Tuesday, October 16, 2018

'First Man' Blasted for Lack of Diversity Because it Dare Depict the Actual Whiteness Getting us to the Moon

What's wrong with celebrating the achievements of white people?

In 2018 America, it represents the ultimate crime. ['First Man' writer Josh Singer on film's lack of diversity: 'You've got to be accurate and depict the time', Yahoo.com, 10-16-18]:
You know it’s awards season when prestige films are being picked apart for inconsequential or inane reasons. 
Go see 'First Man' immediately: it is a modern-day classic
In the curious case of First Man, Damien Chazelle’s stunning new biopic on astronaut Neil Armstrong, the movie has been dragged by critics and pundits on polar ends of the sociopolitical spectrum for two very questionable matters. In a wider-reaching controversy, conservatives blasted the film for not portraying the moment when Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling) plants the American flag on the moon after Apollo 11’s landing, even though the stars and stripes have a ubiquitous presence in the film. Some on the left, meanwhile, have bemoaned the fact that the film has an all-white, male-dominated cast, even though it’s a historically accurate depiction. As film journalist Jordan Hoffman wrote on Twitter, “It’s truly fascinating how liking FIRST MAN can make you an anti-American cuck in some quarters or a reactionary Patriarchal prick in others.” 
In addition to defending the film’s placement (or lack thereof) of the American flag (which is “all over the movie”), First Man screenwriter Josh Singer (SpotlightThe Post) also commented on the fact that the film is being dinged for its lack of diversity at a timewhen pushes for inclusion are at the top of Hollywood’s collective mind. 
“Frankly, I don’t think it’s a ‘great men of history’ [story], I think it’s an ordinary family in history story,” Singer said (watch above). “And moreover, we wanted to be as technically accurate as we could. And at the time, it was [all] white men. And that wasn’t right, but that’s what it was. So if you’re gonna be technically accurate — and in part, we’re so technically accurate because we’re trying to shed this new perspective on a narrative that’s been sugarcoated — you’ve got to be accurate and depict the time for all its strengths and flaws.” 
First Man, it’s worth noting, comes two years after Hidden Figures, the crowd-pleasing, Oscar-nominated drama that portrayed the pivotal roles of African-American female mathematicians in the space race. 
Singer, though, looks at First Man as the story of one man’s — and one family’s — triumph over heartbreak. Not only did Armstrong lose multiple NASA colleagues and friends in test missions leading up to the Apollo 11 launch, but also he lost his young daughter Karen to a brain tumor at the age of 2. 
“This is a story about a guy who was an ordinary American guy who had a skill set, and who pushed himself beyond a certain limit, I think. It was an ordinary American family that were just trying to do their best in some extraordinary circumstances. And frankly, to me, what is most extraordinary about Neil and Janet and the family is not Neil’s flying abilities, though he was clearly a pretty good pilot, and not even Neil’s engineering abilities, although he clearly was a very bright guy and an incredible engineer — but what’s extraordinary was the grace with which he and Janet managed to endure tragedy and failure.”
Run, don't walk, but run to your nearest theater and see 'First Man'.

It is one of the most exhilarating movies you'll ever see on the big screen and, as this Yahoo! article makes clear, a reminder (and a glorification) of what white men can do in the absence of diversity.

P.S. -- Get a copy of 'Whitey on the Moon' to remind yourself what happened to NASA.

Monday, October 15, 2018

In 70% Black Baltimore, Black Mayor's "Squeegee Boys" Corps Terrorize City, Requiring Unarmed Security Guards to Watch Them

Previously on SBPDL: Fictional Black Utopia of "Wakanda" vs. Reality of 70% Black Baltimore: Black Mayor of Baltimore Proposes 'Squeegee Boys' to Stop Out of Control Black Violence

Baltimore is a 70 percent black city. 

Back in 1918, it was nearly 90 percent white and a world class city. 
Baltimore's black mayor starts squeegee boys to employ blacks... a few months later, unarmed guards necessary to stop black squeegee boys from terrorizing drivers in the 70 percent black city...

Now, with the whites less than 25 percent of the overall population in Baltimore (America's most dangerous and violent city), the black controlled local government is working to help black teens with employment via the Squeegee Corps. 

To put it bluntly, young blacks will engage in pop-up car washes and clean the car windows of drivers stopped at traffic signals in the city. 

How has it turned out? [Will Unarmed Guards Help The City? People Took To Twitter Thursday Night About The Squeegee Kids, CBS Baltimore, 10-13-18]:
 The squeegee kids are going to have some company starting as early as next week. 
After concerns arose about some of the kids being “aggressive”toward drivers, the Downtown Partnership will begin placing unarmed security guards at busy intersections as early as next week to calm interactions between “squeegee kids” and drivers, according to our media partners The Baltimore Sun. 
This comes after a video went viral of a “squeegee kid” hitting a windshield of a car that refused his windshield service. 
The partnership will spend roughly $3,000 a week on guards along President and Conway streets during the morning and evening rush hours, Fowler said, according to the Sun. 
Baltimore residents took to Twitter to react to the new initiative, even directly speaking to Mayor Catherine Pugh on her Twitter account. 
Mayor Pugh said she is working to create a jobs program specifically for the “squeegee kids”. She was seen approaching one boy earlier this year. 
‘Get Off The Corner, Go To School’; Video Shows Mayor Pugh Finding Child On Street During School Hours 
However, the jobs program will not be an expansion of the Squeegee Corps she launched last year to get kids out of the intersections and working in “pop-up” car washes, according to the Sun.
As darkness falls, western civilization is extinguished. More empirical evidence the architects of the marketing slogan "diversity is a strength," were the greatest liars of all time.

Just another reminder when Jim Crow and restrictive covenants were the law in Baltimore, western civilization flourished and blacks weren't terrorizing each other (and everyone else) at rates ensuring the city secured the ignominious 'most dangerous city in America' title.

It's a title Africans in America exclusively helped Baltimore secure, even as statues to dead white males are vandalized or torn down in the city.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Black Magistrates Work To Protect Black Criminals Engaging in Armed Robbery By Not Issuing Arrest Warrants (To Fight Racism)

Previously on SBPDL: Black Michigan State Representative Wants to Make it a Felony For Whites to Call 9-1-1 on Blacks

Magistrates (independent judicial officers recognized by the state of North Carolina as an officer of the district court) in Charlotte are working to protect black people from the consequences of their criminality. [Mecklenburg Is Increasingly Issuing Summons Instead Of Arrests Warrants — Even for Violent Crimes, WFAE.com, 10-10-18]:
In April, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police say two people robbed a convenience store on Gibbon Road in north Charlotte. While pointing handguns at the clerk, they shouted, “Money, Money, where’s the money!” and then took cash, according to an affidavit from CMPD. 
Working hard to protect black criminals in the fight against the only true crime in America: white racism and the inherent white supremacy of the judicial system
But instead of approving an arrest warrant for one suspect, a Mecklenburg magistrate issued a criminal summons, requiring him to show up in court next month. 
Charlotte defense attorney Bill Powers — who is not involved in the case — says having fewer people post bail is a good idea. 
But not for armed robbery. 
“I would say generally speaking there are some levels of offenses that may give one pause, or at least take an opportunity to scratch your head and ask what’s going on,” Powers said. 
The new direction on bail is driven in part by Chief Magistrate Khalif Rhodes, who is running for District Court Judge against Karen McCallum, a senior district attorney. 
Rhodes, who is appointed, oversees 34 magistrates who make decisions on whether to issue arrest warrants or criminal summons. The magistrates also often decide the amount of someone’s bail. 
Rhodes is supervised by Chief District Judge Regan Miller, who makes no apologies for the change. 
“It’s a mindset that we have had historically that if you are charged with a crime you should be arrested and put in jail, pending your trial," Miller said. "That’s really not what constitutionally we are supposed to be doing as judicial officials, so we are trying to change that culture.” 
Rhodes has made bail reform a key part of his campaign. 
He and others say that the bail system punishes low-income people, who struggle to pay a bail bondsman to get out of jail. If someone doesn’t have enough money, they stay in jail – or pay a percentage of their bond, usually 10 percent. They don’t get that money back even if they are found not guilty. 
Critics say that leads to poor people falling further behind economically – and being punished for a crime before they have been convicted. 
At a recent candidate’s forum hosted by Young Democrats of Mecklenburg County, Rhodes said he wants to continue his efforts to have fewer defendants posting bond. 
“We as a county have a bail policy that has fundamental issues that directly affects poor people, and if we want to change racial and ethnic disparities … we have to have to make changes to the policy,” Rhodes said. 
McCallum said the magistrate’s office is too lenient. 
“The district attorneys get calls several times a week from rape victims who defendants have been given summons," she said. "I’m all in for bail reform. But violent defendants should not be given summons to court. For those of you who don’t know what summons are, it’s an invitation to court. It’s usually given to kids who are shoplifting or low-level misdemeanors.”
Because black people commit a disproportionate amount of the crime in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and the entire United States, we must have a judiciary engaging in actions to shield individual blacks from the consequences of their criminality.

Soon, it will just be illegal for a cop to arrest a black person who has committed a crime.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Only You Can Prevent Black-Run America (BRA) From Winning: We Need Your Help

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They are coming for anyone critical of the Egalitarian World Order. 

It's that serious. 

SBPDL is ready. We are prepared to make a move to a site I've been quietly building to launch when the battle goes nuclear. 

It's a new site to be housed off of Google. All content has been backed up here. At this point, if you believe in the message of SBPDL, we need your help.  A lot is going on behind the scenes, but the growth of this site has always been because of loyal readership. 

To truly reach a new audience, we must grow beyond the SBPDL name. Which is why the new site will be the evolution of what Paul Kersey has started with SBPDL. 

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