Thursday, January 31, 2019

His Name is Austin R. Burroughs: White Air Force Airman Gunned Down by Three Blacks in "Senseless, Cowardly" Murder in Safe Suburb of Austin, Texas

A white enlisted member of the Air Force was gunned down in front of his wife by three blacks out with "the sole purpose of robbing people at gunpoint."

Not one media outlet in Austin, Texas or even the funeral home where his memorial was held will admit he was a white male (not one telecast by the local media has shown his picture).

If white privilege exists, why is the death of a white male (Austin Burroughs) at the hands of three blacks not the biggest story in the nation? [Three are arrested in 'senseless, cowardly' killing of airman in Texas,, 1-28-19]:

Three people have been arrested in the shooting death of an active-duty airman, the Cedar Park Police Department announced Monday. 
In not one local news story in Austin, Texas of the murder of Austin Burroughs is his picture shown. Why is the local media and the Air Force so afraid to admit he was a white male gunned down "randomly" by three blacks?
Police Chief Sean Mannix described the “senseless, cowardly actions” that took the life of Airman 1st Class Austin Robert Burroughs on Jan. 20 as a random armed robbery in a safe area of town. 
“His life was taken by a group that appears to have gone out with the sole purpose of robbing people at gunpoint that night,” Mannix said. So far, the three are also connected to two other armed robberies on Jan. 21 in Austin. 
Cornelius Martin, Darius Burdett-Hornsby and Elanna Wilkes, all of Austin, were arrested Jan. 24 and Jan. 25 and were being held in Travis County Jail. They will be transported to neighboring Williamson County, where Cedar Park is located and where all three suspects are charged with murder, Mannix said. 
Cedar Park is a northwestern suburb of Austin with a low violent crime rate. 
Mannix said in his six years with the police department, this is the first felony case with a death in which the individuals did not know each other. In 2018, only two homicides were reported, said Alicia Inns, police department spokeswoman. 
Burroughs, a cryptologic language analyst, joined the Air Force on May 30, 2017. 
He recently graduated from the Defense Language Institute at Presidio of Monterey, Calif., according to records from the Air Force Personnel Center. He was on temporary duty as a student with the 316th Training Squadron at Goodfellow Air Force Base near San Angelo, Texas, en route to his first duty assignment. 
Burroughs and his wife are from Texas and private services were held in Pflugerville during the weekend. 
On Jan. 20, police responded to a call of shot fired at 9:15 p.m. at the Lakeline Villas Apartments, and found Burroughs, 22, dead of a gunshot wound to the neck, Mannix said. He was pronounced dead at 9:30 p.m. 
Burroughs and his wife, who lived at the complex, had just arrived there and he was shot as he exited the driver’s side of the vehicle, police said in the initial release of information following the incident. Mannix would not say Monday which suspect is believed to have pulled the trigger. 
Video surveillance footage collected from a nearby business during the investigation showed a vehicle registered to Wilkes rapidly exiting the parking lot quickly after the time of the shooting, police said. The vehicle had a previous history of being connected to aggravated robberies, Mannix said. 
Wilkes and Martin were arrested on warrants in a traffic stop in Killeen, Texas, on Jan. 24 and Burdett-Hornsby was arrested on warrants the next day. 
Mannix, who said Burroughs had a “promising career in the Air Force,” wouldn’t comment on the condition of the Burroughs’ family, but he said the county’s victims services staff have been in contact with them. 
“I’m proud of the collective effort that is helping to honor Austin’s memory by bringing those believed to be responsible to the justice system,” he said.
Austin's memory is worth honoring, but why has not one media outlet shown us his picture? 
The funeral parlor where Austin's service was held has even removed the obituary (accessible via the cached page) and is not answering questions regarding when the funeral service was even held. 

Austin R. Burroughs was a white member of the Air Force, who volunteered to defend his nation, never really knowing it was no longer his country, but one occupied by an elite undeniably hostile to white males. 

Which is the main reason why his murder (and pictures of him) has been censored from public consumption. 

Rest in peace, Austin. 


Anonymous said...

The sad reality of our multicultural world is the large percentage of blacks who are narcissistic sociopaths. They prey upon whites as easy targets and marks, knowing they can pull the race card as their defense.
With each murder, each cover up, more and more people have first or second hand experiences with violent black offenders. It only takes one murder, or a couple robberies, before that sphere starts to turn.
The only things blacks have to their credit is music, sports, and laws that socially promote them. Only the worst misguided hipster would move into a majority black neighborhood. Yet, these folks were in a “safe” area.
There is NO safe area if you are within a tank of gas distance from obamaville.
Never drink in public, always carry a pistol. This poor airman is lucky the groids didn’t muhdik his wife.

Anonymous said...

Safe areas are a great area to be robbed when people think they may actually be safe.

Bobby PGH said...

No one cares. You could paste pictures of the victim all over television and the internet and the white male population of the "United States" would just shrug their shoulders and go back to their favorite sports ball game.This cuntry is doomed.

Anonymous said...

For those who remember...

"Crypto linguist, so distinguished!"

A1C Burroughs, you made it through the welter of DLI, I'd ask how you liked the runs up to the Russian schoolhouse up past the gym, but you were killed. You got through Goodfellow and San Angelo and were on your way. But now you won't "live in fame" as you've "gone down in flames" because the lie that "Nothing can stop the U.S. Air Force" has been ended by 3 feral negroes.

Were there many of THOSE at DLI?

Did you volunteer for an aircrew position? Were you headed to SERE School or just good 'ol "Awful, AFB" or were you down in San Antonio where you could swing by Lackland and maybe see your old MTI yelling at their latest flight of "rainbows"?

It doesn't matter now since 3 pieces of human garbage took someone who actually had some serious abilities, focus, dedication, spirit and so much more. You were married, how many children were you hoping for? We're you gonna be a career man or were you going to take that clearance and skill set and be a civilian making much better money? We will never know.

"Off we go, into the wild blue yonder, flying high into the sun!"

Anonymous said...

"Video surveillance footage collected from a nearby business during the investigation showed a vehicle registered to Wilkes rapidly exiting the parking lot quickly after the time of the shooting, police said. The vehicle had a previous history of being connected to aggravated robberies, Mannix said."

Thank God! They might finally keep that vehicle off the streets so it won't go around ending up connected to any more aggravated robberies.

Anonymous said...

The Air Force Times doesn't even show his picture!

But it has the pictures of his 3 killers!


Anonymous said...

Not related to a dead airman, however this particular Uncle Buck wound up killing a much older guy for 2 bucks. The funny thing is that if you click on the article, the name of the new slade is under the picture of the perpetual (on mobile). Her name?

Briggs LeSavage

Anonymous said...

Private property is a concept.........a socio/economical abstract that is nonexistent to the life and DNA coded behavior of the African tribal existence.............within the tribe there is no respect of private ownership in Africa.

Remember commie pants lady Hillary and her book "It takes a village" (to raise a child)?....

That is an African saying..... African culture the men inseminate women then off they go while the village of women are left to raise children like a day care center African style.......aka dung huts, dirt pancakes, flies and mud puddles of water...

To the African village private ownership is a foreign the village if you see something and you take it...........

Robbery is foreign to most Whites because Whites understand and have learned the value of a large scale society working with in the rules with is intimately tied to value and excellence of the individual.........private property is a right earned by the struggle and dedication of the individual to achieve such. That is totally foreign to Africans and is in part the reason why socialism and communism appeals to Africans and their counterparts in America.

Robbery is to be expected and normal to African behavior...... is not robbery to them..........but taking what they want or need for the moment with out thought to the future.............

The value of the individual and human excellence with a large scale law and order society is foreign to the village concept of tribal existence.

These are hard wired facts from evolutionary behavioral traits naturally selected through the environmental pressures of centuries upon centuries of time........developed in humans specific to the geographic areas of their evolution.

Do not try to understand the behavior of a Black that is so antisocial to White societies............within the concept of White social values.

It doesn't work.............

For the few Africans in America that have enough White DNA in them that they may actually function in a responsible manner does not excuse the 80 to 90% of them whose DNA will never allow them to be a functioning member of American society but only a socio/economic liability.

They should be among their own in Africa......allowing nature to run its course..

Anonymous said...

He was only 23 years old. Just starting out in life. I'm really getting tired of this, we're literally being slaughtered and the media is covering it up.

Detroit Refugee said...

RIP Austin and Carlie
Two of ours that most certainly did not deserve to go out as they did.

My first comment beneath her story failed to see the light of day, I understand that. I was super pissed off and it called for revenge.

What I did just now was share her story on Faceberg (yea I know I shouldn't be there), but it seemed a proper response to the beginning of February. Day two shall feature Austin's story.

The F**K'd up thing is blacks won't fail to provide ample material all month long. All the stories featuring some brave black man in uniform, I'll counter with the reality. On day three, maybe I'll share the 8 sons of Obama going down for the pizza delivery robbery.

Fox 2 Detroit has a good TNB story, two "Teens" boarded a school bus w/ children and beat the 63 yr old driver senseless.
Clear image of a hoodie wearing "Youth".

Anonymous said...

The poor airman is DEAD. I think his wife is lucky she wasn't muhdikked.

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised if these waconcoms (invaders from Wakanka) were invited to the State of the Union address by the No Whites Allowed Black Caucus.

Anonymous said...

If only more people understood these basic, proven facts.

Blak Hissry Mumf said...

On this, the first day of Blak Hissry Mumf, I would like to throw out something I started working on for public comment and additions:  an alternative red-pilled curriculum for it.  It would consist of short pieces, filling about one page, which could be distributed by e-mail and put up as flyers a la Identity Evropa.  The goal is that it would be entirely factual but raise controversy by undermining The Narrative.  So, for your consideration, here's my list of topics by day (still need 4 more days in Week 4):

Week 1:
1. Where is the Black diaspora?
2. How did Black people get to the Americas?
3. How did chattel slavery come to the English colonies?
4. What happened to the trans-Atlantic slave trade?
5. Slavery in the 21st century.

Week 2:
1. 67 years of anti-discrimination.
2. 50 years of anti-oppression.
3. Segregated occupations.
4. The Color of Crime: impact of Blacks on the criminal justice system and society.
5. Welfare and other parasitism: impact of Blacks on the public purse.

Week 3:
1. Today's discrimination in law: Affirmative Action, “disparate impact” and set-asides.
2. Today's discrimination in the media: “eracing”, misplaced emphasis, weasel wording.
3. Today's discrimination in books: fake history and accomplishments of Blacks.
4. Today's discrimination in law enforcement: tolerance of Black criminality.
5. Today's discrimination in standards: tolerance of Black incompetence and violence.

Week 4:
1. Today's discrimination in propaganda and social shaming: “White privilege”, the “UnFair campaign”, “the invisible knapsack”, “intersectionality”.

Anonymous said...

Another barely covered crime. Our “enrichment” has shown great rewards.

Archie bunker said...

Burroughs, a cryptologic language analycist, serving his country, is murdered by 3 nasty haired savages who likely can't even speak decent english, fed and raised by the taxpayers, once again, cradle to death, we support these invasive beasts. The civil war, and it's aftermath, never intended these inferiors to live amongst us as equals, they are this nations biggest liability

Archie bunker said...

Doubt that

Anonymous said...

If only Austin had been getting a sandwich at Subway at 2 am in Chicago!
With a nylon lynch-cord around his neck, while he was assaulted by guys
yelling racial comments and mocking his sexual orientation.

Then, maybe, he would get wall-to-wall news coverage for a week.

And he'd still be alive.

Anonymous said...

About six years ago my elderly mother had her car stolen right from her driveway as she slept that night. It was a 2007 Toyota Corolla, nothing special. About two weeks later the police spotted it about 25 miles to the west in a heavily hispanic residential area. The odd thing was that stolen cars are typically torched, or at least drenched on the interior with oil to making searching for fingerprints impossible, while also ruining the car. No, this time the perps simply walked away. The police showed no interest in finding the thieves but at least my mother got her car back.

Before the theft I used to urge my mother to lock her car instead of leaving it unsecured in her driveway. She would dismissively reply, "I don't live in THAT kind of neighborhood." I countered with "THAT kind of neighborhood will come to you! This is where the easy pickings are!" She didn't listen until it happened to her, and now she locks her car.

A couple of summers ago a young orc came up to her door and knocked. She answered and asked what he wanted. He replied he just wanted to know what time it was. She muttered that she didn't know and she closed the door.

My mother doesn't know how close she came to disaster. He "just wanted to know what time it was"? As if his (stolen?) cell phone couldn't tell him? I informed my mother that he was checking her out, and because she opened the door to him he could have easily pushed her inside and then done absolutely anything and everything to her. I think the only reason she got off easy was because there's an old dog house in the front yard and a chain link fence around the back yard. (The last dog died over 20 years ago, but the wandering dindu didn't know if he would encounter a dog inside the house.)

My mother lives in what is considered a very safe, white area with very little crime, much like the locale where the young airman was murdered; however, "THAT kind of neighborhood" will come to yours because that's where the easy pickings are. My mother learned that the hard way with the car theft and it could have been much worse had the dindu at the door realized there was no dog in the house, just a little old lady in her 80s.

Moral of the story: We've run out of "safe" areas where orcs can't reach us. There can be no more retreating. It's time to take a stand.

Anonymous said...

Remember the two "teens" arrested for murdering an Air Force sergeant outside his home near Barksdale AFB, LA?

Shooting members of the USAF has apparently become habit-forming for orcs.

AR in Illinois said...

Sadly, one of the problems is that the police USED TO be able to do their jobs and legitimately PROFILE these a$$holes when they went into areas in which they did not belong. Now if you do that you are labeled as "racist", possibly reprimanded and might even lose your job. Believe me, the white cops where your mom lives know the score but they have their hands tied trying to do anything about it. Sad and disgusting times we live in now.

Anonymous said...

You cannot make this stuff up. The attorney for former congresswoman Corrine Brown will appear before the Atlanta Court of Appeals to argue a juror should not been dismissed from the jury for stating the "Holy Ghost" told him the good congresswoman was not guilty. Nevermind the evidence; listen to the voices in your blunt head. Blacks: a millstone around the neck of civilization.

'Appeals court to hear arguments in Corrine Brown case'

Hearing comes year after former congresswoman began prison sentence

By Jim Piggott - Reporter
Posted: 6:25 PM, January 31, 2019

ATLANTA, Ga. - The last time Corrine Brown was seen in public, she was heading to prison, beginning a five-year term. A year into her sentence, the Atlanta Court of Appeals will begin hearing arguments concerning her case.

The disgraced former congresswoman was sentenced to federal prison for her role in a corruption conspiracy that involved stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a fake education charity for needy children.

Brown, 72, will not attend Friday's hearing, which is expected to take about 30 minutes. Only her attorney and prosecutors will appear before a three-judge panel.

Brown's attorney will have 15 minutes to convince the Court of Appeals of errors in the case. Part of her appeal will center on a juror who was dismissed during her trial after he made statements to other jurors that the "Holy Ghost" told him Brown was not guilty.

Also being questioned by Brown's attorney is that she, Simmons and Wiley will have to pay back more than $600,000 as part of the sentence. A brief in the appeal states that the court must spell out how much each person is responsible for paying back.

It could take several months before a decision is made by the judge.​

It took federal investigators more than 18 months to build their case against Brown, tying her to a stream of donations meant to go to children, but much of the money ended up in the pockets of Brown, plus Ronnie Simmons, her chief of staff, and Carla Wiley, Simmons' girlfriend. Overall, the funds totaled more than $800,000, which went into a personal slush fund used for lavish parties, vacations and clothing.

Following a two-week trial, Brown was found guilty on 11 of 18 counts including fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion. She's serving her sentence at a federal facility in Central Florida.

Augustus said...

It is a race war of attrition, and YT is losing big time. Even the government is against YT. We're on our own.

Anonymous said...

Black History Month Continuing Curriculum

1. The black republics of Haiti and Liberia: two centuries of freedom in action.
2. Film series: Wakanda versus Africa Addio.
3. The Rainbow Nation(tm): South Africa under ANC rule (class may be cancelled owing to power outages and necklacings).
4. Students will be enlightened by guest speakers: White refugees from Congo, Rhodesia and South Africa.
5. Course will conclude with field trips to the great African cities: Port au Prince, Monrovia, Detroit, Selma.

Inoculations may be required, flak jackets optional.

Aryan Racist said...

A couple of years ago in my town of Decatur there were the usual books and videos
relating to Black History Month in the public library. There was one poster that
said "Black inventions that have changed the world." There were these pictures that
were glued to a poster supposedly representing black inventions. It looked like
a 3rd grader constructed it. When I saw it I almost burst out laughing in the library. Well we have 28 days of fake black history to endure.

Anonymous said...

Safe areas are a great area to be robbed when people think they may actually be safe.

This is especially true for apartment buildings. They have the problem of the cousins even in the Whitest of White areas.

One thing you cannot do when living in an apartment is drive a nice car. Blacks will think you have a pot of gold somewhere. I see White people driving luxury cars in mixed areas and I shake my head. Yea maybe it's a 2001 BMW and not worth that much but your typical thug does not know that. If you tint the windows in that type of car then they will assume you have a nice stereo.

You can't drive the common Japanese cars either because they get stolen for parts. If you live near Blacks then you want to drive something large but beat up. This will keep your insurance down and it's better to have a larger vehicle in case you get hit. Blacks are more likely to get into accidents and less likely to have insurance. It's better to have a car that will give you some protection and won't be a big loss if you are hit by an uninsured driver.

Another tip to avoid break-ins is to leave some kid toys in the car. They will assume you are a parent and won't have anything worth stealing.

Anonymous said...

Black History Month Continuing Curriculum

1. The black republics of Haiti and Liberia: two centuries of freedom in action.
2. Film series: Wakanda versus Africa Addio.

This country would change overnight if most Whites sat through 1 & 2. Only problem is that most libs and mainstream conservatives would have to watch it clockwork orange style. I would add Empire of Dust to the list. I'm amazed that Google hasn't pulled it from Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:44, Brown won't appear because she doesnt have her wig. That being said, she was nailed for peanuts compared to the rest of negro politicians.
The local negro college here in Daytona Beach has been looted. The mother of pro negro basketball player, Vince Carter, shook down businesses to the tune of over 650k for scholarships, guess where the money went.
The place is going under, only Uncle Sam can save it.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

The glories of diversity. Why don't we export these didnu dos to some deserving country so their culture may be enriched. I nominate Sweden and Canada.

Anonymous said...

Well we have 28 days of fake black history to endure.

28 days of White guilt programming is what it is.

I won't be watching much TV but I will probably watch some youtube. The upcoming battle of 5% African blood mulattoes for the Dem nomination will be entertaining.

Can't wait for the libs to destroy each other trying to pick their favorite mulatto.

I saw a lib post today that Kamala should be considered African-American because her dad is Jamaican. What a friggin idiot. Jamaica is not Haiti. Jamaica is a mixed race country and it's public information that her parents are Dot Indian. But don't expect the press to point this out.

Here are her full blooded African parents

PB said...

The only sandwich that guy was out getting at 2AM was a sausage sandwich. His weak cover story was pure decoy with a little opportunism thrown in.

PB said...

It all seems so commonplace now that for the Police, finding the Black that committed the crime would now be akin to finding the particular rat that chewed the wiring.

Former Liberal said...

White people should go back to driving standard transmissions. Most dindus can't drive them, and are too stupid and lazy to learn how to anyway.

Anonymous said...

Parental red flags ignored:

1st red flag; First name Kington
2nd red flag; Last name hyphenated
3rd red flag; He's black

South Fulton County

Friend arrested in murder of college student found in burning car, mother says

By: Tom Jones
Posted: Feb 01, 2019 02:28 PM EST

EAST POINT, Ga. - Three weeks after she was found in a burning car, police have made an arrest in the murder of an 18-year-old college student. 

Police said they received a tip that one of her friends had been talking about her death and had burns on his hands. 

Officers say Kington Hyman-Bozeman later confessed to shooting Tayla Torres before he and another man burned her body. 

Only Channel 2's Tom Jones was at the courthouse for Bozeman's first appearance as Bozeman learned he is now facing malice murder charges.

Jones has been following the case since police found Torres on Jan. 9. 

Torres' mother Pearlie Haynes told Jones that her daughter and Bozeman were friends and they would hang out together at their house.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous @ 1141 Thanks for the kind offer but we have more than enough enrichment of our own up north here

Anonymous said...

Good news people, Black History Mumf is right around the corner where we will be assaulted by by a mile high mountain of bullshit every day, 24/7. No doubt there will be another mumf (if there isn't already) dedicated to Mestizo accomplishments, another even more dangerous group of stone age people. Asians will need their mumf too no doubt.

None of these people could possibly dream up, organize, pay for and demand white obeisance to their manifold frauds, they aren't that smart. If not theses low lifes then who does dream up, organize, pay for and demand white obeisance to these frauds and for what purpose?

To ask is to answer.

Anonymous said...

link to slains photo?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Air Force Times doesn't even show his picture!

But it has the pictures of his 3 killers! [yes--thanks---1 pix is worth a 1000 words of passive vox journalism].

where is his photo?

Anonymous said...

AR in Illinois said...
Sadly, one of the problems is that the police USED TO be able to do their jobs and legitimately PROFILE these a$$holes when they went into areas in which they did not belong. . ."

True story: I remember growing up in a very nice, safe, liberal, wealthy, lily white suburb a few miles outside of Boston although it was actually conservative several decades ago. There were times blacks in the daytime drove into neighborhoods and just parked and sat in their beaten up cars doing nothing. Invariably people called the police on them and several police cars showed up immediately because there was never anything else for the police to do.

The police would immediately order everyone out of the car, search the vehicle and its occupants and arrest anyone with outstanding warrants, drugs, illegal firearms etc. The police always found something illegal. Nine times out of ten they also towed the car because of expired registration, no inspection sticker, wrong license plates, stolen car report etc.

Many times the local newspaper story would include details about the people arrested being held for extradition to another state on murder warrants or other serious charges. No doubt their arrests prevented more crimes like the ones they had already committed usually in Southern states. They apparently thought they could continue their reign of terror unabated in the old Union states now that Dixie wanted them for their reign of terror.

The police probably overstepped their authority and were certainly guilty of racial profiling. When white people including white people from out of state were interrogated under similar circumstances the police helped them because typically they were lost. Even when they had car documentation problems they politely got a warning to get their cars fixed, no arrests.

The police prevented innumerable tragedies by doing their jobs correctly, professionally, politely and efficiently. Racial profiling is what kept places peaceful and quiet. Diversity and multiculturalism is killing this country.

Anonymous said...

No, it's true.. No white people would defend him, ESPECIALLY in the name of him being white. The popular brainwashed mindset of whites would be that three people murdered one people, but to blame it on skin color is racist... White people can no longer see the forest for the trees...

Anonymous said...

Why do you think they don’t run the stories? A ground swell in support of tougher penalties would assuredly follow. After the LA Riots, people across the country wanted violent black thugs in prison for much longer sentences.

Anonymous said...

That's the thing that gets me... each of their lives has probably cost the taxpayer 200,000 dollars since birth, so you figure 600,000 in total... now we will pay 35,000 dollars a year to house them in prison... so you figure 15 years times 3 times 35000 = 1.5 million... 1.5 million dollars in taxpayers money to pay for the continued existence of these three animals who hate the taxpayer and want to murder each and every one of us.. I say EXECUTE THEM

Anonymous said...

Oh look, Atlanta.

If you weren’t a racist before you move there, you will be when you flee.

gkruz said...

Anonymous said...
The glories of diversity. Why don't we export these didnu dos to some deserving country so their culture may be enriched. I nominate Sweden and Canada.
I nominate Israel.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone was wondering how the diverse community feels about this:

Anonymous said...

PO'ed in PG County here...

Off topic, but I thought you all would find this amusing. I had two IKAGOs show their true colors earlier, within a few hours of each other. The first one was carrying on about finding some politician he can truly back for 2020...some chick talking about "reparations". Guess he has to keep his FSA membership in good standing. I just rolled my eyes, but was seething internally a bit. Normally, this IKAGO isn't that bad, but to see him getting this excited over this reparations crap, turned my stomach a bit.

The second one, who's normally pretty calm and laid back, blew his top when I mentioned about how there's a lot of controversy over the Jussie Smollett story. How DARE I question it, nevermind it's full of clichés, and the facts don't line up, that doesn't mean it didn't happen!

There must be something in the water...oh, wait, it's the start of White Brainwashing Month!

Mr. Rational said...

OT:  United Kingdom universities will be required to close the "grade gap" or face fines.

There are 2 basic ways to do this:

1.  Segregate students into majors aligned with their abilities so that they will have equal average grades in unequal areas of study.

2.  Have distinct Black and White grading curves for the same classes, so that Blacks will get much higher grades for the same level of work than Whites.

Given the trend toward mandated equality of outcomes, we can expect this to go towards #2 and utterly destroy the value of a university credential, at least for Blacks.  Or perhaps Tommy Robinson will become prime minister by popular acclaim and, to use a Britishism, throw all this PC crap into the bin.

Anonymous said...

D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham weighed in, saying that while he was not familiar with the details of the incident, “there is a spot in hell for anyone who would harass that woman or that family after what she’s been through.”

Yes, Chief Needham, a special place in hell indeed. But the odds are greater these seven will walk the streets of DC again before seeing the gates of hell.

'All 7 defendants in shooting death of 10-year-old appear in court; get 2020 trial date'

By John Aaron | February 1, 2019

WASHINGTON — For the first time, all seven people charged in the shooting death of 10-year-old Makiyah Wilson appeared in court together Friday as the case against them moves ahead.

The seven are accused in the death of Makiyah Wilson, who was shot as she walked to an ice cream truck in a Northeast D.C. neighborhood in July. Police say she was hit as bullets were fired into a crowd as part of a gang feud.

The co-defendants went before a judge in D.C. Superior Court Friday. Six of them — Qujuan Thomas, Gregory Taylor, Quentin Michals, Darrise Jeffers, Mark Price and Marquell Cobbs — are charged with murder, while Quanisha Ramsuer is charged with obstructing justice. Ramsuer is the only one not being held before trial.

During the hearing Friday, a tentative trial date was set for August 2020.

One man was removed from the courtroom before the hearing. The victim’s mother, Donetta Wilson, later said the man had been taunting her by “singing the song, ‘this is the reason why the murder rate up.'” According to multiple reports on court documents, two of the suspects can be heard rapping similar lyrics in a video posted to Instagram.

D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham weighed in, saying that while he was not familiar with the details of the incident, “there is a spot in hell for anyone who would harass that woman or that family after what she’s been through.”

Mr. Rational said...

OT:  Larry Correia tells authors to tell SJWs to FTHO:

Anonymous said...

The creed of black America: Use the system to subvert the system. There is no cure. The light will not suddenly come on. This train is roaring down the track and the bridge is out just around the bend.

'Convicted rapist granted new trial; Baton Rouge judge cites racial animus among some jurors'

BY JOE GYAN JR. | FEB 1, 2019 - 1:05 

A black Baton Rouge man convicted last summer of raping a teenager was granted a new trial Friday by a state judge who cited racial animus among some of the jurors.

Sedrick Hills, 44, was found guilty of forcible rape and another sexual assault-related charge by votes of 11-1 and 10-2, respectively. The jury included eight whites and four blacks.

Several days after the trial ended, a black female juror sent a notarized affidavit to Hills' attorney alleging that two white male jurors made racially-charged comments about Hills during a lunch break the day before the jury deliberated and convicted him.

In the affidavit, which Hills' attorney included in his motion for a new trial, Marion Lathan said she heard one of the white jurors say, "Let's convict this n***** already, I am ready to go play golf."

Lathan claims another white juror replied, "The n***** should have just taken a plea deal anyway."

State District Judge Trudy White, who presided over Hills' trial, on Friday said she found Lathan to be credible.

Robert Tucker Sr., who represents Hills, had alleged that Hills was denied his right to be tried by a fair and impartial jury.

Lathan cast the lone dissent on the jury's forcible rape vote and one of the two not guilty votes on the other count.

Prosecutor Sonya Cardia-Porter argued in court filings that she, Tucker and White spoke with the jury for about 45 minutes immediately after the trial ended. She said the mood in the jury room was not "antagonistic or angry," and neither Lathan nor any other member of the jury stated that race played a factor in their deliberations or decisions.

Anonymous said...

Think you are safe in the driveway of a friend's home? Think again. Think you and yours will find justice? Think again. Think the judicial system will render appropriate punishment to serve as a deterrent? Dream on.

'Man convicted of murder in death of former WREG employee'


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was sentenced to life in prison Friday for the murder of a woman in Cordova.

A jury found 40-year-old Anthony Olivo guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Susan McDonald.

He has to serve at least 51 years of his sentence.

Andrew Bowen was convicted of facilitation of first-degree murder, and he’ll be sentenced next month.

McDonald, a former employee of WREG News Channel 3, was shot and killed in a driveway in 2015.

Prosecutors believe robbery was the motive.

Anonymous said...

Buy property with easy access to fresh water, not relying on electricity to get it out of the ground, guns, plenty of ammo for them, be as far away from groid infested cities and towns as possible.

Sick n' Tited said...

I know and agree, just be glad it isn't a leap year, or we'd have 29 days of hearing about their "contributions", which are probably only celebrated by the privatized prison industry, rim makers, and KFC/Popeyes/McDonalds/Churches Chicken.

Sick n' Tited said...

Uncle Sam is the one pushing diversity quotas and creating good paying make work jobs for dindus at the USPS, local court houses, and county offices.

You & I live in Florida, a state where it is still fairly segregated, and we can buy/own pretty much any type of firearms we want, and not have to register them like they do in NY & California.

Buy them while there's still time, buy them on lay away, buy them before they do away with certain types and calibers (AR-15 & AK-47s sell for around $600 low end), buy as many high capacity magazines for them as you can (I was buying 2 every time I got paid the last few years Obama was in office, I have 100+ now). Florida is one of the last free states we have in this country, and as much as the rest of liberal America will talk trash about it, we still can carry whatever size pocket knife we want, carry concealed firearms, buy 100 round drums, drink 64oz sodas, and never have to shovel our drivways.

Anonymous said...

Nixon was a repub who signed AA and other horrid legislation,
now this,

the myth of mark king

Trump signs bill to upgrade Martin Luther King's birthplace to national historic park

Anonymous said...

Prosecutors believe robbery was the motive.

another robbery gone rong

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jury nullification through black activism.

She’s probably lying. Black women are pathological liars especially when it comes to claims of racism.

He rapped teenaged girl? Fool is lucky he’s getting a trial. Once the civil war starts up again, after the guilty verdict, he’s dangling from a rope. Forcible rape should be a capital offense. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

When Black Panther receives Best Picture the Oscar attendees will rise to their feet and deliver an ovation reminiscent of the ovations Stalin received at a Plenum of the Central Committee. Afterwards nary a word in disagreement will be uttered for fear of banishment from the entertainment industry.

Anonymous said...

When Black Panther receives Best Picture the Oscar attendees will rise to their feet and deliver an ovation reminiscent of the ovations Stalin received at a Plenum of the Central Committee. Afterwards nary a word in disagreement will be uttered for fear of banishment from the entertainment industry.
Let the nogs have their way whether deserved or not. They know the mother of all battles for Western Civilization is on the horizon. They will be begging for a rusty barge back to Wakanda. They will know the wrath of the white man.

Oil 'n Water said...

This is a test of mental competence.
There is no time limit.
Please mark the statement that does not belong, or answer “none of the above:”

a) An eighty-three year old woman is attacked by a group of blacks in her home, her arms are broken and, as an afterthought, she is doused with flammable liquid and set on fire, then left for dead. She dies soon afterward.

b) A woman is found murdered and her body frozen to the ground under a vehicle.

c) A black man, upset about his order at IHOP, murders an employee.

d) Virginia’s governor is being pressured to resign after a black face class photo of 35 years ago surfaces.

If you are a member of the left, (d) is the answer, for you reason that it obviously deserves front page national media attention and over a period of several days, whereas the others do not. (Immediate mental health treatment is recommended).

If you are a member of the right, and a race realist, (d) again is the answer, because of its utterly trivial nature in relation to the other statements. (However, because of your blatantly racist answer, the left would demand immediate grovelling for such an affront to black humanity. Then ruin you anyway. Mental health support via SBPDL, et. al., is therefore suggested).

If you answered “none of the above,” you are probably beyond help.

Anonymous said...

Cory Booker's Black Baby Bonds - government "Opportunity Accounts" to close the racial wealth gap caused by black genetic failure.

Plus the Promise Zones. Enterprise Zones. Food deserts. Guaranteed Retirement Accounts. Fair Housing. Prison Reform. Climate Justice. Affirmative Action. Minority mortgages. School Vouchers. 90% wealth tax. My god.

You all need to read this...

Anonymous said...

And I say that God wants a white enthnostate. Strange that I can disagree with liberals but totally agree with other rational people's of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Black Panther was an average to below average marvel film. The reason I say below average is though it looked nice like the other marvel films, it was much less humorous than the others, in large part because of the social justice lecturing going on continuously in the background.

But when Black Panther wins best picture, the academy is now stuck. There are going to be multiple sequels, and for reasons I'm sure you're all well aware of, they'll be the top grossing box office films of their respective years. Given all that, I can't imagine the sequels will be any better or any worse than the first, which means, naturally, that the sequels will have to win best picture as well (unless another gay black love story film comes along).

The result is that we're going to have to hear the rest of our lives that, without question, Black Panther is the greatest film trilogy ever made.

Anonymous said...

Duluth, Minnesota. Milwaukee’s 19th Ward. Government diversity

Jersey said...

Notice the ( female ) of this species .I grew up with them and one thing ive noticed is that the light skinned & female one s are among the worst of them !!!! And of course she has a disgusting neck tatoo