Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Her Name is Jeannot Plessy: White Pastor's Wife (a Mother of Five) Murdered in New Orleans by Three Black Teenagers in "Carjacking Gone Wrong"

A few weeks ago, The New York Times profiled a parody "911" number for white women frightened by black males to call: 844-WYT-FEAR.
She should have just called 844-WYT-FEAR...

The former number is one Jeannot Franco Plessy - a 49-year-old white woman who was carjacked and murdered by three black teenagers in New Orleans - should have called. [3 Teens Arrested in Carjacking, Murder of Louisiana Pastor’s Wife, NTD.com, 12-4-18]:

Three teenagers were arrested and charged in the murder of a pastor’s wife.
Police officers said Jeannot Franco Plessy, 49, was forced out of her car and thrown to the ground outside her daughter’s house in New Orleans on Nov. 27. 
The teens who took the vehicle ran over Plessy with it before fleeing the scene. 
The pastor’s wife died that night from blunt force trauma suffered when she was run over. 
The New Orleans Police Department said three teenagers were identified as the carjackers and arrested, identifying two of them.
Outside of New Orleans, few people will come across the name Jeannot Franco Plessy.  

The Robert E. Lee Statue may have come down, but black violent crime didn't go anywhere. 


Mr. Rational said...

It's time to insist that the statues come back until the Black violence and other dyscivic behavior ceases.

Anonymous said...

And there was no justification for the gratuitous murder, either. They had the car, they didn't have to run over her. They did it because they wanted to kill whitey. That's what they're programmed to do.

Bruce County said...

"The Robert E. Lee Statue may have come down, but black violent crime didn't go anywhere."

Streets have been renamed, and many other statues have come down. They are allowed to vote and walk amongst us. They attend the same schools and work the same jobs. We have done everything we can to accommodate them. They want "more" of what they haven't earned. They want us to pay a debt we haven't accrued. Black dysfunction, violence and ignorance will never go away.
Science does not lie!! They are not like us.
Separation is the only answer.

Detroit Refugee said...

I'm not Jane Goodall, but it's safe to say primates always go for the low hanging fruit. Just as naturally as water seeks it's level. Sorry you lost your life mother and wife.
She had to know the score living where she did

PB said...

Jontrell is the consummate Golliwog.

(Look that one up for a giggle)

Anonymous said...

Here is a quote from the New York Times link about 844-WYT-FEAR:

Below is a list of 39 known instances just this year when someone called the police to complain about black people doing everyday activities:

I looked at that list of 39 known instances. I can recall seeing many of them being reported widely in our mainstream media as if they were page one headline nationwide news after they were initially covered by local news outlets. They were also allowed to trend on Facebook and Twitter. (#BBQBecky, #PermitPatty, #PoolPatrolPaul, etc.)

Now contrast all of that with this known instance of black teenagers who murdered a white woman in New Orleans as they were stealing her car, and after they pushed her out of it. Also, contrast all of that with the known instance of a black woman in Saint Louis who "randomly" murdered a white woman inside of a Family Dollar store after the black woman armed herself with two knives that were conveniently just there as store merchandise. Both of these known instances involve white women who were murdered in cold blood by black people, and both of these known instances were reported by local news outlets, but that is where the mainstream media reporting will end. There will be no page one headline nationwide news coverage about either one of these black-on-white murders. There will also be no trending hashtags on Facebook or Twitter about either one of these known instances, and there will be no ginned up outrage over either one of them.

It seems almost as if there is a societal agenda that works against the interests and well-being of white people or something.

Anonymous said...

all women should carry a weapon,stungun,pepperspray or a gun

Anonymous said...

Each week the carnage increases, but hardly a peep of whites doing this to blacks (because it is nonexistent). This story was not national news; it was hardly considered news at all because it happens so much. We have yet another white person killed by blacks for a myriad of reasons, and it is always something went wrong. In a home invasion, the person was supposed to be gone and they startled the negro. In a carjacking, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and did the wrong thing. The Shitavious in the story ran over her on purpose.

The only real thing that went wrong is these three (negroes) should be the ones in a casket. White people have rolled over long enough don't you think?

Mark in NC said...

I am willing to bet the good pastor will be forgiving the "teens" and praying for them any minute now. Disgusting!!!
When will the white people wake up?

Anonymous said...

It's the price of doing the lords work.

Seriously, if that represents your ministry then it's time to change locations.

Poor woman.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Sarasota Police Detectives uses DNA to solve 30 year-old homicide

December 4, 2018 at 2:46 PM EST - Updated December 4 at 2:56 PM

SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - The Sarasota Police Department held a press conference at 1 p.m. today regarding an update on the 1988 cold case homicide of Judith Elaine Doherty.

The press conference was recorded on Facebook Live by our ABC 7 Reporter, Taylor Torregano.

David L. Stephens, 62, was served an arrest warrant from detectives and SPD for the Homicide and Sexual Battery on Monday, Dec. 3 in connection with the 1988 cold case, according to a release from the Sarasota Police Department.

Stephens is in prison at the DeSoto Correctional Institution in Arcadia on charges of Armed Sexual Battery and Burglary in connection to a February 1989 case that occurred in Sarasota County. He was scheduled to be released in July 2021.

According to the Sarasota Police Department, Sarasota Police Detectives used DNA technology that did not exist at the time of the crime and sent evidentiary items of value to be tested at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

According to the Sarasota Police Department, Stephens’ DNA found at the crime scene linked him to the murder of Doherty

Stephens remains in the DeSoto Correctional Institution.


DNA snares another black male in the homicide of a white woman. Funny how most media reports conceal the race of this serial rapist and murderer. Only after searching the perpetrators name and digging through three or four news reports will you find his photo.

Anonymous said...

Pastor's Wife:

Believed in "GOD"? check
Believed in the Goodness of Man? Check
Believed the Bull Shit that we are all "Equal"? Check
Believed in turning the other AssCheek? Check
Believed in "Forgiveness" and other loser idea? Check
Believed the negro is NOT an animal? Check
Believed in "Helping the Poor" (fat, stupid, ignorant "Swine" and Jesus called them? Check

So, now, what went wrong?

Anonymous said...

Watch the "First 48" in New Orleans and it's exclusively black criminality and dysfunction. After henious crimes like those how can these blacks be even be allowed to live? I'm sure they will not receive the death penalty and probably get off relatively easy in the end. The good pastor probably does not believe in the death penalty and most likely praying for these "youth" with "mental issues".

Anonymous said...

Even got 'ol Jacob Shoen to help send her off! She served her community in a variety of ways.  Now that she's passed on I think they need to honor her memory by having a ride-share service for teens!

Jeannot (Franco) Plessy Obituary

Jeannot Franco Plessy, 49, went to be with her Savior on November 27, 2018. She was a lifelong resident of New Orleans with deep roots in the community. She served red beans every Monday in Central City and organized outreaches to benefit those in need throughout New Orleans. She was a pastor of Crossover Christian Fellowship, a ministry she and her husband, Pastor David Plessy, started. While her primary role was as a wife, mother, and minister in the community, she found great joy in taking care of her "grand dolls," Trinity and Nora, every day. Jeannot was preceded in death by her father Luis Franco and brother Alejandro Franco. She is survived by her husband, David Plessy; her children Nadia Sanchez (Kristian), Amando Franco-Dominick, Kasia Plessy, Ezra Plessy and Grace Plessy; her mother Maria Placey and stepfather Carl Placey; and her siblings Luis Franco (Stephanie), Shalom Franco-Kruger (Michael), Yma Lechler (Shane); as well as siblings in Venezuela-Elizabeth, Mirna, Maria Eugenia, Alfredo, Luis Enrique, and Hugo Franco. She is also survived by a host of nieces, nephews and other relatives. Visitation will be held at 10 a.m., services at 11a.m. on December 3, 2018, at Victory Fellowship, 5708 Airline Drive, Metairie, LA. ARRRANGEMENTS BY JACOB SCHOEN & SON FUNERAL HOME. Condolences may be left at www.schoenfh.com.

Published in TheNewOrleansAdvocate.com from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, 2018

Anonymous said...

Remember the old song Louisiana Saturday Night? It needs a lyric change. Oh, and the picture in this farticle is elsewhere on the web, the one with her in front and him to the rear with the crap eating grin on his face wearing the fruity shirt.


(FOX News) - (12/4/18) Three Louisiana teenagers were arrested Saturday after a pastor’s wife was run over and killed by her own vehicle during a carjacking.

Anonymous said...

Teens killed my wife, but I've got my salvation and she is with the lord!



Struggling, David Plessy turned to his Bible, and by chance, it was open to Luke Chapter 2, Verse 29: "Lord, you're letting your servant depart in peace."

Author: Jacqueline Quynh

Published: 12/03/18

NEW ORLEANS -- Pastor David Plessy, whose wife was killed during a tragic carjacking in Gentilly, returned to the church where they both met.

"My wife is captivated and allured by Jesus, I couldn't imagine being on her mind at all right now," Plessy said.

Plessy has turned to God to give him strength during this difficult time. And this Sunday, less than a week after his wife, Jeannot Plessy, was killed by a carjacker who ran over her with her own car, David Plessy returned to Victory Fellowship Church where the two not only met, but called to spend the rest of their lives preaching the Gospel.

"I felt the call immediately. I hadn't thought about it before I looked at my wife, she looked at me, we ran up," he remembered.

Plessy remembers when a pastor asked if anyone wanted to branch out and launch churches during service in 2005. They were supposed to start in Mexico.

"But then when Katrina hit, I came back to New Orleans and all our Mexican brothers were here, they were all working," he said.

The Plessys would later help found Crossover Christian Fellowship in Metairie and focus on helping the hopeless.

After Jeannot's death, David felt lost.

"When my wife was killed, I prayed, my children prayed," he said. "By the next morning I forgot how to pray."

Struggling, he turned to his Bible, and by chance, it was open to Luke Chapter 2, Verse 29: "Lord, you're letting your servant depart in peace."

From that moment on David realized he had to put all of his faith in God to relieve his loss.

"But Jesus will return 100 fold for what I give," he said.

MORE: Teen confessed, implicating 2 others in fatal Gentilly carjacking, court records show

The story and how Plessy is healing from this tragedy has gripped in faith as well as Mayor LaToya Cantrell and NOPD Police Chief Michael Harrison who earlier said residents can feel safer because investigators have arrested two men, including a juvenile with the crime.

"This young man falls into a category within the spectrum, and he has the same ability that I have," Plessy said.

But whereas Plessy told us earlier he wanted to scream out of anger and grief, tonight through God, he's found a place of forgiveness and prays those involved will be able to find light in their lives.

17-year-old Jontrell Robinson, and 18-year-old Edwin Cottrell, as well an a juvenile have been arrested for the carjacking. Robinson's and Cotrell's bonds have been set at $600,000.

Anonymous said...

At least they didn't help her out with a muh-dikkin prior to pulling her from the car and running her over.

Egghead said...

Murder with a car bonus.

Anonymous said...

These folks never let you down. Sickening. Scum. This is the new norm from BRA.

Archie bunker said...

David Plessy remembered someone helping him and wanted to do the same, id bet his help came from a white person not a African, forget these savages, you aren't going to get any appreciation from them. The government provides these losers from birth to death, stealing our money to do it. The Mpls paper reported the other day on the exploding diversity in the state, with a lack of diverse teachers, to even the achievement gap. One man, upon entering his child's classroom, and seeing his teacher was white, said, we are going back to Georgia, you all have us outnumbered. Well, Georgia your gain, is hardly our loss. What these losers are used to, much like babies, is instant gratification, they contribute nothing, yet know when they scream, Whitey will run to appease them, what a stinking, ignorant bunch of leeches we will never be free of without a war

Anonymous said...

Seeing that number made my blood boil. This needs to be common knowledge.

Anonymous said...


Well said, well said. That sums blacks up in the most poignant way.
Georgia really is a negro sinkhole.

D-FENS said...

The husband is the leading candidate for the Davey Blackburn Award for 2018.

100 BRAVO said...

RE: Ex-New Yorker

"Every night I thank God that I live in a Free Zone and don't have to see this stupid shit happening. The cities have become holding pens for the crazy people. Let them kill each other. Who gives a shit. Not me. Fuck them all."

My sentiments exactly. I made the effort to get the hell away from them in SC by moving to CA where I was villified for being a Southern, Caucasian, Christian, Conservative, 2nd Amendment Supporting, Combat Veteran, Heterosexual Married Male by the Lightweight, Limp Dick, No Load, Chicken Shit, Latte Liberal, Soy Boys and their equally obnoxious Wo-Myn partners who had never interacted with Nikkers at any significant percentage rate.

When I asked them why they didn't live in Richmond, Oakland or San Jose, don't know how Pat does it, they said, "Too dangerous!!" They did not want to discuss the fact that the Nikkers are the ones that made it dangerous. "We're the Liberal Elite and we're smarter than everyone else and should not be questioned." What a bunch of fucking Hypocrites.

Having found my piece of Paradise here in NW Florida we could not be happier. I do not have to explain myself to anyone around here as the general consensus of opinion is just like mine: don't need them for anything, don't want to do business with them, don't want to live anywhere near them, listen to their Nikker babble, or see them under any circumstances. Watching them on television is about all I can stand with the false narrative of Nikker professionals, mixed marriages, mulatto children, etc., etc.

They are not like us, genetically, physically, morally, emotionally, spiritually or any other way. I stay as far away as possible and fortunately all the Confederate flags flying freely around here keep them as far away as possible too.

We live on a tree farm. The holes are already dug. It's not Heaven but it is Paradise.

Oil 'n Water said...

I don’t know that it actually happened, but I can just imagine this merry trio, stopping off at a drive-through with the murdered woman’s car, ordering and casually returning home to eat.
Remember the story of the robbed and murdered pizza delivery driver? That bunch took home the food and presumably consumed it.
In my town, a black was convicted of murder after a DNA match from a piece of toast police found at the crime scene. He’d been eating in the victim’s home as he waited for his prey.
How does one eat immediately before or after murdering someone?
Along with burning, this phenomenon is so alien as to defy explanation.

Anonymous said...

100 BRAVO -

Living in the same kind of environment and it is indeed paradise.
When I travel on business to major cities I'm appalled by the women who look manlier than their men and other obnoxious behavior. They glorify diversity yet live nowhere near feral negros who are dysfunctional. Now how did people end up like this? It's a strange place indeed these days mostly bereft of good law abiding citizens.

Pat Boyle said...

The phrase "carjacking gone wrong" is particularly inapt for this kind of crime. Carjacking is most common in South Africa where there are tens of thousands of such incidents each year. The phrase implies that carjacking is a form or robbery and that by happenstance the robbers were not able to quickly and neatly grab the money or the car and make good their escape.

That's not what happened in this case and it's not the pattern in South Africa. The modern carjacking is not committed by adults looking for profit but by black teens looking to murder whites.

The cars stolen by teenage carjackers are not subsequently sold or stripped and sold. The pattern they began to see in South Africa about a decade ago was that thew cars were taken for a joy ride and then abandoned.

So it was not an accident that these young thugs ran over her - that was the whole point of the crime. Thrill killings.

In South Africa the spate of carjackings has spawned a host of anti-carjacking industries. They make a device that is welded under the car's running boards. When the driver is being carjacked he pushes a button and a metal bar flies up and breaks the ankles of anyone beside the car. An even more popular automotive defense mechanism is the "Blaster" a car mounted flame thrower that is aimed at the carjacker's faces. Apparently automobile flame throwers are legal in South Africa. As carjacking catches on in the US maybe you can get a franchise for the American rights to market the "Blaster".


Anonymous said...

A search of the deceased social media and local news sources revealed she was a new “abolitionist” of the highest order.
Abolishing racism of course.

Her husband appears to be a mulatto as well. The daughter’s social media has her pictured helping the poor orcs in Africa.

Never do these so called churches help the poor whites of America.

I’ll bet she also supported the removal of confederate monuments in NOLA.

No huge loss here.

Archie bunker said...

The one salvo, Louisiana law means even a second degree murder conviction means you stay, until you die, Angola buries them, on site

Anonymous said...

100 Bravo, as a transplant to Florida myself, don't get too complacent. It's going to flip permanently blue pretty soon too. Stock up on guns and ammo while you can.

Anonymous said...

Fatal mistake...........White people thinking empathy and treating others like themselves will reach into the heart of the stranger.....especially Blacks they don't know.

Jesus I guess never knew about sociopaths............too bad people blindly follow a golden rule that is not race adjusted for modern times.......

Anonymous said...

By the way, that "phone number" works. People should call it just to make their phone bill hivher, being it's a toll call getting charged to THEM.

Anonymous said...

He's the Jontrelliwog! ;)

Sick n Tired said...

As I've said before on here, I take comfort in knowing people in my family would happily pull the swith on the electric chair, or put a bullet in the head of these savages if something similar ever happens to me. No stories about forgiveness, or crying over their family's loss, just the straight truth about the animals they are, and wishing nothing but harm and misery for the rest of their existence.

Sick n Tired said...

"Stock up on guns and ammo while you can."

As a fellow Florida resident (S. FL though aka Orc-Lauderdale), I cannot recommend this advice enough, especially how our gun laws compared to other states. I encourage everyone I know to buy AR-15s, AK-47s, Glocks that hold 18 rounds, high capacity magazines, drums, bullet proof vests, and ammo, while we still can. They did away with the gun show that came thru every few months, probably because of Parkland, but that is how it starts, restrict access and the casual buyer won't seek it out.

Stay alert, stay armed, stay alive.

And I wish you all the best this holiday season, especially to the usual gang of posters. Cheers!

Pat Boyle said...


I notice that the Mainstream Media has ignored the riots in Paris. They ignore them because apparently the French believe Trump not Macron.

Their soft-headed little leader is still the thrall of the climate extremists. Donald Trump in the last two years decided to close his ears to the climate Jeremiahad, build the pipeline and encourage fracking. America responded with unprecedented prosperity and economic growth. Macron conversely had announced a policy of weening France off of fossil fuels so as to avoid a catastrophe few any longer believe in. The French responded by burning down The City of Light. I guess the Parisians didn't choose to be punished.

Trump 1. Macron 0.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
By the way, that "phone number" works. People should call it just to make their phone bill hivher, being it's a toll call getting charged to THEM.

December 5, 2018 at 11:39 AM

White people should not just call this 844-WYT-FEAR phone number, they should also record the call, and then at least put the recording online somewhere. It would be even better to prank call this phone number and also record it like the way the Jerky Boys were doing their prank calls and recording them back in the 1990's and the early 2000's.

Brian in Ohio said...

It`s hard to call this a situational awareness fail, as a seriously doubt these three sub-80 IQ morons conducted anything like a well thought out and executed heist.

This was a smash and grab that they might have given all of 30 seconds of thought before they did it. And I`m willing to bet there was ample warnings, but Mrs. Plessy chose to ignore them.

She chose virtue signaling over her self preservation instincts. Now look at her. Dead. And if her children or grandchildren had been in the car? Dead too.

These cucks put blinders on so they can ignore the Amanda Blackburns, Dorothy Dows and Chelsea Bellers of the world, and feel oh so superior to the kind of stupid white trash that would post on SBPDL. They are whistling past the graveyard.

So just remember, Jeannot Plessy volunteered for this.

Oh, and here`s what Pat was talking about.


Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

and it is always something went wrong.

Yep. I’m waiting for the media to call a black-on-white rape/murder a “sexual assault gone wrong”...

Anonymous said...

Found a good source on Golliwogs:


They have a lot of great artwork in their museum- I'm going to carouse it as a source of inspiration. Now we're going to start hearing that the original Raggedy Andy was black...

Anonymous said...

If you do not carry, you are just a victim in waiting.

Anonymous said...

Like Davey Blackburn...Davey Plessy will soon find another woman devoted to the

100 BRAVO said...

RE: Anonymous @ 10:39 AM

As a Combat Veteran I don't do complacent, hyper vigilance but not complacent. All the boxes on the security checklist are ticked.

It will be a long cold day in hell before this part of Florida flips blue. Not saying it can't happen but my ashes will have been floating down the Suwannee for quite a while if it ever does at all.

We have excellent relationships with all our neighbors, all of whom are very proficient with firearms, and none of us want or would allow any afro shenanigans anywhere close to where we live. We can only be seen from the air and long drives, locked gates and large dogs are a common thread of life around here.

Thanks for your concern but I think we'll be just fine for the forseeable future. It does not look real good for other parts of Florida or any city with an afro element.

Anonymous said...

These liberal Pastors, so caught up in their own ignorance.
As Jesus was dying on the cross, one of the other two criminals asked that Jesus save himself and them. The other Criminal said we deserve this, but he is innocent. Jesus said that man would see him in heaven.
If you have faith or not, there is NO expectation that Christian forgiveness absolves one of punishment. Period.
To preach otherwise is a terrible injustice to the people.
The pastor can forgive, but they deserve a punishment. It is up to them to unburden their soul and seek redemption.

Egghead said...

Guess who’s coming to dinner?


Anonymous said...

yes--mr plessy is not white. if he is he is a throwback


Anonymous said...

Sick and Tired:

Also here in S. Florida. I went to the last show at the War Memorial. Mostly just overpriced vendors, but nice to look around. Anyway, I have several ARs now and have been stockpiling 30 round AR mags, as well as 15, 17, and 33 round Glock 9mm mags. I also have 1,000 rounds of AR and 1,000 rounds of 9mm that won't get shot, but is just for SHTF.

100 Bravo, your area won't flip blue, but once the state does, we'll start seeing "reasonable, common sense gun regulation." You don't need the whole state to flip, just enough of it.

Anonymous said...

As 2018 nears its end it would be interesting if someone could compile a list of all Whites killed by blacks this year. Big project, but it would be powerful.

Anonymous said...

The response from the family in this case is on the mark. Forgive and forget is not on the table.


OPELIKA, Ala. (WRBL)  An East Alabama man sentenced to die for abducting and killing an Auburn University freshman back in 2008 will be back in court later this month for a Rule 32 hearing.

The Alabama Attorney Generals Office is handling the case for the state against the convicted capital murderer, Courtney Lockhart.  It appears Courtney Lockhart has exhausted most of his appeals. Sources close to the case tell News 3 Lockhart may try to claim his original defense team was inadequate and ask for a new trial.

Lockhart, who was from Smiths Station,  was convicted of the capital murder death of Lauren Burk. Burk was abducted at gunpoint on Auburn University's campus,  shot and then left to die on the road near Farmville Baptist Church in Auburn.

News 3 reached out to Lauren's family, who released this statement:

"The Burk Family is very saddened by the fact that our Judicial system is allowing this Murderer to have another Hearing.  We realize under Rule 32, it is his right, but what about Lauren's rights? We truly hope and pray his Death Penalty remains as it was ruled by the Honorable Judge Jacob Walker at the trial, and until then, he suffers each and every day he is waiting to be put to death."

-The Burk Family.

Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob Walker will oversee the hearing on December 17th.

Walker imposed the death sentence on Lockhart using judicial override during the 2011 trial. The jury voted 12-0 to recommend a sentence of life without parole for Lockhart.

Lockhart was represented in the trial by Phenix City criminal defense attorney Jeremy Armstrong, who has tried a number of death penalty cases.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Georgia for two years one lifetime.

The protection of blacks, by blacks, the nepotism, the systematic anti-white racism, the deeply offensive public corruption by virtually all blacks in power is so unbelievable, I still strugle to understand why whites accept it and why they continue to go in and fix the aftermath.
The recent election is no different.

Anonymous said...

As an outsider, from a western state, that moved to the south, then left, there is a social stigma associated with the south, but the Conservative part is just an easy hang-on. See, plenty of folks are pro-2nd Amendment, but true-blue. Many more are steadfastly conservative because of the screw ups the Govt makes out here, but harbor no racial animosity. It took me a while to figure it out in the south. See, I was and am ULTRA-Conservative, but I wasn’t good old boy Conservative. I am an Originalist, not an Antebellum Traditionalist. I was raised in the Conservative-Protestant ideology that living extravagantly was shameful, while austerity and humility were the mark of a successful family.
These are antithetical ideologies and only once I realized this was I able to understand, but it added to our reasons to leave.
It doesn’t make the south bad, just different. Like Texan pride.

Anonymous said...

"Their soft-headed little leader is still the thrall of the climate extremists."

Now that one is a classic Pat. I intend to use it and I'll do my best to give you credit when I do.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

The po-leece will protect us all from evil! 😂🤣😂🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🐷🐷🐷‼️‼️‼️

Former Liberal said...

Thank God for Alabama! Used to live there. One thing Alabama gets right is the fact that they have a 3 strikes and you're out law and unlike Tennessee where I live now, use it. Unfortunately , we have rashes of liberals in our urban areas here.

John said...

How soon until these three (as ever) misunderstood darlings are guests on the Oprah Winfwee Show and Oprah pardons dem..................?????

Mark Sheets said...

There is nothing we can do! We are being taken over and whites are to scared to protest or do anything about it. Our democratic branch of government is run by the negros and Muslims. Yes, we have Nancy Pelosi but she is told what to do and how to think. If they are scared we are screwed. Anytime a white republican says something he is called a racist. Time for this shit to end! It won't so all of you should be terrifies especially if you have children

Anonymous said...

100 Bravo...

"Having found my piece of Paradise here in NW Florida we could not be happier. I do not have to explain myself to anyone around here as the general consensus of opinion is just like mine: don't need them for anything, don't want to do business with them, don't want to live anywhere near them, listen to their Nikker babble, or see them under any circumstances. Watching them on television is about all I can stand with the false narrative of Nikker professionals, mixed marriages, mulatto children, etc., etc."

I couldn't agree more. I moved to Pensacola from St Louis in July and have never felt more at home. Conservatives everywhere. Liberals do exist, but know they damn well better keep it on the down low. Very cool that another SBPDLer lives nearby!

Archie Bunker...

"...Louisiana law means even a second degree murder conviction means you stay, until you die, Angola buries them, on site"

Way to go Louisiana!


Brian in Ohio...

Thanks for that link to the car flame thrower...I want one! Perfect device for the next time Antifa decides to block a road (wink)


South Florida and North West Florida couldn't be more different. Liberal tribesmen inhabit the southern end of the state. True, blue patriots, the north. Should FL turn blue and attempt a gun grab look for WW3 to erupt in NW FL. Lots of red necks and confederate flags `round here.