Sunday, November 18, 2018

Her name is Brooke Joiner: Young White Mother Murdered by Black Career Criminal in Southern Georgia

Lamentably, the era of social media allows us to peer into the private lives of those who momentarily are in the news. 

People we would never meet in our lives become available to us, pictures (and sometimes videos) of all their years conveniently captured and catalogued for their family and friends. 

Brooke Joiner was a 31-year-old white woman, a mother to a young boy. 

31-year-old Brooke Joiner and her young son. She was murdered by a black career criminal

Her entire life is available on Facebook, with pictures of her young son at Halloween and Christmas, a reminder Brooke cherished her role of being a mother. 

Brooke's cover image was a black-and-white photo of her and her young son, walking hand in hand down a dirt road. It's a classic southern image for this daughter of the great state of Georgia, but it's important to remember the hand the young boy held will never be there to hold again. 

His mother was murdered by a black career criminal. [ALLEGED KILLER ARRESTED IN VIDALIA,, 11-17-18]:
Less than 24 hours after a brutal murder in Vidalia, police jailed the man they suspect of the killing. 
Vidalia police say 29-year-old Tyrone Burns of Vidalia was apprehended Saturday morning about 11:20 o'clock in the neighborhood near Charles Wood Field by the Toombs County Sheriff's Office. 
Burns is charged in the shooting death Friday of 31-year-old Brooke Joiner, manager of the R.J. Pope Men's Store at Palmer Place in Vidalia.  She was shot and killed in the back room of the store after Burns robbed the store. 
Police say he is charged with aggravated assault, armed robbery, felony murder and malice murder and is being held in the Toombs Detention Center in Lyons.
The face of criminal justice reform, a black career criminal who murdered a young white mother
Vidalia Police Chief Frank Waits says Burns has a one of the worst criminal records he's encountered in his career.  The chief said his apprehension is a classic example of police cooperation.  According to the chief, 50 law enforcement officers worked throughout the night to solve the crime and he commended members of the Vidalia Police Department, the Toombs County Sheriff's Office, the GBI, Georgia State Patrol and SWAT members for their support. 
Middle Judicial Circuit District Attorney Hayward Altman says Burns' first appearance hearing will be held Monday morning at 10:30 before Judge Cathy Palmer in Toombs County Superior Court.  He says he will oppose any request for bond due to the nature of the crime and because of Burns' criminal record.
The Facebook cover photo of Brooke holding the hand of her young son's hand as they walk down a dirt path toward the future together is almost impossible to look at, knowing how her journey in life ended. 

She was murdered by a black career criminal, the type of individual we are constantly told - lectured at by those in power - represents our greatest asset. 


They are the greatest liability to western civilization. 

Rest in peace, Brooke Joiner. 

If white privilege existed, your young son would get to pull the lever, ending Tyrone Burns life in state-sponsored execution. Instead, you were murdered by a black career criminal because the state refuses to deal honestly with black crime and anti-social behavior by blacks. 

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Because 90% of Fare Evaders of Washington D.C. Metro are Black, Campaign Underway to Decriminalize Fare Evasion to Fight "Racism"

Previously on SBPDL: Since Blacks are arrested disproportionately for fare evasion on public transportation, nationwide movement for decriminalization

Can we just make it illegal to arrest black people for any crime, and get it over with? Black anti-social behavior is absolutely destroying what's left of western civilization in the United States, so why not just decriminalize it once and for all so the racial disparities in the criminal justice system disappear overnight? The Washington D.C. City Council seems to agree... 
Law and order is an anachronism in a nation where black and brown commit all the crime. The latter represents proof the criminal justice is inherently racist... 

The Washington Lawyers' Committee found more than 90 percent of people cited for fare evasion between 2016 and February 2018 were black.,, 9-25-18]:
WASHINGTON -- #ItsNotFare is the name behind a new campaign to decriminalize fare evasion on DC Metro buses and trains. 
It comes on the heels of a new report that revealed more than 20,000 citations were issued for fare evasion in a two-year period. 
More than 90 percent of those riders were black. 
With wheat paste and a piece of paper, Jessica Raven was hoping to make a statement. 
RELATED: Report: 'Racial disparities' in Metro's crackdown on fare evaders 
“No one should be in jail because they can’t afford to access public transit,” Raven, with Collective Action for Safe Spaces, said. 
At the center of this new “It’s not fare” campaign is a woman WUSA9 first reported about in February: Diamond Rust. 
Metro Police slammed Rust to the ground and arrested her in Southeast DC seven months ago. 
Four of her teeth broke, her face was burst open, and her knee was fractured. 
The incident happened in front of her two small children because police said she did not pay to get on the bus and resisted arrest. 
Rust was a student at Ballou STAY High School who owned a DC One card – which allows students to ride for free. 
However, Rust did not have her student card with her on the day of the arrest. 
“I was really glad that you had already highlighted the issue,” Raven said about WUSA9’s exclusive report. “People were outraged when they saw her story. I don’t want people to forget that she and so many other black women have this experience all the time.” 
The Washington Lawyers’ Committee found more than 90 percent of people cited for fare evasion between 2016 and February 2018 were black. 
Nearly half of those riders who were cited were black people under 25-years-old.“These acts aren’t harming anybody and yet police are — metro transit police are taking advantage of these opportunities to further criminalize marginalized communities,” Raven claimed. 
CASS is working with the ACLU to throw support behind a bill to decriminalize fare evasion in the District. 
If passed, it’ll make fare evasion a civil offense instead of criminal and also reduce the fine from $300 to $100. 
Metro previously announced it loses up to $20-million every year from fare evasion.The agency believes enforcing the issue reduces employee assaults and improves customers’ safety.
“It doesn’t to me make transit safer if what we’re doing is – if the strategy is to make sure that a lot of people can’t access it --make sure that poor, black, and brown people can’t access public transit,” Raven said. “That’s not safety. That’s the opposite.” 
The criminal charges against Diamond Rust were dropped and she told WUSA9 that she is doing better. 
WUSA9 reached out to Metro for a comment on this story, but a spokesperson never commented on this issue.
Black-Run America (BRA) is alive and well in the Washington D.C. area, where white taxpayers/white riders of the Metro system subsidize blacks (and brown people) to ride for free, with the movement to stop arresting those who don't pay their fare gaining momentum.

Don't you get it yet, white people? The future is now.

Whites playing by the rules (and paying to ensure those rules are only enforced against whites), while blacks and brown people unite to protect black and brown criminals from being punished for their actions.

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Anti-White Mindset is the Foundation of the 2018 Democrat Party: Daughter of Indian Immigrants Blasts Whites and America as "Racist"

Imagine being the white son or daughter of white immigrants to China. Your entire life is about calling the Chinese people racist and Chinese society racist, even though your white parents had absolutely nothing to do with the history of China, building up Chinese society or establishing Chinese culture.

Instead, all you do is demean the Chinese people 24/7/365. Now, stop imagine and understand this is exactly what Saira Rao, the daughter of Indian immigrants in the USA, has done with white people and the United States.

In running for the US House seat in Colorado 1st Congressional District, she received in 31 percent of the vote in 2018. Her platform was basically, "White people suck. White people in both political parties suck and are irredeemably racist."

Upon losing, she claimed both political "parties are mired in white supremacy."

Well, she can't stop attacking white people, the very people who built the United States of America, established the culture and created the institutions and infrastructure attracting Rao's Indian parents to immigrate here and take advantage of our tolerant migratory policies to settle here.

On 11/16, she Tweeted: "All white people are racist. America is racist. To deny this isn't just racist, it's irrational."

First generation Indian-American attacks white people and the United States as racist. If you dare defend the USA, you are irrational and a racist...

Imagine being the white son or daughter of white immigrants to China. Your entire life is about calling the Chinese people racist and Chinese society racist, even though your white parents had absolutely nothing to do with the history of China, building up Chinese society or establishing Chinese culture.

Well, stop imaging. This is happening in the United States with not just Saira Rao, but tens of thousands of non-whites who call white people "racist" and the United States "racist" on a daily basis, enjoying immense amounts of job security for this brazen anti-whiteness.

We gave our country because we fear being called racist in defending our nation, and we still get called "racist" by people like Saira Rao even though we capitulate on a daily basis, handing over the United States without a fight.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

ABC News Celebrates the Decline of White America

ABC News basically brags about white America's decline and the ascension of the People of Color coalition.

There's no other way to put, as the cat's out the bag: the media is now celebrating the decline of white America, entirely manufactured via mass 3rd world immigration/non-white refugee resettlement/ and the monolithic black vote.
Yes, the media is celebrating your demise and the erasing of your future via diversity