Sunday, April 30, 2017

Black Mayor of 65% Black Baltimore Asks FBI for Help in Stopping Homicide/Nonfatal Shootings/Violent Crime Increase by Black Males

Poll Taxes or literacy tests to restrict the franchise (instead of allowing demographic supremacy of black majority to dictate terms of surrender to dwindling white population, including removing Confederate statues). 

Sundown Laws.

Jim Crow.

Restrictive Covenants.
Baltimore's decline correlates directly with the drop in city's white population and the dramatic rise in the black population (and complete takeover of elected/appointed public offices by blacks)

When you consider what life was like in Baltimore when all of these ideas flourished, you'll know civilization prospered and the city's economic prospects boomed; when you consider what life has been like in Baltimore when all of these ideas were overturned - unleashing the black-rule after the very legal protections in place to protect white civilization were outlawed - you'll know a civilization blighted, with once thriving city now decaying.

100 years ago, Baltimore was 85 percent white. Today, the city is less than 25 percent white and nearing 70 percent black

The shocking transformation in the racial population of the city is reflected in the boarded up, decaying row houses once sheltering white families but left to rot in the hands of a majority black population and the hilarious plexiglas - most enduring symbol of the costs of the civil rights revolution, with destruction of social capital and freedom of association complete - found protecting workers at liquor stores and convenience stores throughout the city (from the dangerous black population). 

Two years after black riots, endorsed by the black political cadre in control of the city of Baltimore, forced the infamous empty stadium Baltimore Orioles game, black on black (and black on white) crime, shootings, and homicide is out of control. ['Nobody feels safe no more': Baltimore hits 79 murders, Fox Baltimore, 3-30-17]
The catalyst for the black riots, arrest and death of the heroin dealer Freddie Gray, was one of the defining moments in the Black Lives Matter hysteria. Fitting, nearly two year later, a black on black homicide took place feet away from where the arrest happened. [Two years later, a man is fatally shot on the West Baltimore block where Freddie Gray was arrested, Baltimore Sun, 4-11-17]

[Pugh asks FBI to help fight Baltimore's high murder rate, Baltimore Business Journal, 4-28-17]:

Mayor Catherine Pugh is asking for the FBI's help in cutting down the city's high murder rate as Baltimore passed 100 homicides on the year this past weekend — the quickest the city has hit that mark in 20 years. 
The mayor stated at a press conference Wednesday that she has reached out to the FBI's local field office in Woodlawn to ask for additional help in solving open homicide cases and reducing crime in the city. 
Pugh said the high murder rate is unacceptable, and she's trying to explore all options to provide the city's police department with assistance. The city sent a formal request to the FBI this week for help, and Pugh said she expects a response by the end of next week. 
"We just want more assistance by our FBI partners," she said. "The conversation has been around what additional assistance they can provide. We believe there could be more people on the street. In terms of technology we've done some things ... but there's some more technology out there that the city has not had access to." 
The exact role the FBI would play in crime fighting is currently unclear, but Pugh said she is open to anything. There are already FBI agents working with the police department, Pugh said, but she was unsure of the exact number. Representatives from the local FBI office could not be reached for comment. 
"Really I just want to know what additional assistance they can provide," she said. "We need more federal help with our police department." 
Pugh said the police department is doing all it can to stop homicides in the city, but it is currently understaffed and awaiting a new class of recruits to graduate from the academy. Despite the recent spike in crime, Anthony McCarthy, a spokesman for the mayor, said the mayor retains "full confidence" in Police Commissioner Kevin Davis. 
If the current rate holds, Baltimore would be facing 313 homicides this year. That would still be a decrease from last year when 344 people were killed in the city, but up from the 211 homicides the city saw in 2014. The rate usually increases in the summer when the weather gets warmer.
No, you can't just blame the weather. 

Actually, it is behavioral differences between the races that account for the need to request FBI help in stemming the tide of black crime/shootings/homicides (in not just Baltimore, but all across America).
  • Low-impulse control
  • An aversion to saving money for the future (poor future-time orientation)
  • A toxic level of self-esteem (hence, the high frequency of respect killings)
  •  Though certain black individuals can achieve the cultural standards set by whites, collectively, blacks have one-standard deviation lower IQ than whites
Until white people realize their civilization and their posterity shouldn't have its future mortgaged on the belief of racial egalitarianism, every American city will suffer the tragic fate of Baltimore. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Courtesy of 'Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City' Report, we learn in 2015 Blacks & Hispanics Responsible for almost all Violent Crime in Trump's Hometown

The New York City Police Department's current authorized uniformed strength is 34,450. There are also approximately 4,500 Auxiliary Police Officers, 5,000 School Safety Agents, 2,300 Traffic Enforcement Agents, and 370 Traffic Enforcement Supervisors currently employed by the department.


Well, it's not because of white people. 
To Make America Great Again, we must speak honestly about why our cities are so dangerous and no longer safe for families: crime data from New York City in 2015 showcase the reality of just which racial group is responsible for all of the violent crime...

We've mentioned the Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City report produced yearly by the NYPD before, and the 2015 edition has recently been released. 

Recall: of 8.3 million people, New York City is 33.3 percent white, 28.6 percent Hispanic, and 25.5 percent black. 

Interesting, New York City is the hometown of our President Donald J. Trump, a man who announced his candidacy in June of 2015. 

While he was starting his campaign to Make America Great Again, white people in New York City were trying to maintain some hope for western civilization within the city. 

In 2015, the record indicates 2.3 percent of those arrested for shooting incidents (gun crime) were white; that same year, 71.2 percent of arrested suspects were black, with 25.6 percent of the suspects arrested classified as Hispanic
A staggering 96.8 percent of those arrested for shootings in New York City in 2015 were black or Hispanic. 
How about murder victims/those arrested for murder?
In 2015:
  • Blacks were 63.7 percent of murder victims and 59.1 percent of those arrested for murder.
  • Hispanics were 27.6 percent of murder victims and 31.2 percent of those arrested for murder.
  • Whites were 6 percent of murder victims and 6.8 percent of those arrested for murder.
In short: in 2015, blacks and Hispanics were 90.3 percent of those arrested for murder in New York City.
How about rape victims/those arrested for rape in 2015? 
  • Blacks were 39.4 percent of rape victims and 44.4 percent of those arrested for rape.
  • Hispanics were 35.4 percent of rape victims and 42.6 percent of those arrested for rape.
  • Whites were 18.6 percent of rape victims and 6.8 percent of those arrested for rape.
In short: in 2015 blacks and Hispanics were 87 percent of those arrested for rape in New York City.
Robbery victims/those arrested for robbery?
  • Blacks were 38 percent of robbery victims and 61.9 percent of those arrested for robbery.
  • Hispanics were 32.7 percent of robbery victims and 30.1 percent of those arrested for robbery.
  • Whites were 15.2 percent of robbery victims and 5.2 percent of those arrested for robbery.
In short: in 2015, blacks and Hispanics were 92 percent of those arrested for robbery  in New York City.
Without a black or Hispanic population, would New York City need 1/10th the size of its current police force? 
So for those keeping score at home:
  • A staggering 96.8 percent of those arrested for shootings in New York City in 2015 were black or Hispanic. 
  • In short: in 2015, blacks and Hispanics were 90.3 percent of those arrested for murder in New York City
  • In short: in 2015 blacks and Hispanics were 87 percent of those arrested for rape in New York City
  • In short: in 2015, blacks and Hispanics were 92 percent of those arrested for robbery  in New York City
Make America Great Again? To do this, it means being honest about which racial groups are responsible for violent crime in America (and the explosive growth in the police/prison-industrial complex). In New York City, President Donald J. Trump's hometown, black and brown people (Hispanics) are responsible for nearly all the violent crime. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cobb County, Georgia, "this former white conservative bastion" (94% white in 1990), to become Majority-Minority in Less Than Four Years

Black Mecca Down: The Collapse of the City too Busy to Hate came out back in late 2012. In harrowing details, it documents the collapse of metro Atlanta: white people flee the black undertow of Atlanta and build prosperous, safe suburbs, only to have blacks follow and overwhelm the once safe streets, thriving business sector with the same environment they uniquely created in the city too busy to hate. 

A vicious cycle. 

Black Mecca Down is largely about Atlanta, but it deals with those white enclaves in Fayette, Gwinnett, and Cobb County as well. 

None dare call it white genocide...

Sadly, Cobb County, 94 percent white in 1980, 87 percent white in 1990 and 73 percent white in 2000, is now only a few years away from being majority minority. 

And with this erasing of the white majority comes the fading of the Republican Party, conservatism and the GOP there, with racial realities colliding with color-blind ideology (and the ineffectiveness of white flight when restrictive covenants are outlawed, as well as freedom of association). 

Georgia will go Democrat in 2020, all because demography is destiny. [The new face of Cobb County: Whites will be minority in 4 years,, 4-27-17]:
The first time Tammy Garnes visited a school in Cobb County, 10 years ago, she left in a hurry. It was just too white.
“I want to surround my children with black people,” said the film producer, who was sitting at a table in Marietta’s Double Take Cafe with a friend. 
But when the Garnes family made a second visit to Marietta two years ago, Tammy found a different world: A diverse school, several fellow black California expatriates, a sophisticated town and a true gumbo of cultures. Since then she’s enjoyed Guatemalan cuisine, made Hindu friends and sent her daughter to a friend’s Brazilian baptism. 
“We didn’t think that was what Cobb County looked like,” said Garnes. “It is a true melting pot, and that is a beautiful thing to see, with everything happening in the world.” 
Cobb County a melting pot? 
In four years, this former white conservative bastion is expected to become “majority minority”; that is, minority residents will outnumber white residents. 
The massive demographic shift is evident everywhere. Cobb schools offer a dual-language immersion program in which students are taught half the day in Spanish and half the day in English — to the dismay of some longtime residents. In Mableton, where African-Americans accounted for 4 percent of the population 40 years ago, a black man is the state senator.  
And in 2016, Cobb County, once a symbol of conservatism, voted for Hillary Clinton for president. 
With the transformation of Cobb as its backdrop, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today launches a new coverage initiative, RE: Race. The project will chronicle the vast racial and ethnic changes in Georgia and both the tensions and the opportunities they present. 
Cobb is the last core metro county in which more than 50 percent of residents are white. The opportunities, and the tensions, abound. 
Cobb a welcome change from L.A.? 
The transition has been smoother for other Cobb residents. 
Tammy Garnes, 45, and her husband, Paul, arrived in Atlanta on the cresting wave of Georgia’s film industry. They lived in Grant Park and then southwest Atlanta before moving to Marietta. 
During their time here Paul Garnes has produced three feature films, including the Academy Award-winning “Selma,” and more than 200 television episodes. Tammy Garnes produced the introductory movie that plays at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington. 
The filmmakers are also part of another wave. In 1990, one in 10 people in Cobb County was black. Now, it’s more than one in four. And in 10 years, it will be close to one in three, according to projections from the Atlanta Regional Commission.
Clayton County's racial transformation was even more sudden and complete (note this is where Chick-Fil-A's founders lived and the Cathy family still have roots), going from almost entirely white to less than 15 percent white in the span of 30 years. 

When the county elected the first black sheriff in 2005, he promptly fired all white deputies and had them marched out with snipers on the roof.  [Sheriff Deploys Snipers After Firing Dozens, Fox News, 1-4-2005]

Conservatism, a political ideology embraced by whites in Cobb County for decades, conserved nothing. In less than five years, whites will become a minority in a county they were 94 percent of in 1980. 

There is nothing, repeat nothing, for white people in Georgia. 

The ghosts of the Confederacy will not rise to defend you as they did in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

You can't run from diversity, because no legal protections (restrictive covenants or freedom of association) exist to keep your community safe from the horrors of black dysfunction/crime you flee. 

The curse of whiteness is the ability to create thriving communities out of the wilderness and be hated for this talent by all non-whites who, curiously, desire living among us so they enjoy the high quality of life we uniquely create. 

As a candle inevitably burns out, once white people become a minority in a community they created, the standards of living invariably recede to that developed by the new majority race inheriting the lands they had no hand in developing. 

Clayton County, Georgia is a reminder of this truth, tragically ignored. 

Cobb County is next. 

Conservatism has no future, and if white people embrace this failed, evil, suicidal political ideology, they'll have no future in the territory once known as the United States of America. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Does Anyone Have the Racial Breakdown of ESPN's Fired Employees Today? Appears Overwhelmingly that Whites Got Axed.

The big news today was the purge at ESPN, after incredible losses in number of subscribers and deep drops in profitability. Yours truly noted this was coming in October of 2016.

Inquiring minds want to know only thing: what percentage of those fired were white males?

ESPN went full SJW, equating every heroic stand by black athletes with civil rights lore. This, and only this, was the catalyst for huge drops in subscriptions.

But, instead of admitting the mistake of broadcasting leftist talking points masquerading as sport, ESPN apparently fired primarily white employees.

Can this be verified?