Thursday, August 18, 2016

SBPDL Needs Your Help: Summer 2016 Fundraiser (81 Days to Change the World)

PK NOTE: SBPDL needs your help. You can make a donation via PayPal link in right-hand side of the site, or you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Paul Kersey Fund at

There is no site like SBPDL.

You know it, and over the years since this "joke" started I've grown to accept it.

Back in 2012, that was to be the final year (May 2012-May 2013), but the site continued to grow in traffic, the comment section grew in numbers of absolute brilliant observations and the news began to spiral out of control showcasing a nation on its final legs.

An irredeemable nation, but a country with a population still with a purpose even if its ruling caste and the zeitgeist was firmly against them having a future.

And now, we come to what might potentially be the most important 81 days in the history of our people. This is not hyperbole, but a statement of fact: the entire world, especially Western Europe, watches what is happening in this country knowing the pendulum is about to swing in a completely opposite direction of leadership or, will forever be cemented in a firmly anti-white position.

It's that simple.

So my pledge to you, readers of SBPDL, is to go all in to make sure the next 81 days represent the type of stories you've not only come to know and expect to be published here, but that I play my part in doing what is necessary to give the pendulum a healthy push in the right direction.

Our direction.

But we need your help. It's time to jumpstart the Summer 2016 fundraiser.

So let's roll the dice.

  • You can make a donation via the PayPal button on the right-hand side column of this site, with a $25.00 ensuring a signed copy of the Paul Kersey book of your choice. 

  • Know that a donation of $50 will also get you a signed copy of the soon-to-be-released After the Marching Stops: The Reality of Selma, Alabama. 

  • But also know this: if we can raise $5,000 or more, I'll start doing a podcast (four a week) with very special guests. You'd be surprised who I could get to come on air. 

This is one of those precious few moments in life where we have the opportunity to do something that resonates beyond our mortal lives. For most people, these moments never materialize or most are to afraid to take the leap of faith where no hope seems to exist.

Truly, this represents our St. Crispin's Day moment from Henry V or Mel Gibson's brilliant speech as William Wallace to the Scottish Army prior to the Battle of Stirling in Braveheart.

Eighty-one days. I'm going all in, because, no matter what happens in November, I'm not going to look back and ask, "what if I had done this" or "what if I had done that?"

No more "what ifs."

It's time to simply ask "what can I do today to ensure we have a tomorrow?"

You've seen what SBPDL can accomplish; help us now to unleash the next step.


Anonymous said...

I'll be honest with you. Your writing is good, provocative and you certainly understand the incredibly destructive capacity of negroes in America today.

You've also squandered an opportunity to create a community by finding some platform to host your articles and use something like disqus for comments. As structured, there is no real opportunity for your audience to engage one another in further conversation. That's a loss for you as well as your audience.

My point is that what you do is real good. It just could be much better with real audience participation. That's a single opinion only.

Anonymous said...

Look at the difference between Disqus comments vs Facespook comments.

August 18, 2016 at 12:15 PM

Yes, disqus doesn't come with all the b.s. that comes with Facebook and all the others. If any of you here don't have a discus account already, it is so simple and widely used that I would definitely advice getting one. Posting what you feel about something on Facebook even if it isn't political is just DUMB. I've seen posts where people have barked back on racial issues and they have their job and job location listed with their picture right above the comment. Facebook is so rigged, so recorded, so manipulated, just do anything else. Just because they became the front runner in social media doesn't mean they are the best or the only choice available.

Throwing up a bunch of information into cyberspace that can be used to manipulate you in the future just never made sense to me. Anyway, even the most mainstream of liberal online rags has gotten a healthy taste of realist comments at this point. BLM is like a football player running with the ball at breakneck speed... in the wrong direction!!!

Do we give them a push or do we get out of the way?

Either way, it is obvious that a vote for Hillary is a vote for BLM.

An unwavering leader is someone who does and says what is sensible, even when it isn't popular.

We've had our extreme corporate candidates in Clinton, Bush II, and then Obama. Should we go for four in a row with HRC Inc. or actually try something different for a change?

She showed what she was capable when she "outmaneuvered" Bernie in (i.e. "stole") the elections- I have no idea how many favors that she's pulled and paid to get this far, but it isn't inevitable. 8 years of Obama, the last 4 years being by far the most volatile because he knew he wasn't up for reelection. The fact that no large group of people have yet to stand up in unison against the BLM "movement" which was started by 3 militant white-hating black lesbos who now have a multi-million dollar slush fund at their disposal is surreal. I'm not worried about this (they're still selfish and short-sighted morons), I'm just impressed with what they have been able to get away with. They even were able to add in a "demand" that just labels all Israelis evil oppressors.

All they seem to be able to do is intimidate, not produce anything useful so it's really on everyone else to make a move. BLM has already gotten what it wanted by being recognized as some kind of legitimate pro-human rights organization and by the sheer fact that NO ONE HAS DARED STOP THEM while they terrorize everyone else around them without a care or concern in the world.

All this time that passed and BLM came up with the "incredibly creative and realistic" grab bag of radical leftist grievances to once again throw in the rest of our faces while they continue to cry for attention.

Hillary has already given this group of black anarchists the green light, the choice is pretty clear.

Trump 2016

Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree with the first comment any more. Disqus has screwed over a number of right-wing websites by pulling all of the comments at once over supposed ToS violations. Once Disqus is implemented, a lot of control is stripped away from the webmaster and put in the hands of Disqus, which is not good.

Plus, Disqus allows handles and that would open the door to trolls, s***-flinging, and all the crap that comes with "online communities".

This system, with most of the comments being anonymous, is perfect for PK's purposes.

Can't wait for podcasts and/or YouTube videos. That's gonna be huge, PK.

Paintjob Theory said...

As a reminder to those who don't deal with (((banks))) or who fear breaking their anonymity by donating electronically you can snail-mail to VDARE address and note that it is for Paul Kersey.

I don't have much by way of cash, but I'll send you something that hopefully you can put to use.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no to using disqus. The people who comment on such sites are imbecilic. This is the only website where you can write freely without a formal registration. SBPDL has some of the most intelligent readers and commenters. Let's keep it like that.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no to using disqus.
TakiMag uses Disqus. I was banned, either by Taki od Discus.

Standup Broad said...

Sent you some (soon to be) worthless electronic digits via PayPal. This site helps keep me sane. Thank you Paul.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of the podcast and youtube channel.

People really are passive consumers of information and possess short attention spans, which is one of the reasons we are in the shape we are in. We live in a meme culture now - the less people are required to read or invest a lot of time and energy in deciphering, the more likely they are to receive the message. It is a bummer, but it is a reality. The work that you do here and the comment section of this website can very easily translate into these formats, which are also much easier to share and spread.

I have really enjoyed the times that you have been interviewed on other shows, you will be a natural with your own. I am pretty sure you have more influence and reach than even you are aware of. I see and hear people discuss things, or use turns of phrases that come directly from this website all the time in the real world.

Best of luck PK and thank you for this oasis of sanity,

Gwoobus Harmon

Anonymous said...

So Trump is now focusing on pandering to the violent genetic aliens? Because the only thing that really matters is "winning."

Truly sickening. What has Trump promised these civil rights turds? More housing? More dem programs? Minimum wage hike? Reparations? White apologies?

Something stinks.

Stupid white cucks on Twitter are in a glorious state of bliss over this announcement. Some have been waiting for a long time to hear a GOP candidate reach out to the welfare dindu nuffins. They are our new masters, after all.

Holy shit, I just can't wait until HUD floods their safe white neighborhoods and good schools with Tyrone and his ghetto scum posse. Ha ha ha ha ha.

It's coming.

Anonymous said...

Trump on voters of color: "Because the votes have been automatically there for them there has been no reason for Democrats to produce."

What are we supposed to produce for the blacks? What has he promised them?

Anonymous said...

Trump in NC:"Nearly 4 in 10 African Americans living in poverty...I will not rest until this is changed"

WTF is he going to do for them? This is not good.

Anonymous said...

The way I understand, Trump has always done slightly better with black voters than a traditional GOP candidate because of his stance on illegal immigration. From a white perspective, it's obvious why we're opposed to illegals, but blacks look at them as competition in a different sense -- competition for preferred status, public services, and handouts.

Anonymous said...

85 year old Korean war vet murdered by "teen" who lived next door. His son is hoping he was already dead before the teen set him on fire with gasoline.

As I've said before, with all the videos of Africans in Africa setting people on fire, I knew that it would become "popular" with our resident Africans. Such a horrible fate for the poor old man.

Anonymous said...

During the recent Dindu Nuffin riots over a black thug being shot and killed by a black cop, what did you NOT hear about from the MSM? White kid shot in the neck by Dindu's, bullet still lodged in neck near his spine, doctors unwilling to operate due to risk of spinal cord damage.

Nevermind. Let's have another story from the MSM about some poor dindu nuffin grieving over micro-aggressions. Puke.

Anonymous said...

Trump is on the ground in Louisiana in Baton Rouge even helping to unload a truck of supplies. Meanwhile, Obama refuses to leave the golf course and Cankles Clinton has two fund raisers for herself scheduled and won't go either. Clinton is claiming that she won't go because the state doesn't need any distractions right now. Trump even appeared at an event close to the scene of the recent riots but who was absent from the scene in that case as well? Obama and Clinton both.
Now think back to how Bush got ripped apart over his response to Hurricane Katrina even though he toured the area and even visited it twice during the events that unfolded. Then, ask yourself why Obama and Clinton both are not experiencing the same and getting ripped apart by the MSM when they haven't even gone to either of the areas hit by a riot and a massive flood. Interesting, no?

All for one... said...

I've been reading your site for several months. It's taken me this long to leave a comment. What a revelation it has been (this site). At times you feel alone and consumed by the absolute nut house this country has become. I now know that I'm not alone, and I thank you all for that. Your commentary is greatly appreciated! I've made my first (not last) contribution to your just cause. Thank you all for being a light in this wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Simply get another email addy and start over. I've been banned from ABC Chicago a few times and come back with the same name.

Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon, but ABC Chicago has excellent disqus commentators. We have been there for years since CBS Chicago threw us out. We are the originators of the ghetto lottery.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to donate $25 and get one of your books (haven't decided which one yet).

My issue is this: I'm on my iPhone and the mobile version of your site doesn't show the PayPal button, donation options, etc.

PK: Please advise. (I know this post will be anonymous, but I'll check back in a few hours for your response). Thank you and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Right now it's all about the votes. My gut tells me if elected he'll still be the candidate of "law and order"! Let's not get crazy here. He's still the clear and ONLY choice!


Anonymous said...

Calm down, he threw a bone, BFD.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I will send cash via mail. There will be a question in it to make certain you got it.

Truth Corps said...

Donation inbound Paul, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.

Please accept my donation in memory of 85-year-old Korean War Veteran Gene Emory Dacus, who was set afire & burned to death this week in Birmingham AL by an 18 year old Dindu Nuffin. Please do a blog post on Mr. Dacus if you can.

LINK to story
Feel free to add your realist comments.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
As I've said before, with all the videos of Africans in Africa setting people on fire, I knew that it would become "popular" with our resident Africans. Such a horrible fate for the poor old man.

Colin Flaherty uploaded a very enlightening montage video of this new din trend earlier today. It'll make your stomach turn and your blood at the same time!


Side Note: I'll be mailing money orders to both Paul & Colin for their selfless, tireless efforts. Thank you Paul!

Anonymous said...

All I use is my iPhone, go to very bottom below comment and click "view web version ".

PB said...

"Trump is on the ground in Louisiana in Baton Rouge even helping to unload a truck of supplies. Meanwhile, Obama refuses to leave the golf course and Cankles Clinton has two fund raisers for herself scheduled and won't go either. Clinton is claiming that she won't go because the state doesn't need any distractions right now."

Cankles did Tweet something about something possibly do with the floods. Tweeting fixes everything.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Trump in NC:"Nearly 4 in 10 African Americans living in poverty...I will not rest until this is changed"

WTF is he going to do for them? This is not good.

August 19, 2016 at 8:19 AM


Relax, he's just throwin' da savages a bone he knows they'll chew on....

It's bait, nothing more... and we know the monsters will go for it....yes, as we all know, they're THAT stupid.

Trust me, the vote from the negro for Trump is definitely a vote in OUR favor....

Read between the lines here....

He's going to put the bastards to work, whether they like it or not !!!

TRUMP 2016 or BUST !!!!!!!!!!!!

Philadelphia Mike said...


I will be mailing in a $100 money order to you through Vdare.

Philadelphia Mike

SWF (Scared White Female) said...

Only recently found this site and am so, SO relieved to find a community of others who think and feel as I do! Up until now I have not known one other person who I could discuss the issues of black 'problems'. The only groups of people I was aware of were the ones I saw on the telly - the crazy American red neck hillbillies - extremists who were as dumb and illiterate and lacking in dignity as the very people they were condemning. I couldn't relate to that sort of thing at ALL and had begun to wonder if I was the only civilized, intelligent person who noticed a problem. I also was mystified as to the lack of coverage on the news of black violent crime. As well as the absolutely nonsensical reporting of black persons being shot by police during the commission of crimes, but why was no one bringing up *them* shooting one another every day? So - finding this site and some of the others referenced here.....well....all I can say is: me= kid in candy store. Thank God I am not alone any more a d I don't have to go live in a cave!