Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Black Criminal Able to Hide in Plain Sight in 65% Black Memphis, TN; Idaho Statesman Notices His Crimes Stood Out in 1.5% Black Boise, ID

Previously on SBPDL: Former Black Mayor of 65% Black Memphis Admits the Most Poorly-Guarded Secret in all of America is True: Crime in Memphis is a "Black Problem"

Memphis, Tennessee is 65 percent black. 

Boise, Idaho is 1.5 percent black. 
In 90% white Boise, Idaho, black criminal from 65% black Memphis, TN couldn't blend in...

These are the only facts you need before you read this story. [Mass stabbing suspect flew under the radar in Memphis. Then, he came to Boise., Idaho Statesmen, 12-17-18]:

Read more here: https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/crime/article222603405.html#storylink=cpy

Several Boiseans interacted with Timmy Earl Kinner Jr. in the weeks before he was accused of going on a murderous rampage at a 3-year-old’s birthday party. 
As he sought meals at local shelters and worked to get school transcripts, his behavior seemed normal, they told the Statesman. And they were unaware of the 30-year-old homeless man’s erratic, violent criminal history in Memphis, Tennessee — or what that might portend. 
Kinner is a habitual offender, charged with one or more new crimes almost every year since he was 18. Mostly misdemeanors, his past charges include assaulting a relative with a knife and shooting a man during an alleged robbery. Boise is the first place he’s been accused of a murder, according to a Statesman review of his criminal record. 
His crimes, while serious, did not capture the attention of police or prosecutors in his hometown. A look at violent crime in Memphis, and it’s not hard to see why: Memphis hit a record high 228 homicides in 2016, with 18 ruled as justified, The Memphis Commercial Appeal reported. 
Boise had seven homicides in 2016, according to police. 
Kinner’s mental health also came into question long before he arrived in Boise, as did signs of drug use. A judge was asked in 2009 to send him through anger management training and substance abuse treatment, and his mental competency was evaluated in 2012, Tennessee and federal court records show. In one filing, a defense attorney described a complicated, abusive childhood that may still affect Kinner today. 
Kinner got several breaks that reduced his previous time behind bars. Those included an early release from prison, a suspended sentence and a victim who declined to press charges. 
Was there a failure in the system in the years before Kinner reached Boise? 
“I guess the answer to that is yes, because he continued to victimize people,” said Amy Weirich, district attorney general for Shelby County, Tennessee, after reviewing records compiled by the Statesman. “Now, who you lay the failure at the feet of is the $64 million question. 
“At some point, you’ve got to start asking the question: When do we blame the defendant? It’s real easy to say: ‘Did the prosecutor mess up? Did law enforcement mess up? Did the school system mess up? Did [Tennessee children’s services] mess up?’ But at some point, he’s got to be held accountable.” 
His attitude in Boise was ‘upbeat’ 
Kinner most recently served a year and a half in federal prison in Kentucky. It’s unclear why, but soon after his release last February he decided to move west. In April, he was arrested for theft in St. George, Utah, and pleaded “no contest” to stealing a man’s wallet. Shortly after that, he was in Boise. 
Why Boise? That’s unclear. But his family told Memphis media that he had first gone to California to look for a job, and not finding one decided to look in Idaho.“That’s an awfully big jump for a kid from [Memphis neighborhood] Orange Mound,” Weirich said. “You’ve been in prison. How do you all of the sudden get the money to go to California?” 
Those who met Kinner in Boise used the same words to describe him: polite and friendly. He came for meals, bus passes and other resources at the Corpus Christi House day shelter on Americana Boulevard once or twice a week in late May and June, and sought overnight shelter for a week or two at Interfaith Sanctuary, shelter officials said. 
In late May, he asked a College of Western Idaho tutor working at Corpus Christi House for help in obtaining his GED records from the Kentucky prison where he was incarcerated in 2017. Karen Parkinson, who is no longer with CWI, said she got those records for him. She said that he told her he had recently acquired a bicycle, and he appeared “upbeat.” 
“He seemed to be a reasonable guy,” said Rick Bollman, who manages Corpus Christi House. “He didn’t ever seem to fly off the handle or get upset or angry ... He was always a ‘yes sir, no sir’ kind of guy.” 
Marc Schlegel-Preheim, pastor at Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship, had a few very brief interactions with Kinner as he was coming or going from Corpus Christi House. 
Schlegel-Preheim said Kinner seemed almost “overly nice” and respectful, which he decided was much preferable to the alternative. “Hey, if that’s how you’re being in our shelter, we’ll take it.” 
Boise police have declined to say whether Kinner tested positive for drugs on the day of the stabbing. But some who met him believe drugs were a factor that day because they had otherwise found him so mild-mannered. Those who work with the homeless said there was a concern over the summer about a new, unidentified drug, or people possibly having bad reactions to fentanyl, bath salts or other drugs. 
“I would say this summer was one of the most violent summers, maybe ever,” said Dan Ault, shelter director for Interfaith Sanctuary, noting two people were stabbed outside the shelter doors. “Cooper Court has more drug use than we’d all like to admit. This summer it’s created a lot of violent behavior in this population.” 
Interfaith now uses a wand to check people for weapons at the door. 
“It sucks. It has changed our shelter,” he said. “It’s not this inviting shelter that we had.” 
Troubled early life in Memphis 
Memphis, a city of about 652,000, is known for its barbecue, music and Elvis’ Graceland mansion. It also ranks as the third most violent of the largest 50 cities in the country, behind only Baltimore and Detroit, DailyMemphian.com reported in October. 
Here’s what that looks like: Nine people were shot in one weekend this past June, and four of those people died, USA Today reported. The victim of a Sept. 27 murder was the 64-year-old president/CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce. Philip H. Trenary was shot to death during a robbery downtown. 
Kinner’s criminal record in Memphis dates back to 2000, when he was about 12 years old. He was charged with aggravated burglary, according to Shelby County juvenile court records. Two years later, he was charged with aggravated assault for slashing a cousin with a knife. In a description of that incident filed in federal court in 2009, public defenders wrote that Kinner’s cousin was trying to discipline him and choked him before the slashing. 
That same public defenders’ filing states Kinner and his two siblings were largely raised by his paternal aunt, Betty Kinner, along with his father, Timmy Kinner Sr., and grandmother, Retha Kinner. He was moved there at nearly age 3 after state investigators found him and his siblings living in a storage shed without a bathroom or utilities, abandoned for days by his drug-addicted mother, Deborah Hull, the filing states. 
Kinner’s misconduct at home and school, including truancy and breaking into a house, landed him in state custody and foster care at times. He eventually dropped out of high school. And in 2005, he left his aunt’s home for good, court records show.

We are told over and over again this racial group represents America's greatest untapped resource, unfortunately held back by structural inequality, implicit bias, and a white power structure; the reality is this racial group represents America's greatest liability, dragging down western civilization to the black mean wherever they are found. 

Even in Boise, Idaho, where they represent 1.5 percent of the population. 

Read more here: https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/crime/article222603405.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/crime/article222603405.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/crime/article222603405.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/crime/article222603405.html#storylink=cpy


Anonymous said...

Right behind Baltimore and Detroit...what a place Memphis must be.
Boise must almost be a paradise with only 1.5% Negro...although that percentage will jump even higher now after more savages arrive for free gibs.

Anonymous said...

I live 40 miles east of Boise. The stabbing was big news. Weeks after, the community came together and there were vigils and speeches ad nauseam.

The quoted article failed to mention the victims of the stabbing were all refugees from Ethiopia. What the hell are these people doing in Boise?


Anonymous said...

I guess kicking black men out of any place is grounds for murder:


Police investigators said Kinner went on a violent rampage at the Wylie Street Station Apartments on June 30 because he was kicked out by a woman who invited him to stay there as a guest.

The nine mass stabbing victims included six children, including 3-year-old Ruya, who was celebrating her birthday. She died two days after the stabbing. All of the victims were refugees from Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia.

They are quietly resettling African and arab "refugees" in places like Boise, ID to make sure white people can live as servants in their own country.

Egghead said...

Remember Obama’s ‘Ban the Box’ campaign?

The ‘Decline to Charge’ legal strategy is the newest Civil Rights initiative designed and implemented to favor blacks (and Hispanics) over other groups in employment:

1. Black people are generally unemployable due to their extensive criminal records.

2. Obama ordered federal agencies to stop asking about criminal history on job applications.


3. However, individual states make their own employment laws.


4. Even if employers are ordered to ignore criminal history, human nature is such that criminal history would be considered by employers. Large gaps in education and employment on a job application make it easy for employers to guess which people have a criminal history.

5. The ‘Decline to Charge’ legal strategy ‘solves’ that problem for black people by 1) allowing blacks (and Hispanics) to ‘do the crime without the time’ and 2) eliminating education and employment gaps which might tip off prospective employers about (unprosecuted) criminal behavior.

6. Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) argued that companies that performed criminal background checks violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, but a federal judge disagreed.


7. The ‘Decline to Charge’ legal strategy now awards blacks (and Hispanics) a new civil right to commit crime without consequences....

Anonymous said...

Off topic...

By the way, I was in a nice Montana town for five days in October. Did not see one, not one, vibrant. Might be a good place to retire. Gotta get used to the cold.

Anonymous said...

If anyone ever wants a real jolt, just look at a newspaper-real or online of a single, groid-infested "urban" American city of 2018--Memphis, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philly. It indeed boggles the mind to see the relentless drumbeat of blackimal crime and dysfunction, bearing in mind that many crimes and incidents aren't reported at all, and PC spin sugar coats what does. Even so, it's so overwhelming that it comes through.

I did that last month-looked at 30 days of online news for Cleveland, Ohio. The big news was the black judge who murdered his wife-he had been previousy jailed for beating her to a pulp. The groid politicians lobbied the mayor to give him a job when he got out of jail for beating her. Now a year or so later he killed her.One politician who helped himwas going against Pelosi, and this scandal cut her legs out from under her. No national coverage of course.

Story after story:

A 40 yrs in office groid city councilman is facing scandals, as he has many other times for pocketing big $$$ and having his son do the same. A black female detective was suspended for hiding DNA evidence in a murder case for two years. A black security guard at a ghetto Cleveland high school who raped a 15 yr old. A black "teen" who killed a white landlord. A black who killed his white girlfriend in her apartment, a black teen girl busted for shoplifting who turned out to be wanted down South for violent crimes....On and on and on.

Former Liberal said...

Blacks ruin everything as usual. But only 1.5 percent black sounds like paradise parpared to the middle Tennessee area. Meanwhile, stupid, violence prone blacks are intent on turning Nashville into another Memphrica.

Anonymous said...

It would be cheaper to reward voluntary sterilizations with big cash upfront than the costs of incarceration later. The Red Chinese are no doubt laughing at The West's diverse handicaps.

Anonymous said...

The bar has been set so low that naïve whites, who are desperate to have politically correct thoughts about them, declare them to be decent on the basis of a few superficial interactions.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

Check out these masterminds behind this crime. The combined IQs of this lineup would not reach double digits. How the one white guy came to be involved with this crowd is a mystery.

'Final arrests made in W.E. Willis grocery kidnapping, shooting'

By: WSPA Staff
Updated: Dec 19, 2018 07:07 AM EST

GREENVILLE CO., SC (WSPA) - Two more men have been arrested in connection with the W.E. Willis robbery, kidnapping, and shooting case from September.

Greenville County deputies say 19-year-old Jack Corris Foreman IV and 22-year-old Da'Juan Rayshard Young were arrested Tuesday afternoon in Florida. ...


Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS at 4:34 -

The Chinese are undoubtedly laughing and very pleased about diversity and the pussies that inhabit this country at the moment.
How can the USA be a world power when the next generation have no brains whatsoever to create technology? Everything will be Memphis except perhaps small white enclaves.

gnome sane said...

You don't hear it anymore, but back in the 60's anthropologists were searching for the "missing link" between ape and man. Since that phrase hasn't appeared in decades, it's probably safe to assume they found the "missing link" or the closest living example. Draw your own conclusions.

Mr. Rational said...

Kinner is a habitual offender, charged with one or more new crimes almost every year since he was 18. Mostly misdemeanors, his past charges include assaulting a relative with a knife and shooting a man during an alleged robbery.

Mostly misdemeanors, but the shooting and assault with deadly weapon were certainly felonies.  That should have nailed him with a "habitual offender" enhancement... and that's just for what was on his adult record.  He certainly had a long juvie record too.

Black habitual criminals should be exiled from the USA.  Let them go to Liberia.  They probably won't last long there, but they won't be our problem anymore.

Here's something I wrote a while ago for another thread but I don't think I ever posted.  It's on-topic again because the color of crime never changes:

The sin is that the black career criminal should not have been allowed back on the street to advance to murder.  That black career criminal should have been confined to a penal institution and not allowed out before age 21 unless he consented to permanent sterilization and met other criteria for rehabilitation.

Sterilizing such criminals might (eventually) have a salutory effect, but I doubt the final battle will be far enough in the future for any effort now to have an effect on the outcome.

D-FENS said...

From the previous post: “I saw a website documenting NFL crime recently...and it had a disclaimer which informed readers that NFL players as a group actually committed crimes at a lower rate than the general public.

So...what kind of a defense is that exactly? I think it’s safe to assume that every NFL player has a college education and a six-figure income. So compare them to that section of the population in re crime stats and then see how they stack up.”

I looked into that statistic. The arrest rate in the US is something like 4.5%. For the NFL it is slightly lower. What that statistic leaves out is that many potential NFL players are weeded out via crimes committed while players in college (or even high school). And that “average” already includes a significant number of non-Whites. So there is a “survival bias” in the numbers. Another consideration is that we are told that crime is a result of poverty. Yet here we have millionaires but with a crime rate not significantly below the national average.

europeasant said...

"He was moved there at nearly age 3 after state investigators found him and his siblings living in a storage shed without a bathroom or utilities, abandoned for days by his drug-addicted mother, Deborah Hull, the filing states"

This is a very good reason for birth control/sterilization/abortion.

As long as they only murder their own kind, I'm alright with that. A good reason for separation.

Anonymous said...

"I saw a website documenting NFL crime recently...and it had a disclaimer which informed readers that NFL players as a group actually committed crimes at a lower rate than the general public."

It's such a bogus stat. These NFL teams have staffs that watch and look out for the players and teams of lawyers and fixers that make their arrests and crimes go away without anyone hearing anything about it. The official crime stats only include the ones that make it to sites like TMZ, essentially the tip of the iceberg. The Kansas City Chiefs and NFL managed to downplay the latest player to beat up a woman for 9 months as no big deal until someone finally managed to leak the video.

If I had to guess, the crime rate among black NFL players is the same as among the black population as a whole. If anything, it might be higher because their money and perceived power make them believe even more that they will get away with anything. As someone mentioned yesterday, the first thing the UCLA basketball team did after stepping off their plane in China last year was to shoplift from not one, but three, stores. Blacks only follow the law of the jungle much like other higher mammalian species. It's essentially big man rule where the biggest man does what he wants. Black pro athletes, who see themselves as the biggest men of them all, would thus have less regard for the rules set down by white and asian societies.

Anonymous said...

"All of the victims were refugees from Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia."

How long until one of these angelic refugee victims commits the next murder or rape in Boise?

Archie bunker said...

I was in Billings a couple summers ago and my first stop at a gas station, 4 yoof in a car blasting rap pulled beside me, there out there

Anonymous said...

Remember when the show COPS or was it First 48 were told to stop filming their shows in Memphis because it showed too much BLACK crime. LMFAO! Do you guys remember that. That's all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"I saw a website documenting NFL crime recently...and it had a disclaimer which informed readers that NFL players as a group actually committed crimes at a lower rate than the general public."December 19, 2018 at 8:31 AM

I touched on this yesterday ... Notice when all the problems at the colleges, when all over the country all the Black footballers were getting caught raping and attacking all the White Girls.Especially if the White girl rejected or broke up with one of these sad losers.The first thing I started noticing "remember,don't NOTICE" was right off the bat ESPN,especially ESPN ,and other news outlets ,were blaming the admin and the coaches,who are mostly White Males. They basicallly put all the blame on the White coaches and staff. One of the biggest ones was the one at Baylor.Half the football team,all Blacks,were suspended because of all the rape and harrassment of White Girls.And of course the whole story got twisted around to the White coaches and staff causing this and allowing it. They even had a quote from one of the coaches or recruiters saying to one of their star players ,to get him to commit to Baylor,"You like White Girls ,right,well we have plenty of White Girls" LMFAO! Can you believe it. Of course Blacks love raping and beating White Girls. The report made it sound like Blacks don't already act like pieces of shit and degenerates when it comes to White Girls. Blacks are always"where da White Wominz at" what,you think that's not how they really act and talk.LMFAO! All of these Black college AFFLETES are always harrasing and raping and assaulting White Girls at all the colleges ,they just cover it up or blame the WHite Males who run the colleges and the sports teams. It's never on the Black degenerate behaviour. Look how many college Affletes go into the NFL that have records of rape and assault and abuse of women...Almost every single one. Always. And it's hilarious how the NFL comes out with all this "Stand against domestic abuse and violence against Women" Are you kidding me. It's not called the National Felon League for nothing and it's not the Amish doing it or the White guys.Even though they have this program they never ever single out the Black guys doing it.Ever.They just go after Roger Goodell or other White guys. Goodell ignores it because if he had started calling out all these players everyone would "NOTICE",there's that word again,that it's MAJORITY BLACK! All these Whites in charge don't want to be called RACISSSSSS and lose their jobs for calling out Black violence.

Aryan Racist said...

The media in Atlanta is so dishonest when it comes to race. I don't know about the
TV news in other parts of the country but usually there on the local news there are
about six stories about negro crime such as murder, rape, car jacking, burglary,
package stealing, vandalism, etc. Then there is a tragic story about how a middle
school was shut down because someone wrote the N word on a bathroom stall. Then a feel good story about a nig rapper with bling donated free turkeys to nigs in
a housing project. Finally a story about how MLKs home was sold to a museum and
his kids are fighting over the profits. I don't watch TV often but sometimes I channel surf and see a lot of celebrity gossip shows where negroes talk about
Nikki Minaj's big butt or why Cardi B quit her job as a stripper.

AR in Illinois said...

I tell my wife that The First 48 is the only black reality TV show I can stand to watch.

Anonymous said...

Da'Juan Rayshard?

When the witness is questioned in the courtroom if they see their assailant they can point and say, "Dass De'Juan dat stole my piece 'o chiggun!". ;)

Anonymous said...

They decline to charge those who decline to change.

Anonymous said...

Here you go.... Can it get any plainer than this...From an article...

Many black women are also taught to protect the race at all cost, she said. That means victims of domestic violence may stay quiet to shield their communities from additional negative attention.

“People already feel like black men are more violent, that black women are loud ... all these stereotypes,” Flowers said. “You don’t want to open your community up for more scrutiny.”

There’s also a general attitude that women should stand by their partners, no matter what, she added. “Why? Because the world is hard on black men.”

The legal system incarcerates five times more black people than whites.

People already feel like black men are more violent, that black women are loud ... all these stereotypes. You don’t want to open your community up for more scrutiny.

PB said...

"....going on a murderous rampage at a 3-year-old’s birthday party."

When tragedy descends into farce...

PB said...

"The quoted article failed to mention the victims of the stabbing were all refugees from Ethiopia"

Wouldn't they have felt right at home?

Anonymous said...

I went to Amazon Prime to watch some First 48 episodes like the band of (negro) killer carjackers terrorizing Dallas or the (negro) killings in Cleveland.

I got "This video is currently unavailable."

They are really scrubbing YouTube, Amazon, Google, etc.

Blue Juice said...

Indeed here in Chicago (Cook County) our State's Attorney Office is determined NOT to prosecute black and brown people for "property crimes". Shoplifting, car theft and counterfeiting are among those they will not pursue felony charges on (even though the city and county isn't the victim in those cases). Even carjacking is considered a "property crime" now and the Chicago Police are not even allowed to chase to try to apprehend them. This is a relatively new social justice cause (it started about 3 years ago) and will guarantee that our cities will slowly devolve into lawlessness. It seems the white working man is truly a sucker.

However, this Christmas season there was a nice story. It seems a anonymous wealthy altruist paid off the entire layaway section at a Walmart somewhere in rural Illinois. I'm not sure where but it appeared there were NO orcs who benefited from this act of charity. I only saw poor white people being taken care of for a change and they received a surprise that they could pick up their layaway merchandise for free.

Anonymous said...

The Atlanta media never released any information on the race of the individual who shot and killed DeKalb County Officer Edgar Flores last Friday and was subsequently killed by other officers? Other than a name, age, and residence, I never saw any information identifying the race of this individual. The news media is best referred to by its proper name: "The Ministry of Propaganda". The obituary of this cold-blooded coward can be read here. Fill in the blanks.


Anonymous said...

‘Yo mama’: City leader says he regrets heated exchange at council meeting


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When someone in the crowd criticized the city council chairman using profanity, he snapped back with an insult.

During heated discussion about the District 1 seat, tempers came to a head Tuesday.

Now, Berlin Boyd says he has regrets about how he handled it.

Local activist Hunter Demster says he supports Rhonda Logan for the appointment, and made it clear last night by cursing at Boyd.

“I said this is a ****show and you’re a disgrace to the city of Memphis, and I stand by it,” Demster said. “I’m a grown up, this is the real world and people use cuss words.”

After Boyd asked Demster not to curse in council chambers, Demster called him an “embarrassment,” prompting this response from Boyd:

“Just like yo mama, how about that.” ...


Be it Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Detroit, Jonesboro, Mississippi, or Clayton County, GA, wherever blacks find themselves at the helm of government, the end result is, "Yo mama." The capability of self-governance is beyond their grasp. Yo mama.

Anonymous said...

This my already exist, but I think we should all take one city to focus on, gather every story we can find on their sub human behavior and make a nice accessible repository of them. It would help this website and easy reference for when we're trying to wake up brainwashed whites.

D-FENS said...

A science blog I follow had an article about a rare species that is being decimated by an invasive parasite. I made the innocent inquiry as to whether all diversity is beneficial. If I get any responses (which I don’t expect), they should be interesting.

JimRagan1967 said...

I live here in Newnan (Coweta County) and go to Fayetteville sometimes. With Fayette County being next door to Clayton County you have to wonder how long it may be before the next Domino falls as far as Fayette County goes.

Brian in Ohio said...

This case is an excellent example of my personal theory as why to blacks are always found clustered together in cities. Anonymity.

Just imagine being the police in 65% black Memphis looking for a black suspect, verses the police in 99% white Boise looking for a black suspect...

In Boise, 2 minutes after the 911 call comes in..."There he is."

When you are as crime and violence prone as blacks are, being able to hide is a great asset. And they know the whiter the city, the more they stand out.

Had Kinner stayed in Memphis, or perhaps Indianapolis or Baltimore, he could have been on the street another decade or two committing all sorts of monkeyshines before finally being put away for serious time. He would've been just one more black face with a long list of priors in front of the judges and prosecutors, same as all the rest.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Kevin Lee said...

I’ve been watching Live PD on A&E lately. I didn’t pay attention at first to what cities they were recording in, but I thought it seemed like they had a pretty high percentage of white criminals, at least 25% and sometimes as high as 50%. Then I looked at the list of cities and saw that at least half of the cities where they film are mostly white. So basically they can cut away to a white neighborhood pretty regularly when the drumbeat of black crime in the 20% - 70% black cities gets to be too incessant.

Anonymous said...

That's Somalia. Had he starved them to death would've been an Ethiopian ending.

Egghead said...

Years ago, in an article about pervasive domestic abuse perpetrated by sports stars, I read about a black NFL player’s wife who omitted to legally report and prosecute her husband’s extreme physical abuse of her. When she was asked why, she said that ultimately she had to make the decision if her son’s father was going to be publicly recognized as a hero or a felon - and she chose hero for her son’s sake.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in 29% black Syracuse:


New York State Police arrested a Syracuse police officer Tuesday after a domestic dispute in Clay.

34-year-old Ahmad Mims, of North Syracuse, is accused of refusing to allow a woman to get out of his vehicle and violating an order of protection during a domestic incident.

Mims was arrested twice on September 15, and has been on leave from the Syracuse Police Department since then.

A spokesperson for the Syracuse police, Det. George Hack, says Mims will remain on administrative leave with pay. They will review his arrest.

Of course the first question is why does this loser still have a job, followed by why was this loser hired in the first place, it's bad when I can't tell the cops from the criminals.

I've mentioned this before but as someone from the north visiting the south was quite a wake-up. Even in rural places businesses had bars on the windows and car lots had 12 foot tall chain link with barb wire around the lots. Some places had roll down doors over the entries. Of course the reason for this is one particular race.

K. O. said...

even the f'n UN unwittingly admits black men are the most violent on Earth.

"The continent where women are most at risk is Africa, where women are almost three times more likely to be victims of domestic violence than anywhere else. Africa boasts a female homicide rate of around 3.1 victims per 100,000 girls and women. The Americas also fall above the global average with a rate of 1.6, while Asia is below the average with 0.9. The lowest rate remains in Europe, with a rate of just 0.7 per 100,000."

....no matter where they go..... there they are...


Anonymous said...

I know everyone has seen or heard the answer , but I would like to hear it again if you would be so kindly to enlighten me about this ( I live in a super liberal city) .
Why is that so many white women are with , or dating blacks ??My theories are : 1. Most of the white women I see are fairly large/obese, not all 2. Very young (just naive??) 3. Indoctrinated at govt. schools and and have drunk the purple kool aid? 4. Doing it to piss off their parents? Comments,opinions would be appreciated.

Aryan Racist said...

A good movie about black criminals is Menace 2 Society which was made in 1993.
It was directed by two blacks the Hughes Brothers and it features young black males
in LA who have no qualms about robbing and killing people. It's kind of disturbing
bur educational. At the time it came out I remember George Will remarked that if
this reflects black behavior then America is in big trouble. He probably doesn't
see many blacks in the wealthy white neighborhood he lives in. There is a funny
scene where a black male robs another black male in his car at a fast food drive
through just to steal his rims.

AR in Illinois said...

Speaking if movies reflecting reality...just watched Wind River, which takes place in Wyoming. One of only a very few modern-era movies in which I did not see ONE nog!! Not even as background noise. Still can't believe they didn't dark it up and have the FBI agent be one since she was the only non-local in the film.

Mistress Claudia Balzac said...

It would be an excellent investment. Having Planned Parenthood clinics (the *fully equipped* ones) in every “urban” school above kindergarten would be helpful.

As long as it wasn’t run like a “pregnancy pageant” where active breeders congregate to show off their bongo bellies.

It would have to be a constant reward system though, because they’ll forget the desired behaviors very quickly otherwise.

Brian in Ohio said...

Aryan Racist said... There is a funny scene where a black male robs another black male in his car at a fast food drive through just to steal his rims.

If I remember correctly, he forces his victim to order food at gunpoint, then shoots him when the order is incorrect.

Sounds about right.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

You don't hear it anymore, but back in the 60's anthropologists were searching for the "missing link" between ape and man. Since that phrase hasn't appeared in decades, it's probably safe to assume they found the "missing link" or the closest living example. Draw your own conclusions.

They also don't talk about the distant genetics of bush tribes or aboriginals.

Leftists realized at some point that they have to go all in on blank slate for the lie to work.

They can't call one group genetically distant and then try to suppress questions about how all other groups just happened to develop the same gene distribution. It doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

Solution to black crime. Indeed ALL crime...
You commit a drug-related, sexual (molestation, rape), treasonous, or violent crime...you don't do time. Instead, you get a mandatory, immediately carried out, death sentence.
This would solve most problems and instill in ALL people a healthy respect for law, order, and The United States of America.
As another happy side effect you'd see far less beaners crossing the border.