Saturday, May 27, 2017

SBPDL Needs Your Help

PK NOTE: Latest Paul Kersey at VDARE is a must read: STARSHIP TROOPERS Turns 20: Does This Film (and book) Lay the Foundation for a Post-Democratic West? Yes. Pick up a copy of "The Truth About Selma: What Happened When the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped" for paperback today! The Truth About Selma: What Happened when the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped is also available for Kindle! You can secure your signed copy now by donating $25 (via PayPal link on right-hand side of site) today!  The book on New Orleans will be out in mid-July. The Philadelphia book will be out in late-September, and a book on either Memphis or Indianapolis will be out in late-November. 

Few people work harder than Paul Kersey of SBPDL. 

So we come to you to ask for help with the spring fundraiser for 2017. 
  • You can make a donation via the PayPal button on the right-hand side column of this site, with a $25.00 donation ensuring a signed copy of the Paul Kersey book of your choice. 
  • A donation of $250 will get you all books authored by Paul Kersey, signed (14 books!!)!
SBPDL needs your help to keep moving forward. So many exciting plans, but we need your help to make them happen!

When you make a donation, please email with you address so we can get a copy of The Truth About Selma out to you by the next day!

Thank you so much for helping make SBPDL a destination for so many!


Paintjob Theory said...

For those that don't know, you can send cash or blank money order to support PK via Vdare (address is posted at their site).

I don't know how much PK makes from book sales and donations, but I know he earns every penny with his almost daily articles and managing comments section.

I got my arm out of the cast 2 weeks ago now but bones are still a bit soft and everything is very weak (I'll be one-handed typing for a good bit longer). Once I'm fit enough to drive I'll drop something in the mail myself.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Best to you, Paul. I am a past supporter and will be in the near future. Can't do anything right now due to a really bad financial month in April/ early May.


Via Daily Mail:

Another robbery and unnecessary and violent murder done by a dindu. Before you shed any tears, the victim was a staunch liberal who strongly advocated shutting down Trump's twitter page, due to his anti-immigrant stance. Learned this by visiting her Farcebook page. Rest in peace, you stupid, f*cking Beeyatch!

Seems most libs need to learn the hard way. Surprised he didn't rape her first, but then the po po is still investigating. Happy Memorial Day to all! Celebrate by bitch slapping a white lib!

Anonymous said...

Off topic but FWIW

Good job the murdered deputy didn't shoot this poor, struggling rapper that was turnin' hiz life aroun' and makin' somfin of his life otherwise it would have been Mississippi Burning all over again.

Anonymous said...

Another white cop killed by guess who.See comments. Lots of guilt-ridden whites out there, amazing.

Proudyt said...

Paul, will be sending money soon. Thanks for all your hard work.