Wednesday, February 15, 2017

SBPDL STILL Needs Your Help: Winter Fundraiser 2017

PK NOTE: Start Black History Month off on the right foot. Pick up a copy of "The Truth About Selma: What Happened When the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped" for paperback today! The Truth About Selma: What Happened when the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped is also available for Kindle! You can secure your signed copy now by donating $25 (via PayPal link on right-hand side of site) today!  

Few people work harder than Paul Kersey of SBPDL. 

So we come to you to ask for help with the winter fundraiser on Valentine's Day 2017. The best way to make your donation is via the Paypal link on the right-hand side of the page
  • You can make a donation via the PayPal button on the right-hand side column of this site, with a $25.00 ensuring a signed copy of the Paul Kersey book of your choice. 
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SBPDL needs your help to keep moving forward. So many exciting plans, but we need your help to make them happen!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you raise a lot of money PK!!

ot: now we need a study like this one, except compare negroid brains with Humans...

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of Ann Coulter. These negro-coddling white women are a huge problem. Notice how she does not give a rat's ass about white men who are affected by nonwhite immigration and Affirmative Action for blacks.

Twitter ‏@AnnCoulter

"Let's win the black vote in 2020, @realDonaldTrump! Peter Kirsanow is right about illegal immig & black Americans"


Anonymous said...

OT: Indianapolis shit stain "teen" sentenced to 13 years for robbing gun store, pistol whipping a white employee, and robbing the popular Binkley's restaurant and bar (where he made white people in the bar area get on the floor while he took their wallets and purses at gunpoint.)

Anonymous said...

OT: Insanity. So instead of arresting black shoplifters for a crime they committed, the Indianapolis Police department escorts them to a local food bank and REWARDS them a full family meal, complete with all the fixins'!

That will show those criminals! They only riot, steal, rob, kill, rape, terrorize, and loot because they are hungry!

“The guy was caught red-handed with food. He said there was no food at home and he was not going to let his family go without on Christmas morning, so he came to the store with the intent to steal food,” Churchill said. “Traditionally, he would get jailed, but these officers knew from participating in our sweep that Shepherd Community Center had food. So they took him there and got a box with a complete Christmas dinner for the family and took him home and told him what do in the future instead of feeling his only option was to steal.”

Paintjob Theory said...

I'll be sending you some cash to the Vdare address today. Hope it finds you.

Somewhat on topic. There's a book called "Report From Iron Mountain", while its authenticity is a matter of debate, it is well worth a read since it is well researched, cited, and thoughtful. I believe it is legitimate.

In any event, the premise is that a think-tank was formed to make sense of the purpose of war and how it is an integral part of all civilization, and it can even be argued the only reason for humans to have ever banded together to form societies larger than the family unit. In addition to a purpose for social cohesion, it offers many great methods for those at the top to control those at the bottom and is the single best way to manage an economy from the top down. The paper examines a "what-if" scenario of how nations can function in the event that a long term peace were to break out. Various surrogates from pyramid building to the arena and other forms of state mandated human sacrifice are examined in historical context and translated into modern equivalents.

Consider just the economics, and consider a what-if scenario of an all white homeland. Who benefits? Who loses? We have often discussed the costs both tangible and also opportunity costs of keeping third world mud race pets here, but consider the absolute shock to our current society if they were all to drop dead of some manufactured disease next week.

First and foremost you would see savings. A couple generations ago Americans did not get into debt. They saved until they could afford things since it was widely understood that the debtor is enslaved to the usurer and often loses his assets if he cannot make his regular payments. Folks who fell into debt due to hard times or unforeseen calamity were ashamed of the fact and worked to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. What would you do if you could keep that 30% of your paycheck that is now going to pay for La-Queefa and her 8 keeids, and for Jamal to have a 6 figure do-nothing government job, for Mohammed to bring over his 3 wives?

Imagine if you will if every good and service you consume was discounted 25%. A conservative estimate based on the cost of private sector affirmative action hires, loss to to black criminality (passed along to the consumer), cost of security for businesses located around blacks, etc. (do you think that Shitavious pays for the bullet proof Subway restaurant or is that added in to your 5$ footlong?)

If you study economics/accounting and have ever done a study on any bank, you will have been surprised to find that for banks, deposits are a LIABILITY and accounts receivable (outstanding loans and credit card balances) are ASSETS. Completely backwards from honest businesses and due to the magic of (((fractional reserve lending))) for them the more debt we have and the less we save the better things are for their business. As you drive through any city, look at the names on the largest palaces (skyscrapers), check the names on most sports stadiums, go to Hoovers or MSN Money and check the ownership of virtually every publicly traded corporation. Since I know people are lazy I'll spoil it... it's about a dozen global banks that own EVERYTHING! Who owns them? Mostly they own each other, who else? Who nose? Once again, the savvy researcher will find certain cohencidences.

Paintjob Theory said...


Also related to savings, consider most folks' largest asset is their home. How many have lost their life's savings to the black undertow eroding every bit of equity in their home and then some? How much of the real estate marketplace (read (((new lending)))) is driven by white flight, or even gentrification? Want to kick the economy into gear getting some more currency flowing, simply section-ape a bunch of blacks into a few formerly peaceful suburbs and watch all the money change hands and be borrowed into existence as the population reacts in predictable fashion.

Entire industries would vanish. Over half of lawyers would be out of work overnight as would the court employees, judges, prison guards, and likely more than half of police and first responders. Check cashing stores would about vanish, along with 24 hour bail bonds stores, fake hair selling, fried chicken joints, etc. It's likely McDonalds and WalMart would have to file for restructuring bankruptcy. Private security businesses would see a catastrophic loss of business, as would universities who largely rely on "free" government money and guaranteed student loans to enroll any coon that walks through the door.... even PK would be in a bread line with no more black dysfunction about which to write.

The more you consider the macro impact of blacks the bigger this issue appears. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Also understand that at some level money is only a means to an end for those who can create it out of thin air. The ultimate aim is to use it as a tool to control us. The purpose of taxation isn't really to pay for expenses (it truly isn't though that's what we've been told all our lives), the purpose is control and social engineering... ditto for a central bank.

Put it this way, if YOU, dear reader owned a license to print all the money you like, would you not use that power to try to guide the future of mankind for the benefit of yourself and your kin? Now ask yourself, do you think those who are in control didn't think about that?

Anonymous said...

We must help

Pat Boyle said...

A number of SBPDL readers have opposed my suggestion that the we should cut welfare payments. By welfare I mean all sorts of subsidies given to black people in the form of transfer payments. These include cash grants no matter what the funding source, EBT cards (Food Stamps), housing subsidies, and health care. Some of these are politically easier than others. Cash grants are less politically popular than free health care for example. But the principal holds.

Few oppose health care to veterans or to the disabled. Similarly old people shouldn't be denied medical assistance. But what possible justification can there be for giving free medical care, free housing or free food to people who are able bodied and in their prime years?

I don't oppose workman's compensation either. If you pay into a essentially a savings fund to aid you when you are temporarily out of work - that's fine. But worker's compensation has been widely abused by welfare cheats. Like disability insurance it's fraught with cheaters. These programs should be cleaned up.

Many think if we cut welfare we will increase riots. Probably. After all the principal reason we enacted most of these programs was to cut down on the street riots in the sixties. The advocates for Johnson's "Great Society" were very candid about their motivations in the sixties. Sammy Davis Junior went on Johnny Carson and said as much. Payments to blacks in America has always been more or less a kind of protection racket - pay us money or we will burn down the place.

America at one time paid off the Barbary Pirates to not seize our ships in the Mediterranean and enslave the white crew and passengers. At the same time that we were claiming "Millions for defense abut not one cent for tribute." We were in fact paying tribute because it was cheaper. Eventually we grew some backbone and attacked. (cue the Marine Anthem).

We are in a similar situation today we spend trillions (tribute has become more expensive) to keep the black man from disrupting our cities. It worked for a while. But the price keeps going up and the blacks have begun to riot anyway. If we really could purchase civic peace with some just some Food Stamps, I might favor it - but blacks don't seem to bargain fairly.

The blacks in America are thieves. They steal in two ways: First they do a lot of conventional burglaries, and robberies. Secondly they accept the tribute we pay them for good behavior - but do not behave. If the government takes money you have earned and pays it to some blacks as a protection racket payment - you are a crime victim.

By all means get a gun for home protection (I have several) but also cut off the source of the crime - stop the tribute paid to keep blacks quiet. Eliminating or greatly reducing racial transfer payments helps also in other ways. It lowers taxes, it reduces the National Debt and it drives able bodied blacks into the job market. It also helps with the immigration problem. If we can get our blacks to work again there will be far fewer empty job openings in America to lure Mexicans north.

The 'Hush Money' we have been paying blacks has rotted out American institutions and cities. Everyday I read hear testimony about another US neighborhood that has been destroyed. When you need to get out of a hole - stop digging. The directions we have been going are wrong - time to turn back, even at the risk of some more riots.


Anonymous said...

I'll be sending something via VDARE soon. I just watched a video from 1965 between black poet James Baldwin, and William F. Buckley. It wasn't so much a debate but two views as to whether the American Dream is/was achieved at the expense of Negroes. It was held at Cambridge University in England and Baldwin spoke first, going on about what we know as Aybah Poda Hep. He got a standing ovation from the college kids. Buckley however, mopped the floor with him. Paste the link below and fast forward to 39:30 to hear him speak:

Anonymous said...

310---- that it is "racism" that Adele won the Grammys and not Beyoncé. This is BEYOND ridiculous. Blacks are supposed to win all sports, movie and music awards.
White Guilt cult demands it.


Anonymous said...

"... it's about a dozen global banks that own EVERYTHING!"

Incredible! Poor, poor white people! Not only are they helpless puppets with no will of their own, totally controlled by (((YOUR masters))), but they actually own NOTHING! I bet most of them would be very surprised to learn that.

Absolutely amazing stuff, Paintjob. Keep piling it higher and deeper. I can't imagine any more defeatist worldview than that of you conspiracy nuts.

Anonymous said...

310 off topic
via Drudge

Wisconsin students demand free tuition for black students

MaDISON, Wis. (AP) -- Black students should be offered free tuition and housing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison because blacks were legally barred from education during slavery and university remains out of reach for black students today, the student government said Wednesday.

The Associated Students of Madison


Paint Job THeory:

Correct and "Right On". I have read and studied this since my late teens, thanks to my dad introducing me to the John Birch Society, the "Spotlight" magazine and the 10 years of research by Henry Ford.

It is absolutely amazing. The most incredible and brilliant theft ever. Imagine that every productive invention, discovery, and effort since 1913 has been stolen (through paper notes), all for the benefit of just a few extremely powerful, private and secretive families......names that were common at the around 1900 but have since "vanished" from all media.....interesting, no?

I almost wish for the complete, absolute take-over by the One World Government so they can tell us how the did it. Actually, they have already taken us over, but they just haven't hammered in the final nails on our social coffin...but they will and they are in a hurry since this internet is exposing them too fast to too many....

The relation of gold to dollars is interesting. In theory, one should be able to pay their workers with a single $20 Gold Coin. Then everybody pays "taxes" on this $20. The next day, the employee can take this $20 Gold Coin to a coin shop and turn it in for about 1,200 Federal Reserve Notes......yes, it's been tried and those involved got the shit beat out of them from the IRS...........

PJT, there is also the topic of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, District of Colombia (like the City of London...?...what are these institutions?) what is it, what does it mean to be a "citizen" of AMERICA, vs being a citizen of the State in which you were born (notice your Birth Certificate is issued by your State, not "AMERICA", inc.....then there is the issue of the Social Secutity, inc and you're "citizenship" and your participant in this odd corporation........So much hidden from us.

One is really NOT a citizen of America, but one is a citizen of their State. I wish there was a competent web site that discusses these concepts.

Anonymous said...

PK: if one wants to send a money order for you to VDare, what is the procedure?

Anonymous said...

"Actually, they have already taken us over, but they just haven't hammered in the final nails on our social coffin...but they will and they are in a hurry since this internet is exposing them too fast to too many...."

Here is conspiracy nut defeatism on full display. We're told whites have already been "taken over". If so, then there is obviously no hope, since whites have no will of their own.

Putting white people to sleep in the name of "waking them up" is the name of the game in conspiracy land. How many here really believe they have no will of their own? That they are totally controlled by (((others)))? When put that starkly, it's clear that anyone who actually believes that of himself is a good fit for a straight jacket. But if you don't believe it's true of you, then what makes you think it's true of anyone? The truth is, nobody is controlled. Like the Jesus racket, it's just a fantasy for defeatist losers; just another method of keeping white people "asleep".

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Pat concerning the welfare shut off. This whole welfare system is out of control. From birth to death in many cases. Stop this government handout to the immigrants, refugees and illegals. Please don't tell me that they aren't recipients of government handouts. That is why they keep coming. Bring the elderly grandpa and grandma over, and they get old age benefits. Twenty trillion and counting. Wake up America. I realize most government employees attended public schools, but really, two plus two really is four! Healthcare, housing and food. Oh yeah, don't forget that public education for the youngsters. Out of control. Losing America one day at a time.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agreed, Pat. Cut welfare. I would cut anything and everything possible. Threats of violence , in my opinion, make no difference. We already have been putting up with that for decades.

Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

Lol, tfey do own almost everything, lol. A little pissed ' cause the smokescreen's getting a little thin?? Lol lulz;)
Mr Turner

Paintjob Theory said...

All corporations file statements every year. This is not hidden. Any of you can go to hoovers dot com or MSN money dot com, type in the ticker symbol of any publicly traded corportion and click the part that says "ownership". See for yourself, I defy you to prove me wrong if you can.

And (((who))) owns everything else? How many Americans own their home outright? Their car? Have no debt whatsoever?

The banks own the show. Or forefathers understood this, fought it, warned us about it, and many were killed for trying.

Anonymous said...

For those who see the latinos as hard working,

Anonymous said...

Really miss the podcasts. Really miss Jared Taylor making that "ta" sound before he speaks!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh...


Better get to work kissing more @ss Dems, I guess the whole "mothers of the movement" clownfest wasn't enough of a tribute. I'm sure you can satisfy them, make sure to keep trying and putting them in front of any other priorities that you might have once had.

Please pick a militant black lesbian for DNC chair, I have faith in you!