Wednesday, February 21, 2018

#WakandaIsntReal: Remembering When Every Student in Liberia (Nearly 25,000) Failed the University Admission Exam

Shot. [Liberia’s roots planted in America,, 10-31-2014]:
Most Americans, on the other hand, likely know little about the tiny West African nation of Liberia apart from it being front-page news as ground zero in the Ebola crisis. 
Yet America’s relationship with Liberia is deep and tangled, dating back nearly 200 years to American slavery — or at least an attempt to remedy it. 
“People just think Liberia is a country in Africa that is in the news because of Ebola,” said Alan Huffman, author of “Mississippi in Africa.” “But we are basically responsible for creating it, which is why I have always been bewildered that the U.S. has had little interest in Liberia.” 
The first group of free blacks and former slaves from America began arriving in Liberia in 1822 in an effort to be repatriated back to Africa. 
When Liberia became Africa’s first independent nation in 1847, it modeled its political structure after the United States. The capital city is Monrovia, named after James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States. Liberia’s flag is a near replica of Old Glory, as is its constitution and Pledge of Allegiance. 
Even today, American culture saturates Liberia in everything from the clothes to the music to the official language, which is English.
Chaser. [Liberia students all fail university admission exam,, August 26, 2013]:
Liberia's education minister says she finds it hard to believe that not a single candidate passed this year's university admission exam. 
Nearly 25,000 school-leavers failed the test for admission to the University of Liberia, one of two state-run universities. 
The students lacked enthusiasm and did not have a basic grasp of English, a university official told the BBC. 
Liberia is recovering from a brutal civil war that ended a decade ago. 
'Dreams shattered' 
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a Nobel peace laureate, recently acknowledged that the education system was still "in a mess", and much needed to be done to improve it. 
Many schools lack basic education material and teachers are poorly qualified, reports the BBC's Jonathan Paye-Layleh from the capital, Monrovia. 
However, this is the first time that every single student who wrote the exam for a fee of $25 (£16) has failed, our reporter says.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Newspaper in 61% Black Rocky Mount, North Carolina Dares Publish the Truth on Homicide in City: All Victims/Suspects Black

Rocky Mount, North Carolina is a 61 percent black, 32 percent white city, and is part of the so-called Raleigh/Durham "Research Triangle." 

It's elected/appointed leadership is almost entirely black

Home to 57,000 people, it's also home to a black population uniquely violent when compared to the white minority. [Homi­cide vic­tims all black men, Rocky Mount Telegram, 2-4-18]:
Every victim of the 16 homicides last year in Rocky Mount was a black male.The Telegram does not usually note the race of victims in its crime accounts. But when the results are as stark as this, the issue of who the homicide victims are deserves to be examined. The large number of black residents who died at the hand of another in the city amounts to what some residents refer to as a slaughter of black men. 
This is a trend that has been happening in Rocky Mount over the past few years. 
From 2013 to 2016, the Rocky Mount had 36 homicides. Of that number, 32 victims were black and all but two of those were black men. This brings the total to 46 black men who have been slain in the past five years in Rocky Mount. 
Of the 16 homicides that took place in 2017, 15 are being treated by Rocky Mount police as murders. The last homicide of the year, they say, was a justifiable homicide. However, of these 15 murder victims, 11 were 30 years old or younger. 
The youngest was 16. 
The suspects in these crimes are young as well. So far, only five of the 15 cases have been solved. Those five cases netted seven suspects who now await trial. Six of those suspects are black men and one is a black woman. The oldest of these suspects is 26 and the youngest is 18. Four of the seven were still in their teens at the time the homicide was committed. 
Rocky Mount Interim Police Chief Willie Williams said that the murder rate is a priority for him. 
“We are trying to reduce the number of murders in Rocky Mount,” Williams told the Telegram during a recent Chat with the Chief event he held to connect with the residents of the city. “That is our primary focus right now. As a result of that, we are doing other things as well, but the No. 1 focus of the department is reducing and preventing murders.” 
Some residents point to the rising number of murders in other parts of the state as a reason for the increase in violent crime. However, Rocky Mount’s homicide is still proportionately high. Wilmington and Raleigh both reported 26 homicide victims last year, but Wilmington’s population is three times Rocky Mount’s and Raleigh has roughly nine times the number of residents. 
Rocky Mount police would not release information about how many of the homicides they consider to be gang-related, but Williams said gang activity does account for much of the violent crime in the city. Williams spoke openly about the issue with the Telegram. 
‘I don’t know if the issue of gang violence was underplayed in the past, but it is not now,” Williams said. “I think we have a high gang concern in the city, and that is certainly contributing to our violent crime problem. I can tell you we have a very, very strong organization in place to deal with the issue and our gang unit functions as well as any. We have the personnel there, the resources there and the leadership there to help deal with the problem.” 
Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight said there is no excuse for murder. 
However, Knight did suggest that there are underlying societal reasons that are contributing to the problem. The root cause of murders in Rocky Mount is poverty and the all-too-easy access to guns, Knight told the Telegram in a sit-down interview in which he was invited to participate. 
“We do have a gang problem,” Knight said, adding that children who are expelled or suspended from school end up with the streets taking care of them in what he called the pipeline from school to prison. 
Poor children with a single mother who works two jobs might enter fifth grade not knowing how to read and soon lose interest in school. Children who live in motels and cars and are worried about staying warm and eating don't have much time for academics. And there could be other problems within the home, Knight said. 
“Housing, employment, education — all that plays a role in how people live,” Knight said, providing data from the U.S. Census Bureau that shows racial disparity in the local job market. 
The unemployment rate in Rocky Mount among black men, ages 16 to 64, is more than triple that of white men. Just over 20 percent of black men in that age range are unemployed while the rate drops significantly, to 6 percent, among white males, according to the American Community Survey, which was published in late 2017. 
“This is not a black problem, a white problem or a Latino problem,” Knight said. 
“It's a Rocky Mount problem.”
How many cities, large or small, in the United States could see the newspaper serving the citizens of the community print the exact same headline (conveniently failing to note all the suspects are also black, or, in the Rocky Mount Telegram, burying this racially provocative truth)?



It's not a Rocky Mount problem. It's a black problem, courtesy of genetics incompatible with western civilization.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Your daily reminder #WakandaIsntReal: 50 Foot-High Garbage Pile in Maputo, Mozambique Collapses, Killing 17 People

Previously on SBPDL: The CDC Shot/Vaccination Requirements for Traveling to Haiti Prove Conan O'Brien's Claim of "Haiti Is Great Already" is a Monumental Lie

Your daily reminder #WakandaIsntReal. Long a colony of Portugal, Mozambique has been free of white rule (and dominated by black power) since 1975. 

What's happened since whitey went back to Europe so an Afrofuturistic society could flourish? [17 killed in Mozambique garbage dump collapse,, 2-19-2018]:
"The is what the world will look like when it ends"

At least 17 people were killed and several others were injured when a massive garbage mound partially collapsed in Mozambique’s capital Monday after heavy rains fell on Maputo, local media reported. 
Rescue workers believe there may be more bodies buried in the 50 foot-high garbage pile located in the impoverished neighborhood of Hulene, Radio Mocambique reported. 
"Up to now, 17 dead bodies were recovered," said Despedida Rita, a councilor for Ka Mavota Municipal District. "We fear more might be unaccounted for so we will keep searching for bodies buried underneath the rubbish pile." 

Many families in the densely populated area, located six miles outside of the capital, have fled their homes for fear of another collapse. 
Five houses were buried by the natural disaster thus far. Reports suggest they were built illegally in a section where officials asked them to vacate.
 While white people build towers of concrete and glass stretching to the heavens, would-be Wakandans build towers of trash. [Life in 'trash land' captured by photographer, CNN, 8-27-2011]:

For some living in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, making a living from other people's waste is their only means of survival.
Portuguese photographer Jose Ferreira traveled to the Huléne garbage dump, not far from the city's airport, and captured the harsh reality of life in this "trash land."
Ferreira says that what struck him most was that despite the hardship, he found some of the "best people" he had ever met.
"Despite all the circumstances of how they live, they keep on showing their kindness and happiness and hospitality," he said. "We don't find these human qualities in many places in the world."
Ferreira explains that he met two types of people in the dump: the homeless and the "garbage collectors."
"Many of them living there depend on trash to survive, some search for food, others for types of recycling materials to sell to the factories," he said.
"The money they receive for all that they collect is not enough but it's something and they keep on returning there to collect more to sell again," he continued.
It is not known how many people live at the Huléne dump. Some reports have put the number at around 700. 
The dump is located in a densely populated neighborhood and covers an area of approximately 17 hectares (170,000 square meters). It is the only official dump for the disposal of solid waste in Maputo, a city with a population of over one million. 
The piles of waste at the dump can reach heights of 15 meters, according to a report by the Maputo municipal council.
One of Ferreira's photographs shows a truck arriving with trash from the city as a crowd of people run after the vehicle.
"At the moment that the truck would dump the garbage they would ''jump' on the trash and there you can find everything from food, recyclable material, dead animals and fetuses of newly born," he said.
Ferreira says he doesn't have a favorite picture. But there is an image he says was the hardest for him to take.
"The hardest to witness was when there were two women eating a dead dog's head that was already decomposing and raw," he said.
The dump has long been earmarked for closure, but for the moment it remains open.
After spending time in Huléne, Ferreira says that the biggest mistake people can make is to think that there is no room for embarrassment for those forced to make a living from other people's waste.
"There is a shame a lot more legitimate than any other because for most of them being there was never a choice," he said. "Many of them have seen the other side and dream of it themselves and every day they hope for a better life."
For Ferreira, his experiences have taught him to appreciate life more.
"The life we waste everyday because we want a better one or because we are never satisfied with it, is the life that many wish and yearn to have and would give everything to have it."
Your daily reminder: #WakandaIsntReal

Sunday, February 18, 2018

On His Netflix Comedy Special, Chris Rock Calls for the Shooting of White Children (So White Mothers Will Cry)

Previously on SBPDL: The Mask is Slipping: Michael Eric Dyson Calls for the Killing of White Children

There's not much else to say, except to rehash a harsh reality touched on a few years ago: The mask is slipping faster and faster. . 

Every moment that passes, each second that ticks off of the clock, the mask gives way to an ugly truth most people never want to confront. 

Like Dorian Gray's hidden portrait, this mask has repressed a truth so vile, so macabre, few people will be able to stomach it when they see it. 

It will knock them over. 

Many will turn their head at the horror; but like a gruesome car crash, it's only natural - instinctive - to want to take a look. 

It's Chris Rock's turn to show us this image. [Everyone Will Be Talking About Chris Rock's New Netflix Special, Esquire, 2-14-18]:

It's been a shitty few years for America, years when Chris Rock's hilarious outrage was not only needed, but necessary. While we haven't seen much of him—he's been dealing with a messy divorce recently—he has been around in subtle ways. He appeared in an essential post-election SNL sketch detailing that infamous November night in 2016. He helped Aziz Ansari craft a powerful SNL monologue, and he made a few late-night appearances softening our Trumpian reality.
But Tamborine, his surprise new Netflix special, gets everything out that's happened to Rock and the country recently. It's more of a therapeutic release than anything else, and if you're in the mood to just release it all with a grin, then Tamborine is crucial.
After a fitting and brief opening to Thundercat's "Them Changes"—"Nobody move, there's blood on the floor"—Rock makes his statement immediately. Here's his opening joke:
You would think cops would occasionally shoot a white kid just to make it look good. You would think that every couple of months they’d look at their dead nigga calendar and go, "Oh my god, the 16th—we gotta shoot a white kid quick." "Which one?" "The first one you see singing Cardi B."
Then he continues: "I want to live in a world with real equality. I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month. I want to see white mothers on TV crying."

Ladies and gentlemen, the mask is slipping. Chris Rock has his knives sharpened. He has just - on Netflix - called for the killing of white kids. 

 A lot of white people have tried to make this experiment work; but when looking at the picture of race relations in America, a disturbing hidden pictures emerges. Rock just showed it to us.