Saturday, December 29, 2018

His Name is Walter Gotreaux, Her Name is Darlene Gotreaux: White Couple Murdered by Two Blacks (One of Whom Had Prior Arrest for Attempted Murder)

Read this story carefully. Especially the second to last paragraph. 

A white couple was murdered by two blacks, one of whom had a prior arrest for attempted murder. He was able to beat the charge by agreeing to a plea deal: felon in possession of a firearm and possession of marijuana.

This deal was reached in 2016.
Rest in peace Walter and Darlene Gotreaux

Walter and Darlene Gotreaux were murdered just before Christmas 2018. [Suspects wanted in Jeff Davis double homicide to be considered armed and dangerous,, 12-21-18]:
The Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office is searching for two suspects in connection with the double homicide of a Lacassine couple. 
Seventy-two-year-old Walter Gotreaux and his 70-year-old wife, Darlene, were found dead inside their home on Highway 90, west of Lacassine, last Sunday night. 
Deputies say the couple died from multiple gunshot wounds. 
Twenty-three-year-old Javari Guidry and 21-year-old Jordan Alexander Legros are wanted for first-degree murder and aggravated burglary. 
Deputies say the two suspects live in Jeff Davis Parish but are not from the area originally. Two locations of residences include Houston and Welsh. They may be in those locations, but deputies say that their whereabouts are currently unknown. 
The suspects were not believed to be directly associated with the victims, but they have acquaintances in common with the victims.
A silver car is connected with this investigation. No make or model was given by authorities. 
The motive was robbery, a sheriff’s office spokesperson says. They are considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who may know the suspects is asked to call their local law enforcement agency. 
Both suspects have prior arrests from different agencies. 
KATC Investigates uncovered that Guidry was arrested in Lafayette in 2015 on two counts of attempted murder. Court records show in 2016, he pleaded guilty to amended charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of marijuana. It’s unclear how long he served or why he’s been out of prison. We will pursue that angle of the story further. 
Legros remains wanted out of Welsh for burglary and theft.
The legalization of marijuana will mean prosecutors will no longer have the option of pursuing plea deals for dangerous black criminals in the form of felon possession. Our criminal justice is overburdened by black criminality and by an unwillingness by prosecutors to be labeled racist for putting blacks behind bars for longer sentences.

"Disparate impact" or "disproportion incarceration rates," some sociology professor with a taxpayer funded grant to write a policy paper on the structural inequality and implicit bias inherent in the criminal justice system will whine.

In the meantime, Walter and Darlene Gotreaux are just more collateral damage in the quest for enacting social justice across America.

Rest in peace, Walter and Darlene.


Mr. Rational said...

considering the Negro an "untapped asset" instead of a dangerous liability

You haven't considered the full range of uses.  You know how HUGE many of them are, like that woman (I use the term loosely) with the seven-foot a**?  Think how much canned dog food or hog feed each one represents (maybe biodiesel from the fat!), and all you need to get that process going is to shove them through a rendering plant.  That is, after all, what we do with OTHER obsolete farm equipment like defunct horses.

Do you understand pillage as a way to pay an army?

Forgotten Zimbabwe already?  We already know that if you give them land and farm equipment, they will allow it to break down or just be too stupid to operate it.  Give them orchards, they cut them down for firewood.  Absent Whites to manage everything and tell them what to do, they will starve.

Sure, you can pay them in trinkets and gewgaws and even cash, but once those are exchanged for food they're done if they've also halted the production of food.

Anonymous said...

To sick and tired @ 8:56am. People take pictures of their dinner and post it online. Seems like privacy is another freedom of the past. Everyone has a big mouth and a very nosy attitude. This need to share everything online is getting real old and extremely tiresome. Love that idiots can google my address and do a drive by while sitting in their easy chair.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul...this video is sure to make you laugh! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

In Jeff Davis parish? How ironic. There will ultimately be more future outrage about the name of the parish than the deaths of this white couple.

BRA folks.

Ken said...

We are told over and over again that the poor negro resorts to crime due poverty and alleged injustice. Can someone in the know answer this: we have spent approximately $22 trillions on these ingrates. The murder of this couple wasn't suppose to happen. In fact, when the perps crossed paths, they should have said "why sir, thank you so much for years of toil to help me and my family. I greatly appreciate that." (Sarcasm). Instead, those ingrates murdered them. During WWII, there are pictures of people forced to dig their own graves. Well, contemporary American whites are forced to do something similar.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1. Get a gun and carry it, inside and outside. If someone is in your house that shouldn't be - shoot first and sort it out later. Guaranteed there was a moment that, had he or she been armed and trained, they could have at least scared these beasts off.

2. Get a dog, especially a German Shepherd, Rottie or Doberman. Get it trained by a professional who specializes in training law enforcement or protection dogs. The expense is offset by the piece of mind you get knowing that there's a 100+ lb highly trained canine watching you 24/7. Side note: don't know why but negroes seem to have a real issue with dobermans.

3. Do your own cleaning, home repairs or yard work. If you're too old or feeble get a relative and if you can't get a relative out out the word in your church. Never should a negro step foot in your house unless required by law (ie., cop, firefighter). A man should be able to do basic repairs. I took classes in plumbing and electrical work at the local vo-tech for next to nothing before I bought our house just to have those skills.

Shiniqua was really sweet while she cleaned your house. Talked about her family and always had a smile.

She also went home and told Dontay and Tretavious about all the bling in your jewelry box. She also helpfully mentioned the big screen tv, the autographed Joe Namath football on your mantle oh and that safe in the bedroom closet.

Anonymous said...

Most cases like this sadly involve the element of surprise by the perps on the homeowners. This puts the victims in shock and compromises their abilities to cope. The result is that they mistakenly place their lives at the mercy of the perps believing that these beasts will show mercy toward them. White people need to know that a home invader with a gun is a wild beast that enjoys the thrill of the kill. You must fight with all your might or run to escape at any cost to disrupt their plan. But most importantly, don't go to sleep without a loaded gun within reach of you. Keep another by your TV chair. Practice drills on home invasions. Be aware.

Matt Holt said...

Ask your church? Are you serious? They will be the first to send over a dindu to prove how non racist they are because, you know, we are all God's children and tolerant and stuff.

Anonymous said...

You should ALWAYS be armed, especially in your home. Secondly, all whites should own a dog. Dogs are instinctively protective of their owners. That instinct will lend the homeowner seconds that count. Because the cost of most dogs is above the threshold of a felony, and because the dog wil most certainly attack or bark at the intruder, any harm or attempted harm to the dog, is attempted felony robbery-INSIDE the home. Therefore, in ALL states, justifiable use of deadly force without duty to retrea

me--former dog owner.
most small dogs might bark. maybe.
if you want a medium [malinois] or large [GSD, other large breed] do your research.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but here's a recent killing you haven't covered:
A feral gentleman named Tyrone Fountain (really) beat to death a white talent manager who decided to move from Texas to live amongst New Orleans' most talented blacks. No national coverage of course. "Fountain, 40, was originally jailed on Dec. 19 on charges of simple robbery and second-degree battery related to the attack, which sent local talent agency owner Marla Belin to the hospital. Police said Fountain snatched a purse from Belin in the 1700 block of North Dorgenois Street. Authorities said he then punched her several times and slammed her head to the ground. Her condition deteriorated while hospitalized in the days after the attack. She was taken off life support Friday, according to friends and family." Apparently she also was a massage therapist or something; maybe he had received a rubdown and interpreted it the wrong way. Her name makes me extra-sad because Marty Balin, singer on Jefferson Starship's masterpiece song "Miracles," died a few months ago.