Monday, January 21, 2019

The Paul Kersey Reading List

A friend inquired of me why I had never put together a recommended reading list of fiction/non-fiction books or movies for people to read/watch in their quest for finding the right "red pill." 

How to ensure they enter the realm of  'those who can see."

Well, here goes. This will be a living list, with new additions added as they are read. 


5. The Crimean War: A History by Orlando Figes
8. Conquest of a Continent by Madison Grant
20. The March to Glory by Robert Leckie
21. The Right Stuff / The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe


3. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien 
4. H. P. Lovecraft: Tales by H.P. Lovecraft
5. Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail 

Johnny and Jamaal by K.M. Breakey 


Sick 'n Tired said...

MLK Parade brawl, lol:

LSD said...

Mr. Sunshine says:

Other books you may find interesting;

The Red Decade by Eugene Lyons/ If the Negro was not empowered, in the USA he would have very little power!


The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess/ A future world we see unfolding in the real world.

Anonymous said...

A recommended book in non-fiction..........a most brilliant and intellectually entertaining and insightful journey in one of the greatest technological adventure of mankind..

"The making of the atomic bomb" - Richard Rhodes

Antidote said...

Insofar as an understanding of racial differences:
Congo Kitabu, Jean Pierre Hallet
Race and Reason, Carleton Putnam
Why race Matters, M. Levin

Anonymous said...

Culture of Critique doesn't crack the top 20?

Anonymous said...

To understand the Individual vs Socialism-Communism-Welfare, and why we are collapsing, I suggest


The scene with the train going through the tunnel is the best "account" of how "The People" get what they deserve.............

Anonymous said...

The 1915 classic 'America's Greatest Problem: The Negro' by R. W. Shufeldt. Available for download on Google.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Pat Boyle's comments on this reading list....Where's he been?

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan's "Death of the West" Most of his books carry the same warnings about White genocide without directly naming it.

Crime statistics are one of the most potent red pills. Let us not make the mistake of assuming everyone around us is already aware of these devastating numbers. The first time I read black males are roughly responsible for 50% of all US murders I couldn't believe it, and that was over 30 years ago.

Antidote said...

If anyone coming to SBPDL feels their self becoming a 'sexual' heretic in addition to a racial heretic, these two books could do much to clarify the issues of "gender". If you intuitively sense there are only two sexes, the male and the female,(and not 67)or if you don't believe surgery and hormone injections can change reality, they will lay a foundation of medical and political understanding for you. Advisement: both grim reading

The Transexual Empire, Janice Raymond
As Nature Made Him, John Colapinto

Anonymous said...

To understand the Individual vs Socialism-Communism-Welfare, and why we are collapsing, I suggest


Yea no.

Ayn Rand may have been critical of Socialism but she also pushed for open borders and denied racial differences affected the outcome of countries.

Libertarianism is just as bad as liberalism. In fact in some ways it is worse.

Anonymous said...


Covington Catholic High School students to take action. There needs to be major lawsuits and massive attention brought to the hate crime committed against these young men.

This just proves the point of how White people are nothing more than second class citizens.

If the colors were reversed in this situation and a group of Black students had been harassed by old White activists the activists would be in jail at this point, and the entire White population would be mandated to take diversity training courses. But because these teenage boys are White it is open season. If you were thinking somehow you would be able to ignore this you are dead wrong – and it is coming to a neighborhood near you very soon!…

Anonymous said...

Yes, where is Mr. Boyle? Was he taken away under cover of darkness? Was his door sealed shut with wax? Did his family and friends meet a similar fate? At this moment is Eric Holder introducing his "confession" to a secret Democrat Party grand jury convened to hear the testimony of his crimes against the revolution?

Nomad in NJ said...

Better still, employees at (((Disney))) have been free to openly suggest putting these children "hats first" into a woodchipper.

Where's the media outrage? Where are the Twitter bans and public apologies from his employer, with promises of sensitivity training seminars and assertions that this monster will no longer work for them?

I'll be waiting.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind walks to a Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta after dark? Tech students: book smart, street dumb.

'4 Georgia Tech students robbed, kidnapped during doughnut run'

ATLANTA - Police are investigating after they said four Georgia Tech students were robbed while getting doughnuts Monday night. 

According to Atlanta police, the students said they were leaving Krispy Kreme at 295 Ponce de Leon Avenue around 9:45 p.m. when a man approached them and asked for a lighter.

The students told the man they did not have a lighter, and then he asked them for money. 

When one student gave him $5, the man pulled out a pistol, police said. Then, he and another suspect got into one of the victim’s cars and told them to give him their cell phones. 

Police said the man made them drive to a nearby Wells Fargo and each withdraw $200. 

After driving around for another 15 minutes, the suspects made the victims drop them off near Mercedes-Benz Stadium, according to police. 

The students drove straight to the Georgia Tech Police Precinct after the incident, police said.

Anonymous said...

Paul - Suggest you check out Charles Murray’s “Apollo”. It is one of the best accounts of Apollo out there. It’s chapter on Apollo 8, particularly the decision to change its mission to a lunar orbital flight is still unmatched 30 years after publication.

Anonymous said...

The Diocese overseeing Covington High School threw their students under the bus and apologized even before getting all the facts.

It seems the Catholic Church gives more cover to fag child-abusing clergymen than their own students which is yet another confirmation that I was on to something when I concluded it was all bullshit at age 10.

A FaceBerg friend shared a meme praising chief Nathan Philips (sounds more like one of the lost tribes of Israel than native American). Down the memory hole he goes! Incidently, Philips claimed that the Indigenous People did not build walls. The good chief should look at the Eastern Woodlands villages which often had a log Palisade around them, Particularly the Iroquois of upstate NY which fought bloody tribal wars against several Canadian tribes. Of course the cliff dwellers in the southwest didn’t need walls. They simply pulled up their ladders when threatened.

Anonymous said...

About Ayn Rand and race.

She never had a non-White character. The closet was the Copper guy from South America, where she reminded the reader, over and over, that his Family came straight from Spain and that his mom was "imported" straight from Spain....nothing to do with the proud midgets already here.

She also clearly described the hair and eyes of her characters. She really like Blonde, remember, she was JEWISH and that of course takes precedent over all other human traits, but, if you read her book and understand it, her first point was the Sanctity of the Individual.

Also, back when she lived and grew up, Mexico was a useless back-water and all the mayans and incas didn't really amount to much. America was 96% WHITE as well...she ignored the africans in our midst since again, they didn't amount to anything.

Her book never pushed for "open borders". She may have gotten into that stupid "Libertarian Death Cult" with her "prefect" society theory, but none of us are perfect. Open borders work when your other countries are All White (Like Europe used to be)..

Speaking of Europe, they were tricked into the "no" border concept thinking it was going to be Swiss and French and Dutch traveling around.....not the intentional invasion of asians, africans and arabs.................which was planned 200 years ago..............

Anonymous said...

I think the things that really explain what is happening are kept under lock & key in the vaults of the 0.1% that own the Central Banks.....they have planned this for decades....

Anonymous said...

Her book never pushed for "open borders".

Her popular books were fiction and basically propaganda. Her political views are public and it is clear she was for open borders.

No one has the right to pursue his self-interest by law or by force, which is what you’re suggesting. You want to forbid immigration on the grounds that it lowers your standard of living — which isn’t true, though if it were true, you’d still have no right to close the borders. - Ayn Rand

What a load of crap. Even if mass immigration ruins your country then you need to allow it anyways cuz Rand says so.

Objectivism is a joke. If minimal government is all it takes then Somalia should be a capitalist paradise. Still waiting for a libertarian to explain this.

Caifornian said...

I'd add Suicide of the West by James Burnham. It's an extensive analysis of the pathologies of modern liberalism which holds up well today, five decades after it was first published. Burnham named all the symptoms, like the insane DWL guilt complex, and shows a certain awareness of racial issues. There are chapters on how ideology shapes perceptions, and of the failures of contemporary conservatism.

Suicide of the West is a good starting point for understanding where we are today. It also provides analytical weapons for those who are Red Pilled, useful in the continuing struggle.

Anonymous said...

'Some white people may have to die': UGA teaching assistant under fire for post

By: Tony Thomas
Updated: Jan 22, 2019 - 4:25 PM

ATHENS-CLARKE COUNTY, Ga. - A University of Georgia graduate student is under fire for comments alluding to violence and white people. 

The man at the center of the controversy is Irami Osei-Frampong -- a philosophy graduate student employed by the university as a teacher's assistant.

He speaks frequently about race and equality, but some critics believe he crossed the line when he made a post online that stated, "Some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole." 

The teaching assistant told Channel 2's Tony Thomashe's confused by the backlash. Osei-Frampong said he's standing firm and not backing down.

The grad student details what he meant by his recent statements and Thomas gets reaction from students and school leaders, for Channel 2 Action News at 5 p.m.

Anonymous said...

Also, back when she lived and grew up, Mexico was a useless back-water and all the mayans and incas didn't really amount to much. America was 96% WHITE as well...she ignored the africans in our midst since again, they didn't amount to anything.

The fact that she lived in Mexico and then still made open borders a part of her ideology should tell you everything. She clearly falls into the "let's make the US/Europe one big third world market" camp.

It's ok to feel deceived by Libertarians. Most of us have gone through a Libertarian stage. They lie just like liberals and don't tell you everything. Both Libertarians and liberals are against the public knowing about racial differences. Their ideologies fall apart once you accept that a nation's standard of living can be tied to the population.

Anonymous said...

Open borders work when your other countries are All White (Like Europe used to be)..

But that isn't what she said. In fact you are being a collectivist if you state that White nations should peruse a borders policy that is in their best interest.

Ayn Rand is against people even talking about White interest. That's the lowest form of collectivism according to her. As with liberalism you aren't allowed to state that a White nation should have policies that benefit the White people that exist within it.

Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage—the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry.

A really amusing quote, especially since even then it was known that intellectual traits have a strong genetic component which is yes body chemistry. Also amusing since she called Arabs savages and said Israel should do whatever it takes when dealing with them.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Europe, they were tricked into the "no" border concept thinking it was going to be Swiss and French and Dutch traveling around.....not the intentional invasion of asians, africans and arabs.................which was planned 200 years ago..............

No one tricked anyone. They have a similar alliance of open borders leftists and globalist conservative dunderheads that have bought into this Randian idea that capitalism is everything and populations don't matter.

I honestly don't see how anyone could believe that even during the 1960s when Rand's books came out. They had the history of Liberia then. I really don't get it. Could someone explain this? What economic system did they think Liberia was using?

I really don't see how conservatives and libertarians can look at the history of Africa and just conclude that they only need more capitalism. But sadly this is *the norm* for the modern right, thanks in part to Ayn Rand. Socialist Sweden has a far higher standard of living than any "minimal government" capitalist African country. Explain that please.

Anonymous said...

Are there any Books that explain why there seems to be so many whites who seem to hate other whites? Examples Noel Ignatiev, Tim Wise, Lisa Bloom, Saira Rao etc. Look at all the White Celebrities Who called for the Covington kids to be attacked, like someone should smack that white smirk off his face, well you saw the responses to the false story, they usually mentioned white in a way that seemed hateful of whites, and a lot of people making these comments are white themselves. The word privilege in itself creates resentment, yet they have White privilege courses taught at most colleges, many of these professors are white.
I don't understand why so many whites hate other whites, can anyone recommend a book that explains why this is?

Anonymous said...

The problem with this List, and it is amazing, is that so few "fellow Whites" will even bother.

They will see the word "Race" in the title, and freak, since so many "White" have been conditioned to RUN from the topic, or to immediately see Burning Crosses and Lynchings...thus, they won't read it.

Then there are the huge numbers of "white" who actually can't read.

This leave our own "talented 15%" and that is not enough to save us. Our more intelligent "Whites" are the problem themselves. They have sold out to the Equality Religion, etc. and are our worse enemies.

Those in control have effectively taken over our own dialogue.

I can tell that most of us here are "old" and have been reading and thinking and "seeing" for decades. In our youth we were too busy chasing skirt and enjoying this that we have slowed down we see the destruction and hear the Siren is too late to solve it peacefully and with the vote.........only violence will "save" us....if even that.......

Aryan Racist said...

If a white college professor called for blacks to be killed then he would be
fired in a heartbeat. I see this black UGA grad student is still teaching.
BTW, he has a white wife.

Californian said...

I don't understand why so many whites hate other whites, can anyone recommend a book that explains why this is?

James Burnham's Suicide of the West.

Again, it's probably the best single analysis of the DWL syndrome.

Aryan Racist said...

I live about 3 miles from the Krispy Kreme on Ponce De Leon in Atlanta where
the Georgia Tech students were robbed. That area is a haven for homeless negroes
so I would not venture there at night. Too bad none of them were armed. They could
have made the negroe's crime spree more difficult.

Anonymous said...

If one has the time and patience, Henry Stanley's journals of his African travels are invaluable reading. A great man and a great writer, his impressions of black men in Africa should be of interest to SBPDL readers: a man of boundless patience, compassion and understanding, he nonetheless finds most of them utterly worthless.

Aryan Racist said...

Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan books are great. There are 24 in all and the books
are a lot better than the movies. Tarzan is like a superhuman that no man or animal
can defeat. Burroughs came from the Victorian era and his Tarzan character often
outwits the stupid negro tribes that he encounters.

Anonymous said...

“Racism, Guilt, Self-Hatred, and Self-Deceit”
by Dr. Gedaliah Braun

Available for purchase at AmRen

Anonymous said...

Two non-fiction books that are must haves: "White Girl Bleed A Lot" and "Don't Make The Black Kids Angry', both by the inimitable Colin Flaherty

Mr. Rational said...

Are there any Books that explain why there seems to be so many whites who seem to hate other whites? Examples Noel Ignatiev, Tim Wise, Lisa Bloom, Saira Rao

You mean (((Noel Ignatiev))), (((Tim Wise))), (((Lisa Bloom))) and Saira Rao (Indian).  None are White, though the first 3 mostly masquerade as such.  They all hate you and want you dead.  It's long past time to return the sentiment.

Anonymous said...

My local paper just had a headline celebrating our “diversity” now that whites are officially a minority in Greensboro.

Now that I’m a minority, does that mean I can qualify for some free gibs? I think we all know the answer to that one.

It will be interesting to see the hammer come down on all the “oppressed minorities” and SJWs as they scream to get rid of the Bill of Rights and the last remnants of Constitutional protections. I hope I live long enough to see them finally receive all of the Marxist love they so desperately long for. Makes getting old seem not so bad after al

Anonymous said...

I just want a good book that describes working in a small city that is 52-55% black. I'm stationed in one and it's chaos watching these savages carry on in public. And yes if the EBT ran out here it would be a riot.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if a professor had instead said, "Some blacks will have to die, to make the white community whole again."

Anonymous said...

'She was like the town’s best friend': Clerk shot and killed at Kelso mini mart, suspect still at large

Police are still looking for the suspect, who was driving a newer, white sedan. He is described as a dark-skinned man with average height and build.

Author:KGW Staff
Published:7:41 AM PST January 22, 2019

KELSO, Wash. — A 30-year-old clerk was shot and killed during a robbery early Tuesday morning at Holt's Quick Chek at 400 North Pacific Avenue, according to the Kelso Police Department.

Kelso Police Captain Darr Kirk said the victim, Kayla Chapman, called 911 after she was shot. She later died from her injuries.

"Given her wounds, it was remarkable that she was able to call 911," Kirk said. ...

The shooting happened shortly after 4 a.m. The suspect, described by police as a dark-skinned man with average height and build, was wearing a hat and bandanna to cover his head and face. He has not been apprehended.

Charles said...

"Nineteen Eighty-Four" is a great novel.

AnalogMan said...

Are there any Books that explain why there seems to be so many whites who seem to hate other whites? Examples Noel Ignatiev, Tim Wise, Lisa Bloom, Saira Rao

As Mr Rational says, they're not White, though some of them like to pretend they are our (((fellow whites))) as they try to persuade us to kill ourselves. That doesn't entirely explain why they hate us. For the answer to that question, I always and only recommend one book. The best book, bar none, on any subject, that I have ever read.

The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed. Free download. Gripping stuff.

Anonymous said...

Especially since we seem to be living in something very much like it these days.

Anonymous said...

"Nineteen Eighty-Four" is a great novel.


Orwell has a good sense for how hostile elites use propaganda and mass hysteria to maintain their power.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Sweden and Liberia is race not economics. I'm not a Libertarian, but if Sweden had less government and less "diversity" then it would indeed be a far better place.

Archie bunker said...

The bible

Anonymous said...

Someone brings up Culture of Critique , and here you are in minutes chiming in with (((Ayn Rand))), “to understand the Individual vs Socialism-Communism-Welfare”—a dichotomy that conveniently obscures the fact that they’re really two sides of the same shekel. What are the chances?

Anonymous said...

If I could just figure out (((why)))....

Anonymous said...

They were naive, the product of an educational system that taught them orcs are perpetual victims of YT and should be given things to relieve their suffering, and that differences are only skin deep. As others have said on this forum, orcs come color-coded for a reason!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. I was in Sweden in 1985 and it was a wonderful, friendly, clean and safe place. Now I won't step foot in the place. Their foolishness has ruined their once fair land.

nomen nescio said...

Well, they certainly got educated. It sounds like they learned more in two hours for $200 each than they did in college for years at a cost of a lifetime as debt slaves, in fact.

juvenal said...

Lets not forget " The Decline in the West" and " The Hour of Decision "

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list and thank you. A fan of Western Civilization since grade school, it's great to see a list of books that remind the world of the good, the true and the beautiful. I can't help noticing the brave and bold men who use their talents to defend our people are exceptionally well-read and bright.

I've read a few of Paul Kersey's books: "Guns, Blacks and Steel," "Whitey on the Moon," "Hollywood in Blackface," and "Because We Live Here."

I recommend all of them.

Michael Dean Miller said...


The looooong version is still the best.


Anonymous said...

Starship Troopers? Best part was the shower scene...

Anonymous said...

Also read:
The Negro in Negroland
The Clansman
The White Man's Burden

That is for starts.

Anonymous said...

And the tour de force "Culture of Critique" by Kevin MacDonald.