Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Racial Lesson for Western Civilization: Built in 1905 when Camden was 100% White, the Carnegie Library Lays in Ruins in now 96% Non-White Camden

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What becomes of white civilization - western civilization - when white people abandon what their ancestors created? 

Camden, New Jersey tells us the tragic lesson, where a tree growing inside a long-abandoned library is symbolic of the desolation of western civilization once non-whites inherit what they had no hand in building. 

What they are incapable of maintaining.
The roof is gone on the Carnegie Library in now 96% non-white Camden

In 2018, Camden is nearly 96 percent non-white (49% Hispanic/ 42% black), requiring hundreds of millions of loans, grants, and aid from the taxpayers of New Jersey over the past decades to pay for services, employees, and infrastructure fixes the almost entirely non-white tax-base of the city can't provide.

In 1900, the city was almost 100 percent white, a growing metropolis and a vital contributor to the American economy with an innovative business sector burgeoning. By 1940, Camden was 90 percent white and absolutely thriving.

But as the demographics slowly shifted, and white people abandoned the city, the quality of life regressed to the black (and brown) mean.

What better illustrates the demise of white civilization in Camden then the Camden Free Library Building, built in 1905 when the city was nearly 100 percent white? Andrew Carnegie donated $100,000 for the library, to help provide continued education and a citadel of knowledge to the individual white people who would collectively make Camden on of America's most important industrial cities:
The Library Committee of City Council, on February 24th, adopted a resolution presented by Councilman Charles Ellis, formally accepting Andrew Carnegie’s offer of $100,000 for a public library in Camden. On April 28, 1903 the Free Library Trustees recommended the purchase of the Dialogue property, at Broadway and Line Street, 80 x 1600 feet, for the new Carnegie Library. The sum asked was $15,0900 and on November 4, 1903 the property was obtained for that sum.  
A competition for the design of the new library was held, with several local architects, including Arthur Truscott, submitting designs. Coming in first place in this contest was the firm of Hale & Morse. Hale and Morse represented the partnership of architects ordinarily not associated with Philadelphia: Herbert D. Hale and Henry G. Morse, both of whom were better known in Boston and New York. Nonetheless, for a period in the early twentieth century the firm established an office in the Drexel Building in Philadelphia, and their projects, reported by the Philadelphia Real Estate Record and Builders Guide included several residential operations. 
Inside the roofless library, trees grow among the ruins...
Camden Free Library Building, built with money donated by Andrew Carnegie, Broadway and Line Street, opened to the public on June 27, 1905. 7,000 books were on the shelves. The cost of the building was about $86,000. Carnegie's donation eventually came to $120,000. It was Carnegie’s belief that universities and libraries were the most worthwhile areas to give donations, and he made major donations to over 2500 libraries across the country. The firm of J.E. and A.L Pennock built the two-storied, neoclassical library. It was finished with a pedimented entrance portico on the west fa├žade. When there were no funds left to purchase furniture for the library, Andrew Carnegie donated a supplementary $20,000. The was housed at its original site for eighty-one years. In 1986, the library was set up in a larger building, leaving the original Camden Free Public Library empty. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in October of 1992, and still stands as a symbol of the City of Camden as well as a symbol of the generosity of Andrew Carnegie. 
Sadly in the years between 1986 and 2004 the Carnegie Library stood as a symbol of much that was wrong with Camden- physical decay, political inertia, and an indifference to both the heritage of the past and the need to instill a love of books and learning in Camden's children. A few interested parties attempted to get government help in preserving the building, but met with little success.
When the Camden Free Library Building (also known as the Carnegie Library) was built in 1905, Camden was nearly 100 percent white. Designed to provide a sanctuary for conversing with the great white wordsmiths of the past, who in death still had much to tell the living through their tomes, the Carnegie Library was precious gift for posterity.

For the benefit of not just maintaining, but advancing white civilization.

Today, in less than four percent white Camden, the building is abandoned, though on the ornate facade the names of great white authors (Chaucer, Irving, and Hawthorne) are inscribed, a visible reminder for the city's almost entirely non-white population of just who the Carnegie Library was built for and whom was expected to help grow the community for centuries to come.

But in the span of a century, Camden went from nearly 100 percent white to, in 2018, almost less than four percent white.

Buildings, especially those built long ago, have a way of speaking for the dead.

Built when white people were not just optimistic about their future (and their posterities), but desirous to advance western civilization, the Carnegie Library in 2018 is derelict and in ruin, a visible reminder of the true theme running through H.P.  Lovecraft's horror fiction; the consequences of racial degeneracy, amalgamation, and, worse, the inability of those watching it all unfold to confront the evil.

Reminders of the civilization white people long ago built in Camden are still visible, though the ruin, decay and their degradation is a visible indication of what happens to western civilization in the hands of non-whites.

In now 96 percent non-white Camden, America's future as white people become a racial minority are on full display.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Black St. Louis Public Safety Director Calls Out Black People for Committing All Violent Crime/Homicides in 49% Black/43% White City

Black man notices who commits all the homicides in 49 black/43 percent white St. Louis. 

We call this pattern recognition. 

This black man, who happens to be the Public Safety Director of St. Louis, called upon black people in this city to tackle the crime problem... since they are basically the only people responsible for violent crime there. 

In 2017, all but one of suspects in homicides was black. 

All but one... 

So yes, saying black people are responsible for all the violent crime in St. Louis is an entirely true statement.
It's all white people's fault black people can't stop killing/shooting each other...

But now this black man is the villain for daring to publicly state what official police statistics clearly demonstrate.[Who is responsible for 'black-on-black' crime in St. Louis? MLK Day remarks prompt sharp response, St. Louis Public Radio, 1-18-18]:

St. Louis Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards made remarks about crime in St. Louis that prompted a sharp response from civil rights law firm ArchCity Defenders. 
Edwards told a crowd at a Martin Luther King Day event that black-on-black crime was a problem African-American residents need to tackle. 
The following day, as part of a thread of 11 tweets, ArchCity Defenders posted “newly appointed Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards chose to publicly demonize black St. Louisans by employing overly-simplistic racial rhetoric that has long been used to preserve the status quo.” 
When St. Louis Public Radio asked Edwards about the response, he said he didn’t believe his statement garnered pushback, but rather “was celebrated.” He said his understanding of the issue comes from years of experience. 
“For 25 years, I sat as a circuit judge and I’ve tried cases, and my heart has been broken with respect to victims and defendants alike,” he said. 
Edwards, who became public safety director in November, said the issue of black-on-black crime concerns him and listed areas that might help improve crime in the city, including better educational systems, housing and employment. 
But some saw his statement as an attempt to absolve the wider St. Louis community, which includes people of different races, from also having to solve problems around violent crime. 
The latest FBI crime statistics show St. Louis had the most homicides per 100,000 people in 2016 and ranked second for number of violent crimes. 
During his address at the Martin Luther King Day event Edwards said all but one of the city’s 205 murder victims in 2017 were black and all the people caught and accused of those crimes were also black. 
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department statistics for 2017 show: 
  • 192 murder victims were black
  • One victim was Hispanic
  • 12 were white
  • All but one of the 138 listed suspects are black
  • 137 suspects are identified as male and three as female — totaling 140.
It is unclear from the report if the race of all the suspects is known. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department closed fewer than half of its open homicide cases last year. 
As part of its Twitter response, ArchCity Defenders listed 10 topics "Edwards could have addressed," including homelessness, poverty, incarceration and other socioeconomic issues would have been brought nuance to the issue of crime in the city. 
Blake Strode, ArchCity's Executive director, cautioned against statements that make black-on-black crime appear to be a unique phenomenon. 
“One of the things we know about crime is it tends to be intraracial,” he said. 
“Black people tend to be victimized by black perpetrators. White people tend to be victimized by white perpetrators and so on.” 
Strode said he believes every resident should be a part of addressing violent crime in the city. He said a combination of public policy choices and individual choices affect circumstances that give rise to crime. 
“It’s misleading to suggest that black people are in some sense are the cause of their own dilemmas,” he said.
"It’s misleading to suggest that black people are in some sense are the cause of their own dilemmas..."

No, it's really not.

Black people are the cause of their own dilemma, and it's this dysfunction largely responsible for making St. Louis one of America's worst shitholes. Strangely, black people are the common denominator behind American cities being shitholes or a city thriving and boasting social capital.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

White Republican - City Councilman, Reserve Deputy with Sheriff's Office - Resigns over Sharing "Sh-thole" Countries Meme on Facebook

A reminder: we still live in a conquered nation, until white people learn they must simply get off their knees and stop living as slaves to people who despise them.

All you have to do is stand and never, ever back down. [Franklin city councilman resigns after sharing ‘s***hole countries’ meme on Facebook,, 1-18-18]:

FRANKLIN, Ind. – A Franklin city councilman resigned Thursday, just days after posting a controversial meme on Facebook. 
The evidence is quite clear... Haiti is a literal "sh-thole"
Republican Joseph R. Ault announced his resignation in a letter to Johnson County Central Committee Chairman Beth Boyce. In the letter, Ault said he doesn’t want to put the city through any more bad publicity and he apologizes for his lack of good judgment. 
In light of what has transpired over the past few days I have changed my mind and will be resigning my seat on the Franklin City Council of this date. After a few days to think about this I can see no reason to put the City or the Council through anymore bad publicity. I know the city is in very capable hands with the current leadership in place. Once again I want to apologize to the citizens of Franklin and to the Council for my lack of good judgment in this matter. 
The meme in question was in reference to a vulgar comment that President Donald Trump reportedly made during a meeting last week discussing immigration reform.  
He later denied using the vulgarity, adding that he is “not a racist.” 
According to the Indy Star, the meme shared by Ault read: “We bring people from s***hole countries because s***hole Democrats need s***hole votes so they can turn America into a s***hole. Do you agree?” 
Ault has also worked as a reserve deputy for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office for over two decades, Sheriff Doug Cox told the Indy Star. Cox went on to say his office is in the process of conducting an internal investigation and Ault is not authorized to work for the department during that time.
So a white man resigned his seat on the city council and is under investigation by the sheriff's office - where he served as a reserve deputy - for his sharing of a "shithole" meme?

Never apologize, never resign and never grovel for forgiveness. If you do any of these acts, you surrender all moral authority to the anti-white left.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Living the Dream! At Martin Luther King Day Parade in Las Vegas, 29 Black People Arrested for Fighting

All you get today is a shot. 

No chaser to water the harsh, 85% proof shot of pure, unadulterated hilarity. [Fight breaks out in downtown Las Vegas after MLK parade, Las Vegas Review Journal, 1-15-18]:
More than two dozen people were arrested after multiple fights broke out in downtown Las Vegas after the city’s 36th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, police said.
Police arrested 23 minors and six adults in the fights, Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Grant Rogers said.
Just after 4 p.m., about 100 people were involved in one fight at the intersection of Casino Center Boulevard and Ogden Avenue, Rogers said. No one was seriously injured in the fights, he said.

We dismantled our civilization, surrendering it to Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream. At the 36th annual MLK Parade in Las Vegas, the reality of nation where black people are virtually held unaccountable for their dysfunction was on absolute display.