Saturday, January 5, 2019

White Judge in Tennessee Laments Blacks Killing One Another Shows Black Lives Don't Matter to Blacks

One of the funniest articles you will ever read. 


A white judge laments black people's penchant for killing one another in not just Montgomery County (Tennessee), but all across the United States.

He's mad because no one seems to care.
Montgomery County Judge Wayne Shelton (left) went on a rant during a hearing about why black people can't stop killing one another. 

Of course, this white judge claims one of his ancestors was a colored man, so this qualifies him as being able to speak about black-on-black homicides.

He's also mad because of the recent hearing he presided over occurred due to a black man brushing against another black man in the stands at a basketball game, resulting in a shootout. [Judge goes on tirade about black-on-black crime, saying it puts Klan to shame,, 1-4-19]:

Black men are more dangerous to other black men than white Klansman ever were, Montgomery County Judge Wayne Shelton told a man accused of murder this week.
Shelton, presiding over the preliminary hearing of Vincent Bryan Merriweather on Thursday, said he's sick and disheartened by what he sees as a lack of respect for human life, especially among young black men willing to shoot at one another for little or no reason.
It isn't the first time Shelton has expressed that sentiment that from the bench.Although he's been saying "black lives matter" for years, he lamented Thursday that no one is listening.
"I grew up in a time where people wore white robes and they shot at black people," Shelton said. "And now we see young black men wearing black hoodies shooting at black men — and doing much more effective job than the Klan ever thought about doing."

Stare-down led to gunfire

Witnesses testified Thursday that Merriweather and two other men exchanged gunfire between their car and another before Antorius Gallion was fatally shot in the head while driving on Warfield Boulevard on Nov. 19
Merriweather, 26, Cedrick Stacker, 23, and Marques Lamarr Kelly, 25, are all charged with homicide in the death of 22-year-old Gallion. Gallion's brother and girlfriend were also in the car when wrecked near Raleigh Court.
According to Gallion's brother and statements made to Clarksville Police Detective Chris Cunningham, the altercation began at a basketball game at Rossview Middle School when two of the men's feet brushed in the stands. That led to a stare-down and argument.

Not the first lecture on violence

Shelton has seen such cases before, and given similar lectures comparing black-on-black crime to Klansman violence.
After two teenage brothers were accused of gunning down a young Clarksville man following a high school graduation party in May 2015, Shelton gave another stern lecture on black-on-black crime.
“What a horrible tragedy this is,” Shelton said at that hearing in June 2015. “Black lives matter.”
One of the suspects had just graduated high school and had a future ahead of him, as did the other two men.  “That life mattered,” Shelton said as the victim's family sobbed. “That black life mattered to them, and it matters to me.”
Shelton said he was upset that the shooting may have simply stemmed from a reaction of perceived “disrespect.”
“That’s the absolute tragedy,” he said, adding that this type of crime was happening far too often in Clarksville. “It’s black men killing black men."
In years long past, the Ku Klux Klan would kill black people who they thought were disrespectful, Shelton said.
“The Klan doesn’t exist anymore,” he said. “Who doesn’t care about black lives now? I’ll let you answer that. I’m tired of black men killing black men. If I offended anyone ... I can’t help it.”

Not 'the whitest man in the room'

On Thursday, Shelton had to take a recess after Merriweather's hearing. He bound that case over to a grand jury and set bond at $500,000 bond.
He later told The Leaf-Chronicle that while he "might look like the whitest man in the room," he isn't.
Shelton said his great-great-great-grandfather was a free man of color in the 1860s, and he is disgusted by what he sees as a lack of respect for human life, whether it be at the hands of a racist police officer or rival gang members.
"Black lives really do matter," he said. "The total disregard of that fact by any in our society is totally reprehensible."

Black Lives Matter. Right?

A simple story where the intersection of impulse control and future time orientation collide head-on with a white boomer lamenting black people killing one another at rates far beyond the federal government's klan.

Only in America, right?



Non PC Infidel said...

Get used to it, Judge. It's not going to change. As for being tired of it, you'll die of exhaustion complaining about it and get nowhere in doing so. Your lectures and lamentations mean absolutely zero to the blacks doing the killing. Or is this just some roundabout way of going for the gibsmedats fo' da' community? Can't call it a "dog whistle"- maybe a monkey screech signaling handouts? Now that would perk their ears up- otherwise, forget it.

Anonymous said...

OT: After all the wailing about the shooting of a 7-year-old black girl riding in a car with her mother, supposedly by a thin-faced white man, after all of the rallies, the cries for "justice," the celebrity athletes making offers to donate money, the mother saying she believes it was a "hate crime" (by the way, where was -- and who was -- the father during all of this?), NBC's Lester Holt containing his outrage at this terrible crime during his news broadcasts as he covered the story for several nights, etc., the police have arrested a suspect and, as readers here probably suspected all along, he is very black. Ironically, his name is Eric Black, Jr. See:

The source told the sheriff the suspects thought the vehicle carrying Jazmine was another vehicle they had seen earlier in the day, the prosecutor said, and didn't realize they had hit the wrong vehicle until seeing the news later that day.

Well then, it's all just a mistake! Can't a brother make a small mistake without being pounced on by The White Man? This arrest must be racially motivated! /sarc

I'm really going to bust a gut laughing when a suspect is arrested with the name Dindu or Orc.

Anonymous said...

SJWs Always Lie.  If they say "Black Lives Matter", it means they don't.

Lily White said...

The only black lives that matter to the BLM crowd are criminals that get killed by white would-be victims.

Anonymous said...

Ya’ll tracking the “Justice for Jasmine” scam in Houston? Now that LaPorsha’s bullshit story has fallen apart, and there is no white boogieman for the masses to draw and quarter, this whole story will fade to “black”.

This incident is one of the most effective that I have seen when it comes to highlighting the hypocrisies of #blacklivesmatter. Even Congress-boon Sheila Jackson Lee called for a nationwide manhunt for the white suspect.

The funniest part of the story for me concerns the $76 thousand dollars in Go Fund Me money that was sent by all of the insane, white liberals. I wonder if they are feeling a bit duped this morning.

Anonymous said...

NAACP blames 'white supremacy' for Portland earthquake signs

Californian said...

“That’s the absolute tragedy,” he said, adding that this type of crime was happening far too often in Clarksville. “It’s black men killing black men."

And black people killing White people is OK? Do we see such lamentations from the bench when the victim is an Amanda Blackburn? If blacks turned their "gun violence" on White people, would that be an "absolute tragedy?"

Of course, there is a humongous amount of black on White violence as has been well documented on this and other dissident websites, from home invasions in the heartland to farm-murders in South Africa. And of course, the powers-that-be do not consider such violence to be a "tragedy," absolute or otherwise.

You have to ask about the real agenda behind statements such as the one the judge made. Is this the only way one can criticize black violence, when the victims are other blacks? Is the judge perhaps concerned that if too many people notice the black-on-black homicide rate they might just be Red Pilled?

As for those who are Red Pilled: stay armed, stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Ya’ll tracking the “Justice for Jasmine” scam in Houston?


Anonymous said...

Black lives really do matter, but they are cheap and expendable in America just as they are in Africa. Until black life has a value and worth outside of sports and entertainment, they won't matter as much as White lives.

Anonymous said...

A fabricated white Houston goblin captures the Ministry of Propaganda attention for the week. A police officer killed in the line of duty will hardly merit attention. Lester Holt won't be outraged in the least.

'Provo police officer dead after shooting in Orem'

By Yvette Cruz, | Updated - Jan 6th, 2019 @ 1:53am | Posted - Jan 5th, 2019 @ 11:11pm

SALT LAKE CITY — A Provo officer who police say was shot while trying to apprehend a fugitive late Saturday evening has died from his injuries, officials said.

The shooting happened in Orem near the Bed Bath and Beyond located at 50 W. University Parkway. Officers had responded to the area after receiving word that a wanted fugitive was there, according to Provo police detective Nick Dupaix.

While officers attempted to apprehend the fugitive a shooting occurred and one officer was hit. The officer was transported to Utah Valley Hospital in critical condition but later died from his injuries, Dupaix said. ...

AR in Illinois said...

Murder number 3,435 over scuffed Jordans.

Augustus said...

How old is Judge Sheldon? He talks like he grew up during the hey day of the klan. That peak passed after the '20s or '30s. He also needs a DNA test, as he might be as phoney phoney as Elizabeth Warren. I grow weary of the white, self-righteous left lecturing the rest of White America. The boat has sailed, judge. Knock off the pompous posturing and see the reality. Black people fail just as thoroughly on this continent as in Africa. Moral equivalence is a failed philosophy, races are not all equal, nor are religions.

Anonymous said...

"Justice for Jasmine" on GoFundMe is another Ghetto Lottery scam. The mama orc knew the murderer wasn't whitey the whole time. Another "gang-related" shooting, just another PC phrase for a drug dealer's revenge killing.

Anonymous said...

If you're lucky, like me, your local paper may have an article in it entitled:

Use of mug shot searches by police comes under criticism

Open-ended photo searches (an investigative technique that they have used for over one hundred and fifty years) increase the likelihood of ensnaring an innocent person.

More propaganda for lax law enforcement, since blacks can't follow the law and it is coming back to bite them. If you're mistakenly ensnared, doesn't that mean that you at the least have a criminal history in the first place?

Either way, I have to thank Joseph Goldstein for such a great article.

Anonymous said...

My favorite comment regarding the "Justice for Jasmine" story:

"So I can drive my red truck again now, right?"

Bruce County said...

Totally off topic here...
Nova Scotia civil rights advocate Viola Desmond (black woman)… you know.. the same color as the "hidden figures" is now the token black person on our money.

It now appears even machines are racist....

Anonymous said...

2019 has only just begun but this judge gets my vote for Virtue Signaller of the Year. Already stating how much black lives matter to him, he went for the grand prize by letting everyone know that he had a black ancestor. What some cucks will do to get the black vote.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Birmingham black folk riding around shooting and killing other black folk at random attracts little notice outside the local media confirming the BRA Party Ministry of Propaganda manta, "Exploit bad Whitey, ignore bad Blackie." If I donated $5 to every Gofundme account set up on behalf of every black killed by another black I'd starve to death.

Anonymous said...

Just wait. A week of outrage will turn into a chorus of compassion. Maybe Shaq will step up to foot the bill for their legal defense. All they have to claim is someone is a similar vehicle shouted a racial slur at them. Hell, Shaq may even buy them a house.

Non PC Infidel said...

Another black has been arrested in connection to the Walmart shooting originally blamed on a white guy. The Daily Mail has the story.

Anonymous said...

Mind opening up an entry on the evil forty year old white male in the red truck when you get a chance? A lot of us are chomping at the bit. Here's my contribution:

Not sure which makes the world safer, the fact that he was caught or that the rioters have to go home now.

Joe said...

The picture of the judge and the miscreant up there made me think "Kenny Rogers meets Jar Jar Binks."

Egghead said...

It’s very clear that the (one-gadzillionth part black) judge self-identifies as black. It seems that he believes in the ‘one drop’ rule and is worried that his fellow blacks will shoot and kill him since he is black, too.

It’s a good thing that he’s a judge, and the courtroom has lots of extra security measures and armed protection provided by law enforcement. After all, ‘Judges lives matter!’

Swamp Fox said...

How about, "So, I can be white again"?


Regards the dead Utah LEO, I did not realize that the Mormons were so crime-prone and vicious.

Anonymous said...

IT makes no difference.

No matter "what" or "why", it is the White Man's fault.

DrAndroSF said...

BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......Uh, but, why? Particularly? To whom and for why?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it when a white judge says shit like this... they always "lament" about it.. and they don't mention that blacks are also robbing, raping, and killing whites and Asians.. they aren't allowed to say that.. they aren't allowed to say that the same way blacks may be a plague to one another, is the same plague they bring about in society, period..

juvenal said...

The bumper sticker on the back of the red truck read, " Its ok to be white".

Anonymous said...

These stories all stimulate a little critical thinking. You know, that stuff that 80% of blacks are incapable of doing?
In Brooklyn Iowa, illegals are fleeing as the public backlash against the Mollie Tibbets Murder increases. In the ATL (yo), whitey must accept a little forcible wealth redistribution.
It doesn’t matter where, more blacks equals more crime.
Prove me wrong. I beg you.
I WANT there to be a magic solution that will allow us all to live in harmony, but it WON’T happen.
More and more are like me. Racism became a reaction to the experiences in BRA. But because the majority of BRA cannot comprehend the impact of their actions, they believe whitey to be an intolerant racist.

Anonymous said...

To whom, and why:

Baby momma’s; EBT.
Democrats; votes.

Mr. Rational said...

I can't stand it when a white judge says shit like this... they always "lament" about it.. and they don't mention that blacks are also robbing, raping, and killing whites and Asians.

Whites view people as Children of God.  Africans view them as meat.  For our own survival, we need to return them the favor.  Until they stop acting as if Blacks Are Meat, they need to be TREATED that way in law.

Jim Crow laws were morally correct and justified.

Marc B said...

If they don't care why should we?