Monday, November 26, 2018

Her Name is Rebecca Pletnewski/ Her Name is Olivia Schneider: White Mother and Her Eight-Year-Old Daughter Murdered by Black Neighbor

On July 14, 2016, then 39-year-old Rebecca Pletnewski changed her profile picture on Facebook to a statement

It read simply: "Stop Killing Black People."

On November 20, 2018, she and her eight-year-old daughter were murdered by her black neighbor (who was stalking her). [Police: Suspect stalked Mayfield Heights woman before killing her and daughter,, 11-26-18]:

The neighbor of a Mayfield Heights nurse stalked her for months before killing her and her daughter, police say.
Rest in peace, both of you
Dominique C. Swopes, 27, faces two counts of aggravated murder and aggravated arson. 
Police said Rebecca Pletnewski, 41, was stabbed to death before her home on Longwood Road was set on fire on Tuesday. Firefighters pulled her daughter, 8-year-old Olivia Schneider, from an upstairs bedroom. She was pronounced dead from smoke inhalation at the hospital. 
Shortly after the blaze, Swopes was detained for questioning and later released."He became a subject of interest that day because what family and friends had told us, that Rebecca had warned them or told them of instances of potentially stalking by the neighbor," said Police Chief Fred Bittner. "He became our primary suspect at the time after talking to family."
The murder suspect, who stalked Rebecca
Pletnewski's family told investigators she had been worried about Swope's unwanted advances for months. 
"He just apparently had left her notes occasionally or talked to her outside. There were other advancements made through maybe social media, and she told him she didn't want anything to do with him, she had a boyfriend," Bittner said. 
Pletnewski, an intensive care nurse at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, and Schneider, a third-grade student at Lander Elementary, were laid to rest on Monday. A candlelight vigil is planned for Thursday night. 
Pletnewski leaves behind a 4-year-old daughter, who was not home at the time of the fire.
A curious Facebook post from Rebecca she posted on July 14, 2016...
Olivia Schneider should be preparing to write a letter to Santa Claus, listing what she hoped to receive for Christmas. She should be preparing to go down the steps on Christmas morning holding her little sisters hand as they saw the presents Santa had left for them.

Instead, she was laid to rest in late November 2018, the victim of a homicide few will remember and fewer will ever hear/read about. Was her mother afraid of appearing racist by going to the police and reporting Dominique Swopes for stalking her? Oh, it also turns out she vehemently anti-Trump, leading protests and marches against Donald Trump in when the RNC had their convention in Cleveland back in 2016. [4 Groups Protesting the 2016 RNC and Donald Trump: "Trump’s values do not represent America’s values.", Teen Vogue, July 18, 2016]:

The vast majority of protestors, however, are aiming for peaceful demonstrations. Teen Voguecaught up with four organizations who will have a robust presence outside Quicken Loans Arena in order to learn more about their causes, goals, and plans for the RNC: 
Stand Together Against Trump 
"When our group originally came together, it was mostly young professionals in the Cleveland area," says Rebecca Pletnewski, a spokesperson for the organization. "We were just so deeply concerned by the hateful rhetoric that Trump has been expressing during his campaign, and after the Indiana primary, when it became clear he was the presumptive Republican candidate, we felt compelled to come together to do something not only as Clevelanders, but as Americans and humans to say: 'there’s no way that this man can be president of this great country.' We’re a nonpartisan group; we’re an independent expenditure PAC, which means we don’t support any candidate, nor does any candidate endorse us. 
Most of us have never done anything like this in our lives before; none of us are professional activists or anything like that. We just started learning as we went along. Basically, the message our group wants to put out there is that Trump’s values do not represent America’s values. Someone who expresses hatred, encourages violence, is misogynistic and racist, and encourages xenophobia and Islamophobia — cannot represent American values. America has always been a place of tolerance, inclusion, religious freedom, equality. 
Trump has expressed none of those. We are not against Republicans — there are many Republicans in our organization — but we are against Trump, and we believe that the country deserves a better leader. Our major event is going to be on July 21, which is the day Trump will supposedly accept the nomination. During the week, we’re hosting nonviolent protester training every morning through Thursday starting at 9 a.m. We felt like the most effective way to protest the face of hate was to arrive with a peaceful, positive message of love, and that’s basically what we intend to do."
A screenshot of Tweet from Rebecca in July of 2016, when she organized a march against Donald Trump  at the RNC Convention in Cleveland 

In the end, it doesn't matter. Both Rebecca and her beautiful daughter Olivia are dead.

And few dare say, "Stop Killing White People."


Whitewalker said...

Fire-always the mark of a negro trying to cover his crime.

Bruce County said...

He should hang. Immediately. Period.
I have nothing more to add.

Anonymous said...

He found him a white woman that wasn't a rayciss. That's probably where that started.

Perfect mugshot too.

D-FENS said...

No doubt the deceased would have abhorred this site. She probably was afraid of calling the cops as that would be “racist”.

By the way, where is/was the father?

William Hendershot said...

This story is completely under reported here in Cleveland, and the fact that a vicious black man killed a white women and her daughter is not reported at all. As soon as this story hit the news I thought a black was responsible, as Mayfield Heights is a community discovering the joys of diversity.

Anonymous said...

Stop killing black Rebecca ? What say you NOW Rebecca ? Would you trade your life for your murderer ? How about your 8 year old daughter ? Maybe your 4 year old will be able to grow up knowing that there IS a difference. Another branded by the BLACK letter L (iberal).

Gunny said...

Well one things for certain. The family won't be burying the mother in a dress with The Scarlet Letter "R" (for Racist) sewn to the blouse. Clearly, virtue signaling that she wasn't a racist was super important to the late Rebecca Pletnewski. As we all know here, that is what's important in BRA.

*In June 1638, in Puritan Boston, Massachusetts, a crowd gathers to witness the punishment of Hester Prynne, a young woman who has given birth to a baby of unknown parentage. She is required to wear a scarlet "A" on her dress when she is in front of the townspeople to shame her. The letter "A" stands for adulteress, although this is never said explicitly in the novel. Her sentence required her to stand on the scaffold for three hours, exposed to public humiliation, and to wear the scarlet "A" for the rest of her life.

Some enterprising novelist should write an updated version of The Scarlet Letter with "R" for "Racist" substituted.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if during her moment of realization that he was about to kill her, if she thought about all the virtue signaling she done particularly on her Facebook page.
Enormous sympathy for her innocent daughter... but the well is dry when it comes to her.

Anonymous said...

"Stop killing Black people"

What if instead a facebook page read......

"Start sterilizing Black people"

I wonder how that would work out?

Anonymous said...

Of course, most folks will never hear of this. This reminds me of the crime in the highland Park area of Pittsburgh from a year or two back. Two sisters were killed by a black neighbor. The circumstances were murky but a criminal lived very close and they were burgled first.

Anonymous said...

I live in Cleveland and this waaay under reported. No pictures of the usual perp to be found and the virtual "nothing to see hear, move along to the next distraction people" attitude of the local Tass "news" agencies. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

How did her virtue display not help keep her alive?
Why does she have a different last name than her daughter?

Anonymous said...

stop killing black people...then killed by a black person...irony

Mr. Rational said...

No doubt the deceased would have abhorred this site. She probably was afraid of calling the cops as that would be “racist”.

That's exactly the crap we get when survivors searching for the names of the deceased stumble in here.  They would literally prefer to be dead than "racist".

Stop killing black Rebecca ? What say you NOW Rebecca ? Would you trade your life for your murderer ? How about your 8 year old daughter ?

Heidi and Savannah Walker.  Can we make a list of Eloi who've sacrificed both themselves and their children to these Morlocks?

Anonymous said...

I think it was just a punctuation error - she left out a comma. It should have said "Stop killing, black people!"

Jersey said...

Ill agree with the author above so sad for the little girl none for her .honestly only just amusement.funny how these disgusting savages love to start Fires !!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if her Facebook post didn't catch the eye of the orc and encourage him to focus his evil intentions on her?

I never cease to be amazed that orcs kill so many of each other, in addition to taking the lives of those of other races, yet they are the ones portrayed as the true victims!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she made the right comments, about equality and all that sheeeeit...and the black buck thought he had a chance at that white trim........but no, "da hore" wouldn't put out the pie for the buck........he got enraged, called her a racist, she said she wasn't, but still she wouldn't go down on, naturally, he killed her.

She got what she wanted. No black was killed, right, lady?

And, I, too, ask..where is the father of that little girl? Sure, the wife was a F'n idiot, as many modern womyn are, but the daughter needed her WHITE FATHER to protect her...I blame him as well.

The buck? Just doing what he is supposed to do.......rape it, kill it, then burn it.

Archie bunker said...

How many of these stories does it take before universal awareness sets in? I don't want to live, shop or attend events where these savages are, fortunately where live, i don't have to. I don't want to hear IKAGO, I don't need their hatred of whites to manifest upon me. I will leave them alone, unless you attempt to harm me, then I will kill you

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest reasons we have found ourselves in this position is that women are by their nature very consensus oriented. This means they are quite conformist and ally themselves with whatever they assume to be authority, cultural or otherwise. Just think back to your own school days - Who would be the tattle-tell? Who volunteered to be the classroom monitor? Who wanted to make sure everyone was following the rules? Who wanted to get the highest grades in conduct, or be the teacher's pet? Basically who was the most obedient and understood the rules?

It was always the girls.

This is a good thing when a healthy culture is imparting healthy messaging, as these will be the mothers raising the next generation of children. However, we do not have a healthy culture, so instead this instinct to conform, enforce norms, and build consensus is a net negative in the current climate. It is the women who are targeted by the poz and who spread the poz. They are told to have pets rather than kids, to believe in racial egalitarianism/anti-white stuff, gay and transgender everything, pro-immigration, and basically all the things that wither the society. There is little support for any of these things in any group besides white women.

The non-white and non-western women are not targeted with the same messages so they do not struggle with the same problems of white women. They are allowed to have healthy norms that expand their numbers and cultural reach.

So you literally end up with what happened here --- a white, single mother who has all of the status conferring views, that she must broadcast to the outside world while simultaneously holding very little skepticism of violent, dangerous blacks.

She was worried about blacks being killed, rather than being killed by blacks. She was raised in a society that told her the former is more important than the latter. Raised in a society that gives permission to express one view but not the other, and would revoke your status if you did. So she went the consensus route of a suicidal culture that has no will to live. In a metaphorical sense, she wasn't the only one who died as a result, but also the next generation and her link to those who came before her - because she was raised in a society that hated her kind.

We must reverse this mindset and cultural messages that target white women so intensely and exclusively. Their better natures are being used against them.

- Gwoobus H

Anonymous said...

They’re divorced

Anonymous said...

Remember girls, nothing says 'no' like a shotgun!

I bet she'd feel pretty silly about the Facebook posting now.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

To those who comment, "where was the father," "why did mother/daughters have different last names?" Just a thought but sometimes women get divorced, sometimes their first husband dies and they re-marry. That being said, she was trying to be kind to the jerk. Unknown or unacknowledged to her, one can't be kind to negroes, as they will take advantage...or worse. Obviously, the negro sleeze saw her friendly acceptance in a different way. She might have suffered violence in her marriage and the buck, seeing it as his way "in," comforted her and she thought she had a friend in a neighbor. At some point she told him to back off and that ticked him off. She was a product of her generation, taught "we're all equal." Bet she didn't believe that as she and her daughter were dying.

Antidote said...

RIP deluded, reckless, immature, naive and perhaps stupid woman. RIP innocent child put in harm's way by your own mother.

I wish you could have been warned; I wish you could have read Derbyshire's Letter.I wish you had come to SBPDL to read the first hand accounts. But maybe you rejected this mountain of evidence and the friendly advice because it was all so rayciz.
Dominique will get ten years; he will live to kill again.

Anonymous said...

Archie, agreed. Situational awareness is essential...for survival

An example: on Saturday, my wife and I went to a Christmas lighting festival with a couple friends and their toddler in a nearby city (which is about 25% black). It was a busy, light hearted event with lots of young kids, but very few nogs (probably because a small admission fee was required). The few nogs there appeared relatively harmless...families with young children, just like everyone else. Nonetheless, I kept my guard up whenever we were in close proximity to any of them. Had I noticed any groups of "youfs", I would have gotten us out if there immediately, however rude it might have come off to our friends.

Anonymous said...

"How many of these stories does it take before universal awareness sets in?"

It wouldn't take many. But that's the problem. Unless you visit sites like this or are directly related to the victims, these are just "stories", "tall tales", if you will, which are invented by "racists". Black-on-white crimes like this don't exist. They are the fever dreams of the villians in tales such as "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Norma Rae". There might be a mention on the local news, but the horrific details and identity of the killer will be quickly glossed over.

Anonymous said...

The tragedy here is that she forced her kids to live in her deluded world and they have to pay the price.

As an ICU nurse she saw the violence that occurs in Black cities and yet chose to raise her children there without a husband.

Undoubtedly she would have called anyone WAYCIST for suggesting that she move to a safer area.

She probably also did not have basic security measures like a dog and visible cameras.

Anonymous said...

How did her virtue display not help keep her alive?

It's usually the virtue signalers that live on the front lines and consider even using common sense or applied statistics to be racist. They are the ones that would happily ban guns and send us all to re-education camps if it were possible.

I suspect that Black criminals smell weakness in them. These White self-hating egalitarians walk around with a belief that Whites owe Blacks. It's a subservient weakness that they always carry. They are convinced by liberalism that inequality is the collective fault of Whites and the poverty/crime they see is their own burden.

Most liberal Whites wisen up once they live around Blacks. But others double down on delusion or even worse become racial realist liberals. The latter is the absolute worst form of the liberal. They know the truth and yet choose to push lies and suppress free thought. They view a world of lies as preferable to truth even if it means innocent people are killed. Most liberal professors fall into this group. They don't see truth as useful because it won't lead to an egalitarian utopia.

Standup Broad said...

She was an Emergency Room RN, meaning she earned a substantial salary. Why in God’s name did she choose to live in that area, not to mention sending her daughter to an inferior public school? Once again, a SJW meets their fate at the hand of their pets. So sorry for the daughter, the woman…not so much.

Anonymous said...

Since she was a nurse she undoubtedly learned about biological differences that liberals tell us don't exist.

Liberals involved in medicine are fully aware that race is more than skin color. You can't pass your exams and believe otherwise. Yet these sick people continue to lie to the public and especially the youth.

Race has no biological basis unless you work in medicine. If you work in medicine you are supposed to keep your mouth shut and let our egalitarian superiors manage the public aka lie to them.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly the crap we get when survivors searching for the names of the deceased stumble in here. They would literally prefer to be dead than "racist".

It's really sad. They come in here and tell us that so and so would have hated this website.

Well would he be alive today if he loved this website and had moved to Wyoming?

I usually don't respond to family members. I say let them grieve. Most of these liberals are so indoctrinated to where they don't even direct their anger the perpetrator. They still want to blame Whites or society even after losing a sibling or child. Ironically they don't see Blacks as being responsible for their own actions. In their minds it falls back to Whites ruining what would have been a racial utopia and forcing these Black men into crime.

Pat Boyle said...

I have an idea for a slogan that all can agree to. One that is good advice. It comes in two parts:

Part One -


Part Two -


It is good advice to not drink and drive. It's illegal and can cause terrible deadly accidents.

It can also cause brain damage. When brains are damaged especially to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex the person becomes more prone to impulsive violence and aggression - they act more like a Negro.

It's a simple truth that brain damage does not make you better. It generally lowers your intelligence and makes you more violent. In short it make you more like an average Negro.

I offer this suggestion to try to curb the blight of drunken driving. Whites and Asians are horrified by the prospect of becoming a Negro. Everyone has to die so it doesn't
scare anyone. But mentally healthy people are repulsed and horrified by the notion of being a black.

The authorities could choose to only use the first part of the slogan in black area or those infested with SJW's.


Anonymous said...

stop killing nogs--bewaaa...then she and her child are killed by rapist? why else would the nog be interested in her?

Anonymous said...

on one level, I say she met her fate.
On another I sense she was brainwashed.

Gwoobus-- Raised in a society that gives permission to express one view but not the other view----express facts. facts are not opinions, views are opinions.

stop killing those oppressed nogs...

Anonymous said...

A candlelight vigil is planned for Thursday night.
more dumb lib flowers at the site of da drive by.

Anonymous said...

You all are a bunch of ignorant, racist, victim blaming assholes. I’m sure you all are tRrump-loving, incestuous, smelly, cigarette smoking, two-toothed trailer trash. I hope you burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

But but the media keeps saying its racist to call the police on black people when the are scaring you, CNN said so.

Cathy said...

None of you know the Pletnewski family, so stop your disgusting comments against this mother. She was a good person from a good family. How dare you??? She has a 4 yr. old daughter who is missing her mother. Rebecca's family has barely stopped grieving the loss of her dad and now they have this unspeakable pain to deal with. To the non-human who posted this comment "I'm sure she made the right comments, about equality and all that sheeeeit...and the black buck thought he had a chance at that white trim........but no, "da hore" wouldn't put out the pie for the buck........he got enraged, called her a racist, she said she wasn't, but still she wouldn't go down on, naturally, he killed her", you are sick. Why would she want anything to do with loser? She had class.

Joe said...

I am just seeing it now. Moving out all along Mayfield.

Joe said...

Mayfield Heights is, or should say was, a nice suburb. Officially 10-11% black according to Wikipedia Guessing higher.

Brian in Ohio said...

White privilege, checked.


Proximity = danger

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

@ Cathy

The only “non-human” I see is the one that took your precious friend’s life.

What you’re doing is called “Projection”. How about focus that righteous indignation where it belongs? THAT might save the next white female, instead of projecting your anger on precisely the people who DIDN’T murder those two females.

Anonymous said...

How direct your anger at those commenting here rather than the black demon that killed her. Keep up the great work Cathy and we will soon read of your demise at the hands of your black pets. Oh well...cie la vie!

Anonymous said...

Her post should have read thusly:
"Stop killing, Black people!"

Sometimes, a comma makes all the difference.

Anonymous said...

"How dare you???"

Is that meant to be a comment, or a question?

Anonymous said...

Cathy, how coddlers and naive sympathsizers should instead face the reality that horrible plague brings. You can begin by getting the media to report these disasters ...yes people will get angry. Then go after the lawmakers...they need to implement things to prevent this plague from really getting out of hand. Stop running from the problem...get the problem out!

Anonymous said...

Cathy, I am the one who wrote that.

You live a sheltered life. You don't know what those here know, have seen, or have endured.

What I wrote is EXACTLY how the black male acts, thinks, feels and talks.

Rebecca probably didn't want anything to do with him, but HE SURE DID. When she moved into that area, and away from the collective protection of an all White area, she opened her life for exactly what happened.

Racism keeps you alive. Racism is necessary. And, for 99% of us here? We would rather be racist than dead. Would Rebecca have said that? A racist woman would have nothing to do with the african community and have had situational awareness. You doubt that? Think it through because even your life depends on it.

Don't believe any of us here. Do some research. There is a vast amount of data on black violence against White women. The percentages are way out of line for any other racial groups. You sheltered life puts you in jeopardy.

BUT, since you have found us, I recommend you spend one week enjoying the SHOCK and AWE of what we write, and why. Bear with it for 1 week. Your life will change (it has already, ...and you can't go back.....we have opened your eyes to the horror or racial reality.....)

Anonymous said...

But she wanted us to “stop killing black people”, remember? 😐

D-FENS said...

Cathy, were you among the friends/familiy that Rebecca voiced concerns (over a period of months) to about being stalked by the killer/arsonist?

If so and you failed or did not even try to convince her to file a complaint with the police, YOU have Rebecca and her daughter’s blood on YOUR hands! The police might have had enough evidence for a search warrant when they first arrested the suspect. As it was, they released him and he was free for a couple of days to either victimize someone else and or evade capture.

Is is much easier for you to level righteous indignation at us than the criminal responsible. Must not be racist, might get unfollowed or unliked on social media. I’m sure there will be a prayer vigil with candles, stuffed animals, flowers, cards and all the other nonsense one see’s at these gestures of futility. I’m sure the family will foregive the criminal. Hope it makes you all feel better.

William Hendershot said...

Mayfield Heights is 16% black and 66% white, so they have reached the threshold of 15% which enables blacks to be themselves and cause random mayhem. It is also a fairly affluent community with an average income of $91,000. It will be the next domino to fall to the negroes in the Cleveland area.

europeasant said...

"Pletnewski, an intensive care nurse at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, and Schneider, a third-grade student at Lander Elementary, were laid to rest on Monday. A candlelight vigil is planned for Thursday night"

But let us not forget that we are paying for our own dispossession. Our taxes are used against us. By everyone at all levels of government. They are around us and they can see you but you can't see them. They are disguised by various means.

Anonymous said...

Virtue-signaling won’t save you when the savages come for your scalp.

-Condition Yellow.
-Breath Control.
-Sight Picture.
-Trigger Squeeze.

These things CAN save you...

D-FENS said...

The 2000 census for Mayfield Heights OH had 3% negroes. By 2010 it was over 10%.

According to, the high school is currently 25% negro! Another confirmation of using local school demographics for more accurate estimates.

Wonder what happened. The population decreased very slightly between 2000 and 2010 so negroes increased and whites decreased in absolute terms.

Anonymous said...

Dominique Swopes has a Facebook account. Most of it is rap and porn, but he believes in We Wuz Kangs, too.

Anonymous said...

Start shouting this from the rooftops. No one knows what’s going on in America. Not a half hour age I heard a story about white on black “hate crimes “. You never hear the black on white crime. That’s referred to as ‘just crime’. Idiots!

Anonymous said...

And people think that I’m a racist bitch for not wanting to live around blacks. At least I’m still a breathing racist bitch.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Rebecca Pletnewski that was an organizer for Cleveland's Stand Together Against Trump protest group?

That's just wonderful.

Egghead said...

Ok, here we go again! As one of the rare grown lady commenters, I keep telling you that you need to talk to the young and old ladies in terms that gain you friends and win you allies instead of enemies.

White boys and men need to tell young white girls that they are desirable and valuable (before ‘others’ do) - preferably with serious exclusive dating relationships that lead to marriage in a timely manner.

White men need to respect older white ladies as partners and sincerely ask white women to help white men to protect white children and elderly people from violent rape and torture perpetrated by ‘others.’

juvenal said...

Of course she was.

juvenal said...

Poetic Justice?

Sick n Tired said...

From 2001-2008/9 was the construction boom, which probably included a few large apartment/condo complexes. After 2009 when the real estate bubble popped, many real estate groups went around buying these complexes for next to nothing and turning them in section 8 rentals, because those are guaranteed money from the government. The same went for housing, HUD and even some smaller landlords would buy up these forclosed homes in decent neighborhoods, then section 8 them to make sure they were going to make their $$ back, thanks again to Uncle Sam, and couldn't give 2 shits about the decent people/neighborhoods they were bringing ruin to.

juvenal said...

Yet another reason for western men to say " its kiss my ass time". More and more, mgtow is looking like an attractive alternative.

Sick n Tired said...

Nogs don't give 2 shits about cameras, as evidenced by the amount of robberies that happen in convenience stores, banks, cell phone stores, fastfood restaurants, gas stations, jewelry stores, and pretty much any other type of public business open these days. Not to mention the amount of homes with door bell, and interior/exterior cams. Usually they look right at the camera before or after the robbery with their empty feral eyes.
Example A:

D-FENS said...

Her twitter account shows much more SJW activity:

And the obit:

Pat Boyle said...

I'm looking for another blog site to which I can comment. I seem to have become too inappropriate for this one. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Anonymous said...


I'm sure she did have class, loved her family, and was like many nurses I've known, was very patient, kind and caring. Please share the link to this website with everyone who knew her, so they can see how awful people can be. Sorry for your loss,

Julie Jr.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I overlooked your comment! It's up now. Won't happen again. Cheers!

Dom said...

You all obviously have a right to your own opinion. But like you have already stated, you are becoming out numbered. Times are changing. White women, like myself, and people of all colors are procreating with whomever they choose because we are all human beings. All of you are stuck in a past that is fading away with each generation and before you know it your way of thinking won't even exist. Your own children will most likely go against your own beliefs because the majority of the world does not see things the way you do. The rest of us are evolving and actually educating ourselves. I pity you. It is sad that you are so unhappy with your own life that you, Mr or Mrs. Anonymous, had to hide behind your computer and type out such hateful words and about the dead the no less. Your parents must of neglected you greatly. If you truly had any power you wouldn't be preaching these words anonymously on a blog. These words about Rebecca and her daughter would be all over your social media pages. If you were truly without any fear you wouldn't be hiding, but you are weak and meaningless and anyone who reads these things your posting should understand that and shouldn't get upset by your words. I know I certainly haven't. They have only made me feel empowered. I feel proud to have created a family with my black boyfriend and I plan on spending the rest of my life with him. I have never known any other life but with him for last 10 years and I can only hope to have an eternity with him. He is the love of my life and it his milk chocolate skin that attracts me most to him. You should be so lucky to find someone you are so in love with, not that you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

But don't white men stalk and rape black women too? Yeah...right!

Anonymous said...

She probably congratulated herself on exposing the child to the vibrant diversity. Fo sure she did!

Bobby PGH said...

I can't wait until you get murdered by one of your pets :)

Unknown said...

You're a racist idiot. This was a good mother. I knew the family. Hope the killer gets the death penalty. But his black mama will be saying what a good boy he was.

Archie bunker said...

Evidence mounting on what she was, now it's making more sense how she met her fate

JimRagan1967 said... fixed it lol

D-FENS said...

“Please share the link to this website with everyone who knew her, so they can see how awful people can be.”

But ignore Dominique Swopes “housewarming” holiday gift?

Anonymous said...

" I feel proud to have created a family with my black boyfriend and I plan on spending the rest of my life with him."

I look forward to reading about you in a future edition of SBPDL.

juvenal said...

Correct Madam. " The times they are a changin " No more eviillll rayciss Nazis ", and remember, invest in kneepads and prayer rugs.

Anonymous said...

"You're a racist idiot....I knew the family."

But your track record as a judge of character is awfully questionable, huh?

gkruz said...

Providing you are a real White female coalburner and not a (((troll)), I wouldn't be surprised if we see you back here again under the heading of "Her Name Was..."

Egghead said...

We definitely have fear - and as the increasingly violent actions of white liberals and blacks make clear, we are correct to be afraid of you.

Why has your black boyfriend of 10 years neglected to marry you? You and your children deserve better.

A black woman who would have made a life with the black man that chose you over her - for your white skin - has also been robbed of having a productive married life - just like you.

When your black boyfriend marries you, let us know....

D-FENS said...

“I can only hope to have an eternity with him.”

Careful what you wish for. Often the black guy kills the white wife/girlfriend and commits suicide. I don’t think you meant this kind of eternity.

Anonymous said...

Lost in Philly said,
to quote Dom, " I feel proud to have created a family with my black boyfriend and I plan on spending the rest of my life with him."
I am sorry, but your own words have betrayed you; how do you file your income tax? "Married/Filing jointly," , if your black boyfriend feels the same why isn't he your husband? And does he plan on spending the rest of his life with you? or are you just one more baby mama. Disappointed and alone is how one side of the coin, murdered is the other. But you've already made your choice, and remember, "Once you go black, you don't want you back."

Anonymous said...

That was her (organizer for Stand against Trump)

She was a complete believer, a social justice warrior.

I wonder if there’s a special place in Hell for these race traitors? Oh well, no big loss. I do kinda feel sorry for her deceased daughter, but she was growing up in a home without a father figure, being indoctrinated as a liberal.
What a waste really.

Anonymous said...

Nothing on WEWS 5 either.

Anonymous said...

Let's see at least 99% of the posts here are far more thought-provoking, creative, and well-written that your drive by rant.
The truth is sometimes painful.

Anonymous said...

She wasn’t that good of a mother, her kid is dead.
Look, there is victim blaming here, you’re right, and you know her so you’re defensive, and that’s okay.
But let’s put this together-
She posts stop killing black people.
A black man is stalking her, but she makes no police report
She’s murdered and her daughter dies a horrific death via smoke inhalation.
And people like you want to defend her.
She may have been a peach, a sweetheart, but where were the Dads? Her two kids, different names, Dad is not around, that’s what blacks do. She defended them, lived around them, and DIED at the hand of her pets.
If you are a woman and a black man is staking you-CALL THE POLICE.
If you are a woman and you have kids, but no dad, find one. It ain’t rocket science. Actually it is more like home ec. Food, sex, comfort.
Keep him fed, be intimate with him, and create a place where he WANTS to be. Men, like dogs, respond favorably to such things.
But alas, yes, she didn’t deserve to die. She simply created circumstances that made it likely.
Don’t like it? Teach your children well.

Anonymous said...

"She had class"
Actually no she didn't.. virtue signaling to the world on your Facebook page is prima facie evidence of the exact opposite.
Sorry Cathy, I'm afraid your definition of class is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Always carry.
I carried to church on Sunday. Why? Criminals (of all type) love unarmed victims.

Anonymous said...

Which part is ignorant and uniformed?
Liberal-Progressivism didn’t keep her alive, now did it?
Victim blaming? Damn right.
What?! Yeah, you see, we know and discuss what you and many others lie to yourselves about everyday. Racist? Only against blacks. And yet the evidence supports our extreme skepticism, and NOT your equality nonsense.
She can be dumb, it is the KIDs we are upset about. One kid is dead, the other lost her mother and sister.
Racial Realism would have gave her a fighting chance. A police report, order of no contact, and a 9mm would have done WONDERS to preserve two lives.
But yes, we are the backwards trash who have just enough sense to avoid apex predators.

Anonymous said...

Pat please do not leave! I look forward every day to reading your posts. They are always great and sometimes amazing!

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

Cathy, Julie, et al

Please do share this site.
Please let others read the endless posts of exasperation from those of us that have lived this and know reality, who could have spared her life and that of her child.
Let’s set aside the Dad(s) question, why didn’t she file a no contact order with the police? Was it because she bought the false narrative that police are seeking out and killing unarmed black men?
Was it because she worked in a hospital surrounded by many educated black professionals and didn’t want to see reality? Because that was my wife. And she was almost rapped in a stairwell at Grady in Atlanta.
It is easier to lash out at others. To blame all of us when the truth is clear. Especially when it is painfully clear.
Truth comes from an impartial analysis of the data. When you do so, without fear of labels, you will unburden your soul.
FBI crime stats don’t lie. In fact they paint a pretty clear picture.
You gals, well you rely on emotion. And that will get you murdered.
I’m truly sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Cathy and Julie, you see that? That’s what we are talking about.
Blacks commit violent crimes at a rate far greater than their representation. And yet they rarely try to car jack those toothless red neck, Trump voting, truck guys. Do you think it is that a 40 year old female is an easier target than a 40 year old man with a gun? Now, again we ask... where was the Dad(s)? Do you know what else men bring? Dogs. Do you know what dogs do when someone attacks the master’s female? Yeah, nature is sexist too.
Pretty basic plan laid out here:
Man=provider and protector
Woman=nurturer and care giver
Dog=man’s back up, protector of the pack.
Jebus, You Progressives and your social engineering.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

I wonder if anyone will get shot at the white candle light vigil like they do at the black ones.

Anonymous said...

Most of us with families, especially those of us who have faced the black man’s rage, will take death 1,000x to save our loved ones.
An eternity in Hell is but a moment compared to watching my wife, daugters, sisters, even brothers and sons, die a horrible death at the hands of anyone. When this risk is significantly and documented to be greater when in proximity to black males, it is foolish to disregard said risk.

Anonymous said...

Cathy and Julie...
So she WAS a liberal-Progressive Democrat.
Set aside reason, discernment, and proper judgement for emotion.
I bet she had a pink pu$$y hat too.
RIP- idiocy can be fatal.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

That sucks, because I love your comments. Theres been a lot of great commenters that dont show up as much because of Paul's arbitrary, no rhyme or reason moderation system.

As awesome as this site is, you would think Paul would take the hint and quit fucking up the comments section by allowing it to be more interactive. However, I am sure this will fall on deaf ears as he will probably delete this comment.

Anonymous said...


So I’m curious, 10 years and no marriage?
Is it marriage in general you reject, or are you not good enough for him?
You see, when I met my wife I pledged my life, my possessions, and my eternal love to her. I proposed, we got married, and had kids. In that order. I graduated college with a Masters of Science, I have a six figure job, and owned (not paying for) my home at age 35. I work hard so my wife doesn’t have to.
Do you work? Do you drive a newer car while your boyfriend drives the older model?

We are not all equal, I’m sorry to say. The study of the genome further unravels the mysteries and the dramatic differences. There are marked differences in intelligence, behavior, and temperament. Similar to all other breeding of mammals, we just are finally admitting it with humans.

So you have a black boyfriend, good for you. If he loves you, respects you, supports you financially, MARRIES you, and is faithful to you you are one of the lucky few.
But, the statistical odds state that there is an 80% he has a lower IQ than the average white man. He has a 40% of going to prison in his life time. Over 80% Chance you will divorce, IF you get married, which that itself is less than 50/50. The odds that you will be forced to work a full-time job to avoid a sub-median household income are nearly 90%. While any offspring you have will benefit from your genes, the odds that your children will be above average IQ are again around 50/50.
Much of the social stigma of mixed race children is gone, and that’s actually good because they are kids and kids don’t deserve that $h!t. You, for putting them IN that position, well you do.
What are you rejecting, rebelling against, fighting so hard to prove wrong, even in the face of truth?
Statistics are cruel and unfeeling. You can reject them and lash out against the persons presenting them. But, you probably have to work tomorrow. What about baby daddy? Locked you down with a kid, but won’t marry you? Yup. You showed us.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

You must not spend much time in the Hood.

Anonymous said...

She can “plan” on anythjng, he clearly doesn’t care. After 10 years and a kid. I bet she works and He is an aspiring rapper.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

Im sure he will make you Pay The Toll.

Anonymous said...

I love the leftist name calling. Standard non constructive comments, so its -ist this --ist that. Sooo old.

Augustus said...

Stay put, Pat. I appreciate your comments, and I'm sure many others feel the same. Don't let the PC, SJWs make you leave.

Augustus said...

The ratio of blacks raping whites, versus whites raping blacks is about what? 2,000 to 1? 2500 to 1?

Mr. Rational said...

And right on cue, Cathy appears to tut-tut at us.

None of you know the Pletnewski family, so stop your disgusting comments against this mother. She was a good person from a good family. How dare you???

Because she wound up dead, that's why.  We wish it hadn't happened, and we are trying to use her example to keep it from happening to others like her.

you are sick. Why would she want anything to do with loser? She had class.

You completely miss the point.  It isn't what she wanted.  It's that her normal White politeness gave her rapist/murderer the impression that he could get something.  It's very likely that nothing less than completely businesslike ice-coldness can get through to the African, and without a man for protection even that is probably insufficient in way too many cases.

Is this the same Rebecca Pletnewski that was an organizer for Cleveland's Stand Together Against Trump protest group?

Well, she certainly made the bed she's dirt-napping in, didn't she?  Let's hope this changes more than a few women's attitudes towards both the African plague and God-Emperor Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Rational said...

The ratio of blacks raping whites, versus whites raping blacks is about what?

The Crime Victimization Survey data is consistent with 0 White-on-Black rapes, which means the ratio is as high as infinity.

Anonymous said...

TO: Anonymous Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV, above.

I agree with you. I see no rhyme or reason why some comments make it through and some don't.

I read numerous comments trashing Christianity, but none of mine make it through.

We talk of Black Ruled America, yet the blacks have no power, no money, no control over the internet, no ownership of Media...yet they rule? When we attempt to discuss WHO owns 100% of our Media, our Money Supply, our Internet...we are censored right here.

Blacks are NOT the problem. A group that swarmed over here around 1890-1910 rule us...and they are NOT European, NOT American, NOT White, and NOT Christians. They are the ultimate aliens.

PK should, maybe one day, open this comment section for everybody to HONESTLY write what they feel. Just on 24 Hour period before the EXTERMINATION of the White Race continues.

Sincerely, CENTURION

Anonymous said...

What is the father supposed to do? The law always favors the mother, even in cases of endangerment. He probably would be horrified to see all the “racism” here anyways. Lots of stupidity out there. But honestly, even if he was a “racist” like us, he couldn’t get his kid. There are tons of men that are forced to watch this type of crap from afar, powerless to do anything (but you better believe they have to keep the checks coming). BTW I’m a woman and I think it’s disgusting how men are treated by the courts.

And worse when women leave men because of stupid feelings like “I’m not haaaaaappy”. Especially when they have kids. I’m the child of divorced parents and all the BS lies that parents spew so they can ditch their families and run off to get their jollies off with a new and “exciting” partner, make me sick. They ruin children. Nothing is more sickening than the parent saying “well my kids just want me to be happy and a happy parent is better than two miserable parents”. No. I bet this little murdered girl wanted her parents together, wanted a real sibling, and to be loved and cherished, and to matter enough to her parents, for them to stay together.

A woman with two kids (is the four year old, black? Wouldn’t be surprised), by different fathers, no husband and an alleged “boyfriend”. Her stupidity got her killed. Sorry for the child but unfortunately children raised like this often turn out to be worse than their parents.

Augustus said...

Infinity to one? Ah, ha, ha, ha! Thank you, Rational.

Anonymous said...

If you want to believe that, go ahead. It’s still light years better to be any and all of those things (and white) than it is to be the “best” black. And you know it, and it infuriates you! Poor baby.

Don’t worry, we all will live in the hell that delusional NPC libtards like you, will make this country. But we will survive and pick up the pieces. You’ll likely suffer the same fate at the hands of the diversity you revere, that this foolish woman did. Enjoy! You deserve it! Be sure to tell them you defended them on the Internet! I’m sure it’ll spare you like it did this woman! Yay virtue signaling!

Anonymous said...

Same here. I openly say it too. I moved here to get away from blacks. Let someone say something to me, I’ll ask them why they live here, in the white county and not across the river in the more diverse one.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I’m sure she has the job and works full time while he sits at the crib she pays for, drives her car, spends her money to buy weed and liquor, and is a typical black deadbeat. Lol and she comes here to lecture us and preach about how sad we all are. Mmm hmm honey, that’s why my white husband told me I didn’t have to work and he’d take care of me, we’ve also been together ten years but we got married in year one. Four white children too. Isn’t it funny how different the mudshark’s life is from a woman’s life that married a white man and would never have ruined herself with non whites?

juvenal said...

Why the blame the father? Knowing the deceased political beliefs, more than likely he'd been divorced raped within inch of his life and might not even have had joint custody or visitation rights.

Archie bunker said...

Changing your handle from Dom to dumb would make your drivel more palpable

juvenal said...

The whole partnership bit kind of went out the window when white decided that assuming the role of middle management for the power structure was preferable to getting married to white men and having children with them.

Monroe said...

She told the stalker she had a boyfriend. I wonder if he was a vibrant too?

Anonymous said...

1--How direct your anger at those commenting here rather than the black demon that killed her. Keep up the great work Cathy and we will soon read of your demise at the hands of your black pets. Oh well...cie la vie!
/they hate other Whites and coddle criminals.

2---we dont kill blacks, bucks do. and planned parenthood.

Unknown said...

So the victim posted “ stop killing black people “ on her Facebook page. Well I guess that will teach her liberal stupid self to trust a culture of animals. Maybe her parents will now convert to republicans and see the world and the black community for what it really is.

Anonymous said...

This is why I am afraid of blacks - their unreasonable use of violence. And they know that they will not be held responsible if they harm me or rob me.
That is the scariest part. They are being enabled, which is criminal.

Egghead said...

Ok. So is your grand strategy and advice to others to preserve the white race to insult and write off the female 50+ percent of the white race? Ummm. NO white women equals NO white babies....

I am telling you the message and actions for white men to use to effectively communicate with white girls and women to preserve the white race.

Young women: Date girls with an eye toward marriage. Marry within a year of dating (or in a timely manner). Limit binge drinking, drugs, and porn. Compliment white ladies regularly.

Older women: Ask them to help protect children and old people from rape and torture. Note: It’s the rape and torture that women fear much more than robbery and murder. White men MUST emphasize black violent rape and torture of white women and children rather than ignoring it.

Anonymous said...

I also carry in my church. So does the Pastor and about half of the congregation.

juvenal said...

And here I thought all evil racists were filthy rich corporate types? Sounds a bit classist to me Tovarisch.

juvenal said...

Would you say that the average boomer women has been a positive influence in the lives of most young white women? Have they taken it upon themselves to spread the message of race realism, or have they have they had theopposite effect?In a day in age where white males run the risk of imprisonment for simply paying a compliment or even greeting a woman, I'm at loss as to what more you expect switched on, racially aware white men to do,other than what they're already doing. ( anything short of an armed uprising)

juvenal said...

My post was not meant as an insult in any way.

Anonymous said...

As someone who lives within 5 minutes walking distance from this tragedy, let me point out a few things: First - Mayfield Heights, Ohio is not a ghetto by any stretch of the Imagination. The accused Individual that brutally murdered Rebecca lived next door in a rental,house and is one of a handful of black families that live on Longwood Ave. Second - I personally didn't know Rebecca, but I won't judge her because of her views on President Trump. Trump can be extremely abrasive, especially to women and apparently Rebecca and a few million other women took offense to that. Third - Again, never personally meeting Rebecca and not knowing anything about her, the "Stop killing black people" that she had posted could've very well been referencing a couple unjustified black people being shot and killed by Cleveland Police. ( and yes, Tamir Rice, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams deaths were not justified and were unnecessary). Fourth - 99% of the people on this board are assuming that her daughters are biracial. I don't think they are, but I definitely can be wrong. Fifth- she had two daughters from different fathers. I didn't realize that constituted a woman as being a whore.

Regardless, Rebecca was brutally murdered and her 8 year old daughter Olivia died with her. Her four year old daughter will grow up without a mother and a big sister. This whole thing is a tragedy to this community and especially to Rebecca's family. I'm completely dumbfounded that some people on this thread think she deserved it, and some people are basically happy that she's dead.

My heartfelt sincere condolences to the Pletnewski and Schneider families.

Heelsbaby said...

More deaths from the Obama administration...he knew what he was doing as he destroyed this county...and finally in the past year everybody has seen it. Hell..he's not even President anymore but just took away 15,000 jobs from UAW ..

Anonymous said...

It's Orwellian that she would put "Stop killing black people" when black people are responsible for the vast majority of murder, rape, beatings, stabbings, and other violent crime, but represent 15 percent of the population.

She should have put:
Stop killing white people
Stop raping white people
Stop robbing white people
Stop ruining white people's lives

Unknown said...

Rebecca's children are not mixed race. I knew her and she never dated any black men. She lived at this house for almost two years, and the house next door went into foreclosure (white owner) about a year ago and the bank that took it over rented it out to the n*gger's mom about 6-7 months ago, at which point he promptly started leaving notes for her and trying to talk to her outside. He also moved things in her backyard (kids toys etc) over night, according to her family and friends. People I know who stayed at that house with her while visiting did not say they felt unsafe, but in hindsight nothing could be further from the truth. N*ggers need to be kept in cages.

Almost Missouri said...

FYI, this story was picked up at Steve Sailer's place and SBPDL was linked in the comment thread.

Some on point comments, e.g.,

Mr. Rational said...

the bank that took it over rented it out to the n*gger's mom about 6-7 months ago, at which point he promptly started leaving notes for her and trying to talk to her outside.

Another house that needed to be fumigated to eliminate dangerous pests.

Anonymous said...

So take my anonymous comment made on November 30th, and Unkown's comment from December 1st.

Rebecca did post "Stop Killing Black People" and again I'll assume it had a lot to do with the Cleveland Police killing unarmed blacks. She was also a social justice warrior. But did she deserve to die for being one?

I clearly see what your website is implying, and sadly there's a lot of truth in what you're writing. But the comments that were really disturbing was that there was no remorse whatsoever for Rebecca, and very little for her daughter. Again, Rebecca didn't live in a ghetto, and she didn't have biracial children. She was simply trying to make the world a better place.

Rest In Peace Rebecca and Olivia.

Mr. Rational said...

She was also a social justice warrior. But did she deserve to die for being one?

Yes.  Her avowed goals are killing other White people, and there's no doubt whatsoever that she would give no mercy to "deplorables" let alone us "racists".

She was simply trying to make the world a better place.

While making it a worse one in actuality.  In nature, stupidity is the only capital crime.

Anonymous said...

Mr UnRational,

Your comments are the reason why your forum can't be taken seriously by typical law abiding citizens. While this website brings up very strong points about black on white crime (especially towards white women), the real problem is soft on crime laws and judges that return repeat offenders back on the streets. Social Justice is being fair to all people, regardless of their skin color. Law breakers should be punished to the extent of the law including death!

To sit behind your keyboard and type that she deserved to die is pretty brutal to say the least. After reading the comments, people were convinced that she lived in a ghetto (she didn't), had biracial children (she didn't), sent her children to a substandard school (she didn't), dated black guys (she didn't). And some posts indicated that her daughter would grow up to be just like her, so in other words, she deserved to die also.

All this woman did was had a career in helping other people, regardless of what color they were. She lived in a modest house in a predominantly white neighborhood and was murdered.

We can go on and on. The person who murdered her deserves nothing short of death, as do people who murder other people, regardless of what color they are.

We'll simply just agree to disagree. But we'll agree on one thing: Her murderer should be executed.

Mr. Rational said...

Your comments are the reason why your forum can't be taken seriously by typical law abiding citizens.

Those "typical law-abiding citizens" are on the fence, not picking one side or the other.  They can either pick their own side, or suicide.

the real problem is soft on crime laws and judges that return repeat offenders back on the streets.

THE real problem?  Do we have ANY evidence that Dominique C. Swopes was a repeat offender?

To sit behind your keyboard and type that she deserved to die is pretty brutal to say the least.

To go on Faceberg and type "STOP KILLING BLACK PEOPLE" is pretty cucked to say the least.  Selling out your own people in favor of your own killers' is ironic.  Moral of the story:  DO NOT ADVOCATE FOR BLACKS, PERIOD.  Nor associate with them, nor speak to them, nor anything.

She sold out the fathers of her children and wound up dead for it.  She had better choices and refused to take them.  I can't shed any tears for her.  For both her daughters, yes.  For her, no.

All this woman did was had a career in helping other people, regardless of what color they were.

Failing to take color into account was her fatal mistake.  Why should I not emphasize this?  Putting in a complaint for stalking (and buying a gun and learning how to use it) could have saved 2 White females.  But she was too "sensitive" and "anti-racist" to do that.  Fatal stupidity.

we'll agree on one thing: Her murderer should be executed.

I had the luxury of growing up in good times, crafted by hard men born of Depression and war.  I hope I have learned their lessons.  I give no benefit of the doubt to thots of any kind, SJW or otherwise.

And pick a handle if you want to debate here, coward.

Shannon said...

You ignorant piece of “anonymous shit” hide behind your key board. she was from the heights and an amazing mother and child how
Dare you judge on such little information.. are you that dumb?

Shannon said...

I have never engaged in so much ignorance

juvenal said...

Why start now? Time to scurry on back to Huffington Puffington or Buzzkill.

Anonymous said...

I';m a liberal mostly because I'm not a racist or an economic royalist.

Most black people don't do this crazy shit. White collar crime is also extremely damaging, and that isn't covered enough either.

Black on white crime, however, is very real, and the media should not suppress it since it only makes the extremists legitimate.

Trump is a greedy moron with no solutions to anything, so don't make this about him

Despite my liberal leanings, I fully believe in a swift capital punishment. There is no reason someone like this who killed a child should not be executed quickly, and it will send a message to others, since prison is a party for many of these nutcases.\, although I hope the inmates will exact a toll on this scum for killing a child.