Monday, January 14, 2019

In 28% Black Indianapolis, the Gannett-Owned Newspaper (Indy Star) Refuses to Acknowledge Blacks Responsible for City's Historic Homicide Problem... Black Newspaper (Indianapolis Recorder) Does

Previously on SBPDL: In 28% Black Indianapolis, a City Where Blacks are Responsible for Almost All Homicides and Nonfatal Shootings, City Council to Declare Gun Violence a "Public Health Crisis"

The Indianapolis Star can't bother to point out what's happening in the 28 percent black city when it comes to the rising homicide rate (each year continues to see the prior years record for homicides broken). [These six graphics help explain Indianapolis' homicide problem, Indy Star, 12-23-18]:
For the fourth year in a row, Indianapolis has broken a new criminal homicide record. 
The death of two men — who were shot and killed inside a vehicle on the east side late Wednesday — pushed the total dead in 2018 to 156. They joined five other men and one woman who have been killed so far in December.
Indianapolis Star will tell us who the victims are, but why not the suspects? Because as the Indianapolis Recorder, the black newspaper notes, they are almost all black people (a hate fact we must not be told about)
This year's count eclipsed the 155 cases investigated by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department last year and continued an annual climb in criminal homicides that began in 2011. It can create hopelessness at times. 
"Most people don’t think that you can do anything about it," said Rev. Charles Harrison, who for years has tried to curb crime here as a co-founder of the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition. "You cannot get the guns off the street. You’re not able to deal with the issues of poverty and broken families and the hopelessness these kids are feeling." 
For Harrison, who has been involved in anti-crime efforts for about two decades, it's clear who pays the highest cost in Indianapolis: black males, particularly those who are younger than 25.
Young black males are 4 times more likely than everyone else to be victims of criminal homicides in Indianapolis. And they're overwhelmingly dying of gunshot wounds. 
IndyStar reached those findings through an analysis of five years of homicide and census data. Data from those five years, illustrated and explained by a series of graphics, is contained within this story. 
The 2018 number includes all criminal homicide investigations opened by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department detectives in 2018, including a few cases in which someone died last year but the deaths were determined to be homicides this year. 
The count does not include killings made in self-defense, police action shootings or accidental homicides. Homicides in other parts of Marion County, such as in Lawrence or Cumberland, are not included. 


In Indianapolis, just as in many other cities struggling with violence, the reality is grim for one particular demographic.
Young black males, who are under the age of 25, were victims in 34 cases this year. Young white males, by comparison, accounted for two victims. 
It matches a years-long trend. Since 2014, just 17 young white males were victims, compared to 175 who were young black males, making up about one-fourth of all victims.

Whereas the Indianapolis Star can't be bothered to publish the information on who is shooting/killing black males in the city, the black newspaper in Indy has no problem publishing the truth. [It’s 2019, and Rachel is still weeping …, Indianapolis Recorder, 1-10-19]:
In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not. Matthew 2:18 
This passage of scripture has gripped me since 1994. Just four short years into my ministry, I came across this stark depiction of a mother weeping for her children who are being mercilessly and systematically slaughtered.  
The biblical account was written hundreds of years ago. It is Matthew’s account of the “Slaughter of the Innocents” in Bethlehem and is seen as a fulfillment of the prophecy given in Jeremiah 31:15. Rama is the geographical location. Rachel is the mother who would not be comforted from her trauma and sorrows. And the children she is weeping for are her own.  
It’s 2019, the geographical location is Indianapolis. Rachel is still weeping. The children are our own. Indianapolis has experienced another record-breaking year with a total of 161 homicides being reported. For the fourth year in a row, young Black males under age 25 are the victims in more than 34 cases. Three of every four homicide victims were Black.  
Since 2014, young Black males have been four times more likely than anyone else to be victims of homicides. Black male homicides outpaced all other races in every age category. The highest percentage of those killed are in the 18- to 24-year-old age range. 
We are experiencing a Black male epidemic. We are in the midst of a Black male crisis. With every Black male murdered, another mother and father are forced to bury their young son. In many cases the victim is also a parent. Thus, another Black child will grow up without his or her father. When the case goes unsolved another murderer remains loose on our streets. Since the perpetrators are often Black males, prison or death awaits them. Rachel is still weeping.   
Over 28 years ago, the murder of a young Black male by another Black male, who faced 60 years in prison because of the crime, compelled me to leave a comfortable and lucrative corporate position and devote my life to serving others and working to save our young Black males.  
I can’t count the number of mothers, fathers, family members and friends that I’ve consoled, preached funerals for, and written letters and cards to, on both sides of these tragedies. I can’t count them. I’ve grown tired of these senseless tragedies.  
I’m tired of young lives being lost. Tired of funerals. Tired of mothers, fathers and family members crying over loved ones they will never see again. Tired of the court cases, plea bargains and seeing our young Black males sentenced to decades in prison. 
 The Black community must stand up cohesively, and Black men must be in the forefront of the movement to save our Black sons. Our community must bond together like never before. We must find ways to build on the work we are already doing.  
We owe it to Aaron, Rodney, Earl, Terrell, and the countless other young Black males who were snatched away from us long before they ever reached their fullest potential. 
Yes, Rachel still weeps. She wept in the time of the prophet Jeremiah. She wept in the time of Jesus. And she still weeps in 2019 for her children who are being systematically destroyed. Rachel has been weeping for centuries, and she will continue to weep until the senseless slaughtering ceases.
The sentence on who is behind the violence in Indianapolis was not published in the Gannett-owned Indianapolis Star, but in the black newspaper, The Indianapolis Recorder: "Since the perpetrators are often Black males, prison or death awaits them. "

Honesty about black crime and black dysfunctionanti-social behavior is the only way to save Indianapolis (and countless other American cities from the same fate of Detroit, Gary, and Newark).

Funny the truth is buried in the Gannett-owned paper and declared without a hint of blaming whitey in the black paper. 


Anonymous said...

With every Black male murdered, another mother and father are forced to bury their young son.

Somehow, I doubt many fathers are involved...

Gavin Newsome said...

"Most people don’t think that you can do anything about it," said Rev. Charles Harrison, who for years has tried to curb crime here as a co-founder of the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition. "You cannot get the guns off the street. You’re not able to deal with the issues of poverty and broken families and the hopelessness these kids are feeling."

Once castration of offenders starts, you'll be able to deal with poverty & broken famblies.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just let us separate already. Nothing civilizes them or tames their savage natures. We're too deep into this experiment - let's just cut our losses.


Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"We are experiencing a Black male epidemic.".

Damned straight.

Anonymous said...

How many of the 24% were killed by blacks? How many white women each year are killed by blacks?

Hidden Figures.

Anonymous said...

28%, huh?

What percentage will it be when the counting of demographics or murder victims kind of isn't being done anymore.

Ya know, when civilization "goes wrong"! ;)

Unknown said...

This is why we can't have nice things.

Anonymous said...

Out of the 24 whites murdered, how many were killed by black perps?

Anonymous said...

The comments regarding how many whites were the victims of black killers is interesting. In stats available about homicides in Chiraq, (Shitcago), it has shown that about 50% were black on white which again lowers the white homicide stats. In every large urban area the negro is the cause of the huge amounts of homicides, period. Again looking at Chiraq stats in a city of almost 3 million around 5% involve whites and half of those were white victims killed by blacks. Eliminate negroes and the homicide rate in the USA would be one of the lowest per capita in the world.
Know negroes, know crime. No negroes, no crime.

Anonymous said...

Another community forum. Another group of people discussing gang violence and violent crime. This same scene plays out all across BRA. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Funny thing is 'the residents want immediate solutions.' The problem is the residents are the problem. The BRA conundrum. What to do? What to do?

'Dougherty Co. residents want immediate solutions for guns and teen violence'

By Asia Wilson | January 14, 2019 at 8:23 PM EST - Updated January 14 at 8:23 PM

ALBANY, GA (WALB)- In Southwest Georgia, local officials are also taking a stand against gang violence and violent crimes.

After a recent criminal justice forum, Albany City Commissioner, Jon Howard, said people are in shock after hearing the amount of crimes young people.

WALB was at that meeting where many said juveniles and guns are getting out of control and now they want something to be done.

“That happens here to much. There’s not enough advocacy for the children,” said a concerned resident. ...

Anonymous said...

We all know that once the black population gets in to the double digits anywhere that there is an explosion in crime. There is no debate.

The remainder is pretense, posturing and politics. Universities teach how to either not see the obvious or how to twist truths into a more correct form.

Neither and both of these reports tell the truth or the full story. They both insinuate that there is something other than the obvious at work here. Certainly, someone other than the perpetrators must be guilty of something. They can’t be solely responsible for their own free will.

Those of us whose eyes have been pried open realize that when blacks congregate they bring with them a whole host of problems that supersede their numbers. Not talking about the middle class black guy who moved into your neighborhood. He’s as worried about the feral blacks as you are. That’s why he moved by you. That by itself is survivable. What is no survivable is the governments interference in housing that demands a certain amount of feral blacks live in each community. They call it “equality”. We know it as the demon seed that breaks neighborhoods and destroys lives.

There has always been only one way to deal with this problem and it seems men have lost their stomach for it over the past 30-40 years. Maybe someday we’ll grow our balls back instead of waiting for out leftist leaders to do something.

They’re actually included in what needs to be done...

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

The sperm donor miraculously appears when the media shows up at the mother's Stop De Bilence rally. When asked about losing his son to gun violence, said sperm donor blathers something like 'Dis shit poda stop an nobah be heppin us'

Anonymous said...

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My favorite comment of the video: “The role of a man in 2019 is to protect his family from corporate ideological Bull**it.”

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Californian said...

You wonder if the newspapers even bother to have human writers produce these stories. It's just cut and paste the same old nonsense phrases: "crisis among black youth," "gun violence," "poverty and hopelessness," "weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth at funerals for aspiring whatevers," ad infinitum.

The question they do not ask is: how is that after 70 years of integration, civil rights, war on poverty, community organizing, affirmative action, enterprise zoning, closing education gaps and black lives mattering...blacks still demonstrate the same old pathologies?

It's almost as if all this had something to do with genetics. But only a mad scientist like James Watson would provide such an obviously insane answer.

As for YT, if you live in Indianapolis or anywhere else in BRA: stay armed, stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

More proof that liberals are your WORST enemy.

Sick n Tired said...

How are the residents supposed to weigh in on solutions, when the article doesn't have a comment section?

Full Metal Realist said...

Go to Daily to see the feel good video of the day. In the video it shows a 51 year old white man being surrounded and threatened by a pack of black "teens". It's like a scene from the movie 'Willard' where a pack of rats kill people. He is attacked twice by an "11" year old female negro. The second time he decks her, and it is clearly a case of self defense. How it that that a young girl has the gall to attack a white mans 4 times her size? It's because for years negro children have been given full rein to attack white people in malls, schools,etc with no consequences. I bet every inner-city school teacher wishes they could do what this man did.

Bruce County said...

Mogadishu has come to our nations capital Ottawa.
Ottawa man (one of Trudeaus pets) brutally beaten over drug debt before being chased to death.

These genetically failed shit stains of humanity are not like us.

Anonymous said...

Gannett owned "The Tennessean" in my city is not fit to line my cat's litterbox. My husband insists on stil getting the paper for the crossword and sudoku. I can't pick it blood pressure skyrockets and I'll be damned if Gannett is going to give me a stroke. We are constantly berated for our past sins and everyday they virtue signal by putting another immigrant or black on the front page and their oppression by evil whites.

The Great Social Experiment did not work. They will always hate us. If the overthrow of The United States of America by the left happens like I think it is going to, we will have years of darkness, indeed. I cannot predict for how long, for we know it will fail, but I believe with certainty we will have an ethnostate again. I agree with Paul that good, high IQ blacks such as Thomas Sowell or Gen. Colin Powell may be allowed to come with us (it should be put to a vote) but they will understand that race-mixing or the right to vote will never be granted. We are not monsters but will be self-serving and self-protecting the next time.

Ironically, it is the black poet Maya Angelou who gives me my parting words. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me".

Anonymous said...

China's cotton seeds sprout on Moon.
You would think they would have learned from the American experience with cotton!!!!
You just know they are gonna need some one to pick it..

Rebel said...

Jim in Jersey:

Good comment, BUT...that "middle class black guy who moved into your neighborhood" is not who you think it is. Yes, I agree. He wants away from those people. But he brings his culture with him. He IS the problem.

That one nice IKAGO has friends and family. He's got an uncle who just got outta the joint and just needs a place to stay for a few days. He cannot say no. If he tells his family "no" to anything they want, he becomes an Uncle Tom to them and worse than white people. Because now he's "acting white", too good, a traitor, turning his back on his family and his own blood, etc. Blacks are incapable of severing ties with the ghetto. This is why multimillionaire affletes have a posse and are broke within months after their playing careers. This is why the talented 10th in schools never achieve elsewhere. Getting good grades is considered acting white and is a guaranteed way to get your ass whipped by other blacks. This is why the very few africans who make it out of the ghetto never fully assimilate. They can't. And that uncle who just got outta the joint and needs a place to stay til he gets on his feet? What do you think he's doing all day? He's standing out front smoking a cigarette watching the white neighbors come and go and casing which house he and his homies are going to rob. Or which white women don't seem to have a man or a dog around. Or which cars are left running to warm up. They can't help it. It's what they do.

A nice middle class black family moved in our moderately affluent neighborhood. Nicest people ever. Until their daughter had a 16th birthday party. Word got out to every african all over the nearby city and they invited each other over. HUNDREDS of negroes swarmed our nice neighborhood. Fights broke out everywhere, one of them had a gun and started shooting, africans went running in every direction. Some of them fled in cars, smashing into parked cars in the neighborhood and knocking over light poles and mailboxes. A bullet went through the wall of the house across the street and into their baby's nursery. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. But white people began selling their houses shortly after this. The nice black parents acted outraged. They assured everyone they had no idea who these ruffians were who showed up, and her daughter didn't know them, either. Blamed it on social media and kids these days.

4 or 5 years ago the black UPS driver who worked the route at a gun store out in the country told his homies about the old man with a small store full of guns who frequently worked alone. The UPS driver went back with his thug buddies, beat and killed the old man and robbed his store.

A year or so ago a black female home health nurse in Indiana went back with her boyfriend and beat an old couple, killing the husband. I think that was on SBPDL.

Blacks are masters of ACTING white when they need to. But they are always casing. Always looking for an opportunity to kill and steal. That nice middle class black guy might be very white. Doubtful. But, even if he is, his friends and family will always be ready to steal and kill and turn your neighborhood into the hell of africa.


Anonymous said...

I stand corrected.
Certainly, I recognize the problem but he’s certainly not ‘first string’. More the issue is he’s probably an affirmative action hire believing the hype and thinking he is where he is due to his own merit.
And of course, the baggage you mentioned. It’s nice to think that when they ‘move on up’ they leave behind their previous life but that is rarely true as you pointed out.
Otherwise Nicole Simpson would still be alive.
Always funny when their pets eat them. Not funny when their pets run rampant through your neighborhood.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

'Maybe someday we’ll grow our balls back'

Take a gander at your evening news hosts. Having your balls snipped must be a prerequisite for employment in broadcasting. There hasn't been any testosterone in the news media since Nancy Grace left CNN.

Anonymous said...

I thought highly of Colin Powell until he supported and voted for Obama. Now he is just another racial identity lefty negro.

Thomas Sowell, on the other hand, actually correctly called Obama a fraud in written article(s).

Anonymous said...

What takes place in DC is reminiscent of the trials during Stalin's purge. All that's missing is a trip to the cellar.

'Steve King Removed From Committee Assignments Over White Supremacy Remark'

House Republican leaders removed Representative Steve King of Iowa from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees on Monday night as party officials scrambled to appear tough on racism and contain damage from comments Mr. King made to The New York Times questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive. ...

But in an interview with The Times published last week, Mr. King said: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” ...

europeasant said...

"Honesty about black crime and black dysfunctionanti-social behavior is the only way to save Indianapolis (and countless other American cities from the same fate of Detroit, Gary, and Newark)"

Even honesty will not save Indianapolis and other cities. The black population will continue to grow. And don't forget if our blacks don't reproduce in sufficient numbers to keep up the growth rate, our rulers will import the excess populations from Sub-Saharan Africa. And let me tell you, it will be a tidal wave of humanity all looking for the good life that Whitey created.

"Funny the truth is buried in the Gannett-owned paper and declared without a hint of blaming whitey in the black paper"

In one respect, America is making progress. Did anyone notice that the KKK was not blamed for black Violence!

Anonymous said...

Here's a teacher that did just that. Who would want their job? Who can blame this guy?

'Teacher punched student at least twice in lunchroom attack, witness says'

By: Michael Seiden
Updated: Jan 14, 2019 - 11:17 PM

DECATUR, Ga. - Police have arrested a DeKalb County math teacher who is accused of punching one of his students in the face.

Investigators say it happened Friday inside the cafeteria at Miller Grove Middle School in Decatur.

Archie bunker said...

You fantasize of a orc free paradise, yet talk of letting them back in?

Anonymous said...

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Archie bunker said...

A man is in a coma after being attacked in front of Regions Hospital, in St Paul on Dec 30. Isaiah Coleman 16, and Jeremiah Ward, 16, were charged with felony assault. Video show the teens approaching, then pushing, punching and kicking the man, they fled but were identified by a school resource officer using lightrail surveillance tape.The teens told police the man used a racial slur and made comments that upset them, hospital tape only shows them approaching and attacking, the man is in critical condition and as of Jan 8, no prognosis of recovery

Anonymous said...

“Somehow, I doubt many fathers are involved...”

Unless there is a ghetto lottery prize at stake.

“Blacks are masters of ACTING white when they need to.”

I worked at a company in the south that had a large number of black employees. I was getting supplies from the office supply room when I heard a couple of blacks that were fairly high up and could speak English when they had to talking in Ebonics, not knowing I was there. Like actors on break from filming.

Also, Steve King was great on many issues but he pandered to Israel. Didn’t seem to help him with the ADL which is the organization that pushed the Republicucks to punish him.

Anonymous said...

I guess they never got the memo that they are supposed to have two "parents". It is these "parents" who are supposed to advocate for their children by "raising" them.

Maybe nobody hepped those crazy jazz cats by dropping this knowledge. Now get to it, black bodies!

Rebel said...


It sounded in my comment like I still live in that neighborhood. We GTFO when we could see our nice, white community descending into darkness. That was probably 4 years ago. It was a formerly tiny rural bedroom community of a large city. It was one of the many little towns used as a bolt hole for middle class whites escaping the suburbs that were collapsing from africanization. Those bolt holes are now under assault and/or collapsing into black chaos. It starts with increased property crimes and the sudden appearance of smiling black faces in local community news coverage of events and athletics at the formerly all-white schools. Next comes increased local news of police runs of a type that never used to happen on community social media sites. At some point bus lines get extended to the formerly outlying counties to "give people of all economic backgrounds access to better schools". Then the small local police department announcing they're hiring and increasing the department size. By this time, everyone has noticed seemingly well-behaved africans have moved into the neighborhoods, but the only people who say anything are quick to say how great they think it is (without explaining further).

IDK when most commenters here grew up. I was a little kid in the '70s and H.S. & college in the '80s. Spent my formative years under the thumb of utopian baby boomers (my parents' generation). I could see the egalitarian crap they were feeding us was an obvious lie. There's a certain comfort, though, in just accepting what we all see and what we all know to be true.

Africans have destroyed American cities like Indianapolis and white people are not allowed to fight back, defend ourselves or our communities or even notice or speak about what we all see.

I pray younger generations will wake up and begin the process of salvaging Western Civilization.


Anonymous said...

This may be unscientific, but the stats would suggest 52%.

Anonymous said...

Your "betters" already told you what you need to know. It's the fault of the guns.

Anonymous said...

You already know (((who))) is working behind the scene.

Obama nominated Tribalist judge just nixed the citizenship question on the 2020 census.

Anonymous said...

The very origin of the saying "There goes the neighborhood".

Anonymous said...

And, of course, this was done by the Republicans themselves. Keep in mind that the Koch brothers are far wealthier than Soros and are just as "open borders" as he is. King has long been a champion for a secure southern border.

Full Metal Realist said...

To Rebel. Excellent post. This is why I get disgusted when I see even one negro in my community. Even if they are pleasant themselves I know the baggage they will bring with them.

Anonymous said...

You all talk about "selling" and moving.

There aren't enough White people left to buy and there is no place to move.

We stand and fight on our feet, or we are dead already.

Rebel said...

Anonymous, Re: their knack for acting white when necessary: I've seen that phenomenon many times. There's actually a couple of great videos out there that demonstrate this perfectly.

Here's the 1st one:

Negro goes from white guy news reporter voice in a suit & tie to african ebonics ghetto instantly.

This one is the opposite. Tough guy ghetto thug who's robbing women and children with a loaded gun turns into purring little kitten who dindu nuffin and is just an innocent little angel pleading for help once he realizes he's screwed:

Archie Bunker:

The whole "they called me the n-word!!!" excuse is an old standby. That NFL player who's on video at the hotel shoving a 19yo white girl to the floor and kicking her claims he only did that because she called him that word (which wasn't on video, since there's no sound).

This african stripper who called a couple of white customers racists when they didn't want a private dance from her and then attacked them, also claimed the men hurled racial epithets at her. She then explained to the officer how the video just LOOKS like she threw a shot glass at them and smacked the one in the head because of the camera angle.

Indiana congressman and Nation of Islam follower Andre Carson famously claimed when he walked through the crowd of protesters with Nancy Pelosi to Capitol Hill to sign Obamacare into law he was repeatedly called the n-word by tea party people and spit on as he walked. Andrew Breitbart offered a reward, $100,000 I think, for anyone producing video of Carson being called the n-word. There were thousands of cameras, journalists, protesters, supporters, etc. filming the event from start to end. Nobody was ever able to produce anything showing him being called that word.

They lie.

But, to them, it's not lying. African culture doesn't even have the concept or "lie", "truth", "honor", "promise" and so on. European-style Rule of Law is completely beyond their comprehension. They just say whatever they want at any time they want and, at that moment, it's "true" if they want it to be true.

It's just africa.


Anonymous said...

I admire your ability to pick up and move to stay ahead of the problem.
As I’ve posted here before, I was born in jersey city in the 60’s and escaped to the burbs with my parents right before the Newark riots. Newark was across the river from us at that point and the memories and bullet holes are still fresh in our minds and visible in cement.
Yes, I witnessed first-hand the downfall and destruction of these cities to feral blacks. I consider you lucky as it is all but impossible to get past the encroachment. I know of no one who has been able to pick up the entire family, change jobs and leave a state or city because of it. Lucky ones get a transfer to a better city or a new job in another area but even that’s a hit or miss proposition. You go where the work is.
My position is (and you may someday agree) that there is nowhere left to go. You may find some small, secluded backwater town where there are no blacks but what do you do for work? Travel an hour or two to a job? You impact the quality of life trying to increase quality of life.
It’s time to stand and fight. We’ve ceded all the ground we can afford. They’ve taken it over and destroyed it. Even if we went back in it would take trillions to put it back into any liveable condition.
The time to ‘run to the next place’ is over. There is no next place.
The fight will be ugly because we are past the time it can be done diplomatically. The lines are drawn and sides have been chosen. All that needs happen now is a spark.
What will it be?

Jim in Jersey

AR in Illinois said...

Yes, and that number is for KNOWN offenders, I believe. I think the actual black murder rate overall is much, much higher.

Anonymous said...

"You cannot get the guns off the street. You’re not able to deal with the issues of poverty and broken families and the hopelessness these kids are feeling."

Hopeless is what a person would feel whose cognitive skill sets or lack of them causes them to be overwhelmed of what discipline and effort it takes to succeed in a modern 1st world economy......

Their gun grabs and violent behavior is more of a matter of lack of potential to succeed in a White society than it is "bad luck" or "racial oppression"

Just like a person can only run so fast no matter what training they do if they lack the genetics for the physical skill set of speed..........well the same applies to trying to school a whole race with an average IQ of 85.

Anonymous said...

"Young, black males are paying the cost..."
Taxpayers are paying the "cost". Homeowners are paying the "cost". Business owners are paying the "cost".
The price of black dysfunction is paid by almost everyone EXCEPT BLACKS.
Why do you think it never ends?

Swamp Fox said...

This should usher in the era of the Chinese spiritual, sung in rhythm with the hoin' of dat row
and da totin' of dat bale.
Until,of course,Chinese ingenuity invents the space cotton gin.

Unknown said...

EXFUCKINGXACTLY !!!!!! ughhhh, they're all a fking worthless liability to the working class man !!!

As redundant as it may sound... it needs to be repeated, over and over again...

YOU are being forced to fund your own demise!!

Rebel said...

I get what you're saying, Jim. I'm in a position where my kids are off on their own now, so that part of moving was okay. But it wasn't something we did on a whim. We could see the writing on the wall for a long time and started talking about and making plans. We saved money, figured out career options, looked at a lot of different places and figured in the relative safety versus the job market. We're very blessed.

I left behind my (very lucrative) career and used the opportunity to completely change direction and do something I love. It's been a real challenge, but we're all in.

As far as standing and fighting for our neighborhoods, I'm with you in principle. We don't disagree. But, as it stands, there's very little anyone can do. What does someone do? Just sit as the neighborhood around them turns into deepest, darkest africa? Watch everything they've worked for dissolve into nothing as their property value plummets? I'm being rhetorical, obviously. And the law is working against everyone. People could honor their neighbors and community and refuse to sell to anyone who would bring down the neighborhood, but that's illegal everywhere and realtors would abandon ship in a heartbeat if they suspected someone was doing that. Not to mention the lawsuits and civil rights complaints and being demonized by everyone in the media as an example.

The law, governments at every level, the media and polite society is all stacked entirely against anyone who would stand up for themselves and their community against the black plague. Nobody is allowed to resist. That may change, but it's instant social destruction for anyone who tries that now. Look what's been done to Steve King and Dr. James Watson. One is a U.S. Congressman and the other a Nobel-winning genetic scientist. Both men have done nothing but state the obvious. Both men have been demonized as worse-than-Hitler. King was stripped of his committee appointments this week and Dr. Watson - the world's foremost expert in human genetics - has been stripped of honorary titles and banished from the scientific world. For stating facts. What would happen to a middle manager at ABC Corp. with 2 kids in junior high? Or an HVAC tech with a wife and a kid in H.S.? The left has weaponized the government and society against anyone even suggesting africans are anything other than equal (or superior) and neverending victims of white people.

All this is going to change someday. There can't be a perpetual lie that just lives forever. But I suspect it's going to change as a result of some trigger event. A natural disaster, a terror attack, some kind of economic or societal collapse like a plague or something. I don't know. But, like the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was the trigger for the tensions that erupted into WW1, which ended with the Treaty of Versailles that created the conditions leading to WW2, there's a pressure of forced lies, community destruction and dead people that's just waiting for an earthquake or a meteor or something to end this insane experiment western civilization has been subjected to for 150 years.


Harbor Master said...

I grew up in Indianapolis, there has always been a black problem, I grew up on east side, went to TECH HS, they had riots every years. I left in 69 and never looked back. They forced the black into white schools and spouted their all equal bull shit, sorry those animals are not equal to me.

Cauchemar du Singe said...

The numbers of Blacks far exceeds The Official 13%.
The numbers of the crimes of Blacks,and Browns,far exceeds The Official Jive & Lies.
The self-serving influence and control of (((The String Pullers))) far exceeds their small population numbers.
The craven,mendacious perfidy of our Federal government,most State governments and their enforcers far exceeds what you know or imagine.
We are IN Decline Of Empire.
"Things fall apart,the centre cannot hold."
Know thyself. Know your friends. Know your enemy.
"If a man hath a cloak and no sword,let him sell the cloak that he may buy a sword."
Because,sooner or later...
Tick Tock
Tick Tock

Californian said...

Under black majority rainbow nation rule, South Africa is seeing much of its rolling stock destroyed by arson, theft and vandalism:

Read the article to see what the future of your city's infrastructure will be under African rule. Then think about the fate of Detroit, Selma and Trenton. It all gets reduced to the level of the African mean, a race to dismantle the civilization of Whites.

Blue Juice said...

Jim in Jersey@1:34 PM
Great post and well said brother

Scot Irish said...

Rebel said...

"But, to them, it's not lying. African culture doesn't even have the concept or "lie", "truth", "honor", "promise" and so on."

Correct, and until contact with White people they never had comprehension of numbers or mathematics. Most still don't. Proof? Just look at South Africa and Zimbabwe today.

Jersey said...

Poverty is a nonsensical excuse . the factual answer is the subsaharan genetics of these vile creature s !!!!

Anonymous said...

Chased to death?

Not even "caught to death"?

Not even "beaten to death"?

Chased to death.

Bruce County said...

American Jason Spindler, 9/11 World Trade Center Survivor, Among 14 Killed in Nairobi Terror Attack.
Like living and working in New York isn't dangerous enough the idiot had to go to Africa !!!
The desert coons didn't kill him on 9/11, so he figured he should try his luck in the jungles of Africa with Obama's ancestral family. That worked out well. Its a feel good story that will be told over and over again as long as the lies continue. We are not the same!!! We are not equal!!.

Life is hard....Life is harder when you're stupid.
John Wayne

Aryan RAcist said...

As for Steve King's defense of Western Civilization it reminds me of a chant from Jesse Jackson and his supporters:
"Hey Hey Ho Ho
Western Civ has got to go."
If Western Civ does go what will replace it?
Sub Saharan Anarchy.

The OverSeer said...

To full metal realist@8:30am:

For the life of me I cannot find that video to enjoy. Could you possibly post a link? Thanks

Anonymous said...

If you would like a front row seat to the indoctrination nation at work be sure to watch this news coverage. Any parent in this school district who wants their child exposed to Ugandan culture can simply ride up I65 to Birmingham.

'Elementary students get geography lesson from Ugandan teachers'

By Sheldon Haygood | January 15, 2019 at 4:12 PM CST - Updated January 15 at 4:12 PM

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Elementary school is a place of learning and this week students at Trace Crossings is getting an unexpected geography lesson about the small South African country of Uganda. A handful of teachers from the Terra Nova Academy in Uganda, in association with Samford University, is visiting the Hoover City School to observe teaching practices within the classroom. While this opportunity is helping the visiting teachers, it has unexpectedly allowed an opportunity for Trace Crossings students to learn about a country most have never heard about.

“My students are fascinated with these ladies and are asking all sorts of questions about where they are from and what their country is like,” said Ashley Spark a fifth grade teacher at Trace Crossings. “These teachers visiting us has really sparked an interest about this small country in another part of the world and it is so fun to see the kids want to learn about something that maybe we hadn’t planned on doing. It’s great.”

The Uganda teachers will remain on campus at Trace Crossings through Friday allowing students ample opportunity to learn more about a country located in the central part of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Tuscaloosa DA cracks down on juvenile crime. I'd love to know the statistics behind these juvenile crimes but I guess the Ministry of Propaganda prohibits the release of any information which negatively reflects on special interest groups.

'Tuscaloosa Co District Attorney concerned about rise in juvenile crimes'

By Kelvin Reynolds | January 15, 2019 at 6:21 PM CST - Updated January 15 at 6:22 PM

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa County District Attorney Hays Webb admits he’s worried about the number of and the severity of crimes he’s now seeing involving juveniles.

He said according to Tuscaloosa police, half or more of the car thefts committed in Tuscaloosa in 2018 were committed by juveniles. In one case, several kids and two adults are accused of stealing a car and using it to try and break into a gun store.

In another crime, students stole several cars and were caught driving them to school. Webb says now they’re taking a closer look at crime trends involving juveniles and the kids who are individually committing those crimes.

“Hearing over and over and over these crimes, these shootings and auto burglaries, have been committed by juveniles. So we have started looking at how they have been treated in the system,” Webb told WBRC.

Webb now looks at weekly reports or crimes involving juveniles to get a better handle of these cases. He and his staff are also working with courts and cops to focus on how these kids cases are being handled to ensure the kids are rehabilitated when possible.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. The business declared a public nuisance? I guess the crowd loitering in the parking lot are Rhodes Scholars.

'D.A.: Business declared a public nuisance allowed to reopen'


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local business that was closed down last week after being declared a public nuisance has been allowed to reopen.

The Express Deli and Grocery on Jefferson Avenue was shutdown January 10 after police said it was a hotbed for crime. In less than two years, officers had been called to the store 69 times. Police took 43 incident reports and made 29 arrests. Approximately 17 of those were on the business' property or surrounding area.

When we spoke to the owner Mohamad Suhail last week he said all of that activity happened outside the store, not inside.

He said he called police about it but eventually gave up. He said his calls never lead to any arrests.

"I'm just wasting police time," Suhail said. "Every time I call, they find nothing with these people. They search people. They search me, too. They bring dog inside my store. I ain't got nothing. I ain't got no problem."

The re-opening of the store comes after Suhail agreed to make improvements to the business that would hopefully deter crime. Those improvements include things like installing security lightning and surveillance cameras, hiring a security guard and placing "No Trespassing" signs outside.

Anonymous said...

The Indoctrination Nation at work. The video says it all.

"In a war in which you cannot defeat the enemy by a frontal assault, you should use roundabout maneuvering, your first action should be to put your own teachers in the schools..."

- Joseph Stalin advising Mongolia Prime Minister Genden, 15-Nov-1934

'Adorable kindergartners keep MLK Jr.'s dream alive with their own march'

Celebration included signs, songs, lessons on Dr. King's wisdom'

Updated: 8:26 AM CST Jan 16, 2019

Victoria Ottomanelli

A class of kindergarten students at the Rashi School in Dedham, Massachusetts, is learning important lessons about equality and tolerance just in time for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. As part of the class' annual "fairness march," students got to decorate and write handmade signs, sing songs and march through the school hallways while being supported by older students and teachers. But most of all, they learned about King's life and accomplishments and how his message of acceptance is timeless. ...

Anonymous said...

“American (((Jason Spindler))), 9/11 World Trade Center Survivor, Among 14 Killed in Nairobi Terror Attack.”

Too bad for him Odigo Messenger is no longer around.

Anonymous said...

DC celebrates 12th homicide this year. A vigil almost every day. Must be a great place to be a balloon vendor.

'12th homicide of 2019 after man shot, killed in Northwest DC; police identify victim'

By: staff

POSTED: JAN 16 2019 07:17AM EST; VIDEO POSTED: JAN 16 2019 07:16AM EST; UPDATED: JAN 16 2019 07:44AM EST

WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) - Police in the District are investigating their twelfth homicide of 2019 after a man was shot and killed in Northwest D.C.Tuesday afternoon. ...

Anonymous said...

Black man, 19, files $2.35m lawsuit against the white Virginia cop who shot him in the back as he was fleeing a house he had just robbed.

What if it was a black cop that shot the dindu??

Anonymous said...

Only in BRA can a 7-year-old shot dead in his own front yard by a pot smoking family member be ruled justifiable.

'Homicide involving 7-year-old shot by family member ruled 'justifiable''

Tashawn Gallon killed during exchange of gunfire, JSO said

By Vic Micolucci - I-TEAM reporter, anchor

Posted: 2:07 PM, January 14, 2019Updated: 6:53 PM, January 15, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A day after police labeled the death of a 7-year-old boy caught in the crossfire in a drive-by shooting last February "excusable," the homicide is now listed as "justifiable," ending without any arrests, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. ...

In a statement, the Sheriff's Office said:

“The facts and evidence in the case led to the tragic conclusion that Tashawn was killed by a shot fired by a family member who was in the yard with him.”

Police couldn't find anyone to criminally charge in Tashawn's death because it appeared one man involved was acting in self-defense, and the other is dead. ...

On the night Tashawn was killed, a group of men were "smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol" on a porch on Mt. Herman Street when someone fired several shots from the passenger side of a stolen SUV, police said. Holcomb was said to be at the home, as was Henry Smith Jr., who later admitted to detectives that he fired back in self-defense, aiming for the SUV.

According to investigators, ballistics evidence shows the bullet from Smith Jr.'s gun struck Tashawn.

Homicide detectives received seven tips made to Crime Stoppers from people saying the shooter from the SUV was a man named Silas Ervin, investigators said. According to police, Ervin and his girlfriend were shot and killed at an Easter party on April 1, 2018.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Apparently this fine gentleman jumped a turnstile prior to stabbing a man with a screwdriver and making good off with his moolah! Good going, New York! Gotta let da My-Nora-Tees do what dey wawnt! Yeee-aaahhh boiiiiiiiiee!

Police released surveillance video Sunday of a suspect they say stabbed a sleeping straphanger on a Brooklyn subway train with a screwdriver and robbed him.

The unhinged attacker plunged the tool into the snoozing 29-year-old man’s head and arm on a No. 2 train near the Beverly Road station in East Flatbush around 2 p.m. Thursday, cops said.

The suspect then swiped $300 from the victim and ran off. Medics took the victim to Kings County Hospital in stable condition.

Police previously released surveillance video Thursday showing the suspect going through a turnstile. The video released Sunday captures him walking down the street and provides a clearer view of his face.

Police are hoping somebody will recognize the suspect from the new clip.

The suspect is described as black, 5-foot-10 and in his mid-30s. He was wearing a black-and-gray jacket, black jeans and a black hat.

Anonymous said...

I guess they're not going to hear about Idi Amin and the wonderful things he did for Uganda.

Anonymous said...,amp.html

If you can't do the time, dindu da crime!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

1st Amendment alert!

Anonymous said...

OT: Check this out

Shooting At IHOP leaves two dead:

If you google the name of the shooter (Roderick Turner, age 25) you also get these hits:

Bruce County said...

"Shooting At IHOP leaves two dead".

They sure like their pancakes. or chicken and waffles.
I wonder if they all had aunts named Jemima?
He looks a lot like Obama in his mugshot.
Does this mean we wont see his kind loving face greeting us at the Hunstville Space & Rocket Center. Telling visitors how blacks put a man on the moon and made pyramids fly. Its going to be a terrible loss for the areas visitors. We will never know what great things this young genius would have achieved or invented or.. The lost potential is heartbreaking. Some ignorant bigoted white must have said the "N" word or an equally brilliant and illustrious brother dissed the future Nobel laureate. Regardless, I'm looking forward to his mammy to appear on Ellen and the Grand Opening of the new teen activity center named in honour of this young mans great but short life.
I love America.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta, Ga, or Monrovia, Liberia, it's hard to tell the difference.

'Man killed while allegedly trying to steal unmarked police car identified'

Family said he had just turned 18 in December.

Author:Adrianne Haney

Published:8:00 PM EST January 15, 2019: Updated:12:54 PM EST January 17, 2019

ATLANTA — The family attorney has identified a man who was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Atlanta, Tuesday night.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called in late Tuesday after an officer fired his weapon and killed the suspect, 18-year-old D'ettrick Griffin.

It happened at a Shell gas station on Whitehall Street SW between Northside Drive and McDaniel Street, according to police.

The GBI's preliminary report says the plain-clothes officer was pumping gas for his unmarked vehicle at about 7:21 p.m. when the suspect, Griffin, entered his car and attempted to drive away.

The officer tried to stop the car as it drove off. During the incident, the officer fired his service weapon. ...

Bruce County said...

APD on high alert after receiving death threats.
Once again Black America has made it open season on police officers after one of their feral offspring was ventilated for trying to steal a cop car.
(D'ettrick Griffin) Do you say that name with a click??

Anonymous said...

Aspiring rapper (aren't they all) Boss Goon is dead. To quote his sister, “Lil Willie was a rapper who spoke to people, so don’t get confused with him being a statistic or a product of his environment.” What does that even mean?

'Jacksonville man killed in mass shooting was aspiring rapper'

Willie 'Boss Goon' Addison had performed at club hours before gunfire erupted

By Destiny McKeiver - Multi-media journalist

Posted: 3:21 PM, January 17, 2019; Updated: 6:19 PM, January 17, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville man gunned down Wednesday in what's described as a gang-related shooting was an aspiring rapper with a criminal record who performed at a strip club hours earlier.

Willie Addison, 25, who went by the stage name Boss Goon, died of his injuries not long after he and five other individuals were dropped off at Memorial Hospital by a bullet-riddled sport-utility vehicle.

Addison was featured on a flyer for Tuesday night’s show at Paradise Gentlemen’s Club. YouTube and social media video clips show the artist toting guns, including an AK-47 style rifle, and rapping about his incarceration.

Though Mayor Lenny Curry has described Wednesday’s shooting as being both gang- and drug-related, Addison’s sister, Lola Richy, took exception to that characterization Thursday.

“Lil Willie was not and is not a gang member,” Richy told News4Jax. “Lil Willie was a rapper who spoke to people, so don’t get confused with him being a statistic or a product of his environment.” ...

Anonymous said...

Aspiring rapper (aren't they all) Boss Goon is dead. To quote his sister, “Lil Willie was a rapper who spoke to people, so don’t get confused with him being a statistic or a product of his environment.” What does that even mean?

There is no fucking way these pavement apes are the same species as humans. No real science would disprove this observation.