Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chants of "black community control the police!" Rang Out in Baltimore...

One of the most beautiful scenes in all of literature is the ending of T.H. White's The Once and Future King (book four: The Candle in the Wind), where King Arthur sits in his royal tent on the precipice of war and contemplates the ruin of Camelot. 

His entire life's goal to bring about a peaceful and just civilization have failed. 
Sorry Francis Scott Key, but the flag of black nationalism now is flown in Baltimore, supplanting the racist American flag...

All of his plans failed because the structure his idea was built upon was based on a false premise: that man was decent. 

I've long believe your average white liberal believes just as fervently that men are equal as King Arthur believed man was decent, and thus his Camelot could exist in perpetual peace. Sadly, the bulk of white conservatives/patriots/2nd Amendment devotees also believe passionately in the concept of the equality of man. 

It's hard to believe SBPDL was started almost six years as a joke between a few drunk friends and person insane enough to actually go on and finish the joke. 


But it's my belief the key to success in life is to just show up. 

Again and again. 

Not only do you not know who will follow, but you never know who you'll inspire to lead. 

Watching the madness unfold in 65 percent black Baltimore reminds me of the unfortunate position conservatives find themselves in, for they complete lack the vocabulary even comprehend what is unfolding in the city

It might be sad, if it wasn't so hilarious to watch a city completely dominated politically by blacks working overtime to ensure future generations will study the events of 2015 Baltimore as a lesson in how the tide finally turned on the concept of the equality of man. 

Many white liberals and conservatives will, like King Arthur in The Once and Future King, believe their idea of equality is still inherently good and serve as the foundation of any just society, without ever understanding how the primary premise America was built upon was flawed from the start. 

We see in 65 percent black Baltimore - long ago the birthplace of the United States of America's National Anthem - the denouement of the equality of man concept, and it will be our job to survive the unraveling of this misguided belief. 

Until then, events such as the false shooting of a black person by police officers, will serve as a reminder we are on the verge of a historic paradigm shift. [Tense moments in Baltimore as police arrest man with gun at riot intersection, ABC 7 Baltimore, 5-4-15]:

Days after riots crippled Baltimore, tensions again escalated after police said they arrested a man who appeared to be armed in a scuffle that drew a crowd of protesters who chanted "black community control the police!" 
Lt. Col. Melvin Russell said police pursued a man who was spotted on surveillance cameras and appeared to be armed with a handgun. Police said the man was taken into custody after a brief chase, during which a gunshot was heard - apparently the result of the man dropping the gun while trying to flee from officers.
Chants of "black community control the police," in the same city where 201 years earlier Francis Scott Key was moved to pen the Star-Spangled Banner when the American flag still flew over Fort McHenry...

Of course, only days before, blacks sang and danced chanting "Whose streets? Our streets!" (meaning: black people owned the streets) as they marched through Baltimore after black State Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby made good on her promise to "pursue justice by any and means necessary," and indict six Baltimore Police Officers in the death of known heroin peddler Freddie Gray. 
Mosby, who in her announcement to charge the six officers played to the highly partisan crowd saying 
o the people of Baltimore and demonstrators across America, I heard your calls for, “No Justice, No peace. Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man,” seemed to endorse the black riots/arson/looting/insurrection in Baltimore that destroyed 200 businesses, left more than 100 police officers injured, and forced the Baltimore Orioles to play the first empty stadium in Major League Baseball history. 

If blacks don't get what they want, all they have to do is riot for change and a black state's prosecutor will hear amid the anarchy the call of "no justice, no peace" as legal justification for the sacrifice of law and order... all to placate the black mob. 

It was part dance party, and part angry cry for justice. The day after six police officers were charged in the killing of Freddie Gray, at least 1,000 people converged on City Hall on Saturday for a largely celebratory "victory rally." 
They danced in unison. They sang along to "Express Yourself" pumped over a loudspeaker. They registered dozens to vote. 
It was a marked contrast to last weekend, when scattered looting and vandalism broke out downtown after a day of demonstrations. As the marchers made their way down Pennsylvania Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard on Saturday afternoon, it was clear that authorities had decided not to make a show of force. 
At many points in the march, not a single police officer or National Guard soldier was in sight. As they marched, participants raised their voices in protest. 
"Indict, convict, send those crooked cops to jail, the whole damn system is guilty as hell," they chanted. 
Under the green-black-and-red flag of African nationalism, they sang: "We have to hold up the blood-stained banner, we have to hold it up until we die." 
Hana Admassu, a social work student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, said she was marching for "equality and a better society." 
"This is not just about Freddie. It's about all the Freddies who died before him," she said. 
The intersection of Pennsylvania and North avenue — the scene of tense standoffs between police and protesters on recent nights — became a more festive place as the cast of the musical "Marley" at Center Stage put on a free concert of the Jamaican reggae legends songs Saturday afternoon. 
Mitchell Brunings led the cast in singing "Them Belly Full" and other Marley hits. Brunings said the only question was "how can we not" put on such a performance when Bob Marley was "the voice of the unheard." 
"Bob Marley's music is in the right city at the right time for the right people," Brunings said.
Back in 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote these words in the first verse of the Star Spangled Banner: 
and the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there 
On May 2, 2015, only 201 years after Key wrote what became our National Anthem, "Under the green-black-and-red flag of African nationalism...," blacks danced, sang, and challenged white police officers of the city of Baltimore to fights...

Two days later, perhaps still intoxicated on the joyous racial victory of whites, they chanted "black community control the police" to the Baltimore Police Department.

T.H White ended The Once and Future King with the hope King Arthur's story will be told to future generations and that it would motivate them in the pursuit of justice. Noble, but the story of Arthur is one fundamentally opposed to nature.

Such is the story of the white liberal and conservative, who still desperately cling to the belief men are equal. [Baltimore Received $1.8 Billion from Obama’s Stimulus Law: City burned despite ‘massive investment’ implemented by president, Washington Free Beacon, 5-4-15]

The American experiment is ending, and with it dies the American Dream.

We now move into the American Nightmare. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

In March of 2015, Black Baltimore Elected/Appointed City Officials and Black Clergy Met for Symposium on how to Stop Black-on-Black Crime

The hypocrisy coming out of 65 percent black Baltimore is almost as thick as was the smoke pouring out of the CVS in West Baltimore last Monday after blacks set it on fire. [Baltimore Received $1.8 Billion from Obama’s Stimulus Law: City burned despite ‘massive investment’ implemented by president, Washington Free Beacon, 5-4-15]:
The city of Baltimore received over $1.8 billion from President Barack Obama’s stimulus law, including $467.1 million to invest in education and $26.5 million for crime prevention. 
Black Lives Don't Matter: In March of 2015, black elected leaders and black clergy held a symposium on how to end black-on-black homicides in Baltimore...
President Obama claimed last Tuesday that if the Republican-controlled Congress would implement his policies to make “massive investments in urban communities,” they could “make a difference right now” in the city, currently in upheaval following the death of Freddie Gray. 
However, a Washington Free Beacon analysis found that the Obama administration and Democratically-controlled Congress did make a “massive” investment into Baltimore, appropriating $1,831,768,487 though the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), commonly known as the stimulus. 
According to Recovery.gov, one of Baltimore’s central ZIP codes, 21201, received the most stimulus funding in the city, a total of $837,955,866. The amount included funding for 276 awards, and the website reports that the spending had created 290 jobs in the fourth quarter in 2013. 
Of this amount, $467.1 million went to education; $206.1 million to the environment; $24 million to “family”; $16.1 million to infrastructure; $15.2 million to transportation; $11.9 million to housing; and $3.1 million to job training. 
ZIP code 21202 received $425,170,937, including a $136 million grant to “improve teaching and learning for students most at risk of failing to meet State academic achievement standards.” 
Twenty-nine other ZIP codes listed in Baltimore city received a total of $568,641,684. 
The Free Beacon calculated the total amount of stimulus funds disbursed to all ZIP codes in Baltimore City, as reported on the stimulus website Recovery.gov. The analysis includes the totals of awards to prime recipients in Baltimore, plus sub-recipient awards to Baltimore organizations and companies that conducted stimulus projects located outside the city. 
The projects included $26.5 million from the Justice Department (DOJ) to combat gang activity and provide community support for at-risk juveniles.
$1.8 Billion in stimulus funds went to 65 percent black Baltimore... and all we got for the investment was 200 businesses destroyed the Baltimore Insurrection of 2015, seemingly encouraged by the black mayor Baltimore. [‘Let Them Loot, It’s Only Property’: LEO Source Claims Baltimore Mayor Ordered Cops to Stand Down, The Blaze, 4-29-2015]

But amid all the cheers of black people uniting in 65 percent black Baltimore under the banner of blackness (according to the New York TimesBloods, Crips, and Black Guerrilla Family gang members guarded black businesses and steered black rioters to non-black owned businesses for looting/rioting/arson) one forgets only a few short months ago, those same black leaders who gave blacks looking to loot "space to do that" were holding a symposium on how to stop blacks from killing one another...

No, this is not a joke. [Rawlings-Blake calls for 'new ideas' to reduce black-on-black crime, Baltimore Sun, 3-16-15]:
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, presiding over a city where 90 percent of homicide victims and 90 percent of suspects were African-Americans, called for "new ideas" Monday in the longstanding fight against black-on-black crime. 
"Let us all work together to discuss what's working and hopefully have a conversation about new ideas and approaches," Rawlings-Blake said in her most expansive comments on the subject to date. 
"None of us have all the answers, but I believe working together we can make a real difference in our community. This issue is too important for us to fall short." 
The mayor recruited a cross section of city leaders to a forum next week to talk about ways to strengthen social ties among black males — a key step, she said, to bringing down the number of killings in the city. 
She described the forum as the first in a series of steps to address the problem. She spoke of getting churches, nonprofits and community groups to enlist more black men to serve as mentors, volunteers, job training coaches and tutors, Rawlings-Blake said. Rawlings-Blake was expanding on the call to action she issued last week during her annual State of the City address. 
Of the 211 homicide victims in Baltimore last year, 189 were African-American males. The majority of the 85 known suspects — 77 — were also black. Rawlings-Blake invited Baltimoreans to the forum "if you want to help or if you need help." 
It is scheduled for 6 p.m. March 24 at Empowerment Temple in Northwest Baltimore. The Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant, whom Rawlings-Blake chose to host the forum, called the initiative "Star Trek leadership: Going where no other city has ever gone in addressing head-on the issue of black-on-black homicide." 
"This is a breath of fresh air that we're no longer just bemoaning the problem," Bryant said. "We're really trying to come up with a compass as to how it is that we move forward." 
Batts is one of nine panelists Rawlings-Blake has invited to the forum. Others include City Councilman Brandon Scott, Daric Jackson, principal at Reginald F. Lewis School of Business and Law, and Selwyn Ray, a senior vice president with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake. 
City officials are using the radio, social media, neighborhood leaders and the faith community to promote the event. Schools also are expected to encourage students to attend. Ray said he believes the night could prove to be transformative for some. 
"We must have a culture, a community that mentors the right way," he said. "And by mentoring the right way we can inject the spirit of love and hope and togetherness in this city. "Young people are crying out in many ways, extreme ways… We want to redirect that energy."
Watching more than a score of black people pull a white man from a liquor store in Baltimore on April 27th (the day of full-scale black riot) should provide sufficient evidence of the redirection of energy blacks usually expend on each other.

What actually happened at this symposium on how to end black-on-black crime/homicide in Baltimore is worth discussing... [ City leaders call on black men to mentor youths and stop the violence, Baltimore Sun, 3-25-15]:
 Arican-American community leaders implored a sea of mostly black men at a Northwest Baltimore church Tuesday to mentor black youth and help stop a "genocide" of black males being lost to homicide. 
The speakers included a pastor, a city councilman, a community activist, a public safety official, a school administrator and nonprofit directors — all African-American —who led a discussion before a crowd of about 1,000 on how black men should stop violence, read to young people and employ teens. 
The meeting was convened by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who issued a "call to action" urging black men to do more to curtail the killing of African-Americans, who made up nearly 90 percent of all homicide victims last year. 
Many of the community leaders at the Empowerment Temple event have been working for years on that mission. "To see someone being hurt, to see someone being killed, to see the violence to see the madness going on — there's something instinctual that's supposed to be happening as a man," said Munir Bahir, a leader of the 300 Men March, who organizes "street engagement" teams to reach disassociated youth. 
"When you see harm, when you see people being victimized, you stand up and you want to do something." 
Rawlings-Blake acknowledged criticism from residents who said the "call to action" deflected the failures of the city to lower unemployment, create jobs and make neighborhoods safer. 
She responded by saying it's everyone's job to speak out against homicide and the status quo. "Some people have said the work we're doing here is blaming black men," she told the crowd. "I refuse to ignore the crisis." 
Last year, in an effort to improve Baltimore's youth literacy rate, Rawlings-Blake signed an order granting every city employee two hours of paid leave per week to volunteer as a literacy tutor through Third Grade Reads, a program that uses city employees to tutor elementary students who are reading below grade level. 
Theodore Thompson, deputy chief academic officer of Baltimore City Public Schools, said African-American families need more support to help stop the daily truancy of 4,800 children in Baltimore, 78 percent of whom are black boys. 
He said new "reengagement centers," which are underway, are a start. Rawlings-Blake called on businesses to hire one youth for the summer, and if it's too expensive, she urged them to come to the city to seek help. 
Scott, the councilman, challenged African-Americans to destroy the stereotypes that continue to plague black men, such as perceptions that they are "dangerous," which he said the black community sometimes feeds into with rap lyrics. 
He said young people's self-esteem needs to be strengthened so that they see they are "Kings" with a history that dates back to the start of civilization. "We ourselves self-inflict that stuff because I know we don't live like that," he said.

If blacks are the "Kings," with a history dating back to the dawn of civilization, why is it wherever in America blacks inherit an intact civilization from white flight, the end of anything resembling civilization occurs quickly under the watchful eye of black elected politicians and the black population? 

Remember: Baltimore received $1.8 Billion in stimulus funds from President Obama, with the only discernible return on investment for this taxpayer-funded endeavor being black people uniting on May 2 in the city for a dance party at the news six Baltimore Police were indicted for the Freddie Gray incident. 

No, blacks have never been "Kings" in any era of known history, save in Black-Run America (BRA): an era where black people are freed from the burden of being judged by their actions, and more importantly, being protected from any criticism of the immense harm individual black people collectively perform on the civilization white people bequeath when they engage in white flight (from black crime).

You could spend $1.8 Trillion to uplift blacks in Baltimore, and still you'd have symposiums held by black elected/appointed leaders and black clergy bemoaning the sordid state of affairs individual black people collectively create in a city absent of white people and the civilization only they can create and maintain.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Remembering the August 2014 Curfew 65% Black Baltimore Passed to Stop "Youth" (Blacks) From Rioting, Committing Crimes...

Why couldn't $130 million transform one of Baltimore's poorest communities? Why do 15 Baltimore neighborhoods have lower life expectancies than North Korea? Why do Baltimore police struggle to close murders with few talking?

If you didn't answer "black people" for all three questions, you don't understand the joke that is America in 2015. 




That's it. Case-closed. 

While a "Victory Rally" celebration was held in 65 percent black Baltimore on May 2 to celebrate the black State's Attorney filing racially charged - well... to blacks, all police are white - indictment of six Baltimore Police Department officers, the "Lord of the Flies" truly has come to a once-proud city boasting the best traditions of Europeans in America. 

Where once the sons and daughters of Europa birthed civilization in Baltimore, blacks on May 2 danced in the streets of North Avenue to the tune of victory over whitey...

But something happened in the summer of 2014 in Baltimore truly displaying the civilization whites once created in the city is on life support. And it might be time to pull the plug. [Outrage follows Baltimore's 'deeply flawed' youth curfew decision: Law passed to try to help reduce violent crime and juvenile arrests, but critics say curfews are ineffective and discriminatory, The Guardian, 8-12-14]:
Amid chants of “no youth curfew”, Baltimore police began enforcing a controversial new measure requiring the city’s youngest residents to be off the streets by 9pm. The new curfew took effect on Friday night. 
“We have kids that are falling through the cracks,” the city’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, said in defense of the law, which the city says is meant to protect children. “Turning a blind eye isn’t helping any of these kids.” 
Youth advocates in the city agree there is a problem with juvenile delinquency, but say a curfew is not the solution.“You’re not going to get that by having cops picking up kids in vans and taking them to curfew centers,” said Jason Tashea, the juvenile justice policy director at Advocates for Children and Youth, which opposed the curfew law. 
Curfew laws have long pitted youth advocates against policymakers and divided parents and residents. Baltimore’s law, which triggered charged public debate in a crime-stricken city, was no exception. 
Critics say curfews are ineffective and discriminatory, and have the potential to entangle young people – especially teens from minorities and low-income groups – in the criminal justice system. But supporters, who in Baltimore include the mayor and police commissioner, say the city’s law is designed to do the opposite, by identifying vulnerable youths before they fall into crime. 
Out past curfewBaltimore’s new ordinance – said to be among the strictest in the country – expands the city’s current curfew law by introducing graduated curfews for unaccompanied children and teens. 
Under the law, approved by the city council in June, children 13 and younger must be off the streets by 9pm, and those aged 14-16 must be indoors by 10pm on school nights and 11pm on weekends and during the summer. 
In step with national trends, violent crime and juvenile arrests are down in Baltimore, but the city is still plagued by relatively high rates of drug crime and gang violence. 
This is especially true in minority and low-income neighborhoods with an already strong police presence.Police commissioner Anthony Batts has said delinquent juveniles are partly responsible for the persistent crime in these areas, and believes a stricter curfew will help. Batts pushed for a curfew law in his previous post as Oakland police chief. 
‘This is not about criminalizing young black children’Some of the strongest criticism of the law has come from those who believe it’s shrouded in discrimination. 
“The administration in this city is saying that this is an opportunity to reach children, but what nobody is really talking about is that this is creating yet another negative interaction between law enforcement and what’s going to be predominately low-income and minority youths,” said Al Passarella, research director at Advocates for Children and Youth. 
Nearly two-thirds of Baltimore’s 620,000 residents are black, according to US census data.Passarella, along with his colleague Tashea, believe the law will lead police to racially profile young black men in low-income neighborhoods. 
Both Passarella and Tashea, as well as Kumar at the ACLU, said they are worried that enforcing the curfew could actually cause a spike in youth arrests as a result of police stopping more young people. The city has rejected such criticism. 
“This is not about criminalizing young black children, but to reach them before law enforcement,” Rawlings-Blake, the mayor, said during a public forum in July.The city has said that police will neither arrest nor place handcuffs on the young people detained for breaking the curfew.
Read those lines of Mayor Rawlings-Blake from August of 2014, then recall her infamous words from March of 2015: "Let them loot, it's only property."  "Let them loot, it's only property." [‘Let Them Loot, It’s Only Property’: LEO Source Claims Baltimore Mayor Ordered Cops to Stand Down, The Blaze, 4-29-2015]

Oh... and those wanted to destroy... "space to do that." [Baltimore mayor defends riot response, The Hill, April 28, 2015] 

65 percent black Baltimore isn't a food desert. 

65 percent black Baltimore isn't a pharmacy desert.

65 percent black Baltimore is a civilization desert. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Blacks Celebrate, Cheer, Cry and Dance Over News Baltimore's No Longer an American City: "Victory Rally" to be Held Today...

There's something resembling a tragedy in Baltimore, almost too poetic to put into words. 

A mere 201 years ago, Francis Scott Key watched as the British bombarded the city, but the American flag still flew over Fort McHenry. Inspired by these events, he would go on to write the United States National Anthem. 
Blacks in 65 percent black Baltimore celebrate the opening of the Soviet-inspired Show Trial of six Baltimore Police Department Officers, courtesy of black State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby

The surreal sight of 46,000 empty seats at Camden Yards in Baltimore (because black city leaders could not guarantee the safety of primarily white suburban fans coming into 65 percent black Baltimore), while the Orioles played the Chicago White Sox was made all the more ominous by the traditional playing of the Key's National Anthem before the game

But the fans weren't still there... even more bizarre was the 7th Inning stretch, when John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" blared over the loudspeakers...

In what had the air of a pep rally, State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby excited reading of the charges against the six Baltimore Police Department Officers (three white/three black) in the death of heroin dealer Freddie Gray shows the city is no longer a safe place for anyone but blacks. 

Mosby seemed to relish her role in furthering the divide between the black elected officials in the city of Baltimore and the still-too-white Baltimore Police Department, as those black elected officials are already publicly appearing with (and apologizing for calling them "thugs") the united black gangs. 

There can be no doubt in the minds of the city's black population - the very population responsible for  ensuring Baltimore leads America in per-misery statistics of most murders, most addicts, most high school dropouts, most cases of H.I.V. and syphilis, most nonfatal shooting victims, and most unsolved murders - that the actions of Mosby in charging the six officers represents a moment worth celebrating. 
More dancing and celebrating...

No, celebrating isn't a strong enough word. 

Gloating is the more proper term to describe the actions of black Baltimoreans, who are challenging Baltimore Police to fights; because they believe the state's attorney and the black elected officials of Baltimore are on their side. [Jubilant Baltimore residents cheer charges in Freddie Gray case, as police decry 'rush to judgment', Baltimore Sun, 5-1-15]:
Amid a cacophony of people shouting and car horns honking, Baltimoreans pulled each other into close hugs and joyful handshakes Friday as word spread that State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby was charging six police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray. Gray died April 19, a week after he was injured in police custody. 
The revelers said police officers in Baltimore and around the country have mistreated, hurt or killed young black men without repercussions — but not this time. "To do what she did, we finally got some justice," said Yvonne Cox, 55. 
"Sadly, Freddie Gray had to die the way he did for us to get some justice." 
One of the charming black residents of Baltimore celebrating, while four white Baltimore Police Officers look on at the new royalty in the 65 percent black city...
Meanwhile, at Baltimore police headquarters and among police union officials, the decision was met with shock — and sharp criticism. The officers who led the department's internal investigation and delivered their findings to Mosby on Thursday gathered in the office of Col. Garnell Green to watch her announcement on a flat-screen television. As she announced the charges, stunned expressions spread across their faces. 
Few expected her to move so quickly. Gene Ryan, president of the city's Fraternal Order of Police lodge, said the union was "appalled and frustrated." He called the charges an "apparent rush to judgment," and said they would "make our job even harder." The Rev. Jamal Bryant, pastor of Empowerment Temple, handed out chicken cheese steaks in front of the CVS store at Pennsylvania and North avenues that was looted and burned in the riots Monday. "It's an exciting day for us," he said. "But it's actually a sad day when black people have to celebrate the system working."
Roughly 24 years ago, then City Council member Sheila Dixon took off her shoe at a council meeting and beat it on the desk to symbolize blacks had the power in Baltimore.[Council tries to mend fences on changing boundaries Recalling the night that Sheila Dixon let the shoe drop, Baltimore Sun, March 21, 1991] 

With Mosby's joyous reading of the charges (overzealous is the best word) against the six officers, spontaneous celebrations broke out in a city long dominated by the boot of blackness. 

George Lucas inserted scenes of the various world's in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi celebrating the news of the Empire's demise, and one would think a regime had been toppled on Friday the 1st of May as blacks took to the streets to dance, sing, pray, and march to the tune of 'victory'

But it's been their regime for decades, a city run for the benefit of blacks and the detriment of everyone else. 

Which makes the "victory rally" being held today by blacks in Baltimore all the more... revealing. [‘Victory Rally’ Planned For Saturday In Baltimore, Fox Baltimore, 5-1-15]:
The head of a group that is holding a march Saturday says it will now be a “victory rally” after a prosecutor charged six officers in the death of Freddie Gray. 
Malik Shabazz, president of Black Lawyers for Justice, said he was pleasantly surprised by the charges and commended State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby “for standing up for justice and setting a standard for prosecutors all over the nation.”“We usually face injustice,” he said.
Shabazz has helped organize rallies after Gray suffered a critical injury while in police custody. He hopes thousands show up for his rally Saturday.
Thousands, tens of thousands will show up for the "Victory Rally" in 65 percent black Baltimore, with the Police Department looking on knowing full-well their authority has been completely undermined by black elected officials more committed to defending black rioters/arsonists/terrorists from accusations of thuggish behavior than defending the very men and women who wear a badge and daily deal with the violent black population of the city. 

More than 200 years ago, Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Inspired by the American Flag still flying over Fort McHenry during the British bombardment of the city, Key would also be one of the founding members of the American Colonization Society (ACS), which wanted to repatriate blacks back to Africa. 

In 2015, the very city that birthed the National Anthem played host to our "national pastime" in what was the very first empty stadium baseball game: all because the descendants of freed black slaves controlled a city and couldn't provide safety and security for the white fans who just wanted to watch an Orioles game...

Now, joyous celebrations are underway in Baltimore and whatever vestiges of western civilization remain in the city are being washed away by the tears of triumph black people are crying over Mosby's decision to side with the black mob. After all, she did say, "To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for ‘No Justice, No Peace,’ your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.”