Saturday, December 13, 2014

On The First Day of Christmas... (SBPDL Needs Your Help)

PK NOTE (12/14/14): Thanks to those who have donated. Forgot to mention: as long as you donate more than $25.00, you'll get a copy of the soon to be published sequel to Escape From Detroit.

Much going on, but need to take a few days to do some fundraising.

A new name is coming on 1-8-15 (and a new site).

A big post is coming tomorrow.

Two new books are coming within the next month.

But, we need your help.

Please look on the right-hand side of this site, and consider making a donation to SBPDL via PayPal.

Your donation will power SBPDL into 2015.

There's a set amount we need to raise, and any amount will help move forward.

Merry Christmas in advance, and we'd like to thank each and every reader who has helped make 2014 the top year in our history.

But we need your help.

Thanks in advance.

Merry Christmas -- PK


Woodsy InNYC said...

Winter Wonderland 2 (Radio Version)

Sirens ring, there's no snitchin'
Roaches crawl, in the kitchen,
A gun and a knife, EBT for life.
Running through the negro monkey land.

On the block, making fires,
Smokin' rock, burning tires,
Look what mama made, some purple kool-aid,
Running through the negro monkey land.

In the ghetto we could score some crack - and
See the kids supporting Michael Brown
Stealing everything they get their hands on,
and burning all the businesses in town.

Filthy spawn, in the carriage,
Don't believe, there's a marriage,
Obama is great, we're on Section 8,
Running through the negro monkey land.

bernicegreenbaum said...

My check's on its way PK! A very Merry Christmas to you, the Mrs., and the newest addition to your family.

Medic Bear said...

Sent a little in.

Keep up the great work, PK ! You are voice of reason in this increasingly insane multicultural diversity nightmare we're all in.

Anonymous said...

On the 12th day of Christmas
Paul Kersey gave to me...

12 buildings burning
11 looters looting
10 youfs a-yelling
9 sheboons screaming
8 zip codes failing
7 schools a-closing
6 pants a-sagging
5 Air Force Ones!!!
4 EBT's
3 sail foams
2 Cadillacs
And a web-site with a new name!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I don't know if this is the proper place to ask this question. Is it true that Al Sharpton is really Newt Gingrich in black face.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Excited! Money on its way...

Good work. You're a warrior for the Truth.

weisse frau said...

Donation is on its way!

Over at CNN at

Haiti has been mired in extreme poverty and instability for years. It is still grappling with the aftermath of a catastrophic 2010 earthquake that killed more than 230,000...
"We are ruled by corruption..."

Now, here in the US we have banksters who have bought our politicians. That is bad people buying immoral people.

Over in Haiti a force called "corruption" was created by an earthquake which created some kind of quicksand which mires people in poverty.

Steppenwolf said...

PK: This site is a public service, offering much-needed news and commentary by you, and permitting Americans to give voice to their concerns about the savagery afflicting our country.

Once it's demonstrated that this site will be a going enterprise, I pledge to modestly support you with a periodic money contribution. I realize that my approach regarding support is a kind of Catch-22 bit of reasoning, but you'll only have to wait till January when you unveil the new site.

I've been heartened to read the comments here from fine Americans about the reality and direction of our country. Still, I don't see any solution to our problems, short of a severe national conflagration.

Truth Corps said...

PK, I will donate again, but I will not use Paypal as my identity could be compromised. Last time I sent you cash through VDARE.

Everyone please compare these two videos:



Amazing, isn't it? Now share it with your friends & on Social Media.

Keep up the good work PK, I will purchase two signed books for my library.


D-FENS said...

Hark! The Magic Negro sings
Glory to Martin Looter King
Burn this bitch, it's goin' down
Cuz we be pissed, 'bout Mike Brown

Anonymous said...

I will buy a paypal cash card and give when i can---probably not until early 2015 . Good luck. Keep up the good work!

NemoMeImpuneLacessit said...

The only thing missing from the first video was the Monolith.

Mr. Rational said...

A little more work and we'd have enough parody songs to make a Kwanzaa CD.

Who here can sing?  Someone could record a base track, put it on a file-sharing service, and everyone could contribute vocals (preferably by blind-drop e-mail).  An audio engineer could mix it down.

Get the rights to the base music (such as is still in copyright) and put it up on SoundCloud or something.  It might well become a novelty hit.  All profits to SBPDL?

Anonymous said...

I have to share this with you evil racists.

I dreamed a racist pun last night. Yes, dreamed it.

I don't remember the context of the dream but I was checking out at the supermarket and paid with my American Express card. The person behind me had an EBT card and I said to myself in my dream, "I have my American Express card and you have your African American Express card."

WTH? I'm turning my unconscious mind in for sensitivity training.

Anonymous said...

Very big things happening. Did anyone else here see this?

He flat out said Israeli criminals bought out congress and control American politics. This is beyond big.

This is why you have all the uptick in media carried incidents of youfs dat din do nuffins and distraction.

Watch the speech. This is a huge altering event here!


Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Race Realism is a joke until it stops shaking hands with neo-Nazi, anti-Jewish bullshit.

Milton Friedman, Michael Savage, Medved, Prager, all conservatives and all very much race realists; and all Jewish.

We conservative, White, America-first Jews are losing patience with your tolerance of Jew hatred.

Any movement, blog or reporting that comes with a big dose of Jew-hatred is going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Please cover this story. The Murder of Jessica Lane Chambers

Philadelphia Mike said...

In the previous article someone posted:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love Italians. I love Asians, Indians, Whites, Natives, and Latinos..


December 13, 2014 at 7:56 PM

I've got to agree with him that our issue is with the BLACKS (and also with those who call the political/economic shots). It's not with any of the non-Black groups on the planet.

And that brings me to the post about the slurs against the Jews. What we've got to realize here is that the squids are composed of Protestants, Catholics, Atheists, and Jews.
So if we aren't directing our hostility at all Catholics or at all Protestants, then why should such hostility be directed at the Jews?

We've got to keep focused. Our civilization is being destroyed by the blacks AND the DWL's who promote and encourage them AND the squids (who represent many different religions and beliefs/non-beliefs).

To the Jew haters: If your inclination towards bashing the Jews is so uncontrollable, then how about posting your thoughts on a site that's focused on that kind of mindset. This site is about BLACK dysfunction.

This blog site is much too informative...much too crucial for our survival...much too vital for the awakening of the compromise.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Please try to understand that the other non-black ethnic groups are facing the very similar dilemmas with black dysfunction.

I AM bold, I AM vocal, and even on this blog site I AM unafraid to present my side of an argument.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....America is some kind of fantasy place where people live in their own little world that is based on what kind of fairy tales they believe. Their mind is boxed in by the kind of political and religious believes they have. The two largest groups under mind control are those who believe they are victims being punished because of their religion, race, sex, etc,etc,etc. People love suffering and being victims.

The next group are idol worshipers which can includes sports, politics, religion, entertainers, etc, etc, etc,. These various idols are paid massive amounts of money. TV preachers rake in 50 to 90 million a year. Oprah is a billionaire. People enjoy having something or someone to worship and keep them happy.

Politics and entertainment have become so merged together that it is hard to tell which is which. All preaching the gospel of VICTIMIZATION with a little bit of dancing and singing to relieve the tension and also a WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR (Shit Burger and Prozac). Entertainers and talking heads earn fortunes while they blabber on for hours with nothing but lies and bullshit. Right wing and left wing gatekeepers are super rich while VDARE and SBPDL need fundraisers to keep alive. Telling the truth doesn't pay very well. Being a bullshit artist will make you rich.

Anonymous said...

Saw 3 articles in a row on the Google news homepage and they all had something in common:

1) Auburn player shot, killed at party

Gets into an argument at a party, shot in the chest in the parking lot. Victim: Black Murderer: Black

2) Cops make second arrest in school shooting. Big picture of a black male to go along with the article.

3) Chicago twin dies trying to save brother from armed robbers.

Two twins got jumped on a way to a basketball game, one looked like Urkel, the other like a future member of the 10%. I wonder if it was a gang of whites that jumped and killed this young black man?

Literally in a row. An in your face to all the BS about police killing and hunting blacks and whites are all of the school shooters.

I know, I know, putting up more facts and incidences to prove your case is useless against blacks, yet we whites feel compelled to keep doing it.

As one vibrant recently said, "We don't care about no facts. We mad."

Anonymous said...

Dashing through the hood

In a stolen escalade

To the crackhouse they go

Laughing all the way

Weed and crack cocaine

Making spirits bright

What fun it is to rape and rob

And kill white girls tonight!

Jigga boos, jigga boos

chimping all the way

Oh! what fun it is to ride

in a stolen escalade.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

A majority of young black males are urban terrorists. A blight to America.

Truth Corps said...

Jessica Chambers IS Mississippi burning

"Research well indicates that Jessica’s story is in essence a story of Panola County. A rural community with a multicultural population, sometimes at odds with itself."

In a nutshell, living rural isn't enough. You MUST segregate yourself & your family from BRA. To start, this means no Cable/Satellite, no Rap/Hip Hop in your kids lives, no DRUGS...etc.
And we MUST, MUST, MUST teach our children, especially our white daughters that blacks are a death sentence & dating/associating with them will result in being disowned from the family. Period.


Anonymous said...

"I voted for Barack because he was black. ... I hope Obama gets scary in the next four years."

Sammy L. Jackson

Anonymous said...

Rebel here.

I've got to agree with Philadelphia Mike.

All I know is what I see. It's difficult for me to understand conspiracy theories and it seems like some go out of their way to twist any event or circumstance into some proof of jews controlling the world, or whatever.

I'll confess that I've never been around jews. I don't know anything about them or their culture. But none of them have ever stated their intention to want to kill me and my family, as far aw I know. So my attention is focused on immediate threats.

Muslims are doing what muslims have done for centuries: Killing non-muslims and invading every nation they can reach. Their stated goal is to convert or kill me and my family. They're killing Americans in bunches. But this site isn't about muslims, so I never talk about them here.

Black leaders openly call for the killing of white Americans. And blacks are killing us one at a time in every city where they exist. Just like muslims, they don't care who we are or have any personal reason to kill us other than we are white Americans.

I will stay focused on the immediate threat to me and my family and my nation. If you folks who have a beef with jews think you've got some secret worldwide conspiracy figured out about how to stop the people pulling strings, more power to ya. I must not be smart enough or have enough time to unravel the mystery.

Staying focused is not a bad thing.


Mr. Rational said...

I will stay focused on the immediate threat to me and my family and my nation.

How about some attention to the BRA enforcers who will sentence you to life without parole plus 90 years if you defend yourself against a brandished weapon from a vehicle carrying multiple Black males?

(I have to wonder if the sentence was deliberately outrageous in order to get the conviction overturned on appeal.)