Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Black Lives Matter? Black Founder of 'Cease Fire Indy' Shot by Black Male on Christmas Eve in 28% Black Indianapolis

Define irony. 

You'd be hard-pressed to perform the task more aptly than with this story. 
[Founder of 'Cease Fire Indy' was shot and hospitalized on Christmas Eve,, 12-26-18]:
INDIANAPOLIS — A fiery advocate against gun violence became a victim of gun violence Christmas Eve. 
But what percent of suspects are they? Why won't the corporate media produce this data point???
The founder of 'Cease Fire Indy,' Ron Gee, was shot and is recovering in the hospital.  
Now the question must be asked — will this have a chilling effect on the movement?Reverend Horatio Luster said it won't.  
"I don't think it is gonna have a chilling effect to the ones that have the heart for wanting to see the violence stop," he said. "I don't think it's gonna be a chilling effect, that we are not gonna do what we do." 
Reverend Charles Harrison said by doing this job, you will make enemies.  
"That's why those who do this work put their lives at risk," Harrison said. "You never know when you can make the wrong enemy and they can take it very personal. You could be the next victim of gun violence." 
The suspects might have known Gee from his work with 'Cease Fire Indy,' an anti-violence advocacy group. 
Gee is in recovery mode, and says when he comes back, he will fight even harder to stop the violence. 
Black violence in 28 percent black Indianapolis is reaching historic levels. 

Ron Gee was a black man who tried to create an organization to convince black people to stop shooting each other. 

A black person shot him on Christmas Eve. 

Black Lives Matter, indeed. 


Nick Intentionally Withheld said...

I grew up in Indy. It was a good place. Like a lot of other mid-size American cities.

Indy is in the death throes, though. Just like a lot of other mid-size American cities.

Milwaukee. Cincinnati. Louisville. Nashville. Jacksonville. Tampa. Indianapolis.

I can't speak for the other cities, but what's happening in Indy is the culmination of decades of egalitarian decisions that added another piece to the infection that would destroy the city. Blacks arriving in the great migration North. Brown v. Board of Education. Forced busing and the destruction of IPS schools. Forced busing and the destruction of the township schools to which whites had fled. The city caving to demands of blacks and hiring a black union organizer (President of black officers union) from the crime-ridden hell hole of Baltimore to be the Chief of Police.

Then-Mayor Dick Lugar and other republicans saw the writing on the wall in the late '60s and invented the local government concept of "UNIGOV". Which added the outlying areas to the city proper as voters. It was very clever and kept Indy with a white government for decades after other cities fell to black chaos. But that's all gone now as the forced busing in the '80s has finally succeeded in driving all but a few poor whites out of the townships. Indy has a white democrat Mayor now and will never have another GOP Mayor or city government. Everyone knows the next mayor will be black. And the destruction and violence will accelerate.

I took my family and moved away. On one hand, I never want to concede. OTOH, the tide of black violence really is like the zombies in Walking Dead. There's just too many of them. You can't get them all. There's no end to them. Dead eyes, mindless violence. Wave after wave of destruction. I love my wife and my children. I owed it to them to get them to safety. Thankfully, we're in a geographic area very difficult for the black plague to reach. There are other problems here. But what few blacks are here are a manageable problem.

Everybody's eyes are opening more every day. People are waking up.

Long-time commenter, nick withheld

Anonymous said...

Gee, Gee, good luck with keeping folks safe. A fools errand indeed.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

In other words. Dem Programs designed as cargo cult rituals don't work. Wow. Whodathunkit.

Scot Irish said...

Bixnood, muggafuffas!

What else could I type?

Scot Irish

Californian said...

Well, perhaps if he had been against African violence instead of the famous "gun violence," this fellow might not have been shot.

It's another example of the unreality which pervades BRA. One can not honestly name the source of the mayhem. Instead, the blame is shifted away from the perpetrators and to an amorphous entity:
* shots ringing out
* streets going bad
* robberies going wrong
...and now...
* guns doing violence

If one can not name the problem, one can not come up with solutions.

Just another night in BRA...

Jersey said...

No they dont !!!!

Anonymous said...

As long as the bullets never reach Whitespace, orcs shooting orcs is a public service.

Former Liberal said...

All you have to know about blacks is look at how much they abuse their own pets. No respect for anything.

Anonymous said...

Why would Indy decide to put down the gun? It's the only thing that kept him from being skewered by the guy with the sword in his first movie.

Anonymous said...

INDIANAPOLIS — A fiery advocate against gun violence became a victim of gun violence Christmas Eve.  

INDIANAPOLIS — A fired-upon advocate against da bilence became a victim of Gun Violence on Christmas Eve on a street gone wrong.  

There, fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Now the question must be asked — will this have a chilling effect on the movement?Reverend Horatio Luster said it won't.  

Ya don't say? The Rev'run Ho' Luster? The revered one who lists for whores? Who named this holey man? ;)


Only the negro:

as many have pointed out, the negro ruins everything.

The negro has ruined the NFL, all schools, all cities, all music.....everthing.


NOW this is good news !~!!

Just maybe, we can start the good fight it this really happens. Isn't this what we need to start the final solution to our problem?

D-FENS said...

Two white females at Clemson get $400,000 grant from National Science Foundation (ie taxpayers) to study barriers to negroes in engineering. “Dat maff n fizziks sheet be hard!”

Anonymous said...

Blacks killing blacks. Nothing new about this. It will keep happening until they collectively pull their heads out of each other's asses.

Bastion Harm said...

Yep, there it is again..."gun violence"

Inanimate objects have more agency than blacks.

Anonymous said...

From the article: "It’s not clear what song was playing at the time."

Maybe the song was "Baby, It's Cold Inside"? I mean, it was an ice skating rink...

Anonymous said...

They will never acknowledge the corollary that it is ultimately a black issue and not a gun issue. There is no money in making it a black issue for them.

When I say ‘them’ I mean the left in general. The blacks are a loud, useful tool for them and that’s all. If they become too difficult, they will be thrown under the next bus.

I can’t see this current thread of thinking that they’ve been pushing for 50 years or so lasting much longer. There is so much that is obvious to even the most casual observer that the argument nullifies itself.

But for now, the fact that a black man shot a black man who protested black men shooting black men will focus instead on the firearm and not the entire cast of characters.

Jim in Jersey

Bruce County said...

Who woulda saw that one coming...
Great news story.. Love the ending.
Happy New Year...
The truth is real.
The problem is black.

Anonymous said...

Re: the story about the Clemson grant investigating why blacks don't start or continue in engineering tracts in college...

I'm sure the "researchers" already have their conclusion to that paper written, something along the lines of "systemic racism", being uncomfortable working with so many people of different (white and asian) backgrounds who can't appreciate "what they've been through", and starting out with lesser exposure to the field than their peers because of "limited funding" to their high schools.

Much to their chagrin, the "researchers" will discover that it's just that the math and physics involved in obtaining an engineering degree is far too complex and intangible to the limited intelligence of the average black college student and/or most of the material is just too dry and boring for their "vibrant" minds.

In that case, they'll just have to fabricate their data to align with their pre-written conclusion, like all left-wing politically-motivated "scientists" do.

The Other Realist in MA said...

Target shooting gone bad?

Two white females at Clemson get $400,000 grant from National Science Foundation (ie taxpayers) to study barriers to negroes in engineering.

Negroes fail in engineering for the same reason my dog fails in poetry writing - zero interest combined with a complete lack of the mental capacity required for such an endeavor.

I'll send my contact info to Clemson so they can send me my check.

Auntie Daca said...

Sorry CENTURION- having been allowed to work in the welfare office until the Mammy Mafia realized I was not black - SNAP formerly known as Food Stamps is a Block Grant. The money comes from the Federal Government - USDA- but is disbursed to the States who have jurisdiction over who gets it, when they get it and what amount they get. Eligibility is determined at the local level and the state over sees it, for Fair Hearings on the lousy non work the employees at the City level fail to perform.

SNAP will not run out, it's already accounted for. This is mere propaganda.

The real question is what is kept in the dark. If a certain percentage of that Food Stamp block grant is not disbursed within the time frames, that money is supposed to be awarded to CBO's community based organizations, non profits - places like food pantries and soup kitchens. Somehow that money disappears like the morning dew - no one knows where it goes. If the amount of recipients are reduced the state is given a bonus that is supposed to be disbursed in the same manner. Who gets that bonus? I would love to know.

Do a search for Food Stamp Fraud. It's generally not at the recipient level -it's the workers and their co defendants. In the early 90's there were fake store fronts set up where the food stamp workers who stole entire blocks of food stamps called chits were laundered. Chits were tens of thousands of dollars worth of food stamps.

Antidote said...

Oh sheit, shots rang out!
The skreets done took Gee down,
Cos he wubz in dee wrong place at the wrong time,
In a Xmas Eve gone wrong!

Brian in Ohio said...

D-FENS said...
Two white females at Clemson get $400,000 grant from National Science Foundation (ie taxpayers) to study barriers to negroes in engineering.

Researchers: We found systemic racism to be the #1 reason blacks are underrepresented in STEM fields.

Me: Really?

Researchers: Yes.

Me: So I guess whites are holding them back.

Researchers: Without a doubt.

Me: Hmm... So then why doesn't Haiti...

Researchers: RACIST!

Me: It just seems odd that...

Researchers: RACIST! He`s racist everyone! Look!

Me: Yeah... That's what I thought.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

"I don't think it is gonna have a chilling effect to the ones that have the heart for wanting to see the violence stop," he said. "I don't think it's gonna be a chilling effect, that we are not gonna do what we do."

What the fuck did I just read??

I tried to use Google Translate, but it doesn't have an option for retarded to English.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

The following events occurred in Memphis, AKA the Mogadishu of Tennessee:

Gunfire rages during argument in Cordova


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At least two people were shot during an exchange of gunfire in a Cordova neighborhood.

Ace Godshall, who lives down the street, has surveillance cameras that captured all the gunfire happening outside a house on Tulip Trail.

"It's absolutely insane," he said. "People don’t care about anybody anymore."

This all started Wednesday night when Corey Carter and his two brothers were in the driveway of the house.

Police said Carter got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend and her uncle after they showed up in a Chevy Tahoe with three other men.

"I heard a bunch of rounds popping off," Godshall said. "I grabbed my gun and ran outside."

Police then said the men in the Tahoe jumped out and started shooting when Carter walked up intending to fight his ex's uncle.

Carter and his brother, Cortney Walton, returned fire but were shot multiple times. All five suspects got back in the Tahoe and drove off.

"I was nervous for my family," Godshall said.

Godshall said this house has been shot up before, which appeared to be true because the side of the house facing away from where the shooting happened was riddled with bullet holes.

Godshall said it's only a matter of time before an innocent bystander gets hurt

"The next door neighbor right next to this house, the last shooting, they had two bullets that went through his window and into his daughter's bedroom," he said.

Carter's other brother drove him and Walton to the hospital with serious injuries. Police are still looking for suspects but have not said what they initial argument was about.

"You know, back in my day," Godshall said. "When we got into an argument, and we had a problem, we just went to the fists."

That did not happen here, and what did scared a lot of people.

Carter and his ex-girlfriend have one child together.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

If we could only get so lucky 🍀!!!!!

Talk about setting the Lion 🦁 free... lmao!!

PB said...

Commanding the waves not to crash onto the shore never ends well.

Anonymous said...

This is why I left Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

But they will. Entropy, the gradual erosion of order to disorder. They break down what whites build up. Your school is too good, bus in some blacks. Your neighborhood is too nice, here’s section 8.
Too many Republicans, we’ll redistrict so an unqualified black can represent the illiterate ghetto people.

Anonymous said...

The overwhelming majority cannot understand moderately complex mathematics. Let alone conceptual mathematics and abstract principles.

Anonymous said...

SNAP will not run out, it's already accounted for. This is mere propaganda.

This is correct.

SNAP will not run out but it has nothing to do with Blacks.

It has everything to do with it being a handout to AG and food corps.

This is why it will never run out. It has both AG Republicans and urban Democrats behind it.

Anonymous said...

Re: the story about the Clemson grant investigating why blacks don't start or continue in engineering tracts in college...

I'm sure the "researchers" already have their conclusion to that paper written, something along the lines of "systemic racism"

You have to wonder about how many of these left-wing researchers no longer believe in blank slate but continue to lie just to make the money jingle.

Anonymous said...

Less than one percent of CPA’s are black. That darn ole math thing.

Anonymous said...

IN DEPTH: U of M no longer posts monthly crime summary online

December 10, 2018 06:59 PM

The University of Minnesota is seeing an uptick in crimes like stalking and burglary, however, KSTP has learned that information is no longer easily accessible for students.

It comes after the university stopped posting crime summaries on campus over the summer

Up until June, the University of Minnesota police department would post monthly crime summaries online.

But, the university no longer does that, stating "UMPD does a daily crime log which is updated every business day and an annual report of overall statistics per federal requirements. The monthly crime stats were duplicative of those efforts, so UMPD decided to use those resources elsewhere."

KSTP questioned how students would be aware of monthly crime trends, and the response stated that the "information is public, so any member of our campus community is welcome to submit a data practices act request for additional information..."

The data found reported burglaries have increased 72 percent from 2017 to 2018, from 32 to 55. Stalking reports have gone up 17 percent, from 36 to 42 incidents.

There have also been 450 thefts reported so far this year. In the first six months of 2017 there were 193. There are no annual theft totals for 2017.

And in just the last two months, there have been 17 fondling reports, the same number in all of last year.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS filed a request to get the crime data for the months of July, August and September, but the university has not responded as of yet.

They did say, "the safety and security of our campus community is a top priority at the University of Minnesota."

Ken said...

God bless you for not subjecting your children to the horrors of "integrated" schools. As I have said on so many occasions, white students are routinely brutalized at these places. America's corrupt media, political, hollyweird and academic elite don't send their kids to "integrated" schools. I hope you are 100% correct that this rotten system will collapse like a house of cards. The old Soviet Union collapsed because the people resisted a rotten system.

Californian said...

But what percent of suspects are they? Why won't the corporate media produce this data point???

Well, we know why, because there is a certain Narrative to be promoted: blacks are victims, Whites are perpetrators. Any fact which does not fit the Narrative goes down the minitru memory hole.

But this brings up another point: given that the corporate media is doing disinformation about this topic, what else are they lying about? How much of today's news is so much disinfo to obscure the true picture?

Might also consider the picture the media provides of the past. For example, was segregation really an era of White oppression of blacks? Or was there another reality at work. Like maybe, Whites implemented segregation in order to defend themselves from massive criminal violence perpetrated by blacks?

Stay armed, stay alert...and keep taking those Red Pills.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

Nah, not that good of an ending... the nike that got shot didn't die. Did I miss the good ending part?

Anonymous said...

"CENTURION said...
NOW this is good news !~!! . . . "

Regarding the ending of money for SNAP, AFDC etc. there is a link here with references to the Dept. of Agriculture which shows that money for these programs will end about the last week of Jan. - Feb. unless Congress appropriates more money. It's true that block grant monies are already budgeted but disbursement is on a monthly basis dependent upon Federal Govt. finances. The issue isn't that the money hasn't already been budgeted, it has. The issue is disbursement which depends upon a Federal budget or continuing resolution which is currently lacking. That is the result of the govt. shutdown.

There is precedent for the EBT system failing on a small scale, here is one minor example that was fixed quickly. You tube is full of similar videos. So far all the examples of EBT failing have been caused by computer problems and been limited in scope.

A nationwide failure of EBT would be enlightening for stupid white liberals especially those in "diverse communities". They would quickly learn the difference between having diversity 1/4 mile down the street and having diversity many miles away, it would the best education they could get. Unfortunately most SJW types are unteachable, they already know everything worth knowing from their graduate edumacations.

If the wheels come off of SNAP, EBT, AFDC etc.this time at least it will be in the winter. It's difficult to riot when the temperature is 20 degrees outside with six inches of snow on the ground at least for those living in cold climates. I guess in the warmer climes the nogs/mestizos will just free range as best they can.

NE Heretic

Sick n Tired said...

All you have to do is read the comments on any black on black crime story, from a legit media outlet that actually still allows comments. Yahoo & LiveLeak still do, but they are definitely moderated, so with sites like LiveLeak, I always search "Recent Items" where the videos of mall brawls, street shootings, robberies gone wrong, "teen" girls fighting, restaurant brawls, shoe stores destroyed, car jackings, classroom brawls, and other typical behavior that you can tell from the headline/video title who the subjects will be. My point is A LOT of people know, and a lot of people are sick of it, for every one person who makes a comment, there's probably 25+ who don't, but feel the same way. The local news station by me disabled their comment section, because under every story where they had black suspects on surveillance cameras robbing a house/store/gas station/drive by, the comments would always call them out for their description of the car & clothes the criminals were wearing, but never their skin color.

Anonymous said...

That's why there needs to be a crash or hack of the entire system. The show Mr. Robot covered this somewhat realistically.

Sick n Tired said...

No matter what season it happens in, be prepared with ammo & magazines. SHTF and that 1000 rounds of ammo you think sounds like a lot, won't amount to shit.

Stay alert, Stay Alive, Stay Prepared, Kill Your TV