Sunday, March 29, 2015

'One day someone like me is gonna kill you and your whole f*c$ing race!'

There's something fundamentally sick about America. 

Irredeemable, even. [Black leaders to gather at scene of Roxbury police shooting, Boston Herald, 3-29-15]:

Black community leaders will gather this afternoon at the scene of a shooting in Roxbury last night that left a veteran Boston police officer fighting for his life and the suspect dead in an effort to ease tensions and ensure transparency. 
“We’re going to have civil rights leaders, elected officials and clergy meet and walk down to the area where the police officer was shot and to see the scene where the man got killed,” said Darnell Williams, president of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. “We want to make sure that we get the message out to the community that there is no connection here to how things went down in Ferguson. 
We want to make sure that people know that this was something that was committed by an individual with a different agenda.” 
Williams, who was among the community leaders who met with Boston police brass this afternoon, said the group was shown surveillance camera footage from a business near the intersection of Humboldt Avenue and Ruthven Street that showed 34-year-old John T. Moynihan being shot in the face by suspect Angelo West, 41, of Hyde Park, during a traffic stop. Police shot and killed West. 
“We saw actual video footage of went down,” Williams said. “My reaction to the video is that the officer is lucky to be alive ... It’s a whole different ball-game if you shoot a police officer like that — when you do what this man did — you’re not going to the hospital.” 
The group will gather at the intersection of Humboldt Avenue and Dale Street at 4 p.m., Williams said. 
“We want to see for ourselves the scene, we want to know how long the body was out there on the ground,” Williams said. “We want to send the right message out to the community.”

Irredeemable is the only word to describe Black-Run America (BRA) at this point.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

There's literally no where else to go from this point, save the reintroduction of segregation and Jim Crow. Seriously.

Two white males, employed by Domino's Pizza, executed by blacks in New Orleans. 

Less than six months apart. 
After two white Domino's Pizza drivers are executed by black males in New Orleans (six months apart), the company will reevaluate delivery rules... 

One of those white males, Richard "Chris" Yeager, was executed by a black male who was only identified because his ankle monitoring device placed him there at the time of the murder...

There's literally no where else to go from this point, save the reintroduction of segregation and Jim Crow. 
Seriously. [Domino's makes changes to protect delivery drivers,, 3-28-15]:
The murder of a Domino's delivery driver forces the local franchise to change the way it does business in New Orleans. RPM Pizza announced new steps to combat what it calls "rare and violent crime." 
The changes come just days after 36-year-old Michael Price was shot and killed during an early Tuesday morning armed robbery in the 6100 block of North Roman Street. The gunman has not yet been found. 
Some of the changes RPM will make include only accepting credit cards for delivery service after 10 p.m. RPM Pizza says that means drivers will not carry cash after 10 p.m. in certain locations, including the Franklin Avenue store where Price worked. 
The franchise also hopes to become a test market for in-car cameras and GPS tracking devices in New Orleans. 
A $10,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and indictment of those responsible for Michael Price's murder. A billboard featuring the reward information will be on display. Call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111 with tips. All callers remain anonymous and do not have to testify to be eligible for the cash reward. Domino's says it will donate 50% of sales from the Franklin Avenue location this week to the Price family.
There's literally no where else to go from this point, save the reintroduction of segregation and Jim Crow.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Justice for Michael Brown: Three Blacks Attack White Man on MetroLink in St. Louis

 "It figures. It's all happened too sudden. People gotta talk themselves into law and order before they do anything about it. Maybe because down deep they don't care. They just don't care."
 - High Noon, 1952

Two cops shot in Ferguson. 

Story basically scrubbed from the minds of Americans, with a media uninterested in covering a story dealing a "setback" to the cause of black empowerment in Ferguson. 

One of the true heroes chronicled in the Ferguson War Journal steps up again and points out what those behind the #BlackLivesMatter movement want: dead cops. [Ferguson protesters want ‘dead cops,’ says St. Louis union official, Washington Times, 3-12-15]:
Jeff Roorda, business manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, said on Fox & Friends after the shooting of two officers that the resignation Wednesday of Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson wasn’t enough for some protesters. 
“Dead cops. That’s what they want. And let’s not pretend like they wanted Tom Jackson’s resignation, or that they’re still mad because Mayor [James] Knowles is there,” Mr. Roorda said. “They want dead cops and that was their goal all along, and that was their goal last night.”
Mr. Roorda didn't go far enough, with the true desire the raising of the tide of color against the civilization whites built in both Ferguson and St. Louis now beginning to spill out at across the metropolitan area. [Man beaten on MetroLink train after attacker asks him about Michael Brown, police say, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3-27-15]:
A 43-year-old man who was riding a MetroLink train Monday night was attacked by several men after one of them asked him about the Michael Brown "situation," police said. 
video posted to Facebook appears to show the attack. 
Police said the victim, who is white, was punched and kicked by three black men, one of whom had made the reference to the teen killed in Ferguson by a police officer Aug. 9. 
The assault took place about 8:54 p.m. as the eastbound train was nearing the Forest Park Metrolink platform, police said. The victim told police he was seated on the train when the three men approached him from behind. 
One of the men, who was 20 to 25 years old and wearing a red T-shirt, asked the victim if he could use his cellphone, and the victim said no. 
The man then asked the victim "what he thought about the Mike Brown situation." The victim responded that he hadn't thought much about it, according to the police report. 
The man in the red shirt then punched the victim in the face and struck him multiple times, police said.  
The victim was unsure if the other two men had joined in, but video surveillance of the incident confirmed that they had, police said. They are both described as black men between 18 and 22 years old age. Police did not give a further description.
So a question about Michael Brown sparked an unprovoked assault on a white man riding public transportation in St. Louis?  Does the attack by three black males on a white male qualify as a hate crime or is it nothing more than the type of racial dialogue Starbucks attempted to start with #RaceTogether? 
America in 2015: blacks attack white people and the USA requires a lift from the Russians to get to space....
Seemingly, multiple black people beating a white male represents progress to the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) mind and atonement for past sins; particularly for the execution of Michael Brown via Officer Darren Wilson, an act in which all white people are now guilty of performing. 

The black community doesn't care about the truth in the case of Officer Wilson's encounter with Brown anymore than individual black people collectively care about the five black people slain in a 10-day time period in heavily black North St. Louis

Of all people in America, former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker seems to understand the reality of the situation in Ferguson the best. [TWITTER PERPETUATES 'HANDS UP, DON'T SHOOT' MYTH:  John Rocker on sign-in page image: 'It needs to come down', WND, 3-16-15]:

Take a look at two incredible passages from the “Department of Justice Report Regarding the Criminal Investigation into the Shooting Death of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson,” which showcases the absurd lies the mainstream media completely bought and then sold to the American people as the absolute truth of what occurred in Ferguson.
The first passage details “Witness 120″ lying to the police about what happened in Ferguson, claiming Brown had his hands up and was “executed.” Notice how the DOJ report uses actual physical evidence to dismiss as false a claim the media (I’m looking at you, CNN, New York Times and MSNBC) immediately ran with as truth: 

Witness 120 initially told law enforcement that he saw Brown shot at point-blank range as he was on his knees with his hands up. Similar to Witness 138, Witness 120 subsequently acknowledged that he did not see Brown get shot but “assumed” he had been executed while on his knees with his hands up based on “common sense” and what others “in the community told [him.]” There is no witness who has stated that Brown had his hands up in surrender whose statement is otherwise consistent with the physical evidence.
Something tells me the DOJ or the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office will not be looking to charge Witness 120 with perjury, though Witness 125 was offered immunity if she recanted a lie she told the FBI and SLCPD detective – a lie she told because she claimed “she wanted to be part of something”: 

When Witness 125 appeared at the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office to testify before the county grand jury, she was accompanied by an attorney. Prior to her testimony, Witness 125 told the county prosecutors that she lied to the FBI and to SLCPD detectives. Witness 125 was then given immunity from federal prosecution for making material false statements to federal agents so long as she testified truthfully in the grand jury. She testified that she did not, in fact, witness any part of the incident, but claimed she did so because she wanted to be “part of something.” She claimed that a friend in the community told her to tell the SLCPD and the FBI what her boyfriend saw, but to claim it as her own.
So a “friend in the community” told her to lie to federal authorities about Brown having his hands in the air when Wilson shot him, all because she “wanted to be part of something.”
"....wanted to be part of something."

Like it or not white people, you are part of something. [After The Main Stream Media Left: What Next For Ferguson?, by Paul Kersey,, 3-27-15]

When the white guy got on the MetroLink Train in St. Louis, he had no idea an answer to a question would result in him being assaulted by three black males; when Officer Darren Wilson approached two black males on Canfield Drive back in August of 2014, he had no idea this would end his career as a police officer. 

What so few people realize is how we are all now part of something on the verge of spiraling out of control.

Whether you wanted to be or not, you are now part of something completely out of control. 

It's time to start caring.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"New Orleans is New Orleans. We love it, but we understand where we live."

"The Lord said, “If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.” -- Genesis 18:26

The Lower 9th Ward is America's version of Sodom, and God's judgement fell upon this area of New Orleans in 2005. 

Almost ten years later, a white father of three found himself delivering a pizza to an address in the Lower 9th Ward. 
36-year-old Michael Price, with his three children. Carrying less than $20, he was delivering a pizza in 95 percent black Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, where his body was discovered "riddled with bullets."

And for the second time in six months, a white pizza deliveryman was murdered by blacks. [Domino's delivery driver slain in Lower 9th was husband, father of 3 young children,, 3-24-15]:
The Domino's Pizza delivery driver shot to death inside his car early Tuesday morning (March 24) in the Lower 9th Ward has been identified by company officials as Michael Price. 
The 36-year-old husband and father of three young children, ages 8, 6 and 2, lived in the Lower 9th and was on his way to make a delivery when he was murdered, said Robert Tedesco, regional vice president for local Domino's franchisee RPM Pizza LLC, which operates the Franklin Avenue Domino's where Price worked for the last year or so. 
"He was an exemplary team member," Tedesco said. "He always came to work smiling, doing what we asked him to do. He didn't get to come home this time, and that's a tragedy." 
New Orleans police found Price's bullet-riddled body shortly before 1 a.m. in the 6100 block of North Roman Street. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 
Detectives are working to identify suspects and a possible motive, saidNOPD spokesman Tyler Gamble. Per company policy, Price had no more than $20 on him when he left for the delivery, Tedesco said. He had not completed the delivery when he was killed, Tedesco said, adding that the delivery destination was not far from where he was found. 
"He was close to where he needed to be," Tedesco said. 
Private counseling was being scheduled for colleagues at Price's store, 1120 Franklin Ave., which remained open Tuesday. Half of all proceeds from sales made at the store, through Sunday night, will be donated to the family, Tedesco said. 
"We will walk (his family) through this process, as difficult as it is," Tedesco said. 
"We'll be the support system, not just today and tomorrow." 
The company has also offered a $7,500 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in Price's murder. 
"There's a killer on the loose," RPM Pizza CEO Glenn Mueller said by phone Tuesday morning. "We're talked to the police chief and the mayor. We're upset. 
We're aggressively working to find the person or persons responsible." 
Price's killing comes six months after another Domino's delivery driver, Richard "Chris" Yeager, was gunned down after making a delivery in Mid-City. Authorities have accused two teenagers, Shane Hughes and Rendell Brown, of Yeager's murder. 
Domino's drivers undergo upwards of 16 hours of safety training before making deliveries on their own, Tedesco said, and the company advertises its policy of drivers not carrying more than $20. 
"We harp like crazy," Tedesco said of the company's safety policies. "New Orleans is New Orleans. We love it, but we understand where we live."
".... but we understand where we live." 

Yes, the white people of New Orleans understand where they live: surrounded by the racial brothers of Haiti who have helped turn the island nation into the charity capital of the world. 

Whites living in the French Quarter are asked to pay more taxes to support the salaries of state patrolmen to keep the historic epicenter of New Orleans safe to tourists, all because the black population engages in the type of "senseless" crime that has now made Michael Price's bride a widow. 

And his three young children are now deprived of their father. 

Domino's drivers undergo more than 16 hours of safety training before they are sent out into the wild of New Orleans, where the black population has virtually made miles upon miles of the city uninhabitable to citizens, no-go areas to tourists, and inhospitable to business investment. 

What does this "two-days of safety training" say about the world individual black people have collectively created in New Orleans?

Price's body was found "riddled with bullets" in perhaps the most unforgiven real estate a white person can enter in all of America; and he was there to do his job, delivering pizza so his family (his children are 8, 6, and 2) could be supported. 

Abraham said, “Now that I have been so bold as to speak to the Lord, what if only twenty can be found there?”
He said, “For the sake of twenty, I will not destroy it.”
 Then he said, “May the Lord not be angry, but let me speak just once more. What if only ten can be found there?”
He answered, “For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it.” - Genesis 18: 31-32