Thursday, December 6, 2018

His Name is Shaun Hamblen: White 22-Year-Old Male Abducted/Murdered in 65% Black Memphis By Two Black Males

Previously on SBPDL: Former Black Mayor of 65% Black Memphis Admits the Most Poorly-Guarded Secret in all of America is True: Crime in Memphis is a "Black Problem"

Imagine leaving a gym after a fulfilling workout, prepared to go home and enjoy a hearty, high-protein meal. 

Don't have a care in world, save the regret of failing to speak to the cute brunette doing bent-over rows. 
Rest in peace, Shaun

There's always the next time in the gym to spark a conversation with her, you think to yourself. 

But you never make it home. There is no next time. [Second suspect charged in connection with abduction, deadly shooting of missing Memphis man, Fox 13 Memphis, 12-6-18]:
MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Police have charged the second suspect who was in custody in connection with the disappearance of Shaun Hamblen.  
Deeric Walton, 22, has been charged with four counts of “convicted felon in possession of a handgun” and possession of a controlled suspect with intent to sell.  
Walton was detained Thursday, along with Alfonzo Amos, in connection with Hamblen’s abduction and killing.  
Police have not charged Walton with murder, but they said it is related to the investigation.  
Amos, 21, admitted earlier to “taking part” in his disappearance, and that he was shot and killed.  
Amos was arrested and is being charged with first degree murder in connection to Hamblen’s death, according to a police affidavit.  
Amos and Walton were both charged in relation to the disappearance of Hamblen -- a man who was last seen leaving the LA Fitness in East Memphis on November 29. 
Hamblen's car was found that day, but nearby security footage showed him getting into a Ford Focus. Police received information that the Focus was parked in the 1300 block of Michigan. 
When officers arrived, they located a gray 2009 Ford Focus, but Hamblen was nowhere to be found. 
As the investigation progressed, Amos and Walton, who police believe were in the Focus when Hamblen was last seen, were identified.  
According to a police affidavit, Amos admitted to taking part in Hamblen’s disappearance, taking “several items of value” from him, and that he was shot multiple times. 
Officers located Amos in the 1700 block of Edgeburg Lane Wednesday and placed him in custody. 
Investigators did not specify what Amos' motive was behind the disappearance.  
Amos is being charged with first degree murder and especially aggravated robbery.  
Police then received information that a body was found in the 3600 block of McDuff, which is a residential area more than 10 miles away from where the car was located. 
A body was found on the property, but the identity has not been released by police.
Do we call this a "robbery gone wrong" or an "abduction gone wrong"? 

Either way, this story is just another reminder 65 percent black Memphis is no place for white people to call home. 


Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of cities in the U.S. that whites should not call home. Memphis is just one. There are cities where whites should not shop. There are cities where whites should not dine. Cities where whites should not gas up the car. Cities where whites should not send their children to school. See a pattern? Study it, learn it, then live it.

Anonymous said...

"Don't have a care in the world"? Maybe that's part of the problem. Remember when white people had to work full time to make ends meet, usually got married and started raising a family in their 20's, etc. etc.? I do, and I'm not that old. Sorry, but if whites had the social structure and responsibilities they used to be "burdened" with, these kinds of atrocities wouldn't be happening. Nor would they be on the verge of being wiped out of existence by an army of 3rd world invaders.

Augustus said...

It's sad, but the media so completely fails to honestly report and cover black-on-white crime that few realize how prevalent it is.

Due to age and physical problems, I NEVER go out where I will encounter Blacks without being armed. I never leave home at night, unless for an emergency. Others should seek to avoid trouble also. Remember, everyone has others who need them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks PK. These stories are always depressing, but they woke me up... you specifically, woke me up (with AmRen) also making major contributions. Please keep up the good work sir. I'll try to do my part the best I know how. Sincerely, Indian River Angler.

Anonymous said...

And the consequences for these two accused murders? Not much. In Lee County, Alabama, a 2008 abduction/murder still winds its way through the courts courtesy of free legal defense provided by a Boston law firm. The response from the family regarding the continuing legal proceedings is on the mark. Forgive and forget is not on the table.

By: Elizabeth White & Chuck Williams 
Updated: Dec 06, 2018 03:40 PM EST

OPELIKA, Ala. (WRBL)  An East Alabama man sentenced to die for abducting and killing an Auburn University freshman back in 2008 will be back in court later this month for a Rule 32 hearing.

The Alabama Attorney Generals Office is handling the case for the state against the convicted capital murderer, Courtney Lockhart.  It appears Courtney Lockhart has exhausted most of his appeals. Sources close to the case tell News 3 Lockhart may try to claim his original defense team was inadequate and ask for a new trial.

Lockhart, who was from Smiths Station,  was convicted of the capital murder death of Lauren Burk. Burk was abducted at gunpoint on Auburn University's campus,  shot and then left to die on the road near Farmville Baptist Church in Auburn.

News 3 reached out to Lauren's family, who released this statement:
"The Burk Family is very saddened by the fact that our Judicial system is allowing this Murderer to have another Hearing.  We realize under Rule 32, it is his right, but what about Lauren's rights? We truly hope and pray his Death Penalty remains as it was ruled by the Honorable Judge Jacob Walker at the trial, and until then, he suffers each and every day he is waiting to be put to death."

-The Burk Family.

Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob Walker will oversee the hearing on December 17th.

Walker imposed the death sentence on Lockhart using judicial override during the 2011 trial. The jury voted 12-0 to recommend a sentence of life without parole for Lockhart.

Lockhart was represented in the trial by Phenix City criminal defense attorney Jeremy Armstrong, who has tried a number of death penalty cases.

Anonymous said...

Do we call this a "robbery gone wrong" or an "abduction gone wrong"? 

Actually, whatever happened we can chalk it up to "Blacks Gone Wild" or would that be "Black Business as Usual Since Black Lives Don't Matter"?

BYW, saw a Black Lives Matter shirt at a thrift store yesterday and thought about buying it simply to look more "normal" while having a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

To be killed that young is a tragedy. Barely old enough to have a beer and cut down by diversity. 65% negro? 10% is way to much negro populace.

Yes Anonymous at 12:26 I'm not that old either and I clearly remember working parents. As a child I also clearly remember no mixed kids, Mexicans, and very few negros running loose...and even then negros were despicable to the senses.

Mr. Rational said...

Sincerely, Indian River Angler.

<ears perk up>

Not Indian River Michigan, is it?  How many of us were red-pilled by Detoilet and wound up stumbing in here?

Anonymous said...

I would like a search of news reports about negroes being kidnapped, raped, murdered, carjacked, shot, stabbed, or beaten by whites. You wouldn't have to do a search because if or when an event of that nature happened all of the major media outlets, TV, radio, print, would have 24hr, non stop reporting about it. Marches would be held, politicians would promise investigations, police would have news conferences, the FBI would be investigating civil rights violations, statues would be torn down, and millions more of tax dollars would be thrown down the ghetto sewer in a misguided attempt to " do something". Meanwhile the daily body count of YT continues to rise due to the murderous hands of the negro.

D-FENS said...

Once you get into a car with your abductors, your chances of coming out alive fall precipitously. I am assuming that he was abducted and was not voluntarily interacting with these negroes. I would think negroes would rob you and maybe just kill you right on the spot. I could see a woman being abducted for rape.

Unless you are in a mountainous area (western NC, eastern TN, Blue Ridge), the south really sucks. Negroes don’t do mountains and wilderness areas.

We are in a race between how long the federal government can exist and how much of (((BRA))) can be put into place.

Archie bunker said...

Victim blaming isn't the answer, shooting these beasts on site is

Anonymous said...

Even this fellow had such responsibilities, they would not insulate him from TNB. It would find him wherever he went, as long as he lived in an orc-infested city.

Like a limb overcome with gangrene, whites must abandon chocolate cities or they won't survive. As long as you are anywhere near them in any capacity, you are at risk.

If you live among orcs and decide to leave, sure, your DWL friends will call you names, but you'll be alive and they will not long survive. Being PC and "enlightened" will get you killed.

There is a scene in the Tom Cruise version of "War of the Worlds" in which Cruise's character has loaded his two kids into a van at a friend's auto repair shop. The friend, unaware of the alien invasion, tells Cruise to get out of the van. Cruise tells him to get in the van too or he's going to die. His friend doesn't listen so Cruise takes off, and moments later his friend is zapped.

For the sake of you and your family, you need to be able to take action and go like Cruise's character, and don't listen to others who refuse to face reality. That will get you killed.

Let the deaths of so many others serve as a timely warning for the rest of us.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

Truth, well spoken!

Standup Broad said...

PAUL, would you be so kind as to provide a link so people can buy or download Jared Taylor's "The Color of Crime"? That work was my awakening. It would make a great Christmas gift for the younger generation.

Anonymous said...

The article says Shaun was seen getting into a car. It doesn't say he was forced into the car. It also says one of the felons was a drug dealer.

From the scanty information, it can't be ruled out that this was a drug deal and the negroes decided to take it up notch.

Pat Boyle said...

I think there's a good chance that our culture's nutty race attitudes may suddenly reverse. I'm picking up signs of change. Call it - hearing jungle drums.

I don't do much these days but I do write a lot of comments to this and several other blogs and Youtube videos. Only a year or so ago I would be almost the only race realist who ever wrote a comment on several popular sites. But lately I've been noticing more skepticism from readers about the benevolence of Negroes. I don't habituate the hard right racist sites. I read mainstream political sites and general interest venues. For example I got interested in WWII tanks for a while. I read a lot of the Osprey tank duel books and posted my opinions about Tigers, Shermans and T-34s.

I have noticed that the number of readers who write unflattering comments about blacks has grown. It used to be that I would be the only one who who would mention that blacks were less intelligent and more violent than whites or Asians. Maybe people feel less intimidated than previously or maybe people are just fed up. I don't know but it feels to me like the winds have changed direction. It could be that whites have noticed that black leaders have little compunction anymore in advocating a genocide for all white Americans.

I'm mindful of some of the huge reversals in public attitudes in the last few years. The most dramatic of which has been the flip in public attitudes on homosexuality. There's always some liberal ready to decry lynching blacks in the South. But I've never seen a lynching or even a white person being rude to a Negro. But I knew guys who would beat up gays regularly and be proud of it. Gay bashing was once quite common. Here in California there have been two anti-gay marriage propositions - the last one just ten years ago. Bill and Hillary and Obama were all vocal opponents of gay marriage in the recent past.

Now all that has reversed, seemingly overnight. I would not have believed it possible.

Just two or three years ago any number of national politicians were foaming at the mouth about the threat of Global Warming. But it looks like that craze is over and it will go the way of the Millennium Bug or the Dutch Tulip Mania of 1637. Remember how when at the turn of the century all the computers that ran COBOL were going to crash along with commercial jets? Funny nothing happened. It hasn't gotten warmer now for about a decade. Trump just refused to listen.

Currently we have most Democrats willing to destroy all white men and everything they've created because they are irredeemable (or something). But these kind of far-out ideas are quite delicate. They are swept out as fast as they were once swept in. Last year all TV ads suddenly had to have a bunch of darkies on camera. This year all the Oscars will go tho Africans it seems. Next year - who knows. But maybe someone will wake up and advocate a return to racial segregation. Something like Gresham's Law is at work here. What white person will want to work in Hollywood if they can never get an Oscar or a decent role?

I feel a turn around coming.


Anonymous said...

After viewing his photo, I have a hard time believing this guy is white.

100 BRAVO said...

I used to pass through Memphis a lot years ago. I always liked to watch the ducks at the Peabody and get a room with a view. One could walk down to Beale Street, eat, drink, be merry and return on foot safely. It was a different time. Now I'm not so sure.

Regardless, under those percentages, I never walked alone. A tall, fit, 2XL, I hardly ever get bothered but I was ready for bear or chimpanzee, whichever came first. As an aviator, my head stays on swivel mode. Obviously, this poor chap let his guard down. What a shame.

RE: Augustus
"Due to age and physical problems, I NEVER go out where I will encounter Blacks without being armed. I never leave home at night, unless for an emergency. Others should seek to avoid trouble also. Remember, everyone has others who need them."

I read you 5X5, Sir. We don't leave for weeks if we have enough groceries. Packages are left in the parcel shed at the gate. Delivery personnel cannot see the house. The africans are only seen on television. It's not Heaven but it is Paradise.

It is good to also be married to a real live cowgirl who is very defensive of family and territory. As Annie Oakley said, "I ain't afraid to love a man. I ain't afraid to shoot one either." A crack shot, she is beautiful and great cook. Lucky me.

AAAA: Armed, Alert, Away, Alive

Anonymous said...

st louis


Anonymous said...

Questionable circumstances. Possible drug deal? Still, getting in a car with two Nikes is a bad recipe, at best. Familiarity would make that more reasonable.

So, if this was not an abduction but more of a straight-up robbery/murder, it would make more sense.

Either way, there's no lesson to be learned other than stay away.

They're color coded for a reason...

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

My condolences to his family and friends.

From having to be in the same place with blacks, like the supermarket, post office or bus, I've come to the conclusion that there is a huge number of extremely mentally ill blacks that either are not being treated or are on the wrong medication. They take offense at the slightest, most neutral thing - always looking for opportunities to physically harm and intimidate non blacks. There must be generations of brain damage from eating the paint chips in public housing or from doing heroin, coke and McDonalds.

I do my best to not speak or interact with people like that, once I personally asses them as potentially dangerous. I don't give directions, offer any suggestions or get in an elevator with blacks. It's just not worth it.
I've read that blacks have very high self esteem, they must be deluded as so many are mentally unwell.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational @ 5:54am. I could fill a page with experiences from “detoilet”. A more disgusting place is hard to find. Although, there are quite a few up and comers. Red pilled since age 14. That’s a lot of years ago too.

D-FENS said...

Kudos to the Burk family for not cucking out!

Brian in Ohio said...

"From the scanty information, it can't be ruled out that this was a drug deal and the negroes decided to take it up notch."

I`m inclined to agree.

You deal with them at your own peril.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS at 1:00 on

Add New Orleans to that list as well. Watching any New Orleans episode of "The First 48" shows what a negro cesspool that is.

Mr. Rational said...

it can't be ruled out that this was a drug deal and the negroes decided to take it up notch.

Perennial warning from New Nation News:  "Don't do drugs.  Especially don't buy, sell or do drugs with blacks."

Anonymous said...

He did look a little octoroonish in the first picture that was up. I see PK has gotten a better picture of him. I guess the first was just a bad photo...

Mr. Rational said...

Maybe people feel less intimidated than previously or maybe people are just fed up.

I suspect Obama was the turning point.  Electing and then re-electing Obama was the proffered olive branch.  Instead of peace, we got "the officer acted stupidly", BLM, multiple assassinations of cops and soaring murder rates in our de-policed cities.  Black people have exhausted most Whites' compassion for them.  It is going from Black Lives Matter to Bowling For Behave.

Just two or three years ago any number of national politicians were foaming at the mouth about the threat of Global Warming.

I'm still living it, Pat.  Despite the dropoff in solar activity, this year I personally experienced four solid weeks of thaw conditions in what would normally be snowy winter.  Last month we actually got snow on the first day of deer season—something like a return to 20th-century normal, which I don't recall seeing since 2011.  I have not done the research to see if this has been offset by hot spells elsewhere, and the useful season for ice roads in the arctic is not yet indicating a retreat to colder conditions.

Remember how when at the turn of the century all the computers that ran COBOL were going to crash along with commercial jets? Funny nothing happened.

Actually, things did very much happen, but you never got the chance to see them.  They'd started happening in things like mortgage calculators years previously.  Business geared up to fix the century problem well before the actual turn.  There were still some un-fixed bugs in devices like ATMs, but they cropped up in Japan and ANZ first and the crews on duty had most of them fixed by the time 1/1/2000 turned over in Europe and the Americas.

Commercial jet flight software is written to standards like DO-178B level A and you can be assured that heaps of brainpower was put to work testing and fixing all of that well before the rollover.  Had it not been, airworthiness directives would have been issued and grounded all the affected planes.

D-FENS said...

Negro “comedian” Kevin Hart is out as host of one of (((Hollywoods))) self-congratulatory galas. When first named, it was already known that he did not even pursue custody of his children from his first marriage, cheated on his second wife when she was pregnant with their child. Plus he was on probation for a DUI where he almost sideswiped a tractor trailer. But what really got him was tweeting several years ago anti-alphabet people rants.

Anonymous said...


You can be sure of one thing...blacks had no hand in the successful brainpower that fixed all those problems.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous yeah its pretty obvious
when it comes to blacks no amount of treatment
and or medication is going to save them with all
the free stuff they get from the government like
assistant programs,welfare,EBT,food stamps,free clinic,
free education,affirmative action,free money an able to sue
any organisation and corporation just to point out the obvious
to your superiors you're hiring a sub human and than get fired
for showing the truth that they are a negro. a lot of times
I think they just want to get a job so they can sue
the company

and claim racism,oppression on purpose
or do hoaxes crimes on white organisations,
corporations so they can get even more money
out of the law suit or that they are so extremely
dumb,paranoid that they just presume that anything
an or everybody is or must be racist.

Anonymous said...

I remember driving through Memphis to go to Graceland some years back, (My brother in-law talked me into it from Nashville and being a Philly boy, I grew accustomed of the heightened awareness one should always have around Groid. Memphis was everything I thought it would be as the town had a depressive wasteland feel to it like most Groid controlled cities. We had to drive past an endless track of aimless Orcs, graffiti, barred windows, hookers, you know, the standard dysfunction we are all have been accustomed to cities in BRA. As we pulled up to the underwhelming but well groomed mansion, I remember thinking that Graceland was somewhat ahead of its time for different reasons of course as someday all civilized whites will have to live this way just to survive.....

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pat. There definitely seems to be a significant shift among whites in the last three to four years. Trump, for all his faults and limitations, is a big reason for this shift. Reality hasn't changed, TNB hasn't changed, but a man emerged with the cojones to speak a lot of truth about taboo racial topics, and with a bully pulpit to be heard. Yes, he only can go so far; he has to couch much of his "frankness" on anything remotely related to race. But even if he only goes 25% of the way to race realism, that's 25% more than any other public figure of any significance. Steve King, if you consider him significant, goes about 50% of the way.

I'm more optimistic about the future for white America than I've been at any point in many, many years. That's not saying much, as I've always been quite pessimistic, but I do see some signs of hope. Race related ideas are being discussed openly which would only have been said in private company five years ago. More "radical" ideas are discused in private company which would only have been thought about. And so, what are many white people now thinking among themselves?

An example: I was chatting with a former coworker and friend last week, catching up on work stuff. She is white, intelligent and a millennial. I don't know her politics but she certainly would be a prime candidate for progressive insanity and social constructivist racial ideas. And yet, we casually discussed a criminal featured in the local news, with an unmistakably Negro first name. I said something about what a drag in society he seemed to be. Her response, "would you expect anything else with a name like THAT?" We both exchanged knowing looks.

Of course it is important not to get too pollyannish. Progressivism and the paintjob theory of race are religions, and as such are zealously and violently protected. Orthodoxy holds "racism" to be the vilest sin imaginable. Race heretics face severe repercussions. Far too many whites, even if they are privately race realists, do not want to risk life and limb on this issue. They still think if they stay quiet and polite, harmony is possible. This absurd view needs ti change, en masse.

But my friends, it is changing. Slowly but surely, it is. Whether the change comes soon enough, before we are overwhelmed by migrants, "refugees" and the left establishes a permanent dictatorial hegemony...remains to be seen.

But, there is hope!

Anonymous said...

Kensington in the house!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the shift in whites becoming more aware of black dis function is due to blacks migrating into white areas. There were a lot of white people that never had interaction with blacks. Once the blacks started moving into white suburbs, it became a ‘light bulb moment’. It’s difficult to dislike something that you’ve never experienced. Once you’ve experienced blacks it’s super easy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the shift in whites becoming more aware of black dis function is due to blacks migrating into white areas. There were a lot of white people that never had interaction with blacks. Once the blacks started moving into white suburbs, it became a ‘light bulb moment’. It’s difficult to dislike something that you’ve never experienced. Once you’ve experienced blacks it’s super easy.

Gunny said...

Just a heads up to "those that can see" (another great blog by the way)

Black Friday 2018 had some of the best gun, ammo and accessory deals in the last decade. Firearms, ammo and the magazines (yes- you need more than one) are cheaper than they've ever been and the quality is top shelf. You need to save your money this year and stock up on Black Friday 2019. It will be the last hurrah before Trump loses in 2020 and prices skyrocket and new anti-gun legislation is passed in early 2021. The clock is ticking.

Use that forward thinking and time orientation genetic gift we have to get ready for whats just over the horizon.

Anonymous said...

My city is 6% and I'm beginning to see far too many of them at the local supermarket. I have no idea why a White person would stay in a city with a large Black population.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational at 5:54. No I'm from Central Florida, Melbourne to be exact. I really appreciate and enjoy your comments. Cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational at 5:54. No I'm from Central Florida, Melbourne to be exact. I really appreciate and enjoy your comments. Cheers mate.

P.S. Pat feels a change in the air. God I hope he's right. Keep up the good fight and thank you to all on SBPDL.

Annie Oakley said...

Maybe my comment will get through, but I dunno. I've either offended Paul for some reason, or his moderators don't like me. I guess I'll never know.

Anyhoo.....the last time I went through Memphis, I stopped for gas at South Haven on a Saturday. It was a zoo. Plenty of whites in Krogers but lots of feral looking blacks as well.

The south is gone. I'm sorry folks, it's gone. Unless the white cucks receive a giant wakeup call like our white brothers are getting in South Africa, the south will become one giant Zimbawe. In the 8 years I've lived here I've seen a big change in people. A lot more mudsharks (and these are the cute skinny white ladies). More corrupt cops (taking drug money and doing nothing about the drug problem).

I thought Alabama was the right place to be with lower property taxes. However you're taxed 10% on just about everything, including food. Birmingham is 11%. So when you figure out property taxes vs. what you pay in sales taxes, you're better off in a higher tax state. At least you can write off your property taxes as they'll be higher. I'd rather pay a little higher property taxes and no sales tax on food.

I plan on being West of the Mississippi in about 6 months. Higher elevation level, more intelligent people and highly more educated people.

Whites around me would rather die and burn in hell forever, even the christians, than to admit the black plague is out of control.

I feel bad for that poor dude. I really do.

I still hate the white left with a passion, almost as bad as negroes.

Negroes know innately if they're around someone who won't their shit and bend over. Just recently I was picking up a mobile order at Walmart. I order online through their app and pick it up in the store, non-food items. It's a lot easier and I'm not having to deal with dullard clerks or sullen blacks. You can only stand in that aisle to pick up orders, nothing else.

So two obese Shawandas and Shanequas were behind me. I could feel them glaring at me. I always walk around with a large shopping cart, even if I have nothing in it but my purse. After the clerk gave me my packages the one stepped real aggressively close to cause me to either hit or inconvenience me. I pushed my cart about an inch close to her. I gave her the dirty go to tell psycho bitch look and she backed off. She did. Had she'd been prepared to start a fight, you'd probably seen me on the evening news.

Augustus said...

"Up a notch?" How about a the proverbial "drug deal gone bad," or "robbery gone bad." It's kind of like going to the minimart at night for cigarettes, killing everyone in the store, leaving, shotgunning 3 hookers at the corner, and burning down a church on the way home is a cigarette run "gone bad." Don't we all hate it when that happens just because we needed a smoke, milk for the baby, or a loaf of bread? Seems to happen just a little more frequently to the subspecies than to YT, doesn't it?

Augustus said...

I think part of that trend is because of Trump. He's almost single-handedly begun the process of killing political correctness. It's almost an atmosphere growing where we can, as Obama said but depressed, ".....have an honest conversation about race." I love discussing black crime with leftist, useful idiots. Eventually, I am hopeful that I can discuss the REAL racism in America.

Augustus said...

They're at the tail end of the bell curve of intelligence, not necessarily mentally ill, but intellectually stunted.

I remember when "educators" believed the subspecies needed to be taught more self-esteem. All the subspecies learned was arrogance with no ability to back it. Meanwhile, white children were taught to be ashamed of their race. Parents need to reverse that trend. It can be easily done with real world examples.

Augustus said...

It's called projection. It's a defense mechanism in which people blame others for what they think or do themselves. Blacks hate YT, so they assume he must hate them too.

Most white people don't hate any group. They are just apothetic, and just want to be left alone. It's known as race fatigue.

Exador said...

White people need to make CCW so commonplace, it becomes tied to our racial identity. As in, don't rob whitey, they all carry guns.

Mark Sheets said...

We will soon be the slaves of the future! It's coming soon at a place near by and there is nothing we can do about it. All whites are scared of blacks and already have become their slave. You can do nothing or you are called a racist! It's bullshit! They know it works and they pull the race card every chance they get. Anyone know if a solution let me know.

Mr. Rational said...

All whites are scared of blacks and already have become their slave.

One accosted me a while back.  I gave him the stink eye for a minute or so while my hand was on my gun.  He didn't move any closer to me.  It would have gone badly for him if he had.

You can do nothing or you are called a racist!

Plenty you can do without saying a word, and if doing nothing is an option you're generally in the clear.

Mr. Rational said...

One of the things you can do:  do not shop at any establishment with non-American owners or employees.  Boycott them.

I practice this both locally and when on the road.  If I have a choice between places to buy food, I pick the one without any visible Africans.  You can also use Yelp and other apps to give negative reviews without saying why, and positive reviews on establishments where the help is all American.

Archie bunker said...

Well, it isn't your way of thinking

VelvetGlove said...

A couple of days ago, this story was covered by a local news station here in the Atlanta area. A reporter sat down with Courtney's parents, who I live near, but don't know personally; I was heartened to see that they didn't blather on about forgiveness and understanding like so many whites do when a family member is murdered. They want justice. They don't want mercy for this waste of space that callously killed their daughter.

I hope they have enough grace in their hearts to have found acceptance and peace for themselves, but the murderous orc deserves nothing from them.

Bobby PGH said...

You are correct about everything you wrote. I live in the northeast but I'm moving to Arizona soon. The city I live in now largely populated by blacks and wiggers.

10mm AUTO said...

White people need to make CCW so commonplace, it becomes tied to our racial identity. As in, don't rob whitey, they all carry guns.

December 8, 2018 at 4:58 AM""

Amen Brother! negros will not stop killing Whites till negros FEAR to touch a White. Till then they will hunt us, make up Holidays like "Beat Whitey Night" and "The Knock Out Game" and "Polar Bear Hunting".

Marc B said...

The race of the suspects was heavily shielded by local media, which is unusual for Memphis news. It will now be par for the course for black on White crime. This is the fourth case making it onto SBDL over the last few years with a victim who was only a few degrees of separation away.

Steve Smith said...

I grew up fishing the Indian river. Merritt Island, to be exact.

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Indian River Angler! Glad to see you over here too!

-Scorpion in your boot from Amren

juvenal said...

And its not just whites Pat. I'm seeing more anti BRA comments coming from Blacks about other Blacks. Specifically , regarding the dysfunction fostered by Black Women.

Armed Memphian said...

If you check out the comment section on fox13 news Facebook, that's exactly the insinuation the blacks are putting out if it takes some of the responsibility away from the feral nog perpetrators.

Sickening, they admonish their own no matter the circumstances...