Sunday, January 27, 2019

In 52% White/41% Black Opelika, Alabama, 29 of the past 30 Homicides have been Black on Black

Opelika is a charming city in Alabama, right off of Interstate 85. Out of a population of just over 30,000 people, 52 percent of the city is white and 41 percent is black. 

As it turns out, 29 of the past 30 homicides in the city have been black on black. 

Low Impulse Control?

Poor Future Time-Orientation?
Black on Black homicides have accounted for 29 of the past 30 homicides in Opelika, a 52 percent white city in Alabama

Low IQ?

Perhaps the 'warrior gene' is prominent within the black population of Opelika (as they carry the 2R version of MAO-A)?

Whatever the case, Opelika, Alabama's violent crime problem exists courtesy of the black population. [Mayor Fuller announces Opelika Commission on Crime and Violence,, 10-2-18]:
With homicide rates recently on the rise in Opelika, city officials have worked together to form a commission to address crime within the city. 
Mayor Gary Fuller spoke about the commission during the Lee County Voters’ October meeting Monday evening at Bethesda Baptist Church in Opelika. 
Fuller said the commission is made of up 32 Opelika residents that include citizens involved in churches, schools and business. The list of members includes Opelika City Council member Tiffany Gibson-Pitts, Opelika City Schools Superintendent Mark Neighbors, Opelika Police Chief John McEachern, Wright's Market owner Jimmy Wright and more. 
The members will be divided into four sub-committees: Families, Youth, Education and Resources. 
“What we want to do is determine where we are and look at what we can do,” Fuller said. “I’m not willing to give up on anybody.” 
Fuller referred to the month of July in which three homicides were committed in Opelika within a period of two weeks. He commented that 29 of the last 30 homicides committed in Opelika have been “black on black” crimes. 
“All of this violence is being done by a small percentage of our population,” Fuller said. 
Fuller commented that the youth of today doesn’t always solve their disputes with a fist fight in the school yard as they did when he was growing up. 
“I hear people talking about black lives matter … all lives matter,” Fuller said. “It doesn’t matter what color you are, pink, purple, black, Hispanic, white … all lives matter and all lives matter here in Opelika. We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.” 
McEachern spoke on the importance of the commission and other ways the Opelika Police Department is working to stop crime, such as its Proactive Patrol, which offers extra police presence in Opelika. 
“We’re putting more officers on the street each and every day,” McEachern said.McEachern also spoke about how he works to get officers to get to know the public better. 
“Every officer is given business cards and they are encouraged to introduce themselves,” he said. “I encourage them to stop at businesses, schools, and other places and get to know the people.” 
McEachern also poke about the recent homicide cases and added that the police department has been lucky to solve the crimes. 
“But one murder is too many,” he said. “We’re doing everything we can possibly do to stop this, but we can’t do it by ourselves. We need the entire community to get involved.”
Amazing to think hundreds of cities across the United States, like Opelika, also have a violent crime problem solely because of the black population residing in them.

And each and every one of those cities has elected leaders who envision a commission to address the black crime or funding non-profits with taxpayer money to steer black men away from crime will magically reverse the carnage.

And in none of those cities have programs, commissions, or non-profits worked.

Time to be honest about the lack of future time-orientation among this racial group, or else Opelika won't have much a future.

Or the USA.


Bruce County said...

“All of this violence is being done by a small percentage of our population,” Fuller said.
No you fucking idiot, 41 % of your population is not a small percentage!!!!!! If 41 % of you cattle were eaten by wolves you wouldn't say it was a small loss. 41 % of your population commits 96.6666 % of the murders. That population is black!!
"We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight".
You had a problem when the black population reached critical mass at 10 % in your town. You, me and America have had this problem since the civils rights act and affirmative action. We are at the tipping point with black population at 13.6 %. The crime is out of control!! We are never going to fix the problem!!! In 1965 there were only 20 million blacks; we had a chance to do something. All we did was enable them, granting them civil rights and enacting affirmative action programs. We emboldened them. We, the taxpayers fed, clothed, housed and armed them. We now have over 40 million. We unleased this feral, savage, dead-eyed, godless killing machine. There is no turning back. I went to a college town of 30,000 humans. I lived 60 miles from that town growing up. Not one murder... not one murder in 20 years! Not one murder when I went to college. Not one murder over a pair of shoes or a "diss' or a wrong look.. Not one murder over rap music. Not one murder over pussy. You can guess the one factor that determined that. RACE. What I can tell you is that there was some ass whoopin's over that kinda shit. And most of the time you shook off the dust, wiped your bloody lip, got up and shaked the other guys hand and went for a beer.That is the human thing to do. They are not like us, they don't act like us and they sure as hell don't think like us. They need us .. we don't need them. We live in different times now..Your white neighbour coddles the black man. Your white neighbour calls you a racist. Your white neighbour is a liberal and your white neighbour hates himself and other whites. We cant fix this. But we can be prepared for the worst outcome. Be alert my friends. Like I have said before, buy your ammo on sale and buy plenty.

PB said...

Really, the second best solution is to completely segregate them, enforce their exclusion, and let them have at it with each other, then deport the last one standing back to Africa.

Anonymous said...

It's time to be honest all right...
honest about what Blacks are, and are not.
Since the genetic distance between Blacks and Whites is greater than the genetic distance between Blacks and Chimpanzees,the inescapable question is,"Are Blacks properly considered Human;as in,H. Sapiens sapien ?"
Darwin held that Blacks were so extremely different in physical form,intelligence and behavior compared to Whites that,if taxonomic classification standards applied to EVERY other living thing were strictly applied to Blacks,they would easily be classified as another species if not of another genera.
It is a commonly accepted truism that "They Are Not Like Us".
How many times have you read that same thing here ?
Science,no matter how harshly suppressed (witness what happened to Watson),supports this painfully obvious FACT.
So, How To Deal ?
First,The Problem will NOT be dealt with in this afflicted nation,or The West in general,as it is now politically composed; "All men are created equal." being way too sweepingly inclusive and imprecise...despite The 3/5 Compromise.

The Harsh Truth regarding exactly what is a man...person...human, and what is another hominid species is SO not PC and completely un-hearable and un-considerable in the current political quagmire that it is comparable to the heresies that threatened established orthodoxies of the past like Flat Earth,heavenly bodies revolving around the Earth, disease caused by evil spirits or "humours",divine right of kings, eclipses being a sign of a god's displeasure etc.

Next, if Blacks are other than H.Sapiens sapiens...not strictly "Human",should they have the same status before the law as humans.
De Facto,they do not.
Witness ongoing Catch & Release with token wrist slaps,commonplace plea downs from severe felonies to misdemeanors,ridiculously light sentences for violent felonies,official declarations of non-enforcement for formerly arrestable/chargeable felonies and misdemeanors, care,coddling and feeding in the vain hope that somehow dysfunctional criminality will magically disappear among the Black "other".

Hence,let's all get De Jure about the Black "other",since they are NOT of "The People" a status dependent upon Humanity,and start limiting the freedoms and protections enumerated in The Constitution now unjustifiably enjoyed by the Black "other"...
STARTING with Blacks NOT eligible for protection under The Second Amendment,the Right to keep and bear arms; this enforceable up through 1/4 Black heredity.
Black irresponsibility with weapons couldn't be more glaringly apparent.
The 14th Amendment HAS TO GO.
Blacks are not worthy of the full Rights of Citizenship,are a constant burden upon The State and are a net loss. Considering crime statistics, they are also A Clear And Present Danger. Their murderous savagery can well do without the tools that makes it easier for them.

THEN,given the increasingly overt calls from Blacks to Blacks to commence the killing of Whites, including White babies...
First Amendment Rights as they pertain to Blacks need to be severely delimited.
The current Hands Off attitude of spineless government and police when Black calls for murderous Haiti,Mau Mau,ANC style slaughter of Whites are not only voiced but carried in media must end, and end very soon.

As regards spineless PC government and their enforcers...
YOU had better put a lid on these monsters; because,if you don't,The People will.
If it comes to that,there will be no rules and there will be shared culpability.
Be reminded, there's a lot of historical precedent that supports that statement

Caedite eos said...

Yawn. There’s nothing I care less about than black-on-black crime.

Jim in New England said...

I live in a town of about 30,000...currently its about 85% white,15% black and hispanic.Up until 10 years ago it was probably 99% white.We have a murder maybe every 5 years or so. I dont think there have been 30 homicides in the last 100 years in this town. I'm certain that as the demographic changes, so will the frequency of murders. Along with shootings, burglary,car theft and other forms of mayhem. Time to pull up stakes and find a brighter whiter town I guess. It's a shame. Used to be a great place to live.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mayor Fuller you have a black problem - “All of this violence is being done by a small percentage of our population,” Fuller said. Sounds like "white cuck speak". If you can't be 100% liberal or 100% Realist....then get out and let them finish the town off. Pretending like there's a "gray" area when it involves blacks is strictly for liberals. We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.” Anyone with half a brain knows that. Been tried a thousand times over a hundred years and it only gets worse. More proof the liberal is your worst enemy.

chattanooga gal said...

"And in none of those cities have programs, commissions, or non-profits worked."

And that's the whole point isn't it. if any of these silly programs ever worked one iota we would throw so much money at it it would make your head spin. but, as it is, we might as well take all that money and flush it down the toilet for all the good it's done.

Anonymous said...

For too many Black yoots....

only one thing matters...

...and that's SCM

Street Cred Matters

Anonymous said...

Who’s tired of winning?

Anonymous said...

BRUCE COUNTY - well said indeed

Anonymous said...

"We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight".

Do these idiot politicians ever read the news? Do they think they are the only town with this problem?

Anonymous said...

Yawn. There’s nothing I care less about than black-on-black crime.

Well you should since you are paying for it. When these towns and cities enter a downward spiral they suck up even more Federal dollars.

It's also black crime er I mean gun crime that the left has used to justify gun control.

Black crime also feeds the left's desire to compensate any perceived differences. A lot of the Hollywood propaganda is from the liberal desire to push a narrative over what White people see in the news. So the more Blacks disappoint White liberals the more liberals feel they have to compensate through fiction.

Anonymous said...

You, me and America have had this problem since the civil rights act and affirmative action. We are at the tipping point with black population at 13.6 %.

Most of us don't believer that number.

It relies on census takers to go into neighborhoods and knock on doors.

It's not a well kept secret that Blacks are more likely to let relatives stay without telling the landlord.

I also doubt that even Black people would want to go knock on random doors in Black areas. In dangerous areas the census takers are probably just making up the results. I wouldn't begrudge them for doing that.

I would guess it to be closer to 20%.

Anonymous said...

Follow Author Colin Flaherty and read his book " Don't make the Black kids angry" If you have any doubt about black crime this will enlighten you. You can also go to you tube and type in his name. The Brain washing of America continues with every commercial on TV now has Black actors and every drama on TV has whites as the criminals and Blacks as the victims. The real truth is ,Don't go into a Black neighborhood especially at night and when around blacks never relax! FERAL NEGROS are the worst people on the planet and we feed them, house them , and give them more money for every little low IQ bastard they produce , we must be stupid to elect leaders that can't see, hear or spell the truth!

Archie bunker said...

Any city, town, or rural area that is 41 percent black, is hardly charming, dirty, filthy and violent, yes, charming, no

Anonymous said...

"Amazing to think hundreds of cities across the United States, like Opelika, also have a violent crime problem solely because of the black population residing in them".

Solely because of WHO?

You seem to have conveniently forgotten that it was ONLY 29/30 which were committed by black men. By my math white people should be committing between 15-16 murders.

This means white people are vastly underrepresented in murders. They are short roughly 14 murders! I hope you'll hear from the ACLU and SPLC!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Mr. Rational said...

This makes me wonder....

The problem is caused by Blacks being present, but it's cemented in place by Blacks voting for pols who go lightly on them and let them get away with rampant criminality.  How much of this problem could Whites fix if they cracked down hard on Black misbehavior?  Go after the parents of the teenage thugs for contributing to the delinquency of minors.  Get them on a felony rap, any felony rap.

Conviction or a guilty plea to a felony means they don't have the vote any more.  You can let them off with time served as long as they're out of the voting booth for life.

Once they can't vote for pet pols and judges, all they can do is march and riot—which you can crack down on just as hard.  Their best bet at that point is to move to a Black area where nobody cares about their behavior.  Once they start doing that, you've got a route to Whitopia again.

Anonymous said...

For so long politicians have been allowed to get away with not recognizing basic, obvious facts and instead looking for some expensive, far flung solution to a problem that was controlled hundreds of years ago.

If you let an untrained dog off it’s leash, it gonna piss and crap all over the place, screw every pooch in the neighborhood and bit people for no reason.

We’ve done nothing but raise them as untrained dogs without any sense of responsibility. They run rampant and those who thought it was a good idea are forced to double down in the face of their utter failure in order to continue funding this beast and keep it from going after the hand that feeds it.

If we WERE able to turn off the tap tomorrow, the chaos wouldn’t wait till the end of the day to start.

This is a problem with one obvious solution and there isn’t a politician in the world willing to address is. We will be forced to play it out on our city streets with both the evil doers and their government bowl-fillers.

Keep a rifle handy.

Jim in Jersey

Mr. Rational said...

And as long as I'm thinking of meme warfare:

"Mo' money fo' dem programs" is a constant refrain from the Blacktivists.  Maybe we can play jiu-jitsu with it by proposing a special tax on Blacks to fund the programs that Blacks need.  It could be called "The Community Helping Itself" or something like that.  The point is to put the onus for fixing Black problems on the ones causing them.

You'd have to be anti-fragile and live behind some pretty tall walls and fences to get away with doing this under your own name, but you might be able to pull an IOTBW by plastering up posters in the dead of night.  The resulting REEEEEs would give you a ton of free publicity and make people ask "hey, why am I paying taxes to solve problems that Black people are causing?  Shouldn't they try being responsible for themselves?"  Once you get that idea into people's heads it's bound to have all kinds of consequences.

Anonymous said...

Think you can sit in the McDonald's parking lot and enjoy a meal with your 9-year-old daughter without fear of losing your life? Think again. Think you can depend on the news media to honestly divulge the entire story? Think again.

'Suspect arrested after father shot in front of daughter at McDonald’s'


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man was arrested on Sunday, just two days after police say he shot a father in the neck while the man was sitting in his car with his daughter at a McDonald’s.

The incident happened Jan. 25 in the 1700 block of Getwell.

Authorities said the victim and the nine-year-old girl were sitting in his car when three men approached them and demanded money. The father refused to hand anything over and that’s when one of the men fired a shot, striking him in the neck.

The man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Two days later, officers received a Crime Stoppers tip that led them to the Damien Muhammad. He was located in the 4000 block of New Willow and arrested. ...

chattanooga gal said...

"Conviction or a guilty plea to a felony means they don't have the vote any more."

unfortunately, the powers that be seem to be trying to go in the opposite direction. they want to give felons the right to vote.

Anonymous said...

I've summed up the whole situation with 2 lines.

Anonymous said...

The solution is for the encouragement of small arms training and use by civilians. An armed society is a polite society. Blacks will consider a different course of action when they realize they are badly outgunned. Carry if you do not. Learn how to use your firearms safely. Practice with it. Know how to shot.

Do not believe the police or politicians care about you and yours. Do not tolerate those who campaign for gun control or more welfare programs. Prepare for what is coming. The Left has told you what they think of you. What do you think they will do if they believe they can get away with it. Do not follow the examples of the many sheep lead to slaughter.

Anonymous said...

The po po cracking heads. Obama and Holder will get to the bottom of this. Can't have the police cracking black folks over their noggins in BRA.

'Hundreds involved in brawl at Westwood basketball game'


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four people were arrested after hundreds were involved in a brawl  following a basketball game at Westwood High School.

Police confirm they responded to Westwood Friday night for a fight involving 300-400 people after a game against Fairley High School. Video shows an officer using a club on someone in the crowd.

“They said police was spraying mace and got their sticks out and was trying to stop it all,” said Wandera Scott, a mother of two students at Westwood.

“They stated they hit an older man with a stick, busted his head he was bleeding and everything. That was kind of scary for me, scary for them because they came out talking about it.” ...

Anonymous said...

Cecilia Sanchez, whose husband was the man who was shot, said he had to undergo surgery and has a long road to recovery.

“They shot him in his neck and it came out of his mouth,” she said through her oldest daughter, who translated from Spanish.

So lifelong pain for him with that kind of injury. Probably a dozen surgeries as well.

We get that White liberals don't care about White victims of Black crime. But what about Hispanic victims? Will liberals ever face the fact that we have a Black crime problem? Can they not see that other non-Whites that work in these areas live in fear?

Anonymous said...

How much of this problem could Whites fix if they cracked down hard on Black misbehavior?

Most of it would end if judges actually locked them up for crimes like car theft when they are 16/17. If they did a minimum of 5 years for car theft or first degree assault then most of it would end overnight. But this is unpalatable to liberals and even many conservatives.

All the thugs follow the same routine which is getting slapped by judges until they commit a crime like murder. A lot of them would actually face Federal time for gun charges if the laws were enforced.

This happens even in Republican areas. There is pressure from all sides to not fill the prisons with more Blacks.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest a "Her Name Was".....article regarding the sad story of Sheila Wallace, a white grandmother who was recently shot in the head while walking her small dog a block from her home in Cleveland at 7 in the evening. It is a big deal in Cleveland, although I doubt the national news would ever cover it, not when there are "smirking" teens in MAGA hats to demonize.

I'm familiar with the area she lived in--it used to be the one pocket on the formerly-mostly white West Side that was infested with blacks. Based on what I've read in articles this past week, this woman lived there her entire life. Back 50-60 years ago, blacks were maybe 20% of that area, and caused major problems even at that level, as usual.

In the past 30-40 years, both the West Side in general, and this area especially, has been badly en-groid-ened. That area is now probably 75% black. Maybe more. And is a highly dangerous cesspit. Maybe a mile away from where this poor woman was killed was a well-known old (white) bar where groids murdered a white female bartender during a 2016 robbery.

Anonymous said...

Over the weekend zerohedge posted a story from peakprosperity about collapse. Collapse is a process not an event. It's little crap like these incidents carried out by blacks without fear of reprisal that signal collapse. They are an ungovernable mob.

'Man charged with thrusting face into buttocks of women in North Carolina'

Tribune Media Wire: 27-Jan-2019

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — A man faces charges after thrusting his face into the buttocks of multiple women in Kernersville, North Carolina, police reported.

Stefan Ryan Shuford was arrested on multiple counts of assault on a female and sexual battery, according to a press release from Kernersville police.

Police investigated three reports of a man inappropriately touching women on the 300, 900 and 1100 blocks of South Main Street area on Friday.

He’s accused of sneaking up behind women and thrusting his face into their buttocks and licking their buttocks.

Police say all incidents happened in areas where people were shopping.

Shuford was identified as the suspect and was arrested and jailed in Forsyth County under a $50,000 secured bond.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Collapse is a process, not an event.

'Report of five officers injured in shooting'

By: FOX 26 Houston staff

POSTED: JAN 28 2019 04:16PM MST: UPDATED: JAN 28 2019 05:05PM MST

At least five Houston Police Department officers have been shot at a southeast Houston home. The shooting was reported on Harding Street near Berkley Street.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner posted on Twitter that, "Suspect in the HPD shooting is down." ...

Anonymous said...

The daily reporting of black on black crime is ignored. Instead the focus is on whites.


'Angry young white men charged in America’s latest mass shootings'

By Annalisa Merelli: January 28, 2019

Anonymous said...

It's from the same coalition keeping the border open... Vote hungry Leftists and guilt-ridden Cuckservatives.

Anonymous said...

Here’s the thing, I don’t disagree and if you dig, you’ll find geneticists that have been discredited and driven from academia for even considering research into this topic. It is true and a large part of the false Darwinism is to discredit this information.

But, my point, the 3/5 compromise was about apportionment of representation, nothing else. The South wanted slaves counted 1:1, the North not at all. The reason given was that they cannot vote, so they should not count. But the actual reason was to prevent the South from having a majority in the House. The 3/5 compromise allowed for counting of slaves for the statistical apportionment of Representatives. Because at that time Senators were elected by the Representatives from each state, the South could pack the House and have a solid pro-Slavery Senate presence.
Had they just held out a little longer, mechanization made slavery obsolete.

Anonymous said...

A forty percent black population. And you’re doing what? Yeah, good luck with that. As usual, a fools errand.

Anonymous said...

We must return to public hangings and permanently bar all immediate relatives from welfare benefits.
Shitravious shot up the clerk at 7-11? Well, his momma, sisters, baby Mommas all are on their a$$. No section 8, no welfare, NOTHING!

This will NEVER happen because everyone wants the nikker vote, but no one stays to clean up their messes. Like untrained pets, they destroy all within their reach.

Anonymous said...

There is no cure. Build a school they cannot be educated. Build a business they cannot be employed. Build a prison they cannot be rehabilitated.

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me, the only time we ever notice the race of someone is when they’re smirking white teens. Preferably with money.

Anonymous said...

If you watch TV you might think it's 60%.

Augustus said...

They can't troubleshoot to identify the cause of the problem, so how could they EVER fix it?
If I arise everyday to water on the kitchen floor, do I look at the pipes under the sink or bring in a roofer? If I can't be bothered to even look at the plumbing, it could bankrupt me to reroof weekly.

Anonymous said...

'Angry young white men charged in America’s latest mass shootings'

Of course. It’s the same old media misdirection:
- “Black racists spewing epithets in the nation’s capital? Look at the evil, smirking white kids!”
- “Blacks murdering each other in shocking numbers every day? Look at the evil white guy who shot up a school!”

Based on the numbers I’ve seen, less than a thousand people have been killed in mass shootings in this country since the early 80’s. Blacks kill each other at many times that rate each year. And mass shooters / spree killers are most definitely NOT all white. I’ve posted this before, but I’ll share it again for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

-Colin Ferguson - Long Island, New York, 1993. Six dead, 19 injured.

-Omar S. Thornton - Hartford, Connecticut, 2010. Eight dead.

-Maurice Clemmons - Parkland, Washington, 2009. Four dead.

-Nathan Dunlap - Aurora, Colorado, 1993. Four dead.

-Christopher Dorner - Los Angeles, California, 2013. Four dead.

-Aaron Alexis - Washington, DC, 2013. Twelve dead, three injured.

-James Edward Pough - Jacksonville, Florida, 1990. Nine dead, four wounded.

-Mark Essex - New Orleans, Louisiana, 1973. Nine dead, 13 wounded.

-Charles "Cookie" Thornton - Kirkwood, Missouri, 2008. 5 dead.

-Reginald and Jonathan Carr, Wichita, KS, 2000. 5 dead.

-David A. Burke, Cayucos, CA, 1987. 42 dead (murdered flight crew and deliberately crashed plane).

Those are just black mass shooters (and not an exhaustive list). Here are some Asian mass shooters:

-Gang Lu, 1991, 5 victims
-Chai Vang, 2004, 6 killed
-Seung-Hui Cho, 2007, 32 killed (Virginia Tech)

And let’s not forget the Pulse Nightclub shooter, who was a middle eastern Muslim. Just like the San Bernardino shooters. (When that story broke, the media types speculated that the shooter could be a right-wing whitey; when it was revealed they were radical Muslims, the headlines became “Motive Still A Mystery” for days).

The Las Vegas shooter was a godsend to the MSM. Before he came along, the two deadliest mass-shootings in the US were committed by non-whites...

Californian said...

Groundhog Day...

Opelika, Alabama 2019: "We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.”

Obama White House 2009-2017: "We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.”

Enterprise Zones 1980s-90s: "We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.”

Civil Rights Acts 1960s: "We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.”

Brown versus Board of Education 1954: "We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.”

Kraemer Decision 1948: "We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.”

Reconstruction 1865-77: "We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.”

Liberia settled 1822: "We have a problem, and we’re doing our best to address it, but we’re not going to fix it overnight.” ongoing episode of the journey into another dimension, The BRA Zone.

Anonymous said...

Not much coverage of black mass shooter Daylon Gamble who shot five people northwest of Atlanta,killing four of them.He was arrested Sunday after he had fled to Indiana.

Anonymous said...

South Carolina needs 700 correction officers to meet staffing needs. Government is in a pickle. Attempting a civilized solution on a segment of the population unable to be civilized.

'Staffing still biggest problem for Department of Corrections'

By: Georgiaree Godfrey 

COLUMBIA, SC - The SC Department of Corrections has seen its fair share of issues over the past few years and the director has been working diligently to improve the department. Director Bryan Stirling updated a senate committee on the state of the department. 

"85% of the folks that come into DOC get out in 5 years. We have a choice as a state, who do you want next to you? Do you want someone who has a place to live do you want someone who has a job. Our goal is to rehabilitate."

It’s a new year and a new legislative session but DOC is still battling the same problems.Director Stirling informed senators the department is still fighting its biggest problem; a shortage of staff. 

The department needs at least another 700 officers to meet staffing needs; however, the budget as it is only gives the department money for 285. 

Senator Dick Harpootlian from Richland County empathized with the director. 

“You are so understaffed in these facilities. The guards that work there everyday. Police don't work in environment of danger like those officers do."

The department is also involved in a legal battle over hepatitis c infections. 

Stirling explained,  "About 12% of our 18500 people incarcerated have Hepatitis C. Treatments about $25k a person and that just includes the medication. Not the staff."

Director Stirling said it would cost the state about $55 million to treat the inmates with Hepatitis C. ...

Anonymous said...

Lawmaker calls for diversity, then decrees students learn better from teachers who look like them. I'd say why not take this logic a little further: Students learn better in classrooms with teachers and students who look like them. There. We're all back to 1954. Problem solved.

'Wake lawmaker calls for increased diversity in NC's Teaching Fellows program'

Posted 5:45 p.m. yesterday
Updated 6:10 p.m. yesterday

By Kelly Hinchcliffe, WRAL education reporter, and Laura Leslie, WRAL capitol bureau chief

RALEIGH, N.C. — A Wake County Democratic lawmaker is asking Republicans to join her in supporting legislation that she believes would help North Carolina recruit more teachers of color.

Rep. Cynthia Ball, D-Wake, announced on Twitter that she will be "working to increase the number and diversity" of North Carolina's Teaching Fellows. The state-funded program recruits students to study teaching by providing college tuition help in exchange for a promise to teach in North Carolina for at least four years. Of the 74 students participating in the current Teaching Fellows program, 83 percent are white.

Ball's tweet was in response to WRAL's two-part investigation last week about the lack of teacher diversity in North Carolina's public schools, colleges of education and Teaching Fellows program.

"I think that students learn not just course content, but they identify with and relate better to a teacher that they think can understand them, so it's better if they look like them," Ball said. ...

Anonymous said...

The idiot that authored this abysmal attempt at journalism ignored these mass shootings committed by blacks during the same time frame:

Rockmart, GA (January 25, 2019) – Four Murder Arrest Warrants have been issued for Daylon Delon Gamble, age 27. Anyone who has information about his whereabouts is urged to contact the Rockmart Police Department at 770-684-6558 or call 911.


Albany police are looking for a black male, wearing a gray hoodie and armed with an unknown type of handgun.


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Indianapolis police say they've arrested a man in connection with a bar shooting that wounded five people.

Police announced Sunday that they arrested 38-year-old Dejuan Brown. He faces preliminary charges of two counts of aggravated battery and three counts of felony battery.


Four young women were shot in Newark during a candlelight vigil Saturday night and a 16-year-old remains in critical condition, authorities said.

Birmingham, Al — 

Sergeant Johnny Williams of the Birmingham Police confirms five people were shot in the 1400 block of 45th St Ensley.

Jersey said...

Well written , spot on . 1965 there were half of them and yet they still rioted in Watts , Detroit and my hometown Newark . I dont believe M .lk was a man of peace he hated whites , this outcome is what he truly wanted . may he and his supporters burn in Hell !!---

Jersey said...

Cnn and even fox avoided coverage . which gave me the idea they knew blacks ( s) were behind it .

Anonymous said...

We are now at the point that if your mother was knocked up and then abandoned by a black man, you are almost a shoe-in for president. No brains or experience necessary. I'm amazed that you didn't cover Kamala Harris when she started her historic, trailblazing run for president on Robert E. Lee day.

This is where things are at now.

Anonymous said...

“They stated they hit an older man with a stick, busted his head..."

"older man" = guy in his 20's

Scot Irish said...

Anonymous says...

"Not much coverage of black mass shooter Daylon Gamble who shot five people"

Black on black shooting equals little coverage by media.

JimRagan1967 said...

Not too long ago a leftie from California like Kamala Harris would stand no chance to even be nominated, but with all of the cucked white SJWs running around promoting leftism and Trump Hate it would not surprise me to see her win her party's nomination.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they leave pink and purple out of it. I have never seen a pink or a purple person except on the SyFy channel.

Mr. Rational said...

I'd say why not take this logic a little further: Students learn better in classrooms with teachers and students who look like them. There. We're all back to 1954. Problem solved.

Not quite.  Expel the incorrigibly violent starting in the 3rd grade, and terminate service for the retarded (2 or more grade levels behind) starting in the 6th grade.  Then you need neither the staff OR the buildings for the ferals.

It would also put some major pressure on the Black staff to actually make learning happen, because allowing their charges to flunk out means THEY are out of jobs too.  It would be so funny to see them being dumped off the public payroll in droves and having to do something useful for a living, while the mammies lose their free babysitting.

Anonymous said...

Kamazla Harris just gave a campaign speech. Among other topics, she said to much applause we need beter gun control. We need MORE common sense gun laws. She talked about people everywhere being killed by AR-15 assault weapons. She got much applause for essentially saying nothing in many words that amounted to we want to take their guns away.

She did not say anything bnout negroes with guns who with the help of mestizos actually do over 90% of the gun murders in this country, mostly with handguns not assault weapons. They manage to do it with knives in London.

Many many negroes carry so their piece is ready to shoot other negroes and white people on impulse for no reason or any reason. They are all carrying ILLEGALLY. Either they are a felon in possession, they have no CCW permit, carrying is illegal where they are, the weapon us unregistered, the the weapon is stolen, it has a 30 round extended magazine in it that sticks out the bottom of the pistol handle. All these and many other aspects of their carrying and use are alresdy ILLEGAL under current laws. If those laws were actually enforced and plea downs to drug possession were not available, these miscreant creatures would be doing a long tine in federal prison.

I can't wait for the day when the NRA or someone finally introduces race into the gun control debate. The left will go crazy. Separating negroes from guns will almost completely solve the "gun violence" problem and then they can focus on "knife violence".

Anonymous said...

... and car violence. RIP young lady

Anonymous said...

Bravo !! It absolutely could not have been said more eloquently than you have done.

Speaking of self-hating Whites who are contending for the Darwin awards, I came across this piece of treacly, preachy propaganda from FOX NEWS- -- who are obviously at one with the enemies of White people...
Gag alert & put away all sharp objects before reading! !

Anonymous said...

I looked up this small city on Wikipedia and found it had some things going for it. Unlike Selma, Alabama, it had some industry and shopping areas. Considering its rather small population, 30 murders per year is an eye-opener. However, that 29 of the last 30 have been black is REALLY an eye-opener. This just further shows that it is the black race that is in need of rehabilitation. However, we tried that right? Nothing works! Here is what needs to be done: a curfew on young negroes after dark, no liquor sold to young negroes, no large gatherings of young negroes. I would allow the police to patrol among these people and allow profiling to look for guns and drugs.

If these preacher types really cared, they would understand the problem lies with the blacks themselves.