is black, civilization must regress to the African mean. 
No matter the city, all of western civilization will regress to the African mean

After all, a society having standards of civility is nothing more than one embracing white supremacy.
[Study: Chronic fare evaders pose challenge for TriMet, but ‘systemic racial bias’ unlikely, The Oregonian, 8-8-18]:
TriMet is issuing fewer warnings and citations to passengers for not paying to ride, according to a Portland State study on the role of race in fare enforcement, but the transit agency struggles with repeatedly banning a handful of African American riders from the rails. 
That was one takeaway from the second study looking at whether the tri-county agency’s fare officers are unfairly targeting passengers of color. The report, released Wednesday, looked at citations, warnings and so-called exclusions handed out from March 2016 to March 2018.  
Two years ago, TriMet’s first study on enforcement habits sparked numerous changes. TriMet may now lower the fine for fare tickets, direct riders to a low-income fare program if they qualify, or offer community service in lieu of a fine or criminal punishment. TriMet says it is the only transit agency in the nation to repeatedly study its enforcement habits and how they affect people of color. 
“Equity and transparency in fare enforcement are a priority for TriMet and will remain so as we increase our enforcement efforts,” TriMet General Manager Doug Kelsey said in a statement. 
This analysis, as with the previous report, concluded TriMet’s citations and exclusions are not significantly higher for riders of color than for whites, or at least not enough to demonstrate systemic racial bias. 
But one category showing an elevated disparity for African Americans is chronic fare evaders. 
“There is an issue of chronic exclusion occurring,” Brian Renauer, a professor and director of PSU’s Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute,” said at a TriMet board meeting Wednesday. 
TriMet can ban passengers from light rail or buses temporarily, and fare officers continue to do so with a small portion of riders. “Continuing to cite them and exclude them doesn’t seem to be solving the issue,” Renauer said. 
Passengers may be excluded for various reasons, including repeatedly not paying for a ticket, for criminal activity or for other charges. Renauer’s report found 56 African American riders were banned from the MAX more than three times during the two-year period.  
“In 46 percent of incidents involving African Americans, the rider involved had at least one other fare evasion during the two-year time frame,” Renauer said in a statement. 
 Renauer described the chronic fare evader data as an “important finding” that deserves further study. A group of 142 white passengers was repeatedly excluded also, the analysis found. 
 The study avoided the Portland region’s overwhelming whiteness – the metro area is roughly 74 percent white, according to the 2016 American Community Survey.  
Renauer said he didn’t compare the statistics to the regions demographics or the agency’s estimated ridership by race for a number of reasons. Different races or ethnic groups may ride transit more than others, he said, and other groups may commit far evasion at a higher rate. “The best baseline for determining if racial/ethnic disparity in fare enforcement exists is knowledge of the ‘true incident rates’,” he wrote in the report, “or what proportion of riders of each race/ethnicity are actually evading fare.”
Basically, what this story illustrates is black people continually refuse to pay for fare on the TriMet in Portland,  but there are no consequences for this criminal act in any encounter with the police.

They might get banned from the public transportation system, but they just refuse to pay for fare again and jump on the train. If they get arrested again, good white liberals will seek to blame systemic racism or implicit bias from the police department for the infraction, instead of punishing the black individual committing the crime.

Welcome to Black-Run America (BRA), Portland style.

In 1859, when Oregon became a state, it entered as a "whites-only" state. In 2018, what's left of the civilization white people created in Oregon is under heavy assault by an elite who believe black people can do no wrong, and if they might do wrong, obviously white people are to blame.

There's a sickness infecting white people, ultimately terminal to our civilization unless removed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

On Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) - Serving Oakland and San Francisco - Blacks Represent 41% of Fare Evaders Though They Are Only 12% of Riders

Previously on SBPDL: Pattern Recognition a Greater Sin than Black Criminality: BART Officials Protecting Black Criminals from "racially insensitive commentary" and Blacks Represent the Vast Majority of Those Banned From Riding BART, Though BART Officials Withhold Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid ‘Stereotypes’

We already know BART officials won't release surveillance videos to protect black and brown criminals from "racially insensitive commentary." We already know blacks represent the majority of those banned from BART, though officials hide surveillance videos to ensure citizens of San Francisco/Oakland won't "stereotype" blacks. 

Now we learn blacks believe riding BART without paying fare is somehow a right bestowed exclusively to their race, and somehow police arresting these individuals incapable of abiding by the law is the fault of white people. [BART’s fare evasion fines hit African-Americans hardest, Mercury News, 9-20-18]:
African-American passengers are bearing the brunt of BART’s new fines for riders who fail to pay fares, as they receive tickets at a rate that appears to be far higher than their proportion of overall ridership, data from the agency shows. 
Why not just ban blacks from BART?
BART in March began issuing tickets with $75 fines for adults and $55 fines for juveniles to crack down on fare evasion, which it says costs the agency up to $25 million a year in lost revenue. During a 14-day period in July — a relatively small sample but the only data BART provided in response to a public records request from this news organization — African-American riders received 41 percent of tickets issued, even though they make up only 12 percent of riders, according to a 2015 survey, the most recent available. 
No other group faced such a wide disparity. White patrons received 23 percent of tickets, and made up 44 percent of riders, according to BART’s data. Asian and Pacific Islanders made up 23 percent of passengers but received 5 percent of tickets.  
And Hispanic or Latino riders, who made up 18 percent of passengers, received 10 percent of the tickets. Another 20 percent of people who received the tickets were labeled as “other” or “unknown.” 
“It’s shocking,” said BART board Director Lateefah Simon. “It is, of course, very troubling.” 
Implicit bias and structural racism in action... how dare black people get arrested? The law obviously doesn't apply to them!
BART is in the process of doing a deeper dive into its data, which the department expects to present in a report to its governing board next week. The report comes as BART is considering more than doubling the size of its fare inspection program — from a team of seven inspectors at a cost of nearly $791,000 per year to at least 17 inspectors, for an additional $800,000 annually. 
Between March 6 and July 31, BART issued 2,766 tickets. Because the agency’s electronic citation processing system did not begin until July 18, officials said they only provided data to this news organization about the race of those cited from July 18-31. During that period, 269 tickets were issued. 
When BART implemented the fare-evasion program, it said it tried to institute methods of eliminating any bias on the part of its officers and fare inspectors. The agency instructs fare inspectors to take a systemic approach to checking tickets, said BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost. 
A growing body of research demonstrates these types of fines — especially for noncriminal offenses, such as traffic tickets and other civil infractions — disproportionately impact low-income people and, especially, people of color, said Anne Stuhldreher, San Francisco’s Director of Financial Justice. 
“When people can’t pay a fine or a fee, sometimes consequences set in that can snowball and hit people really hard,” she said.
Western civilization cannot endure if we are more afraid of being called "racist" than ensuring our posterity prosper.

Imagine how civil an experience an individual would have if blacks were banned from riding BART? No need to hide surveillance videos, because the people BART officials protect from being "stereotyped" wouldn't be on the trains.

Would you even need police to patrol the train cars?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Push To Decriminalize Fare Evasion on Los Angeles Metro Because Too Many Blacks are Arrested

Fare evasion decriminalized in Washington D.C. to protect black criminals

Fare evasion decriminalized in New York City to protect black (and brown) criminals

How about Los Angles? Yep. It appears public transportation is a right for black people in the City of Angels. [Civil rights complaint alleges LA Metro, police target black riders: Black riders are disproportionately cited for fare evasions, complaint says. LA Curbed, 1-18-17]:

The U.S. Department of Transportation confirmed Wednesday that it is investigating a civil rights complaint alleging Los Angeles Metro and the sheriff’s department have discriminated against black riders by disproportionately citing them for fare evasions.
Western civilization can't survive an elite constantly demanding standards lowered to accommodate Africans in America

The Department of Transportation chose to investigate the complaint and alerted Metro late last week. 
The complaint was filed in November by the Labor/Community Strategy Center, the parent organization of the Bus Riders Union, and it alleges that in each year from 2012 to 2015, black riders—who make up about 19 percent of bus and rail riders—were handed more than 50 percent of all fare evasion citations. 
“This is beyond a level of racial profiling,” said Eric Mann, co-founder of the Bus Riders Union. “This is a level of egregious discrimination against black people.” 
In a statement, the strategy center accused Metro of employing “broken windows” and “stop and frisk” tactics, two dehumanizing strategies that involve the aggressive policing of minor violations in an effort to prevent serious crimes. 
(Studies have shown they are ineffective at reducing crime, and in 2013, when a federal judge ruled that the stop and frisk tactics of New York police officers violated the constitutional rights of minorities, she said, “blacks are likely targeted for stops based on a lesser degree of objectively founded suspicion than whites.”) 
Metro spokeswoman Joni Goheen refuted that Metro uses stop and frisk—but she said the local transit agency plans to pursue a “voluntary resolution with the Labor/Community Strategy Center and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.” 
“We’re in the process of trying to schedule initial meetings. We are reaching out through our civil rights office this week and will begin the process of addressing all concerns,” she said. 
The strategy center has demanded that Metro grant amnesty to all black riders for outstanding citations and that it stop using law enforcement officers to check fares.The starting fine for fare evasion is $75, a price that can soar to $250 with late fees, according to KPCC. 
“We have people paying $75 to $100 fines who make $8 an hour,” Mann said. “We have people getting arrested.” 
“If you aggressively enforce fare collection and you have law enforcement involved with it and they have the power to carry out arrests, that in and of itself is what ‘stop and frisk’ means,” he said. 
The strategy center also alleges that: 
  • Black riders accounted for 53 percent of all arrests in 2015, 58 percent of all arrests in 2014, and 60 percent of all arrests in 2013.
  • Each year from 2012 to 2015, nine to 10 percent of all fare evasion citations went to white riders, who comprise 13 percent of all riders.
  • From 2012 through May of 2016, Metro and the sheriff’s department combined have issued 455,388 citations. Of those, at least 48 percent went to black riders.
We are about 10 years away from a major municipality declaring it illegal to arrest black people, regardless of the crime they may be accused of committing.

Rape? Not a crime. Homicide? Not a crime?

The real crime is noticing patterns, which clearly show city after city abandoning standards governing civil behavior if black people can't refrain from engaging in anti-social actions.

Western civilization can't survive an elite constantly demanding standards lowered to accommodate Africans in America

Monday, November 19, 2018

New York City No Longer Prosecuting Turnstile Jumping Because 89% of Those Arrested are Black or Hispanic

Previously on SBPDL: Because 90% of Fare Evaders of Washington D.C. Metro are Black, Campaign Underway to Decriminalize Fare Evasion to Fight "Racism"

It's obvious we are nearing the point where a municipality passes a law making it illegal for police to arrest black or brown people. [Subway Policing In New York City Still Has A Race Problem, Gothamist, 10-12-18]:
For New York City police, turnstile jumping has long been much more than a class A misdemeanor. The strict policing of people evading the fare on public transit was justified as an all-purpose solution to the rampant crime that plagued the city’s subways in the 1980s. It became one of the first examples for the New York Police Department that cracking down on minor offenses—the controversial “broken windows” theory of policing—might restore order to the city. 
In NYC, black and brown people are now free to turnstile jump (fare evade) without any repercussions... 
But New York might be changing its mind about turnstile jumping. With broken windows strategies increasingly discredited by many criminologists, a more lenient approach to this minor offense has taken root in New York’s courts, and perhaps from there found its way onto subway platforms across the city. Last year, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. announced that his office would stop prosecuting most cases of fare evasion, which includes riding public transit without paying the fare through any means such as jumping a subway turnstile, slipping through an emergency gate or sliding onto a bus through the back door without paying. Since Vance’s announcement, such arrests dropped from a high of 25,000 in 2016 and are now on track to be fewer than 10,000 this year. The NYPD has said that the majority of turnstile jumpers are now issued civil summonses, not arrested.  
Some city leaders wonder though—should turnstile jumping be a crime at all?“We’re making progress,” says City Councilman Rory Lancman, whose office has been advocating that fare evasion always be considered a civil offense, like a traffic violation that would result in a ticket, not a criminal record. He said that “arresting 10,000 people a year … is still 10,000 people too many.” 
A Marshall Project analysis of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services data from 2014 through June of this year shows that while the numbers of turnstile arrests have decreased significantly, what has not changed is who gets arrested: 89 percent of those arrested this year are black or Hispanic, virtually the same proportion since 2014. Across the city, neighborhoods with the most turnstile arrests per subway card swipe tend to be predominantly black or Hispanic.
Crime is the new entitlement for black and brown people in what's left of the United States of America, as white people fear being called a "racist" more than they do losing their civilization.