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Thank you so much to all those who have donated. We inch closer to the day when "Whitey on the Moon" becomes a paperback. Very exciting.
So close!! (This is the most unintentionally hilarious, racist, and truthful scene in movie history -- from Independence Day...)

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awakened white said...

Lol @ Independence day scene, I never looked at it like that. you have a sharp eye mate.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered how that scene from Independence Day could come to be. To bring down an invading ET spacecraft, there pretty much had to be a way to jam the weapon beam and turn it back on itself by forcing its focal point closer and closer to the source. This seemed to involve a fair degree of technology (as well as a suicide pilot).

Now just how did those nose-bone-wearing Bantus manage that feat? Are we supposed to believe they are SO GOOD at spearchucking that they managed to chuck their spears thousands of feet into the air and intercept the weapon beams? No, the scene clearly shows them still holding their spears as they jump up and down in glee at the sight of the downed craft. Well ... maybe they took some of the mud they were about to build a hut with and hurled THAT at the beam as it coalesced. Not likely either, huh?

Aw, let's face it. YT must have bailed them out as usual.

- Tobias Benjamin Goode

Inferior Infidels said...

O/T, but as a avid reader/member/contributor to the absolute best site on the
net today, I have a story that I'd like to share with the other members on this
site and to ask of them what's the best advice they can offer for said story.

Ok fellow contributors, true story for you all that just happened to me this past
week at my job. There are many intellectual geniuses on this site, so I'll share
this story but won't give full details, but I'm sure most of you can read between
the lines. You'll understand what I mean from the first sentence of story I type.

I'm the minority at my job. This past week I had an incident with a higher up dindu, where this time around they decided to take it to the next level and (wrongfully) accused me of damaging their car. Even though there is a proper chain of command that's supposed to be followed within our own jurisdiction, this dindu decided that they instead would opt to call the local city police department to (wrongfully) accuse me of damaging their car, with absolutely no proof whatsoever (they can't have any proof whatsoever because I've never touched the dindu's car). LEO literally comes to my job and is let in the building by the dindu. The manager of job site wasn't even at the job yet this day and the situation was never brought to his attention before the dindu decided to do what she/it did. Manager comes to get me stating that there is an officer that needed to speak to me. I had no idea what any of this was about at first, simply because I knew that I personally hadn't did anything wrong.

I stated to officer that I should have my representation present, but he said they
weren't needed, that he only had a couple of questions to ask me (interrogation).
I recorded the interaction between us anyways, since I most definitely needed
some type of back up, especially from the rookie cop that came to job site.
I soon found out that the dindu accused me personally of damaging her car.
I simply told the officer I had absolutely nothing to do with what she accused
me of and that when he gets the proof, that he knows where I work, arrest me,
please, and we can go from there. He was a cocky rookie cop, trying to make a
name for himself. I told him that this situation isn't the one he wants to use to make a name for himself, that the dindu not only has zero proof of what she just alleged against me, that I know without a shadow of a doubt that she couldn't have any proof, that I had absolutely nothing to do with what she just claimed. Cop questions me and stated that if he finds out I'm lying that he's going to throw every charge against me in the book. I told him that don't he think it would be best that he saved the kiddie speech until he found the so-called proof he needed first before spewing off at the mouth and making veiled threats against an innocent man being wrongfully accused of a crime I didn't commit ? Get your proof first, officer, then you can say what you need to say in order to make a name for yourself. I then told officer I'd like to know when I can pick up the report from the police department when he's complete with it.

next, please.....

Inferior Infidels said...


I love how these ignorant dindu's work, where they simply do not know the laws
and the rights that I have to protect ME from being wrongfully accused of something
I never did, especially when the dindu is acting out in a form of retalliation to get back at me from previous incidents I've had with the dindu.

This is a clear cut case of defamation of character. The dindu never brought it to my attention first, or the manager's attention either, and instead opted to wrongfully accuse me of committing a crime that the dindu has absolutely no proof of me doing (it can't), and went to a 3rd party (police) to accuse me of said crime. With that being said, I'm in the process of following through with my job over me being wrongfully accused of something I didn't do whereas not only am I going to file an EEO, but I am also going to sue the dindu for defamation of character. I'm also going to follow up with the job to seek that the dindu be reprimanded from making such a false accusation with no proof whatsoever.

With that being said, I'd not only like to share this story with all of you here, but my ears are completely wide open to any additional advice you'd like to offer me that would help me pursue my case. I believe I have a good idea where I'm going with it already, but of course with the type of intellect that a majority of you have here, I'm sure that some of you might have some pretty good advice I can definitely use in my favor. This situation has caused me unwanted stress in my life, not to mention I was in shock the first day I was accused, but now I'm traumatized from it after the shock wore off. Embarrassed that my co-workers saw what happened, where as they might just look at me different now or think that I actually did it when me and the man above both know I'm 100% innocent and nothing less. It's now my time to rise and shine and let the dindu know how the laws work. Dindu doesn't understand that you simply cannot go and accuse anybody of anything without having proof to back it up. Now the ball is in my court. It's time to show this dindu that there are laws to protect ME from being falsely accused of something I didn't do, especially from a dindu that doesn't know anything about the law or how it's supposed to protect me
from blasphemy such as this.

Anonymous said...

PK, thanks for posting a physical PO box number.

Money order is on the way first thing Monday.......

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Independence Day", I always remarked that the invading aliens must have been a lower IQ race of their species that eventually became dominant because they were more violent and ruthless. Thus, a stupid race of aliens through their inherent force and violence inherited a bunch of high technology created by the smarter races of its species. Predictable destruction then followed in their path--they destroyed and left every planet they came across barren of resources. They were a race of parasites gifted high tech toys.

When they got to earth, they probably barely had any strategy ("blow up biggest population centers") and even though they were supposedly telepathic, they needed to utilize a crude broadcasted countdown to coordinate their attack. They probably knew even less about the operation of their own equipment. But it didn't matter as long as their magical shield generator was up and running to protect everyone.

Of course, they were completely unprepared for the slightest inconvience--the humans had a single alien vessel, which they allowed into the mothership even though that particular craft had been missing for 50 years. And the ship that allowed the missing ship in happened to be the only ship they had thought to bring that could produce/coordinate the shielding for all their craft.

Then they famously allowed a primitive human laptop computer to hack into their entire network and implant a simple virus to disrupt the shields. They were then woefully unprepared to deal with the nuclear device deployed inside which somehow managed to blow up the entire colossal structure.

But now the true incompetence of the alien race comes into play. Sure, the shields are down for now, but conquest of the planet should still be a fait accompli. Even allowing for the fact that they were too technologically impaired to use other ships to get the shield back up and running, it was shown that the large crafts were simply too big to be affected by existing earth weaponry and their small cruisers were too fast, too well armed, and too numerous to be stopped by human jets.

The only thing that could doom them was their insistence on continuing to fire their primary weapon, allowing the humans to fly some object close enough to intercept the beam and spread the explosion outward at the source. Yet each and every large ship continued to fire away and get destroyed, as the humans had communicated their weak point around the globe. Conversely, the only alien communication with each other must have been along the lines of, "No shields! Fire big gun more, end battle quicker!" instead of "What happened to our ship over Nevada?"

It's funny, when I came up with this "low IQ race of an alien species" explanation for how the aliens could possibly lose in this movie, I was in college and was as DWL as could be. Now I see that the aliens in that movie serve as an analogy for the future America. In 200 years, the general population of America could have the average IQ of an African country, complete with low IQ leaders of low impulse control. But unlike an African country, the US will still have vast resources and superior weaponry. Putting that all together, America may be the rampaging military force of locusts laying the earth to waste (ironically, what most leftists already think we have been for 50 years). Lets hope Russia and China are up to the task.

Sheila4g said...

Just made a donation in your name at VDare, Paul. Keep up the hard work. While some may claim that blacks are merely a tool utilized by others, they are nevertheless a plague and a legitimate target. Opening people's eyes requires many different tangents.

Anonymous said...

My apologies foe not donating as of yet..


Standup Broad said...

To Inferior Infidels
RUN to a doctor asap! You have been traumatized! You can't sleep, you get SO anxious you can't think, your bowels are in an uproar, you can't "perform" and the wife is getting testy. Make sure the doc takes copious notes. Ask for a referral to a "mental health professional". Get a copy of the police report as soon as possible. If you have sick time coming - use it - and put the reason in writing to the head of the department. Express "sick to my stomach" that I would be accused of something SO racist. Work the system and good luck to you. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Inferior Infidels said ”. . . With that being said, I'd not only like to share this story with all of you here, but my ears are completely wide open to any additional advice you'd like to offer me that would help me pursue my case. . . “

I certainly don't claim to be a lawyer, but I'll toss out my thoughts on the problem. Blacks start out with the upper hand in these situations in that they are black and therefore have an army of agencies and organizations eager to back them up. No one actually expects a black to be truthful, and it is presumed that the black is a victim when involved in a dispute with a white.

You have none of these advantages. Almost everything a black will do costs it nothing. They never have to pay for an attorney, and if they fail at a trial someone else will absorb its costs. On the other hand you will have to hire and pay for an attorney to pursue a civil lawsuit or defend against criminal complaint. Furthermore, even if you get a civil judgment against a black, a majority of them are judgment proof in that they have no assets or income that can be taken, and our legal system won't jail people solely for owing money.

You need to think like a black and find a way to shift responsibility of pursuing your interests to someone else. My first suggestion would be to find out exactly what the orc told the officer to trigger an investigation. Usually the police need a pretty strong lead to target an individual such as yourself, and if it is impossible that you committed the crime, I suspect that the orc might have lied in his sworn police report. In most jurisdictions it is a crime to make a false report. It might be worth your time to get a copy of the report so you can determine if it filed a false report. If it did, you might consider filing a criminal complaint yourself and screech like an orc until the police investigate it and turn it over to the DA.

It would be great if you can link the orc's behavior to any other entity with deeper pockets. Perhaps your own employer has created a hostile work environment by allowing other employees to harass you or encouraged them to make false reports. Unfortunately, you will burn bridges if you sue your own employer.

Sadly, I have heard of very few stories a white person recovered anything from a black. Usually, the white person's reward for a costly victory in a legal battle with blacks is simply not going to jail or paying a large judgment. The best thing that you can hope for might to be to make the orc's life unpleasant. There used to be a couple of books titled something along the lines of “Getting Even” that might provide food for thought although some of the ideas might be illegal. Obviously, you don't want to do anything illegal.

Michigan Jim said...

Inferior Infidel- I'd say you need to find a new job where you are not a minority. If that's not feasible then you probably need a lawyer, depending on how far the dindus decide to push this fiasco. When 2 or 3 of them start telling the same lie I would hate to have you find out the hard way that being right isn't always enough.


Inferior Infidel:

If you are going to go this route, GO FULL FORCE. Sue the negro IMMEDIATELY and be willing to spend thousands. I once sued a jerk and told my attorney. "Make it such that for every $1 I spend, they spend $3". I was in it for revenge and it was wonderful. Make sure the uppity negress has to hire her OWN attorney. If she refuses, then realize you will "win" but never collect your attorney fees. They don't give a shit about law, justice, etc. Don't be surprised is any of her brother-uncles, or father-uncles, or son-boyfriend decides to beat the shit out of you.

Get and carry a gun. (I'm serious)

You are toast where you work, so you need to understand that. So, sue your place of employment. Find an attorney who shares your disgust of this racial bullshit and sue your place of employment since they HIRED the negress and they don't read You are going to war.

Don't have sleepless nights. The point is not to win. The point is revenge and to make a statement. Even though the EEOC nor ANY government agency will help you, you should go to them and see what happens. Don't hire an attorney for the intitial footwork, but start.

Welcome to the world of INSANITY.

Anonymous said...

I'm a police officer. Jus because the officer questioned you, doesn't mean ur going to jail or anything yet. She simply accused u of a crime so he is obligated to talk to you. If u came across as very defensive, that would explain his behavior. People can file police reports for the most minor of things. 80 percent of them just get filed away and that is that. Most blacks believe that calling the police will instantly lead to the arrest of whoever they accuse. She will still have to go see a magistrate judge and convince him that a crime was committed and she has "probable cause" that u did it. If judge does not find probable cause, case is dismissed instantly. If he does find probably cause, then u will need a lawyer. And remember the standard of proof in criminal court is " beyond a reasonable doubt". Civil court is only proponderance of evidence meaning he believes her 51% to your 49%

Inferior Infidels said...

To Standup Broad,

Thank you for your awesome advice! I can tell you this, I already have a doctor's
appointment this Monday. I already filled out paperwork and exactly what you
stated is what I put on the paperwork. I go on Monday to pick up a copy of the
police report. I am also going to speak to a higher up at the P.D. when I pick
up report, depending on what report says. Thank you so much for your awesome
advice and I will be sure to keep you all posted in the near future.
Anon stated:

"It would be great if you can link the orc's behavior to any other entity with deeper pockets. Perhaps your own employer has created a hostile work environment by allowing other employees to harass you or encouraged them to make false reports. Unfortunately, you will burn bridges if you sue your own employer."

Just wanted to say thank you for your advice also. Luckily I can link this to an
entity with nice deep pockets. Also, I work with the false accuser so it won't be
hard to find it when it comes time to pay. I know I can have enough info where it
won't have nowhere to run, other than to quit it's job altogether, and it isn't
doing that, so I consider it a win/win for me either way. As far as burning bridges
with said employer, no worries there, I'll just put it this way, I'm not going
anywhere any time soon without them paying me my proper dues first. I have 21
years of service in. I plan on getting at least another 10 years before I get
the hell out once and for all. Once I get my 30 years in, I (better be) guaranteed
a retirement pension once I reach the age to collect on it.


Man, honestly, thank you for each and every piece of advice that you offered.

What you wrote is exactly my intentions. I'm already in the midst of going full
force. I've already taken off time from work and am going to the doctor Monday.
I'm currently in the process of getting all the required initial paperwork
together, including but not limited to the police report, the accuser's statement
against me, doctor's report(s), and a couple of written witness statements from
fellow co-workers. I've already wrote up a 2 page incident statement that I am
also going to use partially towards the EEO I plan on filing against the employer.
I also have money that I've saved for my rainy day fund. I think it's starting
to rain and I hope that every red cent I invest in this is worth the outcome,
whether it be for return compensation, revenge, making a statement or all of
the above.

Lastly, TY to anon police officer for your words. I believe that this employee
needs to be held accountable for her actions. I won't say what the desired
outcome I'd like to go for just yet, but it's in the works. I have a union
and their already involved, so I'll see what they have to say, but in the
meantime I am taking the time out to prepare my own civil case against it.

Yenta of Sipsey Street said...

P.O. Money Order mailed today. Maybe we can all produce an Indie Film in Feb 17. " The Really Excellent Adventures of Rufus, Dindu and Barry." ( with apologies to Keanu Reeves for reasons I'm unsure of.)

They could start in LAX and travel I-10 to Houston, New Orleans (Chocolate City) and Jacksonville--the Red, White, and Blue City (Rednecks, White Trash, and Blue Gummers). Travel north to Florence and come back via I-20 thru Columbia, Atlanta, Birmingham, DFW and return to LAX. Doing what they do best along the trip.

Keep up the great work Paul.

Brian in Ohio said...

inferior infidels@ 6:20

This is classic TNB. Intimidation pure and simple. And done at work for no other reason as to embarrass you.

While I wouldn't be the one to ask about legal recourse(other than a false police report), there are plenty of employer policies and rules I`m sure she violated. Probably even some Federal workplace safety acts. The funny part being, any rules or policies she violated were more than likely put in place because of the shenanigans of some previous negro.

Don't stress this. Enjoy it. You were wronged by this negress, and now you get to use the system created to protect THEM, to make it right!

Anonymous said...

Infidel, if it gets this far, tell the judge that it's your understnding that (1)only human beings have standing in civil/criminal matters in his/her court and (2)that the police report in any case is de facto null and void owing to the fact thaty by law the police can only accept a complaint filed by a human being.

Postscript: If the judge is white, let us know how long you spent in the slam for contempt. If he's black, please advise us of your execution date.


Pick A. Ninny

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow I'm mailing a small ($25) cash contribution to the Vdare PO box marked for the Paul Kersey fund. I don't know if you rely on Vdare to deposit the cash in your account or if the unopened mail is forwarded to you, but for what its worth I will include a note indicating that the contribution is from Anonymous on the date and time this comment is posted on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

Hi Inferior Infidels,

The entire situation sounds pretty f'd up, but you've gotten some good advice. I can't really top what's been said, but I do have a similar story.

Around thirty years ago I was working as a bank teller. A very cocky negress approached my window on a day when I was working all alone (the other teller was a negress who frequently called in sick), the phone was ringing off the hook, and there was a big line at lunch time. Anyways, I was getting really annoyed when I heard somebody tapping at the plexiglass that surrounded my teller cage (Philly - the 1980s - bad even back then - but I digress.

Without looking up I loudly exclaimed, "Whoever's tapping on that glass will kindly stop!"

Well, the negress did stop, but she copped a severe attitude. She started to demand things from me, just to set me off. I decided not to take the bait, but instead handle her with passive aggression. I feigned ignorance when she asked if I could work a little faster, as she was on her lunch break. Needless to say, I slowed down to a snail's pace, observing her becoming increasingly irate. She started to become loud and said, "This is terrible service! I'm notifying the manager!"

I smiled sweetly at her and said, "You're more than welcome to do that. The manager is out of the office right now. Now, if you don't have any further business to do with me, I do have other customers."

I swear, had it not been for that plexiglass, I think she would have mounted the counter and gone for my throat, she was so angry.

Less than a week later, my manager, another negress, hands me a note from a lawyer's office, written by the negress. Seems she was a secretary in a law firm and was threatening legal action because I was being racist to her (true story, btw!).

I told my manager that I had done nothing improper and there were plenty of witnesses who observed the whole exchange. The manager told me to draft a letter stating my own view of the story so it would go with the negress' complaint, which would land in my HR file. Being much younger and naïve, I complied. Nothing ever came of it. But it's wise to take caution around the negroes. They will lie, cheat, steal, and lie some more just to get over on YT. They hate us because they know they will always be inferior and there is absolutely nothing they can ever do about being negro.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think it's starting
to rain and I hope that every red cent I invest in this is worth the outcome,
whether it be for return compensation, revenge, making a statement or all of
the above.

I would disagree with that strategy.

They're trying to get rid of you. Naive liberals think Blacks want equality but they only want equal treatment by Whites when they are the minority. They don't believe in equal treatment if they are the majority. They have no problem lying or cheating for their own. Just look at how they will defend their own criminals even when they are obviously guilty.

You could setup digital recorders to try and catch them talking about it. They're obviously idiots if the best they can come up with is claiming you damaged their car. You could buy a few recorders and they'll most likely blab about it.

You could also offer to pay for a polygraph.

But even if you win this case you will ultimately lose. They will most likely keep their jobs and go after you in some other way. You could end up being framed for much worse.

My advice would be to move to Idaho and if you want revenge then wait a year and make them think you have forgotten about it. In all likelihood the system isn't going to help you here. Companies don't like firing Blacks unless they really have to. They'll get slapped on the wrist and hate you even more for outsmarting them.

Just move to Idaho. It doesn't matter what your profession is or if you have any money. You obviously have a brain and will be fine if you are hard working. You might have to start with some dirty work but you will end up far better than whatever you are doing in Dinduland.

Anonymous said...

Love him or hate him, at least O'Reilly in this clip shows all Whites how to shut down a mouthy uppity groid. Cudos, Bill!

Anonymous said...

Our Future....?

No, our Present:

D-FENS said...

NEVER talk to law enforcement without legal representation. Monday morning quarterbacking but you should have contacted a lawyer when the sheeboon first accused you. It also sounds like this isn't the first conflict you've had with your negro overlords. Get the hell out of there!

In other news, a "teen" was shot at the South Carolina State Fair.

Take a look at the local gentry attending the fair in the background of the news video.

Anonymous said...

"In other news, a "teen" was shot at the South Carolina State Fair."

And the majority of comments are "why isn't there more/better security"... not "If we had Jim Crow and Segregation this would not be happening".

Welcome to the new "normal".

Anonymous said...

Idiocracy is the movie that foretells our future. ....... Brawndo will be the kool-aid.

Drink up and vote Carson baby !!!!

Pat Boyle said...

Today's comment thread is dominated by the story of 'Inferior Infidels'. He gets lots of advice but many points are unclear. We don't know enough to recommend that he move to Idaho. Maybe he's already in Idaho.

So dear Infidel, where do you live and work? What kind of work do you do and what kind of business has a majority of blacks in management? Finally the question that most readers will have is - why would you choose to work for a majority black employer?

Personally I made a conscious decision when I was in my late twenties to avoid black people by working in jobs that required technical ability. I figured that data processing would keep me clear of most blacks in the workplace.

I decided not to pursue a career in professional basketball because of too many negroes in the league and the fact that I was a terrible basketball player.

So Mr. Infidel how old are you? I kept making major career changes well into my sixties. If you are in your twenties or thirties you have no excuse. You can choose a new career path that keeps you away from blacks - as I did. Your story is a little worse than most, but basically everyone who works around black people has a story.

It's hard for many of us to be sympathetic with someone who freely chose to work in a majority black business. Personally I recommend careers in STEM oriented areas if you have any aptitude in that direction. (STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Blacks are rather rare in all those STEM connected industries. The more technical - the fewer blacks.

Face it, there are no short term solutions. Even were there a full blown race war there would still be millions of blacks afterwards. You will always have the problem that the rest of us have faced - how to live in a country with black people? So far you haven't done a good job of it.


FlowerBell said...

To Inferior Infidels,

I wouldn't allow the authorities access to your computer.
Everything you've said and done will be used against you.
Best of luck.

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

@Inferior Infidels,

Private sector is tough, because they can fire you at their whim. Begin preparing for your wrongful termination suite as well.

Go to the dr. now about your anxiety. Frame your hostile work environment. The muds will back the nigress, remember the gentle giant's boyfriend?

You are being watched like a hawk, but this is a good thing. Feeling that you have to cover yourself with every move you make is classic hostile work environment. Do not talk about it at work. Whatever policy it violated, file the complaint now. It's ok to stretch things to make them fit. Make the HR shee-boon figure it out. Keep copies of everything.

Thankfully, mud cannot speak without profanity. This is abusive language. Even if you win this one, the rest of the tribe will rise up for their revenge. Sue the hell out of your employer for fostering this kind of environment. You are done there anyway.

When your SSI finally starts rolling in, you will have a little more freedom of movement. Under the table work is always available. Hell, start a church or another non-profit to cover earnings.

This shit is going to be stressful, but remember, truth is always easier to defend than a lie. Good luck

Anonymous said...

To Inferior Infidel,

Claim irreparable damage in every way possible. Say that your co workers call you names, you get into arguments with your wife, your boss gives you less responsibilities and even told you to take a few days off, claim that it was traumatizing and humiliating to speak with the police over something that never happened in front of your co workers. If there is some sort of on-site counselor at your place of work cry to them about your experience and the hardships you go through because of it. Tell them you get harassed by the police because of it almost daily.

Defamation is extremely hard to prove. You must prove that the dindu intentionally made false claims to intentionally hurt you and your reputation. If they legitimately believed it was you without proof (no matter how delusional they are), things might not turn out in your favor.

Don't talk to anyone at work about the incident.

Keep us posted.

Jim Christian said...

Question for Paul. When I buy the books for Kindle for Amazon, is that considered contribution, does it help? I've read most of your books, Balto, New Orleans, Atlanta, I'm on St Louis/Ferguson right now. Good work, the writing could use an editor, but the content is such I never believed I'd ever see.

Having grown up in Northern Virginia and worked in the phone business in DC for much of that time from 1980-2005, the concepts and notions followed the history of that region in lockstep with the processes you depict in your books. You know what's happening, but it's difficult to understand the WHY of allowing one racist segment, and a violent and racist one, take over and destroy the cities and suburbs the way we have. Your books articulate the why, but man, it's to the point where it would take an Iraqi-style take down of governments and populations in all these cities and I just don't know how that happens. When the water doesn't flow and the toilets don't flush is when it comes crashing down, I suppose. You'd think they would want to keep a few of us around. Take good care, Mr. Kersey.

former liberal said...

Yes, find a new job, as we all know what this turd race is capable of, but also.check out the possibility of getting a nonliberal WHITE civil rights lawyer. Also, sue the hell out this chickenhead for pain and suffering. I think it's formerly.Miss Greenbaum once said in one of her brilliant as usual comments, that there is nothing so vicious as black females. Believe me, as a white female, I also know this from personal experience.

Inferior Infidels said...

Sorry I was away for the day yesterday through half of Monday,
but I read the comments and suggestions that all of you have left for me
thus far, and all your pieces of info are priceless.

I will keep you all posted in the meantime....working on my case as we speak...

As an avid member of this site, trust me, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon,
this site is like my home away from home where I think I'm with the most like
minded people that I could ever find....

Thank you all for everything. I just wanted to get this comment posted for the
moment to let you all know I'm right here and I'll comment more in a few here...

PS. To Pat Boyle, I'll fill you in on further details in a moment here..
please give me a moment for the facts you asked for....

Mr. Rational said...

As for non-liberal WHITE civil rights lawyers, you might inquire at FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education).  They work to defend non-PC ideas and may know of someone in your area whose ambit is larger than the edusphere.

I.I. said...

Thank you Mr. Rational for your kind advice.

I'm in the process of inquiring about FIRE right now...

I will keep you all posted of my results...

Thanks again to everybody who offered me some priceless advice !!!!

Ed-M said...

Oh, this is rich.

Ben Carson: Rape victims demanding abortions are like slave owners

And here's the money quote, you guys:

“Think about this. During slavery — and I know that one of those words you’re not supposed to say — but I’m saying it,” Carson said. “During slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave, anything that they chose to do. And what if the abolitionists had said, ‘You know, I don’t believe in slavery, I think it’s wrong. But you guys do whatever you want to do.’ Where would we be?”

The irony is lost on this guy. so where would we be? Think about it.