Sunday, May 29, 2016

SBPDL Still Needs Your Help

We'll be back Tuesday with a hard push into June exclusively with looks at the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) plan, which is basically the federal government weaponizing non-whites to destroy social capital in white communities, as well as the equity in the houses of white homeowners.

It's insidious, plain and simple.

But we still need your help!

This has been, for seven years now, the labor of love for one person (and, thanks to a shocking number of readers, a destination for many, many people on a daily basis).

But we need your help!

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There's so much to be writing about right now, which is why I hate to take a few days off to try and do a Spring 2016 capital raise, but Memorial Day Weekend seems like a good time to do it.

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Pat Boyle said...

There may be another explanation for why we as a people lost interest in space travel. We are not yet robots.

Personally I would like to be a robot and so would many other people. At my age my body is falling apart. I don't want anymore pain or loss of function. I would like to transfer my consciousness and all my memories to a robot that would last indefinitely. All lot of futurists assure us that one day this will be possible. I'm ready.

Even young people are enamored of becoming robots. How else to account for the continuing interest in all the super hero comics. Iron Man is almost a robot already. So is Wolverine. Everyone knows that normal mutation is not capable of all those super powers we see in the movies, but many such powers are within the reach of robot builders. A lot of normal people would like to be super strong and be able to fly. Those powers should be achievable when we can transfer consciousness and start putting humans in super strong flying robotic bodies.

Normal human bodies no matter how fit and equipped are not well suited for space. I would like to go into space and visit the other planets and moons in the solar system but not in a body of flesh and blood. When you consider inter-stellar travel the case for transfer of human consciousness into a robot body becomes even stronger.

Right now the Japanese are spending a lot of money developing personal care robots for their aging population. So their vision is a nation of geriatrics with robotic helpers. As the robots get more capable that vision will change. Instead of being aided by a strong long lasting robot, some Japanese will want to be the strong long lasting robot themselves.

The Artificial Intelligence and the robot revolutions are well underway. You will live to see much of them. The next examples will probably happen in the military if we have another big war. No human can live on a battlefield where there are even current day robots. No human can fly against robotic aircraft fighters. We have human controlled fighter robots now. The next generation will be self directed. The generation after that will make command decisions and be completely autonomous. This could all takes place in perhaps twenty years if we were motivated.

If we worked hard on the human genome we might be able to make all people as smart as the Ashkenazi Jews. We might be able to make people all with an IQ of 115. Obviously there would be no blacks, but in the same time period we should have machines with IQs much, much higher. Biology is too slow.

The first human robots will likely be Caucasians or Asians. It will not make much sense to transfer the inferior low IQ black brains into the more permanent machine substrates. This is one way to re-establish racial segregation.

Something to think about.


Anonymous said...

This Memorial Day we had a black teen off road his car in a veterans cemetery, a black man call for a new tradition of burning Confederate flags, and the remake of the miniseries "Roots".

Assuming that Roots was historically inaccurate, I did some searching. It turns out that it is more than just a little inaccurate- it is a complete fraud on multiple levels.

Let's count some of them:

Roots was actually ghost written by a white man named Murray Fisher, who was Alex Haley's editor while working for Playboy.

Haley plagiarized Harry Courlander's "The African", lifting over 81 passages nearly verbatim from the book. Oh, and just like Fisher, Courlander was white. Haley paid Courlander approximately 2 million in today's dollars to settle the case out of court.

Professional genealogists Gary B. and Elizabeth Shown Mills have noted that not only is there zero formal documentation to corroborate “the oral tradition” regarding Haley’s family history; what evidence there is—“plantation records, wills, census records”—actually repudiates this tradition. The evidence “contradict[s] each and every pre-Civil War statement of Afro-American lineage in Roots” (emphasis original)!

182 pages and thirty-nine chapters in which the Virginia lives of Haley’s ‘ancestors’ are chronicled have no basis in fact.

The story told to Haley when he visited Africa in search of Kunta Kinte's village was concocted by a con-artist that was telling him exactly what he wanted to hear. So now we have a story of white slavers chasing Kinte far into African soil to capture him, which even "African Scholars" describe as a complete falsehood.

Very good article about an incredible lie that goes on to this day:

Roots is a complete farce and a lie.

Steve Smith said...


This is where America is headed.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm glad that someone commented on "Roots". I was going to do so if no one else did. I remember when the book and TV series came out. I also remember when the fraud was reveled.

Thanks Anonymous at 8:35PM.


Mr.L's Tavern said...

If you're writing a book on AFFH you have to look into and research the county of Westchester in NY. Obama and HUD have an ongoing battle with the current County Executive since 2009. Also, read the book "Show Me A Hero" about the City of Yonkers in the 1980s and how residents fought the government and a federal judge over low income housing and school segregation and lost.
Best of luck on your new book,

Anonymous said...


Have you ever attended or spoken at American Renaissance conferences?

I was at this year's Amren conference in Middle TN - best ever.

Jack Ryan
Occidental Dissent