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"All we do crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see": 38% of Blacks in St. Louis County & 60% of Blacks in City of St. Louis County are on EBT/Food Stamps

"Now, don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away, and all your money won't another minute buy." -- Kansas

"Don't these people have jobs?"

It's the question eluding all journalists embedded in the war zone of 67% black Ferguson, where a never-ending supply of black protestors seem to mill around the streets of a town increasingly devoid of white people. 

Who employs these black people, perpetually upset over the shooting death of Mike Brown (though each day provides more and more information seemingly sufficient enough to defuse the situation to a rational mind -- but the Disingenuous White Liberal and collective black mind is far from rational...) and capable of meandering down the streets of Ferguson without fear of lost wages? 

So we'll ask again: do the black protestors in Ferguson have jobs? 

If not, who in the world is paying for their mortgage/rent, phone, food, and 401k/retirement plan? 

Nothing lasts forever, not even Black-Run America (BRA). [Ferguson, Mo. Emblematic of Growing Suburban Poverty, Brookings, 8-15-14]
2009 New York Times Food Stamp Usage Across the Country interactive map: (St. Louis County is home to 67 percent black Ferguson)

And in the gnashing of teeth by the left, right, liberal, conservative, libertarian, prepper, conspiracy theorists, biblical end of timer, and constitutionalists, one fundamental truth escapes them all: the races are different, and the failure of blacks (in not just Ferguson, but nationwide) to create a community where commerce, peace, and social capital is not the fault of white racists or the lack of white people living amongst the blacks. [Deep Tensions Rise to Surface After Ferguson Shooting, New York Times, 8-16-14]

It's simply the inability of black people to replicate the civilization whites instinctively create on their own, and, when blacks inherit a city from whites due to white flight from black criminality (Ferguson was 73 percent white in 1990 vs. 28 percent white today), even sustain/maintain the standard of living the former majority race enjoyed. [White St. Louis Has Some Awful Things to Say About Ferguson, New Republic, 8-15-14]


Four letters, when combined, proclaim a fundamental truth behind the collapse of Ferguson: the black rebellion/insurrection in the majority black city isn't about Michael Brown; it's about black people demanding power being surrendered into their hands via the shrinking white minority. 

But power means nothing when those in control lack the ability to sustain the living conditions of those who once called the city home (white people). 

And with this in mind, we come back to the original question: "Don't these black people protesting in Ferguson have jobs?"

The answer rests in the frightening finality found in The Day The EBT Card Runs Out

The unrests built in to the Black-Run America (BRA) is the key to surviving what's coming: our ability to bribe the black population from rioting (via transfer of wealth schemes including Section 8 vouchers/ welfare/ WIC and EBT, Food Stamps) is collapsing as the pressure of the inherent dysfunction in the emerging black underclass builds up. 
2009 New York Times Food Stamp Usage Across the Country interactive map

Literally, we have millions of unemployable black people bred via white tax dollars to... do... nothing but breed (and ultimately lock away into the prison system for crimes largely committed against their fellow blacks). 

And no city illustrates the instability of the American Experiment better than St. Louis and St. Louis County (home to Ferguson). 

Consulting the 2009 New York Times Food Stamp Usage Across the Country interactive map, we learn this about the city of St. Louis (49 percent black and 43 percent white):

  • As of 2009, 60 percent of blacks were on EBT/Food Stamps in the city of St. Louis
  • As of 2009, 10 percent of whites were on EBT/Food Stamps in the city of St. Louis
St. Louis County (different from the city of St. Louis) is just over one million people in population. It's home to Ferguson, that lovely post-white suburb boasting a growing, self-insufficent black population. [Ferguson: Gentrification and its discontents, Al-Jazeera, 8-16-14]

Of those one million people, 68 percent of the county's population is white and 23.7 percent is black. Consulting the 2009 New York Times Food Stamp Usage Across the Country interactive map, we learn this about the county: 
  • As of 2009, 38 percent of blacks were on EBT/Food Stamps in the city of St. Louis
  • As of 2009, 4 percent of whites were on EBT/Food Stamps in the city of St. Louis
Ferguson is now a third-world city (85 percent white in 1970 vs. 67 percent black today) because it has a third-world population. [Why Ferguson Looks Like the Inner City, Business Week, 8-15-14]

It has a third-world population, because the majority black population there is incapable of sustaining, maintaing, or replicating the type of civilization/community white people of varying social classes/intelligence can create (a fact the increasingly irrelevant wimps at American Conservative blame on racism). 

A Parade of Black Power in Ferguson: How many have family members enjoying life on the EBT/Food Stamp? 

It will come. 

It won't be pretty.

Conservatives and liberals; libertarian or socialist; nor Republican or Democrat can articulate what's coming. 

Preppers try, but stop short of utilizing the one word/one syllable that would liberate from the tyranny of the times: RACE. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Support Officer Darren Wilson: The Police Guard the "Thin Blue Line" Between Civilization and the Black Barbarism of "Detroit"

It wasn't a but a month ago the black cop killer Lawrence Campbell's wife ranted he should have killed more cops before he was killed.  [Cop killer’s widow rages: He should’ve killed more cops, NY Post, 7-14-14]: 
 The widow of the thug who executed a Jersey City cop over the weekend said Monday that her husband should have killed even more officers — as her neighbors set up a sickening memorial to her fame-seeking spouse. 
“He should’ve taken more [officers] with him,” Angelique Campbell said of husband Lawrence, who killed rookie Officer Melvin Santiago in an ambush early Sunday, before being killed by police.
Vigils went up in the memory of Lawrence Campbell, a black cop killer instantly celebrated by the black community in Jersey City as some sort of hero.  

Almost at the same time in a city undergoing rapid white flight, Indianapolis, a white officer was gunned down by a black career criminal (whose father was also a career criminal). 
Support Officer Darren Wilson

Officer Perry Renn got "out of his car" to confront Major Davis Jr., who had brought an AK-47 to a family picnic. He'd be dead soon after, when Davis' rifle tragically found its mark. 

And the black family was quick to point out Officer Renn would still be alive if he'd "stayed in his car."[Family Of Cop-Killer: If Officer Had Stayed In His Car, He Wouldn’t Have Been Shot, IJReview.com, 7-15-14]:

The family said it “felt sorry” for Officer Renn’s family, but that the shooting may have been avoided if he had stayed in his car since he could see Davis had a gun. Incidentally, the alleged killer has an extensive criminal background that dates back to 2006.
Had Officer Renn survived the gun battle with Davis, and the AK-47 toting Davis fallen, you can bet the incident in 67 percent black Ferguson (and the black lynch mob demanding Justice for Mike Brown) would have gotten started a month early in Indianapolis. 

For in the words of the family of Major Davis Jr. in Indianapolis we see a mentality that unites blacks nationwide: from Ferguson to Jersey; from Indianapolis to the Oval Office and the Attorney General's of the Department of Justice... [Murder suspect’s family speaks out about shooting, WISHTV.com, 7-6-14]:

The family of Major Davis Jr., the man accused of killing Officer Perry Renn, is speaking out about the shooting. His aunt, cousins and his children’s grandmother all talked to 24-Hour News 8 on Sunday afternoon. 
The family is still struggling to accept that Davis Jr. could be a part of something like this. He is a father with four children, ages 10 and under.  His family has had a long, tense history with Indianapolis police officers. 
“You don’t know what he been through with IMPD. We do. He’s scarred for life,” said his children’s grandmother, Pam Moornan. 
The Davis family’s history with police began with Major Davis Sr. He served at least three years on a drug conviction and was arrested again in 2003 for public intoxication. 
He died of a heart attack in police custody when Davis Jr. was a young teen. Though the coroner’s report said the officers weren’t at fault for any fatal injuries, the family still holds officers responsible. 
“He wasn’t a bad person. His father was killed by IMPD. That is enough to hurt a person and scar him for life,” said Moornan. 
One of the officers listed in that 2003 police report is Officer Perry Renn. 
“I imagine he figured they were going to try and kill him. I mean cause look what they did to his father,” said Moornan. 
On Saturday night, the family says they were having a cookout. 
“Next thing, I just heard shots and everybody running in the house and everybody hit the floor,” said Yvonne Moornan, Davis Jr.’s aunt. 
By the time they got outside, they realized those shots were Davis Jr. and Officer Renn shooting at each other. Davis had an assault rifle. 
“Major is not a bad person in spite of what happened. Things happen, ” said Pam Moornan. 
Now, the Davis family is worried about their son’s reputation and again, questioning police tactics. 
“It’s horrible about what took place, but, I mean, I don’t think it’s fair though for them to keep dragging him through the mud,” said Moornan. 
And again, questioning police tactics. 
Had Officer Renn stayed in his car, the black family of his murderer attests he'd still be alive: Funny -- this incident in July 2014 Indianapolis could have been a Ferguson-esque moment if Officer Renn had shot and killed Major Davis (instead of the other way around)...
“I don’t know how the police was shooting. I don’t know if they took concern of any kids running around,” said Yvonne Moornan. 
The family did say it is sorry for Officer Renn’s family, but they said the tragedy may have been avoided if Officer Renn would’ve stayed at his car since he could see Davis had a gun.
We grant police the ability to protect civilization, knowing they must administer the monopoly on violence: a thin veneer separating stability and progress from  chaos and anarchy.

Which is why Officer Darren Wilson must be supported.

He's already been thrown under the bus by the mainstream media, the Obama Administration, the Department of Justice, black agitators, and a growing sense in the black community the only justice for Mike Brown will be the public lynching of Wilson... damn the evidence Brown wasn't a "good boy." 

Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, the black avatar in charge of acting as the agent in charge of the capitulation to black power in Ferguson, even tossed Officer Wilson under the bus when speaking to a black church yesterday. He said this
 Earlier in the day, Johnson said he had met members of Brown's family and the experience "brought tears to my eyes and shame to my heart." 
"When this is over," he told the crowd, "I'm going to go in my son's room. My black son, who wears his pants sagging, who wears his hat cocked to the side, got tattoos on his arms, but that's my baby." Johnson added: "We all need to thank the Browns for Michael. 
Because Michael's going to make it better for our sons to be better black men."
We've been trying to make America a better place for "black men" for decades; and no matter how much money we spend, how many quotas we set on jobs in both the private the public sector, and how many handouts (affirmative action) we give, we still require President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" program to try and help blacks - and browns - reach levels of accomplishment your average white boy easily attains on his own.

 The tears we at SBPDL shed aren't for Mike Brown or the black agitators/protestors/rioters/looters/arsonists currently ensuring that 67% black Ferguson drives away all white residents by 2015, but for the memory of Officer Renn who in Indianapolis was gunned down by a black career criminal and was told by the black family he "should have stayed in the car"; for those cops who must patrol Jersey City, knowing Angelique Campbell wishes her late husband had killed more of them; and for Officer Darren Wilson, who was only doing when he stopped Mike Brown in Ferguson as the "Gentle Giant" gallantly gaily down the middle of the road, flouting the rules governing proper behavior in the process.

There's one act of defiance you can do in Black-Run America (BRA), an implicit move immediately indicating you stand by those protecting civilization: Make a donation to Officer Darren Wilson.

The Department of Justice, the Obama Administration, and every black agitator in the contiguous United States of America will be gunning for Officer Wilson.

Being explicitly on the side of white civilization is tantamount to being a child molester in America; making an anonymous donation to Officer Wilson's eventual legal fund is a move akin to giving the finger to a people who desire his immediate lynching (damn the evidence of innocence).

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Battle of Ferguson: Fought by a Black Mob Lynch Mob against Primarily White Cops in Shadow of 365Black McDonald's



If these black rioters/looters/arsonists/knockout game playing/lynch mob had their way, they'd drag the body of Darren Wilson (Say a prayer for him and his family) or any white police officer through the streets of Ferguson, just as the Somalians did white members of the U.S. Army in Black Hawk Down.

It's a lynch mob in 67% black Ferguson.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.
Screen shot from live coverage at Fox2now.com of the Battle of Ferguson (notice the 365black McDonald's arches, a corporate sign of just which way the pendulum is swung in Black-Run America)

And on August 17, 2014, the police in Ferguson are trying to regain order from this lynch mob in the shadow of 365Black McDonald's.


McDonald's,which even has a 365Black Awards Ceremony Program, should use this picture in all advertisements henceforth: it's quite the powerful demonstration of a black lynch mob demanding they be absolved from being required to live under Anglo-Saxon Law (the U.S. Constitution).

A pure, unadulterated image of what living in a 365Black country looks like... a militarized police force trying to combat black crime/lynch mob/protestors/arsonists/looters/knockout game participants.

God might not play dice, but he has a hell of a sense of humor.

The Ultimate Ferguson Question: Pentagon 1033 Program vs. HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (Weaponizing Equality)

In all of talking, editorializing, and tweeting about the black insurrection in Ferguson, Missouri, one politician’s Drudge-linked piece stands out as the silliest and most juvenile.

Then again, this same elected official did consider Republican outreach to the 83 percent black city of Detroit a winning strategy

Sen. Rand Paul, beloved leader of the nebulous liberty movement (meaning: liberty means whatever the current zeitgeist demands it conform to mean), took to Time.com to write an article denouncing the police state measures enacted by the besieged white police force trying to maintain order after multiple days of black rioting in the 67 percent black city of Ferguson.
An attempt to restore order in 67% black Ferguson, where black rioters/looters/arsonists were put down by force

After denouncing the militarization of our police departments (courtesy of the Pentagon’s 1033 program, which distributed military surplus equipment), Sen. Paul writes a paragraph seemingly plagiarized from the speeches of Attorney General Eric “My People” Holder when he addresses he an adorning black crowd. [Rand Paul: We Must Demilitarize the Police, Time. 8-14-14]:

When you couple this militarization of law enforcement with an erosion of civil liberties and due process that allows the police to become judge and jury—national security letters, no-knock searches, broad general warrants, pre-conviction forfeiture—we begin to have a very serious problem on our hands. 
Given these developments, it is almost impossible for many Americans not to feel like their government is targeting them. Given the racial disparities in our criminal justice system, it is impossible for African-Americans not to feel like their government is particularly targeting them.
With all due respect to Sen. Paul, but couldn’t those racial disparities exist in our criminal justice system because individual black people break the law at an extraordinary rate when compared to other racial groups?

The obvious answer to this question is “yes,” but it’s one Sen. Paul and every card-carrying member of Conservative Inc. knows (or never considers) is completely off-limits if they desire maintaining solid standing in the Beltway and with the gatekeepers at Fox News.

And why is Sen. Paul thinking “collectively” when aggregating black individuals in a manner Ayn Rand would declare the worst form of racism? Isn’t this a repudiation of his “libertarian” cred?
So here are the main points to make about Ferguson, Missouri and the black riots that broke out after a police officer shot 18-year-old “aspiring rapper” Michael Brown. [Who was Mike Brown? Profile of black teenager shot in Missouri, Christian Science Monitor, 8-13-14]:

·       The city of Ferguson was 73 percent white in 1990 and is now 28 percent white
·       St. Louis, of which Ferguson is a suburb of, is 49 percent black and 43 percent. Violent crime in the city is almost exclusively caused by individual black males, the same racial group Sen. Paul believes is the victim of racial profiling and correctly has grievances with the judicial system

Why are these the main points, you’re probably asking yourself?

Because Ferguson has seen its black population from 25 percent of the overall population in 1990 to 67 percent black today; the distrust between the police department in Ferguson (50 of the 53 are white, precisely because the dramatic shifts in the racial demographics didn’t allow the relocation of public employees as easily as private sector employees) and the increasingly black community exists because the former group are arresting suspected members of the latter group frequently.

The racial changes have happened so quickly in Ferguson that the nearly 3/4ths black city still has a white mayor, and five of the six city council members are white.

Thus, why the riots/looting/pillaging/burning of buildings and private property is correctly labeled a black insurrection. The anger at the shooting death of Michael Brown was the catalyst for finally demanding real change in a city where the now-white minority must placate the black majority before surrendering actual power.

Thus, one of the primary reasons the Ferguson Police Department reacted with such a dramatic – and, sadly, maligned by both conservatives and liberals – use of force on Wednesday to subdue the black rioters (enabled by a sympathetic mainstream media looking for another Trayvon Martin-figure to canonize).

The actions of the almost entirely white Ferguson Police Department conjured up images of Bull Conner and his attempts to maintain order in 1963 Birmingham, providing ample fodder for a media to paint sympathetic images of black protestors in the face of a violent reaction by the state.

How did Birmingham turn out again... oh, that's right.

Replaced where images of black looters and burnt-out buildings; in their place, where blacks running from armored-clad white officers brandishing AR-15 and black agitators scampering through clouds of tear gas.
From August 14th, the night the police stood down in Ferguson, and blacks celebrated the victory. Courtesy of HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, this form of weaponized equality is coming to majority white city near you

The monopoly on violence by the police in Ferguson was supplanted by an outpouring of vitriol against their actions, which handed over power to the black mob in the city.

The monopoly of violence is the black mob, with the fear of looting, rioting, arson and even shootings by this rebel force keeping the police from action (of course, any action will be seen as casus belli for black people nationwide to riot as well).

This fact was crystallized by the governor of the state of Missouri putting Captain Ron Johnson, a black police officer, in charge of the police in Ferguson. He became a man of the people, as he grew up in Ferguson. [Missouri Highway Patrol Will Take Command in Ferguson Operations, Riverfront Times, 8-14-14]:
Captain Ronald Johnson will lead police response for the highway patrol. 
"I grew up here," Johnson told reporters. "This is currently my community and my home...I understand the anger and fear of the citizens of Ferguson, and our officers will respect both of those."
Images of Captain Johnson leading the black protestors around Ferguson on August 15th, marching around with them and even “fist bumping” them, represented the surrender of the city to anarchy and inevitable black political rule.

This changed, of course, when blacks to rioting again on Friday and Saturday nights (even after a curfew was imposed by the feckless governor of the state of Missouri). 

But there’s a silver-lining lost in the story of the fall of Ferguson, Missouri: the political architects of a new, post-white America fail to realize what the Pentagon 1033 program means, especially when viewing what the Ferguson Police Department did on Wednesday night when trying to reclaim the city from black rioters.

White Americans, courtesy of HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing program, increasingly have nowhere to run; they have nowhere to hide. [Obama administration using housing department in effort to diversify neighborhoods, Fox News, 8-8-13]:
In a move some claim is tantamount to social engineering, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is imposing a new rule that would allow the feds to track diversity in America’s neighborhoods and then push policies to change those it deems discriminatory.  
The policy is called, "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing." It will require HUD to gather data on segregation and discrimination in every single neighborhood and try to remedy it. 
HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan unveiled the federal rule at the NAACP convention in July. 
"Unfortunately, in too many of our hardest hit communities, no matter how hard a child or her parents work, the life chances of that child, even her lifespan, is determined by the zip code she grows up in. This is simply wrong,” he said.
The sinister sounding Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing program means the federal government is dedicated to eradicating social capital around America, replaced with the promotion of social justice.

And they did just that with Ferguson. [Why did the Michael Brown shooting happen here?, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 8-16-14]:
Long before the nation rested its collective conscience on the protests along West Florissant Avenue, there was a different mobilization going on. 
Hundreds of people were moving out of their urban neighborhoods to this north St. Louis County suburb seeking a safe and affordable place to live. 
They found it in an isolated corner of Ferguson that was flush with sprawling apartment complexes. Far from Ferguson’s leafy residential streets and quaint downtown, many people didn’t even know the apartments were part of the city until young Michael Brown was shot and killed there Aug. 9. 
But not the police. They knew. 
After decades of relative calm and stability, the apartments have become a tinderbox for crime. Canfield Green Apartments and the nearby Oakmont and Northwinds complexes are a study of the slow encroachment of poverty and social distress into what had been suburban escapes. 
Angela Shaver has witnessed that sea change since she moved into Canfield Green Apartments 20 years ago. The state employee said she raised a prom queen there and sent her off to college. 
There used to be a swimming pool. Now, there’s a bullet hole in the door below her.That shooting, and many others, happened long before all the vigil candles melted in the middle of the street for Brown. 
Even as Shaver explained the frequency of gunfire, she was cut off by a sudden blast coming from Northwinds Apartments, a hulking spread with more than 400 low-income units. 
Shaver paused to listen. No screams. No more shots. She picked up the interview where she’d left off. 
“I hate to say I got used to them,” she said of the gunshots. 
Ferguson’s crime and poverty rate is lower than some of the other North County municipalities. But the small southeast corner of the city where the apartments are glows bright red on crime maps. 
That area along West Florissant Avenue and just east of it accounted for 18 percent of all serious crimes reported between 2010 and August 2012, according to a Post-Dispatch analysis of crime data provided by St. Louis County. 
The area accounted for 28 percent of all burglaries, 28 percent of all aggravated assaults, 30 percent of all motor vehicle thefts and 40 percent of all robberies reported in the city of 21,000 people. 
It’s a cluster of densely populated complexes that stand apart from the predominantly single-family streets of Ferguson.
The personification of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing program...
On a map, the area sticks out like an appendage, one that was added to Ferguson by annexation. Many of the children who live there aren’t even part of the Ferguson-Florissant school system. 
Adding to that isolation, police have blocked off nearly all access roads to the apartments with concrete barriers, fences and gates. 
A Post-Dispatch request for more recent data from the Ferguson Police Department is pending. 
The nearly all-white police force has struggled to maintain control and respect from many African-Americans who live there as officers try to clamp down on crime. 
There is a common perception that police stop people without reason. 
“If you stay here, they basically think you are a thug,” said Gerard Fuller, 19, who is headed to Arkansas Baptist College in a few days on a basketball scholarship. 
The Brown shooting dug into that nerve. The response seems to have as much to do with socioeconomic factors as it does opinions about race relations and police brutality in communities across the country that have struggled to integrate. 
In St. Louis County alone, African-American poor are six times as likely as white poor to live in areas of concentrated poverty. 
The apartment complexes located on the fringe of Ferguson — the self-proclaimed “Community of Choice” — give a glimpse of what that looks like. 
The eruption of looting and violent protests and the national attention it drew give a glimpse of the implications.
You have no where to run, white people. The black undertow will follow, and with HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing program, the federal government has found a way to weaponize equality...

But the Pentagon’s 1033 program means more small towns across America are being armed with military-grade weapons straight from warzones around the world… and as crime rates rise in city across city (thanks to the mandated dispersing of blacks via HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing program), a similar situation to the one the St. Louis Post-Dispatch described above will occur: an almost entirely white police force will encounter a growing black community hostile with the police for daring to arrest perennially "good boys"...

Strange that, like Ferguson, America’s future seems to be a warzone, courtesy of a federal government mandating the legislation of equality and arming local municipalities with military-grade weapons.

As we see in Ferguson, this is all going to end in tears…

Police State America or Detroit 2014: this is what those in charge of Black-Run America (BRA) have in mind for your future.