Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shouldn't it be: "Black People are to be blamed for the worst parts of American History?"

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton's statement that "police are to be blamed for the worst parts of black history" was a powerful testimony for how a white person must advance their career in Black-Run America (BRA). 

No individual pointing out it is actually black people who are to be blamed for many of the worst parts of American history will ever advance to any position of authority in BRA. 
NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton: "I blow with the wind, and the prevailing wind happens to be from Black-Run America (BRA)."

With Bratton throwing police under the bus (absolving black individuals from the unlawful choices they made that ultimately led them to jail), it's important to look at this story out of St. Louis. 
[St. Louis police chief blames ‘Ferguson Effect’ for drop in self-initiated policing,, 2-26-15]:
The best police officers don`t just fight crime, they try to stop it before it strikes.  
That might mean checking on something suspicious that`s not part of a regular call.   
Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes found the pre-emptive strikes dropped dramatically last year in St. Louis City. 
The numbers are down so much, some are asking if that’s why the entire second floor of a St. Louis jail is empty. Police Chief Sam Dotson warns not to jump to the conclusion that this is bad. 
Dotson said his officers are ‘back in the trenches and doing their job.’  He said pro-active interventions are rising again. 
Numbers provided by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department show a downward trend, last year, in the number of what`s called Self-Initiated Activity’ or S.I.A. 
S.I.A. might start with checking to make sure a door locked or stopping a suspicious vehicle or person.  It can lead to stopping criminals before they strike.  The numbers show a high last year of more than 21,000 S.I.A. in March, now down by more than half to about 7,000 in December. 
Chief Dotson said, ‘Police officers have an intuition. That intuition helps them to determine when to do Self-Initiated Activity.  It does reduce crime.’ 
Though Dotson warns that the drop in S.I.A. doesn`t tell the whole story.  During a period in 2013, he said crime also dropped along with Self-Initiated Activity.  He added, ‘That means police officers` activities were paying dividends. They were stopping the right people. They were in the neighborhoods experiencing crime.  
They were doing their jobs and doing it well.’ 
2014 numbers, as revealed in a graph provided by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, showed crime going up while S.I.A. was going down.  I asked Chief Dotson, ‘Does that indicate a morale problem?’  Dotson answered, ‘I think it indicates officer’s aren`t in their neighborhoods doing the job.’ 
He called it the ‘Ferguson Effect.’  One of the steepest drops occurred after the August, 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown.  Another steep drop in S.I.A. occurred after the Grand Jury decision on November 24th, 2014.  Dotson said criminals felt empowered, while officers felt hampered.  The Chief added, ‘That if they went out to do their job and they were forced to use force, that somehow they would be the catalyst for the next round of civil unrest.’
Officer Darren Wilson was just doing his job on August 9, 2014, when he pulled upon two black males walking in the middle of Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri. 
Shortly thereafter, his actions in using his sidearm to subdue one of those jaywalking black males (who was trying to acquire Wilson's gun to kill him with it...) became a rallying cry for black people - and their Disingenuous White Liberal allies - everywhere to basically spend the latter part of 2014 continuously saying exactly what Commissioner Bratton just said. 
Never mind had Michael Brown complied with Officer Wilson's request to get out of the middle of Canfield Drive and walk on the sidewalk he'd still be alive (not to mention had he actually paid for the cigars he stole only minutes earlier), the real evil in this situation is that the police officer dared to try and maintain some semblance of law and order in 70 percent black Ferguson. 
Had Michael Brown just cooperated with the Officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014, almost no one in America would have ever heard of Ferguson, Missouri; as it is, almost no one in America ever hears or reads the simple fact that Michael Brown tried to take Officer Darren Wilson's life on August 9, 2014 and only by the quick thinking of this policeman did he avoid the fate of Indianapolis Police Officer Perry Renn...
With leaders such as Commissioner Bratton and St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson purportedly on the side of police, why not just turn a blind-eye completely when black males walk in the middle of busy streets or steal cigars? 
After all, no one wants to be next white sacrificial lamb to an ideology continually in need of more individuals to slaughter, for BRA must always be satiated with a new racial controversy to exert moral superiority over those philistines who dare believe Officer Wilson or George Zimmerman shouldn't immediately be executed for their criminal transgressions against blacks.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Section 8 Vouchers is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face."

Dr. Strangelove, how a nuclear bomb piloted by Slim Pickens would be welcomed today!

Instead, we get a world gone mad. 

Where the prevailing paradigm is one dedicated to the preservation of nothing more than the lunacy conceived by bureaucrats intoxicated by their own pusillanimous predilections. 

 And the prevailing winds blow from a staunchly rotten capital, dedicated to the proposition all non-white men are treated unequal and with extreme prejudice. 
Coming April 5, 2015: The Ferguson War Journal

So we see the advent of the Section 8 Voucher to end this pernicious inequity inflicted upon the hapless non-white peoples of America. [St. Louis County to open Section 8 waiting list for first time since 2010, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2-25-15]:
For the first time in five years, the St. Louis County Housing Authority is accepting new applications for Section 8 housing vouchers. 
Through the program, which is funded by the federal government but run by local housing authorities, low-income tenants spend no more than 30 percent of their income on rent, and the authority covers the remainder of what’s owed to a landlord. 
Nearly 6,000 households use vouchers received from the county housing authority. 
The county added 6,000 people to the wait list when it was last opened in 2010. 
The list has dwindled to about 500, according to director Susan Rollins. 
When it was last opened, about 30,000 people applied during the six weeks that applications were accepted. On the Saturday morning in 2010 when the authority began taking applications, a few thousand people were already waiting outside of its offices on Natural Bridge Road before the doors opened. 
To prevent a repeat of that scene, the county is now using an online registration system. Instead of a first-come, first-served process, applicants are randomly selected through a lottery system that will narrow the pool to a final 6,000-household wait list. 
“We’re going to try online this time,” Rollins said. “We find that most of our clients do have smartphones and can access the Internet.” 
That doesn’t mean the authority will turn applicants away at the door, she said. 
The city of St. Louis also experienced challenges in 2007 when would-be applicants rushed the authority’s doors on the first day applications were accepted. 
The city reopened its waiting list last summer — for the first time in seven years — and used online applications. During the one week the city waiting list was open, more than 27,000 people signed up.
Never forget: the story of Ferguson, Missouri is nothing more than the logical conclusion of Section 8 Vouchers: the ruination of social capital and the advancement of the same conditions terminating civilization from which those awarded vouchers escaped from. 

The Africanization of America, via state decree. 

There would be no Darren Wilson-Michael Brown confrontation without Section 8 Vouchers. 

Stores in Ferguson wouldn't be closing were Section 8 Vouchers not importing the very people responsible for the creation of conditions where poverty flourishes in downtown St. Louis. 

Black people. 

Property value for those owning homes in Ferguson wouldn't be declining were it not for Section 8 Vouchers importing Africans in America to the once serene and all-white suburb of St. Louis.

But those in search of Section 8 Vouchers in St. Louis (to magically be transported not to the land of Oz, but the world of white people!) to momentarily enjoy a reprieve from the type of community Africans in America create have no problem engaging in violence to get a better spot in line. 

And though the Internet is largely scrubbed of all references to the fabled date of December 7, 2007, something undeniably courtesy of black people happened on this day when Section 8 Voucher seeking blacks stormed the halls of the St. Louis Housing Authority. [St. Louis Section 8 voucher waiting list to open for first time since 2007, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7-3-14]:
Dec. 7, 2007, won’t be forgotten anytime soon in the halls of the St. Louis Housing Authority, at 3520 Page Boulevard. 
It was Application Day. The demand to get a place on the waiting list for Section 8 vouchers was so great, people rushed the front door. Police stepped in to disperse the crowd. 
“We had to close the thing down because there were too many people,” said Cheryl Lovell, executive director of the housing authority. 
“Lots of people want the assistance,” she added. “A lot of people need it.” 
Over 8,000 names eventually landed on the waiting list that week in 2007. Now, seven years later, the application pool has nearly dried up. 
The housing authority announced Thursday that a one-week window to pre-register for the income-based rental assistance program will open again July 14. 
The agency has been planning for the event for months in hopes to avoid some of the previous struggles. The main difference will be an online option. Applications can be submitted 24 hours a day at 
“We don’t want to have people wait in line at our building to apply,” Lovell said. “We want them to do it at their convenience.” 
The housing authority expects more applicants this time around, perhaps 10,000. No new vouchers were issued from the middle of 2012 through 2013 because of funding cuts. 
Section 8 is one of many government subsidized housing programs for low-income people and those with disabilities. Recipients pay 30 percent of their income in rent; the government pays the remainder directly to the landlord. Renters find their own housing from a list of properties in the community that meet the standards of the program. 
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funds the program; local housing authorities manage it on the ground. 
Lovell said Congress ultimately decides the speed of getting through the waiting list. 
“It takes us seven years to fund it,” she said. “It’s not that we sit on these applications. We have to have slots. You have to have funding available.” 
The Housing Authority of St. Louis County uses a lottery system for its Section 8 waiting list. 
Susan Rollins, director of the agency, said she wants to avoid the stampede situation that erupted in Atlanta in recent years and left people injured. 
“Because there are so many people in need, we have gone to a lottery system,” she said. “We think it’s a fair way to get it done.” 
In April 2010, the county opened its waiting list for two weeks. About 30,000 people signed up. Of those, 6,000 won a randomly selected spot on the waiting list.
Virtually nothing is available to describe the carnage witnessed in the halls of the St. Louis Housing Authority on December 7, 2007, though it doesn't take a member of Mensa to determine the lawlessness and riot found its origin in those Africans in America determined to find refuge in a white community. 


Sorry, but this so-called Communist plot isn't worth starting World War III over; but the reality of Section 8 Vouchers and the redistribution of the misery only black people are capable of creating to those white flight communities surrounding formerly thriving major US cities (when white people created the conditions necessary for social capital to flourish in them before black criminality drove whites out) is a cause for a type of mobilization never before seen in human history. 

And though virtually nothing remains on the Internet about the shocking levels black people were willing to go to on Dec. 7, 2007  in the halls of the St. Louis Housing Authority at 3520 Page Boulevard to apply for a spot on the waiting list for a Section 8 voucher (where people rushed the front door and police stepped in to disperse the crowd), the rumor of what occurred leaves a hilarious residue for those willing to concede what is coming for those applying for a voucher in 2015. 

Remember: 99 percent of those living in the census of tract of Ferguson using Section 8 Vouchers were black; an area consisting of a portion of Oakmont Townhomes and Northwinds Apartments and stretching eastward into unincorporated St. Louis County having more Section 8 renters in 2013 than any tract in the entire state...

Section 8 Vouchers are nothing more than the federal government ensuring that those engaging in white flight inevitably encounter the exact reality of what they fled in the first place. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spring is Coming. The Negro Spring...

We've been warned. 

Both major political parties are aligned against us and dedicated to the slow eradication of our future via high taxation, while disinformation campaigns in academia and from news organizations disseminating a steady stream of hostile white images means agitated (and aggressive) blacks.

And winter is soon to end. Jack Frost is leaving.

The stunning decline of St. Louis as a major American city has everything to do with white people abandoning the city they built to the growing menace of Africans in America

Spring is blooming.

Spring is coming. [Activist warns: Return of warm weather to St. Louis could mean violence, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2-22-15]:

A leader of a community outreach group warned fact-finders for a federal civil rights agency Monday that warm weather could spark more street violence in lingering resentment of police shootings. 
“As St. Louis walks into this next warm season, and it’s right around the corner, we’re not ready for what’s going to come out of our neighborhoods,” said James Clark, vice president of the nonprofit organization Better Family Life. 
“This is going to be a very, very challenging time in our community as it relates to crime and violence. Once this weather breaks, there are going to be challenges for the police officers. How the police are going to manage it — my prayers are with them.” 
Clark participated in one of several panels addressing the Missouri Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. It is examining police use of force relating to race or color. 
The commission is an independent, bipartisan agency that advises the president and Congress on civil rights matters. It took an active interest here after the shooting of a black teen, Michael Brown, by a Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9. 
Panels of academics, activists, police and government officials met through the day at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Public attendance appeared light, about two dozen as Clark spoke. 
St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said he is being as transparent as possible about shootings by officers and touted creation of a unit dedicated to investigate them.Capt. Mary Edwards-Fears said the department provided a rapid and detailed account when two St. Louis officers fatally shot Kajieme Powell about a week after Brown died. Officials said Powell came at the officers with a knife. 
“People will not tolerate being kept out of the information loop, especially when it comes to policing and public safety,” Edwards-Fears said. “When it comes to critical incidents, we must explain ourselves fully and quickly.” 
The real question is: Is the St. Louis of 1915 a more advanced city than the St. Louis of 2015? From Is the City of St. Louis a Safer Place in 2011 than in 1971? How Are We Supposed to Know?,, 1-13-12
Dotson has admitted that in a rush to provide information that day, he passed along an observation of a witness that turned out to be contradicted by a bystander’s video of the killing. The police have not released the officers’ names, something Dotson said he will do once Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce has completed her review of the case. 
Edwards-Fears said the “truly tragic” killing of Powell “presented us a huge opportunity to educate the public, especially on our use-of-force policy and why we do things the way we do them.” 
Joining Clark on a panel of activists earlier in the day were Charli Cooksey, with the Young Citizen’s Council of St. Louis; J. Alfredo Chavez, with Latinos en Axion St. Louis; David Nehrt-Flores, with Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates; and the Rev. Traci Blackmon, with Christ the King Church in Florissant. 
Brown’s killing also “emboldened the black population,” Clark said. 
“I have been telling St. Louis officials as early as 2011 that we’re not ready for what is to come,” he said. “Things are getting more volatile in the community.” 
Clark established himself in poor black communities for his work with at-risk youths, helping them to find jobs and social services, such as counseling. 
“They feel they can openly confront police officers; it’s a growing trend,” he said. 
As protests have continued, Clark said he has seen police become less inclined to speak with and listen to demonstrators. 
“We can’t have police become complacent and apathetic,” he said.
One hundred years ago, St. Louis had a population of 687,029.
St. Louis Homicide Arrest Rates by race from 1930 - 2000. Source: St. Louis Metamorphosis: Past Trends and Future Directions 

It was 93 percent white and six percent black.

Today, St. Louis has a population of 319,294.

It is 49 percent black and 43 percent white.

White people have long known that once winter ends, the hibernating black criminality awakens, and with this thawing of low impulse control and poor future-time orientation comes the true black death.

The demographic decline of the white population in St. Louis is testament to this reality, with white families fleeing the carnage of black dysfunction and slowly abandoning formerly prosperous communities to Africans in America. 

A true Better Family Life organization would be one dedicated to improving the quality of life for white people (and their progeny), but in Black-Run America it is one of those uniquely black nonprofit organizations kept alive via tax donations from corporations (a bank purchased $13 million in tax-credits to assist this "organization" in buying up a building in heavily black North St. Louis to use as its headquarters...).

Here's the vision statement:  

Better Family Life, Inc. (BFL) is a community development 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the prosperity and growth of the American family. BFL was organized in February 1983 out of a need to find internal solutions to the crises within the African American family. 

MissionBFL's mission is to plan and establish social, cultural, artistic, youth, economic, housing and educational programs that help to promote positive and innovative changes within the metropolitan St. Louis area. Much of BFL's programming is geared towards people who are unemployed, underemployed, disadvantaged and skill-deficient.

Core Values
1)    FamilyBetter Family Life, Inc. advocates the belief that a cohesive family is the foundation for every human being’s development. It endeavors to rehabilitate individuals on a complete cultural, educational, social, and economic level by helping them become self-sufficient and contributing members of society. 
2)    CultureBetter Family Life believes that the self-conscious means by which a people creates itself, celebrates itself, and introduces itself to history and humanity is the primary route to personal, family, and group growth and sustainability.  

3)    Social and Economic GrowthBetter Family Life places a high degree of importance on the social and economic elevation of low and moderate income families, disadvantaged populations, and those who are financially stable, as proven by our record of achievements since 1983.
4)    Integrity and AccountabilityBetter Family Life has an unwavering commitment to integrity and accountability in all of its endeavors.
Better Family Life is dedicated solely to the improving of black lives in the city of St. Louis, one a mere shadow of the metropolis that existed in the 1910s (with much less than half the population of the city that was 93 percent white in 1915). 

And yet the quality of life in St. Louis has continually declined as the city becomes blacker and blacker (and less white). 

With James Clark, vice president of the nonprofit organization Better Family Life, basically blackmailing the city of St. Louis with a threat of black violence (unless more money is pumped into his fraudulent organization) once the winter weather warms, the reality of what black criminality represents becomes clear: the slow, inexorable death of the civilizations Europeans have created in America. 

You'll notice this article is peppered with a graph of the racial breakdown of St. Louis' population from 1910 to 2010; images of homicide rates from showing population decline in the city; and the homicide rate for the white population and the black population from 1930 - 1990 courtesy of The book St. Louis Metromorphosis: Past Trends and Future Directions (edited by Brady Baybeck and F. Terrence Jones), published in 2004 by the Missouri Historical Society Press. 

These two images and Excel graph tell the story of the reality of the black death in America for the city of St. Louis. 

And as the leader of an exclusively black community outreach group warned those already convinced of the evil of white people masquerading as fact-finders for a federal civil rights agency that warm weather could spark an increased black intifada of street violence in St. Louis over lingering resentment of police correctly interpreting the law, the racial decline of the becomes clear. 

Ninety-three percent white in 1915 ( 638936 white people)...

Today, St. Louis is only 43 percent white (137296 white people)...
Civilization can survive earthquakes. It can survive floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. 
Hell, a volcanic eruption can even preserve an ancient civilization to exacting detail. 
But no civilization has ever survived its black population. Not even the bricks remain...

Monday, February 23, 2015

As It Was in the Beginning... Private Security District Coming to Gentrifying White Areas of Heavily Black New Orleans

Most people fear what's coming. 

They fear it's the end of the world as we know it. 


Long ago, I realized the end of this era (Black-Run America) would birth our salvation. 

If we can only survive its collapse. 

Independent of any central authority, the reality of race begins to reassert itself. 

Perhaps it's premature to dub these times the end of days of Black-Run America (BRA); but it would be foolish to not consider the incredible implications of what's going on gentrifying New Orleans communities as they prepare to combat almost entirely black crime... without the states blessing. 

Before we continue, some racial demographics of those four New Orleans communities prepared to tax themselves (extra) to pay for security the police - whose salaries their tax revenue already funds - can't provide. 

As the cracks in this age slowly begin to appear, the seeds of a new order speedily begin to emerge. 

Remember, the state has only one fundamental role: protect private property rights, thereby ensuring communities can form. 

And never forget, the official state philosophy of BRA is the redistribution of black people to communities suffering from an abundance of social capital, so that no true community can survive. 

Nothing lasts forever. Not even Black-Run America. 

For eventually the civilizational nullifying impact Africans in America have on the type of community Europeans in America create becomes obvious. [Four downriver neighborhoods consider creating single security districtNeighborhoods working to get proposal on ballot, New Orleans Advocate, 2-23-15]:
With New Orleans Police Department staffing well below its ideal level and fear of crime on the rise, four neighborhood groups along St. Claude Avenue are talking about creating a private security district that could stretch from Esplanade Avenue to the Industrial Canal. 
The proposal is expected to be put before the voters in the Marigny, Bywater, St. Roch and St. Claude neighborhoods by the end of the year and could be followed by an attempt by French Quarter groups to establish their own security district. 
Dozens of such districts already dot the New Orleans landscape, providing neighborhoods with state-created structures to levy taxes or fees to pay for and manage private patrols. If it is created, the downriver district would be among the largest of these organizations. 
The proposal for the St. Claude Avenue district is being floated as concerns about security have spiked along with an increasing number of armed robberies and other violent crimes. Those concerns have been felt acutely in the downriver neighborhoods due to several random beatings and other attacks in the area. 
“This will allow the neighborhoods to revive and rebuild and establish themselves without the specter of crime keeping them down,” said Jonathan Rhodes, a board member of St. Claude Main Street who has been spearheading the discussions with the neighborhood groups. 
French Quarter proposals 

French Quarter groups also are contemplating a security district that would encompass their neighborhood, providing a permanent source of funding for increased patrols. A similar plan was proposed in 2010 but was rejected by the voters, with 65 percent voting against it — one of the few times such a proposal has been defeated in New Orleans. 
Neighborhood leaders have been meeting with Mayor Mitch Landrieu since earlier this year on the crime problem, working on proposals that include extra police details on Bourbon Street that are funded by business groups as well as having additional NOPD officers assigned to the Quarter. 
Bob Simms, who is in charge of the French Quarter Management District’s Security Task Force, said that group is focused on short-term solutions and finding private funding for additional details for the whole Quarter. But, he said, a formal district is one of two or three proposals on the table to provide a way to improve the police presence in the Quarter until the NOPD is better staffed. 
“We all recognize that we’ve got to have a more visible police presence if we’re going to deter crime,” Simms said.
You don't need a more visible police presence to deter crime; you just need to remove black people from your community and the primary contributors of criminality are gone.

The sooner you realize the old paradigm of right/left, Republican/Democrat/Libertarian no longer matters, the faster along the path of true salvation you'll be.

Just like those white people in gentrifying New Orleans are attempting to assert European civilization back in areas where Africans in America have long extinguished it... by establishing their own security district.