Saturday, December 8, 2018

New Academic Study Concludes: White People Must Lose Their 2nd Amendment Rights Because Black People Can't Stop Killing Each Other with Guns

PK Note: If you haven't, pick up a copy of Paul Kersey's "Guns, Blacks, and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era." Makes the perfect Christmas gift!

Somehow, this is all white people's fault... [Black American Life Expectancy Decreasing Disproportionately Due to Firearms, Cost School of Public Health, 12-4-18]:
In 2016, the last year for which the CDC provides numbers, 35,353 people died from gun injuries, the majority of them suicides. In other words, out of every 100,000 people living in the US that year, 12 were killed by a gun, compared to 11 in 2015 and 10 in 2014. 
“But mortality rates don’t show you how much of your life is lost,” says Bindu Kalesan, assistant professor of community health sciences. “Who is dying young, and who is dying old?” 
The answer, she and her colleagues found, is that those who are killed by guns when they are young are much more often Black, while their White counterparts are dying older. 
Gun violence has a color in America...
Their study, published in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, found a 2.48-year overall decrease in life expectancy nationally from 2000 to 2016. (Health gains in other areas have hidden this loss: US life expectancy decreased for the first time in half a century in 2015, with a reduction of 0.01 years, followed by the loss of another 0.01 years every year since.) 
When they looked at these lost years by race, they found that White Americans lost 2.23 years, while African Americans lost 4.14. 
This comes down to when and how these deaths are most likely to occur: African Americans are most likely to be shot and killed by someone else when they were around 20 years old, the study found. “Their lives are done with right away,” Kalesan says, and the many decades that they might otherwise have lived are subtracted from the life expectancy of African Americans. 
In contrast, White Americans who die from a firearm are most likely to do so in suicide and at an older age. These deaths are tragic and should be prevented, she says, but they have a smaller effect on life expectancy because they occur closer to what would otherwise be the end of an individual’s life. 
“We want to prevent all of these deaths—and we cannot do that by just increasing policing,” says Kalesan, who is also an assistant professor of preventive medicine & epidemiology at the School of Medicine. 
Funding for public health gun research has long been notoriously limited. Of the funding that is available, Kalesan says she has recently seen a shift toward a focus on how laws and policing can limit gun injuries and deaths. “That’s just not going to fix the problem,” she says. 
For example, Massachusetts has some of the country’s strongest gun control legislation and one of the lowest gun death rates—but one person is shot each day in Boston alone, says Kalesan, who also studies nonfatal gun injuries. “We are a model state only for gun death prevention, because our hospitals are very good at saving people’s lives. It doesn’t mean that people are not getting shot.” 
As long as the nation’s patchwork of gun laws means guns can flow from states with lax laws to states with more gun control—as School of Public Health researchers have found—gun violence will continue to increase across the country, Kalesan says. “I’m not saying don’t push for gun laws that do work. Get them done by all means.” 
But Kalesan says gun laws need to be only one part of a more multidimensional strategy, one that addresses the underlying, varied causes of gun injuries and deaths. The new study illustrates that need: it will take different kinds of interventions to prevent the murder of a Black teenager and the suicide of an older White adult. 
In another recent study of Kalesan’s, she and her colleagues found that the average profile of an American using a gun for suicide is a married, White man over the age of 50 who is experiencing deteriorating health. “In that case, do you want policing, or do you want doctors talking to their patients and saying, ‘You’ve got a gun, but you also are not feeling well. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with depression. Now, let’s secure your gun and have a plan with your spouse or a family member,’” Kalesan says. “As of now, there aren’t any such programs.” 
The answer to assaultive gun violence, Kalesan says, is not simply more policing, either. Heavily policing—and disproportionately reinforcing gun laws—in Black communities “is just going to create more animosity,” she says. Research by her SPH colleagues has also illustrated how structural racism increases the odds of unarmed African Americans being shot and killed by police, and the wider mental health toll of that form of gun violence. 
Instead, Kalesan says, gun violence should be prevented like any other disease characterized by a wide disparity: social programs to reduce inequities. 
Whether gun suicide or gun assault, Kalesan says, “you can’t just treat the symptoms away. You have to treat the disease from the base.”
White people must surrender their 2nd Amendment rights all because black people can't stop killing one another with firearms.

Here's an idea: the 2nd Amendment shouldn't apply to blacks. If black people use firearms disproportionately to kill one another, perhaps blacks should be barred from gun ownership?


Egghead said...

‘Chesterfield man pleaded guilty to firing on Petersburg mother’s car with three children inside in case of mistaken retribution’

Note: Article is hidden behind paywall.

Anonymous said...

I’m never impressed when gun death is the topic of a study because almost without exception the study is intended to generate support for gun control. The same underlying reasons for gun deaths are responsible for knife deaths, club deaths, hammer deaths and all of the kinds of death that are the result of criminal behavior. A more useful although politically incorrect study would be one that more accurately assesses the value of the lives involved. Without any supporting data the study declares that it isn’t as bad when an old white man dies as it is when a young black man dies. This conclusion is probably unsupportable. A white man in his 50s is almost certainly supporting others who will likely suffer financial hardship once the man is dead. Rare is a young black man who supports himself without assistance from the taxpayer or resorting to crime, and even more rare is a young black man who supports others. Statistically, a black man with a short life will sire fewer welfare dependent nikklets and will commit fewer crimes which will benefit society as a whole. Seriously, if all of the blacks in Detriot, Baltimore, Atlanta, and all of the other black hell holes were replaced with white people the crime deaths of any kind would drop to a fraction of the current rate.

The harsh truth is that we need to let blacks kill each other. Nature has compensated for the nikker’s tendency to kill each other by increasing their reproduction rate so there is no danger of running out of nikkers. It is very important that whites never allow the nullification of the 2nd Amendment as to whites because we are able to responsibly exercise the right to bear arms for the reasons anticipated by the writers of our Constitution. Blacks were not anticipated by the writers of our Constitution, and as a group blacks are unable to responsibly exercise the right to bear arms. A simple law that would be easy to enforce that would substantially reduce gun deaths would be to restrict firearm ownership to white people, but because such a law would be “racist” the left would rather strip everyone of their right to bear arms. We don’t suspend everyone’s driver’s license because because a few drunk drivers kill people on the highways, and driving an automobile isn’t even a Constitutional right. Why should we strip everyone of their Constitutional right to protect themselves just because the nikkers are killing themselves? I would rather arm the nikkers and take the steps necessary to protect my family from the undertow that could be armed with guns, knives, hammers or pipes than give up my 2nd Amendment rights.

Anonymous said...

I live in the white bread suburbs of Boston and I know about the hospitals in the city. They are excellent as far as medical care and the same can be said of hospitals and the medical profession in general, the talent is broad and deep here. In these excellent hospitals full of DWLs there are always security guards armed with Glock .40s. Nearby are civilian police driving around also armed with Glock .40s and 12 gauges in the trunk. This is what gives the DWLs, especially predominant in the medical and academic fields such a sense of physical security, that and the fact that there are few colored people they come into contact with in an uncontrolled manner.

In spite of the gun laws in this corrupt state there are many people who own firearms; pistols, rifles and shotguns. Once a background check is done looking for felony convictions or commitments to mental institutions a firearms identification card is issued after passing a gun safety course. This allows the holder to purchase firearms and ammunition, A separate safety course and permit is required for carrying a pistol concealed. Mostly the permit process is used to get money for the greedy, corrupt local governments, the process is mostly pro forma.

This of course is what white people do, I don't imagine the colored folk are as concerned with the intricacies of the law, they just gets them a piece from Shitavious. They also practice the virtue of thrift by reusing their piece in several crimes so when they invariably get caught the indictments stack up about a yard high. The reason the rate of "gun crimes" is so low in this state is because there are relatively few colored people, not because there are strict gun laws.

Until the 1960's there were few gun laws in Massachusetts compared to today. The state also had a very low rate of "gun crimes". Coincidentally the state also had few minorities. That is one conclusion i.e. that people cause crimes, not guns and colored people cause virtually all the "gun crimes".

That cannot be allowed to be published. To conclude from statistics what common sense teaches i.e. that the coloreds are inherently dangerous, stupid unpredictable folk who cannot be fixed by any government program would upend the whole shit stew of equality, globalism and multiculturalism. Only liars or people without a grain of common sense would deny this truth but these people predominate here unfortunately.

silvercat said...

About 20 minutes of looking and I have no more faith in Bindu than I would a snake. her peers at Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership had this to say," It’s no secret that universities have become a refuge for all manner of hoplophobic, racist, thuggish, and distinctly un-American characters. We’re talking about tenured faculty.

But medical schools? Boston University Department of Medicine? When did it become acceptable for an openly racist, hoplophobic, man-hating and spiteful woman such as Dr. Bindu Kalesan to occupy a chair on the faculty of a respected medical center? To use a prestigious institution of learning as the launching pad for her hateful pronouncements? To fill the pages of formerly respected medical journals with junk science so shabby that even her gun-grabbing academic allies feel compelled to condemn it?

How long can Boston University Department of Medicine claim to be a hallowed institution of higher learning as long as it harbors Bindu Kalesan on its staff? The only course it can take after what she has done is to ask her to clear out her desk, and the sooner the better for the reputation of Boston University Department of Medicine". You can find more here.. or here Now she's an ivory tower intellectual, yet idiot but I would send her this study, read it and weep.. She claims white men terrify her but the only reason she is here is because the men in what ever Aubi Dhabi country she is from scare her more.

silvercat said...

social justice warriors, many of them, have pathologically Martyr syndrome. They are subconsciously programmed to be the perpetual victim and martyr. This is very bad as it can also can lead to almost supernatural bad luck with relationship problems, loss of wealth, getting fucked over constantly, sabotaged careers and unexplained illness. The subconscious is a prolific savant and you dont want it programmed for martyrdom. Stay away from those bastards.

They desire this because it makes them feel right, innocent, proven pure and fighting evil. They get programed in childhood by evil critical parents, Marxist schools or self programming, sometimes all three.

People idolize all martyrs when they shouldn't. It also of course is a dark psychological trait used by dark triads to manipulate, but these liberals are often useless idiots for the other type. They are compelled to experience victimization to prove value and are thus bringing it on all of us. They are trying to confirm their innocence and purity. they virtue signal it when they can its seriously twisted.

Non PC Infidel said...

"social programs to reduce inequities." There you have it. Everything wrong with the negro (no matter where he is found in the world) is the fault of the white man and whitey should provide the darkies with everything they want or need so they are propped up and artificially made "equal." Then they'll act civilized. Sure they will. So, bring on da gibsmedats!

To hell with that. The problem is the negro genome and you can't fix that no matter how much cash you throw at them and no matter how many programs and initiatives are put in place. It's a waste of time, effort and money and is a fool's errand. You'd think that after almost 60 years of exactly that kind of crap (and all the gathered evidence) that these academic fools would wise up but they keep moaning for variations of the same kind of failed policies they've always moaned for. It's absolutely pathetic and stupid beyond belief. All guns could be banned and trillions more dollars could be thrown at negroes and the only result would be that they be killing each other with knives and machetes. Then, we'd have to listen to these academic halfwits moan about knife and machete violence while calling for more programs, cash infusions and initiatives for the darkies.

These academics need to be forced to live in da hood with their pet darkies for a period of ten years. Maybe they'd learn a thing or two then... that is, if the idiots survived the "enriching" experience.

Anonymous said...

"Here's an idea: the 2nd Amendment shouldn't apply to blacks. If black people use firearms disproportionately to kill one another, perhaps blacks should be barred from gun ownership?"
But that would be raysis 🙄

Robert Pinkerton said...

The RIGHT of Arms is a good fit for a society whose social character is unbalanced toward the Apollinian end of the Apollinian - Dionysiac spectrum. It is a worse fit for a basically Dionysiac society.

Anonymous said...

If you banned blacks from owning guns, they'd just go back to chucking spears at each other. Then we'd see endless articles about "spear violence" and how the white supremacist lumber industry forces blacks to throw spears at each other. The lumber industry would be hyper-regulated to death. New laws would force us to build houses out of mud instead of wood because racism and environment. Our new, stone age paradise would then be plagued by "rock violence" and the process repeats.

Anonymous said...

Great article exposing the fallacy of gun violence. In Chicago alone there have been 560 homicides in 2018. Now homicides are different than murders. All murders are homicides but not all homicides are murders. Self defense, police involved shootings that result in a death are homicides but not murders, okay occasionally a self defense shooting or police involved shooting are later found to be not justified and are then counted as a murder, but the point is there have been 560 homicides this year. 78% of those homicides have involved blacks, 17% Hispanics leaving the remaining 5% to include whites, Asians, native Americans, unknown race etc. Eliminate the negro from the stats and the # of homicides drops substantially, take away Hispanics and there is another big drop. White are not the problem. See "" for all sorts of info about violent Chicago.

chattanooga gal said...

"If black people use firearms disproportionately to kill one another, perhaps blacks should be barred from gun ownership?"

such a simple and obvious solution. but the powers that be never do the obvious. that would be racist.

Anonymous said...

"Social Programs to reduce inequity"

Oh yes that's always the answer. Put some more Revrunds out there with social centers full of free stuff. And then the killings continue after decades of coddling the negro.

Mr. Rational said...

the 2nd Amendment shouldn't apply to blacks. If black people use firearms disproportionately to kill one another, perhaps blacks should be barred from gun ownership?

There's a slight problem there; the 2nd specifies "the right of THE PEOPLE".  We'll have this problem as long as Blacks are considered part of "the people".

The solution requires going deeper than just guns.  Frankly, we should consider the science of genetics and designate sub-Saharan Africans as a non-sapiens sapiens hominin species which is ipso facto no more a part of "the people" than gorillas are.  This eliminates the 2nd Amendment problem along with the rest of BRA; we would not have problems with the communist Stacy Abrams because she would not be eligible to hold office even if she could find enough non-Blacks to vote for her.

What to do with them after that is an open question, but one cruise-ship equivalent leaving each major east coast port per day with 5000 on board would be sufficient to transport them all back to Africa in a decade or less.  One ship-load per day would handle the Black population of Baltimore in less than 3 months.  Imagine Baltimore being safe for humans again!

Anonymous said...

Albany police need your help to reduce gun violence

By Asia Wilson | December 7, 2018 at 9:39 PM EST - Updated December 7 at 9:39 PM

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - “Put the guns down” is what the Albany Police Department is pleading for everyone to do.

Police said several times this week, gunmen shot randomly into apartments and buildings across the city.

APD’s Robbery and Homicide Unit Commander, Lieutenant Keithen Hall, believes it’s going to take a village to stop the shootings from occurring. He said now is the time for everyone to stop and think what could happen to you if you pull the trigger. ...

Blah, blah, blah... Another it takes a village plea to end the violence. Blah, blah, blah... Future generations will hear this same drivel. Blah, blah, blah... This is nothing more than social alchemy pushing the agenda crap can be turned into gold.

Anonymous said...

If George-Soros-funded NGO's can aid and abet black males in Africa with getting to Europe, there ought to be a way we can aid and abet black males in America with getting to Africa. The crime rates in American cities would drop significantly if we could achieve this.

Anonymous said...

Study after study, anything but just saying the truth. Negroes will act like negroes no matter what is changed. Unrealistic portrayal in movies. Didn't work. Given jobs they did not earn. Didn't work. Freebies galore. Didn't work. Have their way with white people. Didnt work. Now even shitlibs must know they cannot change things, and blacks know they will never amount to the same greatness as other races. These people are saying things they know are flat out lies, but what's the end game here, the goal. Anyway take the guns away they will just use machetes, bats and lighter fluid.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Structural racism causes unarmed black men to be shot more by police; it’s not because blacks interact more with police (due to their higher proclivity to commit crime) or because an unarmed black man is more likely to attack a police officer...oh no! It’s all whitey’s fault.

The answer? “Mo money fo dem programs...”

It isn’t hard to figure out why older white men are committing suicide at higher rates: they’d rather die quickly than continue watching their country die slowly...

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry...

Anonymous said...

Again and again and again, we are expected to take seriously the analysis of leftist alleged "intellectuals" who cannot even understand that there is a clear conceptual difference between "inequality" and "inequity". Forget the rest of their analysis on its (undeserved) merits: would you consider continuing to talk to and take seriously a person who thought the words "car" and "carburetor" denoted the same thing?

Also, I blames de slabery.

Anonymous said...

I need not point out to readers of this forum that banning guns would only apply to white people, as dindus don't pay attention to laws. All sorts of drugs are illegal but I've never read anywhere that illegal drug users were unable to buy all of the drugs they wished due to the lack of available product. I have never read of a dindu telling a reporter, "I want to get high but strict drug laws have cleared the streets of all drugs, so I'm going to straighten up, get a job, go to school, become a father to my 30 kids from 25 different baby mammas," etc.

It would be the same with guns -- they will always be able to acquire what they want, legal or not, and they will use them for dark purposes. TNB is ingrained in them.

"Social programs to reduce inequities" -- Here's a research topic for those brainiacs in the ivory towers of academia: Where have these various gibsmedat programs produced any positive outcome? Honestly, where? I imagine their excuse would be something like the defenders of socialism and communism -- they just haven't been attempted by the "right people," so that's why countries under those systems are such failures. Likewise, we just haven't had the "right people" in charge of the gibsmedat programs -- plus you know YT is keepin' duh black man down!

There's always an excuse.

Anonymous said...

That is the problem with plea deals for criminals who should have felony records but do not.
As this insane asylum we call the U.S. continues down the path to its destruction, more Cities will adopt more initiatives to not prosecute crimes for which a person could currently stand before a Judge. If ,say due to shoplifting or drug possession over a certain amount, a person could be sentenced to more than a year in prison it would bar a person from legally purchasing a firearm. So as we move along the timeline to collapse, more criminals will have more firearms, all purchased legally due to said initiatives, and more mayhem will occur.
"Ultimately the programs put in place by some groups of SJW will conflict with the aims of other groups of SJW". Talk about insanity. It will increase the chaos.
It is dialectical in nature. Leading the way to a possible further erosion of the 2nd Amendment. The next 20 years are going to be a wild ride.

Bruce County said...

Sorry... don't have anything worthy to post today...
So some humour will have to suffice...

Q: Why do NAPA'S hold their guns sideways?
A: Cause that is the way they found it in the box.

Anonymous said...

OT: Much has been said here about dindus in every nearly TV show and commercial, putting them in roles in which they'd rarely, if ever, be found in real life, such as scientist, investment advisor, wise neighbor (to a doofus YT seeking his guidance), etc.

Now it has gone beyond ridiculous. A recent copy of my mother's church bulletin showed a smiling young dindu on the front cover. Churches have accurately been described as "the last bastions of segregation" and that's the way both YT and the orcs like it. (If you're a YT, show up at a dindu church, such as an AME church, on Sunday morning and see what kind of reception you get.) I don't know where they had to search to find the young dindu to take the bulletin photo but he's definitely not typical of the congregation. (Sigh.) Just more virtue signaling by DWLs who will not be spared when The Happening arrives.

What next? A young YT on the cover of a bulletin from an AME church? Ha!

Pat Boyle said...

People don't think about these matters very rationally. For example you often hear people say that women out live men. Not quite true. Both sexes live almost exactly the same length of time - if you measure only "good years". The Bible gives us ten score and ten and that's just about right. Life for most modern people is pretty good until you're seventy. After that women hang onto what little is left for a few more years - but who cares?

Ancient Rome had a life expectancy of about 25 years. Today Americans live to about 80. Until quite recently the average life expectancy was 36 with women dying first. But with modern medicine even the most wretched sub-Saharan African hell hole has a life expectancy of fifty or more. Too long for a stable world population.

A lot of whites shoot themselves it seems. So when a white man gets a diagnosis of cancer and pulls the pistol out of his gun safe he loses maybe a year of life. When a black teen shoots another black teen the victim loses more than fifty years of potential life. So white suicide is inconsequential and irrelevant. Only black shootings matter.

Is that what they mean when they say "Black Lives Matter"?

Rushton didn't invent the r/K theory. He just applied it to human races. If you look at a table of the nations with the highest IQ's and those with the longest life expectancy's you see East Asian and Caucasian nations at the top and black nations at the bottom. Maybe blacks killing other blacks is not a problem at all. Maybe it's just "natural"?


Anonymous said...

Hell 80% of Blacks can't legally own a firearm currently because of previous felonies. So new gun laws will only affect whites.

Sick n Tired said...

I lived in Connecticut for a while and it was the same thing. Most of the shootings in that state (not including Sandy Hook which was an anomaly) take place in or around Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, or Warterbury, which coincidentally has large black populations, and section 8 apartments. The rest of the state is pretty white and pleasant to go around in.

Anonymous said...

For the last 50 or so years we have been subjected to, inundated with and browbeaten bullied and bored by the same refrain...

1. TNB of some sort

2. "Structural Inequality"or "Institutional Racism" is the culprit. In other words "YT's fault"

3. The solution: "Gibs" of one variety or another.

It matters little whether coming from the ivory tower, the MSM, the entertainment industry, the NAACP or the hustling nog on the street corner. Always the same story.

Anonymous said...

Faith in Action AL holds Lament and Hope Walk for victims of gun violence

By Catherine Patterson | December 8, 2018 at 8:43 PM CST - Updated December 8 at 11:01 PM

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Faith in Action Alabama organized an event for those mourning a loved one lost to gun violence.

Hundreds gathered to honor their memories with prayer and hope for a better future. Everywhere you looked, you could read a name of a father, a mother, a son, a daughter or a friend killed by gun violence.

“We were literally surrounded by death,” said Pastor Gregory Clarke. “Literally surrounded by gun violence. And it’s overwhelming. It puts you in a state of awe. To look at it and to visualized it, it actually makes it real.”

The Lament and Hope Walk was held for families at First United Methodist. ...

Calling this event Lament and Hope Walk for victims of black violence would have been more to the point. Blame the guns. Ignore the culture behind the carnage.

Anonymous said...

Non PC Infidel said...
"These academics need to be forced to live in da hood with their pet darkies for a period of ten years. Maybe they'd learn a thing or two then..."

The problem is, academics think they know everything. They would enter such a project knowing exactly what their conclusion would be beforehand--"blacks are super-intelligent and not at all violent, and the only reason they may appear stupid and violent is systemic racism". Their "research" would involve hand-picking rare anecdotes and inventing and crafting "data" that "proves" their preconceived conclusion. Then other academics would declare the "science is settled" because of this exhaustive 10-year research project, chock full of "data" and "facts".

Anonymous said...

In addition to number 2, here is a list of other amendments that should not apply to blacks:
1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, and 22 through 27.

Archie bunker said...

I think the second amendment attacks by liberals in attempt to solve black violence will be the tipping point, without black and brown violence, the numbers would be amongst the safest, yet these lunatics cheer the changing demographics

Anonymous said...

I think barring negroes from having guns is the right approach. No other group has a problem with self-control.

Anonymous said...

"Hundreds gathered to honor their memories with prayer and hope for a better future. Everywhere you looked, you could read a name of a father, a mother, a son, a daughter or a friend killed by gun violence."

Rather than honoring memories with prayer and hope for a better future, perhaps these people should've gotten together and taken a long time to plan what relevant moves they could take which constitute ACTION.

Non PC Infidel said...

Anon at 12:27 on December 9th: I have no doubt whatsoever that you are correct. Reminds me of when I was studying at ****** University and a fellow student grandly announced to the Professor in one of our classes that her study would prove X,Y & Z. The Professor blasted her by telling her that she was proceeding with a preconceived idea and therefore her conclusions had already been reached prior to even doing the "study" and therefore her "study" would be worthless. She was told to pick another subject of study. The student protested that decision and was told that if she proceeded to hand in the paper she wanted to, it would be an automatic F and she'd fail the course.

The sad thing is that the academics today are just as bad as the aforementioned student and their "studies" and "conclusions" are worthless as well.

Californian said...

Comes down to the same old story: the presence of a large and dysfunctional racial demographic in a city or state becomes an excuse for more restrictions on Constitutional rights.

You have to look at the larger politics behind such things as mass third world immigration into White countries. The more third worlders, the more violence, the more attempts to clamp down on Gun Rights. You also see much of the rest of the Bill of Rights go out the window in order to maintain some semblance of law and order.

Really, the battle for the interests of White people is a battle for a Constitutional society.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Albany PD is demanding dat aybah poda hep

Augustus said...

Excellent title:".......White People must Lose Their 2A Rights Because Black People Can't Stop Killing each Other with Guns."

I would only add that once white people have lost their rights to self defense, black criminals will still have guns. Guess who is being set up to die?

Pat Boyle said...

I keep writing that we are in the midst of a revolution in genetics. What does that mean?

It means everything has recently changed. Everything in the last two years. When Obama was President we had different ideas but in the short time Trump has been in power we think of genetics in a completely different way now.

One big change is that IQ testing may now be obsolete. In the past two years geneticists have assembled a study of the genetics of the variable "educational attainment" This study has an 'N' of one million participants. This leads to the calculation of what's called a "polygenic score". You take a cheek swab from a newborn and you can predict how many years of schooling he will attain when he grows up. It gives you his IQ. It's by far the most accurate way to do this. It is not a general impression of the kid's aptitude. It's a count of how many of the thousands of relevant SNPs in his his individual genome have a favorable allele. It's a direct measure of brainpower. It can be measured at the birth of the baby and it never changes throughout life.

This is new. You probably haven't heard of this technique before but you will hear a lot more about it soon.

I signed up for 23andme about four or five years ago. A lot of geneticists ran studies on all that data. The funny thing is that nobody got any results. It seems that human genetics was not at all like everyone had assumed. Two years ago. What we know now is that there are virtually no big effects. Genetics only has thousands of tiny differences none of which is very important in itself. So today instead of running studies with hundreds of test subjects we realize we probably will need millions.

Only genetic differences seem to matter. Environmental differences are not systematic. They are random and cancel each other out. This is real bad news for the black theory of racism. Individuals including black individuals are the way they are because of their individual genome - and we can now see and count the characteristics of that genome.

I suspect that Maxine Waters will not embrace this scientific revolution but over the next few years most intelligent people will. This is a change in medical thinking comparable to that introduced by Pasteur and Koch at the end of the nineteenth century.

Exciting times to be alive.


Augustus said...

Perhaps a controlled, scientific experiment is in order for the scirntific/medical community. Ban all those security personnel at hospitals and clinics from carrying arms. Then we can compile annual stats and see how much safer our control group has become.

Brian in Ohio said...

"Above all else, be armed." - Mark Twain

Stay alert, stay alive.

Augustus said...

"Equity" means racial equality, so the solution is to make the numbers "balannce" according to each group's percentage of the population. Obviously, there is no need to do the impossible and reduce black murders with social programs. Simply set up programs to encourage whites to murder a much larger percentage of the population. Just pay a bounty for every scalp or set of ears delivered by white murderers. Problem "equalized!" Damn, I'm good at solving social problems! Right?

Sick n Tired said...

It also gives a need for more money diverted to police forces, kangaroo courts, building/expanding of prisons, restrictions of rights for law abiding citizens, reasons to put up surveillance cameras on streets and roadways, gun registries & confiscation s, etc. Basically a slow erosion of freedoms for law abiders, because we all know low IQ criminals don't give a fuck about any of that shit.

Anonymous said...

Bullseye. Sending them back to Africa would be the only viable solution.

BastionHarm said...

"African Americans are most likely to be shot and killed by someone else when they were around 20 years old, the study found. “Their lives are done with right away..."

And, if we lived in a sane world, the immediate retort would be "This isn't necessarily a bad thing because these young black yewts getting killed by other black yewts were themselves predatory and parasitic on our nation and need to be weeded out."

Try saying that today, however, and watch yourself get harassed, doxxed, fired, and soon, be thrown in jail for "hate crimes", legislation for which will be enacted once Trump's 1-and-done stint is over and the Democrats take full control in the next 4-8 years.

Anonymous said...

Good point. The black youffs that get themselves shot are usually gang initiates that are already or soon will be causing problems for the civilized world. Their early deaffs are a useful outcome.

And PK nailed it, the Founding Fathers never intended the Second Amendment to apply to blacks. Since the evidence proves they can't handle firearms, then they shouldn't have the same right to bear arms that the rest of us do. We should not tolerate the drive to surrender our own rights to the Third World black mean.

OT: Jamaican resorts are a paradise for black rapists. Because, of course they are.

europeasant said...

"Here's an idea: the 2nd Amendment shouldn't apply to blacks. If black people use firearms disproportionately to kill one another, perhaps blacks should be barred from gun ownership"

The supreme court has already ruled on this idea. In the famous McDonald v. City of Chicago case.

"Chicago resident Otis McDonald, a 76-year-old (in 2010) retired maintenance engineer, had lived in the Morgan Park neighborhood since buying a house there in 1971.[7] McDonald decried the decline of his neighborhood, describing it as being taken over by gangs and drug dealers"

"Due to Chicago's requirement that all firearms in the city be registered, yet refusing all handgun registrations after 1982 when a citywide handgun ban was passed, he was unable to legally own a handgun. As a result, in 2008, he joined three other Chicago residents in filing a lawsuit which became McDonald v. Chicago"

You can read the rest here;

McDonald seemed like a decent enough black man but a lot of the people in his neighborhood were prone to criminality. Enough to cause his neighborhood to become very dangerous. That area of town was almost all White but is now 99% black. No city or area can long survive that. Everyone but the most deluded SJW know this is the case.

I have been an NRA member for a few years and in all that time have never seen the NRA address the negro crime problem. To do so would bring the full power of the MSM and academia against them.

There is no solution and nature will take her course as to the outcome. The crime numbers will only get worse as the African population numbers will keep increasing.

The USA already has 40 million Africans and there are one billion waiting in Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa is undergoing a population explosion and yet SJW keep sending food and money to build wells. I say Let Nature take itz course and stop feeding them.

Egghead said...

Ultimately, patterns of gun use show the civilizational conflict between raiders and farmers.

Before farming, everyone was a raider of nature (hunter-gatherer).

After farming, farmers farmed and raiders raided.

Raiders use guns as a tool to rob farmers. (Rape is a category of robbery. Rape robs victims of consent to a sexual act.)

Farmers use guns as a tool to farm. (Protection from raiders is a category of farming. Raiders ruin current and future crops.)

For raiders, gun control is an important form of self-preservation because raiders know that, when farmers are disarmed: 1) It is easier to target ‘rich’ and ‘soft’ farmers, and 2) It is easier to rob a larger amount of booty - that can then be shared more easily (than a smaller amount) with fellow raiders.

Anonymous said...

A Boston College student was arrested for writing "anti-black" graffiti in a residence hall.

Note the race of the student who was arrested is never mentioned. The average reader is supposed to take the statement from the BLM-type group and the fact that the black campus population is only 4% to imply that the vandal is white.

Yet time and again, almost every single one of these "bathroom mirror spray painted with racial slur" stories ends up being committed by a member of the victim group the slurs were directed at.

But the complicit media who likely knows the racial identity of the perpetrator hides this fact, the story gets broadcast far and wide and decried as "rampant white racism", there is a campus vigil, and the campus BLM group scolds the student body. Weeks later, it gets mentioned at the bottom of the 15th page that the anti-black vandal was black himself and "wanted to make a statement about how unsafe he felt on campus".

Anonymous said...

Just the natives getting restless. Weird how so many of these people look just like the average SBPDL reader with matching names to boot!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this guy is smart. If he can fear for his safety with a mere 4% of the students being black like him then perhaps we can use this young man's fears to illustrate that even blacks don't like being around each other.

Historically black colleges and universities are there for a reason, the reason is for black people to congregate there not in white spaces.

Anonymous said...

Girls, watch out who you date and ALWAYS use protection.

Anonymous said...

The blacks and Latin X's get to praise their races, gather independently and with freedom and comfort to do so. If our Pennsylvania Dutchman was a bit wiser his rant wouldn't have occurred.

How many POC's are taking the maths he is?

“Earlier today, we, the Columbia University Black Students’ Organization, held open space hours and an open board meeting to put together a timeline of events and discussing comfort levels with various actions as well as discussing actions on what we can take as a community. We want to make sure that we can come together with a common narrative/message and have a plan of what we want to come from this incident.”

The Columbia University Student Organization of Latinxs wrote on Facebook, “This weekend, a group of POC students were harassed in front of Butler library by a CC sophomore, who was spouting white supremacist rhetoric. The video has been circulating in Columbia students’ social media. We are outraged by these events and demand that this student is held accountable. We also want to stress that this type of incidents do not happen in isolation and we demand that Columbia University sees this as an institutional problem that is perpetuated by its administrative, academic, and business practices.”

Anonymous said...

Albany? More like Bakkabawbany. Them brothas shoot hoops, heroin and each other. That kid getting kicked outta Columbia U. was 100% correct.

Mr. Rational said...

Another one pays the Eloi tax due on coal-burning (even if the creature was only partly coal and substantially mestizo).  How many more lessons will it take before the culture draws a color line and says "DO NOT CROSS"?

Mnemonic:  "Kinky hair—DON'T GO THERE!"

Anonymous said...

teen. is that code for ?

Anonymous said...

whats POC students?

Anonymous said...

I have been an NRA member for a few years and in all that time have never seen the NRA address the negro crime problem. To do so would bring the full power of the MSM and academia against them.

There is no solution and nature will take her course as to the outcome.

The MSM and social sciences already do whatever they can to undermine them. We can't go a few weeks without some dishonest study on "gun crime" that avoids race.

Doing nothing will just lead to the erosion of the second amendment.

The media spins their narrative of the guns being the problem and the NRA/Conservative inc doesn't bring in race to be nice. Well anti-gun liberals aren't playing nice and they are winning.

Look at what has happened to California. More gun laws than any other state and yet they plan on passing more to stop "gun violence". The NRA there has pretty much given up.

The status quo favors the anti-gun side.

Anonymous said...

POCKET = Person(s) of Color

Basically it's what non-whites like to be called. Like we don't have any color? Well, we may have less color but a whole lot more to brag about.

silvercat said...

Guns have only two enemies: rust and politicians.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins IV said...

Boston University. The same "hallowed institution" that gave Alexandria Occssional Cotex her economics degree.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore launches gun buyback program, offering between $25 and $500 depending on the type of gun turned in

Anonymous said...

Ooops, autocorrect screwed that. POC not pocket in caps.

Anonymous said...

But rather than operate out of fear and close herself off to meeting new people who may not share her race or ethnic background, Pompeo says she chooses "to be a fan" of people of color and relish in their unique abilities.

"People of color are magical, mystical, powerful, beautiful, spiritual, strong, and excellent at what they do," Pompeo suggests. "There's just so much power and talent. The Black experience is a powerful one, and I can see where that would be intimidating. It's so much easier to just celebrate it and just thank the universe for giving us people of color because it's a gift."

Anonymous said...

Whenever I read a name like that (unidentifiable and obviously not white and/or Anglo), I immediately disregard whatever it is they’re saying as anti white BS. And it gets ignored. If it’s not a white person, I honestly don’t care what they have to say, on any issue.

Anonymous said...

That girl was doomed regardless. Divorced parents, father remarried to a coal black “lady”, mother was probably shacking up with some black as well. I’m sorry for this girl, she had no chance, but I’m not sad that one more mixed, future enemy of my white children, wasn’t born. My kids see it already, the loathing in the eyes of the non white kids. I tell them remember this. They hate you. They want to possess and destroy your beauty and genetics. I always show these stories to my children, and the regular news where it’s all black criminals. Hopefully they will understand.

Anonymous said...

"People of color are magical, mystical, powerful, beautiful, spiritual, strong, and excellent at what they do," Pompeo suggests. "There's just so much power and talent. The Black experience is a powerful one, and I can see where that would be intimidating. It's so much easier to just celebrate it and just thank the universe for giving us people of color because it's a gift."

If they are all these attributes why can't the find enough clean water and food to care for themselves in those parts of the world where they are the dominant demographic and governing bodies?

The reality is this........

"People of color are excellent at what they do, but there's just only so much they can do on their own. The Black experience is a violent one, and I can see where that would be intimidating. It's so much easier to just let them burn down their own neighborhoods and curse ever bringing here as slaves because it's a liability to any society they reside in."

Anonymous said...

Well Pompeo is bluntly an idiot extremely
unbeknownst,troglodyte or just putting up a front no way
in hell a sane person can say the same,similar thing about
black people and not laugh at that BS menial nonsense on what they have just conveyed

she thinks the reason why other races an ethnicity's
are intimidated by them is because how the Black experience
is a powerful one what and utter complete Godzilla crap!
since considering the way they live in Haiti,Sub Saharan
Africa,Ghettos,slums,projects she calls that a powerful
experience an who in there right mind will or would
want to have the same experience as them

not to mention whites already experienced
through that garbage its called the great depression
an post World War I,World War II where the cities,towns
use to be after the wars were over so whats so intimidating
about black people again.

Egghead said...

Pompeo’s husband - and father of her three children - is a walking black stereotype. He is a three time ex-con who has allegedly cheated on her.

“‘Show me a teenager from Boston who doesn’t have a record,’ she once reportedly said.’”

Anonymous said...

"gun violence should be prevented like any other disease characterized by a wide disparity: social programs to reduce inequities."

Why am i not surprised?