Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Biological Weapons: Blacks Wielding Section 8 Vouchers Greatest Threat to Civilization

Chicago edition of the biological weaponry that is a black individual wielding a Section 8 voucher. [As subsidized housing spreads, suburbs face rising number of poor, Chicago Sun-Times,  June 25, 2016]:

Decades ago, Yolanda Crawford had a chance to leave the Chicago Housing Authority’s Dearborn Homes in Bronzeville and move to Naperville.
She turned it down. That’s a decision she regrets.
Now, from the front porch of a small three-bedroom home in Burnham that she leases using a Section 8 “housing choice” voucher, the retired postal worker has some advice for other mothers raising children in Chicago’s crime-ridden neighborhoods.
“I advise any mother: Move to your suburban areas,” she says. “Not taking anything from the city, [but] there’s too much going on. Take your Section 8 voucher. Take it and go to Atlanta. Take it and go to Los Angeles.”
Crawford, a 58-year-old grandmother, took her voucher and headed to Burnham, just a few blocks south of the city limits. She leases her home from a retired teacher who moved to Wisconsin. The voucher covers all of her rent: $1,200 a month.
Burnham is among several south suburbs — also including Park Forest, Calumet City, Dolton, Lansing, University Park, Country Club Hills and South Holland — that have seen some of the six-county region’s biggest gains in subsidized housing since the CHA began demolishing the city’s high-rise housing projects 16 years ago under its “Plan for Transformation.”
During that time, 13 suburban housing authorities and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development also changed their policies, issuing more Section 8 vouchers to low-income families throughout the region.
As a result, the number of subsidized households in the suburbs — from suburban Cook County to the surrounding counties of DuPage, Lake, Kane, McHenry and Will — has risen 28 percent, from 32,292 in 2000 to 41,493 last year, according to HUD data and U.S. Census Bureau figures analyzed by the Chicago Sun-Times and Better Government Association.
Altogether, the suburbs had more than 84,000 residents using housing choice vouchers or some other form of taxpayer-funded housing assistance in 2015, the HUD data show.
The migration has come as the suburbs, in general, have grown more diverse and less affluent. Between 1999 and 2014, the number of suburban families living in poverty rose from about 53,000 to 104,000, rising from 4 percent of the population to 7 percent, according to census data.

Nearly half the suburbs’ subsidized-housing units — about 19,600 — are in suburban Cook County. Of the 17 Cook County suburbs with more than 400 such households, 11 are in southern Cook County, which has experienced great economic and racial upheavals as white residents — as well as middle-income black families — moved elsewhere, according to records and interviews.
It’s a migration pattern that has evolved, starting with whites who fled the South Side for the south suburbs in the 1960s and 1970s. Blacks followed years later and now are spreading further out.
Whites, meanwhile, are moving farther south, to Will County. Since 2000, Will County has added 57,763 white residents — more than any other collar county.
“None of these people really want people with vouchers coming in to them,” says William Sampson, a DePaul University sociology professor who focuses on race and poverty. “This is as much about socioeconomic status as it is about race. I hadn’t thought that middle-income blacks would be as opposed to have low-income blacks move in as whites. . . . [But] middle-income black folks said, ‘No, we won’t tolerate it.’”
Only a fraction of the suburbs’ subsidized-housing population is living in traditional public housing — like the high-rise buildings the CHA tore down under the Plan for Transformation.
Instead, the vast majority use housing choice vouchers, issued by 13 suburban housing authorities, that pay all or part of the rent for them to live in privately owned apartments, townhouses or single-family homes. Others live in apartment complexes that have HUD project-based vouchers assigned to them.
Abortion is the only ally white America has in Black-Run America (BRA), for it works to diffuse the biological weapon threat that is a black person wielding a Section 8 voucher.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The wind of change/ Blows straight into the face of time/ Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell

Remember those commercials for Domino Rally? You set up the game board of domino's and then push just one down setting in motion a chain of events culminating in all the domino's falling down.

Well, the domino board is set in America.

Only time will tell which seemingly isolated event is the catalyst...[Man shot and killed by Belleville police officers was Revolutionary Black Panther Party official, St Louis Post-Dispatch, June 28, 2016]:

A man who was shot and killed by Belleville police last week after officers say he fired at them was a member of the National Revolutionary Black Panther Party, organization officials said.
A St. Louis-area resident, Angelo Brown was also a national officer within the organization, and was the leader for the party in St. Louis. Members from across the country are planning a protest over the shooting, but haven’t set a date.
Brown, 35, was killed Thursday in an exchange of gunfire with police outside of an apartment complex, police said.
Belleville police were called to the first block of West Pheasantwood Drive for a disturbance before 10 p.m. When police arrived, Brown ran around the building with a gun, then fired at officers who chased him, police say. Two officers fired back at Brown, killing him, police say.
Dr. Alli Muhammad, founder of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, said Brown — identified by the party under the name General Minister Houdari Juelani — was a U.S. Army veteran, a father of 13 children and a hard worker, but not a criminal.
Muhammad describes Brown as mild-mannered, saying he “had enough sense not to be shooting at police officers.”
Muhammad said he and 15 to 20 other national representatives from the Revolutionary Black Panther Party are coming to St. Louis for Brown’s funeral Friday, and that he will host a press conference after the event to discuss concerns the party and Brown’s family have about his death.
Family members of Brown could not be reached. An ex-wife told the Post-Dispatch last week that she hadn’t talked to Brown in years, but said shooting a gun at officers would have been out of character when she knew him.
According to Muhammad, Brown said before his death that police in St. Louis and Belleville were “harassing” him, ripping up flyers that he posted and threatening him.
“We really believe that this is politically motivated,” Muhammad said about Brown’s death. “We honestly see this as the first time since the 1960s or 70s that a Black Panther leader was killed by police.”
Belleville Master Sgt. Mark Heffernan said Tuesday that Belleville police “did not have any contact with Brown prior to this incident.”
Muhammad said Revolutionary Black Panther members will return to St. Louis for an upcoming weekend for demonstrations in Brown’s honor. The group doesn’t have an exact date for the protest yet.
“We also plan on pursuing every avenue that we can criminally with the U.S. Department of Justice,” Muhammad said. He said they’re also looking into what civil legal matters can be taken on behalf of Brown’s family.
Brown joined the Revolutionary Black Panther Party a year ago. In addition to being a St. Louis leader, he was also the “national minister of defense,” meaning he kept tabs on any persons or groups “threatening the party,” Muhammad explained.
Sgt. Matt Weller with the Illinois State Police said the investigation into the fatal shooting is ongoing. Once it’s finished, police will confer with the state’s attorney about the case, he said.
 The board is set. The pieces are in place. 

What event will it be ultimately producing the momentum to knock down all the domino's? 

Odds are it will be one like this.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Only an Hour after Preaching "Stop the Violence" at Rally in Baltimore to Black People, a Black Rapper is Gunned Down by a Black Male

In a classroom in the not too distant future, a teacher instructs her students to page 150 of the text.

"Now class, today we learn about life at the end of the American experiment, just before decades of the failed test into mandated racial equality came to an end, ushering in the era of peace and stability we now enjoy today. Who would like to read this passage?"

A shy, but obviously bright blond haired girl in the back raises her hand.
A fitting story representing black America in 2016

The teacher smiles, joyously discriminating against the other hurried hands jettisoning into the sky and singling-out the blue-eyed girl toward the rear of the room.

Instinctively knowing the teacher had selected her to read the passage, the child composes herself and prefaces the passage by saying, "In the years before it was safe for our families to live in this city, this was the reason our ancestors allowed Baltimore to collapse into ruin and decay." [This rapper rallied to stop violence on Baltimore streets. An hour later, he was shot and killed., Washington Post, June 27, 2016]:

He was a rapper trying to stop violence in Baltimore. Tyriece Travon Watson, better known as Lor Scoota, had just finished hosting a charity basketball game. The fliers advertising the event had said, “Pray for peace in these streets.” Music artists and important faces from around the city had come together to prove they could get along.
Lor Scoota got in his car and left the arena. Bringing peace to Baltimore was a message he had been trying to spread — on panels, in classrooms and in his music.
“How I’m supposed to live with all this death in my sight?” the 23-year-old had once sung.
Lor Scoota was about a mile away from the arena when he was shot and killed.

Baltimore police said the rapper was driving east at 6:56 p.m. Saturday when an unknown black male wearing a white bandanna stepped into the street and opened fire into Lor Scoota’s car. He was transported to an area hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly after. Homicide detectives are investigating the shooting as a targeted attack.
“We have to be tired of this. Can #Scoota be a wake up call for us?” tweeted police spokesman T.J. Smith. “He entertained many, now gone, just like that. We are better than this.”
That was the call Lor Scoota had just sent out at the Morgan State University field house.
“Supposedly people think all the rappers don’t like each other, so we brought everyone together,” said Tadoe, another artist who played in the game. “It was about having fun, showing that there was a smile on everybody’s face.”
Lor Scoota was one of the city’s most beloved hometown rappers. His 2014 song “Bird Flu” inspired dozens of YouTube videos of Baltimoreans doing the “Bird Flu dance.” When the Baltimore Orioles made it to the playoffs, Lor Scoota changed the song’s lyrics for the radio: “Talkin’ ’bout that orange and black / I got a bird on my hat / Won the Series in ’83, I think it’s time to go back.”

A few months later, Lor Scoota’s voice was on the radio again — this time, to promote non-violence in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray. According to Baltimore’s City Paper, he recorded a series of PSAs “expressing understanding for those that were angry but also encouraging peace.” Soon after, he spoke to Baltimore youth on a panel organized by Councilman Nick Mosby, the husband of Marilyn Mosby. She is the state’s attorney for Baltimore who charged the six police officers who arrested Freddie Gray just before his death.
Last month, Lor Scoota visited an elementary school to read to kids about Martin Luther King Jr.
 As the shy, blond child finished the passage, one of the blond haired students in the front of the classroom sat pondering the passage he had just heard read aloud. The teacher looked his way and asked him if he had any questions.

"Who is Martin Luther King Jr.," the blue-eyed boy asked?

Without missing a beat, the teacher replied coolly, "Someone who momentarily postponed our future. Momentarily delayed, because all moral authority regrettably flowed through this man until people realized it was individuals like Lor Scoota and the man who killed him who better represented this failed race."

The bell rang signaling the end of the school day, and the classroom of white students cleared out,  free to go play in the streets of downtown Baltimore.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Paging George Zimmerman: White Mayor of Sanford, Florida Carjacked by Three Black Males (Sons of Obama)

Let's be honest here: there's no need for any commentary.

This story makes a wonderful postscript to the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin affair (you remember this, right? The latter being the eternally 10-year-old honor student murdered by the vicious, fire-breathing racist Zimmerman...).

Recall also it was the dishonesty exhibited by the media around the whole Trayvon Martin story that prompted Dylann Roof's actions... now, we learn the reality of the black crime problem in Sanford, which motivated the heroic George Zimmerman to volunteer as part of the community watch brigade.

Two of Obama's sons... committing violence against whites in the town made famous by the stand George Zimmerman took against black crime.

 [Mayor of town where Trayvon Martin died carjacked outside home, CBS News, June 26, 2016]:
The mayor of the town that gained international notoriety by the killing of Trayvon Martin was carjacked outside his house early Saturday morning after having a gun shoved in his mouth, according to officials.
Two suspects have been arrested, and a third remains at large.
Jeff Triplett told CBS affiliate WKMG in Orlando he had just returned from visiting a friend when he was approached by the three men around 2:14 a.m. on Saturday.
Triplett said they shoved the gun in his mouth and his ear at one point during the robbery.
"This is a very scary situation. I'm the father of two and I've been married for 20 years this year," Triplett told WKMG. "I'm lucky to be standing here having this conversation."
Police say the thieves made off with Triplett's wallet and Mercedes Benz.
Triplett was able to give enough information on his attackers for police to quickly locate and arrest suspects Jermine Jacques Horne, 18, and 17-year-old Demarcus Paige. A third suspect remains at large.

"Being a victim of a crime is unnerving, yet it was reassuring to witness both speed and diligence from the Sanford Police Department," Triplett said. "It is disheartening when this type of crime takes place in the city of Sanford. I encourage the community, its businesses and the Police Department to continue to work together and stop this type of violence."

The small Florida community of Sanford and Mayor Triplett shot to international attention in 2012 when George Zimmerman shot and killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin at The Retreat at Twin Lakes, a gated community in the town.
Triplett said at the time he was concerned by the fact that Zimmerman wasn't arrested immediately, but he initially stood opposed to the firing of the town's controversial police chief.
 You're probably getting tired of reading the familiar, three word refrain, but say it me: America is irredeemable.