Friday, November 16, 2018

The Anti-White Mindset is the Foundation of the 2018 Democrat Party: Daughter of Indian Immigrants Blasts Whites and America as "Racist"

Imagine being the white son or daughter of white immigrants to China. Your entire life is about calling the Chinese people racist and Chinese society racist, even though your white parents had absolutely nothing to do with the history of China, building up Chinese society or establishing Chinese culture.

Instead, all you do is demean the Chinese people 24/7/365. Now, stop imagine and understand this is exactly what Saira Rao, the daughter of Indian immigrants in the USA, has done with white people and the United States.

In running for the US House seat in Colorado 1st Congressional District, she received in 31 percent of the vote in 2018. Her platform was basically, "White people suck. White people in both political parties suck and are irredeemably racist."

Upon losing, she claimed both political "parties are mired in white supremacy."

Well, she can't stop attacking white people, the very people who built the United States of America, established the culture and created the institutions and infrastructure attracting Rao's Indian parents to immigrate here and take advantage of our tolerant migratory policies to settle here.

On 11/16, she Tweeted: "All white people are racist. America is racist. To deny this isn't just racist, it's irrational."

First generation Indian-American attacks white people and the United States as racist. If you dare defend the USA, you are irrational and a racist...

Imagine being the white son or daughter of white immigrants to China. Your entire life is about calling the Chinese people racist and Chinese society racist, even though your white parents had absolutely nothing to do with the history of China, building up Chinese society or establishing Chinese culture.

Well, stop imaging. This is happening in the United States with not just Saira Rao, but tens of thousands of non-whites who call white people "racist" and the United States "racist" on a daily basis, enjoying immense amounts of job security for this brazen anti-whiteness.

We gave our country because we fear being called racist in defending our nation, and we still get called "racist" by people like Saira Rao even though we capitulate on a daily basis, handing over the United States without a fight.


Anonymous said...

Her Twitter account is full of tweet after tweet after tweet etc. of Hatred towards white people, I tweeted ONE thing back to her objecting to her EXTREME HATRED OF WHITES and got a twitter ban, so I guess it is okay to CONTINUOUSLY BASH WHITE PEOPLE, but objecting to her hate (Granted it was an angry response, and I am even okay with the ban they said was temporary) but Why is it okay to CONTINUOUSLY BASH WHITE PEOPLE? and obviously she has not been banned as she does it on almost all her tweets? Double Standard?

On another note on Tucker Carlson tonight he talked about a Christian Woman (Asia Bibi) in Pakistan who has been in jail for 9 years and may be hung for drinking water from the same fountain as Muslim woman (Sounds racist, but I guess it can't be since Pakistani's probably don't consider themselves White) anyway Great Britain/England has refused to take her for asylum because the Muslim Pakistani's will likely get violent if she is allowed in Great Britain, I say let her in and kick those who would become violent out. If they get violent than get violent back and make them wish they hadn't, NOTHING WRONG WITH FIGHTING BACK RIGHT? Basically shows how soft England has become.

Anonymous said...

sore losers are boring....racist racist and racist and also racist....boring

Archie bunker said...

We are being destroyed by the interiors who invade us, sponge off us, kill us, demand equality in business and government, want to make policies that benefits them, destroy our heritage, all so we aren't deemed racist, what a load of crap from a elephant behind

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post, Paul. I have been having nearly the same thought, multiple times, over the last couple of months, using the exact same scenario.

You nailed it so there isn't really much more for me to add. Being "nice" will get a person or a country bullied and shaken down until they choose to start pushing back. If we all started to push back they would shut up mighty fast.

Anonymous said...

We all know that in our heart of hearts, they love the societies that we create, which is why they use our democratic system and other values against us and attempt to hijack them.

They don't have the concern for others that we do, which extends to animals and the environment. A lot of them are appalled that we actually sell food in stores for pets when it could be given to people to eat instead.

Although they won't admit it, they can't create or sustain the beauty and compassion that we are able to do for ourselves and each other, so all they can do is attempt to steal it through politics of the womb. But of course, like a reverse Midas touch, everything slowly falls to sht, EVERY TIME. We are not interchangeable. Try replacing half of Japan's population with Mexicans and see how great things turn out for them.

We can always start over, build again, and make things better than before avoiding the many mistakes that were made in the last attempt. They will follow us and attempt to guilt us into letting them onto the levers of power again. Then their tribalism and lack of compassion for anyone white or who doesn't look like them comes into full view when they feel that they have the numbers and the power. It's incredibly immoral.

I don't want to live around these people. I refuse to. As long as I have the ability, I will move and find ways to keep they away from me. They serve no benefit to me or the civil societies people my color create.

Paintjob Theory said...

I've never clicked on twitter but to the best of my understanding it's a place where stupid people say stupid shit in a contest for attention seeking.

"Doctor, it hurts when I go like this"

"Stop doing that then".

cloudofhaze said...

a passage from Stoddard’s book. White folks, you are in for the fight of your lives. A three sided tsunami. Blacks on one end. Asians on another. Muslims and Hispanics on the other.

You’re all boxed in. Watching this live is a sad thing to see.

“But North America, that continent so succulently green, fresh, and unsullied—except for the few chattering, mongrel Yankees—should have been ours by right of discovery: it shall be ours by the higher, nobler right of conquest.”[33]
This apostle of Japanese world-dominion then goes on to discuss in detail how his programme can best be attained. It should be remembered that at the time he wrote America was still an unarmed nation, apparently ridden by pacifism. Such imperialist extravagances as the above do not represent the whole of Japan. But they do represent a powerful element in Japan, against which the white world should be forewarned.”

Excerpt From: Lothrop Stoddard & Madison Grant. “The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy.” Public Domain, 2016-01-04. iBooks.

Anonymous said...

These people are
Meaningless. Without the attention of th MEM and reposting even in venues
Like this, they would vanish without a trace.
Let's stop giving them undeserved attention and extending their "15 minutes" and just let them wither and die.
Same with celebrities. Why am I constantly bombarded with stories of what DiNiro has to say or worse, Jim Carey? Who gives a flying f@ck what any of them think?
Yet I'm inundated on a daily basis by everyone, even Breitbart and SBPDL about these otherwise worthless entertainers with more money than moral character about important things they have no knowledge of.
There are plenty of communist countries out there to choose from. We don't need to be another one.
They can go be rich in the Congo or Zaire.

Jim in Jersey

D-FENS said...

We must ignore the racism charge. Even more importantly, we must ignore the anti-semitism charge.

Noticing several more “hate-thought” sites and twitter accounts suspended.

YouTube Account said...

That's exactly what Twitter is. Also, forget making an account if you are white. You'll get banned for defending anyone that says awful, racist things against white people; meanwhile, they're all immune to getting banned because anti-white racism is TOTALLY allowed on Twitter.

Bruce County said...

I was in construction for over 25 years, both residential and commercial all across Canada in the big cities.
Many things were glaringly obvious and missing.
1- There were no Natives on the jobsites.. in any capacity.
2- There were no blacks, browns or Asians in any capacity. (Asians in proj. mgmnt)
3- Pakistanis and Indians are the worst customers in residential contract work. They want shit changed all the time and never wanna pay. And they stink like shit.
4- Homes built by turban/shit stain contractors were being torn down less than 20 years because they were falling apart. Entire neighborhoods!!! The Strip malls around these neighborhoods are filthy cesspools and again, stink like shit.
5- Their churches are surrounded by high chain link fences and are guarded. Cameras are everywhere. The cameras are not because of YT. They are there to protect them from their own filthy violent kind. They cant even get along over here. There was a huge battle in Surrey, BC with these shit stains over whether they should eat off the floor or have tables. Hey .. I don't make this up.
6- Blacks and browns are a disease and they do not embrace freedom, democracy and modern civilization. They will always hate us for what they never built or created. They need us. We don't need them.
Just a side note..India is a shithole literally. India accounts for 90 percent of open defecation in South Asia and 59 percent of the practice in the world. !50 million pounds of shit in the streets every day!! We will survive the onslaught. We are superior.

I know most of you know this but for the newbies here... have a read.

Why would they come here and complain about anything??

Anonymous said...

The "model minority" myth has hit the side of the nowhere road of cuckservatism.

Shut up. Go back. No really.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is this fine American the product of her parents culture OT that of the USA?

Had Mizz Rao been born and raised in her parents native India, she would be subjected to a world of horror most western women could not imagine.

The story of the tourist whose boyfriend left the fine nation of India prior to her by two days, was subjected to sexual assaults at the hotel she shared with her boyfriend and the one she fled to so as to escape the "Randy Raj".

Don't forget things like the recent story from that fabled land of glory in which a pre-teen was murdered by her neighbor because she wouldn't have sex with him. He was of higher caste.

What about the many Dalit women who are abducted, gang raped and then set afire since they are seen as trash by their fellow Hindu countrymen?

So, lady... When someone like you talks that kind of trash it helps me know that I have always been hated in the eyes of those who are not my own. Also, it let's me know that only by keeping my focus wholly on the good of those with whom I share a racial bond can I ever find a measure of peace.

So be sure to marry one of your kind, honey. The kind of trash that uses so many spices to hide the flavor of the dicey quality of food you things cook and serve. You are related to people who manage a motel in flyover country who let regular Americans what crappy people you are through your legendary cheapness and the alien hostility which you bring to your new home.

Your Hindudes (men) are mostly small statured, small minded and still have enough to make your vitriolic fire against the white race the leading light in your life since it is obvious your real enemy is the dusky man you married who thinks of you as a slave, not his queen.

India sucks, their holy Ganges is a human and animal corpse-filled river of effluent and if you wash in that great river of filth in holy Varanasi/Benares it will clean you of sin, yay!

Anonymous said...

"This apostle of Japanese world-dominion then goes on to discuss in detail how his programme can best be attained."

There's no reason to be alarmed by Japan today. That country has the same problem the YTs USA do -- Japan's birth rate is well below the replacement level, and their population is aging without younger workers to prop up the social welfare system. The countryside is emptying out as the remaining population moves into the cities, leaving behind closed businesses and abandoned railroad lines because people to use them are no longer there. Schools have pitifully small numbers of children in them. About half of the government's money goes to paying interest on the debt.

Very much against allowing in migrants for work or anything else, now the country is having second thoughts, as they simply lack sufficient numbers of their own people to get things done.

Japan's heydey is long past. Unlike the USA, they've been able to hold off the migrants hordes and keep their country culturally intact, but without making enough new Japanese, they too will fade from history.

At least the Japanese were smart enough not to import dindus, and I know of no Japanese cities where it's too dangerous to walk the streets at any hour, where there are dangerous slums, where crime is rampant and at the same time people look the other way and pretend it's not happening because to notice "be razzis."

You know, like all across our own country.

Anonymous said...

Yes, clickipeedia has an entire page on violence against women in India! Such exciting headings can be found such as:

Extent, Domestic violence, Forced and child marriage, Acid throwing, and Abduction

The following two headings also have sub-categories detailing the extent to which the countless white men of India terrorize  powerful brown womyn!

Murders: Dowry deaths, Honour killings, Witchcraft-related murders, Female infanticide, Female foeticide

Sexual crimes: Rape, Marital rape, Gang rape, Insult to modesty, Human trafficking and forced prostitution

Quick facts on rhe egalitarian, liberated, womyn-loving men of male-dominated Hindoodia... Uh, I mean INDIA!

"65% of Indian men believe women should tolerate violence in order to keep the family together, and women sometimes deserve to be beaten.In January 2011, the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) Questionnaire reported that 24% of Indian men had committed sexual violence at some point during their lives."

"A dowry deaths is a murder or suicide of a married woman caused by a dispute over her dowry. In some cases, husbands and in-laws will attempt to extort a greater dowrythrough continuous harassment and torture which sometimes results in the wife committing suicide."

So in closing, I must congratulate this powerful brown womyn who grew up in fancy Richmond, VA! I grew up about 2 hours away in PG County. Being a child of the working class, I had to go to largely black schools, far from my actual home. I didn't get to be around nearly as many white people as she did. And call me strange if I have to posit that Mizz Rao is letting her privilege show. And if she's supposedly a Virginian, why did she have to try to be a politician in Whiteyville, Colorado? She needs to be amongst "the people" with whom she has an affinity.

I'll bet her routine would go over well in Baltimore. And her daughters wouldn't have to worry about evil white people treating them like playthings to abduct... Just like Indian men they are unfortunate enough to not be surrounded by.

Pat Boyle said...

Racism and white supremacy are not the same things - and both are just fine with me.

Racism and white supremacy don't mean what most people think.

Read some economic history. It is not at all controversial. After the fall of Rome in the West we had a period called the Dark Ages. These years in Europe and China were not as backward as most people now commonly believe but economic, cultural, and technological progress was slow. Partly this was the so called Malthusian Trap - new technical productivity led to larger populations and so the per capita income never rose.

China was the leading nation state during the Middle Ages and then the fifteenth century arose and white people became supreme. Part of that was the Gunpowder Revolution which swept from Europe to the east. Another part was the Age of Exploration where North and South America were discovered by whites. There was also movable type and the Printing Revolution. All this was done by white Europeans. The usual date for the beginning of the Modern World is 1453. It's called the Triumph of the West. It's not a political position - its simple historical narrative.

That's where the term White Supremacy came from. It may not last forever. China may again come to the fore. But the fate of humans on this planet changed remarkably in the fifteenth century and it was done by white people. We didn't always have white supremacy but we have had it for nearly 600 years now.

Race is another widely misunderstood concept. It's just a classification scheme for obvious traits. In medicine there is a distinction between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. This is a new distinction because we can't see bacteria with the naked eye. But all people can distinguish human races. Some differences are large and many more small. The tribe on the other side of the hill may have a different look. Good, that will help when we go to kill them.

All plants, animals, and fungi have species and races. Our branch the hominids have several. Jared Diamond the pop anthropologist wrote a book called "The Third Chimpanzee". He speaks of humans as the third chimpanzee. There are the regular chimps, the pygmy chimps and the naked chimps. We call the second ones bonobos, and the third humans. Diamond is an addle brained leftist who is wrong about most things including this.

But races are not completely clear cut. Bonobos were originally declared by Schwartz to be another chimp race which brought him fame. But another anthropologist/primatologist Coolidge looking for the same renown declared the bonobo a separate species. They have different characteristics but how different? So different that they should be called different races? Or different enough that they should be called different species?

The big reward for most anthropologists is to name a new species. That's why the original names given to new skulls are usually different species or even genera. Later the new names are pared down. Should then Bonobo be reverted to a race of chimps? Should sub-Saharan Negroes be reclassified as different species rather than a different race? Most people can't tell a Bonobo from a Chimp but can easily distinguish a Bantu from and Englishman.

Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Tamil Nadu is the first Indian state to set up "all women police stations" to deal with crimes against women. After the 2012 Delhi gang rape case in 2013, in which a girl was gang-raped in a moving bus, leading to her death, the Tamil Nadu government unveiled a 13-point action plan including installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) in all public buildings and booking offenders in Goondas Act of 1982, that gives non-bailable retention up to 1 year.The government wants to increase to check the dowry movement.The government can suggest a way to decrease the violence against the women's,by rejecting the marries(Can give a reward for the one who is said about the dowry,Violence's against the women's etc. .this will help the government for sure.

Tamil Nadu has a long tradition of venerable culture.Tamil Nadu is known for its rich tradition of literature, art, music and dance which continue to flourish today. Tamil Nadu is a land most known for its monumental ancient Hindu temples and classical form of dance Bharata Natyam. Unique cultural features like Bharatanatyam (dance), Tanjore painting, and Tamil architecturewere developed and continue to be practised in Tamil Nadu.

Anonymous said...

Do Indians leave Pondicherry because their friends will molest their daughters and bust their cherry?

Anonymous said...

Aren't people like Rao's ancestors the ultimate racists? They looked around at the identically colored citizens of their home country and decided, "these losers are unlikely to get their act together not just soon, but at any point in my lifetime." They then packed up and moved to a country they had never even visited before, certain of a better outcome in life in a land run by whites.

Giving up on your own race as a collective gang of losers is about as racist as one can get.

europeasant said...

SO she comes to this country and starts up the racist BS. As to why she and the parents left India in the first place itz very obvious.

GOOGLE "India filthy pictures" If you have a weak stomach don't look.

India a a country of some 1.3 billion. There are a few people there who are very smart but for the most part very poor and dumb.

Anonymous said...

PO'ed in PG County here...

I had a few Indian friends back in high school and college. Guess what, they didn't like the blacks, either! I was a bit more "open minded" (or shall we say naïve) in those days, so I actually thought they were a bit racist. But, apparently, they knew the score...

Anonymous said...

All asian people are racist. India is racist. To deny this isn't just racist, it's irrational.


Blue Eyes Matter said...

She brings nothing to the table, then bitches about the menu.

Whitewalker said...

Come to Canton Township, Michigan-a western suburb of Detroit. In just a few short years, My hometown has been engulfed in a wave of Indian and muslim immigration. There are several Hindu temples, a Sikh temple, and a muslim school. When I went to vote last week, I really saw the full extent of the demographic replacement-they are also weaseling into positions in the voting officials, so you can bet fraud and corruption is close behind. The Indian doctor who led the group building the first Hindu temple was indicted for Medicare fraud (like almost all the ones caught stealing from Medicare), so you know that temple was built with money stolen from US-but did the government step in to sieze their stolen assets? No-we have to grin like morons and clap like seals for "diversity". Every local, state, and federal office around here is packed with immigrant invaders, looking to steal whatever they can from us-they all bring their parents over here,too, so they can get them onto Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security-the local nursing homes are filled with old foreigners-they will soon break our shakey health care systems.

kerdasi amaq said...

Sara Rao, don't forget she's just telling self-hating psychologically masochistic white Americans what they want to hear.

Anonymous said...

Loath as anyone is to admit it, the groveling tone that white capitulation to the heralds of "anti-racism" has taken in the past decade and a half or so is in massive part responsible for this sudden surge of naked anti-white animus.

It's impossible to have any respect for a group of people whose most conspicuous trait is sniveling self-hatred and flagrant dishonor towards their own kind. It's no wonder that these foreigners who come to America find it hard to feel anything for the native white population other than disgust. I'll note that it never had to be this way. For a long, long time even the left-leaning anti-racist wing of white society managed to fight for their cause without outright stooping to self-flagellation and performative public cuckery. This new trend of whites refusing to muster up even a modicum of collective dignity and then wondering why nobody respects them is a fairly new phenomenon and I keep wondering why it all panned out this way.

Anonymous said...

Let me first state that there are a lot more good, well-integrated Hindus in this country than Muslims, so they are not very high up on my shit list.

This woman is just playing the anti-white game for political gain. Like most who do this, she is a hypocrite. She doesn't want to live near blacks any more than your typical elite white liberal, but she knows she earns her liberal bona fides by tweeting out things like "Abrams/Gillum 2020" (which she actually did a few hours ago).

Non PC Infidel said...

I've encountered many minority individuals who've come to America from 3rd world countries and all (whom I've encountered) have quickly adopted the race card which they picked up from blacks in the USA. They see it as a way to manipulate whites into giving into them to "prove they're not racists." When I lived in Los Angeles, the illegal aliens from south of the border were also quick to scream racist any time they didn't get their way.

As for Indians, they're without a doubt the most egotistical group of people I've ever met-always crowing over themselves and their "high class status" (according to the Hindu religion) and how "superior" they are. One of these high class idiots didn't even know how to properly use a western toilet and infuriated his brother by placing all the used toilet paper in a trashcan by the toilet until the source of the stench was discovered and he was "corrected." This fellow liked to talk about how mobs of people in his hometown of Hyderabad would gather near the train tracks to publicly take a morning crap- one circle for men and one for women- and how they'd have to fight off pigs and stray dogs by throwing rocks at them as the dogs and pigs rushed in to try and eat the feces. There were also "holy men" who would walk around stark naked in public. Another Indian idiot liked to crow about how super smart Indians were as a race and was deeply offended when I told him what the studies of the worldwide distribution of IQ said about India- basically an average IQ around 89 if I recall correctly which means a huge percentage are even lower than that. I told him if a million Indians moved to this area that it would quickly be transformed into an Indian shithole.

I used to try to at least be diplomatic in my comments to such people to avoid hurting their feelings but their rank egotism and stupidity quickly put an end to that as well as to any desire to be around them.

Mr. Rational said...

There's no reason to be alarmed by Japan today. That country has the same problem the YTs USA do -- Japan's birth rate is well below the replacement level

Japan was/is quite overpopulated; it cannot feed its own population, and (nuclear excepted) it has no way to satisfy its own energy requirements.  Letting the population shrink is fine as long as no competition for future births is allowed.  When the Japanese are ready to get back to replacement birthrates, only Japanese are going to be there to do it.

Not so much in the USA, dammit.

Very much against allowing in migrants for work or anything else, now the country is having second thoughts

Japan has had stellar performance with robots, including robots caring for the elderly.  I would rather be elderly in Japan than the USA; sadly, I won't get a choice in the matter.

Mr. Rational said...

Most people can't tell a Bonobo from a Chimp but can easily distinguish a Bantu from and Englishman.

And they can just as easily tell a coyote from a gray wolf.

Should sub-Saharan Negroes be reclassified as different species rather than a different race?

The fixation index (measure of genetic difference) between sub-Saharans and Europeans is IDENTICAL to that between coyotes and gray wolves, at 0.153.  Africans are NOT Homo sapiens sapiens.  They are a distinct and incompatible SPECIES.

Mr. Rational said...

This woman is just playing the anti-white game for political gain.

She should be forced to pay for it.

Like most who do this, she is a hypocrite.

She won't go back to her own ancestral COUNTRY.

She doesn't want to live near blacks any more than your typical elite white liberal

She doesn't want to live with her own co-racialists in the land and culture THEY created.  She screams "RACISM!" when her own people created a vicious caste system lasting thousands of years.

She has to go.  She can go back if she will, or be removed in whatever way, but GONE.  And whatever worthless siblings her parents produced with her.

Anonymous said...

OT: Boston's top cops are almost all people of color.

I guess that's what you call "the Black Irish"! ;)

Mr. Rational said...

This woman is just playing the anti-white game for political gain.

She should be forced to pay for it.

Like most who do this, she is a hypocrite.

She won't go back to her own ancestral COUNTRY.

She doesn't want to live near blacks any more than your typical elite white liberal

She doesn't want to live with her own co-racialists in the land and culture THEY created.  She screams "RACISM!" when her own people created a vicious caste system lasting thousands of years.

She has to go.  She can go back if she will, or be removed in whatever way, but GONE.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

As mentioned above, Indians (the ones I worked with in IT ) were extremely biased. They band together and will take over a workplace. They make a lot of mistakes and will cover them up as a group. Some like to tout how intelligent they are. In reality, though, their IT skills are lacking.

Have you noticed the number of system outages that have occurred recently? In fact, there is a list on the 'net of major snafus attributed to Indian firms.

Anonymous said...

I love the comment sections on this blog. Thanks for keeping it real folks.
Makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that there are people out there in the wilderness who see things the way I do.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Trump will be the last great white hope. After he's gone if you think that the media demonization of him is going to stop,think again. They have relied on the hate Trump so long they won't know how to operate in any other way. So once Mr. MAGA has left the building what will they do? Go after his supporters what else. They will incite a new hate wave against old white guys like has never been seen. So for all those over 50, enjoy your last days feeling safe showing your faces in public.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't whites allowed to in-group sans screams of thats racist! but all other groups (as encouraged by such utter stupidities as 'Black" "Asian' or "Hispanic" History Month? Notice how caucasians are broken up into smaller groups of "Polish" or 'Irish' history month or some event. BS social engineering. This stupid ignorant deluded mud woman needs to go back to her own lands. East Indians are rabid ingroupers and yet always on the predatory look out to self-aggrandize sans merit at Whitey's expense. Same with the chinks with those pee stained beings trying to tout having the highest IQ scores. Yea right China (and all Asian countries) manipulate the heck of all statistical data yardsticks they 'publish' so that they can appear to measure up to, or exceed, levels of what Whites achieve They are total predators given to psychopathy at greater levels than whites that chew up their own (they are in many respects share that with blacks who sold out their own to slave ships - well what the Chinese gov't did by allowing western companies to come in and install manufacturing facilities with hordes of dirt cheap chances labor readily 'supplied' by the gov't is the same pathological cannabalistic actions). In a country of over a billion people, the world is given out the 'data' of a small percentage of the population that tests well but the rest are on the level of 3rd world rates of IQ. Same with India and the stats on their bloated population IQ capacities. Having lived near communities of each of these racial groups in large cities, I can tell you firsthand that the world isn't being given the true picture of these groups. There are far more low IQ and mental illness cases running rampant in such countries/cultures than 1st worlders are allowed to believe is the case. Fuck it! THIS RAOS BS IS ANOTHER INCIDENT THAT DEMANDS A LONG OVER DUE CLARION CALL TO INGROUP WHITE FOLKS! As if each group doesn't have enough problems on its own - diversity is kicking all the ills into overdrive, especially with the push to mash up caucasians with other races who consistently demonstrate their lower IQs issues and higher rates of mental illness. I'm done with bending over to be 'tolerant' - all that gets me and my kind is being taken advantage of, dangerously so as I learned firsthand, and taken for fools. Let historically 'tried and truth' method of social cohesion, the color of your skin, hair and eyes, guide you in what is and isn't worth any of your time or resources. Lying pols since '65 let this happen to our fairly homogenous & brilliantly successful country where the only 'diversity' that worked was a Pan-European one! Though its not pleasant to consider that it will take blood spilling to get rid of the shit/pee stain parasitic hordes, lets try instead not to lose any more valuable white lives (a couple of world wars has already decimated enough of our populations in the last century!) and use more discreet methods as we may have at our disposals to purge our Ice people environments of the toxic onslaught of mud/pee stained people. Like puling in vital services not selling or care taking this subhumans in any way. They need us far more then we them, as history has shown for centuries of time. Screw'em over every chance you get. They do intend to replace make NO mistake about that ill-advised intention to appease they pathological envy and warped perceptions of reality.

Awakened white said...

"Seems like Trump will be the last great white hope. "

He can't even build the damn wall. When is that coming? I like to know.

Anonymous said...

Riight... America is racist and ALL white people are racist... yet she loves to live here, and here constituents are all white enablers.. Why doesn't she go to india? Hmmm I wonder

Anonymous said...

This is so true! Indians=Fraud!

Anonymous said...

See Patels from Hell..

Anonymous said...

Indians frequently bring their insane & elderly relatives & put them on SSI.Elderly immigrants who have not worked a day in their lives in the US,are automatically entitled to free monthly SSI checks,free food,free medical & subsidised housing.They can be very wealthy in their own country, but do not have to claim their wealth in the US.I used to supervise elderly Indians who would leave the US in the winter,& come back in warm weather.Their SSI checks & subsidised housing continued in their absence.Their arrogance & rude behavior was shocking.I had to tell them about using deodorant.It was useless.They continued their foul odor & behavior.The saddest thing for me was that elderly immigrants made more money & had more benefits than my parents who worked hard & struggled all their lives.Elderly immigrants have not contributed a dime,yet they cost us billions!Why doesn't the Trump administration stop SSI for elderly immigrants?