Friday, February 8, 2019

His Name is Kyle Yorlets: White Male Nashville Musician Murdered by Five Black Juveniles (Youngest is 12)

While the nation loses its collective mind over a fake hate crime allegedly committed by white MAGA hat wearing hillbillies in Chicago, Illinois (on a night when it was 20 degrees below zero), and white Democrats in Virginia having worn blackface more than 30 years ago, five black juveniles - the youngest being 12 - have been arrest for the murder of a white male in Nashville. [Police ID juveniles charged in deadly shooting of Nashville singer,, 2-8-19]:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Police have identified three of the five juveniles who were arrested in the killing of a former Belmont University student and singer in West Nashville.
Rest in peace, Kyle
A housemate of 24-year-old Kyle Yorlets found him inside their home with a gunshot wound Thursday just before 3 p.m.
Officials with Metro police said the five suspects were in a stolen Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck in the alley that runs behind Yorlets’ home when they saw him outside. They allegedly took his wallet and demanded the keys to his vehicle.Police said it’s believed that he was shot after he refused. Yorlets was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he died. 
Metro police spokesman Don Aaron called Yorlets "an absolute, absolute innocent victim" in the case. 
"The entire Nashville community, every neighborhood in this city should be concerned about what happened Thursday and the events of Thursday night. A truly innocent man was murdered outside of his home and as the investigation progressed, we now have five juveniles ranging in age from 12 to 16 in custody, we have two stolen loaded guns and two stolen vehicles that they were involved with on yesterday," Aaron said. 
On Friday, Magistrate Mike O'Neil found probable cause to forward the case for all 5 suspects. The next hearing will be held on February 21. 
Yorlets was from Pennsylvania and went to college at Belmont University. He was a member of a local band, Carverton. The band's manager said in a statement, "He was loved by his friends and family."
Three of the five black suspects (the youngest can't be identified via state law)
Early Friday morning, Metro Nashville Police Department arrested five teenagers in connection with the robbery and shooting.
According to Metro police, Tennessee law says three of the five can be identified because they are charged with homicide and they are over the age of 13. 
Police identified them as Roniyah McKnight, 14, of Clifton Avenue, Diamond Lewis, 15, of Dinwiddie Drive, and Decorrius Wright, 16, of Decatur Street. 
A 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy were also charged. 
The pickup truck was found abandoned on Timberland Drive, which is south of the airport. Witnesses on Timberland Drive told police they saw three juveniles get out of the pickup truck. It was stolen Wednesday in Oak Grove, Kentucky. 
Police said a loaded 9 millimeter pistol, which had been reported stolen, was recovered from them. A second loaded and stolen pistol was recovered from inside the store. 
Officers also recovered another vehicle that had been stolen from Brentwood. Police said they used it to drive to the Walmart.
While our corporate media declares war on Liam Neeson for admitting he once contemplated killing a "black bastard" because one of his friends was raped by a black male, yet another white individual has been murdered by blacks in America.

This time, it was five black juveniles - the youngest being 12 - who participated in the murder of a white male.

His name is Kyle Yorlets.



'Metro police spokesman Don Aaron called Yorlets "an absolute, absolute innocent victim" in the case.' Nashville's cucked cops have a firm grasp of the obvious. I say it again and again that any whitey in BRA'JRA (and let's not leave out our other non-white minorities both legal and illegal) who is not packing heat is a victim waiting to happen. Sad but true. I carry two firearms myself. I had my close encounter with a murder-monkey. Had to give him a hot lead injection. It felt great (had to be dispassionate during the investigation).

Anonymous said...

I looked at the new place and it had the same articles as this site. Concerning the comments: I saw other areas that had comments, so there must be something that Paul has to do to unlock comments. I do agree with others that the beauty of SBPDL is that readers are invited to comment and have dialog.

Concerning this story, this is just another in a long saga of black on white violence. The white guy should have just given the blacks his wallet and keys, and he might have lived another day. These are a subhuman race that don't deserve to live among white people.

Keep the good work up! I do read your research pieces.

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Idiots ruled juveniles can't be given a lifetime prison sentence, so the other two orcs are guaranteed to be out and killing again.

So-called authorities want us to be "concerned." To what end?

Anonymous said...

But... but... but...


(Except the 12 year old "tween")

By the way, racial disparities better be fixed or I'll be MAD!!!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Anonymous said...

Yo, mang! I no u no me and mah gurl be homeless, but choo let us hang, mang! I didn't dig da music, we got heated and I got stabby. Whut wrong widdat?

Anonymous said...

Stop the illegal traffic stops! They only cause people to go to prison and kill evil prison guards!

Anonymous said...


Hang on a sec....NO COMMENTS AT UNZ!!!!???

You CRAZY!!??

Comments are a KEY element of what made SBPDL unique and fantastic!! Can't lose them.

PK, gotta get the UNZ tech nerds to turn comments on and leave them uncensored. What you doing homey!!???

Anonymous said...

'According to Metro police, Tennessee law says three of the five can be identified because they are charged with homicide and they are over the age of 13.'

You have to wonder how many States have similar laws on the books permitting the identification of juveniles charged with murder. More often than not you never see a name nor a face in these instances helping BRA to conceal the carnage.

Anonymous said...

What is the solution when White people wait to get married, establish careers, save up for a home, and then have one or two children, to give them the best possible life, and then blacks have five or six kids starting at the age of 16, with no education, no employment, no future planning, and no marriage... just by reproduction they will take over..

Somebody seriously tell me, what is the solution? And don't tell me "white people, have more kids".. White people tend to have two kids to give them the best possible life, and to balance parenting with careers.. I'm not going to have 8 kids to compete with Shaniqua.. just because they have a huge litter of sprogs, we're supposed to act like animals as well?
We need to be in a society with people that have the same general reproductive habits, the same work ethic, the same ideas about commitment, marriage, and parenting..

What is the solution... RIP USA

The Other Realist in MA said...

What is the solution... RIP USA

There is no solution. The negro never belonged here. Everyone else came here by choice, even if the only other alternative was 'stay on the farm and starve' as my great grandparents used to say. The negro was brought here and then turned loose like an invasive species. Short of the talented 10th that can emulate white people, and those successful in the entertainment industry, the Negro will never be successful in America. Ever. It is simply not equipped to succeed in a white European society. When the history of the decline and fall of the US is written the decision to bring negroes here will be quite possibly be the #1 mistake that led to the eventual destruction of the country.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton legacy

Anonymous said...

A story to keep on the radar. I can't recall a teacher telling me: “I'm a knock you out!"

’I’ll punch you in the face’: Special ed teachers caught verbally abusing children in graphic recordings

February 9, 2019 at 12:15 AM CST - Updated February 9 at 12:15 AM

BERKELEY COUNTY, WV (WJLA/CNN) - A mother says she was sick to her stomach after hearing secret audio recordings that caught three special education instructors in West Virginia casually threatening children with violence, insulting them and even withholding food.

The disturbing audio included the teachers, all women, verbally abusing children, saying things like, “I ought to back hand you right in your teeth. How is that for anxiety?”

The recordings were taken at Berkley Heights Elementary School in Martinsburg, WV. The teachers are now on leave.

Amber Pack sent her 8-year-old daughter to class with a recording device, hidden in her hair, after the child didn't want to go back to school. ...

Anonymous said...

A reality TV show--Kids of the Congo in USA.
gawd those mugs.

Anonymous said...

What is the solution when White people wait to get married, establish careers, save up for a home, and then have one or two children,... just by reproduction they will take over..

...USA DIED IN 1965....look at pre 65 photos, then look at USA now. blame TWMNBN.
There is a great article at Occidental Observer about how we are no longer allowed to critique them.

Anonymous said...

they never fit in here is a better way of putting it. nor did the aztecs, myans, ricans despite what AOC claims.

Anonymous said...

Homeschool kids. It is hard financially, but it is worth the challenge. You will look back and wish you had done it sooner, as when you finally get over that financial hump and take stock of your children being far superior to their peers through individualized education and constant love of a parent, then it will all be clear. But the path is not for the lazy or the faint of heart. We almost turned back several times, and we often doubted our ability early on. However, we did it for the children not ourselves.

Anonymous said...

They do not look like pure africans who are uniformly ugly. The white admixture of africans in America makes some look better and better able to emulate whites as examples Will Smith or Morgan Freeman. But it makes many even uglier in non-uniform ways like these three who probably get the worst white genes.

Former Liberal said...

Live outside but work in Nashville. Now I always carry. During the time I've lived in this area, have seen the blacks get worse and worse. These things are for the most part incapable of absorbing civilization. Unfortunately we have lots of young white people who have been brainwashed and/ or refuse to face the reality that blacks are frequently stupid, lazy and dangerous. And Belmont, being a Christian college, probably taught it's students the equality cult. If I had kids at this point in my life I would only pay for trade schools

Anonymous said...

The parents of these “children” should also be held responsible, in the form of biblical justice.

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh. Think of all the legislation. Think of all the environmentalists. Think of all the bureaucracy involved only to see it all turned on its head. It just takes one. That's what I've always said. Just one of them. We can all go to the polls and cast our ballot. We can write and call and email and Twitter and Facebook our elected representatives, but when the dog and pony legislative show is over and the time comes to implement the legislation it's all for naught. The joke's on us. There is no stopping the Third World. There is no cure for what ails them.

'Police say 1 man responsible for dumping 100,000 tires across metro'

By: Justin Wilfon
Updated: Feb 8, 2019 - 11:24 PM

ATLANTA - Police say one man is responsible for more than 100,000 tires dumped all over metro Atlanta.

Investigators told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon they think they're close to catching him.

Officers say Donald Leverette, 35, dumped one of his biggest loads of tires behind an old Clayton County building in Conley

The property is right next to Debbie Elder’s home.

“It’s terrible. We’ve got animals, I’ve got kids who play out here,” Elder said. “(They) can harbor animals, critters, snakes, rats.”

Clayton County police announced Friday that they need the public’s help to find Leverette after nearly catching him this week.

“We just encountered him on Tuesday, where he ran from police, left the truck. We impounded the truck and found it filled with tires,” said Lt. James Robinson, with the Clayton County Police Department.

Wilfon traveled down several rural roads Friday to find thousands of the tires police say Leverette dumped. ...

Anonymous said...

Looks like he should be out on the roads picking up tires while forming his very own "one man chain gang".

Anonymous said...

They sounded white to me. All if then. The difference is that we know these whores need to do real time. The article says what they did wasn't technically illegal, but anyone with a heart knows those women are deserving of felony records and prison or jail time in which they find themselves divorced and homeless when they leave the penitentiary. And they'd damned well be penitent and shame faced when they leave.

And if it were any of my kids this happened to, I'd be going to jail. I'd beat the men in these fallen women's lives before beating the women like dogs. And if it was my lady doing the crap in the article I would probably beat her ass clean off and file for divorce.

Many black men beat women and children for fun, what I'd do would be for vengeance and justice.

Anonymous said...

PK is correct about the coming future censorship of these blog sites.

I go to many "Global COOLING" sites that discuss the Grand Solar Minimum and how we are entering a nasty COLD perioe (up to 400 years long) and that this is the LAST year we will have affordable food....very scary stuff.

All of the blogs I visit, on a daily basis, and backing up their work on other sites, since they "know" Google, Twitter, Facebook are going to shut them down.

So, it is coming.

I also urge all of you to buy up ammo before they make purchasing ammo a real hassle. Have at least 1,000 rounds of each caliber you use. You can still get it by mail order, but that will be shut down soon. Buy it now, in cash, at a store or GUN show and leave no trail, if possible.

Anonymous said...

If a hairless domesticated pig escapes from a farm, in two generations it grows bristly hair and long, dangerous tusks. Same with blacks-- released from stringent White-run racial laws and controls, it runs wild with their feral, savage inborn nature.

Anonymous said...

Merry Olde England is now Stabby Olde England!

Anonymous said...

But it profiles actual crimes, crime data, etc. Race should be the next "An Inconvenient Truth" movie. Would this be racist if they used it to effectively deal with crime in Japan or Iceland?

David In TN said...

Just who said the victim "refused to hand over his wallet?" The killers?

Anonymous said...

Murder is murder; there is no subtle NYC legalistic way to excuse or explain it. Murderers, no matter their age, should be publicly hanged, with full TV coverage. That is the only way to convey to the loonie-lefties, and other ignorant elements of society (democrats0, that there is a price to pay for violations of natural and national laws.

Detroit Refugee said...

RIP Kyle,

Looks like an alright kid. these musicians are trusting and giving. You have to share as a young player. Food/drink, rides, gear , a place to practice & sleep.

Reminds me of a guy killed in Harpo's Concert Theatre parking lot. A "youth" demanded his car keys. Got a round from an AK point blank. As a lifelong guitar player & enthusiast these stories especially upset me.
These guys need to learn & toughen up. I know it goes against all the musicians mindset, that we are all musical brothers, etc. I have more than a few stories of bands getting their gear/equip. stolen during the "load-in" time in a clubs alleyway.
That should be lesson No.1, concerning diversity.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, an elderly Florida man stands up against the word plantation. I'll bet he's like a lot of old (retirees) in Florida. An old sportscaster, I'm sure he realizes the power of acting like a righteous jackass.

Anonymous said...

Odd that in all of this, the thing that points to “law and order” is the fact that the two youngest murderers can’t legally be shown to the public.

That is how they say we are “protected”. We (and they) can be murdered in large numbers by these ‘murder monkeys’ - found that farther up the comment stream, and I’m keeping it - but it’s calming to know that the identity of the youngest murderers is protected.

Don’t see this new story over at the new site. Guess while the comments are being corrected we’ll just keep on truckin’ right here like the old days.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

When Jamar attacks.,amp.html

Anonymous said...

Shot someone this past Friday at a high school with the same gun he killed with in November.

Are they dintards or dutards?,amp.html

Anonymous said...

Liberal East Coast state wants to make it so cops can't use DNA info in the manner that captured the Golden State Rapist. Apparently, the genetics of some folks there would probably cause a problem due to the high rates of illegitimacy and people who are unknowingly related having their lifestyle choices laid bare for the world to see.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think this guy went and confronted two blacks on his own, even with a gun? Roughly 18 feet or less is actually enough room so one cannot draw a weapon in time to defend against someome coming at you. This is science which comes from defensive tactics coirses. No, not civilian crap. Apparently his dog walked across some concrete the blacks were working on. I can imagine what happened and it had nothing to do with this guy getting aggressive and facing life in prison.

Anonymous said...

His heart was in the right place. Apparently he wanted to kill drug dealers bit others were victims of his overzealousness. I guess planning ahead isn't his strongest suit.

Detroit Refugee said...

Just who said the victim," refused to hand over his wallet?" The killer?

I'd think during interrogation, that was admitted. Once the gravity of it all began to sink in.

Anonymous said...,amp.html

When you rob, remember that you leave tracks in snow and that if you drop your cellphone you are likely going to get caught.,amp.html

Anonymous said...

Nashville reminded me of Austin.

Lot of artists and musicians that watch too much TV and buy into coastal liberal BS.

Austin is somewhat isolated at least but Nashville isn't far from Memphis.

Anonymous said...

By the next Georgia Governor's election the Confederate carving on Stone Mountain - obscured by illegally discarded tires - is no longer an issue in the campaign.

the rationalak said...

I researched the victims address. It is in College Heights/Clifton neighborhood. It is a black neighborhood on black side of Nashville. The college is historically black Tennessee State university. His neighborhood is ranked #3 of 10 worst Nashville neighborhoods. Look up Torrent st 3200 block on Google maps and drive around. Another commenter is likely right about his mindset moving into such a neighborhood. He was a delusional liberal thinking he was woke. Well now he is asleep before his time.

Anonymous said...

"Thankfully, an elderly Florida man stands up against the word plantation. I'll bet he's like a lot of old (retirees) in Florida. An old sportscaster, I'm sure he realizes the power of acting like a righteous jackass."

I was 90% sure before I checked:

"Wolf was born in Washington, D.C., the son of Rosemary and Jack Wolf. His father, an actor and comedian who briefly worked as a member of Ted Healy's "stooge" act, was born Jewish and his mother converted to Judaism.[2]"

Valley Forge Patriot said...

This murder didn't have to happen.
Technology could have stopped the dindus long before they got to Nashville, if only it had been used.
"Officials with Metro police said the five suspects were in a stolen Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck in the alley that runs behind Yorlets’ home when they saw him outside."
"A housemate of 24-year-old Kyle Yorlets found him inside their home with a gunshot wound Thursday just before 3 p.m."
"...the pickup truck. It was stolen Wednesday in Oak Grove, Kentucky."

I'm going to make a few assumptions here, so bear with me.
1. The pickup truck was less than 10 years old and had OnStar installed.
2. The owner reported the theft to the Oak Grove, KY police shortly after it happened on Wednesday.
IF 1 and 2 are valid, then
IF the owner had an active OnStar account with Stolen Vehicle Locator/Slowdown,
and reported the stolen vehicle to OnStar as well as the Oak Grove, KY police,
THEN the orcs would have been taken down in less than 15 minutes.
They would be behind bars in Kentucky on auto theft charges, and not after murdering
Yorlets. Stolen Vehicle Locator works.
(If you have a GM vehicle that is less than 10 years old, sign up your OnStar
and add Stolen Vehicle Locator/Slowdown service. Stop the dindus in their
tracks before they can do real damage.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

It also doesnt hurt to act all shocked and "tortured" by the experience.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

The comments would be even better if you could actually count on your comments getting through. There have been so many good commenters that have quit writing about their insights due to the ridiculously arbitrary commenting policy.

And even though everybody complains about it ad nauseum, Paul not only does nothing to improve it, he doesnt even address it.

Anonymous said...

In societies with high rates of rape and sexual assault, women wear hijabs and burkas. In societies where 12 year olds have abnormally high levels of testosterone, children are handed machetes and Kalashnikovs to go out killing with the tribe.

Also PK, why aren't you covering the Pecker-Bezos fiasco. The whole (((thing))) reeks of corruption, sleaze and criminality.

Anonymous said...

This video gives a good view of what we are up against. Blindsided in broad daylight, surveillance cameras rolling. Nothing deters them. Anarchy.

'Bronx man punched in head in violent e-bike robbery: police'

PIX11 News

BRONX  — Police are looking for five individuals in connection to an assault and robbery in the Bronx on Wednesday.

One of the people in question punched a 47-year-old man in the head around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning. When the victim fled the scene, the group proceeded to take his electronic bike and cell phone, authorities said. ...

Anonymous said...

If you had a blog devoted solely to murders of pregnant girlfriends of black males you'd have quit your day job.

'Boyfriend arrested in grisly murder of pregnant woman'

By Larry Celona and Natalie Musumeci
February 8, 2019 | 11:54am

The boyfriend of the pregnant woman who was stabbed to death in her Queens apartment building turned himself in and was charged with murder on Friday, authorities said.

Anthony Hobson, 48, surrendered at the 104th Precinct station house in Ridgewoodwith his lawyer, police said.

The Rego Park man was ordered held without bail on charges of second-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon over the death of Jennifer Irigoyen, 35.

Irigoyen, who was five months pregnant, was killed early Sunday after she was ripped from her apartment in a Myrtle Avenue building in Ridgewood and knifed in the building’s vestibule, according to police.

Hobson was captured on surveillance video at around 1 a.m. as he dragged Irigoyen from the hallway of her third-floor apartment to a stairwell, officials said.

Anonymous said...

Austin is learning. It wasn't that long ago at SXSW (South by Southwest Festival) when a rappa wound up behind the wheel of a car, mowing down folks like he was a Muslim cabbie in Europe.

Just look up Rashad Owens, about the 4 people he killed and remember that some folks take longer to learn than others.

By the way, SXSW used to be something meaningful, but since the rappers realized they beez whitez wimmins up in 'dat Souf by Soufwess and now they have plenty of "urban" acts.

Anonymous said...

...stabbed to death in her Queens apartment.

If she thought of herself as a real queen instead of living in an apartment in Queens she might have dated someone of her own ethnicity.

But methinks his Soul Train moves made him a real darling on the dance floor.

Anonymous said...

I was in NYC, Brooklyn the part of that shithole you’re standing in matters... at a small music venue a few weeks ago. On the way home, I turned the corner and spotted what I immediately interpreted as a couple dancing. On closer look, it was a white woman and her future-OJ struggling. Discussing dinner or musical interests I’m certain.
Anyway, as they argued, he pulled away from her, turned and kicked her right in the stomach! My fiancé said ‘they’re not dancing’.
She slumped to the ground as he paced back and forth. A woman stopped at an adjacent streetlight got out and started screaming at him.
Me you ask? As I’ve done each and every time if seem spats between interracial couples. Nothing. Now I will not say I was armed because that is illegal in the city. I did say to my fiancé “welcome to the world of dating negros”. She knows how I feel.
I drove on home.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

wordpress ems news

February 10, 2019 · 12:23 pm
Davis-Marks: Extreme Black Racist Yale Student Writes Shocking Editorial

ISIS DAVIS-MARKS 2:54 AM, FEB 07, 2019

Here is her email:

I sent her a rather sharp letter about her blatant racism and told her I am going to contact her school to see if she can be removed. Here is her entire editorial:

Everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions. He could be in Grand Strategy or the Yale Political Union. Maybe he’s the editor-in-chief of the News. He takes his classes. He networks. And, when it comes time for graduation, he wins all the awards.

One day, I’ll turn on the television — or, who knows, maybe televisions will be obsolete by this point — and I’ll see him sitting down for his Senate confirmation hearing. Yes, he’ll be a bit older, with tiny wrinkles sprouting at the corners of his eyes a

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the light came on as it was going out. You have to wonder how people find themselves in these circumstances. Don't they read the newspaper

Anonymous said...

And the intensity of chimpouts continues ...

Anonymous said...

Jim in Jersey, that's right, nothing to see here, move along. Let nature take its course. She'll wind up on Chimpmania in the coalburner section.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Would you let your white children go to the same school with these things ?

Non PC Infidel said...

On a brighter note:

Two dindu nuffins break into a woman's home and her son shots both of them dead on the spot.

Have tried to post this on the new site on the latest article but don't know if it went through. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

'Arrest made in shooting death of businessman during attempted robbery outside CVS'

Updated: Feb 10, 2019 - 1:00 PM

HALL COUNTY, Ga. - Police have made an arrest in the shooting death of a well-known businessman outside a CVS in Hall County. 

Businessman Jack Hough, 73, died after he was shot in the parking lot while his wife was inside the store off Parkhill Drive. 

Gainesville police announced they arrested 24-year-old Demarvin Bennett of East Point around 2 a.m. Sunday. Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish said Bennett is not connected with any other crimes recently in the area, but he does have a record. ...

PB said...

Don't know if Kersey is forced to use automated moderation or not, but if so that can be a reason a lot of posts don't get through. This site has enough profile to be a target which I imagine would make moderating comment threads a full time job in itself.

Anonymous said...

taki mag
journalistic thing to do.

In 2015 it was revealed that the National Institutes of Health soaked American taxpayers to the tune of $3.5 million merely to discern why lesbians tend to be big fat hogs whereas gay men tend to stay in shape. The five-year study’s searingly intellectual conclusion was that, compared to straight men and lesbians, gay men have a “greater desire for toned muscles.”

We could have told you that for ten bucks.

Now comes news that the feds will rape taxpayers for $228,636 to continue wondering why lesbians—specifically the nonwhite ones—are prone to stuffing their faces with anything but penises.

According to the grant proposal:

Young adult lesbian women are twice as likely to be overweight and obese as their heterosexual peers and Black women are similarly more likely to be obese than White women. Despite well documented disparities in binge eating, little is known about contributing factors in lesbian women, and in particular racial minorities….Race, eating-related factors, and sexual minority-specific factors may also moderate daily associations, but have not been fully explored….In particular, implications of having intersecting sexual- and racial-minority identities (i.e., being a Black lesbian woman) on binge eating have yet to be considered.

Without all the gobbledygook, we could have answered this one for the price of a Big Mac: Nonwhite lesbians eat too much because they’re unhappy.

Anonymous said...

Since American campuses represent the vanguard against racism in America, they are busily staffing their college newspapers with black female columnists who commit blood libel against white males.

If Isis Davis-Marks had been left to fend for herself back in the Motherland, she’d be eating dirt and swatting at tsetse flies. Instead, she suffers the grave misfortune of attending Yale University in white supremacist America. In an essay for Yale Daily News titled “Evil is Banal”—a mangled rip-off of a Hannah Arendt title—she apparently equates “white boys” with evil:

Everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions….When I’m watching the white boy — who is now a white man by this point — on CNN, I’ll remember a racist remark that he said, an unintentional utterance that he made when he had one drink too many at a frat party during sophomore year….I can’t let things slip by. I’m watching you, white boy. And this time, I’m taking the screenshot.

Ten bucks says the white boy won’t be watching Miss Isis, although he probably should—her intentions seem, oh, what’s the word—evil?

Writing for the newspaper at Dickinson College, an extremely fat black woman named Leda Fisher, with not a wisp of apparent irony, asks, “Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?”:

I am so g****mned tired of listening to white boys. I cannot describe to you how frustrating it is to be forced to listen to a white boy explain his take on the Black experience in the Obama-era. Hey Brian, I’m an actual Black woman alive right now with a brain…. So, should white boys still be allowed to share their “opinions”? Should we be forced to listen? In honor of Black History Month, I’m gonna go with a hell no.

After reading this horrifyingly problematic racist screed, we might be persuaded to believe that Leda Fisher should not be allowed to eat.
Every Monday, Jim Goad reads the previous day’s “Week That Perished” on his podcast.

William Hendershot said...

Metro police spokesman Don Aaron called Yorlets "an absolute, absolute innocent victim" in the case. Not so fast. He was reportedly uttering the word which must not be spoken under his breath while the negroes were demanding his keys.

William Hendershot said...

83 year old man punched and killed by black in gas station

Detroit Refugee said...

Wow!! A quarter million pissed away.
I hate this gov we are forced to pay tax dollars to.

I saw two middle aged lesbians today shopping at Kroger. They were 1) obese 2) miserable in appearance 3) created a scene loading groceries into their car.

Truism No.1 No man here would ever give either a good dickin'.
Truism No.2 If these "people" could or were given the opportunity, they'd enjoy seeing us men of the right publicly castrated.

Just nasty individuals. I swear.

Anonymous said...

He has a real nice shiner for purportedly committing a hate crime. This is what happens in liberal states. Either way, if he returned to confront them, bad idea. If they attacked him, and he skinned the smoke wagon, good for him. But, now he faces BRA/JRA “Justice”.
Best bet is to always avoid the groid.

Anonymous said...

GM admitted OnStar can passively monitor noise in your car.
GM was also the first company to install Event Data Recorders and License the information as their proprietary software. You have no right to it, or protections against them sharing it with law enforcement.
GM is NO LONGER a good company. Avoid them.

Anonymous said...

East Point, eh?
Atlanta is a world-class BRA $hithole. Sherman 2.0 needs to come and bring a cleansing fire. I carried to church in Flowery Branch because that place was so f’ing unpredictable. My company forbid me to carry on the job, but I did. At ALL times. A 40 cal Glock no less.
When I left they were all in shock as if I was a moron for leaving the ATL to move west.

Anonymous said...

"...every neighborhood should take note of what's happened, and we, as a Nashville community, should decide what we can do about it..."

The issue isn't what we can do about it. We all know exactly what we need to do...that is not where the issues lies. The issue is: do we have the fortitude, courage, and strength to do what must be done, despite the inevitable outcries?

Once we decide to do what we all know must be done to correct the situation, the solution is rather simple to implement.

Bullets are cheap and rope is reusable.


Anonymous said... oprah is so proud of her boys.

PB said...

People used to take the Law into their own hands for a reason.

PB said...

Had to look and sure enough....

Anonymous said...

we need to return to the days when this type of criminal behavior was a capital offense and the punishment was carried out in 30 days.
We also need to return to the days when the patriarchs son could beat the asailant and put HIM into the hospital.
These thug blacks don’t have the foresight to see the popular opinion is turning against them. Outside of dumb white liberals, the Eloi of our generation, no one wants to live near blacks.

statsman said...

Could someone tell me why Kersey links to the Field Negro? Is it ironic? To keep an eye on a relatively intelligent apologist for blacks and black criminality? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

The problem with advanced academics is that outside of some specialty fields, it is largely a revenue generating machine devoid of actual learning.
I used to study in the Engineering library at night and funny how it was always packed. The regular Library was empty on Friday or Saturday nights.
Just because someone attends Yale, especially a black female, doesn’t mean they are the tops academically. Rather, the smartest of a very small, shallow pool of window lickers.
And those white boys?
Imagine a day without a white boy?

Always remember, what finally brought the LA riots to a close was the threat that welfare and foodstamp payments would be withheld.

Anonymous said...

Time to move to the new site, people. Just go to and scroll down to bloggers on the right side to find Paul Kersey and new articles.

Unknown said...

what do the parents say... ahhh, they're just bored young men and didn't mean anything bad by it. Must've had a wonderful upbringing and are probably on the honor society ..... OR, maybe NOT.

Anonymous said...

I knew that murdered pregnant woman in Queens boyfriend was black as soon as the story hit the news. It´s scary how predictable this is if you have been red-pilled.

Anonymous said...

Another recent roid on the road rage incident. The emboldened, empowered, enraged roid on the road. Another venue to spread their terror. These events are by design. The privatization of terror. Look for more and more of this behavior. What's to stop them?

'Road Rage incident lands Venice man in jail'

By ABC7 Staff | February 4, 2019 at 8:37 PM EST - Updated February 5 at 12:54 PM

VENICE, FL. (WWSB) - A Venice man allegedly involved in a road rage incident is facing multiple charges.

According to court documents, on Dec. 20, at 2:20 p.m., 43-year-old Abdual Hakeem Boyd was driving his wife’s 2004 Pontiac sedan, reportedly cutting cars off while swerving through traffic.

At the intersection of U.S. 41 and Laurel Road, a man driving a Toyota gave Boyd a hand gesture. According to deputies, Boyd pulled up behind the Toyota and reportedly hit the vehicle slamming the Toyota’s tailgate so hard it fell off the back of the vehicle.

The two men began to argue, and Boyd allegedly threatened the Toyota driver’s life. While the Toyota driver was attempting to reattach the tailgate to his truck, Boyd reportedly accelerated his vehicle and pinned the man’s legs against the back of the truck then sped away.

The victim was not injured.

Boyd was arrested on Jan. 28 and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Californian said...

... five black juveniles - the youngest being 12 - have been arrest for the murder of a white male in Nashville


Think about those terms when they are used to report about the perpetrators of violent crime in America.

Californian said...

Somebody seriously tell me, what is the solution?

The critical thing is for White people to develop a racial consciousness. From there, realistic solutions will follow.

Just consider how in the Reconstruction era, White people in the South rebelled against the contemporary version of BRA to regain power in the Southern states. In the ensuing decades, race realist policies became the law of the land. And these policies were supported by the full range of political opinion, including progressives like Woodrow Wilson. Similarly, small numbers of White people dominated larger numbers of blacks in colonial Africa and into the apartheid era of South Africa.

Would a return to segregation be workable today? Probably not. But other policies are feasible such as a partition of the country into separate White and African states. Or other ideas which may and will come down the's a matter of White people being racially woke.

Unknown said...

You'd think the threat of having to face prison time for not paying your child support would make these sperm donors think twice before they do what they do... but nope... killing them before full term pregnancy is easier.... and they don't mind that type of liberals' paradise... they have plenty of booty holes to do up in there. It's all the same to them...

Mr. Rational said...

Just go to and scroll down to bloggers

I'll make it easy for you:

I knew that murdered pregnant woman in Queens boyfriend was black as soon as the story hit the news.

Should we count her as a suicide?  I count the removal of her fetus as a big plus for society.  If this red-pills any of her circle that's a double plus.  The more White women come to reject the race-mixing propaganda and view it as low-class at best, the better we are.

Mr. Rational said...

There have been so many good commenters that have quit writing about their insights due to the ridiculously arbitrary commenting policy.

This appears to be Google, not PK (per correspondence with PK).  The move to Unz should address it.  All the more reason to head on over there.

I'm gonna miss PK's blogroll, though.  Some good stuff there.  The trolls over at Field Negro are LOL-worthy some days.

Mr. Rational said...

Would a return to segregation be workable today? Probably not.

We could pursue it as punishment for crime, including juvenile crime.  Say, for a long list of violent and property crimes part of your penalty is that you cannot venture more than 1 mile from home for a period of 10 years after your release.  (Restrictions on residency would also have to be part of it, to prevent criminals from relocating for better targets.)  The mall is more than 1 mile from home?  You go to the mall, you get arrested and slapped with a probation violation.  That would seriously clean up the "teen" problem at malls as well as the roving burglary/robbery gangs in suburbs.

This would be even easier if violators were chipped and the chips could be read from outside a vehicle.  Police could pull over a suspicious vehicle and find violators without even having to open a window or speak to anyone.  You might even be able to put scanners on road signs and traffic lights.  DEFINITELY on all public transit.  Bans on public transit use for any crime, including fare evasion, would be so much easier to enforce this way.  Make bad conduct painful.

Our goal should be to make TNB generate so much hassle that the TNs head off to either some liberal paradise to pick on the people who give us these problems with their votes, or back to da muddaland.

But other policies are feasible such as a partition of the country into separate White and African states.

If you think local segregation is a harder problem than national segregation, you need to think again.

William Hendershot said...

Anon. @ 5:51- The solution is abortion, free and legal; along with an end to the printing press of federal money providing the gibs me dats. Return authority of social safety nets to the states who can't print money. The unlimited debt spending will end one day.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace dear young man. Amren had a link calling them "five children", they're not "children", they're cold blooded killers!
Someone commented here blacks in BRA is why people are afraid to go out, and that is precisely right because I and friends who live close to the savage blacks know this is what they do. Age and gender don't matter, they're all the same.

JimRagan1967 said...

At least Amren didn't call them five "teens"

Armed Memphian said...

This is the reason I stay armed and alert, a group of black teens roaming the streets nothing to be concerned about right?

Couldn't be further from the truth...ages between 14 to 24 to me represent the upmost danger when profiling people in my immediate vicinity.

They lack the cunning and silver tongue that comes from half a lifetime of being a sneak thief and low life criminal, they make up for that with brazen violence with no caring of consequences.

Some folks I try to open up to on the subject call me racist and paranoid.

Pattern recognition is a survival tool, if this man had just taken a little effort to notice who is around him and prepared accordingly we would be reading a different news story entirely.

Young teens or not I'm not giving a goddamn inch to these savages.

Anonymous said...

This is the most realistic explanation I have ever read. Well written.

Anonymous said...

I have long held that the sarcastic, feminist 20 something female slowly becomes the angry, intolerant lesbian.

Anonymous said...

No. That’s why we sold our house in the ATL area and moved west.

Blacks bring very few positives to a society. They weren’t even that good for agriculture.

Bobby PGH said...

Fuck em. Avoid the groid or pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, it isn’t just the presence of blacks, but rather the financial ruin we brought upon ourselves.
Worst thing we ever did is give them free money for doing what they do. Breeding and being intellectually deficient. Had we told the blacks that they had to work, or starve, and not given black women free money for squirting out kids, they may have been forced to either progress, or control their birth rate.
But, we didn’t. And now we have generations of black criminal behavior firmly entrenched in black culture.
Our desire to maintain public order has resulted in a higher concentration of blacks on jails and prisons. The same enablers that pay blacks to breathe, blame the law abiding for demanding equal justice.
The core issue is one side wants to make everyone seem a victim and create excuses. The other side says if you are equal, be equal. If you need handouts, quotas, and special treatment, then admit you’re not equal.

PB said...


Putting them under the microscope or the telescope?

Anonymous said...

PK can print this if he cares to: I was over at Unz's site and posting is allowed. Post with any name you want (real or otherwise), and an e-mail (real or otherwise.) The problem seems to be fixed. If the person earlier who wrote earlier that Google was the problem was correct, then I am not surprised. Just like here on this particular site all e-mails are reviewed first. It would seem this site is becoming obsolete as all the new stuff is in PK's new site.

I won't be coming back here (this blog site), but Unz. I will always post with the same ID so people will know who I am, but that is not my real name. A person would have to be crazy to put their real name out there (your choice).

Anonymous said...

True enough. My first attempt cleared the hurdle. See everyone on the other side.

Mr. Rational said...

And the archives are back at Unz, WITH comments this time!  Good show.

PK, you know you can approve individual comment authors for unmoderated posting over at Unz?  That would definitely increase your discussion traffic, and you don't have to worry about running afoul of Goolag's SJWs any more.

Anonymous said...

an end to the printing press of federal money providing the gibs me dats. --
No, the (((banks))) create the currency as digital and move it to the stock market.
that is why since 2008, DJIA has gone up an insane amount as most people in USA are struggling.

Return authority of social safety nets to the states who can't print money. -yes.

The unlimited debt spending will end one day.--end in disaster, and perhaps soon.

Julie said...

This is heartbreaking. The lives of 5 children of color will be forever altered.

Mr. Rational said...

Julie, come over to Unz!  We need your satire as an antidote to the lameness of Corvinus.

Denise said...

I'm sorry to write this, but if Yorletts was a musician, I'm certain he would have despised and disdained US. Not his killers. He'd hate those of us that would try to warn him about his murderers.

Swamp Fox said...

Where's Brian from Ohio? I miss his wit and sagacity.

Julie said...

“Mr. Rational said...
Julie, come over to Unz! We need your satire as an antidote to the lameness of Corvinus.”

I do appreciate greatly your invitation. However, I have visited this Unz and I’ve found it to be deeply racist. What i’ve Always appreciated about Mr. Kersey has been his unwavering work to support and improve the lives of communities of color. I feel that the authenticity of SBPDL will be diminished and pulled into that maelstrom of racial hate. That would be in complete opposition to the feelings of so many of us that what nothing more than racial healing.

Jersey said...

Nicely stated !!!!!!-