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In 2018 Trenton, New Jersey - a 14% White City - All Homicides Had a Non-White Suspect/Non-White Victim

Previously on SBPDL: Washington crossed the Delaware for this? The Black Death Comes to Trenton

Trenton, New Jersey. 

A 48 percent black city. 

A 36 percent Hispanic city. 

A 14 percent white city.

And in 2018, all homicides involved a non-white suspect and a non-white victim. [2018: Trenton's homicides by the numbers,, 1-1-19]:
The capital city concluded 2018 with 21 homicides, which includes the death of 52-year-old Michael Anderson, who was shot on a Wayne Avenue porch during the early morning hours of June 7, 2017. 
Trenton... where the American Dream became the American Nightmare
Mercer County prosecutors confirmed Anderson’s January 15th death will be counted as a 2018 statistic, even though he suffered the gunshot injuries seven months prior to dying. 
Last year’s homicide toll also includes three vehicular deaths, as well as the death of an abandoned newborn and the death of Tahaij Wells, who was shot and killed by police during a shootout at an all-night arts festival this past summer. 
According to the state police uniform crime reporting unit, vehicular homicides are considered manslaughter and are not reported as a homicide statistic. Justifiable homicides are not counted in state police murder statistics either. 
Therefore, state police will likely report Trenton’s official 2018 homicide number as 15 or 16, possibly excluding a fatal beating at the psychiatric hospital, and certainly excluding the newborn whose cause of death was ruled the result of “neonatal abandonment following unattended birth” with a contributing cause of death listed as “maternal use of heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine.” 
The Trentonian, however, includes vehicular homicides, manslaughter cases and justifiable police-involved killings in its yearly homicide count. 
Using census data and the 15 killings state police will report to the FBI, Trenton’s 2018 murder rate is 17.65 homicides per 100,000 residents. 
In terms of fatalities, January was the deadliest month of 2018, perhaps foreshadowing the violence that lied ahead. Five homicide victims died that month, which concluded with the double murder of Ivan Rodriguez and Jerard Perdomo Santana. Three people were killed in each of the months of May, June and November. 
Nineteen of the 21 homicide victims were male. 
The South was the only Ward that experienced less than five killings: two people died in that ward last year. 
Seven victims were in their 20s at the time of their death, and five victims were in their 30s when they died. Four teenagers were murdered in 2018 as well. 
The oldest victim was 56-year-old Anthony Anderson, a convicted child molester whose body was found stabbed to death underneath a large tree trunk in a garbage-filled stretch behind an abandoned row home in the first block of Taylor Street.Fifteen victims were black, six were Hispanic. 
Shootings killed 15 people in the capital city, more than any other homicide method.  
One victim was beaten to death by a fellow Ann Klein Forensic Center patient. 
Nine suspects were arrested in connection with six different homicide incidents that occurred in 2018; one of those cases has four suspects charged with various offenses. Only two of the homicide suspects arrested last year are female.
American exceptionalism, indeed.

The future of the USA is found in Trenton, where a declining white population has a front-row seat to the American Dream transitioning into the American Nightmare.


Bruce County said...

Ahhhhh!!! The American Dream.

It was true post WW2. Now its a fucking nightmare.
Every horror you can dream can be found here.
America will never recover from diversity.
We are drowning in it. Bleeding it.
All we can do is survive.

Anonymous said...

Headlines from All have one common denominator, save one. The outlier is provided as a diversion to distract the masses from alerting to the common denominator. Trenton, Atlanta, anywhere the common denominator is found, you'll find similar headlines and similar diversions.

'Extremely dangerous' gunman on the loose after robbing high school students

Man killed, one injured in drive-by shooting; investigators struggling for clues

R. Kelly responds to 'Surviving R. Kelly' docu-series through lawyer

Councilman working to restore lights along roadway where woman was hit, killed

16-year-old missing; search underway as questions grow

Waffle House fires workers caught dancing with passed out customer, pouring food on him

College student killed while visiting metro Atlanta home during Christmas break

Officer resigns over video showing him punching man in face during takedown

Massive tents, cellphone towers and banners going up ahead of Super Bowl

Gang of masked men armed with guns storms gas station, restaurant

Anonymous said...

In terms of fatalities, January was the deadliest month of 2018, perhaps foreshadowing the violence that lied ahead.

Really? That "lied" ahead?

Five homicide victims died that month, which concluded with the double murder of Ivan Rodriguez and Jerard Perdomo Santana.

Seems to me that the Hispanics always seemed to just work harder than blacks. That darned cold seems to slow our African-American citizens down somewhat.

Three people were killed in each of the months of May, June and November. 

I'll bet it's the Hispanics that made those months what they were. It's possible that during the warmer months they were inspired by soccer and attempted a special "hat trick"!

Anonymous said...

Another police officer killed. An almost daily occurrence in BRA.

‘Devastating loss': 22-year-old police officer shot, killed while responding to crash

Updated: 4:22 AM CST Jan 11, 2019

KCRA Staff

DAVIS, Calif. (KCRA) —

An officer was shot and killed Thursday night in California and the suspected gunman was found dead in a home, police said.

Natalie Corona, 22, was taken to the hospital, where she later died, Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel said.

The gunman was found dead early Friday morning. Police said it appears he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The shooting happened just before 7 p.m. Thursday near 5th and C streets in downtown Davis. Corona was shot while responding to a three-vehicle crash, police said. ...

Anonymous said...

Previously on SBPDL:


We now see that 400 million dollars to tear down a ~150 year old building that "does nothing for the communities around it" is too much, even for a historian.

Laurel has far too many teens of all ages, but it's way better than Baw-ti-MO.

Preakness makes more sense in Laurel, Md. Senate President Miller saysWashington Business Journal

16 hours ago

The effort to rebuild Pimlico and keep the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore appeared to take a significant blow Thursday after Senate President Mike Miller threw his support behind moving the race to Laurel.

Miller, a Prince George’s County Democrat who is the longest-tenured Senate president in the entire U.S., said as a historian he loves Pimlico. But he also said the price tag for a possible redevelopment of the 149-year-old track is too high for a project that “does nothing for the communities around it.”

“If you’re for business and you’re for demographics, it should be in Laurel,” Miller said at the Maryland Economic Development Association’s winter conference in Annapolis.

“I’m a historian, I’d like to see it in Baltimore and keep it in Baltimore,” said Miller, a day after the opening of the 2019 Maryland General Assembly. “But guess what? It’s $400 million to knock over everything.”

Miller’s comments come almost a month after the Maryland Stadium Authority released a 73-page report…

Read the full story from the Washington Business Journal.

Anonymous said...

From last year. They wanted to fire a woman for something that happened outside of work, on her own time that wasn't even criminal.

Anonymous said...

PK: Wish I had a 'next step' solution to your astute observation that treating these barbarians as "untapped assets" rather than deadly liabilities courts disaster. The best I could come up with:

1) Large, tax-free cash awards for not breeding (far cheaper than prison)

2) creating swift courts for violent crimes with a fast-tracked death penalty.

Shitlibs would block the second but not the first.

Anonymous said...

Ooops! I submitted a link for a PG County, MD school employee who admittedly called someone "the N word". They'd hoped to fire her but she was a smart librarian who went ahead and RETIRED!

Funny thing is that the article says, "We are a school district that supports 90 percent students of color and we do not have a place for employees who do not celebrate and value that.”

She was a librarian. She values quiet, studious kids who understand the value of literacy, etc...

Libraries are RACIST! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Please use your public library to check out books. Go to libraries and remove books from shelves so the library utilization rates improve.

Anonymous said...

Forced integration of Blacks on Whites by the government through school, social and civic programs always ends up the same way.

When the Black percentage of that demographic reaches a critical mass the White leave for safer, cleaner and more functional areas.........while the Blacks rot the place out.

Africa is Africa for a reason..........and we see it repeated in every example of a social program that tries to ignore this reality across US cities and schools every single time..........

Our governing bodies are over loaded with a combination of paint theory cucks and/or manipulative vote buying whores who continue to encourage programs of forced racial integration just for the sake of integration and nothing else.......

The fact that integration has to be forces on people should be a clue that nature is telling you something different.

Anonymous said...

OT: Researching racist stuff, I came upon a story of a kid at a fancy prep school who was kicked out after his video racism was found out.

I looked up the school and it costs about 40 thousand dollars a year to attend. The kicker? Its notable alumni include punk rocker supreme "Henry Rollins", son of a diplomat. Just like "Joe Strummer" of the Clash, the children of the upper class seem to have the upper hand in NOT GOING TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

Oh, and they have a lot of bakkabaw and feetsbaw playas in their list of honored alumni. It's a recent thing, with their affleetes being born in the 80's and beyond.

The school was intended to prep kids for the service academies.

Anonymous said...

Moral of most of the stories presented on SBD; Know negroes know crime, no negroes no crime.

Anonymous said...

OT: Philly: White man 38 walking dog with fiancé in park, tells man with pit bull to put his dog on a leash. Pit bull owner delivers single punch to white man's face, white man dies.

Sounds like a couple of white liberal gentrifiers who were living in a black ghetto.

The story says the pit bull owner is "white" but I am not buying it. Sounds like a knockout punch. Assailant ran away and is on the loose.

Story says, 'But they don't have a good picture because there's no lighting here.'

Anonymous said...

Pimlico should be renamed Pimp-lico! That's where Leroy can keep his stable of bi+€|-|e$.

Anonymous said...

You cannot make this up. In response to increased violence Boston proposes to use fines to fund youth programs. Two years from now Boston will have amnesty day for unpaid fines provided in the interim the Courts don't rule the fines adversely impact minorities. Good grief.

'Stabbing reported as city makes moves to crack down on violence'

Updated: 5:45 AM EST Jan 10, 2019


A stabbing in Roxbury comes as the city makes new moves to crack down on violence in Boston.

The stabbing happened on Albion Street late Wednesday night. It was the third shooting or stabbing in the neighborhood in less than three days.

Police and the mayor's office are launching new plans to fight back.

The proposal includes requiring doctors to ask patients about guns in their homes, allowing officers to impound vehicles containing illegal weapons to cut down on drive-by shootings and using fines to fund more youth programs.

A shooting yesterday on Brinton Street in Roxbury came as people were at a nearby memorial remembering the victim of a shooting on Tuesday. That 28-year-old was killed on Crawford Street.

“You can’t go out of your house because everyone is shooting. Everything is taped off. There is a body lying right there. Everybody is shooting. They have to come and clean up the blood. It don’t make sense,” resident Monica Craig said.

The victim in Wednesday’s shooting is expected to survive.

Few details were released about the stabbing victim.

Just Mike said...

The Break up of North American into Separate states is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Gay Puerto Rican rapper Kevin Fret gunned down in cold blood.

Fret, who had been living in Miami, specialized in recording Latin trap music — a form of serious hip-hop that addresses the perils of street violence, sex and drugs. The music form also blends rapping with singing.
Escalating violence is wreaking havoc in Puerto Rico, including murders in broad daylight caught on camera, which may have prompted Fret’s move to Florida.
Sooooo….Let me get this straight... the mentally unstable, homo, rapper left a shithole where he felt unsafe and moved to Florida which is the safest place in America, then returns to said shithole to be murdered. Makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

A million immigrants in 3 years. Somehow I'm guessing it'll be as many Chinese as they can get so China can have a northern and southern foothold on the North American continent. But I may be wrong, I hear Trudeau loves dark meat.

Full Metal Realist said...

I just saw the terrible movie ' The Nutcracker'. I was disgusted but not surprised that the title character was played by a negro. Of course he was a wise and a loyal protector to the heroine. All the white males were inept and feminine. However, the most disturbing thing about the movie was that the theatre was filled with little girls. This movie is propaganda and is sending a message to these little girls that it is the negro who will be their prince charming, not some white dude. This is pure evil and unfortunately a lot of these girls will end up being murdered by their future negro "Nutcracker".

Anonymous said...

This is why I always carried in Atlanta. It is a dump.

Anonymous said...

Sports serve the same purpose. Venues to promote the worship and acceptance of the horde.

Anonymous said...

Escaping the Hell of die-versity increasingly felt among people who have to live with it.

Anonymous said...

Another traffic stop. Another police officer shot. Another increasing common occurrence - along with a plethora of other crime - in BRA.

'Arlington Police Officer Shot, Suspected Gunman Dead: Police'

By Hannah Everman
Published Jan 11, 2019 at 11:11 PM

An Arlington police officer is in the hospital after being shot during a traffic stop late Friday night. The suspected shooter has died, police say.

Arlington police said an officer made a traffic stop near the intersection of West Randol Mill and North Fielder roads just after 10 p.m.

The reason for the traffic stop was not known, but according to Arlington Police Department Public Information Officer Chris Cook there were four people in the car  – three males and a female – so the officer called for backup.

When two other officers arrived at the scene, Cook said a male passenger got out of the car and started running toward a store. Two officers started chasing him, that's when Cook said the man pulled out a gun and started shooting at the officers. ...

Anonymous said...

Impressive! A 56 year old black man walks 24 mile round-trip to file for his unemployment benefits.

Oh, wait! He's white, poor and lives rurally. It's obviously his hateful, racist, vitriolic nature that allows him to do this.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we don't see the assault but we do see the hoods from da hood wearing hoodies fighting the structural racism of "fares".

Anonymous said...

The world of Ward, June, Wally, and the Beaver is gone. Discarded on the way to BRA.

'2 wounded, 2 held after shooting at New Jersey shopping mall, reports say'

By Amy Lieu | Fox News

Published January 12, 2019

Two men were in critical condition Friday and two others were apprehended by police after what authorities said was likely a gang-related shooting at the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City, N.J., reports said.

One of the injured men, identified as Jaleel Holmes, was wanted for attempted murder in connection with a Wednesday shooting elsewhere in Jersey City, reported.

Friday's outburst began with a fistfight around 6 p.m. on the mall's third floor, Mayor Steve Fulop said, according to the report.

Anonymous said...

At 13% of the population they commit over half the murders and other very serious crimes.

Just think of how those percentages change when the percentage population that is black increases. I'm sure it's a near perfect correlation with crime, or at least one of the best indicators of disorder, crime, and misery.

Even as a liberal kid I had fears of what it would be like to visit Oakland, rather than San Francisco (I imagined taking a wrong exit). I figure that all the conscious teaching of anti-racism/paint theory still doesn't override the pattern recognition and survival abilities locked in the subconscious.

There is a chasm between what liberals say and what they actually do.

Archie bunker said...
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Anonymous said...

The world of Ward, June, Wally, and the Beaver is gone. Discarded on the way to BRA.
--No, due to 1965.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, I left Denver not too long ago because the rent was getting expensive but that wasn't the main issue since I had a good job there. It was the increase in blacks and their violent ways. Go to the Denver police twitter page and its filled with blacks committing violence against everything in the city. Now I live in rural white area and feel much safer here by far. I don't make as much money but I can at least enjoy the peace and quiet of a city not rotting away by coon violence.

Anonymous said...

"You cannot make this up. In response to increased violence Boston proposes to use fines to fund youth programs. Two years from now Boston will have amnesty day for unpaid fines provided in the interim the Courts don't rule the fines adversely impact minorities. Good grief."

Fortunately Boston still enjoys de facto segregation rivaling anything found during the Jim Crow era in the South. Most of the crimes like the stabbing in the story take place in the Roxbury/Dorchester/Mattapan neighborhoods which are overwhelmingly black. East Boston is Mestizo and other areas are white and generally wealthy and safe. It's amazing what a difference of a mile or two can make, sometimes just a few hundred yards, it's like travelling a thousand miles.

The funding of "youth programs" is simply a slush fund for the mayor to use to buy votes for the next election. All the shiftless third world types; "community leaders" will get salaries as "outreach coordinators" or some other horseshit job. This is of course after getting an automatic waiver from the mayor for their past criminal convictions. This is democracy in action in PK's BRA.


Anonymous said...

Two examples of Black Delusion.  First from Zoomalia:

A Zoomali who learned to weld managed to make something like tracks to go over car tires.  He put an upside-down bathtub and a piece of pipe on top and called it a "tank".

Second from fUSA:  An African-in-America attempted to rob a pizza delivery driver with nothing but a rifle... magazine.  No actual rifle, just the magazine.

They are not our species.  Humans are not THAT stupid.

Anonymous said...

It does nothing for the community around it, because there is no real community around it. What passes for community doesn't care, it's a white man's sport.