Friday, December 28, 2018

Because of Pervasive Black on Black Violence in Durham, North Carolina, Black Activists Call for African-Pride Crosswalks to reduce Black Violence

Have you ever wanted to read one of the most pathetic news story in the history of corporate news? 

Well, here you go. [Durham activist says African-pride themed crosswalk could help reduce violence,, 12-27-18]:

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) - McDougald Terrace is a public housing community in Durham made up mostly of African-Americans.  
This story is not a joke... It's 100 percent serious. 
Over the years, people living here have seen their share of shootings and murders outside their front doors. 
For community activist Paul Scott, one shooting or one murder is one too many. 
He wants to see a change - starting with a crosswalk.   
“A lot of times you see on the news about shootings and things of that nature," Scott said. "So we hope that a crosswalk will help give a positive sense of self-worth to the residence.”  
Scott tells CBS 17 the crosswalk at Ridgeway Avenue and E. Lawson Street needs to be repainted.  
But, instead of normal white lines, he has started an online petition to have the crosswalk painted black, red and green.   
“Those are the symbols of African pride,” he said.   
The colors represent Kwanzaa, a seven-day celebration every year for African-American families.  
Scott believes being proud of your community and reducing gun violence are interchangeable. 
“To stop the violence, black on black crime, the only thing that has sever worked historically is giving our people a sense of pride,” he said.   
Scott’s next step is going to Durham's city council with his petition, in hopes that his idea means less crime for his community.   
“Maybe if they see that, it’ll be a pathway to a better tomorrow.” 
Africans in America can't stop killing/shooting one another in Durham, North Carolina. So, the idea is to paint a crosswalk in the colors African nationalism, to imbue Africans in America with a sense of pride. 
A sense of purpose. 
This story is not from The Onion. It's a series story, by a paid journalist who works for the corporate (prestige) press. 
Remember: our primary job is to survive the insanity of America, a nation ruled by the totalitarian ideology of egalitarianism.

Inadvertently, this story admits the violence in Durham, North Carolina is courtesy of Africans in America.  Hilariously, this story asserts African-pride themed crosswalks will compel blacks to stop killing/shooting one another...

Just nature reminding us Wakanda isn't real


nobody said...

What has worked to reduce black violence is absolutely nothing. Never has never will. They just need to go away.

Anonymous said...

WTF did I just read??????? This just can't be, it, just can't be. Wow.

Jersey said...

Sure that will work lol

silvercat said...

This is one of the funnier one I have read...But, instead of normal white lines, he has started an online petition to have the crosswalk painted black, red and green. “Those are the symbols of African pride,” he said. Ok give it to them, it won't mean anything. Just like Kwanzaa, a seven-day celebration every year for African-American families. Most black fambles don't understand that or even know what it means. With an average IQ around 80, Some are higher, highest ones (IKAGO) lower ones, well you know. Africa is a funny place nobody has been able to do any thing with it and hold it, hell South Africa was once the third largest economy in the world.

In 1984, headlines in the Milwaukee Journal read: 22 blacks born for every white in Milwaukee County (clearly established by Germans and Poles and the like, and never had slavery). Does anyone think all those blacks were born into wonderful black families with both a father and a mother? The population of Africa exploded during the 1900s, with them adding one BILLION people to that continent. The gifts from the white man, medicine, food, and sanitation (water and waste-water treatment plants) enabled that to happen, and also occurred across the entirety of Muslim and Hindu and other Brown (partially black) worlds.

Regardless of these gifts, blacks today insist the white man oppressed all people of color on the planet for 100s of years. Wrong. Overpopulation is self-oppressing, and today, every nation of black and brown people have caused their own misery - simply by reproducing like mindless animals, which they are. It is the African DNA in them that causes this - the Asians and Caucasians have flat-lined their population growth because they have the brains to do so - the Africans, even the ones with only a portion of black DNA in their system, Arabs, India-ns, and Iberians (now Latinos) did not - the African DNA inhibits the intellectual thought necessary to do so.

Negro Antidote said...

Nigga Please....LMFAO

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

I just... I just dont know where to begin with this insanity.
After painting the crosswalks, I guess the next step will be to begin construction of the fake runways.

My favorite part is where they say they believe that painting crosswalks in the colors of some foreign continent will bring a sense of pride. I guess that is about the best they can hope for since pride in their accomplishments is out of the question.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

I get the feeling that painting the sidewalks for African Pride will actually INCREASE the Hutu/Tutsi slaughter.

Oh well, I guess Ill go back to my first world problems.

Anonymous said...

Streets Gone Wrong are answered by Crosswalks Gone African.

Only in BRA!

Anonymous said...

South St. Pete has had all kinds of "afrocentric" crap painted all over it in recent years. Murals of Louis Armstrong, Maya Angelou, Obama, etc. It doesn't seem to have decreased the crime rate, or made life any better for all the 'low-income residents'. Looks real pretty, though!

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Aren't cross walks an invention of the white man? In order to enjoy the true "back to africa" experience, they need to construct a muddy path lined on both sides with shit, bones, & garbage.

In lawless african zones, cross walks cannot save lives, but earthworks can. Dig up all of the sidewalks to create a network of trenches, in the style of World War I. Use the excavated dirt to fill sand bags, and stack the bags at every window and door. You can paint the sand bags red, black, & green.

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic. Magical thinking in essence. To be fair, you also find this kind of malarkey in Central and Eastern Europe with the whole "WE WUZ GERMANZ" crap. It's the product of ignorance, superstition and mysticism. Messy/Untidy/Cluttered minds can only reason so.

Anonymous said...

Idiots. Blacks are idiots.

Swamp Fox said...

I'm trying to imagine what these crosswalks would look like.Does anyone remember Chuckles Fruit Slices?

Virginia Polar Bear said...

The red,black, green colors predate kawanza by a decade or more
Each color signifies something
Red is for blood, black is for the terrible legacy of slavery, green the motherland Africa
Something along those lines

Anonymous said...

All too real.

But, can we just discuss the absurdity of unsung dark colors? The reason that white and yellow are used is because they are ... HIGHLY VISIBLE during all periods of light and inclement weather.
Black, Red, and Green. Morons.

Anonymous said...

of course this will stop the violence - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Disparate Impact said...

Are you suggesting that these vibrant activists are lower in intelligence, maybe because of their vibrant "socially-constructed" race? My goodness!