Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Tragedy of Modern America Personified: Black "Community Leaders" Celebrate Blacks Attending School in Indianapolis...

The grotesque amount of energy expended to uplift black America would be undeniably hilarious if it weren't so tragic (the opportunity cost in what could have been invested is staggering to comprehend when you consider the sunk cost that is the quest to uplift blacks).

And even in the tragedy that is post-World War II domestic policy in America, one can't help laugh at the sheer folly of the attempt to fool nature with extreme nurturing... courtesy of the white taxpayer. 

Encouraging children to excel in school... isn't that a parents job? 

In a country whose black population is responsible for almost weekly marches against violence, vigils against violence, prayers against violence, bicycling against violence, tenting against violence, and spending untold trillions trying to get blacks to abide by the laws set forth by the white man to govern civilization, there's something tragically funny about the following story: at an almost entirely black charter school in Indianapolis, black city officials, community leaders and 'role models' greeted the black students with high fives and cheers as they entered the school... [Men fight back against youth violence with high-fives and cheers, IndyStar.com, 10-5-15]:

Hoping to fight back against violence gripping young people in Indianapolis, dozens of men traveled to an Eastside middle school to remind students of their worth and potential.
The men — coming from all ages and professions — lined up outside Tindley Preparatory Academy, greeting students with high-fives and words of encouragement as the middle-schoolers arrived for class Monday morning. It was their way of thanking the boys at Tindley for their hard work.
The message is as timely as ever following a weekend marred by the slaying of three Indianapolis teenagers.
On Sunday, 17-year-old Steven Kendall was shot and killed near an Eastside convenience store on East New York Street. Hours later, 17-year-old Coriana Johnson and 18-year-old Makayla Mitchell were found dead from multiple gunshot wounds in a car parked in the 2000 block of Berwick Avenue on the Westside.
Of the 105 victims of criminal homicide this year, eight are under the age of 18.
“These kids are growing up in a challenging area where they’re seeing a lot of gun violence and they see it every day,” said U.S. Attorney Josh J. Minkler, one of the organizers of Monday's rally. “Yes, they go to a nice school. But they need to know that the community is behind them."
indley Preparatory Academy sits just footsteps north of East 38th Street and North Sherman Drive, one of six “hot spots” identified by public safety officials as having a higher amount of crime.
But Tindley's location isn't stopping young people from making a positive impact in the community, Minkler said, and there are many success stories coming out of the school.
The problem is those stories are often drowned out by the latest tragedy.
“We’ve heard a lot about the negative things the youth in this community are doing, and it’s just nice to see the positive things and recognize them and appreciate them,” he said. “It’s about time these kids got their due.”
On Monday, what started as a collection of public safety officials and church leaders huddled outside the school rapidly ballooned into a group with more than 70 people — all flanking the front entrance of the school.
Initially, drowsy youngsters wore looks of confusion as they inched toward the front doors. When they drew near, the men called out to them with wide smiles and outstretched arms. Their words came with high-fives, firm handshakes and pats on the back.
Jolted awake, the students’ arrival began resembling the Indianapolis Colts blasting through the tunnel and onto the field for a Sunday afternoon game.
“It’s all about you!” men in the crowd repeated. The boys responded with wide grins of their own and energetic dashes into the school.
Among the supporters was 17-year-old Andrew Porter, a senior honors student atCharles A. Tindley Accelerated School.
Wearing a maroon blazer worn by older Tindley students, Porter recalled looking up to the big kids when he was a middle-schooler at Tindley Preparatory Academy.
“All this … it’s like extra encouragement for them,” Porter said. “Once they see people in the blazer and see that they made it in the high school, they think, ‘If they did it, then I can do it.’"
This isn't fiction... it's reality, courtesy of black Americans. And it gets better. [Students receive encouragement after recent violence involving young people, Fox 59 Indy, 10-5-15]:
The U.S. Attorney's Office has been working with the Tindley students. Last year they signed a pledge, agreeing not to touch a gun and tell an adult if they see a one. There are also plants to start a teen court at the school to teach kids about the legal system and work on problem solving skills. 
"Coming from the community that I come from, I think it’s very important because we don’t really have a lot of inspiring people out there, so the people that are here doing this for us -- I think it’s amazing," said Tindley Preparatory Academy student Brennan Kitc. 
After all the students were greeted, everyone went inside the gymnasium for an assembly. Similar rallies are planned at John Marshall High School and Avondale Meadows Academy within the next month.
A gun is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. It isn't the gun that is a weapon: it is the person holding it, putting a live round into the chamber, pointing it at another individual, and pulling the trigger that turns the formerly inanimate object into a weapon.

There is nothing more pathetic in the world than America's slavish devotion to uplifting its black population.

Tragedy? Yes.

Comedy? Without a doubt.

Monday, October 5, 2015

"Hire NOLA"... New Orleans Elected Officials Work to Protect Jobs for Blacks that Black People Don't Want

This is one of my favorite stories. 

It's a well-known fact illegal immigrants poured into New Orleans post-Katrina to rebuild the city, because the black population left there just wasn't interested in working. 

Where else could you purchase tall-boy beers chilling in ice as you wire money back to your third world country of origin but New Orleans (being set in New Orleans, the wire service employees are protected behind bulletproof glass...)?
No, Black Workers DON'T Matter, considering how few blacks participated in the labor force that rebuilt New Orleans

Now, the New Orleans City Council is working to protect the very construction jobs black people won't do by making sure construction companies work to only hire blacks that have no desire to work... ['Hire NOLA' local hiring law approved by New Orleans City Council, NOLA.com, 10-1-15]:
Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration has billed a local hiring law approved Thursday (Oct. 31) by the New Orleans City Council as a valuable tool in attacking poverty and unemployment, but the construction lobby says it could do more harm than good, and it remains to be seen exactly how the requirements will be enforced or verified. 
Nevertheless, the measure, which the administration has dubbed "Hire NOLA," was greeted enthusiastically by labor activists who said it was better than the status quo. 
On major city contracts, only about 21 percent of the work hours are performed by local workers, according to the Landrieu administration. About 52 percent of the city's black men, meanwhile, are out of work, according to an oft-cited administration statistic. 
Stand with Dignity, a grass roots group that has lobbied hard for the city to use its tax dollars to address social equity, held a rally in support of the rules in front of City Hall. 
Addressing the City Council, Stand member Divonite Almestica said that a lack of opportunity was to blame for the city's struggle with crime. Citing a recent rash of holdups in Uptown restaurants, Almestica called the robberies acts of terrorism that may have been spawned by a sense of desperation.  
"Terrorism, it doesn't breed itself," Almestica said.
"Hire NOLA"... but happens when black New Orleans doesn't want to work?

Only in Black-Run America (BRA) would the government work to protect jobs for black people that blacks don't want to be employed in and perform.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Tent Goes Down: After a Month Up, Black Pastor in Indianapolis Folds Camp...

Years ago, my dad bought a copy of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead on VHS. I must have been in middle school, and watched the film quickly in our basement before my mom could see what I was viewing and toss it out. 

Needless to say, I made it to the scene where the white married couple have a heated argument about going upstairs to join the rest of the fledgling group of survivors or stay in the cellar. 

Then mom came down, saw what was in the VCR and immediately junked it. 

I bring this story up because every so often I remember the initial thrill of watching Night of the Living Dead and instantly realizing how much fun it would be to live in a world where the emergency broadcasting system wasn't giving a test, but actually warning citizens of some ongoing disaster and that those in authority were desperately trying to bring the situation under control. 

But until this occurred, it was best if you stayed inside...

It hit me today, when reading the story of the "successful" month-long stint black Pastor John Girton spent in a tent to protest black on black violence in Indianapolis, that the black population of America lives in a world where the emergency broadcasting system is literally going off 24/7/365. 

Civilization has broken down, with complete anarchy seemingly only one moment away (usually, that moment is the attempt to maintain - not even restore - civilization, as Officer Darren Wilson found out when he tried to get Michael Brown to walk on the sidewalk and not down Canfield Drive...). 

In our world, zombies are only the stuff of fiction; but in our world, there exist creatures capable of far greater destruction than the zombie and even worse, we not only keep them fed with our redistributed tax dollars, but we finance the breeding more of them too. 

With the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future being celebrated toward the end of this month, you'd be hard-pressed to convince someone in 1955 (the pivotal year the first film revolves around) or even 1985 that the apocalypse hadn't happened in 2015 when they were shown the following story. [Westside pastor strikes tent in campout for peace, Fox 59 Indianapolis, OCTOBER 4, 2015]:
As IMPD homicide detectives were responding to the discovery of the city’s latest murder victim on the eastside, a westside minister was striking a tent he has lived in for a month in a campout for peace. 
Pastor John Girton of Christ Missionary Baptist Church spent 30 days sleeping in a tent pitched on a patch of grass next to an asphalt parking lot at West 30th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Street. 
“The Bible says we would have days like this and we would have months like this and so we have to recognize what do we do when we have months like this,” Pastor Girton told more than 100 neighbors and supporters who turned out to mark the end of his urban camping vigil. 
Democratic Mayor Candidate Joe Hogsett was among those in attendance.
“He slept for 30 days,” said IMPD Chief Rick Hite. “He heard all the sounds. He saw all the issues. He felt all the pain.” 
Victims Advocate Clarrisa Patton spent much of the last month by Pastor Girton’s side and said she often heard gunshots in the ANWAR community.
“I did on a couple occasions,” she said. “But you know what I think? Because we were present here, because the pastor was present here, maybe there was so many that we didn’t hear. Maybe there were many that didn’t take place just because of his presence.” 
A fellow minister hammered a white cross into the ground to remember the city’s latest homicide victim whose death was reported even at the rally began. 
“This has got to be a movement,” Hite reminded the crowd. “It cannot be law enforcement alone.” 
The intersection where Pastor Girton chose to campout has been especially hard hit with economic setbacks as neighboring Double 8 Foods and Chase Bank recently closed their doors. 
“We need a way to survive within our own surroundings,” said Patton. “If you’re a single mom and you don’t have a car, where you going to go to the grocery store? We talk about finances and get our money together. How we going to do that without a local bank?” 
Patton said she hoped the lessons the community learned about the need for jobs and drug counseling and mentoring programs would continue after the tent came down.
Pastor Girton's symbolic act of pitching a tent to bring awareness to almost exclusively black-in-origin violence in Indianapolis was almost overshadowed by the actions of Pastor Anthony Pippens, who put a black mannequin in a coffin with the sign "Who's Next." [Pastor: "Black on black" violence must stop, WTHR.com, 9-1-15]

Civilization has broken down, with complete anarchy seemingly only one moment away...

What was a childhood fantasy (influenced by watching Night of Living Dead) is a daily reality for black people in America, because that is the type of "community" individual black people can collective create in the absence of whites.

That's why Indianapolis needed not one, but two anti-violence rallies on October 4, 2015...

  13 WTHR Indianapolis

Saturday, October 3, 2015

American Dystopia: We Gave Up Exploring the Heavens so we could Subsidize the Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education

'Whitey on the Moon': Race, Politics, and the death of the U.S. Space Program, 1958 - 1972 tells the story of a future that wasn't meant to be, for the advent of Black-Run America (BRA) meant the complete suspension (suppression?) of man's ambitions to colonize the stars. 

Well... white man's ambitions. 

With this suspension (suppression...) of the American space program and a complete diversion of funds for space exploration to the perpetual task of uplifting blacks and closing the racial gap in achievement - measurable in every field worth measuring save the running of the forty yard dash - we have rewarded the 21st Century with the Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education in Milwaukee: a school of 263 students that is 93 percent black (less than three percent white), spending $14,431 per/pupil.

It should be noted 92 percent of the students at the Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education in Milwaukee are eligible for a free lunch (with one percent eligible for reduced lunches). 

We gave up - momentarily - the colonizing of the universe so we could watch formerly safe and thriving American cities colonized by Africans. [Altercation at Barack Obama School: Police say pregnant student kicked pregnant paramedic, Fox 6 Now, 9-30-15]:
Milwaukee police responded to Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education on Wednesday afternoon, September 30th for an altercation. 
Officers were dispatched to the school shortly before 2:30 p.m. to back up school resource officers. 
Police say there were 30 to 40 students and outsiders fighting inside the school.No major injuries were reported. 
We’re told a pregnant student, who was being evaluated by a paramedic and apparently didn’t want to leave the fight, kicked a pregnant paramedic.
FX has the series American Horror Story: devils, carnival workers, ghosts, and goblins provide virtually no scares when compared to the real-life horror black people in America have visited upon every city they congregate in this country.

In 1950, blacks were 3.4 percent of Milwaukee's population; by 1970 they represented 15 percent of the population; by 2000, the city was 45 percent white and 36.9 percent black. As of 2010, Milwaukee is majority black.

As 'Whitey on the Moon' showed, NASA was once dedicated to the advancement of man in space; but when it became linked to Black-Run America quest of advancing non-whites, all hope for exploration of the stars was put on hold so we could engage in a never-ending quest to uplift blacks on earth.

And in so doing, we are dragged (sadly, not even kicking and screaming) to their level.

American dystopia.