Friday, October 7, 2016

"Because We Live Here" Podcast #2: Paul Kersey Talks With Ricky Vaughn About His Banishment from Twitter

By now you've probably read that one of the more Pro-Trump voices on Twitter, Ricky Vaughn, was banned from the platform. 

No reason has been issued by Twitter. 
Ricky Vaughn, fresh of his banishment from Twitter, sits down with Paul Kersey
for an exclusive interview for the "Because We Live Here" podcast

[Prominent Pro-Trump Twitter Account Suspended, Daily Caller, 10-7-16]:
The account of Twitter user “Ricky Vaughn,” one of the most prominent members of the Alt-Right and a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, was suspended Wednesday. 
Ricky Vaughn is the name of Charlie Sheen’s character in the movie “Major League,” and the Twitter account went by this pseudonym. Vaughn gained so much prominence that MIT named him the 107th most influential Twitter account on the election.
Well, the second edition of the "Because We Live Here" podcast (featuring Paul Kersey of is now out and it includes an exclusive, nearly one-hour interview with Ricky Vaughn himself.

It's his first interview since being banned from Twitter.  Hear him tell his story about being banned from Twitter, being suspended and his thoughts on the Trump campaign and the situation today facing Westerners worldwide.



Joshua Sinistar said...

Is twitter stock down again? Why would that be? Is it the censorship? The bad press? The lack of investors who want to invest in a tech company that was outdated already by e-mail and text messaging and has a ludicrous limit of 120 characters? Whatever.
What really matters is that racism will no longer appear on twatter or twits or whatever they call it when China buys it and sells it to Al Jazeera for less than the cost of a toaster oven.

Anonymous said...

Dear Leader Messiah has commuted 774 sentences so far in 2016:

Racoon said...

PK, I have previously posted about PodCasts, and why the written word is supreme.

The pen is mightier than the sword, and so on and so forth. If you need to do viva voca interviews, try something like Greg Hunter's blog. Question and answer - on video.

In the Court of Public Opinion, everyone is trying to catch the facial expressions of those giving "evidence" (or their opinions, or whatever). A simple voice recording doesn't cut it at all, in my opinion.

I can clearly see that I am way out of line-of-thought with most posters on your excellent site, based upon the positive comments regarding your PodCasts.

Bottom line: I can appreciate why you want to do this. However, in the absence of an immediate transcript, it is incredibly difficult to say to some internet arsehole "Well, THIS is what Ricky Vaughan said in October 2016. What do you show them??

At least with a transcript, you can drill down to relevant comments, and post it to the arsehole!

You can't do that with a simple PodCast. 54 minutes?

Viva voca recordings have their place, usually with respect to a chance meeting with a Rock Star.

For something as serious as capturing every single nuance (including facial expressions - just think if you were on a Jury trial!) about a potential clash of civilisations, I seriously think that you should have all your evidence easily available.

Mate, a PodCast doesn't do this!

Not a flush-down-the-toilet criticism, but just something that annoys me, not only with your site, but myriads of other sites where the owners have belatedly discovered PodCast technology from a decade ago.

Anonymous said...

Banishment from Twitter?
Duh, winning.

Anonymous said...

DOJ Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement report claims criminal background checks and U.S. citizenship hinders diversity in law enforcement:

Anonymous said...

Paul, you are doing real work for this nation.

Mr. Rational said...

NB:  Download Helper works just fine to download these podcasts from Soundcloud.  (It's often a nuisance otherwise, so beware.)

Anonymous said...

Fakebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, are globalist leftist statist utopians who funnel all your readily shared personal information to government alphabet soup agencies.
NKVD, STASI, Gestapo, all would have loved to have these tech tools at their disposal.

Anonymous said...

Love the podcast! More!

ot: so they are going after Trump for the hot mic recording. Thoughts we can share?

1) Looks bad? Not if you spin it right. Shows how slutty modern women are who will let any guy who's famous or rich f&ck them. Thanks Feminists!

2) Alpha Males i.e. Good Leaders, will have some sexual conquest history in they lives; that's normal, a good thing.

3) He honestly addressed it and did the right thing. Bill Clinton is a rapist and hides. Hillary hides.

4) Fifty Shades Of Trump! Chicks will give up the P for an aggressive rich guy; that's Nature.

5) I just donated more money to his campaign as a show of support.

oogabooga said...

Listen, I bust my ass and pay high taxes. I aint thrilled about Trump not doing so for years. Also, I'm a family man. Trump is no better than that crude dog Bill Clinton. This election is over. He's done. Get over it PK (or whoever you are).

Live your lives. Blacks aint going nowhere. Life aint as much fun now, is it? No, but we need to do what we can. So long fellow racists. This ends on November 8. We are a left leaning country now. It's been taught everywhere. Left wing ideology is here forever. This sucks. Goodbye all.

Anonymous said...

ot. At any point that they bring up the lewd Trump audio, immediatley turn the conversation to Bill Clinton's raping and long history of sexual abuse and Hillary covering it up. Great excuse to air their dirty laundry. Will shut anti Trumpers up. Do it every time...

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

I don't think Trump's comments were lewd at all.

ALL MEN TALK THAT WAY. The straight men talk about women and the gay guys talk about other men. So what.

Ever hear women talk about "sex"? It is far more lewd, rude and such. Just ask you wife or daughter about it.

By the way, I've said far worse things, and am proud of it, especially when my comments were/are funny as hell. And I agree with PAT BOYLE. I'm proud of the number of women I've "dated" and if I too were still young, I'd be at it still. I spent ever summer during the '70's hitting the topless beaches of France, Italy and the clothing optional beaches of the Greek Islands. I knew how to party, dudes.

IF men did not think, talk, and act the way Donald showed, there would be no dating, no marriages and no children. I would imagine that 99% of those who visit this blog realize that if men didn't have this fun, "lewd", normal and healthy attitude about women, we would have nothing to do with them in the first place. No normal man chases women initially for conversation and the SMART women know this.

The stupid people need to grow up. This isn't about grabbing "ass". This is about 4 Supreme Court Justices appointments and the MASSIVE illegal invasion........and that is EXACTLY what Donald Trump should say, on TV, during the debate....word for word.

Anonymous said...

Indian Said...

Did you guys here about what Trump said about women on the that bus? And are you still willing to vote for him ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that this Trump tape came out the same time as HRC's bribe talks er I mean speeches.

Sounds like someone was sitting on it.

Standup Broad said...

Donald J Trump is a MAN, as opposed to a biologic "male" (pajama boy, Jimmy Carter).
I am a WOMAN, as opposed to a biologic "female" (shrill, screaming, always offended, dumpy-looking) and I say "Vive la Difference"!
In other breaking news...Water is wet!!!
Trump 2016 / 2020

Pat Boyle said...

Thanks to CENTURION for the kind words.

When I first heard about Trump's overheard remarks on women, I thought - 'That's it, he's toast'. But now I'm not so sure. With Genifer Flowers statements today it looks like the Presidential race is devolving into a battle over who had the seedier sex life. In that sort of battle the Clintons are hard to beat. No one can match the Clintons when it comes to sex scandals.

I don't think Trump has done anything much very wrong in his rather robust private sex life, but Bill Clinton used his elected position to coerce women under his authority to 'service' him. This is simply contemptible. And Hillary certainly knew and seems to have aided him both before and after.

In the issues that this blog addresses - blacks - I wonder if it makes much difference. Blacks and those who live near them are in for some rough days ahead. When I was a young man the liberals used to complain that America spent most of the federal budget on defense. That is no longer true. Now America spends the lion's share of the federal budget on entitlements. This means that the money goes to people like me - old farts - through Social Security and it also goes to negroes through various kind of welfare programs. These are also called transfer payments - which means your money is being transferred to someone else.

The last time America enjoyed any kind of fiscal stability was probably in the seventies. Since then all the signs of a healthy economy and society have been inching down. Through governmental obscenities like "quantitative easing" our money has lost its value and we are closer and closer to the day of reckoning. The day when the EBT machine has no more money to disburse. The day when your bank freezes your assets.

I can get by if Social Security stops, but blacks in general have no personal savings. When William Devane asks his audience - "What's in Your Safe?" - the blacks must say - "nothing". Blacks generally rely totally on governmental largesse. They are very vulnerable to any hiccups in governmental functioning.

If I'm right about this, we are likely to see a massive increase in black disturbances in our future. One of the unattractive features of the recent economic changes has been a more economic inequality. The rich are indeed getting richer while the poor have had most of their escape routes from poverty blocked. Blacks have nowhere to go when the government falters - as it must.

What can a single individual do? Well I'm going to buy another gun. I'd like to have an AR-15 but being a Californian I will probably have to settle for a Ruger Ranch Rifle. There will probably be a period of civil unrest while we transition to some new form of society. A gun might keep you from joining the list of casualties.

I don't mean to be hysterical but we are in such a hole now that it's hard to see a way out. Black people may not have a way out at all.


CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

Another thought about Trump:

He is smart. He knows what he has done in the past, and I can imagine he has some REALLY GOOD advisers. Did they not discuss these topics? I know for a fact that I have some really "wild" stories from my past. I know when I was a bit do I say this.....forward with a date or two. (No "RAPE"), but definitely too frisky or aggressive. I've had women "yell" at me or stomp off when I was too eager and they weren't. All women know about this male behaviour and the Smart ones have their techniques to get rid of pigs like me.

So, with that in mind, how could the Trump campaign NOT plan for this, or even bring it up, BEFORE now? Let me tell you a very interesting story of how I looked REALLY BAD but was totally innocent (In this case, I actually was).

In my line of business, I, now and then, have to deal with teenagers. No problem, but one time a teenage girl (about 15 or 16) got a crush on me. This was back decades ago when I was still young enough and hot enough to get attention. So, what did she do? She started writing me "love letters".....but, she never sent them....... She hid them away in her dresser draw....until her mom found them. WOW. "OH NO Mr. Bill!!!" (You youths won't get that bit).

Sure enough, the mom takes them to the police who in turn investigate me without my knowledge. They even sent her back into my business WITH A WIRE/MICROPHONE. Since I did not, nor do not, hit on under-age teenage girls, nothing of "value" was recorded since, from my aspect, there was no case to begin with.

A few weeks latter a Detective shows up and asks to speak with me. At this time he told me everything. So, I know what it is like to look really bad, be "set up", and look really awful. (I am really awful, but not like that).

Back to the topic. THUS,Trump and his campaign group should already know the past dirt on Trump and be prepared since it WILL come out. Hell, if I ran for public office, I can see my opponents claiming "He was investigated for child porn, child abuse and pedophilia!!!!!!"

That is how sick politics is/are. If the American public votes in Hillary, then they will get what they deserve....UN control of the internet, abolishment of the 2nd amendment, shut down of all private and religious schools, open borders with millions of Mexicans moving in and open war-fare on White men and rape of White women. This is our last election.

Bud said...

In regards to the latest Trump scandal. It seems to me the story should be about Billy "Bush" egging The Donald on and recording the conversation. Go Jeb?

Bud said...

I currently believe that HRC is trying to throw the election towards Trump but don't think the mainstream media got the memo. The debate with Kaine is not a mistake and we know that Americans don't want black Muslim immigrants.

We need some fundamental changes in this country but neither party wants to leave fingerprints. Trump is not a Democrat and it can be argued that he is not really a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Boycott these two shitheads and their buckets of artery clogging slop:



joer said...

What does sex have to do with marriage? Marriage rates are plummeting.

Anonymous said...

"Indian Said..." BS, BS, and yet MORE BS!
Now you know why you guys LOST your damned land to the white eyes, don't you?
Probably just another dumb nagger who can't even spell "hear" correctly.
Indian, my fat old WHITE ass!!!

....P-town Correspondent

Anonymous said...

oogabooga said...
Listen, I bust my ass and pay high taxes. I aint thrilled about Trump not doing so for years. Also, I'm a family man. Trump is no better than t

Yeah, but the big difference is Trump was floating a billion dollar corporation that kept thousands of "ass busters" and "family men" (and women) employed! Laying down for "the left" because it's here is why we're where we are today. Fu*k That!


PB said...

"When I first heard about Trump's overheard remarks on women, I thought - 'That's it, he's toast'. But now I'm not so sure."

It really depends on the media treatment. Thirty years ago Hillary would not have been allowed to get this far but look where she is today. Trump said something crass about women and its headline news, rinse and repeat...lots of repeat, but the email story, though its obviously much bigger in terms of America's security, is not even well understood. (((Message control))) is where its all at now courtesy of the man behind the brackets.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that researchers at the Kinsey Institute have discovered a food which almost completely suppresses the female libido?

Wait for it . . .

Wedding cake.

Anonymous said...

oogabooga said ”Listen, I bust my ass and pay high taxes. I aint thrilled about Trump not doing so for years. . ."

Tell us ooga, have you ever calculated your tax burden according to law and then thrown in an extra $10,000 as a show of patriotism? How often to you pay more tax than is required by law? If the tax law permits something the public aint thrilled about, perhaps the public should complain to their lawmakers rather than criticize those who prudently follow the law. Let me know if you learn that Trump lied on his tax returns and I'll get offended along with you.

There is nothing sinister in so arranging one's affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible.
-Judge Learned Hand, 1947

Anonymous said...

oogabooga said ”. . . Blacks aint going nowhere. . .

Perhaps so, but history has shown that they can be trained to stay away from white people.

oogabooga said ”. . . This ends on November 8. . .

Not correct. It is financially impossible for our country to continue indefinitely on its current path. Taking an exit now with Trump would simply make the exit easier and more gentle than continuing until we slam into the buffer stop. Presently, whites don't respond in kind to black violence because whites have much to lose. Once things decline to a point where a substantial number of whites have little to lose, blacks will go the way of the buffalo. If blacks had enough sense to foresee this catastrophe, they would all support Trump.

Californian said...

So here we are after six decades of Civil Rites, and we see another blow against Freedom of Speech (at least for YT). This is one more reason that no sane White person can support MLK.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Questions to ask: Between Hillary and Houma, after a few drinks, do you think that word "pussy" was ever thrown around? We can be sure that the Clintons and the Weiners have dined together on occasion. What was the level of discourse when Bill and Anthony went outside with a cigar and aperitif?

Standup Broad said...

This is for all who have not attended Law School.

"Over and over again, courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging one’s affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everybody does so, rich and poor; and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands; taxes are enforced exaction’s, not voluntary contributions."

---Judge Learned Hand

Billings Learned Hand January 27, 1872 – August 18, 1961) was a United States judge and judicial philosopher. He served on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and later the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Hand has been quoted more often by legal scholars and by the Supreme Court of the United States than any other lower-court judge.

Anonymous said...

I love the podcasts and think you have great energy as an interviewer. To be honest I was pretty unimpressed with your guest. He seemed to lack passion seemed to wait on you to ask questions rather than have a real conversation. He sounded like he was playing a video game or web surfing while the rest of us are giving our full attention to him and I found it incredibly underwhelming. Everything on your end was great P.K., I just found your guest incredibly uninspiring.

And just a hunch, but the guy comes across as Asian.

Anonymous said...

There's something eerily similar about these two and the other main figures that push this nonsense. I can't seem to figure out what it is though....

Anonymous said...

ot. Trump needs to get Juanita Brodderick a 24/7 platform to hammer Clintons on rape and coverup. Hammer it home now!!

Anonymous said...

So each time the police book in a murderous, rapist, thief, that is a non-white citizen of course, do they also fill out a job application?

Sample question. When can you start? In three to five, with good behavior.

When is this insanity in the federal government going to be thrown out?


Anonymous said...

Comparing businessmen with politicians is not fair. Trump lost over $900 million but nobody bothers to mention IT WAS HIS OWN MONEY! Obama has put us 12 TRILLION DOLLARS deeper in debt in less than 8 years. But not his money OUR money!
A businessman is in business to make money. For himself and his EMPLOYEES. The less he pays in taxes, abiding by federal tax laws, the better for himself, his company and employees.
Bill & Hillary have been on the public dole since college. They have used their political positions and offices for THEIR OWN BENEFIT!
Trump is not the criminal that should be behind bars, his opponent should be scared of a law & order president.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah we will still vote for him! There hasn't been a man in the Whitehouse in a long time. Especially a smart man that will make smart decisions and knows how to balance a checkbook.


Anonymous said...

The only women offended by Trump's statement from 10 years ago are those who already were not going to vote for him anyway.

Anonymous said...

I listened to and enjoyed the entire podcast. It was difficult for me to find a place and sufficient time to play the audio. I could not play it at work because it touches on controversial topics and because of its length, and I could not play it at home without wearing an earplug to keep from disturbing others. At the time I listened to the podcast it had been played well over 3,000 times so it is safe to say that the format appeals to a significant audience. I couldn't help but wonder if the podcasts are accessed from the same group of IP addresses that access SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

Each day that goes by the world gets more and more racially cognizant! Our sports heroes are those who stand up to black aggression and are a voice of reason in a chaotic world.

I've noticed that many of the blog stars such as Paul Kersey are becoming more and more accepted by the masses. The left tries to say race realists are the ignorant ones, but the most on our side are more knowledgeable than the left.

LuLuBelle2000 said...

TRUMP 2016 , nuff said.😘

Anonymous said...

According to the Trump "sex tapes", Donald backed off if his advances were refused. He did nothing illegal. Sleazy, yes. Illegal,no. Contrast that with Bill Clinton, who might then go ahead and rape the woman, closely followed by Hillary threatening to destroy her if she spoke up.

Luke said...

Three cops shot in Palm Springs, two killed, by an 'Amish' guy. At least that's my interpretation of the article, which did not have any race identification, though everyone says the guy is "Amish".

The Amish guy probably watched Birth of a Nation.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Racoon said...
PK, I have previously posted about PodCasts, and why the written word is supreme.

You make valid points definitely worth mentioning. I am not sure of the cost entailed putting together a blog like U.S.A. Watchdog, Greg Hunter sweat bullets putting his site together. He went for something like two years collecting no paycheck. He also put up tens of thousands of his own money to bring it all together.

My point is, I ordered one of Paul´s books last week and I have yet to crack it. Despite my enthusiasm, I´ve been really busy and more distracted these past two weeks. I don´t know how these guys do it. When I was thirty, I couldn´t have put out a blog, even had the internet been available, like Paul has.

The written word is supreme. I share your regard but feel we are in serious jeopardy of losing it. Purchasing Paul´s books and funding his website might aid in getting him to Greg Hunter status one day. His message needs to be heard by many more.

Anonymous said...

Nice job. You are a very competent interviewer, a real good interviewer and excellent vocal presence. Meaning you speak really well. Hell, you're articulate even. Great job PK.

Anonymous said...

The cognitive dissonance of the media this week is incredible. It's like their attitude on reporting black crime has been applied at the political level.

Trump talked about having sex with women using vulgar terms, so vote for Hillary, who actively tried to destroy the credibility of the women who came forward when her husband raped them.

And it's not just the media. The RNC is absolutely insane. They knew this was coming and sat on it. Maybe the most incredulous thing is Schwartzeneger saying now he's not voting Trump. This is the guy who cheated on his wife with an ugly housemaid and got her pregnant from it.

I'm already not voting for my representative because he's distanced himself from Trump, it's likely I'll stop voting on the Republican line entirely after this. If we're going to hell in a handbasket we may as well get it over with.

PB said...

"Did you guys here about what Trump said about women on the that bus? And are you still willing to vote for him ?"

Did you vote for Bill Clinton?

Anonymous said...

If I had a dollar for evertime I've heard some weak willed dbag like you tell me that we need to just live our lives and be passive slaves to a system that's activilely trying to destroy us.

I dont like your attitude.

Molotov your local banks, youll see how fucking fast the game will change.


Paintjob Theory said...

"What does sex have to do with marriage?"

Historically it has had to do with procreation and creating a nuclear family which IMO is the basic unit of human civilization. From the point of view of our enemies, undermining the importance of family is critical because any allegiance, faith, or dependence on anything besides the state is a hindrance to their collectivist "utopia". As a side note this is why religion (or at least any not completely controlled by the state) is also dangerous to communism.

"And just a hunch, but the guy comes across as Asian."

Some guys in SoCal have that sort of accent/speech pattern. You may be right though.

To those that have suggested that the written word is best, I agree whole heartedly. Ideally I'd like to see a proper forum of some sort where the regulars here and others can really have long running discussions on the ideas that come and go in a day or three here. Then again I don't have the means or time to make it happen so I'm certainly not going to complain that it doesn't exist. I wonder if even the reason this place is as great as it is is because it is this specific format which shapes the style of our discussions?

As we see illustrated here, some people simply don't have a good radio presence. In the same way some people just don't have a good TV presence. The Nixon JFK debate is a famous illustration of this. While video is a great format, and popular you need the right type of looks and charisma to really sway an audience in that medium and its outlets are 100% controlled by our enemies so even if we did have a pretty-boy spokesman that got any attention he would quickly fall into a memory hole.

The popularity of things like twatter and effectiveness of the 30 second commercial also illustrates that the masses have the IQ, emotional development, and attention span of an 8 year old and that is a very effective way to influence a very large group of people.

This is just some rambling thoughts, but the moral of the story is that if any of you wants to do a video series don't demand that PK does it, do it your damn self. For whatever reason, be it he is hideously physically deformed, doesn't have the money or time to buy video equipment and edit, or just that he can't be arsed he has chosen to do a podcast. It's not like he is getting paid for this and I'm sure he would rather be spending time with his family or out playing golf or whatever else it is he enjoys doing so be grateful for whatever he is generous enough to give. I'd say it's a fair guess that if we could collectively pitch in enough to pay him a proper full time job salary PK would do a nightly news hour for us or whatever else we collectively want. Until there's money to be made in the race realism business we really need to take what we can get and be thankful that anybody is doing anything besides heading for the hills and squirrelling away ammo, food, and water.

Anyway, you did a great job PK. You're definitely a natural radio personality, just episode two felt a lot smoother than episode 1.

Anonymous said...

I thought that his hamdle was funny too, lol.

What kind of indian are you, Indian? I'm a good part Blackfoot from my grandfather but I look all white blonde hair blue eyes.

To me thats the best part of this shit planet. You got nigs running around beating whites that had nothing to do with slaveryTM, and white guilt prop in high gear...

But I'm a mixed mutt, third gen immogrant who only looks like the poster child for whiteness but I'm a European-Arab-Indian.

Wheres my check from the government, wheres my minority business loans?

This planet is a big joke and its because the proletariat needs to evolve or die off or we need to segregate.

I want my own nation and if your IQ is under 135 or so youre not allowed in.


Paintjob Theory said...

"Trump lost over $900 million but nobody bothers to mention IT WAS HIS OWN MONEY! Obama has put us 12 TRILLION DOLLARS deeper in debt in less than 8 years. But not his money OUR money! "

Do you think he "lost it" in reality or only on paper? Businesses "losing" money often is often simply to hide other profits.

Also, Obama did not spend one penny of our money nor did he borrow it. The "power of the purse" resides with the Congress. Do you even know who your state's senators and representatives are?

QE and other money supply shenanigans have nothing to do with the government either. While congress does have the authority to coin and regulate the value of money they abdicated it in 1913 to a (((privately owned))) "Federal" Reserve bank who have never been audited, are elected by nobody but their own board members and private shareholders, and who are accountable to nobody besides their private shareholders.

Have any of you taken the time to read the constitution since grade school? The overwhelming majority if folks who believe they're politically well informed seem to believe that our republic is some sort of African dictatorship where the president is the big man who has all the political power. The (((media))) seems to encourage this to distract the attention of the masses away from those who truly wield power and the rest of the useful idiots go along with it without even thinking.

europeasant said...

Yes, Trump has a few warts and we have been aware of them for a long time. But he said things that resonated with us hard core realists whereas the other Rino's, Cuck's where afraid of voicing the nationalist theme.

I'm still voting for Trump. The alternative is too to gruesome to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Trump on Howard Stern for 20+years, he has judged contests for him, been a guest, and always talks openly about women and life. It made him come across as human. People are outraged about what he said, while talking to another guy, anout a girl that wasn't even in the room. If I had a nickel for every time that happens, I would hire a good accountant to make sure I paid the least in taxes. People are saying he was 59 when he said it, and should know better, I have a friend who is 78 and still looks at and hits on girls, much younger then him. His favorite line is "If I was 30 years younger, we'd be divorced in 5 years".
I would like to see the computer history of all the people offended by this, because 95% have probably watched worse porn in the last week.

Anonymous said...

I guess Amish is code for Mexican gangbanger.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't depend on media treatment. We know what the "media treatment" has been, and will be right through Election Day. It depends on TRUMP.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that pussy itself was thrown around between Hillary and Huma.

Anonymous said...

Hey, good to see a reference to Learned Hand. He doesn't seem to be as fashionable these days as he once was, but he was a great legal scholar and a great man.

Anonymous said...


realgone222 said...

I fucking miss this guy on Twitter. Pure genius.

Mr. Rational said...

Ricky Vaughn is on Gab.  I just started following him today.