Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Her Name is Marla Belin: White Woman Murdered by Black Man in 60% Black New Orleans because She Refused His Sexual Advances

Previously on SBPDL: Confirmed: In 60% Black New Orleans, Almost 99% of Homicides and Nonfatal Shootings Committed by Blacks

Just another black on white murder you never heard about. 
RIP Marla Belin

Hard to imagine too many people in New Orleans heard about the murder of Marla Belin. 

The New Orleans Times Picayune reports Belin refused his sexual advances... [Report: New Orleans talent agency owner dies after purse snatching, beating, The Advocate, 12-30-18]:

A 55-year-old woman was taken off life support Friday following injuries she received in a violent robbery several days earlier, according to the New Orleans Police Department. 
The death raised New Orleans' homicide count for the year to 145.  
Police said the woman was the victim of a 7th Ward robbery about noon Dec. 17, when a man tried to grab her purse and a struggle ensued. 
According to police, the victim chased the robber across the street in the 1700 block of North Dorgenois Street, at which point the robber body-slammed her to the ground, hit her head on the concrete several times and struck her in the face before fleeing with the purse. 
Citing friends, nola.com identified the victim as Marla Belin. Belin is the owner of the talent agency NOLA Talent Entertainment, according to her LinkedIn page. 
Police arrested a suspect in the case, Tyrone Fountain, 40, two days later. 
Fountain was booked on counts of simple robbery and second-degree battery. His bail was set by a magistrate judge at $20,000, and he bailed out, according to the nola.com report, citing Belin’s friends. 
A spokesman for the NOPD said homicide detectives are investigating to determine if additional charges are merited. 
Fountain is scheduled for a court appearance Jan. 17, court records show. 
The nola.com report said Belin's talent agency focused on discovering and supporting local musicians.  
It quoted an agency employee as saying that Fountain and Belin both lived in the 7th Ward and knew each other before the attack.
If white privilege were real, we'd never stop hearing about this murder.

Have you even heard about his black on white homicide?


Then white privilege doesn't exist.

And white lives don't matter.


Anonymous said...

Give him 25 and he'll be back on the streets in 10 ready fo some mo killin.

Anonymous said...

Yes, white privilege is all too real.

Long before we were married, my (blonde, blue eyed) wife experienced the privilege of repeated accostings by vibrant orcs, with the predictable furious results when she spurned them. On own occasion, an orc pulled up next to her in a parking garage, rolled down his window and shouted "get in!" forcing her to sprint to her car. On another occasion, she was confronted while jogging (in broad daylight) when a nog asked her on a date. She politely declined resulting in him storming off, calling her a racist b***h.

Fortunately, these (and many other) incidents changed her from a doe eyed liberal to a firm race realist. She was lucky to be red pilled in her 30s.

I'm very sorry for Marla and her family. If any good can come from this tragedy, I hope it red pills at least one white woman.

Unknown said...

She was a massage thereapist?
Had give .Him scalp massages.
Big mistake .

juvenal said...

Damn that thing is ugly. Its amazing how delusional these Sons of Imam Barry are. They think they're God's gift women

Anonymous said...

Another rejection story. There's no description of the assailants, but let's see what clues are available. West Memphis, rejection, shots fired. Hmmmn... Could it be?? Yep, I'd say we have more blue-eyed white devils roaming the roads in West Memphis popping off a couple of rounds because someone in the Wal-Mart and McDonald's parking lot didn't see them as the Mr. Wonderfuls they knows themselves to be.

'Two men pursue, shoot at women who rejected them in McDonald’s parking lot'


WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — Two women were shot at Thursday in a West Memphis McDonald's parking lot after rejecting advances from two men.

Police said the women were first approached at Walmart where they declined the suspects' attentions, but the men followed them to the McDonald's on North Missouri Street and tried again.

After being rejected a second time, police said the men fired at the victims' vehicle, striking one of the tires.

"The two girls jumped out of it. A blonde-headed girl and another one and they was jumping around trying to stop the police," said Mike Rhyne, a customer at Howard's Donuts across the street. ...


Anonymous said...

D.C. begins the new year with a homicide a day but the Mayor maintains the game plan. Come on Mayor! Increase Patrols! Increase Patrols!

'Mayor: No change in police tactics despite year’s violent start'

By Megan Cloherty | January 8, 2019 1:35 pm

WASHINGTON — It has been a violent start to the year in D.C., which has averaged one killing a day since the new year.

There have been six more homicides so far in 2019 than this time last year and city leadership says it’s sticking to the police tactics in place.

Damon Dukes, 25, of Northwest, was the seventh person killed in the city so far this year. Officers found him shot just before 8 p.m. Sunday night near the 9:30 Club in Downtown.

“As you know we had five homicides over the weekend,” said D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham at a news conference Monday, Jan. 7.

Newsham outlined how two people, one of which was a retired D.C Police civilian employee, were killed before the house was set on fire in Southeast on Saturday. ...


Anonymous said...

Look very closely at the groid pictured on the left.........and the woman he killed on the right.

Tell me we are the same...........

...and folks the person on the left is representative of those whose females with their hands out to the government are breeding while the person on the right is more than likely too busy with a career and paying bills to bother having more than a child or two if any at all.........and there is nothing wrong with that as long has you don't have non-Whites in your society breeding junk like the thing on the left.

The proto humans on the left are the future demographic of this city and this country not the person on the right.

To celebrate diversity in a White nation will be at your own peril White cucks..

Anonymous said...

Black cop harasses white guy, shoots his dog...an international news story if the races were reversed.


J said...

I still remember my first time in New Orleans. January 1990, I was riding a Greyhound Bus from Florida to California. The New Orleans stop was the only time I was scared. It was a fucking dump, with nothing but Blacks everywhere.

Anonymous said...



A man who was sentenced in the fatal shooting of an Evanston resident will join his twin brother in the Illinois prison population.

Dominic Connerly, 27, apologized to the family of the shooting victim before he was sentenced last week to 15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Connerly was initially charged with first-degree murder in the death of Floyd Gibert, who was gunned down in Evanston in 2013 at age 30.

But on the eve of his trial in December, Connerly, a former Evanston resident who was living in Zion at the time of the 2013 shooting, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, and in exchange the more serious murder charge was dropped.

Connerly’s twin brother, Darien, is currently serving a 35-year sentence for the murder of cabdriver Leodis Blackburn in Evanston in 2011. Authorities said Darien Connerly, who was on probation at the time, got into Blackburn’s cab, demanded money and then shot him when he refused.

Dominic Connerly could have received a 30-year prison term in his case because of his criminal history, prosecutors said.

In court, Connerly described Gibert as a “friend” and apologized to Gibert's 17-year-old daughter and to his mother who, in a statement read by a Cook County prosecutor in court, said Gibert “will live on in all that knew and loved him.”

“Floyd was not perfect but he tried,” the statement continued. “He was truly all about family.”

At the time of the 2013 shooting, in the 2000 block of Darrow Avenue in Evanston, police said that Connerly was on probation for a previous unnamed conviction. They also said that he and Gibert were suspected street gang members, and that the two groups had been involved in a simmering dispute that was fueled by posts on social media.

Prosecutors said Connerly and “another person” agreed that Gibert would be killed, and that Gibert was shot in the chest with a 9mm pistol a short time later. They also said Connerly was seen running from the crime scene.

Judge Paul Pavlus, who sentenced Connerly, said he learned a lot about gang violence in Evanston as Connerly’s case plodded through the justice system. The judge said that rival gangs in the northern suburb have been locked in a ongoing bloody war for years and that “it’s got to stop.”

“If this nonsense doesn’t stop, your life could be taken away,” Pavlus told Connerly. The judge also offered word of comfort to Gibert’s mother and daughter.

“I can only imagine that (the prison sentence) doesn’t fill the hole

Another example of negro culture st it's best.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell was this orc offered bail at any time?

She didn't deserve death, but hanging around "jazz folks" led to an early conclusion.

Anonymous said...

My folks are visiting a relative in New Orleans, and I'm already uneasy about it. They are old, rich, white liberals and will be an easy target. Anything I can tell them to increase their odds of survival? They already visited him in Detroit, but he had to move to a place that is even measurably worse.

New Orleans used to be such a fun and beautiful city.

Archie bunker said...

Anything I can tell them to increase their odds of survival? Don't go, would be the only way of doing that

Californian said...

It just may be this is another random robbery gone wrong committed by an aspiring rapper who was trying to turn his life around.

It just may be that the perpetrator saw the victim as a symbol of the White power structure and he was striking a revolutionary blow for all oppressed Africans in America, 'cause, ya know, Black Lives Matter.

Regardless, Marla Belin is one more statistic in the grand experiment of BRA.

What else can one say but: Stay Armed, Stay Alert.

Unknown said...

Happened in east point fka East Detroit. Man waited and ambushed former gf and her new bf

juvenal said...

Why oh why cant people like this Marla Belin character learn to keep their distance? Did she actually want something like this to happen?

juvenal said...

The advice youd like to give them, will depend on just how " antiracist" they are. If they're to far gone, I'm afraid there's not much you'll be able to say.

Anonymous said...

My folks are visiting a relative in New Orleans, and I'm already uneasy about it. They are old, rich, white liberals and will be an easy target. Anything I can tell them to increase their odds of survival?

Same rules for any Black area.
Don't walk around when it is dark.
Avoid mini-marts and gas up in the morning.
No public parks
Carry a drop wallet with some cash in it

They will be fine.

europeasant said...

"According to police, the victim chased the robber across the street in the 1700 block of North Dorgenois Street, at which point the robber body-slammed her to the ground, hit her head on the concrete several times and struck her in the face before fleeing with the purse"

I'm sorry about the White woman but chasing an African for stealing her purse? That's just plain ridiculous. Maybe all those super, all powerful, women movies produced by Hollywood has rotted our women's brains.

I remember a time way long ago when I was a cabbie and for some reason wound up on the south side (all Africans) and my two African customers shortchanged me and walked into a dark walkway. No fricken way did I get out and ask them for the full cab ride. I was young and stupid but Not that stupid. I looked around at the neighborhood and decided my best option was to head straight for the highway and get north as soon as possible.

It was scary when the sun went down. Stay safe, stay awake and stay away.

Anonymous said...

RE: the lovely twin murderers story

"Connerly was initially charged with first-degree murder in the death of Floyd Gibert, who was gunned down in Evanston in 2013 at age 30...In court, Connerly described Gibert as a “friend” and apologized to Gibert's 17-year-old daughter and to his mother."

Let's see, murdered guy had a kid at age 13...so that would probably mean the grandmother is in her early 40s. It's not just the number of spawn they produce that will suffocate the planet, it's the rapid turnover time.

Anonymous said...

Every other news story on that site was nothing but black crime and black criminals. Didn't realize Memphis was that bad.

Anonymous said...

Like those two hikers in Morocco, killed by liberalism.

juvenal said...

But will they listen to you? That's the question you need to be asking yourself.

Anonymous said...

Deandre Hopkins and Shaquille O'Neal will pay for the funeral. Almost $100,000 will be raised on GoFundMe. The community is outraged. Oh, wait. I thought the white women murdered the black guy. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't dead at the time of initial charging. It's gone up to murder now that her damned near lifeless husk has been taken of the plugged-in machines.

Anonymous said...

Send them a link to this story, either here or the original articles provided. There's two of them to read and learn from.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Baltimore is looking to hire the police superintendent from NOLA for their own police department. (Excuse me, I'm chuckling down my sleeve). Hopefully, he can turn Baltimore into the safe haven that NOLA has been during Mr. Harrison's long career.

Bruce County said...

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...
I was just reading that NOLA is having a hard time filling policing jobs. They are entertaining lowering the standards for the applicants and recruiting requirements. Attrition rates are at 6-8% while recruit hires are at 13%..Considering the stats of black criminals. I'm sure 25% of the force may likleyhave some type of criminal record. Good for NOLA.. Good for Baltimore...Both are shit holes worthy of a shit hole police force. Africa in America happens when you have Africans in America!!
Buy your ammo on sale and buy lots. When you think you have enough, buy some more.

Anonymous said...

Might want to go ahead and start investing heavily in Baltimore real estate to make a quick profit on the soaring property values. Baltimore will so be so squeaky clean Ward, June, Wally, and the Beaver will be walking down the street at midnight.

Anonymous said...

Another Interstate shooting. File this one - along with hit-and-run fatalities - under crime occurring with greater frequency in BRA.

'Police: Driver shot, car ‘riddled with rounds’ after shooting at I-240 and 385'

Posted 9:47 pm, January 8, 2019, by WREG Staff and Andrew Ellison, Updated at 04:15PM, January 9, 2019

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man was rushed to the Regional Medical Center on Tuesday night following another shooting on a Memphis interstate, and police don’t know where the gunfire came from.

The victim, 21 year old Levon Miller, told police he had just left a gym on Poplar Avenue around 9 p.m. and was in the eastbound lanes near I-240 and Highway 385 when he heard gunfire and felt pain in his back.

A bullet struck him in the back, causing him to lose control of the vehicle. A good Samaritan who heard the shots and saw Miller’s car on an embankment pulled over to the help near Ridgeway.

The victim’s grandma, who didn’t want to share her name with WREG, is grateful for that good Samaritan.

“You don’t know who your angel is and his angel was right there for him,” she says.

She says she has no idea why anyone would want to hurt her grandson. He had been at the gym with some of his friends, but told police they didn’t get in a fight with anyone. His grandma asked if it was road rage, but Miller said he never cut in front of anyone.

Miller was rushed to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition where he was treated for his injury and was later downgraded to non-critical. He’s back at home recovering.

“By the grace of God, yes sir, he’s doing okay,” his grandma says.

According to investigators, 14 shell casings, all .223 caliber, were found on the interstate. The back window of the man’s Honda  Police was shot out and the car was “riddled with rounds,” a police report stated.

Neither the victim nor the man who helped him saw where the shots came from. Police said no cameras were posted in the area.

Call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH if you can help police.


Anonymous said...


Drunk and asleep on duty, black security guard fired, stripped of all but his skivvies and made to walk 3km home. Obviously the town is a "racism capital".

Alfa158 said...

Anonymous at 6:30AM:
One thing I know from visiting New Orleans is that you have to be really careful around the Bourbon Street, French Quarter touristy type areas.They are liking being in a shark cage inside shark infested waters. If you stay strictly inside the busy tourist heavy areas, those spots are heavily patrolled to protect the revenue flow, so you will only have to worry about pick pockets, scam artists and getting fleeced in clubs. Take one step outside and it is like opening the shark cage and swimming out,
DO NOT enter or leave the tourist zones on foot or by public transport especially at night. Drive or take taxis. The sharks are always circling the cage and sniffing the water for weakness.

Anonymous said...

The Chief said that he didn’t think any laws were broken.
Even though it is misdemeanor weapons misconduct and the value of the dog, and certainly the Vet bills, are over the threshold of a Class C felony in AR.
A person was nearby, which would make it a felony property crime, felony intimidation, assault, and cruelty to animals.
I get it, maybe, if it was a Pit that wouldn’t stop attacking. But a Chihuahua? Cases like this give dog lovers pause.

Anonymous said...

They already passed on the one from Houston, another crime free city full of well behaved groids.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to BRA: Underfunded, understaffed, outgunned.

'City officials speak out about combating gang violence'

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo welcomes the governor's attention on gangs and says the state needs to send more money to local law enforcement agencies.

Author:Marcelino Benito
Published:6:40 PM CST January 9, 2019: Updated:6:49 PM CST January 9, 2019

HOUSTON — One day after Jazmine Barnes' funeral, a retweet from Governor Greg Abbott has shifted the conversation to fighting gangs.

Abbott says the city has too many gangs and wants to expand a state task force in Houston.

"We have an ongoing gang war," said Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston Police Officers' Union. "The gang problem is not getting better, it's getting worse."

Abbott retweet Gamaldi's tweet showing Larry Woodruffe flashing gang signs. Gamaldi says Gov. Abbott is right.

"We're outmanned and outgunned," Gamaldi said. "We're already short 1,500 officers. We need more and more resources." ...


Anonymous said...

We've all heard the idiom 'herding cats' in reference to a futile attempt to organize an inherently uncontrollable group. 'Governing negroes' would be a more accurate idiom to describe such futility.

'Two charged after Raleigh police officer shot in neck'

RALEIGH, N.C. — Two suspects have been charged following the shooting of a Raleigh officer.

Cedric Jamal Kearney, 24, of Henderson, was charged with attempted murder, assault on a law enforcement officer with a firearm and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Another man, Antonio Dequan Fletcher, 21, has been charged with possession of a stolen firearm. ...


Anonymous said...


Democratic donor has 2nd person overdose at his home in 2 years. Apparently, Edward Buck is friends with a lot of black, gay drug addicts.

Anton Drexler said...

“... who was trying to turn his life around.“
They always succeed at that, don’t they? A full 360 degrees every time.

Anonymous said...

Cedric Jamal Kearney,
Antonio Dequan Fletcher,

--gees, the names are like afro-anglo.

Anonymous said...

Look up the victim’s FB profile.

She wanted whites to pay reparations to blacks. She got the vibrant enrichment she embraced.

Marc B said...

Expect more of this as delusional Whites continue to pay huge sums of money to pile into formerly decaying homes in New Orleans neighborhoods that are but a few steps away from the hood. White guilt, xenophilia and anti-gun sentiments make urban gentrifiers particularly easy targets for violent crime.

AR in Illinois said...

Hard to feel bad for people like her.

Anonymous said...

OT: I stumbled across a video of a musical concert in 2014 seen here:


The singer is a blonde German lady named Lian Ross (born Josephine Hiebel) who was a young hit in the 80s, now in her 50s and apparently still quite popular. The crowd is all white -- Russians in Moscow, where Christianity has made a comeback after the fall of communism. In watching this I was struck by how everyone's having a good time, behaving well, the music is pleasant, and it's nothing like not the ooking, eeking and thumping of rap noise with lyrics about shooting policemen, dealing drugs, theft, smacking white bitches, etc., while the crowd engages in a chimp-out. There are no fights, no open drug use, no police lights and sirens, and no whites are trying to act like wiggers. This is what a well behaved white society looks like when it's having a good time. I also noticed the Russians and Germans don't feel obligated to feature orcs in their performances, much less in leading roles, unlike nearly all of our own movies, TV shows and commercials.

It's definitely not what we have in BRA.

Anonymous said...

Read about her. Went to her Facebook page. No tears for this one. I wouldn't be surprised to find this was an actual suitor or past interest for her. This is a 'good riddance' murder. She was languishing in the mud too long and was consumed by one of her pets.

An anti-Trump. anti-American, race mixer got her comeuppance. No surprise here.

Thinning herds.

Jim in Jersey

Sick n Tired said...

Another black killing whitey crime story buried in the depths of Yahoo. The comments are on point, and I agree with whoever said Yahoo will shut down their comment section soon, it's already heavily censored.


Anonymous said...

Somehow this is not getting through, despite it being totally on-topic for this blog.  Fourth attempt, maybe posting it in 2 pieces will break the filter (1/2):

Two examples of Black Delusion.  First from Zoomalia:


A Zoomali who learned to weld managed to make something like tracks to go over car tires.  He put an upside-down bathtub and a piece of pipe on top and called it a "tank".

Anonymous said...

2/2 Second from fUSA:  An African-in-America attempted to rob a pizza delivery driver with nothing but a rifle... magazine.  No actual rifle, just the magazine.


They are not our species.  Humans are not THAT stupid.

The Other Realist in MA said...

There is no such thing as white privilege. It's a term to describe a condition of which the very absence of detectability is proof of its existence. It was created to replace 'majority privilege' since, in a few years, whites will no longer be a majority in this country. It's right up there with 'gun violence'.

AR in Illinois said...

Yes, indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

A local TV station interviewed Tyrone, who is out on bond. It's precious.

"Yeah, I hit her. That's why my hand is messed up. I didn't try to hurt her or nuffin, she knows the problems about my situations. I blacks out and has seizures....I was attack' by the dogs, so I grabbed her purse to hit the dogs with it....She ran behind to choke me, I was in my seizure panic attack and uh buh [inaudible] I has a seizure and don't remember what happened....I was born with epilepsy, I black out all the time."

LOL. Anybody with that kind of "epilepsy" ought to be euthanized. Mental inferiors often block out or rationalize their violence in this way (for example, Mollie Tibbetts' killer). They're not moral beings, they are not people, they can't be educated out of it, and the only solution is to stay the hell away from them. Sympathy of any kind will get you killed, as happened here. (Massaging its scalp? Seriously?!)


10mm AUTO said...

Same rules for any Black area.
Don't walk around when it is dark.
Avoid mini-marts and gas up in the morning.
No public parks
Carry a drop wallet with some cash in it

They will be fine.

January 9, 2019 at 8:25 AM

Maybe. Or maybe they will die before they can even get their "drop wallet" out and give it to the orc. Maybe, it will just blast you because you are White.


Even if you do give up money to the orc, it will then be emboldened to continue and shoot the next guy.

Hieronymus said...

I had already lost sympathy on seeing that she lived in NOLA. People who are too stupid to protect themselves are not my problem.

Avoid the groid or take your chances, it's so simple.

Anonymous said...

CHILDLESS??? LIB gal who wanted us to pay.