Thursday, November 29, 2018

Her Name is Reese Bowman: Eight-Month-Old White Baby Girl Murdered by Black Day Care Worker in 70% Clack Baltimore Because "Reese Would Not Sleep."

There's nothing to say. 

The world of a young white couple was shattered, completely destroyed because a black employee of a day care center in 70% black Baltimore murdered 8-month-old Reese Bowman. Leah Walden, the 24-year-old black woman who murdered Bowman, told a friend just before she suffocated the little white baby, "Girl, I’m frustrated … I’m sick of this little b---. I hate this little b--- … She makes me want to punch her in the face.” [Baltimore day care worker pleads guilty to smothering baby to death, gets 70 years in prison, Baltimore Sun, 11-29-18]:

In an emotional hearing Tuesday, a Baltimore day care worker admitted to murdering a baby girl who would not nap and was sentenced to 70 years in prison. 
Her admission came during a wrenching two-hour hearing in Baltimore Circuit Court. By the end, even the judge cried on the bench.
Rest in peace, Reese Bowman.
“I’m just reflecting on everything I heard,” Judge Althea Handy said, composing herself. “There are tears everywhere in this courtroom." 
Handy was on the bench watching a video of the baby’s murder when they brought in the young day care worker. 
Leah Walden, 24, wore shackles and a sweatshirt from jail. Her voice was so soft, the judge told her to speak up as she pleaded guilty to the murder. 
With her plea Walden, of Windsor Mill, admitted she willfully and deliberately killed 8-month-old Reese Bowman last year at a day care center downtown. It was premeditated: murder in the first degree. 
“You thought about it, even though it might have been brief. Do you understand that?” Handy asked her. 
“Yes,” Walden said, crying. 
Technically, Handy sentenced Walden to life in prison with any time beyond 70 years suspended, meaning she won’t get out until she’s in her 90s if she serves the full sentence. 
The facts were undisputed. 
Walden returned from lunch to Rocket Tiers Learning Center just east of downtown and found baby Reese would not sleep. She slapped the girl in the crib. 
She pinned the infant down with one arm; Reese kicked her legs. Walden snatched her from the crib. She pushed her back down. Then she piled blankets over the child’s face. 
Reese, who was 8 months and 19 days old, suffocated to death May 23, 2017. 
Surveillance cameras inside the day care center captured the crime. 
In court Tuesday, Assistant State’s Attorney Anne Colt Leitess said Walden had told a co-worker, “Girl, I’m frustrated … I’m sick of this little b---. I hate this little b--- … She makes me want to punch her in the face.” 
The video shows Reese motionless in the crib, Leitess told the court. 
While the prosecutor spoke, a woman in the gallery raised a pink baby book to her lips. The woman kissed a photo of Reese on the cover. 
Walden will be eligible for parole at age 59. Her sister stood and spoke before the judge. 
“She’s not a monster. She’s not an evil person. She was frustrated,” Samantha Carlton told the courtroom. 
Then she turned to the Bowmans. 
“I’m so sorry. With all my heart, I’m sorry.” 
Walden herself told the judge she didn’t have training or help at the day care. Crying, she apologized. 
“There was not a time in my heart that I wanted this to happen,” she said, softly. 
Reese’s death shocked working families in Canton and Fells Point who sent children to the day care. Rocket Tiers has closed permanently. 
Reese’s father walked out of the courtroom while prosecutors read the grim details. 
When he returned, he told the judge of his family’s nightmare and grief. 
Justin and Amy Bowman had moved to Baltimore, bought a rowhouse and started their family. Their son, Sawyer, was born first. Then came their daughter, Reese. 
She was the first girl born into the Bowman family in four decades. She arrived on the day Mother Teresa was canonized, her family observed. 
Later, her funeral would fill the Baltimore Basilica. 
The Bowmans both worked and brought their two children to Rocket Tiers. Sawyer was upstairs when his sister Reese was killed. 
Justin Bowman stood before the judge, saying all this and hunched over his notes. The father wept as he read. 
“I will never see my girl take her first steps,” he said, “hold her, kiss her, comfort her when she’s scared, hear her say ‘I love you.’” 
He was trembling. 
“I am devastated.” 
The couple sold their house, left their jobs and moved away from Baltimore. It was all too much, he said, to live amid the stabbing reminders. He cries at the sight of another father holding a little girl. 
He doesn’t DJ part-time anymore, he said. He doesn’t see his old friends. He rarely goes out. 
“I have changed and I hate it,” he told the judge. 
His brother stood beside him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. 
Something happened after his baby girl was murdered, the father went on. Bowman saw other parents hug their children tighter. He noticed adults call their own parents more. 
In his daughter’s short life, he said, Reese inspired them all. Just consider the funeral crowd that filled the basilica. 
Then the grieving father turned toward Walden, who sat at the attorney table by him. 
Bowman’s voice grew firm. He pointed down at her. 
“Reese Annette Bowman accomplished more in her short life than this woman ever will.”

It's devastating to read the details of this story. 

Hug your children tighter after you read this story. Call your parents and tell them you love them. 

Parents, call your children and do the same. 

If you've had a falling out with a family member, reach out to them and end the stalemate. Re-connect. 

Justin and Amy Bowman will never get the opportunity to watch their young daughter grow, mature, and succeed. They'll never hear her call them "Momma" or "Daddy" either. 

Let this horror story motivate you to reach out to a loved one you may not have called for years and re-connect. 

Because life is too short to not find a way to retire negative feelings for good, and recall the good times you once shared together. 

If you can't muster the courage to pick up the phone and call, just remember Justin and Amy Bowman will never be able to pick up Reese Bowman and hold her again. 


Anonymous said...

Trump’s prison reform aims to undo all these “disparate” sentences.

Don’t believe me?
Write this victim’s name down and look it up in 30 years. About the time she’d be having children of her own. The orc will be out of prison.

Do yourself a favor. NEVER use negro daycare.

Brute said...

It's a shame that today's parents must leave their children in the care of strangers, of any race. Wouldn't it be nice if Dad's paycheck allowed Mom to stay home with the kids?
How did we reach the point where both parents must work? Inflation? Materialism? Unable or unwilling to live within our means?
All children would be better off if only cared for by their mothers, fathers, and close relatives.
But hey, I guess that ship sailed long ago!

PB said...

As many of these stories of Black cruelty and stupidity that there are, there are still some that stand out as warnings of the almost banal evil this sub-species is capable of. Its not just the outliers, its any single one of them that is capable of this.

Anonymous said...

In the reverse, this would be a call to action. They would demand the immediate denouncement of all "white supremacists" and who knows who'd get defined that way. Jordan Peterson has been called a white supremacists by people interviewing him for the news. Wildly untrue as that is, what kind of position would that put JP in if he were ever to find himself in parts of DC or NYC? It's a good thing he fervently defended himself against being pro-white or he'd have a target on his back. At that point, would the second amendment save him? Bill O'Reilly recently talked about how he had to have an armed bodyguard living in his house for a time. I'm sure that's what Tucker Carlson is doing now.

D-FENS said...

This is the reason I will NEVER allow myself to be sent to a nursing home. You do not want to be in a vulnerable condition around negroes.

And regarding Trump, if we are lucky the dems and reps will spend the next two years sniping at each other and not pass any significant legislation. It gives us two more years to prepare unless the fed pops the bubble or the neocons get us into a war. Trump poked the rattlesnake but did not even draw blood. They WILL remember.

Anonymous said...

But but Oprah said old white people need to die, not white babies.

Anonymous said...

Heaven only knows the suffering, rapes, and deaths perpetrated on whites by black nursing home staff. Better to take a bullet at your hand than to be a prisoner subjected to the black revenge in that house of horrors. Anyone with a family member in one of these institutions had best take any and all measures to protect their loved ones.

Whitewalker said...

Always....always.....always they have an excuse for their savagery-"no training". Does any normal human being have to be trained not to murder a child? There has never been a negro yet that has accepted full responsibility for their actions.

Anonymous said...

I hope they didn't move to a black area. To think they moved to Baltimore just to have this happen. I've had times where training perhaps didn't cover a situation but it was no reason for me to beat an infant to death.

Blue Juice said...

Reminds me that this holiday season I wanted to say thanks and Happy Holidays to the regular posters-contributors to this site: (Pat Boyle; Miss Greenbaum; AR in Illinois; Sick N Tired; Egghead; Jim in Jersey; Bastion Harm; Detroit Refugee; Centurion; D-Fens; Ex New Yorker; Brain in Ohio; Mr Rational; Bruce County; Archie Bunker) and others! Many have to post anonymously now to protect what they have worked so hard for (y'know white privilege). I always look forward to the stories and comments here. Living and working in modern BRA is quite maddening and posts like yours keep me grounded. OT: I was hoping (no praying) that Ex New Yorker or Pat Boyle review the Michelle Obama book "Becoming". The comments should be an absolute hoot!

Bastion Harm said...

In the reverse, this would be a call to action. They would demand the immediate denouncement of all "white supremacists" and who knows who'd get defined that way.

Yep. It becomes so tiresome to point this out, doesn't it? Yet we cannot help but point this out time and time again. In the theater of my mind I can already see the sheer outrage stories on EVERY...SINGLE...MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLET, screaming "HOW DARE YOU!?? HOW DARE YOU!???", had the races in this story been reversed, followed by a week of followup stories designed to further emotionally attack and blackmail whites into reminding them just how evil they are.

Oh...but wait...blacks committed the crime....AGAIN??

Better bury this, like the thousand other similar stories...

Anonymous said...

It's funny how on TV shows they always portray the Blacks as the victims of horrendous white crimes and their fight for justice at the hands of the "Evil" white man. Look at TV for awhile and you will notice how almost all commercials feature black actors behind the white picket fence with the beautiful home getting into their new Lexus. The brainwashing of America continues. I would love to see a gameshow called " The Libtard Challenge" It would take one white liberal and have them walk trough a black neighborhood being secretly filmed, for every mile they go without being raped, assaulted, robbed, or murdered they get $5000 dollars. The show would not last long since there would NEVER be a winner.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky to mostly have family and one excellent daycare provider, but that was long ago before all the nonsense that goes on these days. My parents never wanted me around blacks and certainly not left with any of the savages.

Ohio born said...

I had to wipe tears away while i read this one. My 26 year old daughter is expecting twins in april. Thanksgiving my stepson was home with his 3 girls, 9, 6 and almost 2. I cannot fathom the parents grief. Its too bad this child had to lose her life. Hopefully these millenial parents protect their remaining child from diversity.

Anonymous said...

People should learn from the tragedy suffered by this couple. They made the mistake of moving to Baltimore, a city that needs no introduction to readers of this blog. They also made the mistake of entrusting their child to a local sheboon, which I doubt any readers here would do. Their child paid the price.

I have to wonder if they came to the city despite the black dysfunction and crime, because to avoid the city for those reasons would be "razzis." And did they turn over their child to the sheboon because not doing so would also be "razzis"?

In this way the SBPDL blog saves lives. Everyone who reads these articles will know better and will be able to avoid the fate suffered by this couple and their child.

Anonymous said...

This neggress could not care less about killing the little White Girl.

She enjoyed it.

She only regrets being caught and having to go on vacation for 50-90 years with free food, free housing, free health care, free Netflix......all expenses paid by the White parents of the White Baby Girl she happily killed.

There is only one solution to this.

Mr. Rational said...

Blue Juice, thank YOU for your commentary from the trenches in the war for Chimpcongo.

A thought on poor little Reese:  this was almost certainly NOT her killer's first act of abuse.  Before she escalated to suffocation, she certainly committed a number of lesser acts, which should have led to her being disciplined or fired.  Little Reese Bowman is dead because these acts were undetected or excused.  The murder of Reese Bowman is emblematic of our society's refusal to police Black behavior, considering it "racist" (until the behavior becomes felonious, that is).

Reese is dead because White people give Blacks slack and "understanding" they do not deserve and cannot be trusted with.  Reese is dead because we mistakenly consider Blacks to be our species.  Blacks are a different species which cannot live among us as equals, only as predators or parasites.

Anonymous said...

Blue Juice: I'm thankful for CENTURION and others, be safe out there. It'd be something to randomly show up at a place in some small town and meet some of you.

Currently southwest of Memphrica heading to SD over the weekend.


Archie bunker said...

Thank you sir

chattanooga gal said...

"this is the reason I will NEVER allow myself to be sent to a nursing home. You do not want to be in a vulnerable condition around negroes."

I almost wonder if this is one of the reasons for the rise in white suicides.

Anonymous said...

So tragic.
In agreement with above comment. They grow so quickly and to put our precious babies into strangers hands is sad.

Anonymous said...

I only pasted the first couple paragraphs. Notice that these people, aged 16-24 are called MEN, not boys, youth or teens. They should try giving trainings to child care workers, that might boost their participation.,amp.html

Armed with a list of 180 young men considered Baltimore’s most dangerous, outreach workers have scoured city neighborhoods since July to find them and persuade them to join Roca, a radical anti-violence program.

In some cases they’re too late. Some of the men have been killed in the past five months or locked up for crimes such as armed robbery or drug trafficking.

For those still available, Roca is recruiting them to take part in the nonprofit’s life skills, therapy and educational classes and transitional employment services. The goal is to give the men, ages 16 to 24, the skills to turn their lives around. The catch? Roca’s outreach workers do not take no for an answer: They relentlessly pursue the men until they join.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I'm a bit older and it's a bizarre concept to me, leaving young children in the care of strangers while the parents work a shitty job in order to pay for it. It confuses me. I understand if it were a rare case, but grown adults actually make this part of their life's plan. Deliberately have kids and pay others to raise them. It should be a last resort, not a first plan. I feel the same way about K-12 public schooling too.

Anonymous said...

They need some hidden figures in Washington DC, apparently the evil white people with all the "gimmiw, gimmie" public jobs don't even know what states make up the country.

Oh, you think the workers might not be white? ;)

Antidote said...

Years ago there was an infamous case of a baby being devoured by a dingo in Australia; then paleolithic baby skulls were found in a cave with bite marks on them indicating a leopard had killed the kids; yesterday in the Klondike a grizzly killed a mother and newborn.
But in Baltimore, USA in the first quarter of the 21st Century the baby killing is done by Negroes.

Anonymous said...

Every breath this monster takes is a perversion of justice. She snuffed out an innocent life that didn't have a chance to begin and destroyed the lives of the baby's parents. She should be executed the day of the verdict and by a method of the parents' choice.

-Lee Lepanto

Candy Filkins said...

I don't think this was a racial thing.It would have been any color baby that got on her last nerve that day.RIP Baby Reese

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of this where I live, only it's wealthy whites who are both lawyers or professionals of some kind who pay (probably) big bucks to have some black sow watch their infants during the day. Like you, I find it baffling.

I see these blacks meet up at the mall with other blacks also being paid by whites to watch white babies. They sit around, shooting the shit, while the babies are red-faced from non-stop crying in their likely thousand-dollar strollers. These black women don't feed the kids and the children are likely stewing all day in their own leavings. Sure, they probably give the kids a bottle and wash them off right before their parents return, but otherwise the babies are flat-out abused through neglect the rest of the time.

The sad thing is that the white parents probably specifically picked out black women to take care of their kids as a means of virtue signalling, which is why all these caregivers I see with small white children tend to be black women. They probably love showing their friends at weekend dinner parties pictures of their black "friend" who happens to be their nanny as much as they do pictures of their baby.

The difference between the 24 year old monster in this tale and the black nannies I see every day is one of "training". The ones I see are inured to the screaming of the hungry infants they are supposed to be caring for. They don't care and don't get "frustrated", knowing that they are getting a fat stack of cash at the end of the day. They're not going to purposely injure their cash cows, but they aren't going to show them any kindness or care either.

Anonymous said...

Good point Mr. Rational. If this woman could bring herself to suffocate an infant to death because she was "frustrated" one day, what did she do to these white children she clearly despised on a regular day?

Anonymous said...

To those who postulated about the international outrage had the races been reversed, the thing is that the reverse situation would NEVER occur unless heavy substance abuse or severe mental illness was involved.

But in this case, the black murderer was indeed "not a monster". She was not mentally ill (by black standards). She was just a typical black person engaging in typical black behavior. It's only by viewing her actions through the white lens of morality that she could get labeled a "monster". She's no more a monster than a grizzly bear that mauls a child.

Anonymous said...

The thundering silence in the media is predictable. The death of an innocent is unforgivable, especially under such circumstances. Wouldn't nap? That calls for a death sentence?

As someone cleverly pointed out, a normal human wouldn't have to be 'trained' not to murder an infant under those circumstances.

We've reached critical mass here, my friends. There can be no more backing down, no more coddling.

We need to start walking away and making good decisions. Is there a big at your day care? Remove your child. Don't make a scene or a stink. That will only end with child protective services and you being declared 'unfit'.

A service you utilize hires blacks to come into your home to clean or such? Dismiss them. Find someone else or, God forbid, clean your own house.

The state says we must be co-mingled... you know, like recycling... but they can't MAKE you use, hire, support ANY service company that is will jeopardize your safety by hiring these savages to work in your home.

Losing an infant child is a hard way to make a boomer out of a millennial but hopefully it will start a movement.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Mike Tyson philosophy. Welcome to your face-punch then.

Time to wake up and start punching back.

Leave nothing for the authorities to deal with.

Especially you.

Jim in Jersey

Bruce County said...


Was just reading about food banks. Apparently they kindly request donations (food) that is culturally appropriate. You know, like, goat, fried chicken, grape soda, curry and rice. Imagine if we neve had those foods and just had pork. There would be riots ..

I guess beggars can be choosy.

tradcon said...

Not a single picture of the victim infant-child, nor any mention of her race, in the linked Baltimore-Sun article, and reader comments are no longer allowed on that or any other article at that newspaper. So, relatively speaking, almost no one, even in Baltimore, much less the nation, has any knowledge of this despicable, murderous, inter-racial attack. The American Nationally Unreported, Low-Intensity, Black-On-White Intifada (ANULIBOWI) continues unabated. Note: conjugal visits are, I believe, routinely allowed in Maryland prisons, so it's quite likely that this infanticidal creature will have every opportunity to give birth to her own off-spring.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been a reader of this blog for years but never felt the need to comment on any of these stories until now. I have a 14 year old daughter and I can’t imagine the pain of losing her at the hands of one of these animals. I’m a grown man and reading the horror story of this little angel brought tears to my eyes. God bless her and her family.

Non PC Infidel said...

As horrible as this story is, do not expect it to "wake whites up" in droves. That isn't going to happen. Most (if they even hear or know about it), will see it as an "unusual event" and make tons of excuses to explain it away. It's just "one incident." It will be forgotten in no time. Sure, right now they'll mouth all the usual things such as how horrible it is, what a tragedy etc but they'll quickly forget about it.

You might ask how I can say that. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee where the torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome took place at the hands of feral groids. I can't tell you the number of people I've mentioned that case to here in town (over the years) who know nothing about it despite all the local media coverage at the time. That could be forgiven if they were tourists, recent transplants or children at the time but they aren't or weren't. Even many who do know about it dismiss it as a one off occurrence and will go into their "I know a good one" spiel when reminded of it or they'll start babbling about things white people have done in the past. The standard "there are good and bad people in all races" routine or they'll simply dismiss it as "old news." Mention the Wichita Massacre and the Carr brothers or the Zebra killings in San Francisco or any other similar atrocity and most will look at you and say, "Huh?!?" Reveal all the incidents and all the FBI stats on crime to most and yes, they'll listen but it has no more significance to them than a discussion about the latest "good movie" they saw has- it's nothing more than a momentary titillation for them, an "interesting" conversation they won't remember a week later, a little psychological game of "Ain't it awful?"

Yes, people on this blog are awake and aware but the majority of people in the country are not and I don't expect that to change. They're sleepwalkers and zombies. It would take a massive upheaval for them to pluck their heads from their own asses and face reality.

Anonymous said...

I've thought a lot about our problems and concluded that it is conservatism INC that needs to break.

What we call conservatism in the US is a globalist alliance. Sure they may be better than liberals on many issues (borders, guns, taxes) but they are still globalists that don't act in the best interest of the majority. Most of them are financed by a very wealthy 1% or are part of that 1%. If you are White and think that Republicans or US conservatives represent your interests then you are deluding yourself. Sure they may protect your gun rights but they would kick out off your health care plan just for 'the market' as if it is some god we have to worship.

Conservatism needs to break because liberalism is basically a religion and will never move an inch on race. Most liberals are not only emotional but extremely arrogant and the idea that they are wrong on race is too much for them. I once wondered if the internet would destroy liberalism but liberals have simply turned off the comments on their websites and keep themselves from forbidden knowledge and critical thinking.

I think the only hope is to break conservatism and let something else rise in its place. I'm not a White nationalist, I just want the insanity to end and for the country to not go the path of Detroit. We need to get over the reality that third world people create third world countries. Once we get over this reality then much healthier policies will follow.

Sick n Tired said...

OT: And to think the Philadelphia city council wants to remove these "racist" plexiglass barriers.

Former Liberal said...

Why do you think all boomers are race realists? I've found many of them to be the biggest cucks around, who believe all of the nonsence that blacks are just like us, and all they need is a little help and understanding. Idiots span all generations.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she needed a diaper change or had a tummy ache, and that's why she couldn't sleep. I blame mommy for living in a hellhole city, though...

Christiaan Baron said...

going to jail for a crime like this is an honor for these negros. this beast should be skinned alive in the town square, chopped into little bits and the buried alive with a streaming microphone live youtube channel.

Bill Patterson Jr. said...

I'm new here. But certainly this could be classified as 'Stuff all colors of people don't like.'

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

A few years ago, a heroin dealer named Freddy Gray died. Baltimore was racked by days of rioting to protest this ostensible injustice. Who deserves vengeance more? A poison selling ghetto rat, or an innocent baby girl?

Anonymous said...

“There is no nation so powerful as the one that obeys its laws, not from principals of fear or reason, but from passion”

They are stealing our younger generations passion. Replacing it with people of colors ideologies and resentments toward what is good in the world. Our youth search for a struggle or any cause in their desire to feel united.

To justify a purpose in life, they must at all cost avoid the scarlet “R”. This article is just one example of that cost. In others, they go as far as voluntarily offering their women then take to the streets and actually fight “their” battles.

Your children are listening. The problem is, they’re not listening to you.

D-FENS said...

“Why do you think all boomers are race realists?”

Many boomers are either soaked in christianity, financially vulnerable and don’t want to lose their job/health insurance at 57 or they are comfortable but simply fear the social ostracism that would come with speaking the truth.

I have lost “friends” over issues like TNB, immigration, Israel, supporting the troops etc. One is a (very Pope Francis catholic) federal employee who provides support for military aircraft that we use to bomb the middle east yet he is a flaming liberal! Twenty years ago, he was a moderate-conservative republican. I basically just keep the good memories and treat it as though they passed on. Which they have, in a sense.

Most change/revolutions come from males between 20 and 40. And it’s usually a small fraction, typically 10-20%. Oh, and they didn’t have 401k plans.

Anonymous said...

the media remains silent.
they have blood on their hands.

D-FENS said...

I not an (((Ayn Rand))) fan at all, but when I went through my libertarian phase I read several of her writings. I now understand why this “non-interventionist” made an exception for Israel and why her personal life was so full of contradictions up.

She once mentioned that conservatism was a grab bag of mutually contradictory ideas. She was correct. The same can also be said for liberalism.

I sometimes wonder whether these ideologies were purposely constructed and distributed for the purpose of generating conflict. We know that modern conservatism was largely driven by William F. Buckley and his National Review was supposedly funded by the CIA. It’s also known that the CIA funded many leftist organizations and cultural efforts to promote “modern art”.

There was an old Star Trek episode centered around a non-corporeal alien that promoted conflict between humans and Klingons because it lived off the resulting energy. As soon as one side gained the upper hand, the other side would miraculously be provided better weapons. I’m sure the writer intended the alien to represent the Military Industrial Complex but maybe the analogy is more subtle.

Anonymous said...

Have there been any protest marches, rioting, memorials, releasing of balloons, moves to name buildings, streets, parks, after 8-month-old Reese Bowman. I thought not. Any moves to take justice into our own hands? Does anyone really think a black woman in prison is so far out of her league? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Here's a headline from the Baltimore Sun today:

Three shot in Baltimore, one fatally, in less than an hour Friday

Baltimore City police are investigating a homicide and two shootings in separate incidents on Friday.

This sort of thing isn't all that unusual. In fact, it has been going on for years. Why this couple thought they would be able to escape TNB when they located themselves inside of Baltimore is beyond me. If anything good happens there, it's by accident.

I won't even step foot inside the city. The closest I get is driving around its Beltway (I-695) on my way to somewhere else. The place is lost to African violence and needs to be avoided. Ideally, it should be quarantined. Put a wall around it and let them eat each other up. When they're all gone, then we can start over with civilization.

Anonymous said...

This is most heinous crime I've heard of in quite some time. I know it's been said many times before, but what if this baby had been black and killed by a white woman. The streets of Baltimore would have been aflame.

Jersey said...

Nicely said

Anonymous said...

I agree! Boomers logic, is that blacks would be just like us if it wasn't for the democrats!

Augustus said...

Inflation. As LBJ spoke on the TV, my father told me to stand at the window and look up and down the street, naming every family. I knew them all because years earlier I delivered their newspapers (back when there was more to report than "I hate Trump, who is responsible for all the world's evil"). I named them and he said, "That's 24 families. How many have wives and mothers that work?" I answered, "Three."

As LBJ droned on in the background about his "Great Society," my Dad said, "When this fool gets through establishing his so-called 'Great' Society, there will still be 24 homes, but only 3 or 4 wives that don't work. It's called inflation, son. Learn about it, because it's America's pathetic future." It only took a few years to happen just as he said.

I went on to get a degree in Economics, but was never able to read the tea leaves as well as my humble father.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:58 said: "I won't even step foot inside the city. The closest I get is driving around its Beltway (I-695) on my way to somewhere else. The place is lost to African violence and needs to be avoided. Ideally, it should be quarantined."

I hear you, way I would ever want to step foot in that city. I had relatives come and I took them to the Baltimore (National) Aquarium in the harbor area near downtown. Back then it was safe in the daytime, but I knew for a fact that a few blocks east of the harbor area is a LARGE negro area with the projects. Those people in that area are dangerous. All businesses have bars on the windows...including the Burger King. I had to take my son to a doctor in that area believe it or not. It looked dangerous. Notice that anywhere there are large groups of negroes....there are BARS on the windows. When you see that, be aware you are not among whites anymore.

The baby girl is now in heaven. God bless her.

Brian in Ohio said...

So let me get this straight... They moved TO Baltimore? And left their infant in the care of a negro so they could work?!

If that ain`t some hipster/DWL shit, I don't know what is.

What happened to that little baby makes my blood boil because I know it was 100 fucking percent preventable. To leave a white child in the care of blacks is neglect, plain and simple.

I want to feel bad for the parents, but they behaved stupidly and selfishly, and put their virtue signaling ahead of their children`s safety. How many warning signs and obvious "red flags" do you think they ignored for fear of being called racist? And I know damn well what they would`ve called me if I had tried to warn them, or read what I`ve posted here. Hell, might have even tried to dox me and get me fired.

All they had to do was listen.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Pat Boyle said...

Good God! The SJW's are trying to ban the great song "Baby It's Cold Outside". Another piece of Americana goes down the tubes.

Frank Loesser - an American musical genius - and the author of 'Guys and Dolls" wrote a song for himself and his wife. It wasn't for any of his shows or for any act. It was for him and his wife - just them. It was a trifle risque but they were an old married couple. They performed it at parties for their friends in Manhattan. It was their own private song never to be sung by anyone else.

But Loesser was too good and the song was too good. He was pressured finally to release it to the general public. It ended up being sung by (of all people) in the movies by Ricardo Montalban ("rich Corinthian Leather") and Esther Williams (the Hollywood Mermaid).

America has entered into a new Victorian Era where clever double-entendre lyrics are out of bounds while the crude bestial lyrics of black rap music cannot be questioned.

Oh God! Spare me.


Augustus said...

A lot of Black people could not win on such a show.

Archie bunker said...

I doubt that

Augustus said...

Terrible to murder any child, but 8 months old!?! We need death in ALL child murders.

Bruce County said...

Life is tough. Its tougher when you're stupid.
John Wayne.

Anonymous said...

This is not surprising I remember there
was an article about a black man that shot
and killed a baby in a stroller I can dig it up
to prove that you can never trust blacks no matter
what. whether they'er behaving like your typical negro
an or uncle tom acting white and or white washed (magical
negro) considering that's what the liberal fools like an love
but they never love the natural negro that shows their monkey
shine and TNB for everyone to see they only cherry pick only
the ones that they think that is not dangerous to be around
but in fact

there have been astronomical of examples
to never like,love,trust them what so ever
an I'll give quite a few instances Bill Cosby,
Oprah,Maxine Waters,Colin Kaepernick,Obama
bin laden.and its not just uncle time celebs its the
same thing with none celebrity uncle toms like this
black woman

Ironically CNN which Donald Trump
knows they are nothing but fake news
are the ones that reported this for
a bunch of liberal idiots that they
are you will have thought that they
would defend this black man.not to
mention not show his picture.

Anonymous said...

Pat @ 6:14 PM I couldn’t agree more. Next it will be ‘white Christmas ‘ for the obvious whiteness of it. Baby it’s cold outside is another classic that has been deemed inappropriate. Rap and hip hop that malign women as nothing but bitches , gold diggers, and whores, are A-OK. The insanity that prevails daily is causing my head to explode on the hour. Pretty sick of it.

Oil 'n Water said...

I can’t read articles such as this. I hate to see kids suffer at the hands of adults no matter the race of the adult.
That’s one reason my wife and I are very much down on the catholic church. Kids being hurt by this (literally speaking) God-damned society of pervs. A hurt almost as serious as murder, since these kids will bear the scars their entire lives.
And to know it’s not just a current phenomenon, but probably one extending to the church’s early years, is even more painful to contemplate. This is NOT something new.
In fact, just learned that the priest who married us is on the list of sex offenders our arch bishop finally released, after first saying he knew of none in the area. We were married fifty-one years ago.
I know there are some good representatives of the church, but after you’ve sifted through the offenders and those who covered for them and passed them from church to church, the numbers of good ones is probably small.
If there really is to be a second coming, then let it be soon. Very soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she enjoyed it. On the contrary, I think she was surprised how easily and quickly the little white child died. After all, negro babies that age are much tougher having to withstand daily beatings and in some cases rapes by big brother bucks.

juvenal said...

" Bodymore" in the news again. How exciting. Our Wakanden friends never cease to disappoint.

juvenal said...

Unless they were that economically disadvantaged, one wonders why they couldn't have placed their only child in a safer, more secure environment. ( nog free)

Unknown said...

She should have been hung from the most public place in Baltimore for all to see and know that this is your punishment if you kill any baby. Instead she gets free housing, clothes, food, cable, air and heat, healthcare and all she has to do for the remainder of her life is eat, sleep and s**t!!

Anonymous said...

Disagree. Boomers were the first to try to put this over on. For most who had come thru the Second World War who had to dealings with blacks and those who watched as their white cities were destroyed by blacks, in in my fifties and I watched Jersey City go from a working class immigrant-rich city to a shit hole in a matter of a few years. You can't get that back and you can't pretend it didn't happen.

No, I would think most boomers turned their noses up to LBJ's great society bullshit because they were living with the proof it wouldn't work.

The more access you have to them, the more it helps to make up (at least sane) minds. I also think most who are still willing to 'give the benefit of the doubt' are cloistered away in some safe little hamlet, free from the blight of living with or near blacks.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Dom trust me when I say
that people that don’t like or love black people
are not getting out numbered you’d be surprise
in how many web sites out there that tells you the truth
about the black plague and hate to break it to you but you are not helping out your delusional cause because all you’re doing is making people that are lurkers that are reading this forum become race realist especially once they take a good look on what you said is just going to reinforce their beliefs about black people.I don’t think you are getting the biggest picture the whole world in reality,actuality don’t like them you may
think the world does but they don’t

I mean after all do you see whites,yellows,
brown people coming in droves or in tsunamis
moving in the ghettos,slums,projects let alone Haiti
an Sub Saharan Africa to live with them.but do you know
or want to know why there are races and ethnicity’s that
want to live in white societies an communities because most
or everybody likes and or loves whites despite the history
they had with them unlike blacks that keeps doing crime
to everyone till this very day

you may think that people like us are going to fade
away into oblivion but not so because for every ginormous black on white crime,black on yellow crime,black on brown crime the masses will be more alert than ever before an the people that are the victims of the black devils would become like us increasing our numbers everyday not to mention the Rodney King,Trayvon Martin,Michael Brown,Freddie Gray,Black Lives Matter riots and Katrina,Florida
looting proves my point.