Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Her Name is Carlie Beaudin: White Female Nurse (Found Trapped Under a Car and Frozen to Ground) Murdered by Black Man

She was a wife. 

She was a daughter. 

She was a friend.
Rest in peace, Carlie

She was a beloved nurse. 

She was a gifted singer.

She was a white woman, murdered by a black man.  [Nurse killed at Froedtert was an accomplished singer who ‘would come to Bel Canto to have her soul fed’, Fox 6 Now ,1-28-19]:
Carlie Beaudin, the 33-year-old Greendale nurse practitioner who died at Froedtert Hospital Friday, Jan. 25 after she was found trapped under a vehicle in a parking structure at the hospital was a gifted singer with the Bel Canto Chorus. The director spoke out about the loss on Monday, Jan. 28. 
Beaudin's death was ruled a homicide, and a 27-year-old man was arrested.
"Everybody that she touched in Bel Canto is stunned by this horrific event," said Rick Hynson. 
While words might not bring solace after this tragic event, Hynson said there's music. 
"Her legacy will be the music that she made with us. She was a color to her soprano, and quite a fine singer. A high soprano. That's the part that usually carries the melodies, and so she'd be soaring up there with the angels, just as she is now," said Hynson. 
That morning, Nick Beaudin said he woke up early. 
"My dog was restless, because he doesn't sleep well unless we are both in bed. My morning was trying to find out where my wife was," said Nick Beaudin. 
When deputies arrived on the scene, they found an unconscious woman trapped under a vehicle. She was bleeding from the head. Officials said the woman had a weak pulse and was frozen to the ground. The vehicle was crashed into a wall of the parking structure and had some damage. There were no occupants.
Carlie Beaudin lived an amazing life. She died a horrific death, murdered by a black man. If white privilege actually existed, the name Carlie Beaudin would be spoken by every newscaster in America and her murder at the hands of a black male would be the above-the-fold story of every major newspaper, too. 

But her name won't be spoken, save by those who knew her, nor will the macabre details of her murder be broadcast nationwide. After all, we have a black criminal to protect in this interracial murder. [Hospital spokeswoman: Suspect in attack that killed Froedtert nurse was former valet, fired in October, Fox 6 Now, 1-29-19]:
Charges have been filed in connection with the death of Carlie Beaudin, a Froedtert Hospital nurse practitioner who died at Froedtert Hospital Friday, Jan. 25 after she was found trapped under a vehicle in a parking structure at the hospital. Her death was ruled a homicide. 
Kenneth Freeman, 27, of Milwaukee, faces one count of first degree intentional homicide. 
Below is a statement from a Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin spokeswoman: 
“Today we learned additional details and the identity of the suspect in Carlie Beaudin’s tragic death. This is very difficult news, and our hearts go out to Carlie’s loved ones and colleagues. 
The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has just filed first degree intentional homicide charges. We understand that Carlie was attacked in Froedtert Hospital Parking Area 5 and driven to Froedtert Hospital Parking Area 1, where she was found. The details included in the complaint are disturbing. 
The suspect, Kenneth B. Freeman, has been identified as being formerly employed by a parking service provider as a valet on the Froedtert Hospital campus from January to October of 2018. Froedtert policies require that contracted employees from third-party vendors follow the same background checks required for direct employees. The parking service provider has confirmed that the suspect cleared the background check and that he was terminated for a non-violent infraction. 
We remain vigilant about the emotional and physical safety of every person who works or studies at, is cared for by, or visits our campuses, clinics and hospitals. 
Safety is our top priority. We have made security enhancements, and we will continue to make improvements. 
We will continue to take direction from law enforcement, and the situation will follow due legal process.”
Carlie Beaudin, rest in peace.



Anonymous said...

This is the type of thing that makes me sick and very angry.
We are being slaughtered every single day. Most people havent a clue.
Will this keep going until we are all gone?
Is there a point where enough normies will see what is kicking them in the face?

Anonymous said...

As is always the case, I have to come here to SBPDL to read such stories as this. The MSM is abuzz today with its latest race/hate crime hoax—a black, gay actor from "empire" was supposedly attacked by "white supremacists" yelling "make America great again". Of course this latest race/hate hoax is already falling apart. But nowhere in the MSM will one read of this horrific crime, yet another beautiful white woman who had so much to give being senselessly murdered by a low IQ, poor impulse control, violent animal. While the media continues to beat us over the head with more fabricated "race crimes" the lower animals continue to violently murder "salt of the earth" white folks.
At this point I'm ready for and actually hoping "the big event" will happen soon so we can purge from our society that which is destroying us. It's obvious there's no fixing them, so we might as well get the inevitable over with.

Anonymous said...

"Is there a point where enough normies will see what is kicking them in the face?"

Most will never reach that point after being indoctrinated in the catechism of BRA their whole lives. Each and every one of their family members could be killed in horrific fashion by blacks and they would still cling to the belief that these were mere aberrations and that blacks as a whole were as peaceful, hard-working, compassionate, and intelligent as the people of any other race, or even more so!

Anonymous said...

Another worthless African destroys. Separation is needed and deserved. We have no moral obligation to put ourselves at risk. Hopefully we can separate peacefully.

-Lee Lepanto

Archie bunker said...

I agree with you on whites being slaughtered , however, at this point, arrests are being made on most of them. Our biggest problem is liberal judges and probation releases.The latest outrage is the black, gay actor who supposedly was assaulted by men with MAGA hats who placed a noose around his neck, only in the clown world know as BRA. This sounds like another invented outrage to me, with white men and Trump supporters the target. The story featured today, on the nurse being attacked, the dindu should have never been hired in the first place, you never trust something like that as a valet, or anything else actually

Anonymous said...

You're right, this will not make the news. However, a gay, black actor says he was attacked with bleach and a rope at 2 am by Trump supporters. Lead story. This media makes me sick.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Whites need a legitimate civil rights organization. It has to be started fresh, completely divorced from personalities like David Duke who come saddled with baggage.

It should serve two initial purposes:

1) to highlight crimes, prejudice and racism against Whites by fake news, government schools and advertisers, while disseminating the facts about Black crime.

2) becoming a legal force that politicians fear like the ADL.

Imagine if we had a young, clean, White, well-spoken representative of this organization at this orc's trial.
Fake news would start to get the message: White is watching. White is united. It will also reinforce to grieving families of White victims that they are not alone.

We're already called every name in the book. You saw what happened to the Covington school kids. It's time to fight, not against the hordes, but for White dignity.

Anonymous said...

This poor woman.

I used to work very near Froedtert; in "the Village" in Wauwautosa. Tosa is an old suburb, almost entirely surrounded by Milwaukee. It has some beautiful old homes in rather upscale neighborhoods. But it is also adjacent to plenty of ghetto. The "vibrancy" of the area was already growing when I left in 2010.

Incidentally, Tosa is also home to the Mayfair Mall, scene of a "youth" riot back in 2011. I believe PK covered that story.

Almost eight years later, I am sure Tosa has deteriorated exponentially. Ms. Beaudin's death surely suggests so.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:21, I agree with you. We all need to post these atrocities on websites that feed us the poor negro bullshit stories.
I posted this story on Chicago Patch regarding that nonsensical story if the negro actor that nobody ever heard of.
Time to fight fire with fire. Enough is enough.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Wake up white people....

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee was once a wonderful white city. Slowly but surely, black and brown sludge have been ruining it.

One nitpick in the original Fox article-who was the Affirmative Action/Millennial moron who referred to her as a "color to her" soprano? The word is "coloratura". I'm sure the crunt "journalist" who screwed that up thinks of people like me as "uneducated" LOL.

Between this horrible murder, and the white Cleveland grandmother killed while walking her dog recently, I feel so angry that I don't even want to look at the news anymore. Avoid the groid.

Anonymous said...

Update of story including violence of her death.


Egghead said...

The statues made him do it....


Anonymous said...

Carlie’s murder was captured on CCTV, apparently. I’m sure that video will never see the light of day. It might inflame all those violent, low-impulse-control white people... 😐

Anonymous said...

"Is there a point where enough normies will see what is kicking them in the face?"

They still believe they are “winning”.

Anonymous said...

Carry a Gun.

Anonymous said...


Though it is a sensational outlet the information is still pertinent.


Sorry I've not posted in awhile, just been severely burnt out.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, he jus wanna get his muhdik on an she be trippin’ ?

Homicide seems like a reasonable response.


What a dumb nikker.

Anonymous said...

Smiling, white, Catholic teenagers get wall to wall national media attention. Called racist idiots for just being in Washington D.C.. This story, as horrific as it is, gets not a mention. These black on white murders garner no attention. This story is confusing and vague. Motive? Simply a HATE crime?

Unknown said...

The death of this white woman/beloved nurse from Froedtert Hospital is indeed sad and tragic. BUT/AND I implore you NOT to hold the entire Black community accountable.

juvenal said...

And we all know how many white guys with Maga hats wondering around that part of Shitcongo.

Jersey said...

As Wisconsin has no death penalty we need a Federal death penalty. Which can be used to execute these disgusting savages !!!!!

Mr. Rational said...

Sorry I've not posted in awhile, just been severely burnt out.

You have an obligation to your people not to let that stop you.  Let your anger feed you.

Anonymous said...

Fake racial story to cover up the real one. Remember Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome gang rape and murders. The duke lacrosse rape hoax was the fake cover up story for that one 2007. There are more media cover ups.

Anonymous said...

How do we get the video?
The public needs to see this.
Politicians will mention stories of illegal aliens but never mention the millions? of black on white murders since the civil rights era

Anonymous said...

People have a right to be outraged when black animals kill white people. Other than this blog, and the city in which this happened, none of this ever gets out. As at least one other person noted, we do need better representation in the courts and government to protect our constitutional rights.

I think the left fears us getting these rights because it will lead to the logical conclusion that we must be free of those people who murder us. If the blacks were segregated in their own areas, this would not have happened.

As a group of racially aware people, whites need to combine their efforts to fight injustice.

Anonymous said...

Remember Jessica Chambers white girl from Mississippi burned alive. There was a race hoax distraction being pushed by the media at that time to. Not even drudge or infowars mentioned her murder.

Blue Juice said...

OT in Chicongo: The mulatto actor with a Black-Scrabble name says he was attacked by 2 white males in ski masks and they tied a noose around his neck. In Chicago?! This story is so unbelievable that its laughable but this pampered man-child ticks off all the right boxes for a victim in BRA. I’ve lived here my whole life and can tell you that Chicago has become one of the most liberal cities in America, right up there with San Francisco, Oakland and Seattle. There is also a growing far-left radical movement here that I never saw before (thanks to President Jug-ears and the University of Chicago). Racial attacks are committed here…by the far-left and their beloved pets. This supposedly occurred in the Streeterville-River North neighborhood. One of the wealthiest areas in the city which has surveillance cameras every 10 feet but there is no video of this “hate crime”. Interestingly, this is one of the areas where black mobs (“teens”) have beaten, robbed, carjacked and killed victims but those crimes don’t get the attention of the media that so wants this story to be true. As the black reverends would say “these are salacious and ludicrous allegations”!

Anonymous said...

There is no law. There is no order. All men are not created equal. A nation rallying around a myth. Brought to these shores - ironically as a labor force - they are an invasive species. Like all invasive species they reproduce rapidly, have access to effective dispersal mechanisms, are rapidly and easily established, grow rapidly, and are aggressive competitors. Another factor in their favor the descendants of the freed slaves enjoy to aid them in their quest is the added protection and funding provided by government. Plan and simple you and yours and mine will be displaced as systematically as house sparrows displace bluebirds or tree swallows all courtesy of the weekly deductions from our paychecks.

'8 teens skipped school, robbed pizza delivery driver at gunpoint, police say'

By: Zachary Hansen, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Updated: Jan 30, 2019 - 4:06 AM

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - Eight teenagers are accused of robbing a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint during school hours Friday, authorities confirmed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

The students should have been at Luella High School, but Henry County police spokesman Capt. Joey Smith said they were hanging out at a house in the cul-de-sac of Stoney Brook Way in McDonough.

The teens are accused of ordering a pizza and using two guns to rob the driver of four pizzas, two soft drinks, a cellphone and some cash, Smith said. The driver called 911, and police were able to use phone records to track the teens to a house in the 200 block of Shaker Hollow, where they were arrested. ...

Aldorian Rashad Hatch, 17,
Armani Jaheim Mowatt, 17,
Dominick Dionte Jones, 18,
Elden Jarod Anderson, 18,
Jordan Mackenzie Payne, 18,
Kendel DeLeon Raymond, 17,
Troy Imahn Lankford, 17. ...

The eighth suspect, a 15-year-old boy, was taken to a regional youth detention center, Smith said. ...


Anonymous said...

She didn't have a GUN?

Augustus said...

"Coloratura!" Hilarious how stupid the media types can be. I'm sure they go to parties in NYC, sip Chardonay, and laugh at us "toothless,ignorant, Trump supporters."

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why negroes still always steal or rob people's cellphones?

They are shiny objects..BUT..
They can be located and tracked by GPS as in this case. They can be remotely bricked. They have a serial number and service will terminate and they will be caught trying to get service on a stolen phone.

How can they use them or sell them??? It seems to me that a stolen cellphone is a useless worthless object. Except as a paperweight, and I doubt negro thugs do much paperwork.

How stupid can they be? They probably have a pile of dead cellphones in their crib. Maybe they are trophies like scalps?

Anonymous said...

Re: pizza robbery names; the only effort blacks give to raising children is to give them stupid names.

Anonymous said...

To Blue Juice. At best this was a 19 Paul. Be safe out there.


Anonymous said...

As usual, I’m confused by the act itself. Did he know this woman personally? Was he waiting for her specifically? Was this a targeted attack rather than a target of opportunity? Was she dragged under the car? Did he transport her up to the top level and stuff her under her car? So much is left out of this...

Had it come to the point when we must walk to our cars in groups? When do we even begin to fight back? I like to think that some of these ‘black felon found dead’ reports show someone is fighting back and not waiting for ‘help’ to arrive instead just anothe r black on black crime.

There has to be a point when the scales tilt back.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Why do they rob/steal anything? Are they missing a risk/reward gene? Have they watched too many episodes of Empire?

'Shots fired during holdup at Chuy’s in Tuscaloosa; 5 suspects captured'

By Carol Robinson

Five suspects have been charged with a Monday-night robbery at a Tuscaloosa restaurant during which shots were fired.

The holdup happened at 11:15 p.m. at Chuy’s on McFarland Boulevard. Tuscaloosa police Lt. Teena Richardson said officers responded to the scene to find that five suspects had entered the business and fired shots in the air.

While the group was inside, they took the cash register till that held about $2,000. They then fled the scene. Four were quickly captured while a fifth remains at large. ...

Officers recovered the till and the missing money, as well as a shotgun. Those arrested and charged are: Senica Francis Harris, 34, of Cottondale; Kardell Varshae Doss, 25, of Tuscaloosa; and Michael Terrell Martin, also 25 and of Tuscaloosa. The juvenile’s name is not being released. All are charged with first-degree robbery.

Police also charged 21-year-old Jamarcus Kacey Woodard, of Tuscaloosa. Woodard turned himself in around 3:15 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Not even drudge or infowars mentioned her murder.

/ you must be kidding. I do check Drudge, daily. He is a gay jew, Matt Drudge.

I never liked Jones much. too bombastic and loves Israel.

I dont listen to Rush, but I sense RL is a race realist whose lips are sealed ...
he wants to keep his job. He has mentioned jesse jackass as a race hustler.

Anonymous said...

A dangerous place for a black child: under the same roof as an adult black male.

'Documents detail horrific injuries in Auburn child abuse case involving two-year-old victim'

By: Elizabeth White : Updated: Jan 29, 2019 06:24 PM EST

AUBURN, Ala (WRBL) - A two-year-old little girl from Auburn remains in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury in what Auburn police are calling a horrific case of child abuse.

24-year-old Fredricus Johnson of Auburn was arrested and charged with Aggravated Child Abuse on Friday, January 25th, 2019. Investigators believe on or about January 23rd Johnson was staying in Auburn with the victim and her mother at the Northpoint subdivision. Investigators believe Johnson was home alone with the child when he caused her to suffer a traumatic brain injury.
The child was taken by private car to Piedmont in Columbus where staff determined the injuries were not an accident and called the police.
Johnson was arrested at the home in Auburn along Northwood Drive. Police report the house had been recently cleaned with bleach.
Meanwhile, the child was flown to Children's in Birmingham where court documents indicate the child was admitted and underwent emergency surgery:

"A craniotomy was performed to relieve the swelling on her brain. She was intubated and placed in a medically induced coma so she could be treated. She was determined to have a subdural hematoma on the right side of her head and was suffering from a midline shift of her brain. Her brain had shifted pasy the midline of her skull due to the extreme swelling on one side. Due to the severe nature of her injuries, the victim was admitted for further treatment as a result of a non-accidental trauma. It is unknown when she will be released from Children's Hospital." ...

Anonymous said...

What's the story with the hospital security? Some affirmative action hire stuffing his face with pizza rolls when this murder occurred? Whoever he/she is should be out of a job.

Anonymous said...

Sentenced to 20 years this -whatever he is - necrophiliac I guess - will be out before Christmas.

'Man gets 20 years for raping corpse at Georgia funeral home'

By: WRBL: Updated: Jan 29, 2019 05:48 PM EST

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, Ga (WRBL) - A man who broke into a funeral home and raped a corpse has pleaded guilty in Muscogee Superior Court.

Prosecutors say Domonique Smith broke into what was then Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service back in 2015 and had sex with a female corpse.

Prosecutors say Smith left DNA and was caught on camera committing the act.  

A judge sentenced Smith to 20 years in prison with 15 to serve.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone read this yet...America is dead!!! They are coming after us.
Now the politicians are picking up the Chicago mutts cause.. Insanity.
Harris, Booker call attack on black gay actor an 'attempted modern-day lynching'


chattanooga gal said...

"The juvenile’s name is not being released."

they didn't have any problem releasing the name of the " smirking" kid from the catholic high school....

Anonymous said...

The cell phone need not be operational. Strutting about with the phone pressed against their ear having conversations with the voices in their heads provides them the status they so desperately seek.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get an idea in my head to print out flyers with various headlines from this site with the links and post them all around Philly in the dead of night. If anything, the subsequent liberal outrage would be wildly entertaining

Anonymous said...

Exactly, notice even drudge doesn't have this important real news anywhere on his site. But he has the fake racial story as a top news item. He's covered up tons of black on white murders and crimes over the years.

AR in Illinois said...

I'm wondering when the sexual assault/attempt sexual assault will be reported on. You know damn well that if that wasn't in his original plan it formed in his little underdeveloped caveman brain after he knocked her out. In the days of old this worthless piece of garbage would've been out back and shot in the face. Maybe we need to go back to those times in this country.

Anonymous said...

The Ministry of Propaganda crowd would never divulge the statistics but you have to wonder how many grandparents are in similar circumstances due to this great and wonderful diversification nation.

'Police: Uncasville man confessed to grandparents' double murder'

By John Barry
Posted Jan 29, 2019 at 10:26 AM 

MONTVILLE - An Uncasville 18-year-old stabbed both his grandparents to death, tried to burn down their home, then called 911 and later admitted his crimes, according to a police report.

Marcus Fisher, who neighbors and coworkers said lived with his grandparents, John Piscezek, 76, and Gertrude Piscezek, 77, at 26 Morgan St., was arraigned Tuesday in their killings, which apparently took place Sunday night.

He is charged with murder with special circumstances, two counts of murder and attempted second-degree arson.

Fisher said he got in a verbal argument with his grandfather "sometime after dinner and before bed" Sunday night, according to a state police investigation report to the court. He said he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed his grandfather in the chest, the report said. ...


JimRagan1967 said...

When I moved back to Metro Atlanta over 20 years ago Henry County GA (where McDonough is located) was nearly 80 percent white. Unfortunately it is next door to Clayton County which is notoriously a crime-ridden place and much of their crime has migrated into Henry County. Today, Henry County is now less than 50 perecent white and has become the latest Domino to fall in the decline of the Metro Atlanta Suburbs.

Anonymous said...

He will be a father.

He is a son.  

He is a friend.

Wash your face in peace, Kolacious.

You are a beloved teen.

I have no doubt you are a gifted rapper.


Say his name!


Anonymous said...

The racial sensitivities of this video would disparage the community! The community already suffers from "the legacy of slavery".

Anonymous said...

We remain vigilant about the emotional and physical safety of every person who works or studies at, is cared for by, or visits our campuses, clinics and hospitals.
Safety is our top priority. We have made security enhancements, and we will continue to make improvements.

We will continue to make improvements?

What a tasteless response. Your employee was beaten to death and you release some boiler plate PR statement.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet if these teen boys simply went to school they would find out that, yes Virginia, there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Hell, probably free breakfast, too! Gotta go where they got to go fo''dem GIBS! But dey wawntin' sum PEAT-ZUH wid 'dey free CA$H-MO-NAY!

Anonymous said...

I dont listen to Rush, but I sense RL is a race realist whose lips are sealed ...
he wants to keep his job.

Keep his job???? He has millions and could do his own internet show if he wanted to. He is a greedy slimeball that values money over country even though he is filthy rich. He has no children just like a lot of Hollywood entertainers.

His routine is blaming "big government" and avoiding race just like Fox conservatives. The safe corporate money is in telling rural mom and pop types that everything is the fault of Democrats. Rush might lose a Florida mansion if he starts going off corporate friendly narrative. Can't have that. Might lose a sponsor!

Anonymous said...

Re: Gay, "blactor" being attacked.

Doesn't the non-heteronormative population have larger risks while fraternities amongst people of the African-American persuasion?

In English...

Don't kweers worry more about Nike-Americans hatred for them than most anything else? Kweers want to marry and frustratingly scrog each other in imitation of actual people who can have children, but the kweers are set upon by feral Nike-Americans. The Nike-Americans didn't want them marrying in precious California. I thought they wanted peace, love, equality, fraternity, etc...

Bruce County said...

A wonderful white moment... too funny...

Woman charged after snow-shovel fight. Only in Canada you say..

Like I mentioned earlier...we can settle our indifferences without a gun..

Anonymous said...

Why do they rob/steal anything?

5 guys robbing a restaurant.

The took 2k out of the register which means 400 a piece.

So less than what a Mexican makes in a week mowing lawns.

Now we have to pay 30k a year for each of them to be in prison.

Anonymous said...

The teens are accused of ordering a pizza and using two guns to rob the driver of four pizzas, two soft drinks, a cellphone and some cash, Smith said. The driver called 911, and police were able to use phone records to track the teens to a house in the 200 block of Shaker Hollow, where they were arrested. ...

Aldorian Rashad Hatch, 17,
Armani Jaheim Mowatt, 17,
Dominick Dionte Jones, 18,
Elden Jarod Anderson, 18,
Jordan Mackenzie Payne, 18,
Kendel DeLeon Raymond, 17,
Troy Imahn Lankford, 17. ...

Wow. 3 18 year olds will be doing hard time for this.

If there is a group of 8 then why do you need guns?

Anonymous said...

A man who broke into a funeral home and raped a corpse has pleaded guilty in Muscogee Superior Court.

Am gonna guess this won't be making CNN.

Anonymous said...

I never liked Jones much. too bombastic and loves Israel.

I hate Jones. He has an entire army of Whites believing his conspiracy crap. He seems really good at attracting a certain type of person that assumes the world lives on conspiracies.

This is the guy that claimed B Gates was conspiring against minorities.

B Gates spent half a billion of his own money on common core under his belief that the public schools were failing minorities. Then he quietly went back to trying to cure malaria.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch this one just about two weeks ago? I had to go to Buffalo for an event and turned on WBEN to get the traffic and the local guy was talking about a press conference given by the superintendent of the Buffalo public schools, one Kriner Cash. They kept playing a clip of him speaking:

"Colleagues, we have a new narrative...we have a new narrative: The Buffalo Public Schools is turned around...It's no longer a failing district, it's a thriving district."

I didn't hear it anywhere else but even that night as I left they played the audio clip and I laughed each time. The superintendent of the damn school can't even speak proper English. Apparently the gist of it was the graduation rate was up to around 65%.

The host had people call in and it became clear why the "turnaround" as one teacher explained how they won't suspend misbehaving kids, no matter how bad, they have trouble even getting security to respond when a kid acts up. The host told of a story of a teacher being body slammed by a student and another, female teacher being spoken to in an incredibly vulgar manner. And another caller told how whatever curve they use on the grade worked it was possible to be given a 65 with just 31% of a test correct. 31%, that's passing in South Africa, although they want it lowered to 25%, but that's another story.

Link with audio: https://wben.radio.com/articles/buffalo-schools-declare-district-turn-around

Anonymous said...

I briefly check Drudge each day or more than once..he is controlled opposition.


Northam on Abortion Bill: Infant Could Be Delivered and Then

‘Physicians and the Mother’ Could Decide If It Lives


Aryan Racist said...

I watched the local TV news in Atlanta two days ago and heard about this disturbing
story. A 38 year old man who was married pumped his gas and went into a gas station
to pay for the gas and then two black males shot him dead for no reason. The black males were caught on camera but still haven't been found. This occurred in December.
As usual the news station used the narrative that a confrontation and an argument
occurred between the men before the shooting. But think about it, why in the world
would this white man have an argument with two black males? He was just paying for
gas. What probably happened was that the black men hassled him for money and he said
no or they insulted him and he may have given them a dirty look or said to leave me alone. That is enough to provoke a negro to shoot someone dead. The newscaster should have said "Two vicious black thugs murdered a white man in cold blood for no reason." His widow was interviewed and she said he was the ideal husband and she had
planned to spend the rest of her life with him. But hey let's not worry about it.
Just sit on the couch and stuff your face and watch the Super Bowl. I hope this
post is not deleted because I think it is important.

Anonymous said...

The legend of Shaker Hollow! The headless pizza delivery man will be coming soon. He'll be killed by Niggabod Crane!

Anonymous said...

I meant fraternizing, not fraternities. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I have a theory about these idiotic, scrabble names black baby mamas give their 'more welfare benefit' babies.
They hate whites so much they don't want to give dey keeds any name that sounds white. Plus, they think each little nog they pop out is going to be unique, as in saving the world unique. So, they need a stupid unique name.
John. Nope. Peter? Nope. Brian? Nope? Demorpheous? Now we be talkin'. Dontre'vious? There ya go.

Anonymous said...

GILLETTE had a new ad slogan.............

“The Best A Trans Can Get” TM.

Egghead said...

Common Core is about copyrighting and owning (via monopoly) public educational materials (for a profit).

Anonymous said...


They are really losing it.

When is the last time they did anything for workers? Did they forget they are supposed to be on the side of labor?

They are OBSESSED with White people and especially Trump voters. Totally obsessed with pushing diversity.

I don't know how much worse they can get.

Anonymous said...

Since when did calling someone a name merit a national manhunt? Black propagandizing lurid fables of black victimhood takes center stage. Its déjà vu 1930s USSR and we're all tuned in to the State broadcast on the wired radio. Instead of being warned of Trotskyites, counter-revolutionaries, capitalists, wreckers, aristocrats, entrepreneurs, kulaks and the like now the 'enemies of the people' are smirking racist white lynch mobs roaming the streets wearing MAGA hats and hurling racial slurs. Black & brown will use democracy to subvert the US. As PK says, "There's no getting off this ride."

Anonymous said...

My conservative, Fox News-watching boomer father truly believes that “the blacks” (and the Hispanics!) are now finally waking up pretty soon they’ll all be acting exactly like law-abiding Republican white people, now that Trump has got their unemployment rate so low (finally satisfying their continual demands for more jobs jobs jobs!)

Anonymous said...

OT...just saw a news segment that featured a black couple (!) in Baltimore that adopted a white child (!). The small red-headed girl was the daughter of a local white prostitute.

Fine, good for them. However, the message of the piece was to show how this couple were huge victims because wherever they go, racist white police and passers-by think they have kidnapped the girl. The narrator then concludes that that is the sole reason blacks don't adopt white children. She never asks the black couple how their black neighbors seem to feel about the arrangement though.

(Whether the little girl is better off being raised by a black couple or a white crack whore is another topic for another day.)

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I hadn't heard about the ritualistic killings in Maryland, had you?

Libby Cannaught-Noatis


Ritualistic Killings Spark Mob Action in Maryland

By Josephus Moses Gray

The Perspective
January 27, 2005

Some panic-stricken inhabitants of the southeastern county of Maryland, mainly in Harper city, over the weekend took the law into their hands when they staged a violent protest over the wave of ritualistic killings which has re-surfaced in the area.

The county is noted for ritualistic killings, despite serious actions taken over the years by the Liberian government - by putting perpetrators to death by hanging while giving others lengthy prison sentences.

According to latest report emerging from the county, hundreds of angry residents came out to protest the alleged failure of the appropriate security apparatus to curtail the wave of ritualistic killings in the county.

During the violence demonstration staged by the youth of the county, several persons were victimized while several business houses and private homes were reportedly attacked and looted by the mobs. Liberia’s Justice Minister, Cllr. Kabineh Ja’neh told journalists in Monrovia this week that the mobs attacked the National Police Headquarters on Green Street in Harper and released several prisoners sentenced for various crimes.

The Justice Minister explained further that the mobs ransacked the Harper Police headquarters and flogged two detainees severely. The two victims, according to minister, have been accused of being involved in the ritualistic killing in the county.

In order to restore calm in the area, the transitional government has imposed a dust to dawn curfew in the county, while at the same time the government has instituted a thorough probe into circumstances that led to the mob action.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Secretary General Special Representative in Liberia, Ambassador Jacques Paul Klein told journalists in Monrovia that the UN Mission in Liberia is carefully studying the situation in the county.

According to the UN diplomat, UN peacekeepers are on standby to move into the county should the situation continue in an effort to help ensure the safety and security of the people of Maryland. Warning the residents to remain in doors during he curfew which run from 6: PM to 6:AM daily, ambassador Klein said UNMIL will provide full security for the people of the county.

The situation in the past led to severe punishment administered against convicted sons and daughters of the county, with some of them being publicly hanged to death, while others were given long prison sentences. Among those hanged were the former Superintendent of the County, James Anderson, Jr., Allen Yancy, Francis Nyepan, Philip Seton, Oldman Barclay and Madam Wreh Tarnyonoh, just to name few. They were hanged on 17th February 1979 during the regime of the late President William R. Tolbert, Jr. after a guilty verdict was brought down against them for killing a popular Kru traditional singer Moses Tweh.

Similar situation re-emerged in 1986 and took away the lives of two little kids in the county. Those connected to the act include former NDPL county chairman, David Clark, Alfred Davies, Jasper Bedell, Gbason Toe and one Gardner. They were arrested and brought to Monrovia where they were sentenced to prolong detention while under going investigation.

Another 200 persons were round-up by the former Superintendent of the county now Minister of Internal affairs, Minister H. Dan Morais for the mysterious death of Lt. Alphonso Chalde, former employee of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN).

Anonymous said...

My wife and I would love to adopt another little red head. Girl or boy. We have 2 but probably can’t have any more. My Concealed Carry Permit was a disqualification in a couple states. They have a “no weapons” in the home thing. Same for foster care here.
Yet I bet when little red haired girl is old enough, if Daddy ain’t muhdikin her, momma will pimp her out.

Anonymous said...

Inquisitive minds inquire why more black folks are charged with resisting arrest. The answer could not possibly be more black folks resist arrest. Nah! Couldn't be!

'Why Are More African-Americans Charged With Resisting Arrest In Asheville?'


African-Americans in Asheville are far more likely to be charged with resisting an officer during a police encounter than white people. A five-year analysis of arrest records from the Asheville Citizen-Times shows that 35 percent of resisting an officer charges — sometimes called “resist, delay, obstruct” or RDO — were made against African-Americans, even though black people are only 12 percent of the Asheville population.

Asheville Citizen-Times reporter Joel Burgess, who covers government accountability, conducted the analysis and spoke to many people in the community about the disparity he found.

Burgess joins host Frank Stasio to share reaction from the Asheville Police Department and to talk about what might be behind the racial differences in RDO charges.


Non PC Infidel said...

The little white girl was adopted by negroes for one reason only- to be an incubator for future black babies as soon as she gets old enough to be bred- either by the adoptive father, an "uncle" or the neighborhood "teens." OR, as a previous poster stated, she'll be pimped out by the "momma." No matter what, she's going to be hatching out black babies.

I wonder if her name is "Newt?" It might as well be since she's been captured by an alien species for the purposes of breeding more of their kind.

Anonymous said...

No needs to frets everyone. Mayor Keisha and Chief Erika gots this:

'APD deputy chief: Repeat offenders being released as crime spikes in neighborhoods'

By: Matt Johnson
Updated: Jan 30, 2019 - 11:41 PM

ATLANTA - Atlanta's police chief says her department will not be a "pawn in political shenanigans."

On Tuesday night, we told you that former council member Mary Norwood hand-delivered a letter demanding action on increasing crime.

Channel 2's Matt Johnson broke this story and learned the department is pointing the finger at local judges who keep repeat offenders.

Norwood told Johnson, "Buckhead is under a crime increase that is dramatic and it is concerning and I want everyone in the administration to know that and that begins with Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms."

While the letter was addressed to the mayor, police Chief Erika Shields felt compelled to respond and defend her department.

"We're better than this.This city's better than this. But more than anything else, if not for me, for the men and the women who go out there every day and risk their lives: Stop with this foolishness," she said.

Six Buckhead garages became the latest targets for a trio of thieves early Wednesday morning.

Video from one house off Howell Mill Road shows how thieves were able to drive off with a family's SUV.

Jaquantay Campbell, 26, is one of the two people arrested after a Georgia State Patrol chase ended in East Point

Officers in Buckhead's Zone 2 have made six times the amount of car break-in arrests compared to this point last year.

Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier said he knows why.

"If you were to commit this crime in any other county in the state of Georgia, you would be serving serious time," he said.

Campbell's arrest wednesday is his ninth arrest on theft charges in 10 years. ...


Anonymous said...

"Colleagues, we have a new narrative...we have a new narrative: The Buffalo Public Schools is turned around...It's no longer a failing district, it's a thriving district."

Much like the sign posted outside a Dallas school a few years back that said, “BRING ON THE TAKS TEST. WE ECCEPT THE CHALLENGE!”

I don’t know whether to �� or ��...

Nomad in NJ said...

As a NJ resident who works in NE
Philly, I can assure you that the distribution of such flyers, however factual, would be a one-way ticket to "hate crime" charges in this area.

The city that can't afford to fix its potholes, and refuses to abide by federal law with regards to illegal aliens, will throw all available resources towards tracking YOU down and presecuting you with a litany of charges that amount to nothing more than "thoughtcrimes".

Don't get me wrong - I fully agree with the sentiment, and encourage actions that fight the monopoly the MSM has on spreading information. I just wish to caution you to be as anonymous as humanly possible when doing so.

Anonymous said...

Expect more of this black propaganda spewing from the mouth of every black politician in every black run municipality in the USA. But it won't stop there. It will percolate up to every politician seeking the black vote. Faced with the insoluble problem of maintaining social order in black communities the remedy so-called is to declare law enforcement the problem.

'Gardner: St. Louis cannot arrest its way out of crime problem'

Staff Writer: 30-Jan-2019

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Circuit Attorney said the city can’t arrest its way out of the crime problem, so she’s trying to reduce crime by changing policy.

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said her new approach focuses on the causes of crime.

She said the city’s high arrest rates, conviction rates, and lengthy prison sentences have not made the city any safer.

Gardner said the heavy-handed criminal justice response in the past has played a significant role in destabilizing families and neighborhoods out of access to job opportunities and housing.

“This is why we are taking a new approach. One where we work with service providers to help address the underlying drivers of crime, including substance abuse, disorders, mental illnesses, joblessness, and hopelessness while reserving our harshest response incarceration for those who truly are a danger to our community," she said.

The circuit attorney said she’ll begin discussions on changing her office policy, as well as plans for alternatives to incarceration, and bail and bond practices.


Mr. Rational said...

Man, those stories out of Liberia....

AR in Illinois said...

Damned right!! Learned this first-hand over my 26 years as a cop. Blacks don't readily comply when told they are under arrest and to submit to handcuffing. A lot of times they want to have a "discussion " about WHY they are under arrest. I suspect that this is mostly because in their primitive brains they dont believe they did anything wrong and, therefore, dont think they should be being arrested. I did have some white arrestees try to run but I honestly can't remember having to fight any into handcuffs. Like a lot of other crimes, this is mostly a black thing.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find a picture of the grandparents, but judging by their last name, I doubt they were black. They were probably like many of the older white couples I see at Walmart or grocery stores pushing a shopping cart with a couple wooly headed mulattos in it, while mom is busy out mudsharking, leaving Grandma & Grandpa to raise her sprogs.

Anonymous said...

February Black History Month.They must be so proud of their race. Why look how well Africa over the past 10 thousand years has progressed.And their great achievements and contributions to the civilized world.
And this is the Democrats platform?
-no private healthcare.
-kill fully formed 2 seconds from birth babies
-70% marginal tax rates on people they hate
-ban nearly every gun
-also you're racist

Unknown said...

the kalergi plan .

Egghead said...

It is very important to understand that medical researchers provide the market for full term aborted babies whose more fully formed and larger baby parts are the ‘most useful’ to medical researchers who order - and pay very well for - those baby parts from abortion providers. The ‘problem’ is that the medical researchers want the baby parts to be pure and undamaged for their research purposes, so it incentivizes the abortion providers to essentially deliver the whole baby to ‘limit’ the damage to its individual baby parts. If it sounds bad, it is! But, it is important to understand the true motivations of the participants.

Anonymous said...

e two persons of interest in the alleged attack on Empire star Jussie Smollett are only seen on the opposite side of the street in the surveillance footage reviewed by Chicago police, according to a local reporter.

On Wednesday, the Chicago Police Department released screenshots of two persons of interest in the alleged attack on Smollett. The Empire star told police he was returning from a fast food restaurant at around 2 a.m. when two men began hurling racial and homophobic slurs (Smollett is gay and black).

During the alleged attack, Smollett says a rope was put around his neck, bleach was poured on him, and one of his attackers yelled, “This is MAGA country,” referring to President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

After poring through hundreds of hours of surveillance video,

My first question is....Would MAGA racist even watch Black Empire?
Would they know this man?
Second question is why he still had the noose around his neck an hour after being attacked when the police arrived?
I hope a thorough investigation will clarify

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know, or know where to find, statistics on how many abortions are black versus white?

We may just want to let this go. The problem could be correcting itself.

Jim in Jersey

Bruce County said...

Re: Jim In Jersey...
There are several sites that have info on what these animals do to unborns. This one I have posted breaks a good bit of it down. No daddies no babies. Human life means nothing to these proto humans.


Bruce County said...

Jim In Jersey... ( Abortions) this is just for new York..


Unknown said...

Whenever a rare example of white on black violence occurs, it is ALWAYS portrayed in the MSM as a hateful racist crime. But to the very same MSM it's never racist hate crime when a minority verbally insults, physically assaults, rapes, burns, stabs, strangles, shoots, body slams, sucker punches, beats, stomps, runs over, or slits the throat of a white person. It's only racist hate for white people to notice.

So why is it NOT RACIST for the Liberal Mass Media to purposely manipulate RACE, exploit RACE, and use RACE to push a certain RACIAL narrative in tv sitcoms, commercials, and movies, for the purpose of social engineering the RACES, and push RACIAL politics..........But it IS racist to notice, or disapprove of such manipulation?

Because the Left and those that own and run the MSM are hateful and racist against Whites, Christianity, and their Western Civilization, and want to destroy it "by any means necessary".

Anonymous said...

to Jim--The problem could be correcting itself.

you must be kidding.
in 1965 USA was about 90% White.

In 1900, world was 30% us.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jussie Smollett incident. This story is so full of shit that even the MSM is dropping it because they have already been burned by Houston and Covington. My prediction is that Jussie will end up checking himself into rehab or counseling for “stress”.

Anonymous said...


Clown World.
I would told this idiot "poet" to STFU and leave.

Anonymous said...

The Socialists are emboldened. But they fear the civil unrest that will come from excessive taxation, confiscation if wealth, guns, and property. As they should.

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear any 'news' coverage of this attack? Apparently beating someone near to death with a skateboard is a love crime.

'Teen charged in brutal assault and robbery of Albany County prosecutor appears in court'

January 24, 2019 11:39 AM

A teenager accused of slamming a skateboard into the skull of a man and robbing him was in court on Wednesday. NewsChannel 13 has learned the victim is an Albany County prosecutor.

Zamari Coffin, 17, is charged with robbery and assault for the January 8 attack on Chestnut Street. NewsChannel 13 told you about this when it happened.

Now, police say Assistant District Attorney Vincent Stark was the one who was attacked. Details revealed in court on Wednesday morning say he needed emergency surgery to have a portion of his skull removed and he had a fractured eye socket and cheekbone. He's experiencing a loss of hearing and has a serious brain injury.

Coffin appeared with his grandmother while being arraigned by Judge Gary Stiglmeier. He was sent to the Albany County Jail without bail.

Police say three men in total were involved in the attack. The other arrests have not yet been made.


PB said...

Sorry unknown but the ability to not do that is slipping away. This is the latest in just too many. We have seen the content of their character. There is nothing left to be proved.

Mr. Rational said...

Does anyone know, or know where to find, statistics on how many abortions are black versus white?

Also from CNS News:


(Why are there so many cucks among nominal Christians?)

We may just want to let this go. The problem could be correcting itself.

We also need serious cutbacks on welfare payments and housing assistance for the generationally useless and criminal.  If we can get their TFR cut back to 1.1 (same as Puerto Rico) we'll be on track.  Make life onerous enough after the first illegitimate turdler and most won't have a second.

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree, they'd lose their minds trying to find out who posted the flyers, all while there's a bunch of subhumans out murdering, raping, and robbing! That's why I said in the dead of night, wear a ski mask, make sure to know where any cameras might be, wear gloves etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all. Never thought of the CDC as a source for abortion stats but I guess considering the race, it can be considered a disease!

Here's their input in case you don't want to read the whole thing...

"Non-Hispanic white women had the lowest abortion rate (6.8 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years) and ratio (111 abortions per 1,000 live births) and non-Hispanic black women had the highest abortion rate (25.1 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years) and ratio (390 abortions per 1,000 live births). Data for 2015 also are reported separately by race and by ethnicity "

It would seem with those kinds of numbers, it would behoove the leftists to import more of them every year, no? Gotta keep them happy by letting them rob and fuck each other... so it just makes sense you have to make it all free. If the numbers are allowed to dip, we'll just import more!

Jim in Jersey