Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Eighth Day of Christmas at SBPDL - No Free Toys

Christmas 2009 is in the books, yet we haven't finished the 12 Days of Christmas at SBPDL.

The season of Christmas is a festive time of giving presents to others, in the hope of granting them a reprieve from the doldrums of the winter with gift-wrapped bliss.

Receiving gifts is wonderful, yet seeing the smile creep across the persons face whom you give a gift too is worth 100 of the best gifts ever given. Knowing you have brought joy to another person through a gift. To quote A Christmas Carol again:
"It is a fair, even-handed, noble adjustment of things, that while there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good-humour."
One of the supreme ways to induce laughter is by giving a family member, loved one or friend a wonderful gift - or perhaps an inside gift/joke - that strengthens your bond to them through the efficacy of a fantastic yule tide gift.

The idea of a "gift" is one that is vital to creating a sense of social cohesion and in establishing a proper equilibrium of community:

"A gift or a present is the transfer of something without the expectation of receiving something in return. Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free.

In many human societies, the act of mutually exchanging money, goods, etc. may contribute to social cohesion. Economists have elaborated the economics of gift-giving into the notion of a gift economy.

By extension the term gift can refer to anything that makes the other happier or less sad, especially as a favor, including forgiveness and kindness."

And yet, Black people have for long been the beneficiaries of white peoples kindness and liberality, that they know take for granted "gifts" in any form and expect the societal obligations that white people must fulfill constantly to placate their Black rulers:

Police were called in Sunday when a charity toy giveaway turned chaotic.More than 1,000 people showed up at an event sponsored by Johnnie's House, a domestic violence non-profit group.Some parents were upset when their children only got one toy for a $10 registration fee.

"When you personally gave her your $10, she promised everybody a bag of toys, and we received nothing but one toy per child, and some children didn't even get nothing," said an angry Shermirrea Wright.Some of the toys were stolen before the families arrived."A lot of toys were stolen from the premises today," said Johnnie's House founder Johnnie Gaskins.

"That left us even shorter."Gaskins promised that more toys will be distributed when they are collected or registration fees will be refunded."
Video of this event can be found here.

Black people know that disingenuous white liberals will provide them with all the niceties and necessities to live a life far above the pathetic existence of the poor English who Wordsworth described in London 1802:
Milton! thou shouldst be living at this hour;
England hath need of thee: she is a fen
Of stagnant waters: altar, sword, and pen,
Fireside, the heroic wealth of hall and bower,
Have forfeited their ancient English dower
Of inward happiness. We are selfish men;
Oh! raise us up, return to us again;
And give us manners, virtue, freedom, power.
Thy soul was like a Star, and dwelt apart;
Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like the sea:
Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, free,
So didst thou travel on life's common way,
In cheerful godliness; and yet thy heart
The lowliest duties on herself did lay.
Like the Salvation Army, people who donate toys so that others can enjoy happiness are trying to augment philanthropy throughout their community, and yet, some people are appalled by the lack of imagination in the gifts or the amount of such gifts:

Worse, Atlanta had another event where Black people found themselves deprived of free toys:
A church pastor is accused of making questionable decisions involving a Toys For Tots program.Andrew Manning and his wife Gayle are furious. They have 9 granddaughters who will get nothing from 24/7 International Church on Cobb Parkway.The Manning's paid the church $1 in order to receive donated Christmas gifts through Toys for Tots.

“I think he should go to jail. He broke a lot of hearts and made a lot of promises that he couldn't stand up to be,” said Andrew Manning.Toys for Tots said the pastor of the church was running a scam by charging some people a $1 fee to make copies of drivers licences and social security numbers to verify their identities in order to prove how many kids they had.Maj. Tim Teed said,

"It's definitely running a scam If they are charging money for free toys, yes, that’s a scam."Teed added, "They requested eight requests for 13,000 toys going to one organization. If that one organization is going to charge a dollar per request, that could possibly be $13,000 that they are going to profit."Pastor Segun Masha said he was not running a scam.Masha defended the charge.

He said, "If you had a copy, you didn’t need a dollar, it was a choice. You could go to Office Depot or bring it from home. We gave them the option."Masha said the reason he submitted eight requests for toys is he was working as a middle man, helping Spanish churches who didn’t know how to sign up.Five-year-old Ashanti and her 4-year-old brother Jason have a short wish list. All she wants is a Barbie doll and all he wants is a toy truck, but this Christmas they won't get anything.

Their grandmother Betty Montgomery said, "I just tell them I can't afford it this year. I wasn’t even able to get a Christmas tree this year."Montgomery is on a fixed income and kids' mom just lost her job. Montgomery and dozens of other people were hoping to pick up a couple of free gifts at 24-7 International but they all left empty handed.Smyrna police said the pastor's actions were unethical, but not criminal because the $1 that was charged is said to be a donation and not a fee.
Video of this event can be found here.

Of course, not all people wait until the gifts are ready to be handed out and it convenient to procure them when no one is looking (no suspect has been named in this case as of yet, and it would be misguided to paint them with a Black brush just yet):

REVERE, Mass. -- Police in Revere are trying to solve a crime against children.

73 presents were stolen from the First Congregational Church in Revere over the weekend. The stolen toys would have helped out 46 families in need.

“I know people are having a hard time this time of year, but to steal from children? That's awful,” said a local resident of the crime.

Why even point out this story? Because when you juxtapose the kindness of strangers who then have their toys stolen, with the entitlement mentality of the Black people in Atlanta demanding more and more toys, well, you get a picture of a community in dire need of help.

Interestingly, Canada has the same problem, and Black people there find the same enjoyment out of stealing toys meant for kids.

Even when rappers, like Shawty Lo, try give back to the community by giving out presents, some people find this in-group display of generosity weak and displeasing.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes no free toys, for Black Friday only comes once a year and free toys from generous individuals attempting to build a community with gifts just isn't enough to pacify Black people around Christmas.


Anonymous said...

As a person with no need for donated food or Toys,the only thing I can do is laugh. I'm not being sarcastic when I say those videos are funny as hell.

Black people in modern America are 100% at fault for racist perceptions of them. We have no one to blame but are selves when we allow our dirty laundry to be aired on national TV or the internet.

It's what is known as the "house negro syndrome". There is a certain type of black person that believes The change in laws or the election of that fraud Barry actually changed things. These clowns truly believe "this is a black world". Ask that idiot black cop that pulled a gun on a bunch of white folks during a snowball fight in DC if that's true. In the mean time I'll be at Macy's with the family. I 'll keep you guys posted on the free toy situation.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"We have no one to blame but ARE SELVES when we allow our dirty laundry to be aired on national TV or the internet."

Really? You slippin, mang.


Anonymous said...


What do you mean by "slippin"? I'm not up on my "ghetto" slang.

-Black guy

B. Herder said...

Ya know, when I see crap like this… The howling ‘mother’ jumping around like her freekin’ ass is on fire … (Not that any of the other vids are much better)... It really makes me want to puke.

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that makes a lot of people not WANT to do anything for anyone else. WHY? You ‘give’ and you still get bitched at. Even if it’s indirectly.

I have a suggestion (For the future)…

I live/work in a little-bitty town in WA. State. I’m lucky enough to make a fairly decent living, in a really piss-poor county. (And that’s “Poor” .. As in no $$)
I run the water-treatment plant (Besides other things) and one of my duties is to shut off the water of dead-beats.
I HATE having to do this, no matter what time of year it is.
I’ve even been shot at, once. Trust me, it sucks…

Now, not that I have $$ pouring out my ass (Two kids in college) but I’ve found that ‘giving’ to the friends and neighbors that YOU KNOW, is a much better thing.
SCREW just dumping a toy in the ‘Toys for Tots’ or some other thing where you have no idea where your gift is going. We see where this is going.

This is what I do, and have done.

There is always some family in ‘need’ at this time of year. I don’t care if you live in a ‘well-to-do’ area, or if you live in a ‘poor’ area. Someone, usually needs help. And it’s always a NEIGHBOR. Hey, times are tough all over.

I paid two neighbors water bills this month. (I would have paid three, but one is a worthless drug-addict, who brought on their own problems) You can do the same also. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts, each and every one of you knows someone in dire straights right now.
The kids can live without toys.
What they DO like is a sense of well-being… Like, the lights come on when you flip the switch … The water coming on when you twist the faucet … Gas to light the stove/oven with … HEAT during the winter … A ROOF over their heads…

I’m not a martyr, nor am I’m trying to sound like one. Instead of dropping off some toy somewhere that you’ll be totally disconnected with, as to who gets what….
Help your neighbor. People you KNOW. Pay a bill, that they’re having trouble with. Buy them a frozen turkey for dinner. Bake them a loaf or two of bread. Buy their kid(s) a new pair of cheap-o Walmart sneakers. Shovel the snow off the driveway/walk of the little old lady that lives down the way. Go out of your way to make a friend out of that guy at work, you don’t really like for no good reason. Offer to babysit someone’s kids, so the parents can get a small break. Help your neighbor to fix that broken window. If someone needs a ride somewhere, help them out. Take the trashcans out to curb for disabled person you know.

(I could go on forever) … But you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

If Betty Montgomery couldn't afford the toys, why didn't the father get them? Oh never mind

Anonymous said...

B. Herder,

This is very hard to admit, but I agree with this post 100%. It's my family's philosophy and the reason why we live a great life. If people took care of home first this country would be a better place.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

I really love the chick with the toddler and the infant. If she is so poor, why did she have another kid? Condoms are cheaper than babies.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"I really love the chick with the toddler and the infant. If she is so poor, why did she have another kid? Condoms are cheaper than babies.

-Black guy"

So are abortions!

Anonymous said...

condoms and babies are both free.

i do support more abortions. en masse.