Friday, November 23, 2018

In 72.2% White Portland, Oregon, Black People Engaging in "Chronic Fare Evasion" on TriMet is the Fault of White People

Previously on SBPDL: Portland's Black Population - 6.3 percent of the city - Responsible for the Creation of Anti-Violence Group of 'Somebody Needs Information That Can Help (S.N.I.T.C.H)'

Even in a city where only 6.3 percent of the population is black, civilization must regress to the African mean. 
No matter the city, all of western civilization will regress to the African mean

After all, a society having standards of civility is nothing more than one embracing white supremacy.
[Study: Chronic fare evaders pose challenge for TriMet, but ‘systemic racial bias’ unlikely, The Oregonian, 8-8-18]:
TriMet is issuing fewer warnings and citations to passengers for not paying to ride, according to a Portland State study on the role of race in fare enforcement, but the transit agency struggles with repeatedly banning a handful of African American riders from the rails. 
That was one takeaway from the second study looking at whether the tri-county agency’s fare officers are unfairly targeting passengers of color. The report, released Wednesday, looked at citations, warnings and so-called exclusions handed out from March 2016 to March 2018.  
Two years ago, TriMet’s first study on enforcement habits sparked numerous changes. TriMet may now lower the fine for fare tickets, direct riders to a low-income fare program if they qualify, or offer community service in lieu of a fine or criminal punishment. TriMet says it is the only transit agency in the nation to repeatedly study its enforcement habits and how they affect people of color. 
“Equity and transparency in fare enforcement are a priority for TriMet and will remain so as we increase our enforcement efforts,” TriMet General Manager Doug Kelsey said in a statement. 
This analysis, as with the previous report, concluded TriMet’s citations and exclusions are not significantly higher for riders of color than for whites, or at least not enough to demonstrate systemic racial bias. 
But one category showing an elevated disparity for African Americans is chronic fare evaders. 
“There is an issue of chronic exclusion occurring,” Brian Renauer, a professor and director of PSU’s Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute,” said at a TriMet board meeting Wednesday. 
TriMet can ban passengers from light rail or buses temporarily, and fare officers continue to do so with a small portion of riders. “Continuing to cite them and exclude them doesn’t seem to be solving the issue,” Renauer said. 
Passengers may be excluded for various reasons, including repeatedly not paying for a ticket, for criminal activity or for other charges. Renauer’s report found 56 African American riders were banned from the MAX more than three times during the two-year period.  
“In 46 percent of incidents involving African Americans, the rider involved had at least one other fare evasion during the two-year time frame,” Renauer said in a statement. 
 Renauer described the chronic fare evader data as an “important finding” that deserves further study. A group of 142 white passengers was repeatedly excluded also, the analysis found. 
 The study avoided the Portland region’s overwhelming whiteness – the metro area is roughly 74 percent white, according to the 2016 American Community Survey.  
Renauer said he didn’t compare the statistics to the regions demographics or the agency’s estimated ridership by race for a number of reasons. Different races or ethnic groups may ride transit more than others, he said, and other groups may commit far evasion at a higher rate. “The best baseline for determining if racial/ethnic disparity in fare enforcement exists is knowledge of the ‘true incident rates’,” he wrote in the report, “or what proportion of riders of each race/ethnicity are actually evading fare.”
Basically, what this story illustrates is black people continually refuse to pay for fare on the TriMet in Portland,  but there are no consequences for this criminal act in any encounter with the police.

They might get banned from the public transportation system, but they just refuse to pay for fare again and jump on the train. If they get arrested again, good white liberals will seek to blame systemic racism or implicit bias from the police department for the infraction, instead of punishing the black individual committing the crime.

Welcome to Black-Run America (BRA), Portland style.

In 1859, when Oregon became a state, it entered as a "whites-only" state. In 2018, what's left of the civilization white people created in Oregon is under heavy assault by an elite who believe black people can do no wrong, and if they might do wrong, obviously white people are to blame.

There's a sickness infecting white people, ultimately terminal to our civilization unless removed.


Negro Antidote said...

2+2=5 Big(Black/Commie)Brother says so. Satan is drawing boundaries and gathering his forces, we fight not against flesh, whether it be sick whites, 80IQ Blacks, Commie Jews, etc. etc. Don't be fooled,what is going on world wide is a very clear and distinct view of the unseen cosmic forces of God VS. Satan. Yes i am well aware that White folks are in the cross hairs for extinction 24/7 and most non whites are not my ally, but there is something even greater brewing and it is our mandate to survive. America is done, the world is done, each individual must choose to survive.

Anonymous said...

How many employees and business owners do you think regularly antagonize and mess with black customers in the real world? For anyone who wants to keep their job, they are willing to put up with a lot of shines and shenanigans.

The 'Give them the benefit of the doubt because they might actually be upstanding citizens' act is getting beyond old, it's getting insulting and ridiculous.

McDonald's is now in the hot seat because they won't protect groups of Somali teens from men that pull guns on them after they feel threatened.

There is a frozen yogurt chain that is getting shaken down as well. You know DAMN well that they weren't going out of their way to mess with black people. Season of the shakedown:

And of course there is the Chipotle story, where a black "youth" brags about stealing food from Chipotle on social media and then gets a manager fired for 'mistreating' him after he and his friends try to dine and dash after doing so before at the same location. After this was discovered, the manager was offered her job back. She sure didn't get the benefit of the doubt.

Blacks can't be made to change, can't be bothered to change, don't feel the need or will to change. But we can, and so in all cases it is us (everybody else) who must change our behavior/accept the consequences for black predatory behavior.

I thank you for covering fare evasion extensively; like the lack of tipping at restaurants, it shows how we differ in how we treat others under the exact same circumstances. Blacks don't feel a need to chip in to show appreciation for the work that others have done for them and everyone else. They have no shame or care for the situation of others that don't look like them, and don't ever expect them to.

While it has been a slow process, more and more whites are getting on the same page because (due to things like blatant black fare evasion, etc.) it is inevitable.

Mr. Rational said...

The ethnomasochistic cancer of Portlandia is obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

Case in point:  Woman Calls C̶o̶p̶s̶ City on Portland Man’s Parking Job. She’s White. He’s Black.  She had no idea WHO parked the car when she called parking enforcement, but she's STILL been doxxed and vilified while the perp is making bank on T-shirts.

How does this not get laughed out of the entire state?  Portlandians consider Blacks to be sacred objects, not humans with agency and responsible for their actions.

Such a pity the USA no longer has neutron bombs.  Many centers of crime and/or insanity could be flushed clean thereby, Portlandia being only one.

Anonymous said...

Can you even imagine how screwed blacks would be if we had this in effect?

By the beginning of 2020, the announcement declares, China’s capital city will have all residents officially locked into the permanent surveillance program, part of a broader effort to have every Chinese citizen rated on a “social credit system” decreeing what public services a person can use based on their obedience to laws and loyalty to the communist regime.

The government will use the data collected to assess citizens’ behavior to decide if an individual is law-abiding and “trustworthy” to the Communist Party.

Disparate impact would react the stratosphere.

Anonymous said...

Attack of the Chronic Fare Evaders!

Sounds like bad teen movies from the 1950's but it will be a Hollyweird production. They'll make stupid, uncool "white boys" find the new subway line is coming to town. After some tense situations in which the whites learn how uncool tbey are, the suburban cheerleader ends up dating the "urban" youth with the dream of music production! And then she applies to Morehouse to be with him!

Did they get black guys to play the Sandpeople in Star Wars? And was it the first time someone had been carjacked on film? Ha, ha! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the "Sandpeople" began carjacking at George Lucas' studios.

Make sure your younger relatives know to read HP Lovecraft and 1984. Give them books. Shock them with the name of the cat in, "The Rats in the Walls" then head them straight to "The Shadow Over Innsmouth". I believe that explains it simply enough. Well, we do know who Pickman's models really were, make sure the kiddies do! They may interact with certain creatures, but some will always be closer to an alien bestiality than to them.

Archie bunker said...

Meanwhile on the appropriately named black friday, the African gets in the Christmas spirit by shootings and stabbings at malls across the nation

Anonymous said...

Must be a strange place full of feminist's, professors, white cuck sympathizers, and of course the black undertow being coddled.

kerdasi amaq said...

So, what do liberals gain from not enforcing fare evasion rules?

A temporarily quieter life?

Blue Juice said...

The "give them the benefit of the doubt" act is getting beyond old. Very true. It's also very very dangerous.
And yes RickTen99...CWBCHICAGO is a great source for what's really happening on the streets of Chicago. I have actually used the info on that site to arrest wanted savages since the intel our department gives us is usually 3-4 days old.

Anonymous said...

Portland Oregon the new Sweden a drugged fornicating white population arranging their own destruction a ship of fools.

Mr. Rational said...

I have actually used the info on that site to arrest wanted savages since the intel our department gives us is usually 3-4 days old.

Doesn't sound like "staying fetal".  Be safe out there.  Police like you have no friends.

DrAndroSF said...

"There's a sickness infecting white people, ultimately terminal to our civilization unless removed." Yes. As the late Laurence Auster succinctly put it:

"The sacralization of blacks in our culture is both the opposite of what blacks deserve, and the principal expression of white Americans’ will to national and racial suicide."

We need to see them as the alien, hostile and incompatible group that they are, cease wasting more of our already wasted moral energy, resources and blood on them, and cease believing the foolish lie that the racial problem can be "solved" within the current system.

Anonymous said...

It's the "redistribution of wealth" and "da cracker must pay!"

Ask any millennial or their professors.

D-FENS said...

“So, what do liberals gain from not enforcing fare evasion rules?“

They are last to be eaten.

D-FENS said...

For a real black pill check out this article in the NY Times:

Basically, a negro (Nigerian) presents a review of a photography book centered around dysfunctional white trash in Troy, NY. Most the subjects are lesbians or mudsharks with out of control children. The negro is distressed that the subject’s lesbianism and mudsharking are not given sufficient attention.

I look at the article as a victory lap for the (((New York Times))). Policies of destruction reach fruition.

Troy, NY was a pit in the 1970s when I attended college there. Ironically, that university, which is really the only thing positive in that city, is being run into the ground by a negress who runs the place like Idi Amin or Mobuto.

Anonymous said...

Update to the Alabama mall shooting Thanksgiving night - Emantic wasn't the shooter.

And the updated photo also cropped out the gang signs that Emantic was flashing for the camera in a bathroom whilst wearing a US Army uniform.

Angela said...

And that disease is called pathological altruism.

europeasant said...

"There's a sickness infecting white people, ultimately terminal to our civilization unless removed"

Maybe some research company can discover a drug that will immunize White people against this infection. For most people repeated exposure to the Black menace will be enough to develop antibodies.
I developed these antibodies by Repeated exposure in high school, work, army etc.
However most White people keep moving away from the menace and consequently never develop enough antibodies. I wonder what will happen when White people run out of space and can't run away anymore.
BTW, you cannot develop antibodies to the black population menace from watching TV or movies or sports. The menace will continue growing as the black population is expected to grow to 60 million by 2060. And there is a constant/unlimited stream coming from Africa. The population growth numbers from Africa are really scary. Can you imagine if only 10% transfer to America. This would swamp the White population.
End times for our civilization. Maybe a new Dark Age. Maybe the only people to be spared will Chinese and Eastern Europe.

Anonymous said...

To my friend Blue Juice, thanks for the shout out, be safe out there, 1st and 16th.

Anonymous said...

The native American population never recovered from the Civil War. And by native Americans I of course mean Americans born in America (not Indians). That population is a remnant. A big remnant, to be sure, but much smaller than if all the killing had not happened.

The Irish got burned in the slaughter also but had a high enough birth rate to more than recover their losses. That's why, if you read the history, the Irish show up so prominently in the development of the West after the Civil War.

The other plan on the table was the invasion and conquest of Canada but our anglophile establishment prevented it. We'd be a lot better off today.

And to think that Brazil freed even more slaves, and with no bloodshed, twenty-five years after our Civil War.

Yes, we'd be much, much better off.

Bruce County said...

FROM: Wikipedia.

Fare evasion or ticket evasion, as distinct from fare avoidance or ticket avoidance, is the act of travelling on public transport in "DISREGARD OF THE LAW" and/or regulation, having deliberately not purchased the required ticket to travel (having had the chance to do so). It is a problem in many parts of the world, and revenue protection officers operate on many systems. Often ticket barriers, manned or automatic, are in place at stations etc., to ensure only those with valid tickets may access the transport.
Fare evasion and fare fraud is generally a crime in most jurisdictions. The fare not paid, compared to potential penalties and hassle, is generally considered “not worth it”.
I can see how the "law" can be confusing to the shit stains with low IQ's.
One way to collect fines is to automatically have it deducted from welfare payments. That may slow the nogs down. Right??? What am I thinking... that's racist too.

Pass the beer nuts.

Anonymous said...

The old, "Give them the benefit of the doubt" trope. Glad this was brought up because this is precisely why liberals show their idiocy.

How many liberals and criminals will say that once someone has served their time in jail/prison and parole/probation that they have truly "done their time" and that crime is then behind him/her? A greater percentage than the folks here, that's for sure.

Now ask this same person that after an auto accident in which they were paralyzed and had severe burns and scarring that once they left the hospital that everything is back to normal.

Anonymous said...

A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host organism and thrives at the expense of its host.
Its interesting that CDC's page on parasites is a photo of prehistoric Africans

Anonymous said...

Democrats refuse to hold blacks accountable for anything -- black on black crime, epidemic school dropouts, out of wedlock births, and generational poverty.
Insidiously, Democrats have totally relieved blacks of all responsibility for their lives. Democrats have tripled down on teaching black youths that everything wrong is the fault of "white privilege," systematic, cultural, and economic white racism in America.
Deadbeat, lazy blacks are quick to embrace the Democrats' its-all-whitey's-fault narrative.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It's the "redistribution of wealth" and "da cracker must pay!"

Ask any millennial or their professors.

Ah yes, the "redistribution of wealth". If one observes the behavior of financial markets over the last two months it looks like we are headed for a reprise of 2008 later this year or next. This time the Fed will not be able to bail out the criminals on Wall Street without ruining the currency. For the consequences of that look up a history of the Weimar Republic.

What happens when the "wealth" is gone, there is none to "redistribute" or even pay for daily needs like the electricity for the transits the nogs are busy fare jumping? What about when the mechanics and electricians no longer show up because their pay is negligible and they now work for themselves for barter instead of the Transit Authority? This is what happens when the money goes bad, ordinary "white people" skills become incredibly valuable while gender studies, diversity consultants, lawyering, "financial engineering" and all the rest of the useless occupations clogging up BRA fall by the wayside. This too happened in Weimar.

None of the communists think for one second where the wealth comes from, who creates it or how society is maintained day to day. There isn't an ounce of curiosity about those things in the faculty lounges where the geniuses reside although they have endless energy for screeching about gender studies, disparate impact, global warming or any of the dozens of other rackets and frauds that make up daily life in BRA. The fall of BRA will have to be a self-inflicted wound through the collapse of the very systems (starting with the financial system) that BRA lives off. The geniuses running BRA will also be the ruin of BRA, it's what comes after BRA that's up for grabs.

NE Heretic

Anonymous said...’s-losing-subway-2926.html

They don't mention fare evading transportation thieves. It's one line, which I've actually ridden.

Anonymous said...

It's almost Christmas and all PK's readers know what that means, it means it's time for all evil YTs to cough up cash and presents for all all the third world mystery meat chilluns, their baby mothers/daddies and assorted fambly members. Don't forget the "non-profits" either. Car service, consulting trips to Hawaii and dining out is expensive for all those atheists doing God's work.

The sales pitch is in high gear now, it's the only time these bastards will use the word "Christmas" because they think it helps vacuum money out of gullible YT's wallet. Too bad the scumbags in charge have laid off so many YTs replacing them with H1-Bs (who don't "do" charity) and cut back on pay. The response from the remaining YT employees is negligible just like it was for the Autumn hat, coat and gloves drive for the perpetually improvident mystery meats.

Funny thing is the third worlders always have money for flashy clothes, bling, 21 inch rims etc. but no money for toys or warm clothing. I guess their 400 Lb. asses will have to do without that extra bucket of KFC.

NE Heretic

Anonymous said...

This is why China will rise to take the place of this decaying country as the new world leader. There will probably have to be a war first which with Russia's help, they will easily win. But once in place, their government will easily clean up all the crime and sloth that we have let infect and ruin this once-great country. Our founders wanted to make it known that the constutional government they formed would be an experiment and that it would only work for a moral and virtuous people. Since we have lost both of these qualities, we will have to suffer the wrath that's coming. Sad

Brian in Ohio said...

I honestly hope fare evasion and "dine and dash" are decriminalized for blacks. Let them run wild, the worse, the better.

Nothing does more to open peoples eyes to race realism that blacks own behavior.

Its embarrassing as hell what cucks most whites have become. But like Pat said, this cannot stand forever. I hope I live to see the end of it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

A Nashville commuter driving a nice car was killed by a huge chunk of concrete dropped from an overpass. Satellite maps show this particular bridge is about 300 ft away from Section 8 housing.

Many a youff has made his first attempt at killing YT with the rock-dropping game.

Not sure how it could be seen as anything other than terrorism.

Anonymous said...

"Democrats refuse to hold blacks accountable for anything -- black on black crime, epidemic school dropouts, out of wedlock births, and generational poverty. . . "

True but the same can be said about the Republicans and government approved "conservative" sites like Fox TV, Rush Limbaugh, National Review, City Journal, Wall Street Journal etc. None of them will bell the cat by talking about the genetic basis for racial differences instead of environmental causes. None of them will talk about rolling back any of the so called "civil rights" legislation of the last 75 years that destroyed city after city because of the black plague. None of them will talk about the destruction of the right of free association, a right so obvious and fundamental that it wasn't amongst those rights enumerated in the Constitution. To the framers of the Constitution it was like the right to breathe or walk around, it didn't need to be enumerated.

Those organizations and sites that talk truthfully about racial differences (without advocating violence either) such as SBPDL, VDare, Amren, Occidental Dissent, Counter Currents etc. are exiled to internet purgatory. They get deplatformed by ISPs, their funding is cut off by PayPal and credit card companies, Google drops them from searches and they cannot rent venues such as Amren tried recently. Where are the protests from "conservative" organizations about this censorship?

These "conservative" organizations are a fraud, a racket. They conserve nothing but the careers and money of their owners. They are more than happy to have SBPDL, VDare, Amren, Occidental Dissent, Counter Currents etc. pilloried by the government and the rest of left wing establishment to take the heat off themselves in the misplaced hope that the Left will be satisfied with destroying SBPDL, VDare, Amren, Occidental Dissent, Counter Currents etc. then leave the "conservatives" alone.

Their childish hope is misplaced. Establishment "conservatives" may get eaten last by the crocodile but they will get eaten too. It's what the Left does and does very well. There isn't room for an inch of compromise with the Left. What looks like compromise from the Left is only expediency. They will destroy all their enemies, real and imagined then destroy themselves, it's what they have done since 1789.

NE Heretic

Anonymous said...


I was very wrong. Most of us are probably here because we are at least a little critical thinking so forgive but when Paul Kersey said "the future is now" i i thought, yeah, but it's really gonna hit in 20 years. No, it's happening right now.

When Paul Kersey said Hillary was the worst candidate in Presidential history, i thought, ok that's a little overzealous. When he said she'd treat Orban like Assad, i like Jared Taylor sort of thought, well come on, maybe she'd put pressure but treat him like Assad?! Hillary to me was always a bland centerist too boring to hate. Yesterday she tweeted her intention to destroy Europe. Would Stalin or Hitler have done that could they have, destroyed all of Europe? Has anyone as powerful as Hillary ever made that their actual goal? In history? She wants to dispossess an entire continent of people. Its fine to say that but she's using her millions of supporters to implement that plan. She's leading the charge into Europe? Her? I don't know how to interpret this. It's the worst thing I've ever read.

Sick n Tired said...

The best part about when the inevitable collapse comes is exactly what you stated. People with tangible life skills who know how to build, garden, repair, weave, and create will be in high demand. Most of those types of self sufficient people also own and are proficient with firearms, which will also be a requirement, as the hordes of "enlightened" gender studies/art history degree/urban dwellers begin leaving the cities to forage for food & water. As Brian in Ohio likes to say:
Stay Alert
Stay Alive
Stay Armed

P.S. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

POed in PG County here...

My uncle actually worked on the construction of the Baltimore subway. I remember him saying they heard gunshots near the construction site on a regular basis. And, what I'm about to say next is not for the faint of heart, but one Monday morning, when they came to the site after a weekend off, they found a dead German Shepherd, that someone threw down and impaled on some rebar.

Old School Realist said...

In case you've missed it, this is the New Thing, ergo, outing Whites who tell on, deny, stand up to, hold accountable negros. I believe it took hold when some busybody White biddy called the Law on some pickaninny selling lemonade. Then it was some nosey White lady who questioned whether some negro lived in her apartment complex. Now it's the New Proof of Systemic Whiteness.