Tuesday, November 13, 2018

His Name is Kelly Jose/Her Name is Heather Jose: White Couple Give Black Career Criminal Ride Home, End Up Murdered for Their Act of Kindness

John Derbyshire provided a map - a set of rules governing white interactions with blacks - that if followed, will lead one to not just a high quality of life, but the opportunity for peace and prosperity.

If ignored, the consequences of inattentiveness to this map will lead one down of path of misery, chaos and high probability of loss of life.
Offered to give a black man a ride and ended up dead...

Shot. [Friends of slain couple share reaction, ArklaTexHomePage.com, 11-9-18]:
People who say they were friends with the slain couple are sharing their reaction and thoughts to what happened.  
Friends from Church At Red River in Shreveport said Heather and Kelly Jose were known for their uplifting spirits and helping people. 
"Full of enthusiasm and full of life. And just such a joy and peace about her. And a giving heart, that she would literally be that person to give the shirt off her back for you," Lori Reed said. 
"I wish I had one more chance to look Kelly in the eye and tell him I love you and I know Kelly's spirit is with us and he knows I love him," Paul Ross said. 
They said Heather helped in the church's kitchen and they would give people rides home sometimes after service.  
"Some people who come to the church are not able to get to their homes so she would take them and Kelly would be in the shot gun seat," Jeff Hart said. 
They say they'll miss their joyful personalities the most. 
"I'll miss her smile and her encouragement and her love towards me and my family and everybody who knows her, I'll miss her love," Reed said. 
His criminal history should have be enough to have him locked up for life, but in our country he was allowed his freedom to prowl the streets for more innocent people to victimize
"Seeing their faces, seeing the kindness and goodness they give not only to myself, but others," Hart said. 
They said they just want the person who did this to turn themselves in.

Chaser. [SPD IDs couple found in burnt car, bond set for suspect, KLFY.com, 11-12-18]:

The Shreveport Police Department has released the names of the victims found burned in a vehicle on Thursday. 
The bodies of Kelly Jose, 43 and Heather Jose, 33 have been preliminary identified as authorities wait for scientific identification results. 
Their bodies were found in a burning vehicle on Penick Street on Thursday. Police believed the pair had given a ride to a man earlier in the evening. 
Dewayne Willie Watkins, 34, has been charged in connection of the Jose's deaths. He has been booked into the Caddo Correctional Center on a warrant charging him with two counts of second-degree murder, according to Shreveport Police Department. 
Investigators believe that the couple were murdered after giving a man a ride when they were shopping at Mall St. Vincent. 
Watkins was taken into custody following a nearly six hour standoff inside a home in Penick Street.According to SPD, Watkins was trying to escape by burrowing through the floor of the home. 
Authorities from Caddo and Bossier parishes, Louisiana State Police, and the U.S. Marshals assisted in bringing Watkins into custody. 
His bond has been set at $1 million dollars. 
John Derbyshire tried to warn us all. For this noble act, he was cast away from polite society, banished from the pages National Review forever. Ignoring his roadmap to peace and safety, Kelly and Heather Jose are now gone, murdered by a black man while attempting to be Good Samaritan's. 


Anonymous said...

Did they give him a ride or did he see them and make it a crime of opportunity? All I can say for Kelly and Heather is that blacks never liked them, no way Jose's!

Anonymous said...

When I meet people who are unaware of the way blacks act or willfully ignorant of their danger I do not trust them. What will it take for people to realize that:

1) They are not like us
2) They DO NOT like US
3) They're less intelligent than us
4) They're less empathetic than us
5) They're less inhibited than us
6) They're more violent than us

Oh, by the way, it all applies to their kids, too. Since I had to go to school surrounded by these things I could go on and on.

Friends don't let friends drive blacks.

Anonymous said...

Dewayne Willie Watkins.

His vote counts as much as anyones. Well, except for the two people he killed.

Anonymous said...

Black people can only live off white people. There is no Wakanda. Blacks do not have a single functioning country in the world, yet their population is out of control dysfunctional. This won't end well for them.

Anonymous said...

Another story that will be buried nationally. But, if someone calls a cop on an African-American, it's all over the TV and internet.

Anonymous said...

400 years and the violence of the Negro is ever present, ever dangerous. Now, we cannot count on society to keep monsters imprisoned. My husband and I were discussing yesterday the erosion of our Christian values due to dangerous, violent criminals roaming our society in ever increasing numbers. We cannot "do unto others as we would have them do unto us" and following the example of the Good Samaritan can absolutely be the last thing you do on this earth, as the example of the Jose couple show. I had my "talk" with my three sons twenty years ago and when my youngest moved to Chicago two years ago, we had the "talk" again. It is utter insanity that we are not allowed to speak of the danger that certain segments of society pose. John Derbyshire may well be considered a bull's-eye prophet within a second generation.

Anonymous said...

What's sad is how much it costs us as hardworking people. The amount of taxes that it takes for every aspect of that criminals life. Even though he is repeatedly punished, we are repeatedly punished every step of the way financially. It really is like a cancer on society.

Anonymous said...

Don't try to include this in the "dialogue on race" that I used to hear the Obama administration suggest was necessary.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

Around blacks,never relax. Would you try to pet a wild mountain lion or bear?

Gunny said...

I wonder if the family will pull a Davey Blackburn or similar like the late Amy Biehl's family and grovel at the feet of this negro, offering their unfettered forgiveness?

Maybe not if they got to see what charred human remains look like. Yes, I've seen charred human remains.

I'd expect this in Davey Blackburn's congregation in Indianapolis, but in Shreveport Louisiana? Good God, how far we've fallen.

Anonymous said...

Friends from Church At Red River in Shreveport said they just want the person who did this to turn themselves in. Yes....this all we want. This nigro can be made good....we know this. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING worse than a delusional white liberal full of nigro forgiveness. A white liberal is 10 times worse than the worst plague of all time.

Raccoon said...

Heather is unfortunately a "woke" SJW, and her partner Kelly just went along for the ride.

It is patently clear from their photograph above. Sorry, sympathy factor is at an absolute zero.

They paid the ultimate price for their altruism.

Former Liberal said...

It's infuriating how many whites have been brainwashed by the media and mainstream Christianity to believe that garbage that most blacks are harmless. Anytime a black gets close to you to ask for something should automatically be a red flag period.

Anonymous said...

So, I missed the comment on John Derberyshire... what exactly did he write of such importance?

As for the latest two? Giving rides to strange black certainly is a recipe for disaster. Stop with the goodness and kind hearts. Especially when unarmed.

On several occasions, I've seen a black male and a black female arguing on the street. Black males tend to get physical quickly. Do I step in? Heavens no! That would be insane!

Same is true of mixed race couples. My feeling is, 'this is what you wanted so, deal with it'.

Jim in Jersey

Archie bunker said...

Always the fire for the creature to attempt to cover his crimes, the standoff, and like a rat, the attempt to burrow through a floor, when rats infest here in the country, we shoot, trap and poison them, why aren't these creatures treated the same, instead of free food and shelter and medical, what a ride we are being taken on having to not only be in proximity to, be also support these noxious pests

Anonymous said...

In absolute agreement with you. My motto "Avoid the Groid" it's healthier and you'll live a lot longer.

Archie bunker said...

If you look at his previous record, no way should he have been walking the streets, these liberal, democrat judges need to be locked up with these creatures as cell mates. Police risk their lives arresting this trash, only to see them released time and time again. These losers need to be shot on site, not coddled and set free

Anonymous said...


5th paragraph. He should've still been imprisoned, he was released in March a year early for a three year sentence for gettin' jiggy with a 10 year old.

Roberto said...

Wow the stupidity of some people is unbelievable. With few exceptions, I'm not giving anyone I dont know a ride.Especially with my wife in the car. I don't care what color they are.

Archie bunker said...

You got that right

Anonymous said...

I am sure this will be Al Sharpton's lead story on his next MSNBC 'news' show. If not his story will be ... "A white 6 grade, female school teacher MAY have used the 'n-word' while she was being attacked and beaten by a group of 'youths".

Anonymous said...

Get woke, go up in smoke.

Anonymous said...

Reading her FB, one gets the impression that she is even more stupid than she looked. Open borders, pray for the nation, love everyone and look where that got her, a crispy critter.
White people better wise up.
Female in FL

Gwoob H. said...

For a long time blacks have used a term called "street smarts." They use this term to differentiate between structured intellectual training -- "book smarts" -- and to show that in their own element, encountering their own sets of problems, that they have a physicist level understanding of fluid dynamics. Situations like this show that there is merit to that argument since these poor folks were as clueless as it gets, evidenced by being referenced as "slain couple."

But what exactly does it mean to be "street smart," or deductively, to lack "street smarts?"

If I had to summarize "street smarts" in as few words as possible it would be : the level of skepticism one practices when encountering random black strangers approaching you on the street.

Blacks already know how to cut off the conversation if approached, or how to use body language to discourage the approach in the first place. Most black con men and thieves know that an average fellow black will have seen a similar routine plenty of times, will see right through their crap, will feel zero guilt passing their sob story off, and are effectively immune to such antics.

However in the white community, especially a practicing Christian, being distrustful of a stranger in need is seen as heartless and rude. Such a refusal is about as awful as you can be to your fellow man, especially if you believe God is testing your devotion to the texts. This is why Matthew 25:40 is hammered over and over - so that you will basically feel like a hypocritical, faithless liar if you ever deny a POC anything. Blacks have a near sixth sense to sniff out and manipulate the whites trained to think this way.

When you look at the cross-eyed soulless career criminal negro that they invited into their vehicle, could you imagine anyone less equipped to deal with the outside world than these people? Because you know, somewhere, somehow, they had a momentary pause when instinct kicked in - but they overrode it.

The irony is that the most irresponsible thing that they did, turned out being the most responsible move they made that day. They left their children to remain at the mall while they did the favor, thus sparing their lives. In a weird way, their "selfless act" is now going to deny those kids a normal upbringing - so it was really the ultimate selfish act as they fulfilled their own need to demonstrate virtue.

The kinds of communities where people could live and operate this way existed in previous decades. These people operated under the false assumption they still had such.

We sadly cannot have nor return to those kinds of trust based societies until we live among each other exclusively. Too many of us seem willing to wait for the promise of wolf and lamb dwelling together than to build a fence to keep the wolves out.

Anonymous said...


Copied from elsewhere. It's simply "the talk" which came about from all the blacks having to tell us they warm their kids about us, but Mr. Derbyshire lost his job for showing the white world what their kids need to know.

Bobby PGH said...

She got what she wanted, she got what she deserved.

Anonymous said...

Black where dragged from the lower rung of the evolutionary ladder and thrust into civilization where they don't understand nor obey the rule of society. I have never seen a area taken over by blacks show a improvement, instead they ruin and destroy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his mandatory diversity training helped his family, I'm guessing not. I'll bet that the base he worked on celebrates the cultures of everyone but him with festivities, dances and speakers about the glories of diversity.

Meanwhile the people who created all the unbelievable technology the Air Force uses are excoriated, demonizwd, marginalized, betrayed, lied to, etc... Mr. Jose was racist because the commander of the Air Farce Academy said if you're racist you could get out of his Air Farce. Mr. Jose took the good officer at his word and gave a strange black man a ride so he didn't seem racist. I don't know if he was racist but he proved he shouldn't have been color blind.

As an ex-liberal I find it strange that I would've cringed had I heard myself say, "If they were home making and raising white children they would not be in the situation others found them in".

Anonymous said...

Fuck 'em. I could care less. Sick of stupid self loathing race traitors. These are the kind of Christ cucks who happily turn their back on white South Africans getting raped, tortured, and killed everyday so they can go help blackie to feel good about themselves. Honestly, I could care fucking less.

Anonymous said...

another good news story . i love it when dwl get a dose of reality

Bruce County said...

They would have had better odds at petting lions and cheetahs in the zoo.
Instead they choose to pet one of Americas most deadly pets. The NAPA.
They paid the price of embracing diversity.

Will it change their families views on blacks?.. I doubt it.
They will give thanks to the brutal savage because he saved then the cost of
cremation and having to renew the lease on the car.

Rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said...

Investigators believe that the couple were murdered after giving a man a ride when they were shopping at Mall St. Vincent.
--Killing joke. give a stranger a ride.

Pat Boyle said...

I used to hitch-hike. In fact I hitch-hiked every day. I lived in Arlington Virginia and I hitched across Washington all the way to Maryland to go to high school. I could go by public transportation - two different buses and street car all the way to the end of the line. But it was much easier to hitch a ride.

I always got a ride. It was a Catholic military high school and we all wore uniforms. We would go to a stop light and knock on the car's windows. So I have done more hitch-hiking than almost anyone else.

But I never pick up hitch-hikers myself. That's crazy. When I came back to California in the seventies I did stop for a girl hitching in Berkeley. She was cute so I gave her a lecture on the dangers of getting into a stranger's car. She laughed at me and then thought for a second and said - "Well there was that time I was gang banged". She wasn't deterred by a group rape, so it was unlikely she would take my advice on anything.

This was around the time of the Zebra killings. Hitch-Hikers were their one of their main targets.


Anonymous said...

the links didn t give enough information.
did he pull a gun?
why didnt they run?


Overnight, a family member called KSLA News 12 and stated two people went missing from the mall.
The caller stated the couple was at the mall with their children when a man approached them asking for a ride.
The couple asked their children to go home.

[Totally a WTF moment for me. leave the kids and give a killer a ride. wtf].

Anonymous said...

Two observations on this lethal failure of common sense. One is that Heather Jose seems to have worked as a rideshare driver. She considered it normal to drive strangers around in her car at night, with or without her husband. Kelly Jose made a statement on Facebook that implied some discomfort with that. Now, he's dead too.

More typically, she also belonged to one of these churches that teaches Nietzschean slave morality to white people. She posted mercy mission selfies on social media. This ultimate virtue signal will undoubtedly confer sainthood.

chattanooga gal said...

'I am sure this will be Al Sharpton's lead story on his next MSNBC 'news' show. If not his story will be ... "A white 6 grade, female school teacher MAY have used the 'n-word' while she was being attacked and beaten by a group of 'youths".'

or possibly trying to get someone fired from their job, thrown out of their apartment etc. because they once attended a meeting in which there was also someone in the audience whose parents once knew someone who said the n word 10 years before they were born...

Anonymous said...

Lack of impulse control, hatred of whites, no awareness of context or consequences, looks at me, etc etc:


Anonymous said...

A Milestone has been reached!

All relationships on The Walking Dead is interracial or lgbt


Declan Kell said...

Some one was never taught the lesson of the scorpion and the frog

NoWatermelonForYou said...

They let THAT in their car?? Idiots.

Alfa158 said...

Hoping they didn’t have kids so their idiocy won’t be passed on to a new generation of Whites,
How could they not have read the signature of that guy’s malformed face that just screams “defective”? Nature has adapted us to see things like that.
There was an old Star Trek episode in which Worf, the Klingon who was raised by humans was having a confrontation with a native Klingon. A Klingon friend with Worf suddenly pulled a dagger and killed the one Worf was facing off with, Worf asked him why the hell he did that, and the other Klingon responded, “Couldn’t you see he was about to kill you? What’s the matter with you, you aren’t even Klingon any more.”
These GoodWhites have totally lost their ability to see other people for what they really are, they only see what they have been conditioned to believe.

D-FENS said...

"If something good can come out of this, if we can make some change and start building some bridges in between the different communities," Grimsley said, "then I would consider their deaths ... as having meaning."


I would name that bridge after Edmund Pettis.

Non PC Infidel said...

The crime rate in Shreveport/Bossier City is 93% higher than the national average. For VIOLENT crimes, it's 118% higher than the national average. The population of the area is 38% black. Considering these factors, the couple who gave a ride to a strange black person had to be completely out of their minds or utterly stupid.

As for Derbyshire's talk, I disagree on his point of trying to make friends with blacks (whom are called the talented tenth here)in order to insulate oneself from accusations of prejudice or racism. Avoid them all and interact as little as possible. Even the "good ones" have feral hoodrat relatives and you don't want to have even the slightest connection that could place you in danger. It's not worth it.

Anonymous said...

The Jose's believed the transformative narrative 'changing minds changes the world' up until the moment Willie Watkins lit the match that sent them up in flames. A simple trip to the mall leads to their early demise. Should of ordered online.

AR in Illinois said...

So done with that show...it really got ridiculous with all the unrealistic race-mixing in the groups on ALL sides. If some catastrophe like that happened people would gravitate to their own races. And all the WOMEN seeming to run most groups! Not to be sexist but give me a break. I pretty much stopped watching it last year. Another cool show idea ruined by PC bull.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, they did sense danger. If they were truly clueless they would have had the kids come along for the ride. They must have sensed some danger from giving the black a ride and/or driving into whatever black neighborhood he lived in.

The sad fact is that they valued virtue signalling more than raising their own children. And it would have been empty virtue signalling, too! They weren't going to post this story with pictures on facebook when they got home like some kid in the peace corps building some hovel or digging some well in sub-saharan africa would. Their act (and ultimately their death) was done to internally satisfy their brainwashing that racism is the greatest crime of all. No one would have known except for each other (and their kids).

Hopefully, this incident helps push their kids on another path, because if they watched their parents continue with their free black taxi service et al for the rest of their formative years, they would have been completely lost as adults.

cloudofhaze said...

I’m black. I’ve done very well for myself. The most dangerous people around me are my friends and family. Mama. Dad. Cousin. Half brother.

All of these people have friends. Is it beyond imagination that my mom’s friend’s grandson could try and rob me? It happened to a “friend” of mine. His grandma was robbed for pain pills.

These people are animals. I know. Believe me, I know. I have nightmares almost every night. Have you ever wondered if you Could you kill a 12 y/o? I have. If you are black, or around blacks, you better be able to answer that affirmatively.

Any of these half wits could wake up one day with a “master scheme”.

Anonymous said...

The show is but a shadow of its former self. I quit when Neagan came around.

Anonymous said...

"All relationships on The Walking Dead are interracial or lgbt."

(Groan.) What next? The zombies get into the act too?

This sort of thing started a while ago but seemed to get a boost from the "Oscars So White" movement. Now it has infected most TV shows, commercials, magazine ads, etc.

It makes a person think that if he or she isn't paired up with a dindu (or better yet, a gay dindu), something must be wrong.

Remember the opening scene of the old TV show "Second City TV" in which most of the people in an entire apartment building are throwing their big TVs out of the window at once and they crash onto the pavement below? That's how I feel now.

Anonymous said...

But... but... but what about the EDUCATION he was promised?


Anonymous said...

The zombies have won!

Anonymous said...

Sad that an incident like this brings out so many really great, spot-on comments. Too bad we are all preaching to the choir here.

Anonymous said...

I think they'd moved from Texas, though I think it was east TX. Nothing against Texas, but it did "start" as a place where people who wanted slaves, even though they'd moved to another country where it wasn't legal. At least the Mexicans do their own stoop labor. That's arrogant, ignorant Texas where football is truly worshipped.

Bruce County said...

I just thought maybe people need to see this..
We know blacks are nasty serial killers too.
This proto human takes the cake...


Anonymous said...

Pure hatred of Whites right there. Desire for street cred, WorldStar, etc.

Saw this on another website. No mention of the racial angle, of course.

juvenal said...

I wonder how " awake" they really were in their final moments of life.

Anonymous said...

Around Blacks Never Relax !


Two more Eloi pay the Diversity Tax. Cucktianity is not Christianity.

Anonymous said...

You say these kinds of communities where white people could live and operate this way existed in previous decades? No no. In previous decades our ancestors knew all too well the heart of the negro and raised their children in a segregated world so they wouldn't have to face what this couple had to.

Blue Juice said...

Anon@ 7:50PM: You sound like a rational and caring parent. It’s much worse than you can imagine. Blacks are being released early even for a murder conviction in Cook County. I’m glad you had “The Talk” with your youngest. I hope all your family are happy and safe.

Anonymous said...

They are literally a plague, nothing but parasites. Last night I went grocery shopping, bought some bare essentials; water, broccoli, milk, crackers, came to less than $25. The fat black sow in front of me has the belt filled with fried chicken, cheese dips, not one damn healthy thing, rings up to over $100, pays with her f'n EBT card. I can't wait for the collapse, us whites will rebuild it just as well or better again.

Anonymous said...

Then I'm glad I stopped watching after the season 7 premiere

Archie bunker said...

If you read the story, you will see they had kids, and they left them at the mall to give the groid a ride

Anonymous said...

tnb, what did you expect?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people don’t know, unfortunately.

Time and again, I see any mention of outsized black crime rates met with the retort that “at least blacks aren’t doing mass-shootings or serial killing or molesting kids”.

Seriously? Blacks are not only doing all of those things, they are doing them at higher rates than everyone else.

If it’s a crime, you can be sure blacks are overrepresented among the offenders...

Ohio born said...

Hopefully their kids learned something a little more realistic about blacks.

Detroit Refugee said...

Right this very moment I have a friend/co worker in Haiti. Ethan, a hipster dude goes once a year w/ some Christian church org.
There's a compound (heavily fortified btw),for orphaned keeds. He does the construction of new cinderblock barracks.
Same guy bought & is doing the rehab of an old home in Corktown Detroit.

I've wished him good luck many times.
Should get him to attend a gun show w/ me.

Anonymous said...

If he is volunteering in Haiti perhaps you should let him drift off into Habitat for Humanity.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

I have always observed that wherever you find the negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving.
Robert E. Lee

Augustus said...

OMG! Tranny zombies in the ladies room at Target comes to mind, and it's not a pleasant thought

Aryan Racist said...

One should never give a ride to strangers especially black strangers. Let them walk.